Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 177

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 177

Chapter 177: The Wife is Jealous Ten days later, the people sent out by Jin Feng returned from Fuyang.

However, they did not uncover any new clues.

Although they had inquired with several elderly people in Fuyang, as the issue was from a very long time ago, the people had only vaguely remembered that the Su Family’s Eldest Miss seemed to have gotten lost.

However, they had also seen the Su Family’s Eldest Mistress searching for her on the streets.

Later on, they had heard that she was eventually found.

It was, after all, not their business, and no one had gone on to find out further if it was the truth or not.

The people who were sent to gather information met with all sorts of setbacks, but in the end, they found the servants who had previously worked in the Su Manor.

They bought them out with silver and got hold of the truth.

The lady did go missing, but the news that she was eventually found was merely news that the Master deliberately let out.

In truth, the lady never returned.

At that time, there was a nurse in the house who looked after the lady along with her nanny.

However, the nurse had died of an illness.

Several people had speculated that Miss Su’s family had sold her off to a brothel.

As she left Fuyang, she rode on a boat, which unfortunately overturned in the river.

All the people on board died, and so did Miss Su.

Alas, it was just a speculation.

In short, they did not get any useful and accurate news.

Hu Dapao and Ah Shu’s marriages were approaching day by day.

Su Jiu was busy managing everything.

Moreover, she also had to take care of the business.

She could barely keep up with all of her errands.

Chang Huan’s body was almost healed.

He gave no regard to the opposition of Lord Yun Nan and Lady Yun Nan.

Instead, he followed Su Jiu every day, and also became her driver.

Every night he returned home, he would see his mother preparing meals and waiting for him.

He could not help but be touched, and he gradually got closer to Lady Yun Nan as a result.




Xia Cang found an opportunity to take Chang Huan into the palace and reported matters to the Emperor.

He told him that his son who had fallen off the cliff had finally been found.

The Emperor was shocked.

After confirming Chang Huan’s identity, he was crowned as the Crown Prince of Yun Nan Manor, and the Emperor declared this to the world.

From then onwards, Chang Huan’s identity as the Crown Prince of the Yun Nan Manor was finally revealed.

After that day, Chang Huan then returned to the manor.

Yu Long, who was coming from far away, came with a person and smiled.

“Huan’er, you’re back! Mother is waiting for you!” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Chang Huan nodded lightly.

“I’ll come now!” “Wait! Huan’er, do you think you know him?” Yu Long pointed to Yuan Lu, the bodyguard behind her.

Yuan Lu stepped forward and knelt on one knee.

“Crown Prince, do you remember your subordinate?” Chang Huan glimpsed at him and slowly shook his head.

“Who are you?” Yu Long said softly, “Yuan Lu is a few years older than you.

When you were in the manor, he followed you and practiced martial arts with you.

He was your personal bodyguard when you were a kid.

” Yuan Lu followed in a deep voice, “Your subordinate didn’t protect the Crown Prince well.

I am guilty of my crimes!” “The problem was that many people were conspiring and plotting the entire thing.

So it’s none of your business!” Yu Long said quietly.

She then turned to Chang Huan.

“From today onwards, Yuan Lu will continue as your bodyguard and follow you around!” Chang Huan refused.

“No! I know martial arts, and I can protect myself.

I do not need any bodyguard!” “Huan’er, Mother and Father also want this.

They can’t see you every day, so they feel uneasy in their hearts.

Please take Yuan Lu with you!” Yu Long said.

“Crown Prince, we had been together for five years in the past! I implore you to keep your subordinate!” Yuan Lu said earnestly.

“Okay, fine! Then follow me!” Chang Huan said indifferently and then continued his way into the courtyard.

He pushed the door open and spotted Lady Yun Nan sitting on a chair, who was dozing off.

As soon as she heard noises, she raised her head and gave a loving smile.

“Huan’er, you’re back!” Chang Huan frowned as he watched the table full of cold dishes.

“I told you that you don’t have to wait for me if I’m coming back late!” “I have nothing to do anyway! I like watching you eat!” Lady Yun Nan took Chang Huan’s hand and guided him to sit down.

She filled a bowl of soup for him and asked softly, “Are you tired? Where did you go?” Chang Huan took a sip of the soup and said nothing.

He remained silent.

Yu Long saw that Lady Yun Nan’s face was rather down.

She hurriedly plastered a smile and teased, “Mother, you are so biased! Now that you have Huan’er, you no longer dote on me.

You used to serve me soup as well!” She smiled and replied, “You guys are just like when you were kids.

