Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 155

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 155

Chapter 155: Encountered Mountain Bandits After a short while, the two brothers from the Su family came back in a horse carriage.

There were a few arrows still stuck on the horse carriage and the carriage driver was covered with mud and cut a sorry figure.

Peach was taken aback.

“Eldest Mistress, come and take a look, what happened?” When the carriage approached closer and stopped, the door opened, Su Di and Su Yan fell off the carriage with a thud.

Their hair was disheveled, the clothes they were wearing were also torn, with traces of bloodstains.

“Eldest Mistress, we encountered mountain bandits!” “It was so frightening!” “The two of us almost died on Yuhu Mountain!” … The two of them were crying piteously.

They seemed to be greatly frightened and were still in a state of shock.

The Eldest Mistress got up and walked down the pavilion.

She looked at the two of them and asked, “What happened exactly?” The two of them stared at each other before Su Di stepped forward and said, “Reporting to the Eldest Mistress, my brother and I were returning after meeting our friends.

As we passed by Yuhu Mountain, we met mountain bandits who were blocking the road.

They were tough and fearsome.

They snatched away all the money on us, and even wanted to kill us after that.

We managed to escape after desperately putting up a fight! ” “Yes, correct, along the way I was also worried that the Eldest Mistress will also encounter the mountain bandits, and was really worried!” Su Yan added.




“I am glad that the Eldest Mistress is fine, but all the money we brought had been robbed.

When we see father later, I hope the Eldest Mistress will put in good words for us brothers! ” Su Di said and looked grim.

“You were robbed of all your money?” The Eldest Mistress’s face remained unchanged.

Her pair of beautiful eyes seemed to be able to penetrate people’s hearts and were taunting them.

“Yes, we did not dare to fight to resist the mountain bandits.

All the cash is gone!” Su Yan said, albeit with guilt.

The Eldest Mistress said, “It doesn’t matter if the money’s gone, what matter is you all are fine, let’s go into the capital!” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM “Yes, let’s hurry into the capital.

Father must be very anxious while waiting.

It’s just that the money was robbed from us.

I hope the Eldest Mistress will help us brothers to explain the situation to father!” Su Yan said with a smile.

The Eldest Mistress smiled faintly, walked towards her horse carriage and ordered the carriage driver to drive towards the capital.

Su Di and his brother looked at each other, raised their eyebrows, and quickly got on their horse carriage.

The carriage wheels rolled and re-entered the main road, heading towards the gates of Shengjing City.

“Eldest Mistress, do you think that the eldest and second young masters really encountered those mountain bandits?” Peach was looking coldly at the brothers just now.

She felt that they were acting and trying so hard that it seemed fake.

The Eldest Mistress’s face remained unchanged, and said lightly.

“Whether it is real or fake did not matter, anyway, the money is gone!” Peach understood and began to smile.

No wonder they did not travel together with them and went their separate ways.

Presumably, the money was already gone when they were in Fuyang City.

She had heard that the two Su brothers were throwing money like dirt in Yiqing Tavern! After pouring tea for the Eldest Mistress, Peach asked, “Will the mistress help to intercede for them?” “There is no need to, they have their own mother to protect them!” The Eldest Mistress said as she held the silver lock tightly in her hands.

Peach snorted softly and stopped talking.

After some time, the towering gates of Shengjing City could be seen, and there were a lot more people entering and leaving the city on the main road.

Peach lifted the carriage’s curtain and exclaimed, “This capital is truly majestic, the walls are so high and awe-inspiring!” The Eldest Mistress looked out through the gap and stared at the familiar yet distant Shengjing City.

Her gaze grew deeper.

It had been eighteen years.

She did not expect herself to return to this city! Many of the forgotten past events came back to her in an instant.

The scenery of Shengjing City remained the same, the hassle and bassle was still the same, but the people had changed! When she was a child, the Bai family was grand and impressive, but now they had since declined in status! The horse carriage and the pedestrians entered the city together.

Suddenly, there was a huge commotion by the side.

