Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 213

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 213

Chapter 213: How Very Much Does She Love Him The tribe was nestled in the forest.

In the morning, a thousand birds’ chirping rose and fell, weaving into a pleasing symphony.

The waves lapped up against the rocks.

The rolling tides brushed against her body, soft like a dream.

A comforting soreness rose within her body, spreading on her skin like waves, bringing along a bewitching, tingling sensation.

With a faint moan, Su Jiu woke up with a start.

She reached out a finger to brush aside the long black hair cascading down the side of the man’s body.

Her eyes were half-open, as if still in a lingering dream.

Her entire being was craving for the joy he was bringing to her.

The girl’s skin was fair and smooth throughout her body.

Her thin waist arched like a willow branch.

After the coupling, her eyes were still oozing desire, accentuating her bewitching beauty.

Her body was half-concealed by her long black hair.

Her gracefulness was further refined by an aura of elegant seduction.

The man’s mouth was half-open, as if peach flowers were blossoming within.

He appeared to be fully satisfied, his warm and moist lips casting downward.

Panting faintly, Su Jiu leaned on his chest.

She opened her mouth and bit him, playfully complaining about his courting this early in the morning.

Ji Yuxian gently pinched her chin and kissed her.

“Are you still hungry?” His voice was low and husky.

Su Jiu cast him a lazy glance, then closed her eyes again.

Ji Yuxian lifted her up and carried her towards the bath.

“It’s almost noon.

Put on your clothes and we’ll go have some food.

” Was it already noon? .



Leaning against the man’s shoulder, Su Jiu peeked out of the window.

The sun was indeed shining brightly.

“You don’t want to?” she asked softly.

She could feel his body tightening, like a sword about to burst out of its scabbard.

Ji Yuxian leaned his head sideways to kiss her again.

“We got a bit carried away last night.

I’ll let you get some rest now.

We’ll resume tonight.

” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Su Jiu smiled shyly and wrapped an arm around his neck.

After washing up, the two went downstairs, and immediately saw Old Gu and Shangguan Yunkun sitting at table.

Jin Feng was leaning against the door, casually holding his sword, enjoying the sun.

Before Su Jiu could say anything, Old Gu hurriedly stood up and spread an amicable smile.

“The girl is awake.

Hurry up.

I had someone prepare you a bowl of black chicken and red date broth.

It’s very nutritious and good for your blood flow!” “What’s wrong with my blood flow?” Su Jiu smirked.

She knew Old Gu was kissing up to her, to make up for having deceived her on the billing.

Sitting aside, Shangguan Yunkun couldn’t help but chuckle.

“A woman needs to take good care of her blood flow.

It’s good for you.

And good for him, too,” Old Gu smiled knowingly.

Su Jiu couldn’t shake off the feeling that the old man was up to no good.

Meanwhile, Shangguan Yunkun was laughing out of breath, about to keel over.

Ji Yuxian shot Shangguan Yunkun a look, then dragged Su Jiu to sit down at the table, sniffed the chicken broth and put the bowl before her.

“It smells quite good.

Have a taste.

” Su Jiu cast the broth a doubtful glance.

Since Ji Yuxian was also urging her to drink it, she took the bowl and took a few sips.

Shangguan Yunkun sidled up to Ji Yuxian.

“It appears not only shouldn’t you blame me, you ought to thank me,” he lowered his voice.

“Should I show my appreciation by giving you all my business in the north?” Ji Yuxian said with a sarcastic grin.

Shangguan Yunkun’s face turned stern.

“If you do that, you’ll lose me as a friend, Eldest Young Master.

” “Are we friends?”asked Ji Yuxian.

Shangguan Yunkun fell speechless.

The table was blanketed with delicious dishes, awaiting Su Jiu and Ji Yuxian to enjoy their meal.

Jin Feng also walked over.

They all sat down to eat.

Ji Yuxian ate slowly, while Su Jiu devoured the food with urgency.

Ji Yuxian helped her remove the fish bones and fill her bowl with vegetables, serving her with tenderness and care.

Su Jiu picked up a few pieces of meat and bamboo shoot and placed them onto the plate before Ji Yuxian.

“Go ahead and eat.

No need to serve me.

” “As a husband, I enjoy watching my wife eat her meal,” the man squinted his eyes and smiled alluringly.

Her heart melting, Su Jiu reached out her chopsticks and lifted a piece of fish to the corner of Ji Yuxian’s lips.