You have to fight for everything!” “I remember!” Yu Long immediately said, “Father gave Huan’er a sword, and I cried for a day.

I wanted the same one.

Mother said I was just like a boy!” Lady Yun Nan’s eyebrows were gentle as she looked at Chang Huan softly.

“Huan’er, do you remember that sword?” Chang Huan’s mind flashed with pieces of memory fragments.

He blurted out, “The clouds and the moon were carved on the hilt.

” “Yes!” Lady Yun Nan’s eyes lit up, and immediately continued, “You remember? The Moon Cloud Sword is an ancestral sword belonging to our Yun Nan Manor.

When you were just five years old and learned how to wield the sword, your father gave it to you!” Lady Yun Nan turned her head to look at Yu Long.

“Go to your father’s study and search for it.

If he brought it here to Shengjing, it shall be given back to Huan’er!” “Yes!” Yu Long immediately got out of the dining room.

Soon, Yu Long returned and gave Chang Huan the sword with both hands.

It was indeed a sword with a hilt.

The scabbard was engraved with a delicate and auspicious cloud pattern.

The handle was carved with a mystifying moon pattern.

After removing the sword from its holder, it revealed a thin, sharp, and dazzling sword.

“This sword is yours.

Now that you’re back, it should be returned to its original owner!” Lady Yun Nan smiled as she said.

Chang Huan recalled that Su Jiu loved swords.

She had mentioned to him more than once that there was a good sword in Ji Yuxian’s study.

He thought that he could give this one to her instead.

“Okay, I will accept this sword!” Chang Huan placed the sword back in its holder and said quietly.

“You don’t have to accept it! This one is yours anyway!” Yu Long frowned.

Lady Yun Nan raised her hand and touched Chang Huan’s shoulder.

Under the shadow of the lamp, her eyes were filled with tears.

“You liked this sword very much.

You slept and ate whilst hugging this sword.

Every time I enter your room to cover the blanket over you, you would wake up if I touch your sword.

After 12 years, your mother can finally see you holding this sword again, Huan’er!” Chang Huan stared at the woman’s hand, and his heart was touched.

He whispered, “…Mother.

” “Ah!” This was the first time Lady Yun Nan heard Chang Huan calling her mother.

She was very excited, and tears rolled down her cheeks in an instant.

Yu Long reached out and pulled on Chang Huan’s shoulders, choking, “Huan’er, you are finally back.

Our family is finally reunited!” Chang Huan’s handsome face was very similar to Lady Yun Nan, especially his eyes, which were now slightly moist.

The corners of his lips curved unconsciously.

Perhaps this was the inseparable affection flowing through their veins.

Early the next morning, Chang Huan left the house with his sword, eager to show it off to Su Jiu.

He passed the gates.

As soon as he looked up, he spotted Xiao Lie playing with Su Jiu’s hair under the acacia tree.

Su Jiu seemed to have just woken up and had a groggy expression across her face.

Xiao Lie was using a wooden comb to brush Su Jiu’s jet black hair, which he then tied up.

His handsome face was gleefully smiling away.

When did their relationship develop so much? It was so early in the morning.

How could Xiao Lie already be here? The nanny came out with Su Jiu’s breakfast and saw Chang Huan standing at the gate.

She smiled and said, “Master Huan is here!” Su Jiu heard her and waved her hand while grinning.

“Chang Huan!” Chang Huan walked over.

Su Jiu’s hair was already combed, and her long hair was held behind her head and randomly thrown over her shoulders.

Moreover, it was adorned and fixed in place with jade hairpin flowers, which were simple but beautiful.

The girl didn’t apply rouge on her face, but her eyebrows were like distant mountains.

Her lips were verdant, and her eyes were mesmerizing.

She looked exceedingly exquisite.

“Crown Prince!” Xiao Lie smiled faintly.

“Your Royal Highness!” Chang Huan’s eyes were slightly cold, and his lips pursed.

“I didn’t expect that you would know how to comb a woman’s hair, Your Highness!” Xiao Lie did not give that much thought and replied elegantly, “I used to help my mother to do it, so I do know how to do it, albeit just a little!” The nanny said, “Master Huan, have you had your breakfast?” Chang Huan had already eaten breakfast in his house, but at this time he said, “No, please give me one set as well!” “Okay, Master Huan! Wait for a minute!” The nanny chuckled and turned around.

“Boss! This is for you!” Chang Huan handed the sword in his hand over to Su Jiu.

Yuan Lu’s brow furrowed slightly.

He seemingly wanted to stop him as he clenched his fists tightly.

