Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 159

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 159

On the way down the mountains, the Naye soldiers were waiting in ambush.

At first, they wanted to go back to the path they used when going up the mountain.

However, there were simply too many Naye soldiers present, and they attempted to detour many times to no avail.

In the end, they had no choice but to fight their way down the mountain, as otherwise, Hu Dapao would not be able to make it if they continued like this!  They found a relatively safe place for Hu Dapao to rest, and Su Jiu helped him to reapply the medicine.

 Fortunately, even though Hu Dapao had moved with them for so long, the wound did not fester, and even seemed to be healing.

 Zhao Xiong’s medicine truly had amazing effects!  “Relax, Chief! I can withstand it!” Although Hu Dapao’s face was pale, his morale was high.

 Su Jiu nodded her head and said earnestly, “We can no longer play hide and seek with the Naye soldiers.

When we find a way down the mountain, we will rush down immediately! Ah Shu and Chang Huan, please take care of Dapao.

I will take the lead.

Once we break through, both of you will immediately take Dapao and run down the mountain!”  “Yes!” Ah Shu and Chang Huan said solemnly.

 “You’ve got us to help too!” Zhao Xiong and Wei Tan stepped forward.

 “Everyone! Take good care of yourselves and no one is allowed to die.

Let’s rush down the mountain together!” Su Jiu was calm and her instructions were clear.

 “Yes!” .



 “Alright!”  Their low yet determined voices sounded off one by one.

 Su Jiu glimpsed at the unknown paths down the mountain and hoped that Luo Sheng would bring some people to receive them when they broke through.

 There were three paths down the mountain which were far apart from one another, separated by towering hills.

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COM  On the path in the southwest direction, a thousand Naye soldiers were standing guard, and at this moment, they were just looking around, suffering from boredom.

 It had been an hour since their general had gone up the mountain.

After a long time, he still did not return, and they had become impatient.

The soldiers became restless and were sitting and lying around, scattered in groups of three to five by the mountain road.

 “Do you think General Yan has caught the general from Daliang Country?” someone asked.

 “He should be caught by now! We already know his exact location, and I heard that the general from Daliang Country was seriously wounded.

This time, it will be very tough for him to escape!”  “Then how come our general has not returned yet?”  “Yes, why hasn’t he returned yet?” The soldier looked up the mountain.

 The man who started the conversation stood up.

“I’m going to pee!”  Someone teased, “Be careful, don’t let the Daliang soldiers whoop your *ss!” “What bullsh*t! It would be daring of them to come with so many of us here! We will chop them into minced meat with our swords!” The man smirked and said in a carefree manner.

 “Forget it! Let me follow you!”  …  The two of them left the group, walked behind a rock, and began to loosen their belts and take off their pants.

 While in a state of relaxation, they suddenly felt chills down their spine.

The violent mountain breeze had penetrated their bodies, and it seemed that the blood in their bodies was frozen instantly.

They did not even have the time to cry out in shock before the two of them fell forward pathetically into their pools of urine.

 After a moment, the deputy general in charge of the thousand men blocking this mountain path spotted the two men coming back from their nature’s call.

 It was probably too windy as the two of them lowered their heads.

The helmet on their heads almost covered their entire face, and they shivered as they hugged their shoulders.

 “It’s damn cold!” One of the duo who returned murmured as he rubbed his arms.

 His voice quickly dissipated into the wind, and no one could hear it.

 As the two of them returned to the group, the others were either chatting or looking up at the mountain, and nobody paid any attention to their return.

 The slightly shorter person raised her hat and nodded slightly at the other person.

 In an instant, she suddenly emerged, her long sword bursting out into the air.

With a brilliant gleam, blood spurted out everywhere, and the heads of a dozen people around them flew away at the same time.

They did not even have time to scream as their corpses fell to the ground.

The soldiers were all in a state of shock.

 Almost at the same time, Wei Tan, who had accompanied her, had also made his move.

He wielded a long sword in his hand, weaving it nimbly and swiftly.

With one flashy move, he slashed those still rooted to the ground!  The deputy general, who was standing guard, stepped back in horror and yelled, “They’re people from Daliang Country! Kill them!”  In a flash, dozens of Naye soldiers’ bodies had collapsed to the ground.

The others finally snapped themselves back, held their long swords, and began charging towards the two invaders.