“Open your mouth.

” The man parted his lips and bit on the fish, gazing longingly at the girl.

The other three men lowered their heads, pretending not to see.

Irked by jealousy, Shangguan Yunkun regretted not having brought Jinming along.

“I won’t sleep here tonight,” he said after a faint cough.

“I’ll move to the house next door.

” “I’ll do the same,” Old Gu instantly echoed.

“Why don’t you also come with us,” Shangguan Yunkun looked over at Jin Feng.

“I’m all right where I am,” Jin Feng answered with his mouth full, devouring his bowl of rice.

Su Jiu turned her head and studied them doubtfully.

“Why are you all moving out?” “This building is made of wood, you know that,” Shangguan Yunkun leaned over to explain patiently.

“Once it starts shaking upstairs, the whole structure follows.

I couldn’t sleep last night with all that shaking.

Figure it’ll only get worse tonight.

” Jin Feng turned away and barely stifled a laugh, almost gagging on the food.

He hurriedly lowered his head, not daring to meet Ji Yuxian’s gaze.

Su Jiu understood their insinuation.

She was by no means a shy girl, yet her cheeks still reddened.

Ji Yuxian put his chopsticks down on the table.

“Should I build you a house by the ocean then?” “Come again?” Shangguang Yunkun looked dumbfounded, not getting his drift.

“Find a cage and put Young Master Shangguan inside,” Ji Yuxian turned to Jin Feng.

“Let him sleep in the ocean today.

” Sleeping in the ocean? In a cage? Shangguan Yunkun finally understood him.

“No, no,” he laughed.

“It’s my fault.

Forgive my insolence, ma’am.

” Su Jiu ripped off a chicken leg and stuffed it in his mouth.

“Shut up and eat,” she laughed.

Sitting aside, Old Gu tried hard not to laugh and put a pieced of braised meat in Jin Feng’s bowl.

“Stop laughing and eat!” Jin Feng kept quiet, finding Old Gu’s over-eagerness distasteful.

After the meal, Old Gu checked Ji Yuxian’s pulse.

With the vigorous physical activities of the night before, the doctor worried about the poison acting up in the young master’s body.

With each new attack, the poison would get more life-threatening.

Knitting a frown, Old Gu placed his fingers on Ji Yuxian’s wrist for a long while.

“This can’t be right.

Usually, with sexual activities, the poison would be triggered.

But your pulse now is actually more stable than yesterday.

” Ji Yuxian pondered briefly.

“I stay in the same room with my wife,” he lifted his eyebrows.

“Will the poison infect her also?” “No,” Old Gu shook his head.

“The poison is dormant.

Though on the verge of acting up, it is not at all contagious.

At least for now.

” Ji Yuxian was relieved.

“I understand now,” Old Gu moved his hand away and smiled half-jokingly.

“The girl is your poison and your medicine.

Keep your spirit high and feel your heart with joy, the poison will in fact spread slower.

” “Thank you, Doctor Gu,” Ji Yuxian nodded briefly.

No matter what, a stable condition was a good thing.

The tribal chief came to see Ji Yuxian after the meal to discuss some official business.

The two entered the study.

“This is Young Mistress’s first visit to the island,” said Shangguan Yunkun.

“I’ll take you to the seashore.

If we’re lucky, we may see a fishing boat returning.

” “Great!” Su Jiu was naturally pleased.

“Take me with you!” Old Gu proposed.

He was utterly bored anyway.

So the three brought several buckets and wooden tridents with them and headed for the seashore to catch some fish.

When they had arrived last night, it had been dark already.

Only now did Su Jiu get to see the island’s sceneries.

Rolling hills covered the northern end of the island, occupying a large portion of Wushan Isle.

The forest to the south served as the living quarters of the tribesmen.

The entire island was canopied by dense foliage.

All the trees had thick trunks and wide leaves.

Upon squeezing a leaf, a milky white liquid oozed out, exuding an orchid-like fragrance.

Shangguan Yunkun told Su Jiu that the leaves tasted salty and bitter.

They were also slightly poisonous.

The residents here made an ointment out of the milky liquid, which effectively helped them repel snakes and insects.

In a place like this one, snakes and insects could be a worrisome problem.

Su Jiu marveled at nature’s wonderment.

Wherever there is a poison, its antidote always grows nearby.

As they walked on, they saw more and more villagers.

Most of them were women and children, with very few men in their midst.