Su Jiu raised her eyebrows at him and smiled.

“Where did this come from?” “My mother said it was a sword I had used when I was a kid.

Don’t you like swords? Here, this is a good one!” Chang Huan’s eyes were as bright as a gem.

Su Jiu took it over, pulled out the scabbard, and grinned.

“It is a very good sword!” She then placed the sword back and returned it to Chang Huan.

“However, since it was something from your childhood, it must be a treasure of the Yun Nan Manor.

I can’t accept it!” “What is mine also belongs to you, Boss! Why can’t you accept it?” Chang Huan frowned.

“Crown Prince,” Xiao Lie said quietly.

“Ah Jiu doesn’t need to go to the battlefield.

She doesn’t need to fight or to kill, so what is she to do with a sword? You should put it away!” Chang Huan’s voice was cold.

“Can’t it be used by Boss to protect herself?” Su Jiu stuffed a shrimp dumpling into Chang Huan’s mouth.

“Aren’t you protecting me?” Chang Huan chewed the shrimp dumplings with a smile in his eyes and then nodded.

“That’s fine too!” Xiao Lie’s eyebrows were light and cool, and his eyes were indifferent.

“Why are you here so early in the morning, Your Highness?” Chang Huan asked suddenly.

Xiao Lie’s long eyes swept over.

“I’m free today, so I came over and accompanied Ah Jiu!” Chang Huan was just about to reply when suddenly, he heard Qiao An calling him from behind, “Chang Huan!” “Master An!” Chang Huan got up immediately.

Qiao An walked over and saw Xiao Lie.

He paid his respects to him, and then immediately said to Chang Huan, “Didn’t you say that there was a mistake in the business account the day before yesterday? I’m free today, and I have nothing to do at home.

I propose that you and I shall go down and solve it together!” “Go after breakfast!” Su Jiu raised her head and said.

“We can eat on the road!” Qiao An smiled softly as he pulled Chang Huan out with him.

Chang Huan had no choice but to follow him and walk out of the courtyard.

He retorted unpleasantly, “Master An, why are you intentionally taking me away?” Qiao An turned his head and replied meaningfully, “Chang Huan, our Chief might soon become Princess Rui soon!” Chang Huan abruptly stopped in his steps and asked coldly, “Master An, what do you mean?” Qiao An looked directly at him.

“His Royal Highness likes our Chief, and our Chief likes His Royal Highness.

Don’t you understand?” “How is that possible?” Chang Huan asked incredulously.

“How is that impossible?” Qiao An sighed and continued to pull Chang Huan out.

“As long as our Chief is happy, we just have to guard her and not think about the rest!” Chang Huan’s face was pale, and a sour voice rolled up from the bottom of his heart.

It even made his breath smell sour and bitter.

He smiled painfully as he said, “Master An, I can also make Boss happy, so why can’t it be me?” Qiao An’s footsteps slowed as he frowned hard! Sure enough! Chang Huan had fallen for the Chief.

He took in a deep breath and said softly, “This is because our Chief has always regarded you as family, and there can be no other type of love between the two of you!” Chang Huan raised his eyebrows, and his handsome face changed into a gloomy look.

He cleared his throat but seemed unable to break free from a kind of stagnation.

He suddenly felt dejected.

“Sigh!” Qiao An sighed again as he took Chang Huan out the gate.

Yuan Lu was not far behind him.

In the courtyard, after Chang Huan and Qiao An left, Xiao Lie’s eyes were half-drooping.

He reached out to wipe the cake crumbs off the corner of Su Jiu’s lips and grinned.

“The Crown Prince seems to be very hostile to me!” Su Jiu raised her head in amazement.

Her eyes rolled as she asked, “Are you at odds with the Yun Nan Manor?” Xiao Lie remained silent.

“…” He picked up the bowl and fed a spoonful of jujube lotus seed porridge straight into Su Jiu’s mouth.

Afterward, Xiao Lie slightly parted his lips.

“Ah Jiu, I suddenly feel like I’ve tricked you into being with me.

” Su Jiu laughed.

“What have you lied to me about?” Xiao Lie leaned closer to her ear and whispered, “That I fooled your heart.

Let’s see if it’s still there.

” His warm breath sprayed on Su Jiu, and it stirred up a string of emotions in her heart.

She leaned back and gazed at him with her big eyes.

Xiao Lie’s heart softened.

His eyes deepened as he leaned over to kiss her lips.

