Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 209

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 209

Chapter 209: The Outcome Has Been Decided The two of them were talking when the servants came to report that the Crown Princess Consort was here! Crown Princess Consort… It infuriated Xia Cang every time he heard this title! Xiao Lie was too much! Yu Long hurried in and paid her respects.

“Father, Hu Dapao was sent to the Northern Desert!” “Yes, I already know that! The soldiers and horses in the capital were dispatched to the area.

This is a good opportunity for us.

In the next few days, I will arrange for Lord Yun Nan Manor to leave Shengjing City and return to Diannan City.

You will follow along as well!” Xia Cang said in a deep voice.

Yu Long was surprised.

“What is Father planning to do?” “No matter what I want to do, Xiao Lie is the one who is forcing my actions,” Xia Cang said in a light voice, leaning back in his chair, sipping his tea.

“No!” Yu Long’s face turned into a look of panic.

She went down on one knee in front of Xia Cang, lowered her head, and begged, “Father, you cannot activate your army! Please, you have to bear with it!” “Long’er, Xiao Lie is making suffocating you and bullying us.

How much more should we endure?” Xia Cang asked seriously.

“Xiao Lie simply hates me for framing Su Jiu.

He is not trying to do anything against Lord Yun Nan Manor.

If you rebel, then the situation will really be irreversible!” Yu Long cried with pain in her voice.





” Xia Cang shook his head slowly.

“Long’er, you still don’t understand, do you? Xiao Lie is deliberately making our lives at Lord Yun Nan Manor difficult! Maybe he won’t go all out right now, but a short while later, when he is firmly on the throne, the first thing he will do is act against Lord Yun Nan Manor! While his rule is not yet established at this moment, we must act preemptively first so that we can survive!” “Father, please give your daughter some time! I will not let that happen!” Yu Long pleaded in a low voice.

“Long’er, the idea of collaboration was not something we thought of in the last day or two.

Your father had you marry him to prevent this from happening.

But it seems that apart from using force, there is no other way!” “No! Xiao Lie has just ascended the throne, and he will not be so anxious to sever all ties with us! I ask Father to please give his daughter some time!” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM “Xiao Lie’s temperament is not as gentle as it seems.

He is fiercer and more ruthless than the Emperor Emeritus.

No one can be sure of what he will do!” “Father, Xiao Lie is ultimately your daughter’s husband.

If you do this, he and I will really become enemies in the future!” Xia Cang’s face sank.

“Long’er, in the end, you fell in love with Xiao Lie, didn’t you?” Yu Long lowered her head.

A sad look crossed her face and she choked back her tears.

“You like him, but don’t you see how he treats you? He has been on the throne for more than a month, but he still has no intention of giving you your rightful title! Instead, he let you suffer the world’s ridicule and disgraced Lord Yun Nan Manor.

How could he possibly have any feelings for you, much less care about you?” Xia Cang said indignantly.

Lady Yun Nan, who was standing beside him, saw how angry Xia Cang was, and hurriedly said, “Don’t blame Long’er! She is a woman after all, and naturally wants her own birth family and her husband to live in peace!” Xia Cang sighed heavily.

“Because Huan’er was not here, I have always regarded Long’er as heir to Lord Yun Nan Manor.

She has never disappointed me.

However, now, like ordinary women, she has fallen into the trap of sentimentality and ignored the overall situation.

What you are doing right now is really disappointing!” Yu Long knelt lower on the ground.

“Your daughter isn’t just thinking about her personal feelings at all! Xiao Lie currently has no reason to cut ties with us.

If Father activates his army, then he will have a reason! Although Hu Dapao is sent to the Northern Desert, within the palace, Nangong Shu is still around.

He is the top strategist and has never lost a battle.

Your daughter is afraid for you.

” Xia Cang replied, “Nangong Shu has always been stationed at the Northern Desert and is unfamiliar with Southern Wuling and Southern Xinjiang.

Even if Xiao Lie sent him to fight, he may not have a chance of winning.

In addition, even if Father loses, I can still retreat back to Diannan City.

Diannan City has sufficient troops, is easy to defend, and difficult to attack.

The imperial court will not be able to defeat us in any way! We will take this opportunity to remove Diannan City from the empire and make it an independent country.

That way, we no longer have to do other people’s bidding!” Yu Long argued with her father, “Even though that is the case, Daliang Country is now highly prosperous.

If Diannan City becomes an enemy of Daliang Country, war will continue long into the future and people will not be able to live well.

Just like the Naye Clan in the Northern Desert and the Qiang Clan, does Father really want the people of Diannan City to live through such tumultuous times?” Yu Long’s tears flowed.

