Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 185

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 185

Chapter 185: Mysterious Past Seven days later, Su Jiu arrived in Fuyang City.

Fuyang City had an extensive history.

The ancient city, which had existed for hundreds of years, was surrounded by mountains and waters, and a winding river flowed across the city.

The old piles on the riverside were elegant, and the scenery was beautiful.

The local people were simple and honest, and the cultural background was profound and deep.

It was a place where great figures and poets through the ages praised and loved to stop over.

Su Jiu entered the city in a horse carriage and observed the wine shops lined on both sides of the street.

The whole place was prosperous and lively.

Although it was not as magnificent as Shengjing City, there was a unique Jiangnan appeal to it that was graceful and subdued.

It was soon going to be evening, and it was going to be dark.

Er Mao parked the carriage outside an inn, and Su Jiu got out of the carriage.

“North Lodge.

” Su Jiu looked at the name of such an elegant inn, pursed her lips, and inspected the place.

She looked at the noisy street, and suddenly felt a sense of familiarity in her heart, as if she had been here before.

Why did she come to Fuyang City? Su Jiu laughed as she stepped into the inn.

“Please come inside, our esteemed guest!” the server said loudly and greeted her warmly.

Su Jiu looked at the dining hall, which was very clean and clear.

She then smiled and said, “Give me two rooms!” “Okay! Please come upstairs!” .



The server escorted Su Jiu upstairs and ordered other people to prepare tea.

Their service was impeccable and thorough.

The climate in Fuyang was mild and comfortable.

Su Jiu stayed there for the first time, and she did not experience any discomfort and had a really good sleep.

Early the next morning, Su Jiu paid a visit to the mansion of the rich and influential Ge Qishan in Fuyang City.

According to the list given to her by Xiao Lie, Fuyang’s governor colluded with this person.

They had been bullying and oppressing the people in Fuyang City, monopolizing prices, and accumulating wealth for Prince Zhao, Xiao Jing.

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COM Why did Xiao Jing need so much money? Su Jiu pondered about it deeply on her way to meet Ge Qishan.

Xiao Jing wanted to buy over the imperial ministers, so he needed money.

However, for a person like him who was mad and had almost no limits in accumulating wealth, the most likely reason was that he was recruiting an army in private.

For the prince to be secretly recruiting soldiers and buying horses, he must be planning a rebellion.

Su Jiu’s eyes had a tinge of worry, but she knew that since Xiao Lie was aware of Xiao Jing’s private activities, he would naturally think of it as well.

Thus, he was likely already making preparations.

Thinking of that, Su Jiu began to feel at ease.

The Ge Manor was on the eastern side of the city.

Its courtyard had five entrances, and the towering door had red tiles.

The willows were planted outside the walls, and the manservant in front of the door was neatly dressed.

At one glance, it was obvious that it was a wealthy family.

Su Jiu took out the invitation letter and then waited for the servant to relay the message.

Ge Qishan was accompanying his concubine to enjoy the flowers and reciting poems.

He frowned slightly when he saw the letter.

“Su Jiu from Shengjing City? Who is this person?” The housekeeper beside him answered, “This Master Su Jiu is quite famous in Shengjing City, and is a rising star in the business world!” “Then why did she not stay in Shengjing City? What is she doing in Fuyang City?” Ge Qishan asked.

The housekeeper pondered and replied, “She probably wants to expand her business to Fuyang City, so she came to meet Master first as according to the rules!” Ge Qishan waved his hand.

“No! Tell her I’m busy now, and I have no time to meet guests!” “Yes!” The housekeeper responded and went out.

Su Jiu heard that Ge Qishan did not want to see her, and she was not surprised.

She then told the housekeeper that she would come again the next day! It was still early in the day, so Su Jiu walked the streets of Fuyang until it was dark.

Afterward, she instructed Er Mao to drive her back slowly.

On the second day, Su Jiu came to visit Ge Manor as usual.

This time, the housekeeper did not even go in to report and told her that their master was out.

Did he go out? Su Jiu sneered and returned to the horse carriage.

She asked Er Mao to drive the carriage and hide under the willow tree to wait.

She did not believe that this Old Master Ge would not come out! The sun was exceptionally glaring in May.

Su Jiu and Er Mao leaned against the shaft of the carriage and waited for a long time.

They did not even realize it when they had dozed off.

Su Jiu suddenly woke up when she heard someone talking.

As she turned around, she saw a lot of people gathered outside the gate of the Ge Manor.

Within the cluster, someone in the middle was walking towards the courtyard of the Ge Manor.

As she was far away, she could not see who was in the middle.

