Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 212

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 212

Chapter 212: A Belated Consummation The next day, in the afternoon, Shangguan Yunkun entered the Chunhua Brothel, and headed straight into Jinming’s room on the third floor.

Ever since Prince Yu had been imprisoned for his attempt to assassinate Xiao Lie, Official Lyu knew that he had lost his power for good and returned to his hometown in Qingshan.

Chunhua Brothel had reopened their doors.

Because of the rumors surrounding the legendary incident with Young Master Lyu, many customers came to show their support and business was even brisker than before.

Inside the room, Jinming had just woken up from her afternoon nap, and was still alone in the study playing her zither.

The zither music that permeated the air was melodious, reminiscent of the sound of jades and pearls chiming.

Shangguan went behind her, and circled his arms around her waist as he leaned down to kiss the woman’s full lips.

The sound of the zither came to an abrupt halt as the woman turned her head up slightly with her eyes closed, and she returned his kisses.

Her eyes became heavy-lidded as she succumbed to the passionate intoxication.

Dressed in only a translucent gauze tunic that displayed more that it covered, she was a natural charmer.

The man’s breathing grew heavy and he reached his hand inside her clothing, trailing his kiss along her jaw and further down.

He suddenly scooped the woman up in his arms and headed inside the inner chamber.

“Oh!” the lady yelped in surprise as her tunic fell to the ground, exposing her arm that was wrapped around the man’s should.

As she tightened her arms around him, the both of them fell atop the bed.




The bed curtains were drawn, and the lovers kissed for a long while before Jinming sudden pushed Shangguan away and asked seductively, “How long will you be staying this time around?” Urgent need was evident in Shangguan’s eyes, and he continued kissing her as he mumbled, “I won’t be leaving so soon!” “Why not?” Jinming asked with a smile.

“Because Ji Yuxian isn’t around and I have to remain in Shengjin City to take care of his business affairs for him,” Shangguan replied offhandedly.

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COM “Where did Ji Yuxian go?” “Somewhere very far away!” “How far is very far away? Did he leave Daliang?” Jinming asked playfully with a giggle as she dodged his advances.


He left Daliang,” Shangguan was getting impatient, and reached out to remove Jinming’s clothing.

“Are you the only one who knows where he’s gone?” Jinming asked again.

“Why are you so curious about him today?” Shangguan looked up and pinched her waist.

Feeling a little jealous, he continued, “What we’re doing now takes precedence!” Jinming pushed him away and said with raised brows, “It’s not appropriate! There’s someone present here!” Shangguan was stunned.

“What do you mean? Who’s here?” Jinming covered her body with her tunic and neatened her hair before drawing the bed curtains open and calling out with a laugh, “You may come out now, Young Mistress!” Shangguan turn his head around abruptly.

Su Jiu stepped out from behind the screen slowly and looked pointedly at Shangguang.

“Indeed, you’ve known all along where Ji Yuxian is!” Shangguan Yunkun froze and turned to look back at his woman before rearranging his clothing and getting off the bed.

With a chuckle, he said, “I had no idea that the both of you had gotten so close to the extent where you would be in cahoots to lay a trap for me!” Jinming lazed on the bed as she replied with a giggle, “Young Mistress saved my life.

Naturally, I agreed to help her!” A look flashed in Shangguan Yunkun’s eyes at the reminder of that incident.

He turned toward Su Jiu and clasped his hands together in a gesture of respect.

“Thank you very much for you help previously!” “Where is he?” Su Jiu’s complexion was pale was she stared straight at him.

Shangguan Yunkun frowned slightly and hesitated for a moment before finally opening his mouth.

“I believe Eldest Young Master has his own reasons for not wanting you to know where he is, Young Mistress.

If he is able to return, you will definitely be the first person he goes to.

I think you should just wait for him here in Shengjing City, Young Mistress! Besides…” He paused for a moment and his gaze towards Su Jiu sharpened before he continued, “Personally speaking, I do not wish for you to meet Eldest Young Master.

If he still has one month left to live, being together with you will shorten that time to a mere ten days, Young Mistress!” Su Jiu’s was startled.

“Why?” “There are two reasons why Eldest Young Master was able to suppress the Half Moon Devourer poison for so many years.

One is because Doctor Gu is highly skilled, and the second reason is because he remained calm and unemotional.

His emotional detachment and aloofness gave him an inner stability.

However, ever since he got together with you, especially towards the last few months, his relapses became more frequent, and it was a direct result of his broken heart.

Shangguan’s words were like a punch to Su Jiu’s gut.

She reeled from the blow and slowly lowered her head.

“I…” She trailed off mid-sentence and she felt a pain in her heart.

She couldn’t tell if the pain was from her old injury or because she had just realized how much pain and suffering that person had endured for her sake.

After a long while, she looked up with resolute expression in her eyes.

“I still want to see him!” Shangguan Yunkun looked at her and raised his eyebrows.

“Shangguan!” Jinming suddenly rose and said softly, “You should take Young Mistress to see Young Master!” Shangguan turn to face her with a question in his eyes.

Jinming looked at him thoughtfully, “If you went missing one day, I would give my all to look for you.

What about you? If you were at your deathbed, wouldn’t you want to see me too?” Shangguan Yunkun was stunned for a moment.

After giving Jinming’s words some consideration, he nodded and replied, “Alright, Young Mistress.