Xia Cang frowned slightly.

“This is all because Xiao Lie is forcing my hand!” “Please Father, I beg you! Please give Yu Long some time! Please don’t send your troops just because your daughter suffers some indignance.

Father, you must think twice before acting!” “Long’er is right, we should wait a while more.

Should we not see what the imperial court intends to do before we act?” Lady Yun Nan also persuaded.

Xia Cang frowned deeply.

After a moment of contemplation, he said, “Airhgt! In any case, I have already contacted the leaders of the Six Tribes in Southern Xinjiang.

We will wait and see what Xiao Lie is going to do next!” “Yes, thank you Father!” Yu Long sighed, got up, and bowed to her father once more.

Hu Dapao was sent to the Northern Desert, and the perpetrators from the Four Seas Bodyguard Agency were put in jail.

Finally, this matter was brought to an end.

However, court officials had a keen sense of foreboding that something big was about to happen.

Before the storm, it would be calm—very calm—and the calm air was always filled with a paralyzing and disturbing aura.

As the third month came to an end, late spring came.

Peach blossoms fell rain off the branches, landing in the mud pools beneath them.

In Yun Nan Manor, Xia Cang did really listen to Yu Long’s words.

Although he agreed, he secretly contacted the Six Tribes in Southern Xinjiang and sent several letters to Liu Feng, telling him to prepare for battle.

After the Cold Food Festival, the weather suddenly became warmer, and the Half Moon Devourer poison in Ji Yuxian’s body acted up more frequently.

This time around, he woke up only after sleeping for two full days.

Old Gu placed acupuncture needles on him and said in a deep voice, “I guessed correctly after all.

There is significant poison in the Half Moon Devourer.

You can’t suppress it, especially in the springtime.

The poison inside you has begun to wake up!” Ji Yuxian leaned on a soft pillow; his face was pale.

His pupils were as dark as black ink.

“If I can’t find the cure, how long will I live?” Old Gu contemplated silently and said after a long while, “After every subsequent attack in the future, you may not wake up again.

” Ji Yuxian’s tight palm trembled slightly, his phoenix’s eyes showing signs of pain.

His heart started to feel a sense of desperation.

If he died, she would be really sad too! The things that she wanted to do were getting bigger and more important, but as they grew, he was becoming more and more worried.

If he was no longer around, what would happen if someone bullied her again? The thought that he would not be next to her to protect her made him feel utterly terrified.

“Eldest Young Master!” In a hurried tone, Jin Feng quickly stepped into the room, speaking excitedly, “Eldest Young Master, I have found clues that can help to cure the Half Moon Devourer poison!” Ji Yuxian squinted his eyes.

“Where?” “The people I have sent found the whereabouts of the Buyi tribe in Chongxi Mountain outside of Chongzhou City.

They have already rushed over and will soon bring those people over to Shengjing,” Jin Feng said quickly.

The only people who could cultivate a poison like the Half Moon Devourer were the apothecaries from the Buyi tribe.

They had searched for him for more than ten years, now finally, they had some news! The heavens rewarded a hard-working master! Old Gu frowned and said to Ji Yuxian, “You will need to go in person.

If they are really from the Buyi tribe, their personalities will be extremely strange.

I’m afraid they won’t want to come into the city.

If you go, you can save time.

” Ji Yuxian nodded.

“Okay, I’ll go in person.

” “I will prepare the carriage immediately!” Jin Feng hurried out.

“Old Gu, you stay here.

if my wife comes, tell her I am going back to Jingzhou to deal with some business but that I will come back soon!” Ji Yuxian requested of him.

Doctor Gu frowned.

“Why don’t you tell the girl the truth?” “She has something to do and can’t leave Shengjing City.

I will tell her when I come back!” Doctor Gu shook his head and sighed.

He handed a bottle of medicine to Ji Yuxian.

“You should not have another attack over the next few days.

However, if you really do get another attack, take the medicine inside.

There are only two pills.

You must come back before finishing both pills!” Ji Yuxian took the medicine bottle in his hand, and said, “Okay!” Watching Ji Yuxian and Jin Feng leave, Old Gu’s brow furrowed, his eyes clouded with anxiety.

There were very few people from the Buyi Tribe left in this world, and their whereabouts were always uncertain.

This time, it was very lucky that they were able to locate some of them in Chongxi Mountain.

But he wondered if they knew anything about the Half Moon Devourer poison at all.

Even if they did know about it, would they be willing to help detoxify him? The Buyi Tribe was rumored to be a psychic clan.

The clan was very strange and unlike any other.

