The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 9

The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 9

TSRTOW Chapter 9: By Popular Demands, the Shop Expands   Magic Lab Like the name dubious sounds, it is a very suspicious place.

You can say it is a very unique place in the palace where ordinary people do not approach.

I have visited this place once when I was the Priestess.

I went there to study magic.

Although the magic lab is connected to the royal palace by a corridor, it is almost an independent building.

I remember there are several other divisions in the royal palace but only the church and the magic lab have this type of building.

In this world, there is hardly any magic circulation.

At the diner, magic is hardly used.

The only magic piece we have there is the lights, refrigerator, and the stove.

This isn’t something someone can use freely.

In order to use it, they’ll have to obtain a permit.

It is unbelievable how magic is restricted.

In fact, it’s nothing like those fantasy movies where people can control fire, make it rain, or strike thunder.

In this world, it is used for convenience things like carrying heavy things.

This country strictly prohibits the use of magic against an average person.

It looks like magic is seen as a nuisance and a threat.

I was researching those types of magic at the royal palace.




It’s not possible to treat it like it’s the royal palace.

It is not the type of place where you expect hospitality from.

This is the sort of place with a faraway distance feeling.

Why on earth am I selling bento there? If you ask the royal palace staff, the staff at the magic lab tends to be too focus on their work to eat their meals.

They’re very enthusiastic about their work so they don’t drink water or eat anything until they collapse.

They decided it’s better to have food deliver to them to leave them alone.

Well, the researchers there seems to be full of maniacs and stoic people without regards for the world.

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COM It is good that the bento selling business is expanding but it’ll be impossible to make more than what we’re already making because the diner’s couple is the only one making them.

For that reason, we decided to visit the training grounds and the magic lab every other day.

Because of this circumstance, the royal palace is also giving preferential treatment.

The empty bento boxes will be gathered by the servants of the royal palace and be returned to the diner every day.

Anyhow, the business expansion….

Hmm… Good…Alriiiight! When I first heard this news, I didn’t think I’ll make the guts pose* alone.

Every day when I visit the diner and the training ground, I haven’t made any progress in returning to my original world.

I’m secretly worried about what will happen.

But I finally made a step forward.

The magic research lab is a facility located quite close to the core of the royal palace.

Hopefully, we can expect further progress! To tell you the truth, I personally do not like magicians but now it is not a case of likes and dislikes.

Besides, the magicians who leave those bad impressions are the ones located at the back of the royal palace, so you won’t normally meet them.

Yes, I will try my best from tomorrow on! Sell the bento, sell sell sell! Give back what I could to the diner.

And to grab the opportunity to return home.

・ ・ ・ ・ “Haruka, are you bringing the bento to the magic lab tomorrow?”“Yes, I feel a bit scared but, I am looking forward to it.

” “Wel,l are you okay? Iam worriedy.

” Night In my room, I am in the middle of a girl’s meeting with Sena, the new part-time worker.

Even though it is a girl’s party, I just drink tea.

Unlike me, Sena works at the diner from home.

Sometimes, I have things to talk about for a while like a night like today.

Sena is a very good person.

She’s a super woman who quickly remembers the work around the diner.

  She is a beautiful girl who is crispy and has a nice taste.

She has a excellent reputation amongst the diner guest as well.

  She is friendly to everyone and just working together for a few days, I have become quite fond of her.

“Magicians seems to have a lot of strange people.

I think it’s better to just sell in the training grounds.

” (Sena) “Well, I won’t be eaten there.

” I replied with a wry smile.

But, I understand Senna’s feeling.

This country has a scary image for the magicians.

“Oh, but I’m a little jealous.

” (Sena) “Jealous?” (Haruka) “Isn’t there a possibility that you can meet Noel when you enter and leave the royal palace? As soon as she said that, Sena’s eyes shine brilliantly.

Even though Sena has a calm personality, she is the girly groupie type.

As for Noel, I became a fan of his since the previous God Festival parade.

Noel…Noel…Hey… “Well, I guess it’s impossible because it’s a person who is high up.

In the first place, he won’t have any relationship with the magic lab.

” (Haruka) “Maybe so, but I guess you will get a bit lost in the royal palace.

” (Sena) “Even if I did that, before I meet Noel, I will be pick up by the guards.

” (Haruka) “Ah…I don’t mind at all.

I want to see Noel again.

” (Sena) It is easy for me to say those words but I really don’t want it to happen.

Well, I’ll drink my tea while secretly agreeing in my mind.

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