Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 221

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 221

Chapter 221: Back to Shengjing City Su Jiu and Ji Yuxian were out in the yard, but before they reached the yard door, they heard people chattering outside.

“You go!” It was Guo Mei’s voice.

“I think you should go instead!” Mu Ya said.

“I’m afraid of meeting the Island Master, I’m scared of him!” Guo Mei whispered.

“Didn’t you say you can climb windows?” “Young Mistress told me that I am not good at climbing windows!” Guo Mei said.

“Then let’s go in together!” Mu Ya suggested.

“Well, hurry up then! If we delay any longer, the Island Master and his wife would have eaten their meals by then.

” Guo Mei urged.

“It’s…all your fault then!” Mu Ya gasped.

“Okay, okay, it’s my fault! I didn’t know there is a pit covered by water over there!” Guo Mei murmured and walked into the courtyard with Mu Ya.

Su Jiu glanced at Ji Yuxian.

It turned out that in Guo Mei’s heart, he was so terrible! .



Ji Yuxian seemed to guess what she was thinking and raised his eyebrows innocently.

“Why are you hiding behind me? Aren’t you very familiar with the Young Mistress? Wait,” Mu Ya dragged Guo Mei and opened the door.

When he saw Ji Yuxian and Su Jiu standing by the door, he squinted and suddenly took a step back.

“You…stepped on my foot!” Guo Mei shouted, her head shooting up in alarm.

She saw the two of them and immediately hid behind Mu Ya.

Mu Ya was fairly calm.

He took a step forward and greeted them, “Island Master, Young Mistress.

” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Thinking back to when he was dancing with Su Jiu, Mu Ya’s ears turned so red that he didn’t dare to look at her, and slightly lowered his head.

Su Jiu laughed and asked, “What’s wrong with the two of you?” Mu Ya said, “Tomorrow, the Island Master and Young Mistress are leaving.

My father and the elders of several tribes have prepared meals for the both of you.

The Island Master and Young Mistress are invited to come and have dinner.

It’s only a simple fare, but we hope that you will not reject us!” Originally, Mu Zhen should be the one that should personally invite Ji Yuxian, but because of what happened before, he was afraid that Ji Yuxian would not see him.

After all, Guo Mei and the Island Master’s wife were fairly close.

“So this is what it’s all about!” Su Jiu said.

“Just in time as well! We have not eaten.

Shall we head to your place now?” “So, Young Mistress agrees?” Guo Mei came out from behind Mu Ya and immediately smiled.

“Mm!” Su Jiu nodded with a smile.

Seeing that Su Jiu was so quick to accept the invitation, Mu Ya could not help but feel a little excited and made a grand gesture of invitation to both of them.

“Island Master and Young Mistress, please!” Ji Yuxian took Su Jiu’s hand and walked in front.

Mu Ya and Guo Mei followed behind.

The banquet was at the home of Mu Ya.

When the people in the village saw Ji Yuxian and Su Jiu approaching, they saluted them in a more respectful and pious manner than before.

Mu Ya’s house was the same as that of the other villagers.

In this tribe, the hierarchy of the people was not clear.

For example, Mu Ya was the son of the patriarch, and Yun Zhu was the daughter of the patriarch of the Yun family.

However, despite their perceived higher status, they were conferred no additional privileges and had to labor just as hard as everyone else.

The same was true for Mu Zhen.

Although he was the tribal chief and has some say and prestige, his family was no wealthier than the other villagers.

Mu Zhen, the father of Guo Mei, patriarch of the Min family, and the elders of several other families were waiting outside the door.

When they saw Su Jiu and Ji Yuxian walking over, they immediately walked over to welcome them.

“Greetings, Island Master and Young Mistress!” Guo Mei went to her father and asked for praise, “Dad, did I do well? I invited the Young Mistress over!” “Okay! Later, you get to drink two more glasses of wine!” Yun Guo’s father was Yun Dan.

After Yun Ao died, he had been chosen as the patriarch of the Yun family.

“Island Master and Young Mistress, please head upstairs!” Mu Zhen said.

Ji Yuxian looked extremely handsome.

He nodded slightly, took Su Jiu’s hand, and headed to the second floor with her.

In the village, all the constructed buildings were two-stories high and on stilts.

They should have been rebuilt after Ji Manor came over and assisted them.

The first floor was still vacant.

The second floor had antique carved windows and wooden fences.