They did not bow to the alluring power of gold and silver.

Ji Yuxian would have to depend entirely on his own luck! On the second night that Ji Yuxian left, Su Ji came to Ji Manor.

She entered the main yard, looked at the empty study, and quickly hurried to the bedroom.

There was no sign of her man in the bedroom either.

She panicked and shouted, “Mo Yu!” Mo Yu came quickly.

“Greetings, Young Mistress!” “Where is Ji Yuxian?” Su Jiu’s voice was slightly anxious.

“Young Mistress, something went wrong with the business in Jingzhou, so Eldest Young Master rushed over to deal with it!” “When did he leave?” “Yesterday afternoon!” Su Jiu frowned.

Ji Yuxian went to Jingzhou without even telling her about it.

Was it because things were too urgent, so he was unable to find time to inform her? Su Jiu felt uneasy.

And after thinking about it, she strode into Old Gu’s courtyard.

Old Gu was pounding medicine.

When he saw her, he did not seem surprised at all.

He only smiled at her and said, “Did you finish the medicine?” Su Jiu shook her head.

“I want to ask you something!” “What’s up?” “How is the poison in Ji Yuxian’s body? Recently, his complexion did not seem very good.

” “So you do know that you should show care and concern for him!” Old Gu mocked with a sneer.

Su Jiu was accustomed to the old man’s eccentric ways of speaking, but today, she intuitively knew that something was wrong and asked anxiously, “What’s wrong with him?” Old Gu lowered his head to focus on pouring out the crushed medicine.

After a while, he looked up and faced Su Jiu’s anxious expression.

“Nothing is the matter!” Su Jiu was relieved to hear that.

She sat cross-legged on the futon, leaning back against the door frame, and said softly, “A few days ago, Cao Datou came back after finding Jinli Country across the Eastern Sea.

There seems to be a clue about the Half Moon Devourer poison there.

I shall wait for a while before I go over and help him to find the antidote.

” “Girl, are you following up on the affairs of the Emperor?” Old Gu asked, seemingly out of the blue.

Su Jiu shook her head but then, she nodded without a word.

“So what is your relationship with Ji Yuxian? Is he someone you rely on and have gotten used to having around?” Doctor Gu asked with a polite smile, pounding more medicine.

Su Jiu turned away and with a firm gaze in her eyes, said, ” I like him, and it’s the kind of love between a man and a woman!” Old Gu was stunned for a moment.

He had never met a woman who uttered these words in such a frank and straightforward manner.

“In that case, treat him better,” Old Gu told her seriously.

Su Jiu frowned and muttered, “When have I treated him badly?” “When have you been good to him?” Old Gu glanced at her.

Su Jiu was speechless.

That’s right, when had she been good to Ji Yuxian? She did not show him any care or concern, she did not care about his diet or eating habits and certainly did not do anything of importance to help him in his affairs.

She certainly was not acting like a wife to him! Yet Ji Yuxian had done a lot for her.

Su Jiu rested her chin on her knee and whispered, “I will treat him well in the future.

” “Girl, not all people or things will have a future.

You should cherish the present and don’t regret it when you lose him,” Old Gu said softly.

This was the first time Su Jiu heard Old Gu speak in such a grave tone.

She nodded solemnly.

“I will remember your words!” She would most definitely reciprocate his deep love for her with a greater level of affection.

On the twentieth day of the fourth month, Grand Empress Dowager Xiao hosted a flower appreciation event.

The precious daughters of noble families within Shengjing were invited.

People secretly speculated that, since the Emperor refused to draft concubines for his harem, Grand Empress Dowager Xiao was intending to help him choose concubines all by herself.

Therefore, all the women who attended dressed up specially for the event.

They had to appear beautiful and graceful, pleasing and polite.

Even if the Emperor did not like them, they still had a fighting chance if Grand Empress Dowager Xiao liked them.

The night before the event, Empress Dowager Rong sent people to Crown Prince’s Manor to inform Yu Long, asking her to attend the flower appreciation event as well.

Yu Long knew that Empress Dowager Rong was giving her an opportunity to approach Xiao Lie.

She was very thankful.

Early the next morning, Yu Long entered the palace early after carefully dressing herself up for the occasion.

The flower appreciation event was held in the back garden next to Fushou Palace.

When Yu Long arrived, there were already two or three women in the garden enjoying the flowers, laughing, and catching butterflies.

They were dressed in luxurious court dresses.

Despite their varying body sizes, all of them looked stunning and beautiful.

They spoke in a cultured and gentle manner.

Indeed, they were almost as charming as the spring flowers in the garden.