I will take you to see Young Master.

” “Thank you!” Su Jiu bowed her head and clasped her hands together.

The both of them set off that very same day.

They left Shengjing City, and traveled eastwards.

Five days later, they reached the Eastern Sea and swapped their horses for a boat as they set out to sea.

Aboard the ship, Su Jiu finally understood why she hadn’t been able to find Ji Yuxian despite sending so many people to look for him.

He wasn’t in Daliang! Su Jiu did not ask any questions, and merely stared at the open waters quietly.

But deep inside, her emotions were in surging like the waves of the sea.

She was going to meet him soon! How was he now? The ship sailed for two days before Shangguan Yunkun came to her with an explanation.

“The Half Moon Devourer poison was concocted by an apothecarist from the Buyi Tribe.

It is a highly lethal mixture of poison and the venemous Gu insect.

Prior to this, very few individuals knew what this Gu insect was.

In fact, it took Doctor Gu many years to finally realize that Ji Yuxian’s body was hosting the Gu insects.

Additionally, this insect is an antithesis of the poison.

The poison would cause Ji Yuxian to be in unbearable pain ever month.

But if the poison was purged, there would be nothing left to suppress the Gu insects and they would awaken and attack his brain, thereby controlling his consciousness.

As long as the poison wasn’t detoxified, the Gu insects would lay dormant in his veins, but they wouldn’t die.

So, even after all these years, there was still a limit to how much Doctor Gu could do! The only option we were left with was to search for the Buyi Tribe.

The Buyi Tribe is a small tribe in Southern Xinjiang.

Fifty years ago, a fiery hailstorm destroyed the tribe, and there were very few survivors.

” We had been looking for over a decade, but to no avail.

Last month, Jin Feng suddenly received news that a descendant of the Buyi apothecarist was living in seclusion in the Chongxi Mountain.

Ji Yuxian went personally to look for him.

Upon reaching the hut, he found it empty.

However, judging for the living habit of the inhabitant, it was clear that he was indeed from the Buyi Tribe.

Later, on the way back to the Capital, the Half Moon Devourer Poison acted up again, and Jin Feng took the risk to bring him across the river.

Coincidentally, they met you, and the three of you fell into the water together.

Jin Feng actually brought both you and Ji Yuxian back together.

However, on the way back, one of their men sent word that they had found the trace of the hut’s inhabitant.

That descendant of the Buyi apothecarist had wandered out into sea.

Last I heard, according to the route they managed to obtain, he should be resting near the shores of Wushan Isle before returning to Daliang.

So, Jin Feng sent someone to take Ji Yuxian to Wushan Isle and personally sent you back to Shengjing before catching up to them.

” “Wushan Isle?” Su Jiu muttered softly.

She recalled coming across that name on a map previously when she and Ji Yuxian had been discussing the routes of the merchant ship.

Shangguan Yunkun replied with a chuckle, “Even if I wasn’t taking you there today, you’d go there sooner or later.

The isle belongs to the Ji household.

According to the letter that Young Master sent me, the ownership of all the properties have already been transferred to you.

Therefore, you are now the owner of the isle.

” Su Jiu stared at him in shock.

She had just come to the realization that there was much she didn’t know about Ji Yuxian.

“Why did the Ji household purchase an island?” Su Jiu asked in bafflement.

“The Wushan Isle does not belong to any empire, and only a single tribe resides on it.

It was previously plagued by a natural disaster and was almost destroyed.

It was Young Master who bought the island, and provided food for the people there.

The reason he bought it was because he discovered that an iron mine on the island.

Inside that mine were ores containing a special kind of Frost-Vapor Iron that was virtually indestructible and used to make weapons.

The Emperor’s personal army uses weapons that are made from this material.

And this iron can only be bought from the Ji household.

That is also the reason why the court does not dare to touch the Ji household! The royal family is afraid of offending the Young Master out of concern that he will then sell the Frost-Vapor Iron to other countries or even the tribes in the north.

If that happens, Daliang will no longer have the peace it currently enjoys!” Suddenly, it all became clear to Su Jiu! That explained why previously, when she had been arrested by Official Lyu, Official Lyu had seemed so warm towards Ji Yuxian when the latter had appeared at the scene.

It turned out that when Official Lyu already had close dealings with the Ji household when had been the Minister of Defence.

That also explained why Emperor Zhao Ping had only executed Jiyu upon discovery of her affair with Prince Zhao, and had left the rest of the Ji household untouched.

“The previous generation of the Ji family was framed and imprisoned, and the whole household was almost destroyed.

That was when Eldest Young Master learned that money alone wasn’t enough.

The Emperor held power over the whole land.

And even the Prime Minister’s life and that of his family hinged on the whims of the royal family.

Therefore, in order to gain a strong foothold, the Ji household needed something that would be able give them exclusive leverage with the royal family.

Presently, the Ji household controls the lifeline of the Daliang empire as well as the supply of their weapons.

The court has no choice but to be cautious.

” Su Jiu nodded her head in realization.

This was also the reason why Ji Yuxian rarely associated with the rich and powerful.

The few interactions he had with the court officials were always with much restraint and caution.

On the other hand, the foolish Second Mistress of the Ji household had kept trying to push Ji Ze to become an official.

However, she would never know that the highest Ji Ze could ever amount to was to be a study attendant under the Emperor’s watchful eye.

