A President’s Out-of-Body Experience - Chapter 24

A President’s Out-of-Body Experience - Chapter 24

Chapter 24 Renzi was delighted, and bounded into the office.

Closing the door, Gu Xiaoshan said, “I’m on the phone, keep your voice down.

” Then, he picked up his phone and apologised to the other party, “Apologies, I had a little something… Yes, it’s like that…” A hand holding the phone, the other hand in his pocket, Gu Xiaoshan leaned against his full-length windows and spoke into the phone, his voice somewhat unconcerned — his words were elegant, but his tone was rather insolent — this was Gu Xiaoshan’s usual manner when speaking to others, and this was also what Yu Yuntao always jeered at him about.

“So arrogant, but still always acting polite.

” Renzi hugged a cushion as he sat on the couch.

He only knew how to look admiringly at Gu Xiaoshan.

Who would care about what words he was saying, and what tone he was using! Gu Xiaoshan hung up the phone and turned to look at Renzi.

Seeing that Renzi was in a daze, he was not bothered as he was already used to it.

“Why are you looking for me?” Renzi regained his wits, and tightened his arms around the cushion.

“It’s nothing, I’m just here to deliver some documents, and came to look for Brother Xiaoshan along the way.

” Gu Xiaoshan smiled, “Who would dare to trouble you to deliver documents?” “It’s rare that I’ll go to the office, why shouldn’t I do some work?” Gu Xiaoshan was amused by his self-righteousness.

“Yu Yuntao really has a good temper.

If I had a brother like you, I’ll have beat him to death.

” Renzi objected, “You’re being biased! I’ve never heard you say you want to beat Sister Xiaowu! You like her so much!” “She’s smart and capable, of course I’ll like her.

” .



Renzi immediately translated that in his head.

You’re stupid and lazy, of course I won’t like you.

He wilted.

So embarrassing! Renzi was no longer in the mood.

Chatting for a bit with Gu Xiaoshan, he noticed that the phone in his office rang non-stop, just like a wild chicken in the mountains, piercing and irritating.

As expected, Gu Xiaoshan was very busy.

Renzi did not want to disturb him anymore, and so left after a couple of words.

At that moment, Gu Xiaoshan was answering the nth call.

Feeling that this was meaningless, and also feeling sorry to have disrupted Gu Xiaoshan’s work, Renzi stood up, gesturing and mouthing that he was going to leave.

Gu Xiaoshan nodded at him.

Right as Renzi took a couple of steps, he was suddenly grabbed onto by Gu Xiaoshan.

Gu Xiaoshan lifted his hand towards him, and touched his forehead.

Then he smiled, and mouthed a goodbye to him.

Renzi left in a daze, only reacting when he reached the garage.

Gu Xiaoshan must have wanted to confirm if he was still having a fever, but now, his face was burning as though his fever had yet to recede.

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COM Zhi Xuan’s efficiency was very high.

Before the work day concluded, Renzi received a message from He Jun, saying that he wanted to treat Renzi to a meal.

Renzi was pretty cheerful about it, “Why are you treating me out of the blue?” “I got the job! I’ll like to celebrate it!” Renzi accepted that reason.

After hearing He Jun say that while working, he did not make many friends, and it was difficult to find someone to share a meal, he agreed.

The place He Jun invited Renzi to was very interesting, it was a restaurant and bar that many gays frequented.

Seeing tables after tables of gay couples, Renzi was astonished.

He Jun explained, “This shop is very popular online within my circle, they all say that the burgers here are delicious.

I’ve been wanting to come here for a long time, that once I get my salary I’ll have a meal here.

But I didn’t expect it to be like that… If you don’t feel comfortable, we can go somewhere else.

” Renzi shook his head, “It’s, it’s fine.

Since you’ve been wanting to eat here for so long, we’ll just eat here.

” He Jun smiled at him, “Oh yeah, you’re straight right?” His tone was uncertain, and Renzi found it difficult to answer.

If he agreed, was he not lying? But to disagree… he had never considered coming out of the closet to He Jun! He Jun laughed to himself when he saw Renzi stammering.

When this silly person had asked about the matter of “turning gay suddenly”, he had already exposed himself, and now he was thinking of hiding it? Although he thought of it that way, but He Jun did not question further, and only started sharing with Renzi his experiences when coming out of the closet.

He spoke about his shock, self-doubt, to his self-acceptance, then how his family did not understand after he discovered his sexual orientation, causing him to decide to leave his hometown and come here to work as a model.

For the “self-doubt” portion, it resonated quite well with Renzi.

After that, when He Jun said that his family did not understand him, Renzi felt bad hearing about it.

He was very sympathetic with He Jun’s experiences, and at the same time, he recalled how Gu Xiaoshan had fell out with his family many years ago over his sexual orientation.

He thought, did Gu Xiaoshan also go through such pain? He, Yu Yunren, was truly lucky for his dad to easily accept that he was gay, and even encouraged and supported him in his love.

As He Jun spoke, tears welled up in his eyes, and he looked very pitiful.

Renzi quickly consoled him.

When they finished their meal, they headed out.

Outside the restaurant was a mall, and there happened to be a huge display window showing a navy blue knitted jacket.

He Jun’s eyes shone when he looked at it, “I’ve just got my pay, let’s go in and have a look.

” The both of them entered the store.

He Jun asked about the price and gave up on it.

If he bought the jacket, he would not be able to cover next month’s rent.

Renzi generously spoke, “It’s ok, I’ll buy it for you.

” Then, he immediately swiped his card without another word.

He Jun declined, “How can I trouble you like that? I can’t, I can’t.

” Renzi was not concerned about it, “This money is nothing! As long as you’re happy.

” Hearing that, He Jun gave a demure look.

“This doesn’t seem very appropriate?” “There’s nothing not appropriate about it.

” Renzi declared.

Seeing that there was a profligate in the store, the staff added, “This pair of shoes compliments your style very well.

If you buy that belt and scarf too, you can even get a discount.

” With these additions, the final amount had more than doubled.

However, Renzi did not know how to calculate this, and only said to buy them all.

Within a few short moments, he bought a bagful of clothes for He Jun.

As they left the store, He Jun spoke, “You’re treating me so well, I really don’t know how to thank you!” Renzi laughed, “It’s nothing.

I see that you’re having a pretty hard time now.

You models tend to go through money very quickly, I know all about it!” Renzi drove He Jun home.

He Jun smiled at him, “Would you like to come up?” “No, thanks.

I also have to hurry home for dinner, if not my dad would start calling.

” Although He Jun was a little disappointed, he still kept his smile.

He felt that, according to Renzi’s actions over the past few days, Renzi was definitely woo-ing him.

“Then fine, I’ll be working at your company’s event in a couple of days, you’ll be there too, right? Let’s go for a drink after work, your dad should be fine with that?” “Of course! That works! We’ll do that!” He Jun came to conclusion that was hard to deny.

Yu Yunren turned gay, then hinted about it to me.

We chat daily, eat together, shop together, and he even arranged work for me.

Sending me gifts and arranging to have drinks with me at night — He’s woo-ing me, right?