The four corners of the roof had cornices.

They looked strong and beautiful.

Amidst a lush forest, these buildings were scattered along the undulating terrain.

They blended in nicely with the surroundings and the accompanying scenery was beautiful and comfortable.

At this time, it was already evening, and the setting sun spread its afterglow on the wooden floor soaked by the rain.

It gave off a vibe of quiet beauty, much like a landscape painting.

Probably, as a greeting to both of them, flowers were draped on both sides of the wooden ladder.

Flowers and vines entwined together, and the fragrance that they emitted was breathtaking.

On the second floor, the hall has been set up with home-cooked dishes and home-made wine.

A table full of fresh sea-caught fish, shrimp, and crabs were readily available for all to eat.

It was truly the epitome of delicacy that had the perfect look, color, and fragrance.

Everyone gathered around Ji Yuxian and Su Jiu as they sat down.

They started out with nothing more than polite compliments and conversations.

Ji Yuxian had to focus on entertaining his host.

Su Jiu, on the other hand, was only concerned about eating.

Su Jiu had been poisoned by Old Gu for many days.

To make up for that by eating authentic seafood made by people on the island; Su Jiu felt that she was tasting food made by the heavens.

Guo Mei also sat next to Su Jiu, always serving Su Jiu dishes.

She also introduced her to the dishes that were the best to eat and which dishes she had made by herself.

The people of the tribe stayed on the island all year round and were self-sufficient.

After polite conversations, they started feasting on the food as well.

Guo Mei poured a glass of fruit wine for Su Jiu and smiled.

“This wine is made from a kind of fragrant fruit on the island, and it smells delicious.

Young Mistress, please taste it!” As she spoke, she drank half a cup of it.

Mu Ya turned his head and looked over, frowning.

“Your father doesn’t want you to drink.

” They grew up together.

He knew that Guo Mei would go crazy after drinking, and no one could stop her when that happens.

“My dad said I can drink today!” Guo Mei smiled softly when she saw Mu Ya showing concern for her.

“Then when you are drunk, don’t vomit in our house! Also, don’t go about hugging Ah Huang and trying to kiss him.

It hates you very much!” Mu Ya said seriously.

Ah Huang was a mongrel raised by Mu Ya.

Guo Mei’s face flushed red, and for a while, she did not speak.

Then, she asked, “Why does Ah Huang hate me?” “Because you got drunk last time and grabbed the fish bones from his food bowl.

” Guo Mei was speechless.

Su Jiu listened to the two arguing and suddenly felt that Mu Ya was not what Guo Mei said he was.

He did not seem to hate her.

The two seemed to have something going on.

The sky gradually darkened, and the lanterns in the house were lit.

The atmosphere in the house was slightly different as everyone was slightly tipsy from drinking alcohol.

Several members of the tribe started talking a lot more as they drank.

“Island Master, Young Mistress, let’s not speak of anything else! In the future, I hope you and your wife will come to the island more often,” Tribal Chief Mu Zhen said as he made a toast to both of them.

Others also raised their wine glasses in a sign of agreement.

“Thank you!” Ji Yuxian’s thin lips twisted into a small smile as he nodded slightly.

Su Jiu was about to drink from the wine cup that she was holding when suddenly, the man’s pale palms covered the wine cup.

“My wife is pregnant, so don’t drink anymore.

” Su Jiu looked at him in astonishment.

When did she become pregnant? “The Young Mistress is pregnant! Congratulations!” Mu Zhen smiled and congratulated Su Jiu.

“Congratulations to the Island Master, congratulations to Young Mistress!” “What a joyous occasion!” Everyone continued to congratulate them.

They also remembered that Su Jiu had been under siege before and had dealt with it whilst being pregnant.

She risked her life to go against the assassins.

She did all this for them.

They felt even more ashamed as they thought about it.

Su Jiu nodded.

“Thank you!” She then looked back and glared fiercely at the smiling man.

Guo Mei carefully pulled on Su Jiu’s sleeve and asked, “Young Mistress, so you are actually pregnant?” Su Jiu’s lips squeezed out a light smile.

“Yes!” “How many months has it been?” Guo Mei looked at Su Jiu’s stomach curiously.

Su Jiu counted a little and said with a smile, “Oh, about ten days!” “Cough!” Ji Yuxian suddenly coughed and almost choked on a sip of wine.