It was impossible for him to ever become a powerful minister.

“How is Ji Yuxian faring now?” Su Jiu asked softly.

Shangguan shook his head with a frown.

“Quite badly.

The poison has begun to erode his internal channels and he’s very weak.

Young Mistress, you have to be prepared for the worst!” Su Jiu swallowed and nodded her head.

“It doesn’t matter.

I won’t mind him regardless of what happens.

” Regardless of whether he lived or died, she was resolved to remain by his side! The ship sailed for another day, and in the evening, Wushan Isle could be seen faintly.

Looking from a distance, they could tell that the island consisted of rolling hills and dense vegetation.

Situated quietly in the middle of the sea, the island looked particularly beautiful in the rays of the setting sun.

By the time they alighted from the ship, the sky was already dark.

The bright moon gradually rose from the sea and its light reflected off the surface of the water brightly and magnificently.

Shangguan led Su Jiu inside the island.

At the thought that she was soon going to see Ji Yuxian, her heart started thumping uncontrollably and she couldn’t calm herself down.

They walked for an hour and guards suddenly appeared from behind a tree.

Coldly, they demanded, “Who are you?” Shangguan retrieved a jade token, and when the two guards saw it, they stepped aside respectfully.

Su Jiu and Shangguan walked for another half and hour and the homes of the tribespeople, situated among the trees ahead, slowly came into view.

Upon approaching, they saw that all the paths were interconnected.

There were numerous houses—all of them were doubled-storied, made of wood, and lined up neatly.

Lights shined out from within, making the homes look warm and comfortable.

Someone saw that two strangers had come, and a window on the second floor of one of the houses suddenly opened.

A middle-aged woman stuck her head out and looking curiously at the two individuals.

However, as they continued walking, they came across very few people.

The settlement was unusually quiet.

Right in the middle of the settlement stood the largest wooden house.

It was very grand looking, and Shangguan Yunkun led Su Jiu over.

As soon as they neared, they were stopped by guards yet again.

“Who are you?” Shangguan showed the jade token to them and replied, “We would like to see the Eldest Young Master!” The guards looked at the jade token and immediately clasped his hands together as he bowed respectfully.

“I will take you to him right away!” “Please do.

Thank you!” Shangguang said with a nod.

However, the guard did not take them into the huge house.

Instead, he led them through a small path and into the forest.

The faint sound of drums beating in the distance could suddenly be heard.

“Eldest Young Master is right there.

You may make your way over!” the guard said with a bow.

Su Jiu and Shangguan stood rooted to the spot, stunned for a moment.

Up ahead was a bonfire feast.

Countless people sat around the roaring fire.

Some were drumming, and some were dancing.

In the open space in the middle, and few beautifully-dressed women were dancing passionately.

Sitting in the seat of honor was a man in a dazzling red robe.

He was leaning lazily on a fur-padded chair, and in his slender hands was a wine cup.

His eyes were half-lidded, giving him an elegance and beauty that was unmatched.

Seated beside him were several tribal leaders.

They were deep in conversation and laughter.

At that very moment, a dancer twisted her body seductively before sitting at the man’s feet.

With a suggestive glance, she reached her arms out and suddenly produced a flower, and proceeded to place it in the man’s wine jug.

The man smiled charmingly before picking up the wine jug and chugging at it till it was empty.

The whole atmosphere was lively and bustling with music.

Inside the silent forest, Su Jiu clenched her teeth and seethed.

She cast a cold glance at Shangguan Yunkun and slowly ground her words out.

“This is what you meant when you said he was very weak and doing quite badly?” Well done! Well done, indeed! She had come all the way from Daliang, desperately looking for him, and here he was, flirting with other women in this island of peach blossoms! “Um…” Shangguan Yunkun never expected to be greeted with such a scene, and could only rub his brow nervously.

Ji Yuxian had gotten himself into this mess, and only had himself to blame! “So, should we still go over?” Shangguan Yunkun asked hesitantly.

At the moment, he wanted nothing more than to slip away.

He knew this fight was going to be bad, and didn’t want to be involved.

“Of course! I’ve come all this way! How can I leave out the surprise for Eldest Young Master Ji?” Su Jiu scoffed, and turned to face the guard who had led them over.

“Are the clothes those women are wearing from the island?” “Yes!” the guard replied.

“Could you please get me a set identical to what that woman is wearing?” Su Jiu asked.

“What are you up to?” Shangguan Yunkun asked in horror.

“I’m going to dance!” “You know how to dance?” Shangguan Yunkun looked her up and down in disbelief.

“I’ve never danced before.

But I can learn it on the spot.

Would you like to give it a try as well?” Su Jiu asked.

This tribe was clearly very good at singing and dancing.

It wasn’t only the women who were dancing, but the men as well.

Furthermore, there was no distance between the men and women at all.

They were clearly even more open-minded and liberal than the people of Daliang.

“I’m not going!” Shangguan said with a shiver.

The clothing was soon delivered.

Su Jiu told Shangguan to keep a lookout for her as she walked behind a huge tree and changed her clothes.

This garment was clearly intended to be worn only during celebrations.

It was made of sheer gauze and was extremely soft to the touch.

The colors were bright and gorgeous.

The sleeves were wide and the seams of the garment were nipped at the waist.