The moment their lips touched, Su Jiu suddenly turned her head and stammered, “L-let’s eat first!” Xiao Lie chuckled, stretched his arms out to hold Su Jiu in his, and fed her whilst holding a porridge bowl.

He muttered, “Ah Jiu, Chang Huan will be the Crown Prince of the Yun Nan Manor in the future, and you shouldn’t be as close to him as before.

He always has guards with him.

If any matters are reported to Lord Yun Nan, it may cause unnecessary misunderstanding.

” Su Jiu frowned and peered at him, sneering from the corner of her lips, “What misunderstandings are you talking about?” She and Chang Huan were relatives who grew up together.

Now that he had his original family, did that mean he had to give her up? “It’s just like how you fed him earlier.

In the future, you can only treat me in this manner! Me alone!” Xiao Lie’s voice was lazy as he said this.

He admitted that he did not like her being intimate with other men.

Su Jiu giggled, having finally understood the man’s intentions.

She picked up the porridge bowl, smelled it, and sighed.

“The nanny must have added vinegar while cooking this porridge.

It smells so sour!” “How dare you mock the prince!” Xiao Lie’s eyebrows were arched upwards as he grinned from ear to ear.

He trapped her tightly in his arms, leaned over, and kissed her gently between her picturesque eyebrows.

In the distance, the nanny stood along the corridor.

She watched the two embracing and laughing, and she couldn’t help but also laugh along with them.

After breakfast, Su Jiu instinctively took out her brush and ink to learn how to write.

Xiao Lie asked, “Are you still going out today?” Hu Dapao and Ah Shu’s marriage events were getting closer.

He knew that Su Jiu had been busy for the past few days.

“No!” Su Jiu shook her head.

“Everything is almost done.

Besides, I am also their boss, so I don’t need to do everything by myself.

” Su Jiu raised her eyebrows and smiled proudly.

Xiao Lie chuckled and stood behind her.

Observing her writing on the paper, he asked, “Do you usually like to practice writing?” Su Jiu’s nib quivered as she whispered, “I’m used to it.

I practice when I have some time!” “Your stroke is smooth, and the words are strong.

Your writing is very good.

Who was your teacher?” Xiao Lie remembered that Su Jiu seemed to be illiterate before.

Su Jiu stayed quiet for a moment, then said softly, “…Ji Yuxian.

” Xiao Lie’s disturbed eyes were now stained in a deep color.

He took Su Jiu’s hand, re-paved a piece of rice paper, and laughed softly.

“In the future, I will help you practice your writing!” Su Jiu suddenly stopped and smiled.

“I don’t want to practice anymore.

I think Li Tai sent someone to ask me to head to the restaurant today if I’m free.

I’m indeed rather free today.

Would you like to go with me?” “Okay, let’s go together!” Su Jiu changed her clothes and ordered the servants to prepare a carriage.

Together with Xiao Lie, they headed to Qingxin Tavern.

It was not lunchtime yet, so there were not many people in the restaurant.

Li Tai was calculating bills behind the accounts desk.

When he saw Su Jiu ambling over, he came out and greeted her, “Young Master!” Although Su Jiu was no longer in disguise, and Li Tai was aware that she was a woman, he still addressed her as Young Master.

“Mm!” Su Jiu slowly walked in and asked, “You sent someone to find me two days ago.

What for?” Li Tai hesitated as his face changed.

“It’s a private matter of mine, and I hope you will help me, Young Master!” “Say it!” Su Jiu’s eyes were clear as she smiled softly.

In the lobby on the first floor, Li Tai’s daughter, Li Xin, happened to be clearing up the table with a few others.

Li Tai shouted, “Xin’er, come over!” “Yes!” Li Xin responded crisply and bolted over.

When she saw that Su Jiu and Xiao Lie were around, she quickly rolled up her sleeves and straightened her hair.

She said with a chuckle, “Young Masters, both of you are here!” After the New Year, Li Xin was now 14 years old.

She was considered to be a big girl.

She had gradually lost the tenderness of a child, and in place, had a long face that was beautiful and slim.

Li Tai pulled Li Xin over to Su Jiu and explained, “Young Master, Xin’er is now old enough.

She follows me every day in the restaurant.

However, she hangs out with all these guys, and I find it a bit unacceptable.

Please, I ask that you let her stay with you and let her serve you, Young Master.

I hope you can also help her with her marriage in two years.

That will certainly solve an issue that has been bugging me.

” Li Xin’s face was red, and she looked down on the floor.

Su Jiu, Li Tai, and his daughter had known each other for almost two years.

Li Tai was diligent, honest, and could manage several restaurants in an orderly manner.

