A President’s Out-of-Body Experience - Chapter 9

A President’s Out-of-Body Experience - Chapter 9

Chapter 9 It could be described in a sentence, “It’s not that I don’t want to study, it’s that the studies don’t want me!” Old Mister Yu was also aware of this, and so did not expect much from Renzi with regards to his academics.

Although he was not good at school, but he did spend time studying, and the little free time he had left was used to play games.

Playing with Gu Xiaoshan and others, it was pretty interesting.

However, after he became a “member of the society”, everything changed.

Although like Gu Xiaoshan, he also entered the family business, but he started suspecting that Gu Xiaoshan was not the biological son of Uncle Gu.

When Gu Xiaoshan stepped into his family business, he started as an account executive.

Renzi could not believe it, such a spoiled and pampered young master, after graduating from a famous business school, would work in sales? Though, Gu Xiaoshan accepted it without any questions, and was very serious about his work.

This also caused him to become very busy, and when Renzi saw how Gu Xiaoshan was bullied over a sale of a few tens of thousands of dollars, he could not tolerate it.

“Why are you willing to get bullied by that type of person over a few tens of thousands of dollars? Enough, I’ll give you a big sale! You’ll definitely be at the top of the sales chart next month!” Gu Xiaoshan looked at Renzi disdainfully.

Renzi was crazy with frustration.

Luckily, Gu Xiaoshan did not remain as a salesman for too long.

After all, he was still Uncle Gu’s biological son, and his rank rose rapidly.

However, it seemed like the higher Gu Xiaoshan’s position was, the more busy he became.

His mannerism and behaviour also became different from what Renzi knew.

If it was like before, even though his grades were not impressive like Gu Xiaoshan’s, but they still had things to talk about like with regards to teachers and sports.

After Gu Xiaoshan became the CEO, Renzi, who was also a CEO, found that he no longer shared any common topic with Gu Xiaoshan.

Similarly, their social circles did not overlap much.

He no longer met Gu Xiaoshan as often as before.

It was not only Gu Xiaoshan, it was the same for many of his old friends.

In his social circle, he was not the only heir to a business, many of his other friends were as well.

Even if they were not heirs, they also had their own companies to run.

Everyone was getting busy, while Renzi was left slacking around.

As for those whose way of living was not very presentable, together with their vices, Renzi did not quite dare to hang out with them anymore.

So, Renzi was caught in the middle.

The idlers were all whoring and gambling, while those, like him, who did not whore and gamble, were all working towards their careers and aspirations.

He was the only one trapped in the center, unable to join either group, and so did not have any friends.

He was actually pretty lonely, especially as he was scared of being alone from young.

If he did not chase after girls, what else could fill his emptiness? The thing that truly made his life feel empty was that he finally realised that Gu Xiaoshan was different from him — he finally registered this.

While going through girlfriends, he found out about another point where Gu Xiaoshan differed from him — next to Gu Xiaoshan, strange males started to appear.

Renzi was a very slow person, and so asked directly, “This is your assistant?” Gu Xiaoshan smiled, “Just a friend.

” Everyone smiled and nodded, implying that they understood, while Renzi was still lost in his confusion.

Only later, when he heard Old Mister Yu mentioned that Uncle Gu and Gu Xiaoshan had been fighting over the matter of Gu Xiaoshan’s sexual orientation, then he understood.

“Oh god! Those were his… ?” .



The fact that Gu Xiaoshan liked men soon became an open secret.

However, Renzi was not willing to fully believe it, and finally, could not hold it back anymore and asked him to his face, “You like men?” Gu Xiaoshan was unperturbed.


” Although Renzi had already expected it, but seeing Gu Xiaoshan’s candidness, he was still startled.

“Why? What’s so good about men?” Gu Xiaoshan could not hold his laughter back.

“What’s so good about men? Then, what do you think is good about you?” Continue reading on MYB0X N0 VEL.

COM Renzi chuckled, “There’s also nothing good about me.

” Gu Xiaoshan smiled mockingly, “Then, what’s so good about those bimbo models next to you?” Renzi was speechless.

Actually, it was not that Renzi only went after those bimbo models, but that he could only get girls like them.

The first girl he failed to chase successfully was Gu Xiaowu — the little sister of Gu Xiaoshan.

He could be considered to have grown up with Gu Xiaowu, but they were not very familiar with each other.

It just happened that a few years ago, he attended a rather classy party, and this party was hosted by Gu Xiaowu.

As such, she was the focus of the party.

Wearing a red gauzy dress, under the lights, her facial profile looked somewhat similar to Gu Xiaoshan, but a lot more feminine.

With her elegant air, she stood out from the crowd, and made those female models look very unfashionable instead.

Renzi asked Zhi Xuan, if he wanted to chase Gu Xiaowu, what did he have to prepare? Zhi Xuan’s reply, “Prepare tissues to wipe your tears.

” At the start, it was still fine, as the two families were close.

When Renzi made some small talk with Gu Xiaowu, she would smile and reply.

After that, when she learnt about Renzi’s plan, she immediately became cold towards him.

Renzi sorrowfully discovered that his only technique in wooing was to “throw money”, but how could he move Gu Xiaowu with money? So, Renzi decided, he would do it with his perseverance and patience! Because of his extreme perseverance, Gu Xiaoshan had to personally look for Renzi and advised him earnestly, “My sister said, if you continue looking for her, she would get a restraining order.

” Inconsolable, Renzi took out the tissues Zhi Xuan asked him to prepare, and started wiping at his tears.

He accepted this first failure of chasing a girl ever since he became a president.

After that, he also gave up on such challenges, and focused on chasing after the little models instead.

He did face some who did not accept him, but he never made himself so sorry again, if one did not accept, he would just change to his next target.

Although Renzi was not smart, but he also slowly understood that the girls were with him because of his money.

As he had relied on throwing money to get these girlfriends, the reason they broke up was also usually because the girlfriends had started asking for more, to the point where Renzi did not really want to give them any more.

However, Renzi felt that this was very fair, because he also did not truly like these girls.

As such, he happily accepted the nickname of “cover girls collector”.

As for Gu Xiaoshan, it looked like he went through his lovers even faster than Renzi.

Also, Gu Xiaoshan never needed to throw money.

Renzi considered it, that was right, looking at how he easily got those nude photos, why would he need to throw money? Hei Zi sometimes even said, “Why, why should Gu Xiaoshan get everything with just his face?” However, Renzi had never thought about Gu Xiaoshan like that.

Instead, he told Hei Zi, “It’s true that Brother Xiaoshan is better than me, he’s more capable in everything than me.

” Looking at Renzi, Hei Zi was unable to scold him.

“It’s because of your disposition, that’s why you’re always bullied by him.