However, this meant that Ge Qishan must be at home! Su Jiu jumped off the horse carriage and marched towards the door.

The manservant stopped Su Jiu.

“Why are you here again? I told you that our Old Master is not home!” “Not at home?” Su Jiu glanced at him, too lazy to entertain his nonsense.

She raised her hand and slammed it against the door in front of him.

The manservant’s eyes suddenly dimmed as he staggered back.

Su Jiu then stepped into the courtyard through the door.

As she entered the front door, Su Jiu watched the group of people enter the reception pavilion in the outer courtyard.

When the housekeeper spotted Su Jiu, he came over to stop her immediately.

“Master Su, our Old Master is not at home! Please come again another day!” Seeing the people in Ge Manor acting in a perfunctory manner towards her, Su Jiu got impatient.

She reached out to push the housekeeper away and walked straight into the reception pavilion.

The housekeeper thought that Su Jiu was young and thin, but he did not expect himself to tumble on the ground after she gave him just a slight push.

“Housekeeper!” Several servants came over to help him up.

The housekeeper brushed away the soil on his body and pointed at Su Jiu’s back angrily.

“Hurry up and grab her back! How dare she cause a ruckus in this manor?! Does she know what this place is?” Everyone went up to surround Su Jiu to catch her.

“Stop!” “Stay there!” Su Jiu turned a deaf ear.

She got into the reception pavilion, pushed open the door, and asked, “Who here is Old Master Ge?” A lot of people were standing in the reception pavilion, and it was bustling.

One of the men, who was adorned in a bat embroidered robe, turned his head.

He frowned and asked, “Who are you?” “Old Master, she is Su Jiu! The servants tried to stop her but she barged her way in!” The housekeeper chased breathlessly, with the few servants behind him! “How dare you?! Do you think the Ge Manor is a place you can just barge in casually?” Ge Qishan bellowed.

“It’s not that I want to barge in, but your servants lied and said that you were not in the house, Shopkeeper Ge.

I came to find you to talk about business, and to put it simply, I am here to help you make money.

This servant here stopped me, which means that he is stopping you from earning money.

This kind of lying servant deserves to be dragged out and be beaten to death! What is the point of keeping him?” The young woman’s voice was clear, and her words were direct.

After she said that, the housekeeper and Ge Qishan’s faces turned pale with awkward expressions.

“Su Jiu?” A pleasant, deep, and sonorous voice came from the front of the crowd.

The crowd suddenly retreated sideways.

Su Jiu looked up, and at a glance, she saw a man with a magnificent figure in a dark purple robe turning towards her.

Ji Yuxian! Why was he here? Her eyes widened.

As soon as the man sounded out, the reception pavilion calmed down.

His eyes glistened, his thin lips were bland, and he walked over slowly, glancing at Su Jiu.

He then smiled and asked, “Did Master Su come to Fuyang City with me?” Su Jiu raised her eyebrows.

“I thought Eldest Young Master Ji was following behind me!” The people around inhaled deeply.

This young person was very audacious to talk to the Eldest Young Master in such an insolent manner.

However, Ji Yuxian’s expression was gentle as he said, “No matter who followed who, since we can somehow meet from thousands of miles away, this must be fate! Don’t you agree, Young Master Su?” Seeing Ji Yuxian’s expression, everyone suddenly realized that they had already known each other before this.

Ge Qishan also immediately switched his attitude and said with a smile, “It turns out that you are a friend of the Eldest Young Master.

Please pardon me, my mind has been getting muddled lately!” The people in the reception pavilion were all merchants in Fuyang City.

They knew that Ji Yuxian was coming to Fuyang City, so they gathered together in the Ge Manor.

They invited the Eldest Young Master to discuss working together with the Ji Manor’s shops.

At this moment, they approached Su Jiu and greeted her very politely.

Everyone exchanged greetings for a while.

With so many people, it was not a good time to bring up Su Jiu’s agenda, so she made an appointment with Ge Qishan to come again the next day.

At least after the meeting this day, Ge Qishan could no longer hide from her.

Ultimately, Ji Yuxian had helped her once again.

Su Jiu went out of the Ge Manor, and Ji Yuxian followed after.

Ge Qishan and the others walked him out of the door with exceptional politeness and enthusiasm.

Ji Yuxian walked directly in front of Su Jiu, glanced at the horse carriage in the distance, and said, “Don’t take the horse carriage! Let’s take a walk.

I have something to ask you!” Su Jiu nodded and asked Er Mao to return to the inn first.

The scenery outside the Ge Manor was beautiful.

In front was the Zhuo River passing through Fuyang City.

The willows were casting shade on the river bank.