The layers of the skirt cascaded down like floating clouds and the movement it produced when Su Jiu walked made her looked ethereally beautiful.

When Su Jiu emerged, Shangguan Yunkun’s eyes widened in amazement.

He had always found Su Jiu’s temperament too cold and hard, and had felt that she was more suited for loose-fitting clothing that would accentuate her pure soul.

However, upon seeing how well this gorgeous dress fitted her, it seemed to him that her cold bearing had been transformed.

Pairing her clothing with her delicate features, the girl was a sight to behold.

Except for that look of murder in her eyes.

Su Jiu covered her face with a translucent veil and walked towards the feast.

Shangguan Yunkun leaned lazily against the tree, eager to watch the drama that was about to unfold, and at the same time, ready to run anytime if the need arose.

The man was still drinking.

The girl that had given him a flower was dressed in a red dress that matched his robe perfectly.

At that very moment, she was swaying her hips in front of him, along with many other seductive dance moves.

She was clearly out to seduce the man.

A smile lined Ji Yuxian’s lips, but his demeanor remained unaffected.

His eyes lacked emotion as they fell on the lively crowd and drifted into the distance.

Across the massive bonfire, Su Jiu stood far away from him, and among the laughing crowd.

The sound of the drums was deafening and added to the rising excitement in the atmostphere.

Su Jiu’s presence alone attracted countless stares as the others sized her up with their eyes.

A young man who had been dancing walked over to Su Jiu and offered her his hand.

“May we dance together?” he asked.

The veil Su Jiu was wearing only revealed her lovely eyes.

“I don’t know how to!” she replied with a smile.

“I’ll teach you!” The young man looked approximately twenty years old.

With full brow, round eyes, a high nose bridge and wheat colored skin, he looked very dashing as he gazed at Su Jiu hopefully.

“Sure!” Su Jiu’s smile reached her eyes, and she followed him onto the dance square.

“I’m Mu Ya.

What is your name?” the young man asked warmly.

“I’m called Su Jiu!” “Su Jiu? You’re from Daliang?” the young man asked in curiousity.

“Aren’t you supposed to teach me how to dance?” Su Jiu asked with a shrug.

“Yes!” Warmth filled the young man’s eye and he instructed gently, “Just follow me.

It’s really simple!” Surrounding them were many other men and women dancing together.

The steps were indeed simple, but a few twists and turns in the middle required some skills.

Su Jiu picked up the steps from Mu Ya very quickly, and her dancing soon became smooth with practice.

At the head table a distance away, the few leaders were toasting Ji Yuxian.

The most beautiful women in the tribe were all dancing in front of them.

Suddenly, one of the women asked, “Who’s that dancing with Mu Ya?” “I don’t think I’ve seen her before!” another lady answered before quietly darting a glance at Yun Zhu, who was toasting the owner of the island.

Mu Ya was the son of the tribal chief, while Yun Zhu was the belle of the tribe.

It was an open secret among the tribespeople that she had admired Mu Ya for a long time.

Mu Ya’s demeanor towards her was very lukewarm, and no one could tell if he fancied Yun Zhu or not.

However, ever since the Island Master had arrived a month ago, and Yun Zhu had been assigned to dance for him, she had changed her attitude towards Mu Ya, and had begun trying to ingratiate herself with the owner.

The ladies of the tribe were furious at Yun Zhu.

They had never expected her to be such a fickle person.

Then again, they had to admit that the Island Master was really beautiful! Ji Yuxian looked up and glanced casually into the crowd.

His hand holding the wine cup trembled and he suddenly straightened up as his sighted narrowed in on the slender figure.

It was Su Jiu! Even with her face covered and dress in tribal clothing, he could still recognize her in one glance! What was she doing here? Also, when had she learned to dance? She was dancing so passionately! Jealousy bubbled in the man’s chest as he slowly narrowed his eyes.

On the other side of the bonfire, Su Jiu danced enthusiastically.

Mu Ya’s masculinity and her gracefulness made them both seem well-suited.

They attracted many eyes and much applause.

The other dancers automatically made way for them to dance in the middle.

A female dancer in the tribe was unhappy about being upstaged.

Using her partner’s leg as a springboard, she hurled herself up and spun herself around while in mid-air.

Her skirt billowed around her and she looked magnificent.

As she landed elegantly, she issued a challenge to Su Jiu with her eyes.

Mu Ya held Su Jiu’s wrist and whispered, “Don’t bother about her.

That move requires specialized training.

You’re dancing very well now as it is.

When you get to that part, just whirl your body around!” Su Jiu raised her eyebrows and waited till Mu Ya bent down slightly.

She propelled herself upward using the tip of her toes on his knee and leapt into the air.

In midair, she dived back down, and her skirt fanned out like a blazing sun.

She looked glorious and eye-catching.

Her movements were light and graceful, and everyone was speechless with awe! There was a collective gasp around her and a moment of silence.

With her robe billowing in the air, the lady slowly descended back to her place among the mortals.

Astonishment was evident in everyone’s eyes.

Ji Yuxian stood up abruptly.

When he saw Mu Ya reaching his arm out to catch the descending lady, his eyes narrowed and he flipped his hand under his sleeve, causing a ripple to travel through the air.

Mu Ya was staring up at the woman with fire in his eyes when he suddenly felt a punch to his gut.

It wasn’t painful, but it pushed him a few steps back.