Shengjing City was the top capital city of Daliang Country and was naturally more prosperous than the other cities.

The buildings and pavilions were magnificent and exquisite.

The banners of the wine shops and tea houses were waving vigorously.

The place was thriving and prosperous.

It seemed that even the peddling hawkers on the street were particularly loud.

After entering the city, there were people from the Su family waiting inside the gates, and they quickly led the Eldest Mistress and the Su brothers to the Su family’s mansion.

At this moment, Madame Su just returned home with Miss Su.

Madame Su’s two teeth were knocked off and her waist was also injured.

The servants helped her to the chair as she was wailing in pain.

Miss Su was crying miserably next to her.

Su Wenqian scowled and said, “Can you all stop this nonsense? Isn’t it shameful enough for us already?” Madame Su cried, “Our daughter was bullied, you don’t want to stand up for her, now I am being beaten up and you only blame me for throwing your face! Since I am nothing more than a hindrance to you, I should just simply die!” She then struggled to get up and tried to bang her head against the corner of the table.

Miss Su hurried to stop her.

“Mother, mother!” Su Wenqian sighed heavily.

“Enough already! Can you just stop all your nonsense?” Madame Su’s body twisted and hurt her waist again.

She fell from the chair with a thud and cried on the ground.

Su Wenqian sighed uncontrollably.

The room was really noisy when the servant came to report matters.

“Old master, Second Mistress, the Eldest Mistress and the two young masters came to the capital.

Their horse carriage has just pulled up outside the house!” “Ah, Di’er and Yan’er came back!” Madame Su’s cries suddenly stopped.

She stood up, wiped her tears and hurried out.

Su Wenqian and Miss Su also hurried followed her.

Outside the Su manor, the Eldest Mistress, Su Di and Su Yan got out of their carriages.

Madame Su quickly went forward and exclaimed in surprise.

“Di’er, Yan’er, mother has been looking forward to seeing you all! ” “Paying respects to Mother and Father!” The two brothers, Su Di and Su Yan, greeted Su Wenqian and Madame Su.

The Eldest Mistress looked indifferent, and walked up to the entrance of the manor.

Su Wenqian hurriedly went over and said with a solemn expression.

“Eldest Mistress!” Miss Su walked to the side of the Eldest Mistress with her head lowered, looking humble and submissive.

“Mother must be tired after travelling for so long, let me help you in!” The Eldest Mistress’s expression was cold.

“No need, you are not my daughter, don’t call me mother!” Miss Su’s face turned white.

Embarrassed, she retracted her outstretched hand awkwardly.

Peach stepped forward and said, “Let me help mistress.

You do not need to bother yourself!” Miss Su stepped back, lowering her head halfway.

Traces of coldness showed in her eyes.

All the people in Su manor called her Miss.

Only the people in Jingshui Pavilion called her Second Mistress all the time, as if reminding her not to forget her identity.

Madame Su smiled back and said, “Sister, Qiu’er is already a part of your courtyard, so she is considered your daughter.

It is only appropriate for her to show some filial piety to you!” “Before this, you all hid from me and let Yueqiu become Yuejiu and marry into Ji manor.

I did not pursue the matter, I didn’t care about it, and I didn’t want to handle it.

Now that Yueqiu has married into Ji manor, I did not say anything else either.

Nonetheless, Yueqiu is still your daughter.

She does not have to call me mother.

I will not acknowledge her.

I have a daughter myself!” The Eldest Mistress finished speaking and stepped in through the door.

Madame Su, Su Wenqian, and Miss Su stood there, embarrassed and speechless as they stood rooted to the ground.

After a while, Madame Su snorted and went to greet her own sons.

Everyone entered the dining hall, and the servant came over.

They said that the Eldest Mistress was tired and had returned to her room to rest.

She would not be coming over! The news that the Eldest Mistress was not coming was exactly the wishes of Madame Su and she did not question further.

She just pulled over the two Su brothers and asked them a lot of questions.

Su Wenqian sat on the chair and thought about the Eldest Mistress, who inexplicably resembled the young woman he saw in Ji manor that day.