He raised his hand and wiped his mouth with a silk handkerchief.

Then, under the table, he firmly squeezed Su Jiu’s hand.

Guo Mei nodded seriously.

“Oh, it has already been ten days!” “You shouldn’t ask what should not be asked!” Mu Ya scolded Guo Mei.

Guo Mei turned and glared at him, then laughed.

“I am happy for Young Mistress!” Mu Ya got up, took a soft cushion, and passed it to Guo Mei.

He whispered, “Put it on the chair for Young Mistress to sit on.

” Guo Mei glanced at him and smiled.

“You really do know everything!” Mu Ya’s face turned slightly reddish.

“When my mother was pregnant with my little sister, she often suffered from lower back pain and leaned on a cushion behind her chair for relief.

” Guo Mei nodded and then carefully placed the cushion behind Su Jiu’s waist.

Su Jiu smiled gratefully at the two and accepted their kind gesture.

Guo Mei really did not drink a lot of wine, but her face began to flush red after two to three cups.

Slowly, the things in front of her eyes started to take on a trance-like aura.

Su Jiu felt that her tolerance for alcohol could directly compete with Nangong Bi’s.

“Mistress, I’m going to the latrine, but I will be back soon!” Guo Mei smirked, got up, and left.

Mu Ya couldn’t help him.

He yelled out, “Be careful whilst walking down the stairs, don’t roll down! It will scare Ah Huang!” The others in the room heard and could not help but laugh.

Guo Mei’s face turned red as she hurried down the steps.

After Guo Mei did not return for some time, Su Jiu was afraid that she had indeed gotten too drunk and was now unconscious somewhere.

She mentioned this to Ji Yuxian, got up, and went looking for her.

Heading downstairs, Su Jiu wanted to go to the latrine to find her, but as soon as she entered the backyard, she saw Guo Mei sitting cross-legged in front of the doghouse, pointing at Ah Huang and saying, “I heard you hate me, is it true?” Ah Huang was lying in the doghouse, looking at her and then turning its head away.

“You don’t like me, and your master doesn’t like me either! Say it! Did you tell your master to not like me? Did you say bad things about me?” Guo Mei patted the doghouse hard and grunted.

Ah Huang’s black eyes were frightened by her fierce appearance and extended its claws, pushing its food bowl towards Guo Mei.

In it, there was a piece of bone.

“Don’t think you can bribe me! I knew you were the one who was manipulating things behind my back!” Su Jiu watched the girl’s absurd behavior and wanted to laugh.

She turned around and went back upstairs.

“Mu Ya!” Su Jiu stood by the door and called his name.

“Come here!” Ji Yuxian looked up, his narrow and long phoenix eyes admiring her lightly.

Mu Ya immediately stood up and went over.

He said respectfully, “Young Mistress.

” “Guo Mei is drunk-chatting with your Ah Huang.

Go and check up on her!” Su Jiu smiled and said.

Mu Ya’s face immediately turned black and he nodded, “Yes, I’ll go right now!” With that, he hurried downstairs.

Su Jiu stood in front of the wooden fence by the door and looked into the distance.

In the village, chatter abounded, and candles were lit in abundance.

Further ahead, the waves rolled onto the beach and the tide was low.

This peaceful and quiet place made it difficult for anyone to leave.

They could not help but want to stay longer.

After a while, Su Jiu walked downstairs slowly.

Going down the stairs, Su Jiu stood behind a column on the first floor and looked over towards the doghouse.

“Ah Huang doesn’t like me, what should I do? To think I like him so much!” Guo Mei grabbed Mu Ya’s clothes, crying out all her grievances whilst wiping her tears off her face.

Seeing her cry so pathetically, Mu Ya’s heart softened and he smiled.

“Don’t cry, catch a fish for it tomorrow, and it will be happy!” “I grew up with him.

I have liked him since I was a child, but he doesn’t like me because of a fishbone!” Guo Mei became sadder the more she talked about it.

Mu Ya was speechless and did not know how to reply.

He raised his sleeves and helped to wipe her tears.

“Ah Huang is only two years old, how could it have possibly grown up with you! You are really drunk!” “When my father betrothed me to Mu Liang, I was really sad.

Although I didn’t hate Mu Liang, I didn’t want to marry him.

I only liked Ah Huang.

When I was ten, I fell into the sea.

It was Ah Huang who rescued me.