He missed the lady by a few inches.

Yun Zhu noticed that Ji Yuxian’s gaze was fixed that the woman that had appeared out of nowhere, and began to panic.

She suddenly intercepted his line of sight, and with her hands clasped together, and a handful of fresh flowers suddenly appeared in them.

Right in the middle of the flowers was a cup filled to the brim.

The bright moon was reflected in the liquid within it, highlights the ripples.

“Eldest Young Master, please have a drink!” The petals of the flowers slowly fell, leaving only the wine cup in Yun Zhu’s hands.

She offered the cup to Ji Yuxian.

Before the man could reach out to accept it, a sudden gust of wind blew over, carrying a gauze sash that looked like a dragon whizzing over.

The gauze wrapped around the goblet and flung it out of his reach.

Yun Zhu was taken aback, and whirled her head around.

Su Jiu face was still covered by a veil.

She was dressed in multi-colored layers, with a cloth sash in her hand.

She walked over.

The look in Ji Yuxian’s almond eyes were as fathomless as a dark abyss, and they were filled with only Su Jiu.

His lips lifted slowly in a charming and seductive smile that melted the hearts of all the women.

But his smile was intended for only one lady.

Su Jiu looked up at him.

In her eyes, the thousand and one things she wanted to say to him crystallized into a ball of frustration as she flung her sash out towards him again.

Ji Yuxian casually reached his hand out and caught the sash.

With an easy tug, Ji Yuxian caused the sash to wrapped itself around Su Jiu’s wrist and sent her flying over to him.

She landed in his embrace.

Su Jiu’s skirts brushed across Yun Zhu’s face, and the latter took a step back anxiously.

Su Jiu’s hands were tied together, and when she saw the smirk on the man’s face, her annoyance grew.

With a humorless smile, she straightened her back and leaned forward to his ear.

Through clenched teeth, she ground out, “Ji Yuxian.

I came prepared.

I will definitely bed you tonight!” Ji Yuxian’s eyes darkened immediately, and he looked at her in a daze.

He reached out to remove her veil, and holding her chin tightly between his fingers, he leaned over and his lips mashed against hers.

A collective gasp rang out around them and the entire place descended into silence.

Su Jiu couldn’t help blushing at being watch by so many people.

Her hands were tied, and her waist was in his death-grip.

There was no way for her to struggle.

She could only pull back and whisper through her gritted teeth, “Ji Yuxian, we’re in front of an audience! Let me go!” “Sure! We’ll return to the house to continue kissing.

That way, they won’t be able to see anything!” Ji Yuxian chuckled.

He planted another two quick kisses on her lips before carrying her in his arms and getting up.

Under the moonlight, the figure in red looked mesmerizing, and in the blink of an eye, the couple had disappeared.

The crowd looked up in astonishment, and they were all incapable of reactiing for a while.

Suddenly, someone in the crowd asked quietly, “Did the Island Master just get abducted by a demoness from the mountains? An ethereally beautiful woman had appeared out of nowhere and stolen their Island Master away all at once.

The color drained from the tribal chief’s face, and he exclaimed in panic, “Hurry and check on him!” With that, a few tribespeople hurried over to the settlement.

Yun Zhu stood rooted to the spot in disappointment as she touched her lovely face.

She was seething in discontentment.

A while later, after everyone had left, only Mu Ya remained standing there, alone.

He gazed in the direction that Su Jiu had disappeared and shook his head distractedly.

She wasn’t a demoness! He had looked into her eyes; they were pure and bright.

She hadn’t possessed the aura of an enchantress.

She was simply a woman who was very easy to fall in love with.

Ji Yuxian did not enter the bedroom on the second story through the door.

With Su Jiu in his arms, he leapt in through the window.

Laying her on the huge bed, he flung himself on top of her and covered her lips with his.

Su Jiu forcefully rolled out from under him and sat up on the bed.

She removed the sash that was binding her hands and tossed it to the side before looking at the man angrily.

“Ji Yuxian, did you know that I was looking for you?” The room was dimly lit.

The look in Ji Yuxian’s eyes screamed seduction and his pupils were black as ink.

With a slow nod of his head, he replied, “I did.

” “You knew, and yet you…” Su Jiu choked on her words and bit her lip as droplets of tears rolled down her cheeks without warning.

He had known that she was looking for him, but had continued to keep his whereabouts hidden from her, allowing her to suffer day and night.

Did he have any idea how worried she had been? Every time she received news, she would rush over, only to realize it had been a false alarm and be disappointed again.

That despair had almost consumed her.

Tears continued streaming down her eyes and dangling from her lashes as she sobbed in earnest, looking unbearably doleful.

Ji Yuxian felt his heart wrench when he saw her in that state and quickly gathered her in his arms.

Kissing the tears away, he said, “Don’t cry! I was afraid that I didn’t have much time left, and didn’t want you to accompany me in facing the impending despair.

If I died here, and you couldn’t find me, it’d be easier for you to let go.

” “Let go? How could I ever let go? Ji Yuxian, you bastard! You made me fall in love with you, and now you want me to let go?” Su Jiu grabbed his clothes tightly and couldn’t stop sobbing in heartache and grievance.

Ji Yuxian could feel his heart breaking.

His chest felt like it was turning into a ball of fluff as he held her lips tightly in his and cajoled, “It was all my fault.