 At this moment, Zhao Xiong and all the others rushed forward.

When they saw the fierce Naye soldier lunging their swords, they attacked mercilessly and massacred them, fueled by their national enmity and family hatred.

 The deputy general panicked for a moment, but his eyes gradually glimmered with excitement.

The Daliang soldiers finally appeared.

They had waited for them for so long and were exhausted and out of ideas.

After so many deaths, they finally appeared!  If he captured them, it would be a tremendous feat!  He held the rocket launcher in his hand but was hesitant about firing it.

 If General Yan came, then the credit would certainly not be shared with him!  They had a thousand people, while the enemies looked to consist of only 20 people.

It would be more than sufficient to even capture them alive.

 He clenched the rocket launcher tightly in the palm of his hand and decided to wait!  However, he was astounded that these people seemed to be more powerful than the Daliang soldiers they had dealt with before.

Everyone was extremely swift and strong.

Each one of them could easily fight ten people, especially the young person who was wearing their military uniform.

This person had a very natural and flowing style, quick and ruthless, and had a very fearsome presence.

No one could get near the person as she effortlessly defeated more and more surrounding Naye soldiers.

These people were fighting in a bloodbath.

 The Naye soldiers saw that although Su Jiu and others were few in numbers, all of them were like demons.

They gradually started to tremble and lose momentum, with several people even beginning to retreat.

 Taking advantage of this opportunity, Hu Dapao, Ah Shu, and Chang Huan rushed out and broke through using the path Su Jiu and the rest had forged.

 Su Jiu and Wei Tan led the way with ten other people.

Hu Dapao, Ah Shu, and Chang Huan were in the middle, and Zhao Xiong took his people to guard the rear, forming an unbreakable formation.

Like a sharp sword, they split open the Naye soldiers who were surrounding them.

 Hu Dapao was wearing ordinary clothes, and Ah Shu and Chang Huan were guarding each side.

His uninjured arm was holding a knife, and if there was a soldier that they did not manage to keep out, he would go up and attack him.

 Su Jiu was at the forefront, waving her sword like a dance, her murderous intent conspicuous.

Faint roars of the thunder could be heard as the fogs in the mountain began to dissipate.

Her exquisite face was covered with blood, and her pair of cold determined eyes were swift and fierce.

They firmly looked in front as she fought out a blood path to lead the people behind step by step down the mountain.

 Without knowing how many soldiers she had killed, she could not feel her arms any longer, but her momentum in killing did not decline one bit.

The young woman first wiped off the bloodstains that were impeding her vision, then flew up and spun, cutting down another three Naye soldiers who came forward.

 The corpses piled up all over the ground.

Ten people were killed for every step they made.

The blood gushing out of their enemies stained the mountain rocks crimson.

If flowers bloomed gorgeously on this part of the barren mountain, it would only symbolize death and the opening of the gates of Hades.

 Even the heavens did not seem to bear to look at the killings anymore.

The clouds were gathering, the wind was roaring, and sand and stones were hurtling through the air.

 The deputy general, who was standing in the distance, finally started to panic, and he no longer possessed the excitement and confidence that he had to accomplish a great military feat.

These people were not humans.

They were all demons, evil monsters, and no one could stop them.

 He retreated, took out the rocket launcher in his hand, and shuddered as he pointed it in the direction of the top of the mountain.

 “Ah!”  Before the rocket launcher was even activated, a knife suddenly flashed past, and the hand holding the rocket was cut off.

It slammed on a rock a distance away.

 The deputy general screamed and held his severed arm.

His body dropped to the ground, and he immediately rolled down the mountain.

 Su Jiu threw out the knife in her hand, leaped up, and trampled on the chest of a Naye soldier.

With the sound of broken bones, accompanied by a heartrending scream, the young woman flipped with her hand behind her back and effortlessly avoided the enemies’ lunges.

Her wrist twisted in an unorthodox manner, and spurts of blood flew out in an instant.

Several Naye soldiers who had swarmed up were sent flying and slammed down in pieces.

 Wei Tan, who was at her side, gaped at the woman’s formidable and fearsome kung fu in admiration.

That woman’s kung fu was far above theirs.

In the face of the densely packed Naye soldiers, she remained composed, and she reacted with amazing speed.

It was absolutely something that no ordinary women at her age could do.