When Yu Long came over, a few women approached and paid their respects to her.

“Greetings, Crown Princess Consort!” They felt embarrassed after they finished speaking.

There was no longer a Crown Prince, so why was there a Crown Princess Consort? “Aren’t we doing this wrong? Daliang Country no longer has a Crown Prince!” one of the women murmured with a mocking tone.

Yu Long turned her head in the direction of the woman’s voice and looked over.

It was the young lady who had been flattering her during the autumn hunting event.

The young lady of the vice minister of the Ministry of Rites, Wu Qian.

Now that she was down and abandoned by Xiao Lie, these people could not wait to step over her head.

Yu Long straightened her back, her face remained unchanged.

She continued walking forward.

“The Emperor doesn’t want her anymore! So what the hell is she doing here, putting on the airs of a Crown Princess Consort!” “She plotted and schemed against the other concubines.

Such a vicious person is not fit to be a queen!” “If I were her, I would have found a rope and hanged myself.

” “Her skin is thicker than ours!” From afar, she could still hear the voices of those women talking.

Yu Long’s footsteps slowed as her hands tightened into a grip under her long sleeves.

Peony flowers were blooming.

In the pavilion surrounded by peonies, several women chatted around Zhaoyi Concubine Lan.

These women had flattering smiles on their faces.

They were drinking tea, bragging about things, and not at all attentive to their surroundings.

When someone finally noticed Yu Long, they turned their heads immediately and pretended not to have seen her.

Because of Xiao Lie’s indifference and cold treatment of her, Yu Long had become like the plague to these women.

These women feared that they will lose their qualifications to enter the harem if they said a word to her.

Lan Zhihui, on the other hand, got up and greeted her.

She wore a colorful phoenix dress and had a phoenix hairclip on.

Her gentle and graceful temperament added a little extravagance to the affair.

She smiled softly and said, ” Crown Princess Consort, you are also here!” “It was Empress Dowager Rong who invited me.

” Yu Long’s face was light but she kept her dignified posture.

Lan Zhihui chuckled.

“Crown Princess Consort, you misunderstood what I meant.

I did not say that you cannot be here!” “You don’t have the right to say such things to me!” Yu Long snorted coldly, brushing past Lan Zhihui, and headed for Fushou Palace to pay her respects to Empress Dowager Rong and Grand Empress Dowager Xiao.

She ignored the whispers and mockery behind her.

At this time, Grand Empress Dowager Xiao just had her breakfast, and Empress Dowager Rong served her tea to gargle her mouth.

“You are already an Empress Dowager as well, but you nevertheless continue to serve me.

That is absolutely not in line with rules!” Grand Empress Dowager Xiao laughed.

“Serving the Grand Empress Dowager, who is the mother of my husband, the grandmother of the current emperor; that is a concubine’s rules!” Empress Dowager Rong laughed and took the tea with her to dispose of it.

“Have all the precious daughters of the various Manors arrived?” Grand Empress Dowager Xiao asked.

“Yes, many have already arrived.

They know that Grand Empress Dowager Xiao was having her breakfast, so they did not dare disturb you and stayed in the gardens instead! I dared not come in to disturb and so I went to the garden,” Lady Ru said.

“Teacher Zhang’s granddaughter looks very good.

She is beautiful, calm, and composed, moreover, she appears to be knowledgeable as well,” Grand Empress Dowager Xiao said to Empress Dowager Rong.

“Even if she does not become Xiao Lie’s queen, she can be given the title of a concubine first.

Xiao Lie has no concern about such things, so you as his mother has to help him and educate him!” Empress Dowager Rong knew that Xiao Lie was still waiting for Su Jiu, but it was not the right time to tell Grand Empress Dowager Xiao about this.

Thus, she merely nodded.

“Yes, this concubine remembers!” “Is Jingrou and Jiu’er coming today?” “Sister Rou may come a little later.

Yuejiu has something on and cannot enter the palace today.

” “I haven’t seen that girl for a long time.

What is she doing all day?” As they talked, servants came forth and reported, “The Crown Princess Consort is here!” “Yu Long?” Grand Empress Dowager Xiao was slightly stunned.

“It is I who sent someone over to invite her!” Empress Dowager Rong hurriedly said.

“Let her come in!” Grand Empress Dowager Xiao ordered.

Yu Long walked in and paid her respects.

“Yu Long greets Grand Empress Dowager Xiao and Mother Empress Dowager Rong!” Empress Dowager Rong helped her to stand up, looking at her apparently thin face and flinched momentarily.

“Oh my, why did you lose so much weight?” Yu Long suddenly looked down at the floor, tears in her eyes.