He had never done the accounts wrongly before.

Since Li Xin recovered from her illness, she had been helping out the workers in the restaurant every day.

As she met with more people, she became more and more cheerful.

Su Jiu often came over, and she liked the girl.

Naturally, she immediately agreed.

“Yes! Don’t worry about it, Brother Li!” “There is nothing to worry about, just this one.

Xin’er will be next to you and will serve you as a servant.

Young Master, you certainly must not spoil her!” Li Tai hurriedly said.

Li Xin raised her head and smiled earnestly.

“I will certainly serve you well, Young Master!” Xiao Lie took Su Jiu’s hand and smiled.

“That’s good! You only have a nanny to serve by your side.

Having one more person is more appropriate!” Besides, Li Xin was lively and young.

If she accompanied Su Jiu, she could also help her alleviate her boredom.

With the details sorted out, Su Jiu and Xiao Lie brought Li Xin with them.

On the way back, they passed by Qingyuan Tavern.

Xiao Lie got the carriage to stop, brought Su Jiu in, and they went all the way to the top of the building.

The former wooden pavilion had been whitewashed by the people in the restaurant, and the wooden table inside had been replaced with a new one.

Several green bamboos and lotus pond vases had also been added, making the interior resemble a small garden.

Li Xin brought up tea from below and placed it on the wooden table.

She then stepped back and moved to the side.

Su Jiu walked to the wooden fence and looked downstairs.

The spring light was perfect, and the willows were like smoke in the distance.

The city was painted a lush green.

Xiao Lie walked over and got behind her.

He stretched out his arms to embrace her waist and rubbed his chin against her shoulders.

He said lowly and hoarsely, “Ah Jiu, the last time when I was waiting for you here was the saddest time for me.

” “Why?” Su Jiu asked.

“At that time, I had almost given up.

” Xiao Lie chuckled.

“Fortunately, God still cares about me!” Su Jiu remembered that at that time, Ji Yuxian had encountered her and Xiao Lie here.

He had thrown a huge tantrum with her over that matter.

The next day, she saw that he and Lan Zhihui… They again… After that, the real Miss Su arrived.

It was as if everything had been arranged.

They would be completely separated.

Xiao Lie stood behind Su Jiu.

In front of them was the prosperous Shengjing City, as well as the bustling crowd.

Alas, she still felt a little empty in her heart.

She did not know when she would ever get to be at peace.

A few feet away, Li Xin observed the two embracing in front of her, and her face flushed pink.

Her heart fluttered, and she was envious of Su Jiu.

There were so many people around her who were good to her, and even Mr.

Xiao liked her.

She truly was the most blessed woman in the world! The two then had lunch in the restaurant and went back after that.

Xiao Lie’s personal bodyguard, Ding Fei, was waiting outside the door.

When he saw the two of them coming out, he hurried forward.

“His Royal Highness, the Emperor awaits you in the palace!” “Okay, I know!” Xiao Lie responded.

He glanced back at Su Jiu, his eyes warm.

“I’ll go back first.

If I come back early, I’ll accompany you to dinner at night.

If I’m late, then I’ll find you tomorrow!” “Okay!” Su Jiu nodded with a chuckle.

After Xiao Lie left, a servant passed her an invitation card as she entered her courtyard.

Su Jiu opened the card.

It was from Shopkeeper Chen, who operated a leather goods business in the city.

He invited Su Jiu to enjoy the evening together with drinks and merry-making.

Shopkeeper Chen? Su Jiu did not have much of an impression of this person, but this sudden invitation certainly meant something was going on.

She glanced at the time written on the card before she turned back into the courtyard.

It was soon evening, and the sky darkened.

Su Jiu took a carriage and headed to Chunhua Brothel.

The lanterns had just been lit.

Chunhua Brothel was a sea of singing and dancing, and the fragrance of wine filled the air.

Beautifully dressed women shuttled amongst the crowd, flirting with other people, and pursing their lips.

It was a crowded place, intoxicated with the sins of pleasure.

A server greeted Su Jiu and brought her to the third floor.

On the way up, women constantly glanced at Su Jiu to study her exquisite face and beautiful facial features.

She looked awe-inspiring.

However, they could not tell if she was a man or a woman, so they attempted to get closer, lean on her, and figure it out.

“Young Master, you are so handsome! Why haven’t I seen you before? Do come here often, my name is Xiang Xiang!” A woman leaned on Su Jiu’s arm as she tried to get closer to her chest.

Su Jiu took her hand immediately.