Shangguan Yunkun explained that most of the men in the tribe were either working in the mine or out fishing in the ocean.

Su Jiu nodded, as her query was answered.

The three headed in the southeast direction.

Before long they could smell the ocean and hear the crashing waves, as they approached the seashore.

Once out of the forest, the landscape opened up.

Beyond the beach, the ocean sprawled boundlessly, its clear, achingly blue water glistening in the sun.

The waves lapped up against the rocks.

A stream meandered through the rocks’ crevices, with schools of small fish swimming within.

Su Jiu removed yesterday’s dress and changed into the most common clothes for the women on the island.

A light-blue sackcloth top, with the patterns of waves and flowers embroidered on the cuffs.

A pair of loose bodice trousers, plus water-proof straw shoes.

The clothes were simple and coarse, yet they accentuated the girl’s wild and easy-going charm.

Su Jiu rolled up her trousers and treaded into the water.

“Bring me a bucket, Shangguan,” she exclaimed excitedly.

“There are so many fish here!” Old Gu lied down on a piece of rock to enjoy the sun.

“Surely you haven’t been out in nature much,” he said sardonically upon hearing the girl, “getting all excited just seeing some fish.

” Shangguan Yunkun rushed over with a bucket.

“Where are the fish?” “Here!” Su Jiu caught a fish and lifted it up.

It was thinner and shorter than her finger.

Shangguan Yunkun fell speechless.

“Do you plan to stew it or roast it, Young Mistress?” he asked, a bit dispirited.

Su Jiu studied the fish, then tossed it back into the water.

“Wait, I’ll catch a big one!” The two started a contest to see who could catch more fish.

Old Gu served as the referee.

The old doctor was happy to take on such an easy task.

He demanded the two to give him the biggest fish they caught.

With her trousers and sleeves rolled up, holding the bucket in one hand and a trident in the other, Su Jiu waded into the deeper parts of the ocean.

Soon she caught two tails of big fish.

Even more excited, she rushed around to chase after all the fish, gradually separating from Shangguan Yunkun.

Veering around a rocky beach, she heard women’s laughter.

She lifted her head and saw several tribal women washing their clothes on the beach.

The women stood in groups of three of five, all with their trousers rolled up and their feet bare.

They chatted and laughed boisterously as they kept on doing their laundry.

One of the women looked over at Su Jiu and their gazes met.

It was none other than Yun Zhu, the girl who had danced the night before.

Yun Zhu whispered to her companions, then walked over to Su Jiu.

“Are you trying to catch some fish?” she asked with a gentle smile.

The girl was wearing a flowing long dress.

Her hair was tied up into a bun.

Her eyes were big and her lashes were long and curly.

Her pouting lips were full and moist.

The skin all over her body was tanned, exuding an exotic charm.

Su Jiu had only met the girl briefly the night before.

They didn’t know each other well, but they were no enemies, either.

“Yes,” Su Jiu replied, reciprocating the girl’s politeness.

“You came from Daliang to serve our Island Master, am I right?” Yuzhu asked again with a smile, her big eyes glimmering an innocent light.

“Yes,” answered Su Jiu with a nod.

She was serving Ji Yuxian, who apparently was referred to as the Island Master by the locals.

“I’ve never seen a huaxi as beautiful as you,” Yun Zhu exclaimed, her eyes glistening brighter.

Huaxi? Su Jiu frowned, not comprehending.

The young girl picked up a fish from Su Jiu’s bucket, then retrieved some dye from a pocket to paint the fish with a myriad of colors.

She pierced a thread through the fish and handed it back to Su Jiu.

“Welcome to Wushan Isle.

The pattern I drew on the fish shall bring you good luck.

If you hang the fish outside your door at night, the sea god will surely bless you.

” Gaping at the colorful fish, Su Jiu was hesitant to take it.

The other women looked over at her.

They whispered and giggled amongst themselves, awaiting Su Jiu’s response.

Sensing something awry, Su Jiu kept a blank face and turned to look for Shangguan Yunkun.

“Take the fish,” Yun Zhu shoved the fish closer to her.

Suddenly, a pebble shot over and knocked aside Yun Zhu’s hand.

The girl screamed.

The fish dropped down into the water, struggling, the dye on its body smearing.

Clutching her red and swollen wrist, Yun Zhu spun around and stared at the man standing a distance away.

“What are you doing, Mu Ya?” she asked coldly.