Grand Empress Dowager Xiao sighed and said, “Sit next to me.

” “Yes.

” Yu Long went forward to sit on the stool beside Grand Empress Dowager Xiao.

“I know that you have been wronged and I am not very clear about what happened between you and the Emperor, but I believe that the Emperor will not do this for no reason.

” Grand Empress Dowager Xiao’s eyes that have seen everything in the world had since turned yellow.

However, it has yet to turn cloudy, and retained in them a clear glow.

Yu Long lowered her head and choked out, “It’s all Long’er’s fault!” “Anyway, you are the wife that the emperor officially married.

Both of you are still husband and wife.

It will always be so in the future.

Your affection for one another cannot be so easily broken.

Lord Yun Nan does not understand, but you have to understand! You must consider all things in the long term, do you understand?” Yu Long nodded immediately and said respectfully, “Yes, I understand! My father will also understand and will have no complaints about the Emperor!” “That’s good! The Emperor has just ascended the throne and is very busy with the court.

He cannot handle the private affairs of men and women right now.

You are so sensible, and I will most definitely remember this! Time will certainly be in your favor with such an attitude!” “Thank you, Grand Empress Dowager Xiao!” Yu Long knelt down, tears sliding down her eyes.

“Get up, don’t cry!” Grand Empress Dowager Xiao lovingly wiped tears off Yu Long’s face.

“As a woman, sometimes you may feel aggrieved, but it will always pass!” “Yes!” Yu Long’s tears threatened to flow again, and she could only try her best to bear with the situation.

She shut her eyes tight, swallowing those tears of sorrow back into her heart.

After a brief conversation, the servants came to report that the Young Mistress from Su Manor had arrived.

Grand Empress Dowager Xiao said to Yu Long.

“You go to the garden and relax with the other girls.

I have to say a few words to Jingrou before heading over!” “Yes, Long’er will leave first!” Yu Long paid her respects once more, took a step back, and left, her disappearing figure all too pathetic.

Empress Dowager Rong watched that once brave and composed woman who had become a mere shadow of her former self.

She sighed, watching her leave.

Yu Long returned to the garden.

She saw that there were more women present and they were all very well dressed, constantly judging one another.

Their defenses against one another were up, even though none of them had entered the palace harem yet.

Yu Long smirked, and she walked towards a slightly secluded place.

She sat behind a tree and waiting for Grand Empress Dowager Xiao and Empress Dowager Rong to come over to the gardens.

Behind her, the flowers were blooming and flourishing.

In front of her was a lush forest.

Quiet and serene, few people came to this area.

Yu Long leaned her head against a tree, thinking about what Grand Empress Dowager Xiao had said to her.

Would she really help her? In this palace, everyone wore a mask.

It had long been impossible to differentiate who was telling the truth.

Therefore, the only person you could rely on was yourself! Since Grand Empress Dowager Xiao was still somewhat afraid of the strength of Lord Yun Nan Manor, there was still a chance to turn things around.

As she was deep in her thoughts, suddenly, she heard someone talking under the flower stand behind the tree.

“I haven’t seen Lady Hu for a long time! Let’s find a quiet place to talk!” It was the voice of Lan Zhihui.

The sound of footsteps gradually approached Yu Long, and Nangong Bi said with a smile.

“I have heard about things between you and Su Jiu from Dapao.

However, I am not very clear on the details.

Nevertheless, since Zhaoyi Concubine Lan and Su Jiu have already buried the hatchet, then we shall be friends as well!” Lan Zhihui smiled softly.

“Lady Hu has a straightforward personality, no wonder you have good relations with Su Jiu!” “Su Jiu is actually very easy to get along with,” Nangong Bi replied.

“Yes!” Lan Zhihui paused a while and asked, “Lady Hu has been pregnant for a few months now, and it looks like she is about to give birth soon.

” “It’s been four months!” Nangong Bi’s delicate voice became gentle as she spoke about this.

Before the large tree, Yu Long’s facial expression suddenly changed dramatically.

“That’s great! Lady Hu is going to be a mother soon!” Lan Zhihui said enviously.

“It’s still months away!” Nangong Bi stroked her stomach and laughed.

“Is it difficult to get pregnant?” Lan Zhihui asked.

“Zhaoyi Concubine Lan will definitely know if she is pregnant!” Nangong Bi said playfully.

“Alas!” Lan Zhihui’s smiling voice had a hint of self-mockery.

“It’s impossible in this life!” As they spoke, they saw Yu Long coming out from behind the large tree.

