The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 33

The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 33

Chapter 33.

1 : The Growing Bud of SuspicionMay 11, 2020Translated by ShufenUnedited.

Sorry! The rain continues to fall heavilyI stare out the window with a dazed look in my eyes.

What is Humati-sama hiding? (Could it be the culprit?) No no no.

No way, I want to snort.

That’s too stupid of a scenario.

I couldn’t smile but my cheeks were stuck awkwardly.

It’s certainly a crazy idea but the more I think about it, the more likely it appears.

Maybe Humati-sama has already narrowed down the culprit.

I know I should still be pretending that I haven’t seen through this.

But why am I doing this? Why won’t you tell me who the culprit is? (I don’t want to think too much… ) Selfish thoughts aren’t good.

The doubt that appeared continue to gradually spread in my heart.

Then should I act on this selfish thought?Why don’t I check in with Humati-sama in person?Is the risk too high? .



If you know who the summoner is, why are you lying to me? I don’t think you’ll tell me even if I ask you.

But what’s going to change if you keep quiet? (Let’s go ask Humati-sama.

) I don’t want to have any doubts.

I’m fine if you just let me understand the current situation.

Tell me about what’s going on.

If you explain it in a convincing way, I’ll feel more satisfied.

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COM Now then.

I need to meet up with Ordias-san first and have him lead me to Hutami-sama.

I have to somehow catch Ordias-sama when I deliver lunch to the magic lab.

I sank into the bed.

I look out into the high sky.

With endless doubts, the invisible and indescribable uneasiness swirls within me.

・ ・ ・ ・ Chapter 33.

2 : The Growing Bud of SuspicionMay 14, 2020Translated by ShufenUnedited.

Sorry! It’s been a few days since then but the rain continues to fall.

When the weather isn’t clear, your mood won’t be good.

Still, work is work.

I pack up the bento in the basket as usual and leaf for the royal palace.

I haven’t seen Ordias-san in the magic lab.

According to Luna-san, there seems to be a lot of work that needs to be done regarding the heavy rain damage in rural areas.

Ordias-san said he might not appear in the lab for a while because he will be busy dealing with those work.

“It was really hard cleaning up the bank.

There’s rarely an opportunity to use magic.

I’ve already used up too much of my energy.

It’s like a bird who ate too many seeds and doesn’t want to see seeds for a while.

” (Luna)Luna-san stretches her shoulders to stress about how hard the reinforcing work for the collapsed bank was.

“Using a little bird is a bad analogy.

” (Cory)Cory-san raises his voice while takes out the bentos from the basket.

“Luna no matter how much you eat, you won’t be tired of it.

” (Cory)“That’s rude! In other words, would you like me to eat your bento?” (Luna)“Okay, both of you must be really tired right now.

” (Haruka) It must be because Sena-san hasn’t delivered bento recently so Cory-san is bitter about it.

I’m a little unwell but I continue to do the delivery.

For me, I’d like to keep doing the delivery as much as possible to catch Ordias-san.

“The distortion of the pulse has finally begun to affect the natural world.

” (Cory)Cory-san mumbles as he hands the bentos over to Luna-san.


” (Luna)Cory-san, whose name was called by Luna-san, shut his mouth.

“Ah… I’m sorry.

I blunt out something strange in front of Haruka-chan.

” (Cory)The fact that the pulse is slightly distorted is supposed to be a secret.

Of course, I, as an ordinary person, aren’t allowed to hear about this.

Don’t forget that line today.

“What do you mean? Does the heavy rain have something to do with the distortion of the pulse?” (Haruka)“Um, no!” (Cory)“She’s going to ask because you’re always talking about unnecessary things Cory.

… Haruka-san, do you already know about the distortion of the pulse?” (Luna)Luna-san glares at Cory-san while trying to mislead me.

“Oh yes.

There were some circumstances that lead to Ordias-san telling me about it.

For some unknown reason, the pulse has been distorted for nearly a year.

” (Haruka) “Oh, Ordias-san.

I’m very worried about the circumstances that lead to that discussion, but don’t stick your neck into it.

Ordias-san’s hammer will be swung down towards your neck so it’s best to not touch upon that subject.

But that’s right, it was caused by the distortion in the pulse.

” (Luna) “I’ve heard that if the pulse continues to be distorted, something terrible will happen.

” (Haruka) “Yes, so the distortion of the pulse cannot be overlooked.

It is believed that the extreme weather has been caused because of the length of time the pulse remains distorted.

” (Luna) No way, then the heavy rain– “There are not many people who are aware of the pulse’s distortion, but if this continues, it’s possible that people would become aware of it.

” (Cory)Cory-san adds to the conversation.

“What can be done about it?” (Haruka) “The ability to stabilize the sanctuary is a power that is only given to the Priestess.

I have no choice but to hope for Aldina-sama to do her best.

But she said that she can’t perceive the sanctuary that is the source of distortion.

” (Cory) Come to think of it, Ordias-san also said that.