Mu Ya slowly walked over and shielded Su Jiu with his hefty torso, anger glimmering in his eyes.

“You’ve crossed the line, Yun Zhu!” “I was only joking with her,” Yun Zhu’s eyes flickered.

“You weren’t like this before,” Mu Ya said.

“How treacherous have you become!” “What do you mean treacherous?” Yun Zhu’s embarrassment turned into anger.

“I’m saying I was only joking.

Why do you have to make a big deal out of this? Do you like her or what? Is that why you’re protecting an outsider?” “What kind of nonsense are you babbling about?” Mu Ya’s face turned red.

“I know she is a huaxi,” Yun Zhu snickered, her eyes looking away from Mu Ya.

“I’m so disappointed in you.

How could I have liked you before?” She turned around to walk away.

Mu Ya glared at her departing figure in anger, his teeth gritting, his hands slowly clenching into fists.

“Hey,” Su Jiu called out after a long stretch of silence.

Mu Ya hurriedly turned back, anger again turning back into embarrassment.

“She never used to be like this,” he apologized, taking a step back.

“Please don’t mind her.

” “What is a huaxi?” Su Jiu asked.

“And what’s the big idea with this fish?” The fish painted with colorful dye lied still on the ground.


She meant nothing by it,” Mu Ya’s face reddened again and he quickly changed the subject.

“Are you here with the Island Master?” Still finding the whole incident disturbing, Su Jiu glanced over at the other women, who resumed their washing.

She could see Yun Zhu whispering to them and pointing over at Mu Ya, obviously disgruntled.

“Yes,” Su Jiu replied with a smile.

“Thank you for you did.

” “That won’t be necessary,” Mu Ya chuckled.

“You are our guest on the island.

We can’t do you any wrong.

” Su Jiu’s eyes turned slightly cold.

Couldn’t do her any wrong? So Yun Zhu was playing a practical joke on her.

Su Jiu looked down at a slingshot in Mu Ya’s hand.

It appeared to be homemade, yet impressively intricate.

“Can you give me a slingshot as a gift?” she smiled.

Mu Ya nodded and handed her the slingshot.

“I have plenty.

You can have this one for now.

I’ll make you a new one some other time.

” “This one will do.

Thanks,” Su Jiu kept on smiling.

Mu Ya couldn’t take his eyes off her face.

Blushing again, he hurried to turn away.

Su Jiu put away the slingshot, grabbed the bucket, and headed back to look for Shangguan Yunkun.

Shangguan Yunkun was drying all the fish he had caught on the beach.

The fish were spread out in order according to their sizes.

All the fish kept tumbling, struggling up a storm.

As Su Jiu approached, Shangguan Yunkun immediately took her bucket.

“Let me see how many you have caught!” Upon seeing the fish in the bucket, he burst out laughing.

“Only two fish.

You lost, for sure!” “So I lost,” Su Jiu chuckled.

“But we never decided a wager on the bet.

” Shangguan Yunkun’s smile stiffened.

How could he have forgotten to specify the wager? Lying on the rock, Old Gu was amused to no end.

“What does ‘huaxi’ mean, Shangguan?” Su Jiu asked, sitting down on a rock with her legs folded.

“And what does it mean to paint colorful patterns on a fish?” “Where did you hear about that?” Shangguan Yunku’s smile dissipated.

“Tell me what it means first,” Su Jiu insisted.

Shangguan Yunkun sat down on a rock and tossed a pebble across the water surface.

“In this place, a huaxi refers to a prostitute, someone who would sleep with any man,” he answered in a blank voice.

“A long time ago, when the island wasn’t yet the property of the Ji family, they had some despicable customs here.

When a woman did something bad, her punishment was to be a huaxi.

And they would hang a colorful fish outside her door, which means any man could go into her room.

” Before Shangguan Yunkun could finish, Su Jiu’s face dropped.

She rose onto her feet in shuddering anger.

“Did someone play a trick on you?” Old Gu peeked over and asked.

“The one who tried to seduce Ji Yuxian in the banquet last night,” Su Jiu answered coldly.

She spun around and again walked in the direction she had come from, toward where the women had been washing clothes.

She didn’t mind some other girl liking Ji Yuxian in her absence.

After all, everyone had the right to like whoever they wanted.

But that girl had tried to seduced Ji Yuxian in her presence.

And just now she had tried to set Su Jiu up, using despicable tricks.

