A President’s Out-of-Body Experience - Chapter 14

A President’s Out-of-Body Experience - Chapter 14

Chapter 14 As such, Gu Xiaoshan let go of Renzi’s hand.

“I won’t be good friends with fools.

” This seemed to be something Gu Xiaoshan had said before when he was still a child.

At that time, when Renzi wanted to be good friends with Gu Xiaoshan, but Gu Xiaoshan had harshly rejected him, saying that he would not be friends with a fool.

Renzi was very upset, and after that it was Uncle Gu who dragged Gu Xiaoshan over to apologise to Renzi.

However, when Gu Xiaoshan repeated his words again now, Renzi would no longer feel upset about it anymore.

Because, Renzi knew that he was a fool, but Gu Xiaoshan was still his good friend.

As Renzi’s good friend, Gu Xiaoshan also sensed that something was wrong with Renzi.

After all, Renzi was not a person who could hide his emotions.

However, this puzzle was too unconventional, and Gu Xiaoshan was unable to guess it.

He only thought that Renzi had too many troubles on his mind recently and was not happy.

In conclusion, his unhappiness should be to do with his failure in chasing after Yang Yihan, his father kicking him out, his empty wallet, and meeting with a bloody incident after bringing his dog out for a walk.

Renzi’s unhappiness in this case could be understood.

Gu Xiaoshan himself was also fairly busy.

However, due to his enthusiasm for his work, he did not find it very tiring.

Most of the time, he would often stay in the break room in his office, or choose to return to the Gu manor, and rarely would he stay overnight in his apartment.

When Gu Xiaoshan bought the apartment, it was when his sexual orientation was just discovered, and his relationship with his family was on the rocks.

After that, when his family had accepted it, he then returned to living in the Gu manor rather than the apartment.

Recently, Gu Xiaoshan had been leaving work on time to head back to the apartment.

This was out of the ordinary, and so his secretary, familiar with his schedule, could not help but ask, “Is Second Young Master staying with you again?” Gu Xiaoshan nodded, and then asked, “Do I have anything on tonight?” “Nothing to do with work, but you have asked me to book a table at Restaurant X at 7pm.

” Gu Xiaoshan recalled it, “Yes, I’ve made a date with He Jun for dinner.

Do ask him where he is currently, and get a chauffeur to pick him up.

” He Jun was currently at Jichan Estate fulfilling his job as a tea specialist.

After receiving the call from the secretary, he thanked her continuously, constantly referring to her as “Sister Yunyun”.

The secretary’s name was Xu Yunyun, and had been working for Gu Xiaoshan for many years.

She had lasted longer than any of his lovers, and was closer to him than any of them.




Xu Yunyun told him, “I’ll let Old Wu to go and pick you up.

” He Jun still continued thanking her.

Restaurant X naturally fell under the Gu empire as well, and was on the first floor of the Gu’s headquarters.

When Gu Xiaoshan arranged for a meal with his lover, most of the time he would choose this place, as he only had to go downstairs after work, and so was very convenient.

It was only convenient for Gu Xiaoshan though, it would take an hour’s journey on a car for He Jun to arrive from Jichan Estate.

When He Jun arrived at Restaurant X, he headed straight to the private room reserved for Gu Xiaoshan.

He was dressed like usual, his hair in a bun, wearing linen clothes, canvas shoes and his eyes submissive.

Gu Xiaoshan joked with him, “Aren’t you warm dressing in long-sleeves?” Continue reading on MYB0X N0 VEL.

COM He Jun gave a smile.

“Both the temperature in Jichan Estate and here are pretty cold.

Don’t mention the long sleeves, if I wore the Burberry scarf it’ll warm me up nicely.

” Gu Xiaoshan knew that He Jun was teasing him for giving a scarf in such hot weather.

He explained, “I originally wanted to give you a leather belt, but seeing that you don’t wear trousers that require a belt, so…” He Jun laughed.

“A scarf is very good as well, I’ll definitely have a chance to use it.

It’s only that there’s still a few more months before winter arrives, I’m afraid that by then, you’ll have forgotten all about me.