 The deputy general rolled down the mountain with his severed arm, and it was unknown whether he was still alive or dead.

The other soldiers surrounded Su Jiu and the others, though they had already lost their morale.

As they moved down, they also began to retreat.

They were all trembling in fear and trepidation as they looked at Su Jiu and the rest like they were devils.

 Nearly half of the thousand Naye soldiers were dead.

Su Jiu and the rest paced faster and faster and began to rush down.

 Su Jiu rejoiced in her heart, believing that they had successfully broken out of the encirclement.

She glanced back at Hu Dapao and saw although his face was pale white, there was no blood oozing out of his chest.

She smirked and then started killing more and more vigorously.

 However, just when everyone could heave a sigh of relief, the footsteps of a large number of soldiers suddenly came from behind.

 Su Jiu suddenly turned back and spotted dark Naye soldiers surging forward like a tide.

Her heart instantly became heavy.

 It was not just her.

The relaxed expressions on everyone’s faces instantly froze and disappeared.

 Su Jiu gripped her knife handle tightly.

Her bloody eyes were cold like ice as she shouted sharply, “Kill!”  “Kill!”  Everyone shouted and waved their long swords.

Putting their lives on the line, their eyes turned red, and began on a killing frenzy!  With a roar, the Naye soldiers, who had rushed down from the mountain, finally collided with Su Jiu and the rest.

The sky was gleaming with the sword lights, and the shouting was rampant.

The soldiers were determined to swallow up the 20 people together with Su Jiu.

 Blood and flesh splattered, forming pools and rivers.

Ah Shu and Chang Huan tightly guarded Hu Dapao, who was in the middle protecting Su Jiu’s back.

The clothes were already soaked with fresh blood.

They could no longer count how many Naye soldiers they had killed and only went on a crazy killing spree.

 Kill!  Rush out!  Their firm belief acted as the foundation for their senses, and although their physical strength had already exceeded the limits of their bodies, no one stopped.

In fact, they could not be stopped.

They did not even deteriorate in the slightest bit.

 Because stopping would mean death!  They only had 20 people.

If one of them died, the others would be in a more precarious situation!  Only by killing and slashing faster than the Naye soldiers’ swords, could they live longer!  The numerous soldiers in front of them became fuzzy, and everyone’s brains gradually blanked.

They could no longer see the faces of the Naye soldiers.

Only the crisp sounds of the blade collisions and screaming intermingled together in their ears, buzzing loudly.

As they swung their long swords swiftly, the collapse of their enemies invigorated their arms!  “Tie Zi! Hang in there!” Zhao Xiong suddenly shouted as the comrade beside him was stabbed in the chest and staggered back.

He quickly grabbed him and slashed back at the Naye soldiers who were rushing in.

 Everyone was reaching their limits, but the Naye soldiers continued to pour forward endlessly!  The general of the Naye army stood and roared on the high grounds.

His voice was so disgusting that they wanted to slit his throat with a knife.

 Su Jiu’s arm began to hurt.

She did not know when she was injured.

She could no longer distinguish whether the blood on her body was her own or someone else’s.

She knew that Ah Shu and Chang Huan were probably in an extremely difficult situation as well, but she could not look back!  She had to cover the front.

She was the Chief of the Dragon Conqueror Gang after all.

Even if it cost her life, she had to block the blades that came slashing at them.

 Why didn’t Luo Sheng come to receive them?  Su Jiu did not have time to think about that question, but Ji Yuxian’s image suddenly manifested in her mind.

 His gentle and beautiful eyes gazed at her, and he yelled her name.

 “Su Jiu!”  His voice was affectionate and full of tenderness, such that she could not help but close her eyes and snuggle in his arms, away from all the exhaustion and violence.

 If she died, he would be crestfallen.

 It turned out that with only death could there be no more attachments!  No!  She could not fall, she could not be weak.

After all, he was no longer her spouse.

She needed to live on her own, for everyone in the Dragon Conqueror Gang was behind her!  Swinging her sword out forcefully, blood started to spew from her arm, and there was a moment of numbness.

However, she did not pause for one moment, and she speedily raised the sword in her hand again.

 Her vision was blurred by the blood.

As Su Jiu began to wave her sword, she seemed to notice that thousands of men and horses were rushing up the mountain.

Even the roaring wind could not drown out the thunderous galloping sounds of the horses.