Su Jiu was determined to show her the serious consequences of such ill-advised seduction, as well as the demeaning practical joke.

“I’ll go with you,” Shangguan Yunkun’s face also turned frosty.

“Take this goodie with you, girl,” Old Gu tossed over a small porcelain bottle.

Su Jiu caught the bottle with one hand.

“What is it?” she asked.

“A gift from me,” Old Gu spread a mischievous grin.

“It will surprise you.

” “All this time I’ve known you,” Su Jiu stifled a laugh.

“You’re most lovely right now, Old Gu.

” Old Gu was at a loss for words.

“I’ll stew you some fish when I get back,” Su Jiu smirked and put away the small bottle.

Together with Shangguan Yunkun, she strode toward the beach.

When they reached the beach, several women who had finished their washing were heading into the forest.

In the ocean, a fishing boat was moving ashore.

Over ten men hopped out of the boat and pulled it to the shoreline with long ropes.

Su Jiu dashed into the forest to chase after the women, but Shangguan Yunkun abruptly stopped her.

With a wooden stick, he pried into a crevice in the rocks and pulled out a water snake.

“Let us bring Yun Zhu a gift, shall we?” he chuckled heartily.

“Great,” Su Jiu smiled naughtily.

They had frequently quarreled with each other.

But nothing united them better than a common foe.

… Carrying wooden buckets, Yun Zhun and several other tribal women were headed for the village, chatting and laughing on the way.

Pleased with herself, Yun Zhu was telling the companions her practical joke on Su Jiu.

“She thinks she is a big shot, just because she came from Daliang.

But she is in fact only the Island Master’s servant girl.

Only a shameless maid would seduce her master!” “If she found out the meaning of the colorful fish, she might even like it!” The other girls covered their mouths and giggled, their faces reddening.

A teenage girl, who looked no older than fourteen, knitted a frown.

” You were disrespectful to a guest to our island, Yun Zhu.

Isn’t it a bit inappropriate?” And an honored guest of the Island Master to boot.

“You feel bad for her?” Yun Zhu cast the girl a look and sneered.

“Go tell her yourself then!” “Why have you become so mean, Yun Zhu?” The teenage girl was petit, yet she exuded an air of fearlessness and righteousness.

“I’m mean?” Yun Zhu’s face dropped.

She raised a hand and slapped the girl across her face.

“How dare you siding with an outsider? Don’t you forget you’re a member of the Yun family! How dare you scold me on behalf of an outsider!” All the other women yelped in horror.

All of them gaped at Yun Zhu, but no one dared to step forward to help the teenage girl up from the ground.

Yun Zhu’s father was one of the tribal leaders.

Many of the men in the tribe liked the girl.

All the women also obeyed her.

No one had ever confronted her in any way.

One of Yun Zhu’s friends sidled up and gingerly pulled on her clothes.

“Guo Mei is only a little girl, Yun Zhu.

She knows nothing.

No need to get upset.

” Guo Mei, the teenage girl, cupped her swollen cheek with one hand and glared stubbornly at Yun Zhu.

“Let’s see if you ever dare to offend me again!” Yun Zhu snickered, turned around and continued down the trail.

The other women looked at Guo Mei sympathetically, then proceeded to follow Yun Zhu.

Just then, a shadow flashed across and Su Jiu appeared before them on the trail.

Yun Zhu halted her steps abruptly.

Staring at Su Jiu for a moment, she resumed a nonchalant expression and waited as Su Jiu walked closer.

She had quite a few companions.

No need to fear Su Jiu in any way.

Smiling amicably, Su Jiu approached the girl.

“You mentioned ‘huaxi’ before.

Now I know what it means, Yun Zhu.

” “I was only joking,” Yun Zhu forced a smile.

“Don’t take it to heart.

” “Joking, eh?” Su Jiu’s lips twisted into an ambiguous curve.

“In that case, I would like to joke with you, too, Yun Zhu.

Hope you won’t take it to heart, either.

” Soon as she finished talking, Su Jiu tossed an object into Yun Zhu’s collars.

Yun Zhu reeled back and shoved her hand inside the collars in panic.

“What did you put in there?” “Nothing,” Su Jiu chuckled and pointed up at a tree.

“He has a gift for you!” Yun Zhu reflexively looked up.

A white shadow flashed across, as a water snake suddenly descended from the tree branches and fell straight into her half-open robe.