She stared at Nangong Bi in shock, her eyes staring at her slightly larger belly, and her face was pale.

“You, you didn’t suffer from a miscarriage?” Nangong Bi and Lan Zhihui stood up immediately, and Nangong Bi sneered.

“I wanted to find a quiet place to speak, but I didn’t expect that this tree had ears!” Yu Long suddenly stepped forward and hissed at her.

“I’m asking you! Why didn’t you have a miscarriage?” Nangong Bi shielded her stomach with her hands and retreated.

“I didn’t have a miscarriage.

Of course, it was because Su Jiu found Doctor Gu at Ji Manor to help me save the child.

Isn’t it disappointing that the Crown Princess Consort’s conspiracy failed?” ” Crown Princess Consort shouldn’t just be disappointed at all!” Lan Zhihui grinned.

Yu Long appeared to be struck by lightning.

There was a blank look on her face.

She turned to Lan Zhihui and said with near certainty, “You haven’t conceived the Emperor’s child, have you? On the first day of the new year, did you and the Emperor collude to play tricks on me?” Lan Zhihui raised an eyebrow and chuckled.

“I have been wronged.

That was Su Jiu and the Emperor’s idea.

” “No, it’s impossible!” Yu Long shook her head anxiously.

“That day, I clearly saw blood flowing from under your skirt!” “It was chicken blood wrapped in oil paper.

When I fell down, I intentionally smashed it,” Lan Zhihui said.

She approached Yu Long and whispered, “Even entering the Crown Prince Manor for the first time, that was arranged by Su Jiu too!” Yu Long stumbled backward, her face turned pale with a look of disbelief.

She looked at Nangong Bi and Lan Zhihui in shock.

Once she internalized the shock, there was only panic in her heart.

It turned out that everything had been a trap set up by Xiao Lie and Su Jiu.

Nangong Bi had not had a miscarriage, so Hu Dapao had no suspicion of Su Jiu either.

Everything was faked, they were all simply putting on a show for her! Hu Dapao had not taken troops to the Northern Desert, but to Diannan City! Xiao Lie and Su Jiu had carefully choreographed their actions, seamlessly weaving their actions together.

Their execution was flawless! All that they did was simply to seek revenge on Lord Yun Nan Manor! She had always thought wrongly.

Su Jiu had not provoked nor created the souring relationship between Lord Yun Nan Manor and Xiao Lie.

From the beginning, she was working with Xiao Lie to accomplish this! Yu Long’s face turned pale and colorless.

She could not care less about Nangong Bi at this moment and turned to walk out quickly.

She had to find Xiao Lie and question him, but on her way to find him, she left the palace instead, mounting a horse, and rushing towards Lord Yun Nan Manor.

Once outside the manor, she almost fell off the horse hurrying inside.

Hu Dapao had been away for almost two months.

She hoped that her father had prepared a backup plan.

She hoped that she still had some time! Yu Long stumbled into the study, broke in, and shouted, “Father, write a letter to Liu Feng! Diannan City is in danger!” Lord Yun Nan sat behind the huge table.

He held a letter in his hand, his face was solemn.

He slowly looked up.

“Long’er, it is too late!” Everything turned black in front of Yu Long’s eyes.

She felt as if her world was spinning around her.

“Diannan…” “Hu Dapao led 200,000 soldiers and attacked Diannan City under the guise of rebellion.

He colluded with Huan’er from within and from the outside, attacked the city.

Liu Feng was killed in battle.

We have lost Diannan City!” Lord Yun Nan finished his words, closed his eyes, and stumped backward into his chair.

“Father!” Yu Long screamed, rushing forward to hug Xia Cang, and shouted, “Servants, somebody! Quick! Come!” … Xia Cang was highly aggravated.

However, he recovered quickly after being treated by the doctor.

Yu Long knelt beside his bed and wept bitterly.

Xia Cang’s eyes were lifeless.

“Hu Dapao had intercepted the correspondence between me and Liu Feng.

He already triumphantly returned to the capital half a month ago.

When he meets with the Emperor, the crimes of our manor will be made public.

We will all be convicted and unable to run from it!” “No!” Yu Long’s eyes turned red and she kept crying.

“The Emperor will not kill Father! No!” “Diannan has been lost.

What’s the point of me staying alive? It’s just to watch Lord Yun Nan Manor getting destroyed under my watch.

How can I ever face my ancestors?” Xia Cang moaned weakly.

“It is all because of Long’er’s incompetence! She did not save Lord Yun Nan Manor!” Yu Long burst into tears.