The rich smell of rouge made her a little uncomfortable, and she said lightly, “I’m looking for someone!” “Who are you looking for? Why don’t you let me help you find this person, Young Master!” The woman asked with a smile.

“This Young Master is my guest!” Suddenly, a hand protruded out and pushed Xiang Xiang away.

Jin Ming then looked at Su Jiu with a big smile.


Su!” Xiang Xiang saw that it was Jin Ming.

She instantly forced a smile and retreated.

“Lady Jin!” Su Jiu smiled politely.

Jin Ming took Su Jiu with her, brought her in, and smiled softly.

“The last time you came here, I did it unintentionally.


Su, I hope that you would have a big heart and not hold it against me.

” Su Jiu knew that she was talking about the drug that was given to her.

She tightened her lips and said, “No problem!” “It may not be a problem for you, but for the Eldest Young Master, he had a terrible time! He almost killed me when he got so angry!” Jin Ming laughed it off as if it was not a big deal.

Su Jiu’s face turned pale.

She turned her head slightly and looked at the dancing singers in the hall.

Jin Ming noticed the look on her face and changed the topic.

“Why are you here today, Mr.

Su?” “It was Shopkeeper Chen from the city who asked me to come here!” Su Jiu replied.

“Oh!” Jin Ming exclaimed in shock.

With a playful hint from her eyes, she pulled Su Jiu’s hand and said, “Shopkeeper Chen is already here.

He is on the third floor.

Let me bring you to him!” “Thank you!” Su Jiu grinned.

Thye headed to the third floor.

Jin Ming walked to the front of a door and said, “Here we are!” With that, she pushed open the door and said to the people inside.

“Eldest Young Master, Shopkeeper Chen, Master Su is here!” Su Jiu saw the man sitting inside, and she was astounded.

To think that Ji Yuxian was here! The man was dressed in a red suit, handsome and noble.

He reclined on the chair lazily and slowly looked up.

A slight trace of astonishment flashed across his phoenix eyes.

However, he regained calmness instantly.

Shopkeeper Chen got up and invited her in.

“So this is Master Su Jiu.

I have heard your name for a very long time.

Please, come in!” Only two people were sitting in the room.

The room was spacious, but Jin Ming took Su Jiu in, placed her next to Ji Yuxian, and sat down.

She then smiled and said, “I shall let all of you discuss your matters.

I shall leave you.

” With that, she raised an eyebrow at Su Jiu, before walking out of the room with a graceful twist.

“For me to be able to invite both Master Su Jiu and the Eldest Young Master here is my greatest honor.

Let me give both of you a toast!” Shopkeeper Chen was all over the place.

He had thick eyebrows, a fair face, and a plump body.

He had a goatee, as well as a very loud voice.

His face seemed to wear a constant smile.

“Please!” Su Jiu raised her glass.

Ji Yuxian, who was next to her, also raised his cup to toast him.

When their glasses were placed down, the servers from behind stepped forward to refill wine for the three.

The room was elegantly arranged.

From the incense burner screen, the calligraphy, to the painted porcelain, everything was well thought out.

The warm and sweet smell of the incense permeated the air, creating a comfortable atmosphere.

“I am considered to be familiar with the Eldest Young Master, but this is the first time I met Mr.


I didn’t expect you to be so young! Sure enough, you are young and talented, and very handsome as well! Please take care of me in the future! Here’s another toast to you!” Shopkeeper Chen said and chortled.

“Shopkeeper Chen, you are too polite!” Su Jiu smiled faintly.

She then picked up her cup of wine and drank it.

Suddenly, her wrist was lightly brushed aside.

The man had stretched out his palm, and the wine cup in Su Jiu’s hand was taken.

He placed it on the table.

After that, the man’s narrow and long phoenix eyes looked at Shopkeeper Chen on the opposite side.

“So what is the matter? Say it!” “Well, I got the both of you here today, because there is indeed something to ask!” Shopkeeper Chen got up and poured tea for the two, laughing.

“I heard that the merchant ship run by the both of you is coming back soon.

” Su Jiu’s wrists were hot after being touched by the man.

Her spirits were shaken, and she did not listen to what Shopkeeper Chen said.

She merely stared at the wine cup on the table.

The clear water was rippling shallowly, but she could not calm down her heart.

Ji Yuxian smiled and narrowed his eyes.

“Yes, probably next month.

” “Both of you are very far-sighted.

You think of things that others cannot even fathom and do not dare to think! It is very impressive indeed.

I shall not hide from the two of you.