” Finishing his sentence, He Jun leaned towards him.

Gu Xiaoshan was not someone who could not read the mood.

He hugged He Jun, “My memory is very good.

” The two of them were about to start flirting, but Gu Xiaoshan’s phone vibrated.

Knowing how to behave, He Jun let go.

Gu Xiaoshan picked up the phone, only to see a message displayed on his screen.

“Yu Yunren: Why are you not back to make dinner” Gu Xiaoshan laughed in anger.

He Jun rarely saw such an expression on Gu Xiaoshan, so asked, “Is there something urgent?” Gu Xiaoshan kept his phone.

“It’s Second Young Master Yu.

” He Jun also laughed after hearing that.

“Second Young Master Yu is a very good person.

” “By the way, he told me that his dog bit your dog? Is it ok?” He Jun shook his head, “It’s no big deal.

It’s my dog at fault, with such a small size, it still wants to annoy bigger dogs.

” He Jun’s skin was a warm tone, under the orange lights it looked sallow.

With a worried expression, together with a pasty face, he looked somewhat haggard.

Normally, it would arouse sympathy from others, but today, Gu Xiaoshan was not very interested.

He thought that he was really cheapening himself, ignoring the person here who could cater to his needs, instead, he was thinking about going home to feed that heartless big dog.

At home, Renzi kept staring at his phone, waiting for Gu Xiaoshan to reply.

Looking at the time, he could roughly guess what was going on, and so sent another text.

“Are you having dinner outside?” “Yes.

Or should I be going home everyday to prepare dinner for you?” “Are you with He Jun?” “Yes, what’s wrong?” “Where are you, I’ll join you guys.

Just nice, I can talk to him about his dog!” This excuse was really poor, but seeing that Renzi still had yet to have his dinner, Gu Xiaoshan thought Renzi just wanted to get a free meal because of his empty wallet, and so agreed to his request.

Gu Xiaoshan told He Jun, “Renzi would be joining us, he’ll like to talk to you about your dog.

” He Jun was very surprised.

“He’s so bothered about it?” “He’s pretty bothered about it.

Because of this incident, he was unhappy the entire day.

” “He’s really too kind.

” Renzi soon arrived at Restaurant X.

On his way here, he was very anxious and nervous.

The cab driver had a knowing look on his face, “Catching the adulterous couple?” Renzi was silent.

He looked at the driver with an awkward expression, not knowing if he should agree or disagree.

The driver gave him an understanding look, under his skilful hands, he navigated through the streets so quickly that it was on the edge of illegality, and soon delivered Renzi to the entrance of Restaurant X.

Entering the room, Renzi saw that He Jun’s clothes were still neat and tidy, his hair not mussed, and so felt relieved.

However, he questioned himself, what exactly am I doing? Gu Xiaoshan spoke up.

“I’ve ordered already, see if you’ll like them.

” It was impossible that Renzi would not like the dishes Gu Xiaoshan ordered.

With his hunger, he was focused on eating, and so forgot about the task he wanted to do.

Gu Xiaoshan gave him a pat on the back.

“Slow down when eating! What happened to the manners Old Mister Yu taught you!” Renzi was about to reply, “Why do I need manners in front of you?” However, he suddenly remembered that Gu Xiaoshan was now his target that he wanted to chase, and next to him was his “love rival”.

To be wolfing down his food like that, he was too simple-minded! Renzi hurriedly took a napkin and wiped his mouth, then he started eating slowly.

Acting magnanimous, he spoke, “Don’t just watch me at, you guys should go ahead as well.

” He Jun smiled bashfully, “I’m vegetarian.

” Renzi nearly dropped his chopsticks, a shame welled up in him.

He then asked Gu Xiaoshan, “He’s vegetarian, why did you order braised trotters and twice-cooked pork? Don’t you know what you should do?” Actually, there was one more dish of mixed vegetables on the table.

Gu Xiaoshan picked some and placed it in He Jun’s bowl, giving him a smile.

“What else would you like?” He Jun smiled back, “This is enough for me.

” Looking at them exchanging flirtatious glances, Renzi was filled with anger.

He buried his head down and ate the trotter.