Darling, please don’t cry!” Su Jiu pushed his way with tears in her eyes and declared angrily, “Ji Yuxian, you did it on purpose, didn’t you? You deliberately kept me in the dark about your illness so that I would regret it, isn’t it?” “No!” Ji Yuxian grabbed her hand.

Under the dim light, a shadow appeared beneath his lashes as he whispered, “I deliberately hid my illness from you because I didn’t want you to worry.

Also…” He leaned in towards the girl and tilted her chin so that she was facing him.

With a sigh, he planted a gentle kiss on each of her wet eyes before continuing to speak.

“…I did not want to risk waiting in vain on my deathbed for you to tell me that you loved me!” Tears came gushing out of Su Jiu’s eyes as she held on to him tightly.

“You won’t die! If you do, I’ll join you too.

” The woman sniffed her tears back as she placed her lips by his ear and said, “Ji Yuxian, I love you.

Since the beginning, I’ve only loved you!” The man hugged her and slowly closed his eyes.

Even if he died now, he would die happy.

The lovers clung tightly to each other in silence for a long time.

Su Jiu sniffled a few more times before gradually calming down.

Resting her head on his shoulders, she could feel his heart beating.

The worry and unease that had been eating at her for so long finally dissipated.

Suddenly, the sound of urgent footsteps were heard coming from the stairs outside, followed by the panicked voice of the tribal chief.

“Guard Jin, is the Island Master inside?” “Yes,” Jin Feng replied calmly.

Su Jiu blushed.

She hadn’t realized that Jin Feng had been standing outside all along.

Had her heard her crying and sobbing inside the room? Her whole image had been shattered! Su Jiu glared fiercely at the man in front of her.

Ji Yuxian frowned at her innocently.

“We just witnessed the Island Master getting taken away by a woman.

Perhaps you’d like to go into the room and check on him?” the tribal chief asked, clearly still worried.

Inside the room, Su Jiu giggled and Ji Yuxian cupped his hand over her mouth to prevent the sound from escaping.

After a long beat, Jin Feng finally replied, “Young Master is fine!” “Oh, alright.

It’s good that he’s fine.

Please tell him to have an early rest.

We’ll take out leave first!” the tribal chief smiled awkwardly and led the rest of his entourage down the stairs.

“Ji Yuxian!” Su Jiu nibbled on his lips as imperceptible embarrassment laced her voice, “Tell Jin Feng to go back to him room to sleep!” “Huh?” the man subconsciously released a monosyllabic moan.

“Listen to me!” Su Jiu demanded.

“Alright!” the man’s voice was hoarse and he cleared his throat before calling out, “Jin Feng, you may be dismissed!” “Yes, sir!” Jin Feng replied from outside the door before leaving.

Su Jiu pursed her lips.

“I want to bathe!” “I’ll carry you over and assist you in your bath as an atonement for my mistake.

Is that agreeable with you?” Ji Yuxian asked with a gentle laugh.


I’ll give you that chance!” Su Jiu replied as she hooked her arms around the man’s shoulders.

Ji Yuxian smiled as he carried her and got up.

Behind the silk screen was a bathtub that had been filled with water.

Ji Yuxian placed Su Jiu down on a wooden stool, and slowly buttoned her clothing.

Kissing her on her brows, he said with a smile, “You’re really beautiful today, wife!” “Compared to that woman called Yun Zhu?” Su Jiu looked up and asked.

Ji Yuxian blinked.

“Nobody can compare to you.

” Su Jiu was satisfied with his answer and wiggled her brows.

She sat inside the water in her undergarments as Ji Yuxian wiped her with a wet cloth.

“How did you find me here?” he asked.

Steeped inside the clear, rippling water, the young lady’s skin was fair.

Hugging her knees to her chest, she leaned forward to rest her chin on her knees, exposing her smooth and slim back in the midst.

“Shangguan brought me here!” she replied.

Ji Yuxian nodded his head as he stroked her back.

His heart aching, he asked, “Did you go through a lot of hardships to look for me? Why have you become so thin?” Su Jiu took his hand in hers and covered her eyes.

“I’m willing to endure any hardship as long as I’m able to find you!” Ji Yuxian’s arm suddenly froze and he hugged her tightly from behind.

After her bath, Su Jiu put on her nightclothes.

She dried her hair and lay on the bed and the man took his turn to bathe.

Soon enough, the man returned and lay down beside her, his body slightly stiff.

Under the blankets, the woman had already taken off her nightclothes and was only in her undergarments.

She inched over and pressed herself tightly against his body.

The lady’s skin was smooth and supple, creamy and warm to the touch.

With a goddess in his arms, Ji Yuxian’s throat bobbed involuntarily.

Su Jiu reached out to draw the bed canopy close before tilting her head up to kiss the man on his jaw.

She teased his lips with the tip of her tongue.

Like a little fish playing in the water, she darted her tongue in and out of his lips before wandering around.

The lady’s eyes grew heavy-lidded.

The steam from her bath had caused her complexion to turn pink, giving her beauty an even more mesmerizing charm.

Ji Yuxian started to pant.

He flipped over and pinned her underneath his body, kissing her passionately.

His actions were urgent and forceful; it was as if he wanted to swallow her whole.

“Jiu’er…” His voice was low, and carried a tone of yearning.

His fiery kisses made their way down, leaving behind numerous little love marks all over her neck.