“A water snake!” One of the women shrieked.

“No!” Yun Zhu screamed in utter horror.

Her face contorting.

Her arms flailing wildly.

The water snake zoomed inside of her clothes and squirmed all over the place.

The cold, wet touch on her bare skin was nauseating.

“Help me! Help me,” Yun Zhu grabbed onto a village girl beside her.

“Help me get it out!” Also fearful of snakes, the village girl pulled away from her and hopped aside.

Yun Zhu fell onto the ground and rolled around in panic.

“Take it out! Quickly!” she screamed.

One of the women was slightly bolder.

She hurried over and reached a hand inside of Yun Zhu’s robe to search for the snake.

Yun Zhu was ghastly pale.

She trembled uncontrollably and screamed intelligibly.

The woman couldn’t find the snake.

Yun Zhu scrambled to remove her robe and tossed it aside.

The water snake thudded on the ground.

Sitting in the tree branches, Shangguan Yunkun gazed down at Yun Zhu, who now had on only her undergarment.

He turned away and covered his eyes with one hand.

The snake was chased away.

Yun Zhu sat on the ground, startled, dumbfounded.

Before she could regain her composure, a strange sensation spread all over her body.

All the body parts that had come into contact with the snake began to ache, as if being burnt by a torch.

The sensation was quickly becoming unbearable.

“It hurts! It really hurts!” Wearing only her undergarment, Yun Zhu rolled around incessantly.

“What’s wrong, Yun Zhu?” “Yun Zhu?” All the other women hurried over to press her down.

Yun Zhu’s skin was turning red, feeling like being scorched by fierce flames.

“Water,” she shrieked in agony.

“Give me water!” Utterly stunned, the other women didn’t know what to do.

“Water!” Yun Zhu hollered again, then leaped up and ran toward the ocean.

One of the women turned around and shot Su Jiu an angry look.

“What did you do to Yun Zhu?” “I don’t think this is the time to interrogate me,” Su Jiu snickered.

“You’d better go make sure Yun Zhu doesn’t drown herself!” The women jolted and chased after Yun Zhu, calling her name loudly.

Su Jiu looked up at Shangguan Yunkun in the branches, then chased after the women.

Yun Zhu reached the seashore.

The burning sensation on her skin was becoming intolerable.

Her shoulders and legs exposed, the girl scrambled ahead and jumped into the ocean.

At the shore, the fishermen were unloading their catches from the boat.

Seeing a half-naked woman screaming and running over, their eyes all bulged wide.

With a cold smirk, Su Jiu took out the slingshot and aimed at the girl.

A pebble shot out and hit the undergarment’s thin strap around Yun Zhu’s neck with great precision, without even grazing her skin.

The strap snapped and the undergarment fell to the ground.

Yun Zhu didn’t even notice.

All she could see was the boundless blue ocean before her.

The fishermen on the shore gaped at her in awe.

Their eyes penduluming with her bobbing body parts.

Their torsos tensing up and their heads turning dizzy.

Yun Zhu reached the shore and jumped into the ocean.

Just then, a fisherman happened to be hopping into the water from the boat.

The two of them collided and dropped into the ocean together.

His arms also bared, the fisherman was entangled with Yun Zhu.

The two tumbled, splashing water all over, seemingly engaged in some intimate act.

Everyone gawked at them.

All jaws dropped.

“Isn’t it… Yun Zhu?” One of the fishermen asked hesitantly after a long while.

Yun Zhu was the most beautiful woman in the tribe, and she was well-known for being an ice queen.

All the young men in the tribe only dared to admire her from afar.

But at this moment, all of them saw a golden opportunity, and all of them jumped into the ocean to help her up onto her feet.

“What happened, Yun Zhu?” “Are you all right, Yun Zhu?” “Were you drowning, Yun Zhu?” More than a dozen men circled Yun Zhu and the fisherman, who were still entangled in the water.

All eyes locked on them unblinkingly.

Su Jiu had sprinkled Old Gu medicinal powder onto the water snake.

With the powder having mostly been washed off by seawater, Yun Zhu felt the burning pain gradually subsiding.

She lied stiffly in the water, slowly coming back to her senses.

Upon opening her eyes, she saw a slew of men’s heads circling her.

Moving her hands up, she was shocked to realize she was naked.

She opened her mouth wide and screamed in horror.

Her shrill voice echoed into the sky.

Startled by her shriek, all the other women hurried over and shoved the fishermen aside.