The water was sparkling, and the breeze was relaxing.

As soon as one walked over, the summer heat seemed to have swept away from the person.

The two of them strolled along the riverbank, with no one speaking for a while.

A faint fragrance of the green grass permeated her nose, and Su Jiu suddenly felt that her heart had not been so tranquil for the longest time.

Her whole being was wrapped in the sun, and she felt comfortable and relaxed.

She picked up a pebble and threw it across the surface with water.

Su Jiu then turned back and asked, “What do you want to say to me?” The man was in a purple robe, and he did not wear the red robe that made him look enchanted.

However, he looked much more extravagant and exquisite, and his exceptional demeanor remained unparalleled.

He looked at Su Jiu lightly and asked, “Why did you come to Fuyang City?” Su Jiu turned around and answered, “The commercial house wants to open a franchise, so I came to Fuyang City to investigate the market here.

” “Then, why did you want to meet Ge Qishan?” “We, the Dragon Conqueror Gang, were not familiar with the people and life here in Fuyang City.

Hence, we wanted the governor to take care of them through Ge Qishan,” Su Jiu said calmly.

Ji Yuxian’s eyes blinked, as the water in his eyes glistened and bright ripples spread.

He smiled and said, “I think the part about expanding the business is fake, and your true intention is to get into contact with the governor of Fuyang City!” Su Jiu suddenly turned her head, her gaze turning from shock to admiration.

She joked with a grin, “Ji Yuxian, what else in this world do you not know?” Ji Yuxian gazed at her longingly.

“Why don’t you like me? I don’t know!” Stunned by his sudden question, Su Jiu looked down at the river.

The atmosphere became silent.

Su Jiu raised her head, and a slightly puzzled expression appeared on her delicate face.

She muttered, “I think I’ve been here before!” In front was a large house of a wealthy family with white walls and red tiles, partially hidden by green willows.

“Turn along the river.

There is a wooden bridge in front, and there is a red bean tree at the end of the bridge,” Su Jiu recited to herself.

Ji Yuxian looked at her in confusion, and the two of them walked over.

Sure enough, there was an old wooden bridge in front of them.

It seemed to have been there for a long time.

On both sides of the wooden bridge, they were covered with red beans.

Su Jiu smiled and said, “It turns out that I still can predict without being a clairvoyant!” “Have you been to Fuyang City?” Ji Yuxian asked.

“No!” Su Jiu shook her head.

“I never left Yuhu Mountain before I went to Shengjing City!” Su Jiu thought that it was just a coincidence, so she did not let it get to her heart.

They continued to move forward.

The two walked to the main entrance of the mansion.

Just then, Ji Yuxian was taken aback, and he unwittingly gaped at Su Jiu.

The manor’s sign read: “Su Manor.

” Which Su Manor? Ji Yuxian’s heart pounded.

An idea flashed passed his head, but it went so quickly that he was unable to grasp it.

After taking Su Jiu back to the inn, Ji Yuxian said, “The night view of the Zhuo River at Fuyang City is magnificent.

I’ll pick you up to go for a cruise at night.

” Su Jiu hesitated for a moment, before politely declining, “No, I’m a little tired.

I don’t want to go out at night!” Ji Yuxian smiled blandly.

“Well, rest early then.

I will bring you to see Ge Qishan tomorrow morning.

” Su Jiu did not want to trouble Ji Yuxian anymore, but just before she could refuse, the man said to her, “If I take you there, things will be smoother!” Su Jiu nodded.

“Okay, sorry to bother you!” “Why are you being so polite to me like we are strangers? If we have to split clearly between us before this, how much do we owe each other?” Ji Yuxian looked at the girl faintly, and his handsome face looked enigmatic under the twilight.

Su Jiu bit her lower lips and nodded slightly.

“I know!” Ji Yuxian’s lips curled, seemingly displaying his apparent loneliness, self-deprecation, sadness, and helplessness.

He turned and walked towards the horse carriage.

Su Jiu stared at his lonely back, and suddenly recalled the hardships he had suffered.

She had promised to accompany him, but she failed to do so in the end.

Was his medical condition still relapsing every month? Was he reading the accounts till late every night? Was he still eating alone? Su Jiu’s nose soured.

She suddenly turned around and walked into the inn.

All these had nothing to do with her now! She was not good at love, but she also understood some things.

Since she chose to be with Xiao Lie, she could not be half-hearted about it.

Jin Feng stopped the carriage not too far away, waiting for Ji Yuxian.

He was also curious about why Su Jiu came to Fuyang City, but he held back his question.

“Go and check if the Su Manor we passed by today belongs to the Su Family.