Su Jiu tilted her head up to give him easier access.

Feeling nervous and eager at the same time, her heart thumped heavily in her chest.

Their belated consummation was finally going to take place tonight! Su Jiu readied herself, but the man suddenly stopped.

Resting atop her, he breathed heavily.

His entire body was tightly strung and sweat dripped from his brow down on to her fair chest.

Su Jiu reached out to divest him of his sweat-soaked clothing and planted a kiss on his delicate collarbone.

Gently she groaned, “Ji Yuxian, let’s consummate our marriage!” Ji Yuxian buried his face in the crook of her neck.

His voice was hoarse and sexy when he said, “Give me another two days, Darling!” “Why?” Su Jiu asked with a frown.

Ji Yuxian’s breathing was ragged and it was a while before he could reply.

“The man from the Buyi tribe will be here in two days.

Let me purge myself of the poison before taking you!” Su Jiu frowned.

“Ji Yuxian, even if you don’t touch me, do you think I’ll really be able to be with someone else if you die?” Ji Yuxian closed his eyes and tightened his arms around her waist.

“We’ll do it tonight, alright?” Su Jiu bit her lip as she asked.

“Wait another two days!” the man said roughly.

“No!” Su Jiu shook her head.

“I already said that it has to be tonight! If you refuse me now, you can forget about ever doing it with me! You know I’m a woman of my word!” “Jiu’er,” Ji Yuxian kissed her earlobe helplessly.

“I’ll ask you again.

Do you want it?” Su Jiu’s voice carried a hint of embarrassment.

“Let’s wait another two days,” Ji Yuxian cajoled as he continued kissing her.

Su Jiu suddenly got up and stared coldly at him.

“I understand it now! You’ve been lying to me all along! You never loved me! You were busy flirting with that woman called Yun Zhu just now.

You’ve fallen for her, haven’t you?” With that, the young lady scrambled out of bed and was about to leave.

Ji Yuxian quickly caught her by her arm and pulled her back into bed.

His eyes narrowed as he stared at her.

“You understand? What do you even understand? I’ve already dug my heart out for you.

It’s already empty here.

How can fall in love with anyone else?” Ji Yuxian held Su Jiu’s hand against his chest as he leaned his forehead against hers.

Hoarsely, he said, “When the poison is finally purged, I’ll bed you for three days and three nights straight!” Su Jiu insisted on being stubborn.

“It has to be tonight!” Ji Yuxian suddenly burst out laughing, and asked suggestively, “You want it that much?” Su Jiu kissed him on his lips and closed her eyes.

“Give it to me!” she said.

Ji Yuxian’s barely-preserved restraint unraveled in that instant.

Tearing her camisole off with one hand, the lump in his throat bopped and he kissed her forcefully.

However, Su Jiu suddenly withdrew from under him.

Passion clouded Ji Yuxian’s eyes and he stared at her in incomprehension.

Su Jiu reached out and pushed him down on the bed.

With a faint smile on her lips, she straddled him.

Holding him down by his shoulders, she leaned over and said, “I said it before.

I’m going to bed you.

Now, behave yourself and don’t move!” Ji Yuxian’s brows shot together.

“Darling, stop playing around!” “I’m not playing around! I told you! I came prepared!” “Jiu’er, you can do whatever you want in the future.

But it’s easy for a woman to get hurt the first time around!” “And you know that from experience?” Su Jiu darted a glance at him.

Ji Yuxian shook his head immediately.

“That’s what the books say!” “Since you’ve never experienced it either, we’ll do as I say!” With that, Su Jiu searched the bed for the sash that had been thrown aside before.

She tore it into two, and tied Ji Yuxian’s wrists each to a corner of the bed.

Ji Yuxian looked at her in astonishment.

Even though he had no personal experience to speak of, he had never heard any man getting tied up on his consummation night.

“Jiu’er?” The man looked at her in befuddlement and a hint of grievance.

“Just listen to me.

You’re not allowed to move!” Su Jiu put her hand to her heart in a gesture of reassurance.

But that did nothing whatsoever to reassure the man! After fastening Ji Yuxian’s hand securely, Su Jiu’s exquisite body was already soaking wet with her fluids.

She flipped her long black hair behind her shoulder, and leaned over to kiss the man’s sensual lips.

On the bed, the man’s hands were tied to the bedpost.

Under the dim shadows, his features were divine.

Desire filled his eyes and lust was reflected in them.

Starting from his luscious red lips, she kissed her way down his jaw, to the smooth ridges of his collarbone, down his broad and toned chest, past his fair skin, and further down to his narrow waist.

There was nary an ounce of fat anywhere, and yet he wasn’t skinny.

And even further down… Su Jiu licked her lips that had suddenly turned dry, and sat astride the man.

Ji Yuxian shuddered, and cold sweat rolled down his forehead and followed the lines of his perfect profile before dripping and being soaked up by the deep purple blanket.

His voice was rough with need.

“Jiu’er, let me take over, will you?” “No!” Agony lined Ji Yuxian’s brows and he swallowed painfully.

“Darling, I know you’re angry at me for keeping you in the dark.

But you can’t get back at me this way!” A quick death was preferable to this torment! Su Jiu was determined of bedding the man underneath her.

She studied him intently, and explored him with great concentration.

After a long while, the wrinkles between her brows gradually deepened.