When I was twelve, I fell from a tree and broke my leg.

It was Ah Huang who carried me home.

I was bullied by Yun Zhu since I was a child, but I was also protected by Ah Huang.

I really like him very much, but why does he hate me because of a fishbone?” Guo Mei sat on the floor and groaned and sobbed.

Mu Ya suddenly stopped talking.

“He likes fish bones.

Tomorrow, I will bring over a whole basket of fishbones for him.

In the future, I will bring over a whole basket every single day.

So, can you help me make him like me?” Guo Mei looked at Mu Ya with tears in her eyes, looking somewhat delusional.

Under the moonlight, the girl’s delicate face was awash with tears, yet she looked so pure and innocent.

Mu Ya raised his hand to wipe her tears and he nodded slowly.


” Guo Mei grinned and gave him a silly smile.

Mu Ya gently held her in his arms, patting her shoulder stiffly, and whispered, “What a fool!” Ah Huang looked at the two of them and wagged his tail in joy.

It secretly pulled its bowl with its bone in back into his doghouse.

The night breeze was gentle, and the gentleness of it softened hearts.

Su Jiu watched at the two embracing each other, pursed her lips, and smiled.

Once again, she turned around and walk up the stairs.

Her footsteps were unusually brisk as if she had finally resolved an issue that bothered her for very long.

Love always inadvertently surprised people.

Once she was upstairs, Ji Yuxian had just opened the door to head outside.

When he saw her, his lips curved into a smile.

“Young Mistress, let’s go home!” “Ok! Let’s go home!” Su Jiu took his hand.

The tribal chief, along with everyone else, stood up to send them off.

They watched as the two figures turned into a blurry shadow as they walked further away from the tribe.

They stood where there were and waved goodbye.

The two walked back home along the path they had taken earlier.

Their fingers were interlocked, and their shadows merged into one.

Su Jiu’s big, clear eyes turned to peer at the man beside her.

“Ji Yuxian, why do you like me?” It seemed as though she had never asked him this question before.

The first and second time that they met, she had been embarrassing herself in front of him.

Later, she had confessed her true identity to him.

He knew that she was a mountain bandit from the beginning, a mountain bandit who could not even write her name.

She had been rude, savage, even brutal.

Only someone gentle, dignified, and well-versed in piano, chess, and calligraphy, would be an ideal candidate for a Young Master of his stature.

Now that she thought about it, for him to love her was somewhat bizarre.

“Who knows!” Ji Yuxian’s delicate lips curled up and looked at her softly.

“Maybe the Young Mistress is too beautiful, so I was tempted at first sight.

” “Oh, so you fell for me the first time you saw me.

” Su Jiu raised her eyebrows proudly.

“When you saw me the second time, you must have been so eager to marry me then.

” Their second meeting was in a small yard, when Ji Yuxian passed by and glanced at it, and was thereafter surprised by someone’s boldness.

Ji Yuxian nodded.

“Young Mistress guessed right!” Su Jiu smiled at him.

“It turns out that Eldest Young Master Ji really is as rumored.

He is a true playboy.

Sees a woman and falls in love with a woman.

” “Your husband has been wronged!” Ji Yuxian held Su Jiu’s waist from the side and hugged her.

He lowered his head to kiss her lips.

“From the beginning till the end, I only love my wife.

If my wife doesn’t believe it, I will prove it to her immediately!” “How will you prove it?” Su Jiu arms were placed around his neck.

The man’s eyes immediately turned into a dark gaze and his voice became low and ambiguous.

“A deeper love… I’ll give you the deepest.

Will that be enough to prove my sincerity?” Su Jiu’s face suddenly turned red.

He teased her in bed last night and deliberately made her beg for him.

This time, she was certain he was making fun of her.

Leaning on the man’s shoulder, Su Jiu mumbled, “Tonight, we will each sleep separately from one another!” “If that happens, how then can your husband prove that he truly loves his wife?” Ji Yuxian chuckled, holding her tightly, walking faster and faster, almost as if he was walking on thin air.

They made their way through the forest.

He did not even climb the stairs but leaped onto the second floor.

Soon, the windows and doors on the second floor were closed tightly, and wheezing and petite gasps pierced the night.

Shangguan and Old Gu were sitting in wicker chairs in the yard to cool off.

A red shadow passed by over their head.

Both of them looked up enviously.