Ripples of dust flew everywhere as they stomped forward like a tide.

 Su Jiu’s eyes widened, and she vaguely saw that the person in front seemed to be Xiao Lie.

 He was not Luo Sheng, but Xiao Lie!  No way!  How could Xiao Lie appear here?  Su Jiu shook her head and wiped the blood from her eyes.

 “Daliang soldiers are here!”  There were horrifying cries from the Naye soldiers.

 The battle seemed to have paused as everyone heard their earth-shattering footsteps, and they were deafening.

Every step seemed to rattle their nerves and petrify them!  The general of the Naye army also naturally heard it, and his face changed drastically.

The flags of Daliang Country were in sight, gloriously flying in the wind.

Su Jiu and her group were thrilled.

Previously, they were groping and writhing in the dark, but now they finally saw the light, and their bodies were filled with strength and vigor once again.

 “Brothers! Our soldiers and horses have come for us! Let’s go down the mountain!” Su Jiu declared loudly, waving her sword and slashing again.

 The rest followed and killed those Naye soldiers who were still in a state of panic.

 The Naye general shivered and glared at Su Jiu and the rest with hatred.

He bellowed, “The general of Daliang Country is there! Catch them alive!”  From the siege of Hu Dapao to the several confrontations on the mountain, no one else saw Hu Dapao’s face, but he knew that Hu Dapao was somewhere among those people.

As long as he was caught, he could threaten the Daliang army to retreat.

 This was their only hope of survival.

Otherwise, they would be besieged by the Daliang Army, just like how they had besieged Hu Dapao at Camelback Ridge before.

 The Naye soldiers managed to guess their leader’s intentions and were immediately revitalized.

Once again, they attacked Su Jiu and the others.

 However, they did not think that they could not even kill Su Jiu and the others, let alone capture them alive.

 In a short moment, the Daliang army had arrived at the battlefield, and they rushed over like a black cloud, completely overshadowing the gloomy sky.

The deafening cries and killings sounded like thunders to the Naye soldiers.

 The two armies collided like a storm, and the sounds reverberated across the clouds.

The screams, neighs, and sounds of battle horns all shook Mount Hala.

Blood spewed into the sky incessantly.

The clouds were surging, and the wind was howling.

This was the real battlefield!  Xiao Lie rode on his horse and galloped across the sea of ​​soldiers, killing everyone in his way and charging in the direction of Su Jiu.

 Ah Jiu, I’m here!  Wait for me!  As soon as the Daliang army arrived, Su Jiu and the others were suddenly reassured.

They killed even more valiantly with their swords, slashing those panic-stricken enemy troops as if they were slashing wheat.

 The general of the Naye army completely lacked the momentum that he previously had.

He gawked at the tens of thousands of Daliang army, who arrived as if they had come from the heavens.

He could not even fathom where these people came from.

 His soldiers fell one after another around him, and despair gradually swept over him.

The sword in his hand seemed to be extremely heavy, and he felt that he could not lift it again once he let it down.

 However, the desperation he had experienced when he was on the verge of death gradually gave birth to a kind of madness, and his eyes landed upon the young woman.

 It was she who led the people behind, began a killing spree and disrupted all his plans.

Otherwise, he would have already wiped out the Daliang army that was on the mountain!  Was she Hu Dapao?  She was a brave new warrior from Daliang Country!  His eyes were emanating contempt and unwillingness, and his face turned grim.

In a fit of rage, he trampled across his soldiers and horses, and darted after Su Jiu regardless of the danger!  Even if he died, he would drag her to hell with him!  Concealing himself behind his soldiers, he leaped forward sharply like a leopard, his long sword illuminating the gloomy sky.

With the gleam produced by the sword, he suddenly slashed towards Su Jiu.

 “Ah Jiu!”  “Chief!”  “Boss!”  Several screams sounded at the same time, and various figures flew towards Su Jiu from different directions.

 As the sword was landing on top of her head, Su Jiu abruptly raised her head.

The sword light descended like a net.

At the same time, her body subconsciously reacted and flipped backward.

Her whole body leaped into the sky, and she countered the attack by deflecting it with her sword.

Her actions were swift, exquisite, and peerless.

 The top of her hair was cut by the sword, and the purple ribbon that was tied to her hair came off.

Her hair scattered around like a waterfall!  The Naye soldiers were flabbergasted.

