The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 11

The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 11

Chapter 11: I Talked About the Future July 04, 2018 Harutia was my name when I was the Priestess in this world.

My name “Haruka” is a rather masculine name and wasn’t suitable for a Priestess.

Soon after I arrive to this world, I was given the name “Harutia”.

I was too embarrassed for myself so I never complained about the name.

At the time, I was asking people around me to call me “Priestess” so most people in the royal palace, including Ordias, don’t know my real name.

Well, I don’t care about the name.

It was only when Ordias said those words did I realized he knew my true identity.

This is a big problem.

A troublesome person discovered my identity.

“You look different from before…there’s no God power in you.

Whether it is the person in question…there’s no doubt.

There are still some remnants.

” (Ordias) Are you talking to yourself or are you asking me? I didn’t understand so I kept a confused look on my face.

Why did you come to the lab when you have a position and power that equals to the nobles? I haven’t heard of this before.

It looks like my thought was read by the opponent.

“I regularly show up at the lab to look over the works of my employees.

” (Ordias) And I got a careful explanation.

“When did you come back to this world?” (Ordias) .



“…About two months ago.

” (Haruka) “Two months?” (Ordias) It was unusual for him to show any expression but there was a look of surprise on his face.

And I was the one who has the honor to enjoy this moment.

I feel like I’ll have to tell him the circumstances in more details.

“When I noticed, I was in a random forest near the royal palace.

” (Haruka)“No way.

” (Ordias)Even if I was embarrassed, it cannot be helped since it’s true.

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COM “If that’s true, how did you survive until today?” (Ordias) “I was picked up by a diner in the city so I started working there.

I got a way to get into the royal palace using the bento box sales that the diner recently started to do.

It’s my first time here since I came back.

” (Haruka) “You? At a diner in the city? Selling bentos?” (Ordias) Yes, you don’t have to repeat that.

The person in question didn’t move at all under my disgruntled glance.


there isn’t any choice left.

Should I tell you everything at once? However, if I think about this carefully, isn’t my goal to encounter previous acquaintances here?Although it wasn’t my ideal person, it is still good for achieving my initial goal.

Ordias would know about the summoner Luno.

And if I ask Ordias, he should help me return to my original world as soon as possible.

Even today if he could.

“This situation…is hard to believe.

” (Ordias) After I explained it to him politely, he gave me this attitude If you don’t believe it, don’t ask for an explanation from the beginning! “No, I believe in your story about the second summoning.

It’s the part where you been living here for two months with the city’s people.

” (Ordias) “What does that mean? I’m not a princess and I originally live with ordinary people in my original world.

In those days when I was living here, I had the escort knight protect me closely and kept me away like a princess.

” (Haruka) I glared at Ordias-sama with gruesome resentment.

I was dependent on Noel all the time.

If I was troubled or anxious, Noel was always there…Now, that wasn’t a compliment.

But at that time, I was working hard.

It started with etiquette class as a Priestess.

There was a lot of histories, myths, and learning how to manipulate the God power inside my body.

The harder I work, the more I got dizzy from the mountain of work.

And Noel was the one who supported me through it.

Well, no matter what my excuse is, I was nothing more than a spoiled lass.

In comparison, I was very fortunate as the Priestess.

It was not needed by anyone but I worked hard with the status of the Priestess.

And even though I’m just a mediocre person, I was still given a warm welcome.

“Anyways…It’s interesting.

I never thought you’d show up in front of me again with your bento.

” (Ordias) It’s out of his character to see Ordias-sama smile.

His way of laughing has fragments of freshness, it’s a small enough smile to lift the edge of his mouth.

However small, a smile is a smile.

  I thought it was a mistake for a moment but apparently, it wasn’t.

Wow, I have seen something usual! “So what are you going to do? Will you be adopted by the diner?” (Ordias) “You’re wrong! I want to return to my original world!” (Haruka) Finally, the main subject! The main subject!! “I think the summoner Luno can return me to my original world.

So, Ordias please help me meet up with Luno!” (Haruka) “—It’s useless.

” (Ordias) My wholehearted request was dismissed as soon as I said it without any second in between for interruption.

Of course, I cannot give up.

“Please don’t say such horrible things now! Just let Luno give my message so I can talk to him myself!” (Haruka) “I’m not saying anything wrong.

He is on a long business trip in another country for technical guidance right now.

He won’t be back for another half a year.

” (Ordias) Er…umm…!!!!! What is a long-term business trip for technical guidance? Are summoners treated like a technical store? Whaat? “it’s not…Luno cannot be relied on.

”I staggered onto the floor while Ordias-sama looked at me coldly.

“In the first place, I don’t think you can return to the original world with Luno.

As a general rule, summoning cannot be attributed unless it is a person who they’ve summoned.

In other words, unless he was the one who called for you, he cannot do anything for you.