” Ji Yuxian got on the horse carriage and ordered.

“Yes!” Jin Feng responded.

“Next, check if there are any survivors from the ship Miss Su was on when it capsized, which caused Miss Su to disappear in the river.

If there are, you must find them! Also, go and find out the name of the servant together with the nanny who lost Miss Su.

Go and investigate them thoroughly.

” There were rumors that Miss Su had fallen into the river.

He suddenly remembered that Su Jiu was very afraid of water in her dream, and had called for her mother to save her.

She had also called Mrs.

Qin several times.

The Second Mistress also once said that Su Jiu was very much like the Eldest Mistress of the Su Manor.

Su Jiu was also surnamed Su, but she had no parents.

Her childhood memories were all on Yuhu Mountain, but she remembered that she was called Jiu’er.

Which Jiu? When they passed by the mansion today, Su Jiu was very familiar with the scenery there.

Was it all just a coincidence? Ji Yuxian’s heart kept on thumping.

It seemed that he had discovered a hidden secret, and he was afraid that he was thinking about it because he was expecting a certain result.

Before things were cleared, he tried to suppress those thoughts.

The next day, Ji Yuxian came to the inn to fetch Su Jiu.

After seeing her, he gave her a deep look.

When they were on the way, Ji Yuxian leaned lazily on the soft pillow and asked softly, “Su Jiu, did you fall into the water when you were a child?” Astounded, Su Jiu shook her head.

“No!” “Think carefully!” Ji Yuxian gazed at her deeply.

Su Jiu could not understand why Ji Yuxian suddenly asked her about that, but she tried to recall from her memory nonetheless.

She said, “I genuinely can’t remember, but previously, I often dreamed that I was in the water, and I was extremely terrified!” Ji Yuxian’s mysterious gaze grew deeper.

“Su Jiu, tell me again what happened before you joined the Dragon Conqueror Gang! Tell me whatever you can remember!” “Why are you asking me about this?” Su Jiu peered at him.

“Just tell me about it,” Ji Yuxian said with a gentle tone, poured a cup of tea, and placed it in front of Su Jiu.

Su Jiu held the teacup, carefully contemplated what she could remember, and slowly recounted, “It seemed that I used to be at Grandma Chen’s house, but her family was very poor, and there were many children who were about my age.

At that time, it seemed that my mind was a little unclear, and I could not remember many things.

Afterward, Grandma Chen gave me to her relatives.

When I got there, the person often beat me, so I ran away.

” Su Jiu frowned, thinking hard.

“After I escaped, I ran a long way, and I was later picked up by a beggar woman.

She said she would take me to Shengjing City to seek shelter with her relatives, and we begged all the way until Yuhu Mountain, where she suddenly became ill.

” “After she died, I began to wander in the mountains alone, drinking rainwater and eating fruits to survive.

Later, I met the people from the Dragon Conqueror Gang, who were being attacked by wild wolves.

I used the rockets I had made myself to help them drive the wolves away.

They asked me if I wanted to join the Dragon Conqueror Gang, saying that they will make sure I have a full stomach.

Since then, I have become a member of the Dragon Conqueror Gang.

” Ji Yuxian had heard her say a lot about the Dragon Conqueror Gang, but at this moment, he still could not help but feel distressed.

At that time, she was only a child who was about five or six years old! “Can you still remember your parents?” Ji Yuxian asked in a hoarse voice.

This time, Su Jiu shook her head with certainty.

“I can’t remember!” “The reason you don’t remember them is that you fell into the water?” At that time, she was too young, and she could not remember anything yet.

Moreover, she got a high fever after falling into the water.

It was likely that it had burned her head and caused her to forget her past.

“I just have nightmares about falling into the water.

I don’t have any idea whether I truly fell into the water or not.

” Ji Yuxian nodded.

“The only thing you remember is your surname Su, and you are called Jiu’er?” Su Jiu bit her lips and answered, “Yes!” Ji Yuxian’s gaze grew deeper and more complex, he said softly, “Okay, I get it!” At this moment, the horse carriage stopped.

Jin Feng said, “Young Master, Miss Su, we have reached the Ge Manor!” This time, the attitudes of the manservant at the door and the housekeeper were very different.

They were all especially welcoming and flattering.

They took the two of them to the reception pavilion and gave them refreshments and seasonal fruits.

Ge Qishan quickly came over and smiled.

“The Eldest Young Master and Master Su had come to visit! It is rude of me that I cannot entertain you sooner!” “Shopkeeper Ge, you are too polite!” Ji Yuxian smiled faintly, his presence dominating.

Despite Shopkeeper Ge being older than Ji Yuxian, he dared not take a seat in front of him.