The one who killed countless soldiers, as well as led the Daliang people to fight their way out from 10,000 soldiers, turned out to be a woman!  Almost at the same time, several long swords were stabbed into the general’s body.

Blood sprayed everywhere, pouring down like crimson rain.

 Su Jiu did not even glance at the general who had attacked her.

Her eyes kept following the purple ribbon that was blown away by the wind, and she got up to chase after the ribbon.

 “Su Jiu!”  Xiao Lie was in a military robe, looking cool and handsome.

He reached out to grab Su Jiu, but he could only touch the corner of her robe.

He looked at her with widened eyes, his hand completely missing her as she leaped away, like a butterfly flying out of its cocoon.

 As the soldiers were agitated by the death of their general, who had acted out in frenzy seconds before his death, they swarmed towards Xiao Lie, Ah Shu, and the rest.

The sudden influx of people rushed in like ocean waves, drowning Su Jiu’s trail.

 Su Jiu chased after the silk ribbon, her black hair flying vigorously.

She fixed her gaze and followed it closely.

Her long sword seemed to have its own eyes as it continued to slash the Naye soldiers that came attacking!  The silk ribbon finally landed in the middle of a stone gap.

Su Jiu leaned over and reached out to grab it!  Several long swords slashed down towards her body, but she ignored them completely.

She only had eyes for that purple ribbon.

 Chang Huan rushed over and instantly went behind the young woman, almost completely exhausted.

Feeling a sharp pain in his arm, he held the young woman and rolled on the ground.

He looked at the tightly held ribbon in her hand, and his gloomy eyes suddenly brimmed with pain.

 Just then, Su Jiu seemed to snap back.

As she landed on the ground, she leaped back up like a cheetah and kicked the chest of a Naye soldier, sending him flying and hitting the soldiers behind him, causing them all to fall.

They were then immediately flooded by Daliang soldiers, and were instantly killed by their swords!  “How are you?” Su Jiu asked Chang Huan hurriedly as she gripped his wrist.

 Chang Huan’s left arm was sliced by a sword.

His flesh could be seen, and blood was gushing out.

 “I’m okay! It didn’t slice into my bones!” Chang Huan looked up and smiled.

Although his face was covered with blood, his smile was conspicuously warm.

 Ah Shu and Hu Dapao ran over together and looked at the two of them worriedly.

They gazed at Chang Huan’s arm, and hurriedly tore their clothes to bandage him.

 At that moment, the battle was almost over.

The 10,000 Naye soldiers were almost wiped out.

Several deserters ran towards the north, but they were met with Nangong Shu who was waiting there.

 Wei Tan and Zhao Xiong also led people to chase after the remaining soldiers of the Naye army.

These people were hell-bent on revenge.

After suffering so much under the Naye army, they had to kill a few more to make up for it!  The powerful wind roared viciously.

The black clouds were blown away, and a blood-red sun was hanging in the sky.

 The scent of blood filled the entire mountain and wilderness, feeding the rage of every Daliang soldier!  Those who had gone against Daliang Country should die!  All the invaders should die!  Once they relaxed, they realized that their limbs were stiff, their bodies were covered with blood, and their wounds were hurting badly.

The strong wind blew against their body, penetrating their flesh, and they could no longer tell whether they were injured or their muscles were too sore.

 The four people from the Dragon Conqueror Gang looked at each other in such a pathetic state, and suddenly chortled!  Their laughter was so lively that they could even be heard from the clouds!  All four of them were wounded, but they supported each other, shoulder to shoulder, and they walked down the mountain together with the Daliang army!  The sunset was blood-red.

No one knew if the color of the sunset had engulfed Camelback Ridge, or if the blood from Camelback Ridge had reflected across the rosy sky.

When they glimpsed into the distance, they could only see the sky, and the earth was bathing in a blood-red color.

 “Dapao, the three of us are also part of this accomplishment for Daliang Country.

Will they record us in the history books?” Ah Shu asked aloud.

 “Hahaha!” The wound on Hu Dapao’s shoulder had already opened up, causing his chest area to be dyed red with his blood.

However, he exhibited no weakness, looked up, and chuckled.

“As long as the name ‘Hu Dapao’ is in those history books, you guys will also be there!”  “We can bribe Master An to record us all when they compile the history books!” Su Jiu said loudly.