“You are a girl after all, so your father doesn’t blame you! I just didn’t expect, Huan’er, Huan’er, he…” The rage in Lord Yun Nan’s body surged, and he coughed violently.

“Father, don’t talk about it anymore!” Yu Long patted his back.

“I’ll go and see the Emperor immediately! I must see the Emperor; he can’t treat Lord Yun Nan Manor like this!” Xia Cang leaned against the pillow and slowly shook his head.

“There’s no point in that.

” “No, I’m going to see him!” Yu Long wiped her tears, got up, and left.

At that moment, one hundred thousand troops passed through Yuhu Mountain and were heading in the direction of Shengjing City.

Out of the mountain, they were still dozens of miles away from Shengjing City.

Nevertheless, they would still make it back in time.

At noon, Hu Dapao ordered the troops to rest for a while.

Xia Huan sat on the horse and suddenly pointed to a hill, smiling.

“Dapao, look over there!” Hu Dapao looked in the direction of his pointed finger and immediately grinned.

That was the base of their Dragon Conqueror Gang in Yuhu Mountain.

The two climbed up the hill and looked towards their three clay houses.

Alas, they were too far away.

Except for the rolling mountains, other things along the way were painted dark green.

Hu Dapao sat cross-legged on the ground, grabbing a piece of wild grass to chew, staring in the direction of Shengjing City.

He took in a long breath of air.

“Finally, this f*cking thing is over.

I’ve been feeling so suffocated for such a long time!” To deliberately oppose the Dragon Conqueror Gang, when they went for a drink, he could not go and had to stay at home staring into space.

And when he had to say those words to Su Jiu and Ah Shu, he really wanted to slap himself! “I knew you were all acting!” Xia Huan chuckled.

“Say, when the quarrel became the most intense, you didn’t doubt that I really betrayed Dragon Conqueror Gang, did you?” Hu Dapao smiled.

Xia Huan shook his head.

“No doubt! No one from the Dragon Conqueror Gang will ever betray Chief!” “After going back to Shengjing City, where will you go? I’m afraid that Lord Yun Nan won’t let you off so easily!” Hu Dapao said worriedly.

“At most, he will kill me.

Just take it as my way of showing him gratitude for giving birth to me!” Xia Huan took the wine bag on his waist, opened the lid, and poured out a sip of alcohol.

Then, he laughed at himself.

“Lord Yun Nan Manor will regard me as an enemy.

Also, Chief doesn’t want me anymore.

This time, I’m really homeless!” “Do you regret it?” Hu Dapao asked.

Chang Huan was originally the son of Lord Yun Nan Manor and the leader of Diannan City.

Yet, this time around, he personally destroyed the foundation of his family that was built for hundreds of years.

Essentially, he destroyed his own glory and wealth! “What will I regret?” Xia Huan’s pair of handsome eyes were cold.

“I’m ultimately Chief’s Chang Huan, whoever hurts her is my enemy!” Hu Dapao patted him on the shoulder.

“Relax, Chief has already stop blaming you a long time ago.

You will soon be able to return to the Dragon Conqueror Gang.

” Xia Huan glanced around bitterly, and said lightly, “Actually, I can’t forgive myself.

” “It’s already over!” Hu Dapao did not know how to comfort people.

He then remembered that he always touched Nangong Bi’s hair when trying to appease her, so he raised his hand and stroked Chang Huan’s hair.

“Scram!” Xia Huan froze for a moment, then flicked Hu Dapao’s hand off his head.

He got up and walked back towards the army.

“Ah, what are you so angry?” Hu Dapao asked, following behind.

“Go home and touch your wife instead!” Hu Dapao was speechless.

They continued their journey back.

After getting out of the mountains, Hu Dapao asked the lieutenant-general to take the army back to camp.

He brought with him, one hundred soldiers and headed for the city.

The two of them were sitting upright on their horses and urged their mounts to go faster.

Within an hour, they could make out the towering walls of Shengjing City.

A burst of horse hooves stomping across the plains thundered through the wilderness.

They moved with the speed of the wind and soon reached the city gates.

On the moat, Su Jiu was waiting for them.

Under the sun, her face appeared bright and glowing.

She smiled at them.

The two dismounted at the same time.

Hu Dapao stepped forward, hugged Su Jiu tightly, and said excitedly, “Chief, Dapao is back!” “Okay!” Su Jiu patted his shoulder hard.

“Are you injured?” “No! With the help of Chang Huan, everything went well!” Hu Dapao got up and smiled.

As soon as Chang Huan entered Diannan City, he locked Liu Feng up.

He took out the letters that he sent to the six tribes of southern Xinjiang, accusing him of betraying Lord Yun Nan and colluding with the six tribes.