In the past, I’ve also done shipping business, but eventually, I often suffered heavy losses from pirates robbing my ships.

As a result, I gave it up.

But now that the two of you have opened this shipping channel, would you allow me to join in?” Shopkeeper Chen smiled politely.

Ji Yuxian raised his eyebrows.

“How do you want to get together with us on this, Shopkeeper Chen?” “I also have my merchant ship on the sea, and I would like the ship to follow the Ji Manor’s merchant ship when the next trip happens.

Of course, I know that this route was opened by the two of you, so they most certainly must be equipped with excellent weapons, top sailors, and a lot of refined men.

Mine is rather unsatisfactory when compared with yours.

Thus, if there is trouble, I will need your ship to assist mine.

For your troubles, I am willing to give 30% of the profits every time my ship follows yours out to sea.

So, what do you think of my proposal?” Ji Yuxian turned his eyes and looked at Su Jiu.


Su, how do you feel about this?” Su Jiu shuddered and looked away immediately, smiling lightly.

“Yes, but the sea is constantly changing.

Not only are there pirates, but there are also storms and choppy waters.

No one can guarantee that the people and the goods on your ship will return safely.

Therefore, if you want to go to the sea, you must sign an agreement with us in advance.

We will try our best to protect your ship, but we are not responsible for anything if there ever is an accident, Shopkeeper Su!” The girl spoke clearly, without being anxious.

Her points were organized, and Shopkeeper Chen could not help but be impressed with her.

He said with excitement, “Yes, yes, I understand! Does that mean that both of you agree to this?” Su Jiu glanced at Ji Yuxian.

She did not mind it.

The addition of Shopkeeper Chen’s ship was just the beginning.

If the channel traffic grew much bigger in the future, merely earning such commission would be highly profitable and impressive.

However, the merchant ship business was, after all, a business that belonged to both of them.

She still had to listen to what Ji Yuxian thought about it.

Ji Yuxian looked at her and said softly, “Since Mr.

Su agrees, I naturally have no objections.

However, for the actual agreement, you will have to wait for me and Mr.

Su to discuss the specific details.

We will then return to you with them, Shopkeeper Su!” He had been looking at Su Jiu while he was talking, and his deep and flamboyant phoenix eyes reflected the woman’s clean face.

Her reflection penetrated deep, as if it stretched to the depths of his eyes, and bloomed like waves of light.

Su Jiu felt numb across her chest.

She hurriedly opened her eyes and held the wine pot on the table tightly.

Her breathing had become slightly unstable.

“Yes, yes! Of course, of course!” Shopkeeper Chen laughed, clapping his hands.

He then shouted at the door, “Come in!” The door opened, and three lovely and graceful women came in.

They were very feminine, and they giggled as they entered.

They sat beside the three people.

“These three girls are the top girls in Chunhua Brothel.

Since I am hosting today, the two of you must have fun!” Shopkeeper Chen smiled and said to the women behind them, “We must serve the Eldest Young Master and Young Master Su well!” “Yes!” The two women responded charmingly.

The pink-haired woman sitting on the side of Ji Yuxian served him wine, stretched out her lotus fingers, and placed the cup near Ji Yuxian’s lips.

“Eldest Young Master, please!” Ji Yuxian reached out, lifted his thin lips lightly, and smiled.

“Thank you for your kindness, Shopkeeper Chen! However, Mr.

Su’s wife easily gets jealous, and he will be punished if he returns home late.

Therefore, Young Master Su and I will leave now!” Su Jiu gaped at him with widened eyes.

Ji Yuxian’s eyes glanced over and looked at the woman snuggling beside her.

Her eyes showed a little displeasure, but her lips still wore a smile.

“Young Master Su, let’s go!” “Oh!” Su Jiu immediately got up.

“Both of you just drank wine.

Why are you leaving so soon?” Shopkeeper Chen hurriedly flicked the woman beside him away and got up.

“Shopkeeper Chen, you can stay!” Ji Yuxian laughed lightly, held Su Jiu’s wrist, and went out.

“Walk slowly, you two! I will be waiting for news from both of you, Eldest Young Master and Young Master Su!” Shopkeeper Chen sent them to the door and yelled.

Ji Yuxian did not turn around to look at him.

Instead, he took Su Jiu along the corridor, and they quickly left.

“What do you mean by ‘the wife gets jealous’? Why don’t you say that it was yourself?” Su Jiu expressed dissatisfaction with someone pushing things on to her for the sake of his reputation.

Ji Yuxian looked back at her and said softly, “Yes, I am so jealous, that when I see a woman approaching you, I wish I could throw her out!” Su Jiu was stunned.