 “I want my name to be right beside yours, Boss!” Chang Huan said immediately.

 “Oh please, you even want to fight for that.

You will forever be the Chief’s lackey!” Ah Shu snorted.

 “I like being a lackey!” Chang Huan grinned indifferently.

 Everyone laughed immediately.

 The clouds in the sky scattered, and the light from the sunset was getting stronger, shining on the faces of everyone in the Dragon Conqueror Gang brightly!  Nangong Shu came by on his horse and saw the four people from the Dragon Conqueror Gang walking side by side.

He abruptly stopped there.

 Xiao Lie originally wanted to find Su Jiu.

However, when he looked up, he suddenly stopped when he saw the young woman’s smile.

 The four people who were approaching had their shoulders over one another as support.

Su Jiu was the shortest compared to those big and muscular guys, and she was walking in the middle.

The blood and dust on her gorgeous face did not affect her exquisite and pure demeanor.

Her magnificent temperament soared to the heavens like a phoenix!  Xiao Lie’s pair of dimmed eyes gradually brightened, and his intentions in his heart became more firm.

His eyes followed the young woman closely, and his lips smiled unconsciously.

 “Go!”  A clear voice came over.

Nangong Bi came up the mountain as well.

When she saw Nangong Shu’s figure, she immediately stopped her horse, dismounted, and went forward to ask Nangong Shu news about Su Jiu and the rest.

It was then when she noticed four people walking over.

 They were really in bad shape.

Their whole bodies, including their faces, were drenched in blood, and their robes were completely tattered by the thorns and blades.

They had ragged and messy hair, and they seemed that only by supporting one another would they not fall.

 However, the smiles on their faces were so bright, brighter than the sun that had appeared just now.

It illuminated all of their faces, as well as the entire Camelback Ridge.

 Nangong Bi stared blankly.

Her face glanced over Su Jiu’s face and landed on Hu Dapao.

The man had gotten skinnier, but his eyes were bright and lively.

His large and towering body was worn out, but his footsteps were steady and firm, like a mountain that would never fall.

 As if his eyes could sense her presence, the man looked up, and his smile immediately froze as he looked straight at her.

 Nangong Bi’s eyes shuddered, and she suddenly bit her quivering lips.

 However, the man quickly looked away.

His expression turned solemn as he saw Nangong Shu’s face.

He quickly walked forward a few steps, kneeled on the ground on one knee, and said, “Greetings, General!”  Nangong Shu held him up with both hands.

“Hu Dapao, you have done a great job!”  “And you all too!” He turned his head to look at Su Jiu, Ah Shu, and Chang Huan respectively.

He nodded and smiled.

“You all are truly admirable!”  Su Jiu smiled and turned her head to look at Wei Tan, Zhao Xiong, and the others.

Her face let out a smile that only someone who was on the verge of death could understand.

 Everyone descended the mountain.

The people under Wei Tan and Zhao Xiong were injured to varying degrees and were all taken to the military doctors for bandaging.

 Hu Dapao’s injury seemed to be the most severe, and he passed out after the military doctors treated it.

 Everyone rested for an hour, before returning to Youzhou City.

 Xiao Lie rode over on horseback and insisted Su Jiu to sit on his horse.

Su Jiu knew that she had no strength to ride a horse anymore, so she did not reject the offer.

She and Xiao Lie then shared a ride peacefully.

 Before leaving, Nangong Bi looked everywhere for Hu Dapao.

She managed to find Chang Huan and Ah Shu, but she realized that Hu Dapao had passed out already.

They got him a horse carriage to take him back to the city.

 Nangong Bi volunteered to take care of Hu Dapao in the carriage.

 As he hated Nangong Bi, Ah Shu said coldly, “Thank you for your kindness, Miss Nangong, but we don’t need your help.

We’ll take care of him!”  Nangong Bi looked slightly pale as she lowered her head, biting her lips.

 Chang Huan pulled Ah Shu to one side, smiled, and said to her, “Ah Shu, he hasn’t recovered from the battle with the Naye soldiers.

Miss Nangong, if you don’t mind, we are not very good at taking care of people since we are men.

Thus, can I trouble Miss Nangong to take care of Dapao? Sorry to bother you!”  Nangong Bi’s smiled and nodded eagerly.

“Yes!”  Chang Huan then pulled Ah Shu away.