He sat across from him and smiled.

“Master Su, you have been here for two days.

I did not entertain you well, and I feel extremely bad about it.

I heard that business at Qingyu Commercial House in Shengjing City is doing very well.

It is very admirable that you have accomplished a remarkable feat at such a young age!” Su Jiu smiled lightly and replied, “Shopkeeper Ge, you are very kind! If I come over to Fuyang City in the future, I will seek your kind treatment!” “Oh?” Shopkeeper Ge was surprised.

“Master Su, do you want to do business in Fuyang City?” “Yes! I want to open a second branch in Fuyang City, but I had just arrived in this bountiful land, so I did not understand the rules here.

Hence, I should naturally visit the governing officials here.

I heard that you and Chief Liu have a deep relationship, so I came over to request you to introduce me to him,” Su Jiu explained calmly.

Ge Qishan gave an enlightened look.

“I see! No problem, then I will go and visit the governor today.

If Fuyang City can attract talents like Master Su, the governor will be very pleased!” “Then I will go back and wait for your good news, Shopkeeper Gu.

Once the matter is settled, I will repay your favor well!” Su Jiu then got up.

“Master Su, you are too kind!” Ji Yuxian and Su Jiu bade farewell together and got back on the horse carriage.

Ji Yuxian’s eyes were inquisitive, as though he could see everything.

“Su Jiu, are you getting into contact with Chief Liu to obtain pieces of evidence of his collusion with Ge Qishan?” Su Jiu nodded.

“I have researched Chief Liu.

He is cautious, and he does things prudently.

During his term in Fuyang City as the governor, there were no big misdeeds.

It will not be easy to get evidence of his collusion with merchants to accumulate wealth.

” “Since Chief Liu is so cautious, why would he easily believe you and let you easily have the information that can be used against him?” Su Jiu’s eyes glistened.

“He loves money, and I only have money.

I’m not afraid that he won’t be hooked.

” Ji Yuxian chuckled and said, “You are willing to do anything for his sake!” The glisten in Su Jiu’s eyes disappeared as she dropped her eyes to drink tea, saying nothing.

“It doesn’t have to be so troublesome.

There is Paralegal Li who serves as Chief Liu.

If there are any flaws in Chief Liu’s doings, it can be found out through Paralegal Li.

The shady activities between Chief Liu and Ge Qishan are all done through him.

Not only can he be the witness, but he also may hold the physical evidence in his hand.

Thus, you can find him directly!” Ji Yuxian said.

“Paralegal Li?” Su Jiu turned her eyes and immediately rejoiced.

“I got it! Ji Yuxian, thank you!” “You are welcome!” The man smiled softly.

Su Jiu’s eyes flickered, and she turned to look out of the carriage’s window.

She did not know why, but she felt that the Ji Yuxian this day seemed different.

Later in the evening, Paralegal Li Rong of Fuyang City’s governor drank some wine outside and sang a tune as he staggered all the way home.

He was ambling, and when he reached the front of his door, it was already dark.

Just then, the wind behind him turned cold, and he began to have goosebumps.

Li Rong’s eyes turned as he turned around slowly.

A young man stood behind him, grinning.

“Paralegal Li?” Li Rong was dazzled by the young person’s exquisite face.

Stupefied, he nodded.

“That’s right!” Su Jiu narrowed her eyes and smiled.

“Can I bother you to take a walk with me?” Li Rong wanted to ask her where she wanted to go.

However, pain abruptly surged in his neck, and he fell against the wall and slid to the ground.

Su Jiu said to Er Mao who was behind her.

“Lift him into the carriage!” “Yes!” Er Mao picked up Li Rong, who passed out, got out of the alley, and threw him into the horse carriage.

They then drove back to the inn.

By the time they reached the inn, it was already very late.

They entered through the side door, and Er Mao carried Li Rong into the courtyard and walked upstairs.

Li Rong drooped his head.

The wine smell was so strong that when others saw him, they assumed that he was simply drunk.

Inside the inn, he tied Li Rong to a chair, and Su Jiu smiled and said, “Eat first, then we will slowly interrogate when we are full!” “There are many people in the lobby.

Master, you wait inside the room.

I will ask the server to send in some food!” Er Mao said and went outside.

Su Jiu examined Li Rong briefly and realized that he was extremely gaunt.

He seemed to be around 50 years old, had a goatee, and wore a silk kerchief that the scholars liked to wear.

He reeked of alcohol, and his face was pale.

He must be the kind of man that normally indulged in women and wine.