Regardless of appearance or temperament, she was somewhat similar to his mistress when she was young.

If the daughter he had with the Eldest Mistress did not die back then, she would be somewhere around her age by now.

At that time, he was muddled.

He was afraid of being involved with Ji manor and listened to Madame Su’s words, sending Yuejiu away temporarily.

Who would know that the boat capsized at the centre of the river, and his daughter died in that accident? When Madame Su told him that Yuejiu was on the boat, he was really angry and extremely upset, hoping that he could kill Madame Su.

However, a dead person cannot be revived, and his other three children still needed a mother.

The Eldest Mistress searched for Yuejiu frantically.

He never dared to tell her that their daughter had fallen into the river and died.

Soon, Su Wenqian did not have the mood to think about these past events anymore as the Su brothers recounted the incident of them being robbed by the mountain bandits to him.

The fifty thousand worth of money obtained from selling their property was robbed away.

Su Wenqian was livid.

He did not manage to catch his breath and retreated unsteadily.

“Old master, old master!” Madame Su was startled, and quickly helped Su Wenqian to try and calm him down.

In one deep breath, Su Wenqian vigorously flicked the tea cups that were the table, and they were all flung to the ground with a crisp sound.

Miss Su exclaimed and hid behind a chair.

Su Di and Su Yan immediately knelt on the ground.

“Please do not be angry father, this happened because we are useless.

We should have fought with the mountain bandits and protected the money!” “That’s fifty thousand!” Su Wenqian glared as his eyes trembled.

It was not just about the fifty thousand, but about the family properties in Fuyang City that he had accumulated for so many years.

They were all suddenly robbed away by the mountain bandits.

He was also a fool.

How could he not hire bodyguards to escort the brothers into the capital? “Master, they also do not want this to happen.

It’s a blessing that they are still alive after encountering the mountain bandits.

Why do you still care about the money? Is the money important or the lives of your sons more important? Do not forget, when Yue’er entered the capital, all the servants were killed by mountain bandits!” Madame Su pleaded for her two sons.

Su Di and Su Yan knelt on the ground.

Their eyes were evasive as they lowered their heads in guilt and dared not speak.

“Have you reported it to the officials?” Su Wenqian asked hurriedly.

“We came to the capital immediately after we escaped so we did not report yet!” Su Di replied.

“Go, go ahead!” Su Wenqian said.

Su Di and Su Yan hurriedly got up and made their way out.

When they were outside, the sound of Su Wenqian huffing and puffing could still be heard.

Su Yan asked, “Brother, are we going to report to the officials?” Su Di replied, “Whatever it is, let’s just say we were robbed.

Who knows if it’s true or false? It will all be forgotten if they did not discover any leads!” “Yes, Yes! “Su Yan was very happy.

They managed to pull this off and settled the money problem.

The heavy feeling in his heart was finally lifted.

Nothing was brought up after the Su brothers went to report to the officials.

Miss Su saw that something bad had happened at home, so she dared not stay any longer and went back with her maidservant to Ji manor, albeit gloomily.

It was already dark.

Miss Su entered the door and asked specifically.

“Is the young master in the manor?” The servant replied, “Nope, he is not back yet!” Miss Su knew that Ji Yuxian had gone to find Su Jiu again.

Her face sank, and she snorted as she made her way back to her courtyard.

At this time, Ji Yuxian was attending to several procurements for the palace.

When the banquet ended and the crowd dispersed, he ordered the attendants to take a rest whilst he went back to his manor alone.

In the cold dark winter night, there was no one in the streets at this hour.

The horse carriage made its way to the Ji manor.

“Jin Feng!” Suddenly there was a deep voice coming from the carriage.

The sexy, hoarse voice had a drunken vibe to it and was full of exhaustion.

“Eldest young master!” Jin Feng answered immediately.

“Don’t go back to Ji manor, go to young mistress!” Ji Yuxian said, as he leaned obliquely on the Su embroidered soft cotton pillow.