 After walking a few steps, Ah Shu turned back to see Nangong Bi getting on the carriage.

He got away from Chang Huan and scoffed angrily, “Why did you let her take care of Dapao? The reason Dapao had been in danger and almost died was all because of her!”  Chang Huan replied coldly, “If Dapao is willing to go through this, what are you so upset about?”  Ah Shu frowned and gritted his teeth, his expression bitter.

 Chang Huan’s blood-stained face frowned and said, “Okay, then let me ask you.

If Zhao Shan hurt you, would you let us avenge you and hurt her, or even kill her?”  Ah Shu suddenly looked up.

He was stunned and utterly speechless.

 Of course, he would not let them avenge him!  Chang Huan glanced at him and turned away.

He wanted to go and find Su Jiu, but he looked up and saw that she was sitting on Xiao Lie’s horse in the distance.

He knitted his brows, and his footsteps slowed down.

 All the Naye soldiers had been annihilated on the mountain, and the Daliang army was returning to Youzhou after a break.

 Xiao Lie considered that Su Jiu might be injured, so he rode slower than the rest of the troops.

 His longing eyes fell upon the purple silk ribbon tightly clenched in her palms, and his eyes narrowed slightly.

She was risking her life for this ribbon by desperately looking for it.

Did that person give that to her?  Was that ribbon more important than her life?  “Are you injured anywhere? Does it hurt?” Xiao Lie asked as he saw Su Jiu was drenched in blood, and his heart sank.

 Su Jiu’s scattered hair was randomly tied behind her head with a strap pulled off her clothes.

She shook her head and asked, “Why are you here?”  “The Emperor ordered me to be the commander, and head to Youzhou with General Nangong to drive away foreign enemies!” Xiao Lie answered.

 Xiao Lie’s arm was half-wrapped around Su Jiu’s petite body.

He was holding her in his arms, blocking her from the frigid wind of Northern Xinjiang.

 Perhaps it was because the wind was too strong and the weather was too cold, but the man’s low and cold voice sounded more gentle today.

 “When we first reached Youzhou, Luo Sheng told us that you brought Ah Shu and Chang Huan along, and ambushed 20,000 Naye soldiers.

Su Jiu, you always manage to surprise me!” Xiao Lie leaned down and said softly.

 As the valiant horse galloped swiftly on the road, the man leaned closer.

His warm breaths brushed across her cheek and were quickly blown away.

 Su Jiu raised her eyebrows.

“Thanks to Zhao Xiong’s secret weapon! By the way, that thing is very powerful.

You can find Zhao Xiong and ask him to forge more of them and use them for battles.

They’re easy to carry, but they’re extremely lethal!”  Xiao Lie nodded.

“Sure!”  “Unfortunately, we used up those hidden weapons the night before! Otherwise, we would not be alive today!”  “Bringing along 20 people to fight against 10,000 Naye soldiers… You are already considered to be very strong indeed!” Xiao Lie chuckled, although there was a little coldness in his eyes.

 Fortunately, he came in time.

Fortunately, she was fine!  His arms around the girl tightened, and the man suddenly felt scared.

 “How is Hu Dapao’s injury?”  Su Jiu frowned.

“His situation is not very good.

We have been fighting so much today, and his wound tore open again! I hope that it will not deteriorate any further!”  “Relax! We have already descended the mountains.

There will be an army doctor to see him once you return to Youzhou, and it will be all right then!” Xiao Lie warmly appeased her.

 “Yes!”  Su Jiu loosened up a little.

Her whole body was in pain, and she was exhausted.

She could not help but lean on Xiao Lie and was immediately held tightly in his arm.

 They hurried through the night and arrived at Youzhou the next day.

 Su Jiu had not slept for two days and three nights.

When she got to the place of rest, she immediately fell asleep, sleeping for a whole day.

 She opened her eyes as she slowly awakened.

The sky was bright.

Su Jiu sat up and shouted angrily, “Hu Dapao!”  Almost immediately, the door was opened, and a girl dressed as a young teenager smiled and replied, “Miss, you are finally awake!”  “Where is this? Where are Hu Dapao and the rest?” Su Jiu hastily asked.

 The girl pondered for a while and said, “Miss, are you referring to General Hu? He is injured, but he is recovering.

Everyone else is also very good.

This is Youzhou City Inn, and Miss has been sleeping all day and night!”   Su Jiu then remembered that she was sitting on the horse with Xiao Lie.