Aiding the evildoer, colluding with Chief Liu to commit crimes, he must have received a lot of benefits along the way! Su Jiu glanced at him coldly, turned around, and poured herself a cup of tea while waiting for the server to bring her dinner.

Soon, Er Mao came back, holding a letter in his hand.

He said, “Master, the meal will be served soon.

There is a letter for you, I will bring it to you first!” Su Jiu suddenly remembered that she had promised Xiao Lie to write him a letter when she arrived, but she had forgotten about it.

She wondered who had written her a letter.

Su Jiu took it and saw Chang Huan’s handwriting on the envelope.

After opening it, she looked at the contents word by word with the help of the lights on the table.

Su Jiu’s expression gradually changed, and the hand holding the letter slowly tightened.

“Master, what happened?” Er Mao asked when he realized that Su Jiu’s expression was not good.

Su Jiu counted the dates for a moment, then immediately got up and said, “We will return to Shengjing immediately! We will leave tonight!” “Ah?” Er Mao looked at Su Jiu in astonishment.

He knew something must have happened in Shengjing City.

“Master, what do we do with him?” Er Mao pointed at Li Rong, who was still in a coma.

Su Jiu thought that Li Rong would be useful to Xiao Lie.

In the future, he would be an important witness to testify against Chief Liu.

Since they had already captured him, they could not simply release him.

“Bring him back to Shengjing City together!” They packed their luggage hastily and did not even have dinner.

Er Mao put Li Rong back on the horse carriage, and they drove out of the city in the night.

It was May 15th, the day when the people in the city went out to burn incense, so the city gates were closed for an hour later than usual.

They drove out and went on the main roads, rushing towards Shengjing City.

On the morning of the following day, Ji Yuxian had just taken his breakfast in the Ji Manor at Fuyang City, when Jin Feng brought a person in.

It was a man who was in his forties.

He had probably lived a tough life, as his hair was already grey, and he looked older than he was.

He was following behind Jin Feng and bowing his head.

Jin Feng stepped forward and reported, “Master, I have been looking everywhere.

12 years ago, only this person survived the capsized ship incident at the Zhuo River.

” Ji Yuxian nodded slightly, his eyes falling on the man as he asked, “Do you remember what happened on the ship 12 years ago?” The man looked straightforward and honest.

He lowered his head and said slowly, “Yes, I was 30 years old then, and I had gone to see a seriously ill relative in Suiyong County.

When the ship was traveling halfway through its journey, I did not know what had hit it, but it had suddenly capsized! I grew up by the river bank and knew how to swim, so I survived.

” “At that time, can you remember who was there on the ship?” Ji Yuxian asked.

The man thought hard about it, nodded, and said, “At that time, there were around 20 people on the ship.

We were together for some time, so I could roughly remember.

” “Is there a four or five-year-old child in there?” Ji Yuxian’s voice got a little hoarse as he got tenser.

“Yes!” The man nodded almost without thinking.

“There was a little girl! She was about four years old!” “Are you sure?” Ji Yuxian frowned.

“Yes, because the little girl was embraced by a woman in her arms when she got on the ship.

She was covered in clothes, woke up halfway, and insisted on looking for her mother.

She kept telling the people on the ship that the woman who brought her was not her mother.

The woman who held her said that the child did not want to travel and was messing around.

She then took the little girl to the rear compartment.

When she came back, the little girl fell asleep again, and did not wake up until the ship capsized!” “When I fell into the river, I was swept far away by the current.

I saw the little girl struggling in the water and wanted to save her, but the current was too strong, and it quickly swept her away.

I passed out after that, and when I woke up again, I was already on the shore!” Ji Yuxian looked pale.

“Then did you see her again later?” The man shook his head.

“No, I was washed ashore, and I ended up very near to Suiyong County.

After I woke up, I entered the city.

” “Okay, thank you! “Ji Yuxian nodded and ordered Jin Feng, “Send him back, and give him a thousand taels of silver as a gift!” Astounded, the man waved his hands anxiously.

“No, you don’t have to be so generous! I didn’t even do much!” A thousand taels of silver? He had not seen so much silver his whole life! Ji Yuxian said nothing more.

He ordered Jin Feng to take the silvers and send him home.

When Jin Feng came back, Ji Yuxian ordered him, “Send someone to Suiyong County to find a family with surname Chen, or any woman in the household with surname Chen, who saved a child by the river 12 years ago.

” “Yes!” Jin Feng’s face was solemn.

“I will immediately send people to investigate!” After Jin Feng left, Ji Yuxian was anxious, knowing that he could uncover the truth soon.

He could not wait any longer.

Suddenly, he got up and strode out.

He wanted to go and see Su Jiu now! When he arrived at the inn, the room was empty, and Ji Yuxian frowned.