“Yes!” Jin Feng immediately changed direction and drove towards Qiao An manor.

Half an hour later, Ji Yuxian stepped down under the deep night sky, slowly made his way into the eastern courtyard, and walked straight to the bedroom.

The corridor’s lights were clear, Ji Yuxian’s footsteps were slow and his brows were frowning slightly.

As he looked in the dark window of the bedroom, he felt a little uneasy in his heart and his footsteps accelerated uncontrollably.

Pushing the door open, Ji Yuxian was slightly breathless and walked into the room.

“Su Jiu.

” Ji Yuxian usually came over at this time and if Su Jiu was asleep, he would not disturb her.

However, he softly called out to her today, but did not hear anyone respond.

He took two steps forward and lifted the bed covers.

Under the dim light, the bed was neatly folded and Su Jiu was nowhere to be found.

Ji Yuxian’s heart sank at once, his eyes narrowed as he turned around and walked away.


The door was pulled open, and Ji Yuxian went out of the bedroom.

The nanny heard noises in the corridor and came over.

When she saw him, she lowered her head and said, “Greetings, eldest young master!” “Where is the young mistress?” Ji Yuxian asked in a deep voice.

The grandmother raised her brows and said, “Something happened to Master Hu in Northern Xinjiang, so she went there to rescue him!” “What?” Ji Yuxian asked in shock as his thin lips tightened.

“She went to Northern Xinjiang? When did she leave, why didn’t you tell me?” The nanny gritted her teeth and looked up.

” Eldest young master, the Su family’s mother and daughter came to create trouble today, young mistress she.


” Ji Yuxian’s face changed slightly.

He took a deep breath and asked in a hoarse voice.

“What did they say?” “What did they say? I think the eldest young master should go and ask young mistress Ji!” The nanny choked as she replied.

Ji Yuxian’s mind suddenly blanked out, his chest throbbing sharply.

A wave of fear gripped his heart.

The pain slowly spread to other parts of his body.

Ji Yuxian swallowed his saliva, turned around, and strode out.

It was late into the night and Miss Su had already fallen asleep.

As she was sleeping soundly, a sudden chill air struck her, followed by a pain in her neck.

She was choked on her neck as her body was lifted up, and then flung onto the ground.

Before she could grasp for air or scream, a murderous man went up to her and his long fingers pressed against her face.

After that, a ‘crack’ sound was heard and her face was broken.

Miss Su screamed out loud in excruciating pain.

“What did you say to my wife today?” The man seemed to have come from the depths of hell.

His demeanour was full of anger and his pair of hauntingly beautiful eyes had a cold, unstable, and murderous intent.

Miss Su rolled on the ground, howling, and begged for mercy.

“No, I, I just, beg, her to stop getting involved with you!” Her face was broken and she could not even finish her sentence properly.

Her saliva flowed out, her whole body was in agonising pain, and she kept rolling on the ground.

The man narrowed his eyes, his breath was cold, and slowly lowered his body.

He looked at the woman’s deformed face and said coldly.

“You really want to be Mrs Ji right? Okay! I will let you know what being Mrs.

Ji feels like! ” Ji Yuxian got up and went out of the bedroom door.

He saw that the servants of Lotus pavilion were standing in a row waiting outside the door, trembling in the cold wind.

“From today onwards, without my order, no one in Lotus pavilion is allowed to step out of the pavilion!” Ji Yuxian said as he went out, his voice cold, and indifferent.

“Also, starting tomorrow, Lotus pavilion will only be served one person’s meal!” Ji Yuxian said.

He suddenly stopped and looked back, provoking them with his long evil and cold eyes.

He looked at the fearful servants and said lightly.

“Whether that one meal is for that Miss Su, or you all want to share it among yourself, I will let you all decide.

Only when the Lotus pavilion loses its Mistress, then can you leave here!” Everyone’s eyes widened in shock.

Ranging from the master to the servants, there were ten people in the Lotus pavilion.

If they were only served one person’s meals per day, won’t they all go hungry? Also, they could only leave once there was no more master? What did that mean? Everyone dared not think about it further and merely bowed their heads in anxiety.