She got up, drew the bed canopy open and climbed out of bed.

Ji Yuxian was left hanging there, and he was dumbstruck.

Had the lady just abandoned him? Su Jiu returned very quickly and sat cross-legged on the bed.

In her hands was a book and she began flipping through it.

The cover of the book was yellow with a peach blossom painted on it.

Right in the middle was the suggestive title—Appreciation of the Flowers and Fragrance.

Su Jiu patted Ji Yuxian on his body in an attempt to reassure him, and said, “Don’t worry.

I’ll find a way!” Ji Yuxian was rendered speechless.

So this was what she had meant when she told him that she had come prepared! Soon enough, Su Jiu placed the book down, and straddled Ji Yuxian once more.

She tried again, but was still unable to grasp what needed to be done.

Su Jiu climbed off Ji Yuxian and continued flipping through the book.

Ji Yuxian was about to go crazy! The third time Su Jiu sat astride him, she did so with complete confidence.

Ji Yuxian’s tense body was kept in torment for another good ten minutes… Su Jiu fell back onto the bed once again, annoyance etched in her face.

Exasperated, she said, “Forget it.

I guess we’re not suited to consummate our marriage.

” With a snap, the man broke free of his cloth restraints.

He flipped over and held the lady down with his body.

He began to kiss her ardently from her brows to her lips, like a ravenous wolf that had gone without food for ten days.

His eyes reddened as he kissed her with wild abandon.

Su Jiu was suddenly afraid, and she clung on to his shoulders.

“Ji Yuxian…” “Be a good girl.

Leave it to me!” The man’s eyes were frenzied with want as he kissed his way down the lady’s body.

… It was early summer, and the crickets sang throughout the night.

A breeze brushed past, and in the silence of the night, the sound of two people moaning and whimpering dispersed into the air.

A long time passed, and the candle flickered.

The sounds of the wind and the night slowly quieted down.

The man held Su Jiu tightly in his embrace and no words passed between them.

The only sound in the room was that of labored breathing.

A while later, even the waves of the sea in the distance grew silent.

Ji Yuxian stroked Su Jiu’s hair as he asked softly, “Did it hurt?” Su Jiu’s whole body was feeling numb and achy, but languid and comfortable at the same time.

She buried her face into his chest and slowly shook her head.

“Did you like it?” Stray strands of black hair, soaked with sweat, were plastered to the man’s forehead.

In his eyes was an undeniable look of passion.

Su Jiu paused for a moment, and nodded gently.

The actual experience was a lot more delightful than the books had described it to be.

She loved the feeling of release, and loved even more to be joined with him.

The man suddenly chuckled, and traced the outline of her ears with his lips.

In a deep voice he said, “I liked it very much too!” At that moment, half of Su Jiu’s body was numb and limp.

Her eyes shifted and she tilted her head up to kiss his neck.

Quietly, she said, “Ji Yuxian, I regret it now!” The smile on the man’s face froze, and he asked her nervously, “What do you regret?” “I regret not consummating our union earlier,” Su Jiu said hoarsely.

The man suddenly felt as if flowers were blooming all around him in a beautiful symphony of color and affection.

Pulling the lady’s soft body closer to himself, he whispered, “Jiu’er, you’re mine!” Su Jiu’s lips turned up in a smile, and she nodded her head solemnly.

She was his.

She had been destined to be his wife upon birth.

Even though she had wandered around for years and become a bandit, fate still had it that she would end up marrying him.

He was hers.

Su Yueqiu had taken away her name, and had taken away her identity.

But she had been unable to take away her Ji Yuxian.

“Jiu’er!” Ji Yuxian kissed her gently.

“What are we going to do now? As it was, I already couldn’t bear to be parted from you.

Now that I’ve had a taste of your perfection, I’m even more unwilling to die.

” Su Jiu hugged him.

“It’s okay.

Even as ghosts, we can still be together!” Ji Yuxian laughted.

“Even as a ghost, I’ll still be able to love you!” Su Jiu recognized the innuendo in his words and her ears turned red.

She suddenly realized that the both of them were likely to be shameless in their interactions from then on.

Ji Yuxian had the servants change the bathwater before carrying Su Jiu into the bathtub.

By the time the got back into bed, it was already deep into the night.

Su Jiu was exhausted, and fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

With Su Jiu’s soft body is his arms, Ji Yuxian couldn’t fall asleep, and felt his body slowly rising to the occasion again.

Unwilling to disturb her dreams, the man got out of bed to take a cold bath.

Before he could remove his robe, he heard Su Jiu’s panicked cry in the room.

“Ji Yuxian!” The man turned back immediately and went to the bed in a few steps.

He hugged the awakened Su Jiu in his arms.

“Don’t worry.

I’m here!” Su Jiu hugged him tightly and whispered in distress, “Don’t go! Don’t leave me!” Sorrow surged through Ji Yuxian’s chest as he suddenly regretted his decision to keep his whereabouts from her, and causing her such palpable fear and despair.

“I’m right here.

I’ll never leave you again!” Ji Yuxian reassured her gently as he planted fevered kisses all over her face.

Su Jiu hugged him as she lay back down on the bed, her hands clasped tightly around his neck.

Slowly, her breath stabilized and she closed her eyes.

Ji Yuxian wrapped his arms around her and held her close, watching as the sky outside gradually turned to light.