One thought of a lover who far away in Shengjing City.

One thought of eleven lovers scattered across the world.

Both sighed at the same time.

Early the next morning, the ship headed for Daliang Country was ready.

The group of people, including Wu Yi and Yan Shu, left Wushan Isle together.

The ship was very large, with two decks, an upper and a lower deck.

The ship had carved windows and cornices along its body.

It was packed full of guards, each standing with an awe-inspiring posture.

They had serious looks on their faces and stood stoically on the ship.

People from the whole tribe spontaneously came to send them off.

Guo Mei and Mu Ya stood in front and looked at Su Jiu with a longing gaze.

Su Jiu walked over and stroked Guo Mei’s head.

“I will come back to see you when I have time!” With tears in her eyes, Guo Mei gave Su Jiu the basket in her hand.

“This is the fish dumpling my mother made last night.

Young Mistress, please take it with you and have it on your way back!” “Thank you!” Su Jiu took the basket.

“If you are bored on the island, you can also come to Daliang Country with Mu Ya.

Then, just head to Shengjing City and look for Su Jiu!” “Mm!” Guo Mei nodded her head.

“Young Mistress, take care!” Mu Ya smiled.

“Take care of Guo Mei!” Su Jiu smiled deeply.

Upon hearing this, the two lovers looked at each other, and they immediately became a little shy.

Mu Ya said solemnly.

“Most definitely!” “Take care!” Su Jiu waved and walked to Ji Yuxian, who was waiting for her to board the ship.

The gangplank was resting on the coast.

Ji Yuxian slowly took Su Jiu’s hand and stepped onto the ship with her.

The other people from the group followed behind him.

The ship swayed slightly, and slowly sailed off into the sea.

The villagers of the tribe rushed to the shore and waved at the big ship.

“Island Master, Young Mistress, have a safe trip!” “Take care!” … Su Jiu stood by the side of the ship, watching Guo Mei run into the water.

She was still waving at her.

“We will come back in the future!” Ji Yuxian said warmly, hugging her from behind.

Su Jiu leaned into him and looked at the misty island that was disappearing in front of their eyes.

She looked at the sails flapping along with the winds and smiled.

Wushan Isle had a different significance to her.

She would always remember this place.

Shengjing City.

The weather in June was very hot, but it was exceptionally gloomy in Prince Zhao’s Manor.

This was especially so at night when the huge courtyard was dimly lit, where human voices were scarce, and there was utter silence in many parts of the manor.

Most of the people in the manor had been dismissed or sold.

Only a single deaf and old eunuch was left behind to take care of Xiao Jing’s daily diet.

The exterior peripherals of the manor were heavily guarded so that even a fly would find it difficult to enter.

Everyone knew that Xiao Jing would be trapped here for a lifetime and die within these walls.

Close to midnight, a figure suddenly flashed across the dry well in the backyard.

A person jumped out, then immediately leaned over and pulled another person up.

The last man that came up from the well was rather chunky.

He had thick eyebrows and thin eyes, but he was an imposing figure.

After coming up from the well, he brushed his sleeves, looked around, and headed towards the bedroom.

The man who pulled him up guarded his side, watching out for any movement around them.

The doors of the bedroom were half-open, and upon entering, the strong odor of alcohol filled the air.

The man frowned, sneered from the corner of his mouth, and continued towards the inner room.

A dim palace lamp was lit in the corner, and a disheveled man sitting on a low couch in the inner room was vaguely visible.

His clothes were spread out all over the couch and strewn across the room.

He was heavily surrounded by the stench of alcohol, five to six empty wine jars scattered beside him.

He looked really pathetic.

“Your Highness, Prince Zhao!” the man entered and paid his deepest respects.

He shouted for the man twice, but the man who was drunk on the couch remained motionless.

The person next to him walked over, picking up the pot of cooled tea on a small table, and splashed it on Xiao Jing’s face.

“Huh?” Xiao Jing suddenly started, sitting up and turning around.

He saw that someone was in the room.

In a moment, he woke up and asked, “Who are you?” The man sat on the wooden chair opposite the low couch smiled.

“It’s a pity that Prince Zhao looks like this right now!” Xiao Jing leaned on the soft couch, bent his legs, and adopted a casual posture.

He no longer had the noble posture of a former prince.

He yawned and asked, “What is the matter, hurry up and say it.