Ji Yuxian left Lotus pavilion, and the guards immediately closed the gate of the pavilion.

The night shrouded the man in coldness as he looked into the distant and asked, “What happened to Hu Dapao?” Jin Feng, who had been following behind him the whole time, said, “Hu Dapao was besieged on Mount Hala by foreigners who attacked Yanyun Pass.

Whether he is dead or alive is still unknown!” “She went to save Dapao.

” Or did she deliberately avoid him? “Go and prepare, I will go to Youzhou immediately!” Ji Yuxian eyes reflected the moonlight, and they were both clear and cold.

Jin Feng was stunned.

“Eldest young master, you still need to personally handle things in the palace.

” “Leave it to other housekeepers!” Ji Yuxian cried out, and quickly walked to the main courtyard as he planned to rush to Youzhou tonight.

Youzhou was fighting a war there, Su Jiu she… “Elder young master!” Suddenly, footsteps came from nowhere and old housekeeper Yu quickly came forward to deliver a letter to Ji Yuxian.

“Eldest young master, someone came to the house today and said that Mistress Su Jiu asked him to give this letter to you!” Ji Yuxian took it and unfolded it quickly.

“Don’t find me, don’t let me hate you!” It was Su Jiu’s handwriting.

A wave of sourness welled up in his heart.

As if hit by a tsunami, Ji Yuxian’s hand, which was holding the letter, shook slightly, and there was pain in his charming eyes.

She did not want to see him! Sure enough, she ran to Youzhou to hide from him! She even said she would hate him.

Ji Yuxian was gloomy and instructed in a low voice.

“Notify the people over at Youzhou to protect the young mistress!” “Yes!” He understood the impact of the Su family’s visit to Su Jiu today.

In that case, he would let her calm down.

He would handle everything and wait for her to come back! The next morning, as the sky was brightening, the palace was already brightly lit.

Hundreds of officials rushed towards the Zhenggan Hall.

Qiao An just entered the palace gate and saw Xiao Lie coming from the side.

The two met, greeted each other and walked side by side.

“Does Su Jiu already know about what happened to Hu Dapao?” Xiao Lie asked.

Qiao An did not hide anything and said frankly.

“Yes, the lady of Nangong manor wrote a letter to the Chief.

I shall be honest and tell you that the Chief is already on her way to northern Xinjiang.

” Xiao Lie was stunned.

“Su Jiu went to northern Xinjiang!” “Yes, Dapao is not only from the imperial court, but also a part of our Dragon Conqueror Gang.

Chief was worried and decided to go there personally!” Qiao An did not have a good sleep.

Under the dawn light, his eyes were slightly bluish.

Xiao Lie frowned and asked worriedly.

“She went alone?” “Ah Shu and Chang Huan accompanied her!” Qian An replied.

If Su Jiu did not make him stay, he would have gone with her.

Xiao Lie nodded lightly, albeit frowning uncomfortably.

However, he did not ask anymore questions as they entered the hall together with the rest of the esteemed officials.

The emperor had made a decision.

As soon as the imperial meeting started, he appointed Nan Gongshu as the Chief commander to lead a hundred thousand elite soldiers to the northward expedition again.

This time, he wanted to make sure the Qiang and Naye clans would be driven out of the Daliang Country by at least three hundred miles away.

They would not compromise for anything and set out to destroy their main forces.

Nangong Shu stepped forward to receive the imperial decree.

He would prepare the army for a day and set off the next morning.

Before Nangong Shu retreated, Xiao Lie suddenly said, “Father Emperor, the Qiang clan is untrustworthy, weird, and cunning.

I propose that you allow me to go with the general to northern Xinjiang together.

The Qiang clan will definitely succumb to our great Daliang Dynasty!” As soon as he finished, the ministers were all surprised.

It was a big deal for the prince to go into battle! Nangong Shu’s eyes flashed lightly as he looked sideways at Xiao Lie.