She was so utterly speechless that she choked.

It turned out that her wife referred to him… On the third floor of the corridor, only a dim yellow light was on.

In the corner, a man was hugging a woman and kissing her.

That kiss was so passionate that it seemed as if they were inseparable.

Su Jiu passed by, and the picture of her intimacy with Ji Yuxian suddenly popped out in her head.

Her heart panicked, and she quickly broke away from the grip of Ji Yuxian’s hand.

Ji Yuxian looked back at her as if he had seen through her thoughts.

His demon eyes lifted, and he had a sudden smile across his face.

Su Jiu frowned as her ears were slightly hot.

She retorted, “What are you laughing at?” Ji Yuxian continued holding her hand, but they did not turn towards the stairs.

Instead, they entered a corridor next to it, pushed open the door of a room, and walked in.

When Su Jiu was drugged, she was carried into the same room where he had rested.

The lights in the room were dim, and her feet stepped on thick blankets.

It was as if she was stepping on clouds.

Su Jiu stopped and murmured, “What are we doing here?” “I had a drink at noon and hadn’t awakened yet.

Earlier, I had drunk a few more glasses, and now I’m dizzy.

I want to take a break here before heading back,” the man whispered.

“Then take a rest here! I’ll go back first!” Su Jiu’s eyelashes were half-drooping, and she turned around and wanted to go.

“Don’t go!” The man held her wrist gently and pulled the woman into his arms.

“Stay with me for a while, I have something to tell you!” Su Jiu hit his chest, and the familiar cold lotus fragrance entered her nose.

She gasped, and immediately pushed his chest away.

Taking a step back, Su Jiu frowned.

“What’s the matter?” Looking at the deliberate distancing the girl was doing, the man’s phoenix eyes darkened.

His voice was low as he asked, “Aren’t we discussing the details of the accompanying Shopkeeper Chen’s merchant ship?” Afterward, Ji Yuxian turned and walked towards the soft seat.

His long body leaned on the embroidered soft pillow.

He seemed drunk and rather dizzy.

Su Jiu hesitated for a while, before walking over and poured him a cup of tea.

“Thank you!” Ji Yuxian took the tea and put it gently under his lips.

Su Jiu sat a little further away from him and said quietly, “I think Shopkeeper Chen’s proposal is feasible.

Our shipping route has matured, and it can accommodate other merchant ships.

Additionally, profits are considerable.

” “Are you sure you’ve decided to be with him?” the man asked out of nowhere.

Startled for a moment, Su Jiu nodded.

“Yes!” “If the Su Family and I have no further involvement, and the Su Family’s marriage contract is gone, do you want to think about it again?” the man’s eyes were half-drooping, and he seemingly asked very carefully.

Su Jiu swallowed, contemplated, and said with a difficult look across her face, “Ji Yuxian, I’m sorry!” She had given her promise to Xiao Lie.

How could she go back against her words so soon? Ji Yuxian’s hand that was holding the teacup trembled.

He placed the cup on the side table and looked at the spring night outside the window.

The faint rustling of bamboo came from outside, carrying with it a melancholic tune.

“When did you like him?” Su Jiu bit her lower lip.

“…I don’t know.

” “Oh!” The man chuckled, with bitterness and light sarcasm.

“You didn’t know when it happened, and you fell in love, yeah?” Su Jiu was silent.

“Why did you pretend to be Miss Su and marry me? Why did you provoke me?” the man whispered, his voice hoarse.

It sounded as if he had a bit of blood in his throat, and he was hurt.

Su Jiu was confused.

She did not know why.

She did not know why she was panicking while facing him.

She did not know why her chest was in pain, and when it had begun acting up.

She only knew she could not stay in this room any longer.

She stood up in a ‘whoosh’, and she said hoarsely, “I should go!” This time, the man did not keep her behind.

He did not even utter a single word.

Su Jiu quickly walked out the door.

She walked swiftly, seemingly wanting to escape.


The wooden door was closed.

The light in the room seemed to be a little darker.

The man closed his eyes as his breathing lightened.

Occasionally, it would seem to stop.

His fingers lightly tapped on the table case, and Jin Feng hurried in.

“Young Master!” “She only brought with her a coachman who doesn’t know martial arts.

Follow her carriage and make sure she returns home safely,” the man whispered.

“Yes!” Jin Feng replied and then went away.

The moonlight entered the room faintly, sprinkling onto the man’s figure.

It was like a gushing body of water, pouring into the depths of the cold night.