I want to sleep!” “The knife is already at your neck, yet Prince Zhao still able to sleep?” the man said as he gave a low smile.

Xiao Jing’s disheveled hair fell to the ground and his eyes were gloomy.

“What do you mean?” “Emperor Xiao has yet to order Prince Zhao to be killed.

First, it is because the Emperor Emeritus is still alive.

It is the will of the Emperor Emeritus for you to live.

Second, it is because Emperor Xiao has just ascended the throne.

If he kills Prince Zhao now, he will inevitably gain the vicious reputation of killing his own blood and kin.

However, Emperor Xiao is merely bidding his time and sharpening his knife.

When the time comes, he will certainly lower the knife on your head without mercy.

” Xiao Jing straightened his body slightly.

“Who the hell are you?” “I am, Lord Ruiyang of Jinli Country, and the strategist of my manor,” the man said quietly.

Xiao Jing suddenly squinted his eyes.

To think that the man in front of him was from Jinli country.

Jinli Country and Daliang Country were only separated by the East China Sea.

It can be said that they were neighboring countries, but the strength of their country was not as good as that of Daliang’s.

They sent people to pay tribute to the Daliang courts every year.

As for what Jinli Country was like, Xiao Jing had some understanding of the place.

Jinli Country had also experienced a significant leadership change on the palace throne.

Lately, the current emperor of Jinli Country had taken the throne albeit with the support of Lord Ruiyang.

Now, twenty-three years on the throne, the emperor only had one son and one daughter.

In addition, the Crown Prince was weak and sick with many illnesses.

Their royal family was gradually declining.

Although Princess Shu Yan was highly competent and had been highly proficient in everything she did since she was a child, her mere presence was unable to pull the palace out of its pathetic state.

Under such circumstances with the support of the Emperor, Lord Ruiyang gradually became stronger and returned to his former glory.

However, it would always be problematic raising a tiger.

When such a person’s power increased, his ambition would also expand.

Lord Ruiyang was now in charge of Jinli Country’s more than three hundred thousand elite soldiers.

In his country’s royal courts, he was already seen as the leader of many.

He had many private business dealings and held strong control over decision-making in the courts.

His desire for power had long been well-known.

Therefore, for Lord Ruiyang to come and find him, seemingly out of the blue, Xiao Jing was a little puzzled.

“So, you are Lord Ruiyang.

For the Lord to personally come and speak with me, I wonder what you could be here for?” Xiao Jing asked quietly.

“I naturally want to cooperate with Prince Zhao and help you get what you want,” The man replied.

“What do I want?” Xiao Jing asked without much thought.

“The throne of Daliang Country,” the man said, uttering each word slowly.

Xiao Jing suddenly clenched his palms tightly.

“Lord Ruiyang will help me get the throne?” It did not sound credible at all.

Lord Ruiyang himself did not ascend the throne of Jinli Country.

Could he really help him ascend to the throne? Could his power and authority reach Daliang Country? “If you don’t try, how would you know that it’s impossible?” The man’s tone was confident as he spoke these words.

“So, what do you want me to do?” Xiao Jing asked.

“When Prince Zhao becomes the Emperor of Daliang Country, Lord Ruiyang wants Prince Zhao to give Wushan Isle, the island between our two countries, to me,” the man said slowly.

Xiao Jing frowned.

“Wushan Isle? That belongs to Ji Manor!” “Yes, therefore, I hope that after Prince Zhao takes the throne, the first thing you will do is to eradicate Ji Manor.

Maybe people on the sidelines will not be able to do this, but the Emperor of Daliang Country certainly can!” Xiao Jing pondered this and considered the intruder’s proposal.

“Well, my lord overestimates me! I am now nothing but a useless man!” “No! A prince is never a useless man.

The prince has experience planning and strategizing.

You have privately recruited soldiers and horses, trained an army, and recruited many talented men.

In addition, as far as I know, although you lost the throne for now, the forces controlled by you and are still in your hands have not been revealed.

You drink every day, merely to fool Emperor Xiao, aren’t I right? In fact, you are simply bidding your time and waiting for an opportunity,” the man said slowly.

Xiao Jing’s drunken eyes flashed with excitement at this time.

He looked coldly at the person sitting opposite him.

“It seems that Lord Ruiyang has investigated me well.

” “Since we have to cooperate, we can only be honest with one another if we truly understand one another.

” The man smiled lightly.