Qiao An stood among the hundred officials, and also looked up profoundly at the lanky figure in front of him.

Xiao Lie was wearing a python robe, his posture was upright, and he had a handsome and distinguished face.

His face also portrayed his determination to kill the enemies on the battlefield! The emperor looked at Xiao Lie, nodded happily, and chuckled.

Seeing this, Xiao Jing immediately stepped out and said awe-inspiringly.

“I am also willing to enter the battlefield and fight the enemy, drive out the foreign clans, and share the burden with my father emperor!” Prince Yu stood at the front and glanced at Xiao Jing, sneering disdainfully.

He did not believe that his brother who enjoyed living in comfort dared to go into the battlefield.

He was pretentious and not upright, so he should not be so hypocritical! The emperor saw that his two sons were so courageous and brave.

Initially, he was worried about the foreign invasions, now he patted his dragon chair with the palms of his hands and said happily.


The two of you have the tenacity and bravery to fight for the country.

I am really pleased!” “It is our duty!” Xiao Lie and Xiao Jing said in unison, bowing their heads humbly.

“Although this is very good, the both of you can’t go together.

Jing Er, you stay in Shengjing City.

I have something for you to do.

Lie’er, you will monitor the preparations for the northern expedition today, you will set off with General Nangong tomorrow!” The Emperor said.

Xiao Jing immediately said, “Yes, I obey father’s order!” He did not really want to go to Northern Xinjiang.

At this moment, he was praised by the emperor, and he did not have to go, so he was naturally very happy.

“I obey father’s orders!” Xiao Lie said.

His thin lips lightly pursed as he was already desperate to set off to Northern Xinjiang.

… After the imperial meeting, Xiao Lie did not leave the palace immediately and went to say goodbye to Imperial Concubine Rong.

Imperial Concubine Rong heard that Xiao Lie was going to North Xinjiang as a commander and was shocked.

She asked, “Is this your father’s intentions?” Xiao Lie shook his head.

“No, it is me who wanted to go!” “With General Nangong there, the Qiang clan is nothing to be afraid of.

Why would the prince want to go?” Imperial Concubine Xian looked straight at Xiao Lie, seemingly puzzled.

Xiao Lie’s eyes dodged for a while, and he began to slowly drink from the tea cup.

“With me as the commander, the morale of the soldiers will be higher.

In addition, I want to go and have battle experience.

” Imperial Concubine Rong frowned for a moment, and asked, “You said that Your Royal Highness Prince Zhao also asked to go to Northern Xinjiang.

However, your father emperor only agreed to let you go?” Xiao Lie nodded, “Yes!” Imperial Concubine Rong turned her gaze slightly, and a smile suddenly appeared on her lips, before it disappeared again.

She looked at Xiao Lie lovingly and said, “Lie’er, since your father had issued the decree, I cannot stop you from going.

It’s just that this journey will be far and it will be a long and treacherous road to Northern Xinjiang.

You must take care of yourself! ” “Yes, I came today to firstly bid you farewell and secondly, to assure mother and you.

You do not have to worry about me!” Xiao Lie laughed softly.

Imperial Concubine Rong nodded gravely.

She held Xiao Lie’s hand, her eyes were gentle but strong, and solemnly said, “You are a prince, loved and respected by the people.

You have a duty to protect the people of Daliang Country! Go ahead Lie’er! I will pray for you every single day.

I will pray for your safe return as soon as possible! ” “Yes! I will not let mother and father emperor be disappointed! Mother must also take care of yourself in Shengjing City!” “I will!” Xiao Lie came out from the palace of Imperial Concubine Xian and immediately left the palace to prepare for the journey to Northern Xinjiang tomorrow.

At the same time, in Hualin Palace, Xiao Jing, Prince Zhao, was paying respects to Imperial Concubine Xian.

When she heard that Xiao Jing wanted to volunteer himself to go to war in Northern Xinjiang, Imperial Concubine Xian was shocked.

Upon hearing that he had sent Xiao Lie instead, she heaved a sigh of relief and patted her chest, saying, “You really scared me to death.