It’s not known which of the seven church’s sanctuary are invaded because Aldina-sama can’t see it.

“At this rate, we’ll definitely be in the vanguard of Aldina-sama’s pilgrimage.

” I don’t think it’s a good idea.

I look out the window.

The rain doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon.

・ ・ ・ ・ Chapter 33.

3 : The Growing Bud of SuspicionMay 17, 2020Translated by ShufenUnedited.

Sorry A few days later, I finally succeeded in catching Ordias-san at the magic lab.

Every time I went to the lab to deliver bentos, I’ve asked Cory-san and Luna-san to tell Ordias-sama I’ve asked for him.

Ordias-sama finally decided to show his face.

“So what’s the matter?” (Ordias)As expected, Ordias-sama, who was forcefully called, is in a bad mood.

“I’d like to speak to you for a moment.

” (Haruka)“Well… “ (Haruka)I scratch my head with an awkward smile.

If you look closely, Ordias-sama looks a bit off because he is slightly tanned since he usually has a pale face.

I feel a bit tired.

I realized that this topic is something that is really pushing me so I tighten my expression.

“Can you arrange a meeting with Hamuti-sama?” (Haruka)I ask Ordias-san in a straightforward manner.

As expected, Ordias-san’s facial expression distorted at once.

That’s right, nobody would be happy if another person causes them troubles when they’re already busy.

I’m very aware that I’m being disliked.

“Of course, it’s not right now.

I don’t mind if it’s in a week or two.

” (Haruka)I added in a hurry when I saw the deep wrinkles in Ordias-san’s brows.

“Why do you want a meeting?” (Ordias)“Eh?” (Haruka)It was an unexpected question so I looked back to Ordias-san’s face.

“Why do you want to meet Hamuti-sama?” (Ordias)“I want him to tell me the progress of the search for the summoner.

” (Haruka)“There shouldn’t be any significant progress.

If there’s any movement, there’ll be news.

” (Ordias)While answering, I became anxious as I sensed Ordias-san’s strong rejection.

Why are you reluctant in me meeting Hamuti-sama? What’s the reason why you don’t want me to see you? After all, Hamuti-sama lying would be inconvenient for me.

For a while, there was a subtle air between us.

Just as I interpret Ordias-san’s intentions, Ordias-san must have seen my doubts.

We couldn’t find the next word to say.

“I’m not going to say anything.

You have to stay calm.

” (Ordias)Ordias-sama broke the silence.

It seems like we should continue the current direction without touching upon the topic.

If I just nod and withdraw, I will continue to come to this place.

As if nothing had happened, I will return to the days of going back and forth between the diner and the royal palace.

It doesn’t cause any problems, but… “Ordias-san, I’m not convinced.

” (Haruka) I dared to speak out.

“Isn’t there something wrong because Prime Minister Hamuti-sama can’t find the culprit after all this time? If you really can’t find it, then there’s a problem with the royal system because a criminal used the forbidden summoning technique.

It summons a person from a different world.

If the person who did such a big thing isn’t identified, then anyone can just summon people from different worlds.

” (Haruka) “Harutia.

” (Ordias)“I would like Hamuti-sama to explain it.

I… I think Hamuti-sama really knows the culprit.

” (Haruka)“Harutia, shut your mouth.

” (Ordias)Ordias-sama ordered in a strong tone.

I unintentionally closed my mouth as told.

It’s unusual for Ordias-san to speak in such a clear commanding tone when he’s not in class.

“I’m telling you, I’m not informed about the circumstances of the investigation.

I don’t know if your concern is irrelevant or not.

” (Ordias)Ordias-san relaxes against the chair.

“In any case, you better not stick your neck into it.

There’s nothing you can do, don’t bite Hamuti-sama in vain.

” (Ordias)When I heard those words, Ordias-san stopped my momentum of standing up from the sofa.

“But I’m afraid I can’t go home anymore if I don’t do anything.

Certainly, I can’t solve anything but, I have to raise my voice.

” (Haruka) It’s so frustrating.

I know that I’m trying to make my move without any plan.

I’m still worried so I can’t help it.

Ordias-san looks over at me with interest so I could only nod at him.

“Aren’t you good at being swept around by principle?” (Ordias)When I was a Priestess, I was cynical because I was at the mercy of the people around me.

“I dropped that cute act around a year ago when I return back to my original world.

” (Haruka) “… I see.

” (Haruka)He sighs.

He’s being really rude.


” (Ordias)“Eh?” (Haruka)Ordias-san gave me a quick response while I try to think up a rebuttal.

“I’ll make an appointment with Hamuti-sama to see me.

I don’t know what the outcome will be like.

You have better take responsibility for the rest.

” (Ordias)“Yes, I understand.

” (Haruka)“Certainly– nothing will change if it stays this way.

” (Ordias)The last word was whispered like a monologue.

“I will contact you at a later time.

Be quiet until then.

” (Ordias) ・ ・ ・ ・