“Truly understand one another? However, I know nothing about Lord Ruiyang!” “As long as Prince Zhao gets what you want, nothing else matters!” Prince Zhao’s eyes flickered, and he hesitated for a moment.

Secretly, he did have a force that could support his rise.

However, he also knew that if he was exposed right now, going against Xiao Lie would be like hitting a stone with an egg.

He would most certainly be sending himself to his death.

Therefore, he was waiting.

Nevertheless, he was not sure if he would ever have such an opportunity again.

Now, at this time, Lord Ruiyang suddenly appeared in from of him.

Could this be his opportunity? “Prince Zhao need not have any further doubts.

Your secret force is not enough to go against Emperor Xiao.

However, Emperor Xiao’s murderous intentions towards you are getting stronger by the day.

Whether or not you get a chance to rebel against him is a strict unknown.

” The man seems to be a worm in Xiao Jing’s stomach, able to know all the thoughts that were in his mind.

“Rather than sit here on your couch awaiting death, why not cooperate with us? Take this chance to revive and become a person of worth!” Xiao Jing nodded slowly.

“Okay, I will cooperate with you.

What do you want me to do?” “I cannot stay here for long.

It’s good enough that I can reach a consensus with Prince Zhao today.

What you need to do specifically, sometime from now, someone will come and notify you.

” The man finished his words and then immediately got up.

“Let’s go!” “Leave at your own pace! I won’t send you out.

” Prince Zhao chuckled, a smile growing on his face.

The man walked out of the room, and his guard by the door immediately followed him.

The two walked towards the backyard and soon, they quickly disappeared into the dry well.

Xiao Jing looked at the moonlight outside the window.

A sneer slowly formed at the corners of his mouth.

Seven days later, Su Jiu and Ji Yuxian, along with everyone else on the ship, returned to Shengjing City.

Several members of the Dragon Conqueror Gang and even Eldest Mistress received news of their arrival.

Early in the morning, they waited at Ten Mile Pavilion outside the city for them to arrive.

It was only at noon that they finally saw a carriage slowly approaching.

Everyone immediately stood up.

After almost a month, Su Jiu had finally returned! Eldest Mistress had a look of anticipation and nervousness across her eyes.

She had been expecting Su Jiu and Ji Yuxian to come back as soon as possible, but at the same time, worried that Ji Yuxian’s poison problem was not yet solved.

She had been putting herself through these agonizing thoughts every day.

Finally, they were back.

The carriage approached and slowly came to a halt.

Su Jiu got down first and walked towards Eldest Mistress.

She smiled and said, “My dear mother, I’m back!” Eldest Mistress hugged her excitedly.

“It’s good that you are back!” “Chief!” “Chief!” Ah Shu, Hu Dapao, and Master An looked at Su Jiu with earnest eyes.

“How are all of you?” Su Jiu smiled.

“All good, all good!” Ah Shu and the others smiled.

Ji Yuxian also came down from the carriage, and politely said, “Greetings to my Mother-in-law!” Eldest Mistress quickly looked at Ji Yuxian.

She saw that he was as per his usual self and felt at ease.

She happily nodded and said, “Good!” The people of the Dragon Conqueror Gang paid their respects to Ji Yuxian as well, then got into their respective carriages and headed for the city gate.

In the carriage behind, Yan Shu looked at Hu Dapao and Master An, who were of high social prestige, but nevertheless behaved respectfully towards Su Jiu.

He could not help but frown slightly, and whispered, “This Su Jiu is really not as simple as she looks.

” Wu Yi sat in the carriage and said softly, “I have found out all the details about her.

” “Oh? Who is she?” Yan Shu asked, looking back at him.

“A new gang leader that came into prominence over the past two years.

Although she was from the martial arts world before, two of her men have now become officials in the central government.

One is a civil servant, and the other is a military commander.

In addition, much of the highly desired commercial businesses are run by them.

The Dragon Conqueror Gang.

” Yan Shu was a little surprised, though still somewhat excited about her opponent.

“Was it Ji Manor who helped them?” “No.

” Wu Yi’s long fingers pinched his white porcelain teacup as he took a sip of tea.

“However, Ji Yuxian really helped her a lot of other matters.

” “It seems like we should act cautiously.

What are your plans?” Wu Yi’s eyes swept across the prosperous scenery outside the window and said, “I will share that with you after I enter Shengjing City!”