He further accused him of trying to take advantage of Lord Yun Nan’s absence to start a rebellion.

Liu Feng was naturally dissatisfied, arguing that it was Lord Yun Nan who instigated him to do it.

Xia Huan took out the relics given to him by Lord Yun Nan.

With it, Lord Yun Nan had agreed to withdraw his army and gift Diannan City to the imperial court.

It would, therefore, be impossible for him to contact the six tribes, instigating them to rebel.

Then, he scolded Liu Feng for framing Xia Cang.

Diannan CIity ministers were at a loss.

After all, Xia Huan was the son of Lord Yun Nan Manor.

Those were hand-written letters from Lord Yun Nan, so naturally, they believed him.

However, why did Xia Cang agree to withdraw his troops from Diannan City? Liu Feng’s subordinates saw that their lord was about to be arrested and stood up to try and rescue him.

In this manner, they played right into Xia Huan’s accusations of rebelling.

Just as everything fell into a massive panic, Hu Dapao led 200,000 troops to kill Liu Feng and the rebellious soldiers.

They entered the city and took charge of Lord Yun Nan’s army.

They declared the will of the imperial court, denounced the rebellion, and ordered a full withdrawal.

In one go, by the time the old officials in Diannan CIty finally could react to the situation, the outcome had already been determined.

A few feet away, Xia Huan grabbed the reins on his horse and gazed at Su Jiu with earnest eyes.

“It’s hard on both of you,” Su Jiu said softly.


” Chang Huan was almost stunned when she spoke to him and shook his head again and again.

“Go back into the city!” “Back to the city!” Hu Dapao laughed loudly.

Hu Dapao and Xia Huan entered the palace and reported their work.

They walked and stood outside the Royal Study.

There, with just one glance, they saw Crown Princess Consort Yu Long kneeling, begging to see Xiao Lie.

Seeing that the two had returned, Yu Long’s heart calmed instantly.

She knew that the outcome had already been determined, and there was nothing she could do to change it.

“General Hu is not only just a brave general.

I did not expect his acting skills to be so fine as well!” Yu Long mocked with a sneer.

Hu Dapao looked at her coldly.

“You looked down on the Dragon Conqueror Gang and looked down on me, Hu Dapao! Don’t even talk about Bi’er, but if Chief wants my life, I will definitely not hesitate and grab the knife first!” Yu Long was filled with sorrow and indignation.

“What did Su Jiu give you, so much so that you are so loyal to her?” “Only those of you who calculate and manipulate will think of benefits! If there were any benefits, then there is only this that I can tell the Crown Princess Consort.

Chief saved our lives.

Without her, we would be dead.

Now, do you understand?” Yu Long’s eyes were cold, and she turned towards Xia Huan.

“What about Huan’er? Your life was given to you by Lord Yun Nan Manor.

Why did you betray your father and the manor?” Xia Huan looked at her indifferently.

“You said that I am part of the family, but you did not hesitate to use me to kill my favorite person in the world.

Is this the so-called affection you have for me?” He took a step closer, his eyes filled with hatred.

“This affection that you have, I have no use for it! Plotting and trying to kill Chief; did you instigate all that for the overall situation, or merely for your own selfishness?” Yu Long’s eyes widened in shock and she slowly staggered backward.

“If you dare to hurt her, I will make you lose all the things you care about the most! Xiao Lie and Lord Yun Nan Manor, everything you want and everything you protect, I will destroy them all!” Xia Huan’s voice was cold, and he was done speaking to her.

Glancing at her for a final time, he turned and walked towards the Royal Study.

Yu Long stood still, trembling all over as if standing in an icy cold cave.

She was frozen in every part of her body, from top to bottom.

No! She had done her best to scheme and manipulate.

Yet this was the outcome she had to accept? An utter defeat? She had lost Xiao Lie, and Diannan City had fallen as well! She was indignant! Highly indignant.

Suddenly, a rush of footsteps rushed toward the Royal Study, and a palace maid said, “Hurry! Inform the emperor! Princess Consort Yu has passed!” Princess Consort Yu had been in bed ever since her scandal on the lake with a manservant.

She had been heavily affected by the cold winds that blew over her naked body then and struggled to get better for a few months.

She failed to make it past spring.

Although Xiao Yan was cut off from ever ascending the throne, Princess Consort Yu was still a royal, and it was a big event when she died.

Yu Long watched the palace maids hurrying off to lodge a report.

Her eyes narrowed as she quickly left the palace.

Perhaps, for the final time, she could still fight and make something for herself and Lord Yun Nan Manor!