Northern Xinjiang is at war, it is dangerous and full of hardship, it is not a place that a distinguished prince such as you should go.

” Xiao Jing smiled proudly and said, “Mother need not worry, I was sure that father will not let me go that’s why I dared to ask.

I couldn’t let Prince Rui get all the limelight to himself!” “What did your father emperor say?” Imperial Concubine Xian asked.

“Father emperor is very happy, and also praised me and Prince Rui.

” “Still, my son is the smartest.

Not only did you make your father happy, but you also did not have to suffer in that bitterly cold place called Youzhou!” Imperial Concubine Xian laughed and gloated.

“Perhaps Prince Rui had the same mindset as you, but he did not expect your father emperor to actually agree.

He must be regretting his actions at this moment!” Xiao Jing sneered while touching his chin.

“He deserves it, who asks him to try and be heroic!” “Since Prince Rui will not be around during this period, Jing’er, you have to perform well in front of your father emperor, maybe if your father emperor is happy and impressed, he will give you the title of crown prince!” The more Imperial Concubine Xian thought about it, the more happy she was, and the excitement on her face was overwhelming.

Xiao Jing laughed and said, “What the mother said is right, I must perform well to make father emperor happy!” “Well, it will be better if Prince Rui never comes back!” Imperial Concubine Xian had a sinister look within her delicate eyes.

On the 22nd of the winter month of the 29th Zhaoping year, Nangong Shu, the head commander of the Northern Expedition, and Commander Prince Rui, Xiao Lie, led the hundred thousand strong army towards the North.

Before dawn, Nangong Shu and Prince Rui stood at the city wall to give orders to the soldiers.

After that, they lead the army out of Shengjing City in the presences of Zhaoping Emperor and the esteemed officials.

The hundred thousand elite soldiers left Shengjing City like a tide, with flags flying majestically and swords waving gallantly.

It was an awe-inspiring scene.

After the hundred thousand soldiers and horses were on the main road, the Zhaoping emperor and the esteemed officials went back into the city.

As the emperor and the group of ministers entered the city, suddenly a figure hurried forward on horseback, rushing towards the gate which was about to be closed.

The figure followed behind the army, and was inciting the horse to dash faster.

Only when the army reached the foot of Yuhu Mountain did the soldiers report to Nangong Shu.

“General, it seems that Miss Nangong is following the army!” Nangong Shu was stunned and immediately said, “Bring her here!” After a while, Nangong Bi and her horse were brought in front of Nangong Shu.

Nangong Bi tied up her dark hair, she was dressed in short blouse and shorts, wearing black boots, making her slightly more valiant.

She looked directly at Nangong Shu.

“What nonsense is this! Why are you following the army, hurry back now!” Nangong Shu realised that it was really her younger sister, he took her aside and scolded her coldly.

Nangong Bi raised her eyebrows and said, “I’m going to Northern Xinjiang with you too!” “What business do you have in North Xinjiang?” Nangong Shu frowned and asked.

Nangong Bi bit her lower lips and said in a muffled voice.

“Hu Dapao went to Northern Xinjiang because of me.

He is in danger now so I’m going to save him!” “This is absolute nonsense! How do you plan on saving him? Do you know what kind of place Northern Xinjiang is? Do you know what Hu Dapao’s situation is now? This is war, it’s not child’s play! You go back immediately! Now!” Nangong said in a rage.

“No!” Nangong Bi said firmly.

“No matter what, I will go! This is what I owe Hu Dapao and I must return him the favour personally! Before I came, I had already spoken to father and mother.

Even father agreed with my decision!” Nangong Shu’s eyes widened suddenly.

“Father agreed? Impossible!” “It’s true! Father said that I have grown up and I am responsible for my own affairs, so brother, you take me with you, I am not a small child anymore, I can make my own decision!” Nangong Bi stared at him pleadingly with her wide eyes.

Nangong Shu could almost imagine how Nangong Bi would plead shamelessly into letting his father agreed.