“Don’t look! Close your eyes! Quickly!” “Move away, you despicable men!” “Keep this whole incident a secret.

Or Yun Zhu will skin you all!” … The fisherman entangled with Yun Zhun scrambled back onto his feet.

Under his companions’ envious gazes, he walked away with them, still blushing and savoring the episode.

Someone brought over Yun Zhu’s clothes, hurriedly covered her body and helped her out of the water.

Soaking wet from head to toes, her hair a total mess and her strength depleted, an utterly embarrassed Yun Zhu had to lean on the other women to stay upright.

On the shore, Su Jiu stood motionlessly.

“Thank you for your demonstration, Yun Zhu,” she grinned.

“Thank you for showing me what a huaxi is like.

” Yun Zhu shuddered and glared over at Su Jiu, her eyes beaming venomous hatred.

All the other women didn’t dare to make a peep, intimidated by the girl’s glacial viciousness.

Su Jiu cast Yun Zhu another glance and proceeded to walk away.

When she got back to where Old Gu was sunbathing, Shangguan Yunkun had also returned.

Seeing Su Jiu, the man burst out laughing.

“I won’t dare to offend you ever,” he couldn’t stop laughing.

“Never ever!” “Of course you won’t,” Su Jiu arched an eyebrow.

“Or I’ll go to Jinming when I return to Shenjing City.

I’ll tell her you looked at another naked woman.

” Shangguan Yunkun stopped laughing and his face dropped.

“Considering I just helped you, how ungrateful you are!” “That’s right,” Su Jiu kept on chuckling.

“All the more reasons not to offend me ever.

” “Now I feel sympathy for Ji Yuxian,” Shangguan Yunkun sighed, shaking his head.

“Sympathy my foot!” Old Gu also chuckled.

“Eldest Young Master gets his share of meat at night.

Do you?” Shangguan Yunkun fell speechless.

Squinting her eyes, Su Jiu lifted a foot and splashed water onto Old Gu.

“Keep talking nonsense, I’ll finish you off, too,” she scolded him.

“The girl is out of control!” Old Gu grumbled.

Su Jiu picked up a bucket and shoved it at the old man.

“Go pick up all the fish, if you want to have dinner!” “I’m an honorable physician,” Old Gu refused to take the bucket.

“Why do I have to follow your orders?” “You ought to oblige, my good doctor,” Shangguan Yunkun coughed dryly.

“To tell you the truth, Eldest Young Master already gave this island to her.

Young Mistress is now the genuine Island Master!” Old Gu gaped at him in astonishment.

Ji Yuxian was spoiling the girl way too much.

He even gave her all that he owned as a gift! “Content to follow my orders now, are you?” Su Jiu chuckled.

“In order not to starve myself,” Old Gu grunted and picked up the bucket.

“The honorable doctor shall oblige.

” Laughing out loud, Shangguan Yunkun also picked up a bucket and joined him in picking up the fish.

The sun was setting.

Fiery red clouds dotted the horizon where the sky and the ocean met.

The seawater glittered a crimson radiance, weaving a magnificent spectacle.

Shangguan Yunkun and Old Gu were busy picking up the fish, while Su Jiu headed behind the bank of rocks to wash herself.

Her clothes were drying, caked with a layer of sand.

There was also sand in her shoes, making it unbearable to walk.

The rocky beach was covered by shallow water.

A slew of big rocks jutted, each taller than a person.

The crevices between the rocks were filled with gravels.

The knee-deep seawater was immaculately clear, still comfortably warm from the sun’s amber glow.

Reaching behind a big rock, Su Jiu removed her shoes and stood barefoot in the water.

She proceeded to wash the sand out of the shoes.

Schools of small fish roamed around and brushed against her feet, gently tickling her, releasing all of her tension.

The rock surface was also warm.

Su Jiu lied down on the rock and kicked her feet in the seawater.

She intended to stay here until Shangguan Yunkun called for her.

She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sun’s afterglow on her face.

The tides rhythmically surged up to her waist, then gently retreated.

The waves were soft and soothing.

Even the most ferocious tides seemed to have turned gentle once they reached this peaceful island.

What a joy it would be to sleep here and listen to the gentle waves all night long.

A content smile curling her lips, Su Jiu kept her eyes shut and began to hum one of the folk tunes she had learned back in Yuhu Mountain.

The mountain.

The ocean.

Both places were equally alluring.