” (Ordias) “Is that so!?” (Haruka) It turned out there was a summoning I’ve been anticipating wasn’t going to happen after all.

“Well then, what if I came back without being summoned by anyone?” (Haruka) The expression on Ordias-sama’s face looked up with a half crying cold face.

A sharp light appeared in his eyes.

“First of all, you cannot convince me with that explanation.

” (Ordias) I can’t convince you what? As a magician, there is nothing for him to grasp in my story.

Just tell me the main point.

“You also had a lecture as a Priestess about magic and how it’s made up of theories and rules? Have you already forgotten?” (Ordias) That cannot be forgotten.

When I started learning about magic, those theories and rules were shoved into my mind.

Since it is a world where people can be summoned from different worlds, the magical occasion that I thought only existed in fantasy movies, can be easily activated with just their mind.

This is a carefree idea that cannot exist to Ordias-sama.

In the first place, those kind of magic was hidden away tightly.

All magic consists of theories and rules.

Oh…it’s a phrase I haven’t heard in a year and a half.

I feel nostalgic and tears are coming.

“Summoning is also a part of magic.

As a matter of fact, you cannot be summoned here “by chance”.

That is, someone had the intention to call you here.

” (Ordias)“….

” (Haruka) I started to understand the seriousness of the matter after Ordias-sama’s stern explanation.

“Well…who called you to this world this time?” (Ordias)“….

” (Haruka) A cold chill ran down my spine.

“There is no record of the royal palace officially trying to re-summon you.

Someone secretly called for you with some sort of intention.

Of course, they would be looking for your whereabouts.

Just looking at that, it makes me want to leave because there’s no doubt it’s going to be messy.

” (Ordias) “….

” (Haruka) Somehow, I feel like I’m in danger.

“It is a good decision on your part to be hiding the past two months because a summoner is secretly looking for you.

If you were found to be the Priestess, you’ll fall into the hands of those summoners in no time.

” (Ordias) Wow~ I just didn’t want to expose myself to shame for being back but, it looks like it worked out in the end.

“Well then, we have to be careful in the future, right?” (Ordias) “Obviously…” (Haruka) “Far from that, you can’t just leave the diner just like that.

You need to consult the swords of trustworthy people.

” (Ordias)“Eh!?” (Haruka) What does that mean? “Who’s trustworthy?” (Haruka)“I’ll put it into consideration for now.

I know you haven’t made any plans aside from returning to your original world.

” (Ordias)Please don’t say that.


No more than that.

No matter who I talk to, will I still have to leave the diner? — That’s it Although it may not be good, it’s still dangerous for me.

As long as I’m in this world, I haven’t thought about leaving that place.

Because the bento sales are starting to get on trend.

Sena, the new part-time worker also just started and everyone is trying to get the diner back together.

I want to stay at the diner a little more.

I would like to do my best with the diner’s couple and Sena.

Every day at the diner was fun and rewarding.

The regular customers are also very good people.

The diner is a very warm place.

I feel like it been forever since I was the Priestess.

So, I won’t be leaving the diner shop just yet.

“…Ordias-sa, can I continue to live at the diner?” (Haruka)“…” (Ordias) An overpowering feeling of silence is terrifying.

“Even though I’m being targeted, I want to stay there.

” (Haruka) Yes…I’m sorry I can’t say anything.

“…But, as I said earlier, it’s not the time to move around too much.

At the moment I want to keep living at the diner.

I’ll come up with a plan.

When I’ve decided on one, I’ll tell you when I deliver the bento.

The decision withers or not I stay at the diner or at the royal palace will be on hold until then.

(Haruka) –Huh? Does that mean that there’s a pattern in living at the diner? Ordias-sama glance over and look me in the eye with expectation.

“I won’t be the one making the decision but, there is a possibility that they might have confused the current you as an ordinary girl so it might be better to stay at the diner than the royal palace.

” (Ordias) If I had hidden myself in the forest, it wouldn’t have been good for me.

Yes, I agree with that.

If I were to think about it, they cannot know that I’m the former Priestess… The strange man in red and Ordias-sama have discovered me already.

“Either way, keep in mind that there are people who have summoned you secretly.

Be more careful than before.

” (Ordias) I nodded to agree.

Oh, even so.

“It somehow became very serious…” Ordias-sama heard my small murmurs and sighs.

He continues to look at me with cold eyes.

“It’s because you are at stake as the former Priestess.

It’s an important matter for the country.

” (Ordias) Those words echo in my heart.

As long as I’m in this world, it seems like there would be no way to separate from being a “Priestess”.

Even if it’s a girl who no longer has her God power.

・ ・ ・ ・ Translator’s Note: Happy Independent Day for my American readers!It looks like Haruka is in danger.

Luckily Ordias discovered Haruka and help her with the first step into the mystery of why she returned to their world again.

This chapter was longer than usual so I could tell the author was inspired at this point where the ball is starting to roll.