She also remembered that they entered the city of Youzhou together, though the other events that transpired after was a blur.

 What was also awakened as she became conscious was the pain all over her body.

Su Jiu laid back on her back on the bed, only to find that her clothes were changed and she was cleaned.

Even the wounds on her arm had been treated with medicine and bandaged.

 Su Jiu turned to look at the servant who served herself and smiled.

“Did you help me change into new clothes? Thank you!”  The servant said, “Miss, you are too polite! Your Highness ordered this servant to serve you.

This servant’s name is Bao Yan.

Anyways, you must be thirsty, Miss! I will pour some water for you.

”  Bao Yan went out to pour water for her.

Su Jiu got up and got out of bed and stretched her muscles.

She saw a dress on the bed, took it, and put it on.

 The dress was colored in light blue.

Although it was a woman’s dress, the design was simple and neat.

The dress lined her waist, and the narrow sleeves wrapped around her tall figure, exemplifying her elegant temperament and gorgeous countenance.

 Bao Yan came over with tea and panicked.

“Miss, did you come down on your own? This servant must help you with the dress!”  “No, I’m fine!” Su Jiu smiled.

 Although there were numerous injuries on her body, they were merely surface wounds, and therefore did not matter much.

 Bao Yan saw that Su Jiu’s temperament was cold, but her words were easy-going.

Slowly, she began to relax, revealing two little pointy teeth as she chuckled.

“This servant shall comb your hair, Miss!”  With that, she took a purple ribbon on the dressing table and laughed.

“Miss, you have been holding this purple ribbon since you came in, and this servant took it away for safekeeping when you took a shower.

Seeing that it was broken, I had an idea to help Miss fix it.

Will Miss see if this is alright?”  Su Jiu looked at the ribbon for a moment, reached for it, and saw that the place where it was cut was now repaired with purple silk thread.

An orchid was embroidered over it to cover the traces of repair.

 That ribbon was brought out of the Ji Manor.

She didn’t know what this meant to her, but subconsciously, she didn’t want to lose it either.

 “Thank you!” Su Jiu stroked the ribbon with her finger and handed it to Bao Yan.

“Help me brush my hair!”  “Yes!” Bao Yan took it happily and said crisply, “This ribbon is precious.

It is mixed with gold silk and ice silk, and the workmanship is exquisite.

It is embroidered with a total of eighteen different kinds of silk threads.

The dyes on the threads are crystal-dyed and are more valuable than gold.

The servant is just glad that you did not blame her for repairing it wrongly, Miss!”  “No, it’s better than a broken one!” Su Jiu gently pursed her lips.

“You sure know a lot!”  “The servant had worked in the embroidery room before, so I understood it a little.

I hope you don’t mind, Miss!”  Bao Yan grinned and carefully helped Su Jiu comb her hair.

 Although she wore a woman’s dress, Su Jiu did not let Bao Yan put on elaborate hairpins.

Instead, she merely tied her ink-black hair with ribbons.

 “Is this an outpost?” Su Jiu asked.

 “Yes!”  “So who else lives here?”  “General Nangong, His Royal Highness Prince Rui, and a few other people whom this servant does not recognize.

However, they all live in the eastern chamber.

Only Miss and Miss Nangong live in the western chamber.

By the way, when Miss was sleeping, General Nangong, Miss Nangong, and His Royal Highness Prince Rui have all visited many times to ask if you are awake!” Bao Yan said quickly.

 Su Jiu nodded gently, got up, and wanted to go out to see Hu Dapao and Chang Huan.

 She was most concerned about Hu Dapao’s injury.

 There was also Zhao Xiong and Wei Tan.

She did not know if they were here or not.

She slept upon coming here and had yet to thank them properly.

 Though, she thought that they must be in deep sleep as well.

She was not sure if they had woken up by now.

 “Miss, please do not move! You are still injured.

Your Highness has instructed this servant to serve you well.

Please, sit here first.

You must be hungry after sleeping for so long.

Let me prepare some food for you to eat!” Bao Yan giggled and then turned to leave.

 She was a little girl who loved to talk and laugh.

Her temperament was one that could make people feel better.

  Su Jiu took a sip of tea, but she nevertheless got up and went out.

She opened the door with both hands and spotted a man sitting along the corridor.