The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 1

The Struggle of Returning to The Other World - Chapter 1

Chapter 1: I Have a Broken Heart in A Different World I am a very ordinary school girl.

This year I am in the third year with a boring summer vacation before I take the college exam.

My looks are ordinary; my brain is normal without anything special that is liked by others.

I really am just a normal girl without any special skill.

If I was raised with strong characteristics, would I be a lucky child whose parent didn’t pass away early and have to live in an orphanage? Even if I say there isn’t a lot of happiness, the orphanage staff did well in raising me and didn’t get any sense that I am unhappy.

Besides, even when I was taken in by my relatives, I kept a good relationship in the orphanage so that I can go back and help take care of the children.

There is also something usual.

Yes, this may be pretty rare.

I have entered a different world.

It’s funny.

I usually do not read a lot of novels or watch movies.

I also do not watch drama on TV either.

This is why I cannot adapt at all in the beginning.

I don’t know the reason why I was thrown into another world.

Usually, people who are used to this sort of situation invited to this sort of things? Anyhow, why I traveled to a different world still remains a mystery.

However, the fact that I have wandered into a different world is a fact that is rooted in my mind.

I will never forget it for the rest of my life.




It was with a prominent summoner of the different world who called me into his world.

First of all, the job of being a summoner is completely unknown.

It is an uncommon word to hear in modern day Japan.

It is hard to imagine that it would be a business people make a living off of.

Who would think that it refers to a profession who calls a living person from a different world.

Anyways, I was called here by that summoner.

It was said that I must become a “Priestess” of this world.

Speaking of the priestess, I had the impression of a part-time job distributing fortune-telling strips at the shrine during the New Year.

Apparently, it does not seem to be a comfortable existence in this world.

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COM However, I knew that.

Because the atmosphere I was summoned to was a completely “different world”.

The people here have 70% blonde hair and carved with Western European style with outfits that comes out of fantasy movies.

People in such foreign countries were staring at me with earnest eyes, as if they risked their lives.

I suddenly appeared on top of a strange summoning scribble and welcomed by foreigners, like I was a little hope that sprouted in a desert where nothing has grown in a hundred years.

Nobody will listen to my story anymore once this is over.

I am a high school student and I have no idea why I have been brought into this world.

I am exhausted to the point that I feel sorry rather than being scared.

Let me say that there is nothing going on a return to my original world.

I cannot do anything nor can I respond to anything.

So, I want you to return me to my original world! All of this was treated as a grand monologue.

Indeed, in any world, man is selfish.

Apparently, I am a visitor from another world that is summoned every fifty years.

I am to be a messenger from the heaven that brings peace to this world.

Up until yesterday, no one knew such a thing.

Although I was a silly high school student who gets yelled at by the teacher for forgetting my homework.

Everyone was thankful towards me.

I don’t think my appearance looks like “me” after coming to this world.

On my third day in this new world, I stood in front of the mirror and my appearance was confirmed.

The mirror reflected a blonde hair blue eyed girl with the aura of a mysterious girl.

My face was definitely myself, but the coloring drastically changed.

I don’t think I can find this new “me” in a crowd.

My life in this new world begins.

It began with being protected by an unfriendly young knight.

The second is a magician who was assigned to be my teacher.

Furthermore, the third person was the noisy summoner who summoned me.

He became my guardian.

Anyhow, there is a lot of specialists here and I will be a fool to live in a different world without help.

It was only a year that I spent in this world.

The mission given to me was extremely simple.

It was to make the flow of ‘Qi’ which was running uncontrollably in this world.

I am to create a flow for it so it will become stable.

The ‘Qi’ blessed by the Priestess from a different world has managed to bring peace and prosperity to this world that will last a long time.

I was glad I did not have to fight aliens.

There weren’t any enemies and the task to correct the flow of ‘Qi’ went smoothly.

It took about a year until the work was completed.

This seemed to be an average work time with everything planned in advance.

A world that is comfortable for everyone.

Besides, I do not know what my goal is but I was harden with just the beautiful surroundings.

It was natural that the wicked feeling came out quickly as if I could live in this world.

In the first place, I am an orphan who does not have any close relatives and I was not obsessed with my original world.

The day when I was worshiped as Priestess and surrounded by beautiful men and women was not painful at all.

But…as I thought, I am not a person from this world.

It seems to be a right choice to return to where I should be.

It seemed to me that it was the last finishing touch in correcting the world’s ‘Qi’ flow that would make me disappear from this world.

So I thought I will go home.

But it is true that I was lost in the end.

Because this past year, I fell in love.

Although I thought he did not give me too much attention, I could not stop this feeling.

He has a blunt and frustrating personality and does not have the ability to see kindness but, he has always supported me and I could not help myself from falling in love with my escort knight.

Well, I was young too.

We were always quarreling so how did I fall in love? With him being from another world, it would have been fine because I was in love and love was horrible.

Even though I knew that I should return to my original world, the habit of saying “I was to be together forever” with a maiden heart kept me here.

I feel like the embarrassing situation continued for a while as a result of his calm feeling and my maiden heart full of rippling emotion.

I did not say anything but I am sure other people noticed.

Ahh…it is really embarrassing.

So, in the end, I was sobered up.

Everything was full of good memories and it is better to go back to my original world.

However, my maiden heart was persistence.

So I decided.

Now that I fulfilled my role as the Priestess and awaiting my return.

Finally, I will tell him about this feeling.

And if he can accept my feeling.

I wonder if I can spend the rest of my life with him in this world.

On the last day, in front of the magic prepared by the summoner, I looked back at him.

I was daring to tell him to see me off with my eyes full of unreadable feelings.

I always liked you and… But.

That’s right, even though it is a different world, this is the real story.

Things didn’t carry out so well.

He always had a cold look to his eyes.

Yeah, I think I was surprised to see you for the last time as we were together for a year.

But in the end, I told you without hesitation.


” What.

I nodded.

That’s true.

Yes, sorry, yeah… Thank you.

I will return to my original world as an adult.

Strange enough, in my sixteen years of living, the opposite sex was from another world rejected me.

Recalling it now, it was a nostalgic feeling.