He went out and asked the server, “Where are the guests?” The server saw Ji Yuxian was dressed extravagantly and hurriedly said, “The guests in the room had left last night.

” “They are gone?” Ji Yuxian was stunned.

“Do you know where she went?” Why did Su Jiu check out overnight? What had happened? “I don’t know!” The server shook his head.

Just then, Jin Feng hurried upstairs and handed a letter to Ji Yuxian, “Master, someone had sent a letter from Shengjing City!” Ji Yuxian opened it and frowned intensely.

Prince Rui was going to get married to Princess Yu Long? Su Jiu returned to Shengjing City overnight because of this? Ji Yuxian suddenly thought of something.

His face changed drastically as he swiftly walked out.

“Let’s go to Shengjing City now!” It was May 21st.

The following day would be the wedding of Prince Rui and Princess Yu Long from the Yunnan Manor.

The Dongjiao Palace was temporarily Lord Yunnan Manor, and it was decorated ten days ago.

It was colorful, vibrant, and festive inside out.

The servants came in and out, greeted the guests, and there was a lot of joy and bustle.

Nangong Bi passed by the door, and she was so indignant that her face turned blue.

After returning to her house, she could not bear the anxiety and anger any longer and prepared the horse to leave the city.

She dashed to the military camp.

Nangong Bi turned over, dismounted, and quickly walked inside.

“Stop! The military camp is a restricted area, and you are trespassing! Please leave immediately!” The soldiers guarding the gate stopped Nangong Bi with a spear.

Nangong Bi raised her hand and pushed them away.

Without saying a word, she went straight inside.

“Who are you exactly? If you do not say anything, don’t blame us for making things ugly!” Several soldiers stopped Nangong Bi again, and their spears were all aimed at her.

“I am looking for Hu Dapao!” Nangong Bi exclaimed.

“General Hu? How are you related to General Hu?” “The general’s lady?” Suddenly, a soldier who recognized Nangong Bi ran over and pushed the soldiers away.

“Stand down, do not hurt Mrs.

Hu!” The soldiers who were blocking the road were taken aback.

She turned out to be General Hu’s wife.

His wife was the young lady of the Nangong Family and the sister of their Great General.

They immediately panicked and knelt on one knee.

“We did not know you are the general’s lady! Please forgive us!” Nangong Bi could not care less about them, and she hurriedly repeated to the soldier who recognized her, “I’m looking for Hu Dapao!” “Yes, please follow me!” When she entered Hu Dapao’s tent, he was sharpening his sword.

With some effort, he managed to sharpen the sword to its peak condition.

Just then, the curtain was lifted.

Hu Dapao turned around and saw Nangong Bi, causing him to get startled.

“Why are you here?” Nangong Bi walked in with long strides and a livid face.

“Why are you still sitting around leisurely? Do you know that Prince Rui and Yu Long are about to get married? What about Su Jiu? What should she do?” As she spoke, Nangong Bi’s eyes turned red, about to cry anytime.

“Don’t be like this!” Hu Dapao hurriedly got up and wiped the woman’s tears with his sleeve.

“I’ve looked for His Royal Highness and Master An already.

The whole situation is forced, and the marriage between His Highness and the Princess is fake.

When this whole thing blows over, the truth will come to light.

His Highness got Chief to leave because he did not want her to misunderstand.

” Nangong Bi’s eyes were hazy.

“What you have just said… is it true?” Hu Dapao nodded his head.

“His Highness said it to me personally, so I believe him! If Prince Rui truly betrayed Chief, the Dragon Conqueror Gang will make sure to demand justice from him even if we have to risk the crime of rebellion!” “Yes, Prince Rui likes Su Jiu so much! How could he betray her?” Nangong Bi choked, but her face was still gloomy.

“My heart is still pounding so hard! I feel something big is going to happen!” “No, nothing will happen!” Hu Dapao embraced Nangong Bi in his arms.

“Chief is still in Fuyang City! When she comes back, everything will be settled by then!” Nangong Bi nodded tearfully.

“I hope so!” At this moment, Ah Shu was coming out of Qiao An’s house, and his face was black.

Back then, he did not like the affair between Prince Rui and Chief.

Now, something had indeed happened.

Although Master An told him that this was just a front and that Prince Rui would not truly get married to Princess Yu Long, he was still not at ease.

Was it possible for the marriage between the prince and the esteemed princess to be a farce? Could they get together and then simply leave? The important thing was that the Chief was not in Shengjing City.

He knew that this matter was hidden from her.

Ah Shu took a few deep breaths and strode out, thinking he would wait for one more day.