Suddenly, someone grabbed onto her feet.

Su Jiu reeled back reflexively, but the pair of hands held her feet even tighter.

She opened her eyes and was instantly engulfed by the passionate gaze of a handsome man.

In the setting sun’s dimming glow, the man’s red robe spread out in the water.

It looked like a blossoming lotus flower, fluttering like burning flames, even more enchanting than the amber clouds in the sky.

He half-knelt in the water, held onto Su Jiu’s feet and leaned over to kiss her fair skin.

A faint grin curling the corners of his mouth, the man was exuding a comforting aura of casual seduction.

The cascade of kisses gradually moved up to the girl’s rolled up trousers, burning hotter by the second.

Su Jiu pressed one hand on his shoulder.

“Where are Shangguan and Old Gu?” she asked in a husky voice.

Only a moment ago, she had heard the two men’s playful banter from the distance.

But as the night gradually fell, sheer silence came with it and only the crashing waves could now be heard.

“I told them to go back first,” Ji Yuxian answered softly.

He lifted Su Jiu, placed her onto a piece of flat rock, and kissed her eyes.

The tides continued to lap up, gently supporting Su Jiu’s body.

Their soothing sound transformed into a softly flowing stream, boring straight into the girl’s heart.

In the amber light, Ji Yuxian wrapped an arm around Su Jiu’s waist.

His eyes squinted and his tongue explored hers.

Again and again.

Their bodies gradually entwined, pressing closer to the ever-changing rhythm of the waves.

The moon gradually rose above the horizon.

The dividing line between the sky and the ocean was hopelessly blurred.

The waves glistened, reflecting numerous stars sparkling in the dark sky.

For a moment, it appeared the stars began to cascade down onto the beach, swirling around the two, twinkling in the girl’s inviting bright eyes.

Her eyelashes fluttering, Su Jiu could no longer contain her desire.

She felt her senses disappearing into the night breeze.

She wrapped both arms around the man and moaned softly.

The man’s passionate kisses moved down to the girl’s delicate chin and kept going lower, and lower.

Her robe gradually parted and slipped off her body.

The supple skin on her shoulders glimmered, sparkling a thousand water droplets.

Her whole presence became dizzyingly tempting and seductive.

As the man’s kisses moved even lower, Su Jiu suddenly came to her senses.

She jolted and pressed her hands forcefully on his shoulders.

“The things Old Gu said after having checked your pulse around noontime,” she heaved gently.

“Does it mean we are no longer allowed to…?” Worry and concern filled her picturesque, gorgeous eyes.

“Nonsense!” The man was conquered by passion, his eyes burning with desire, his hot breaths brushing against the girl’s skin.

“Nothing bad happened after last night.

Didn’t you hear the doctor? My condition is even more stable than before.

” Su Jiu was still gnawed by a sense of unease.

Things had really gotten carried away last night.

“Maybe… we ought to hold off for another couple of days.

” “Don’t push me away, babe,” Ji Yuxian panted, biting her earlobe.

“My condition will surely deteriorate if I can’t get satisfaction.

” He had been able to endure a great deal before last night.

But after last night, enduring any further would be worse than dying.

Much worse! His robe slowly slipped off his body.

Ji Yuxian’s lips and tongue reached the girl’s clavicle, then moved around to the back of her neck and gently bit the thin strap of her undergarment.

“Let’s do this when we get back, all right?” Su Jiu resisted for one last time.

“No one will come here!” The man’s voice turned huskier.

His kisses turned heavier, more and more out of breath.

“We’ll stay here.

The sky and the sea, Heaven and Earth, they shall be our witness.

They will watch how I take you!” Something in Su Jiu’s chest dislodged.

Something invisible yet burning hot.

In an instant, she felt all of her strengths vanishing without a trace.

A hollowness gradually spread all over her body, traveling down her limbs and torso, rendering her immovable.

She lied down on her back, giving in to the man’s courting.

The piece of rock under her had been washed smooth and flat by years of crashing waves.

The tides still retained the warmth of daytime, spreading across her body, drowning out her reasoning.

Another wave crashed onto them.

Su Jiu hugged the man tightly and buried her face in his chest.

She could feel his vigorous, pounding heartbeats.

Her kisses on his body were almost pious.

The night breeze whistled through the crevices between the rocks, sounding like someone’s weeping voice.

The voice sounded like a heartfelt declaration: how very much does she love him!