Everything was coming to a close the next day.

If Prince Rui dared to cheat on Chief, he did not mind if he had to lead the entire Dragon Conqueror gang to rebel and kill him in his palace.

The Dragon Conqueror Gang was not to be easily bullied! At night, in the Lord Yun Nan Manor, the lights were bright, the bamboos were beautiful, and the servants who were dressed smartly and brightly were busy going in and out of the front and backyards.

Everyone had a happy face.

Lord Yun Nan, Xia Cang, was feasting in the front hall.

Lady Yun Nan and several bridesmaids took out the phoenix embroidered tassel cape that she was going to wear tomorrow and examined it again.

After the servants retreated, Lady Yun Nan had the chance to say something to her daughter.

“Regarding tomorrow, did the nanny tell you, Long’er?” Lady Yun Nan looked at her daughter with both joy and sadness.

She lost Huan’er for 12 years, and it was Yu Long who had been with her, serving her medicine every day and relieving the pain of her losing her child.

Now that her daughter was going to get married and be someone else’s wife, she might have to stay in Shengjing City in the future, thousands of miles away from Diannan City.

She did not know how often she could see her in the future.

Her daughter was gentle and generous.

She was knowledgeable, and perfectly fit to be a princess.

For Diannan City, she did have any complaints coming to Shengjing City to get married.

Her heart of justice was comparable to men! Fortunately, the person she was going to marry was also her favorite! This gave Lady Yun Nan some comfort.

Yu Long sat on the bed, remembering the things that the nanny said, and the pictures shown to her.

Even though she had a cool temper, she blushed and nodded slowly.

“Okay, after marrying into Prince Rui’s palace, you cannot be like the way you are at home.

You have to act like a concubine.

” Lady Yun Nan stroked Yu Long’s dark hair and chuckled.

“Mother!” Yu Long rested on Lady Yun Nan’s shoulders.

“I only hope that His Royal Highness Prince Rui will be like Father! I want us to respect each other and grow old together!” “I’m sure he will!” Lady Yun Nan patted her hand reassuringly.

“Huan’er just returned home, and he could not fully accept some things! So it will take some time!” “Yes, I know.

You don’t have to worry about things at home.

When you get married into the imperial family, you have to be cautious about everything!” Lady Yun Nan warned.

“I will!” “Fortunately, Imperial Concubine Rong is also a kind-hearted person.

You will certainly get along with her.

” “Yes! After I get married, I can no longer be by your side.

You must take care of yourself!” “Okay! As long as you and Huan’er are good, everything will be good for me!” The mother and daughter exchanged further words.

After it got late, Lady Yun Nan got the servants to come in and take Yu Long to bathe, before she went back to her room.

The night gradually calmed down, and when it was close to midnight, Yu Long wore a blouse and got up to read a book on the couch.

This night was destined to be a night of insomnia.

The red light was shining outside, and the rays were dancing as if indicating that the joyful event tomorrow was near.

Yu Long pursed her lips and smiled.

Under the light, her face was as beautiful as a lotus.

She slowly flipped the pages of the book in her hand.

Suddenly, there was a soft knock outside the window.

Yu Long raised her eyebrows, put on her outerwear, and walked out slowly.

The lights along the corridor were dim, and Yuan Lu, who was wearing a guard uniform, knelt there and said softly, “Princess, everything is set!” “Very good!” Yu Long smiled lightly.

“Remember, do not leave anyone alive! The whole thing must be foolproof!” Yuan Lu lowered his head and frowned slightly.

“However, if the Crown Prince finds out…” “He won’t! That is why I ask you to do it cleanly, so don’t leave any clues! Only when she dies, Huan’er will follow father back to Diannan City, and will not be a threat to our Lord Yun Nan Manor again.

” Only when she was dead could she truly marry Xiao Lie.

It was worth the risk to settle the matter once and for all! Otherwise, she would always entangle herself between her and Xiao Lie! “Remember, if you want to accomplish big things, you cannot have any mercy just because she is a woman! After she dies, I will burn more paper money and repay her kindness for raising Huan’er!” Yu Long lifted her chin slightly and continued.

“Yes, I understand!” Yu Long returned to the room, took out the Moon Cloud Sword, and handed it to Yuan Lu.

“She is highly skilled in martial arts, so it’s hard for ordinary people to take her down.

Go and mess with her head, then kill her with this sword! Go! ” “Yes, I will retreat now!” Yuan Lu took the long sword and nodded slightly.

He then turned around, took off, and disappeared into the deep night.

Yu Long stood there, looking up at the hazy moon in the sky, her eyes gleaming decisively.

The next day was going to be a big day!