He shook his head and said,” No, I will send troops to send you back to Shengjing City immediately! This is a military rule, the battlefield is not somewhere that a woman should go!” “I’m going and you can’t stop me! “Nangong Bi took a step back and had a stubborn look on her face.

” If you don’t let me follow you, I will go by myself.

Anyway, I have a horse, I don’t believe I cannot find my way to Mount Hala! ” “You!” Nangong Shu’s cold face was full of anger and he almost wanted to throw Nangong Bi back to Shengjing City.

“General Nangong!” Xiao Lie came over and said lightly.

“Since Miss Nangong refuses to go back, then let her come with us!” “Greetings, Your Royal Highness Prince Rui!” Nangong Bi saw Xiao Lie pleading for her and immediately greeted him with a smile.

“Your Royal Highness!” Nangong Shu turned around to salute him.

His face was conflicted and said, “How can a woman be able to keep up with the army?” Nangong Bi lifted her chest and said, “Brother, the Nangong family is born to be on the battlefield.

Although I am a woman, I can be like a man and will not be a burden to anyone!” She looked at Nangong Shu with earnest eyes.

“Brother, do you know that, ever since Hu Dapao went to Northern Xinjiang, I have been feeling very guilty in my heart.

So, can you let me go and save him? So that I can stop worrying and have a proper closure with him!” “Let Miss Nangong come with us.

We will be her personal guard and we will find a way to let her settle in by the time we reach Youzhou!” Xiao Lie said quietly.

Nangong Shu frowned and nodded.

That was probably the best way to handle this matter! “Great! Thank you, Your Royal Highness Prince Rui, and thank you brother!” Nangong Bi immediately smiled and walked quickly to the army.

“I will go and change into a soldier’s uniform!” Looking at the young woman’s ignorant and fearless figure, Nangong Shu was quite helpless.

“Mother usually likes to indulge Bi’er, causing her to be very wilful.

Now, she has no sense of the gravity of things! ” “This is Miss Nangong’s blessings.

With General Nangong’s protection, everything will be fine!” Xiao Lie was wearing a black robe and had a majestic demeanour.

He looked at the back of the young woman and suddenly thought of Su Jiu, who was about the same age as Nangong Bi.

She, at this time, had already rushed to Northern Xinjiang by herself.

She had no family and or anyone to depend on, so she was seldom afraid and had always been very courageous.

It was a blessing to have family members taking care of you and that one can rely upon.

He hoped that in the future, he could be someone that she depends on! “General, let’s hit the road!” Xiao Lie was worried, and could not wait to get to Youzhou.

Su Jiu had gone for days already, and he was still clueless about her whereabouts.

“Yes!” The two of them walked towards the army, mounted their horses and continued the march.

Seven days later, Su Jiu and the rest toiled day and night and gradually approached Mount Hala.

The further up north they went, the colder the weather got.

The population also got more sparse and the land became more desolated.

Because of the war, people on the road were often seen migrating with their heavy luggage, their faces a look of constant fear.

They got frightened very easily and would run away when they heard the sounds of horses galloping.

There were about a hundred thousand soldiers in the Qiang and Naye clans.

The soldiers were divided into two groups.

Thirty thousand soldiers were in the vicinity of Mount Hala.

They were hunting down Hu Dapao and seemed hell-bent on killing Hu Dapao to boost morale.

The remaining seventy thousand soldiers were attacking Yanyun Pass and were in the midst of fighting.

Su Jiu thought that the enemies’ real intention on Mount Hala was not to kill Hu Dapao.

Instead, their true motive was to attack Youzhou by circling Mount Hala.

The enemies were hiding at the foot of Mount Hala, and their activities were unknown.

Therefore, the generals of Youzhou did not dare to send troops to rescue Dapao.

If the city forces were despatched out and got baited by the enemy’s plan to lure the city army away, then Youzhou would be in grave danger! If Youzhou was lost, it meant that Daliang Country had lost its protection against the foreign clans.

The soldiers in Youzhou had never been blockheads, so now she was only worried about Hu Dapao.

After so many days, was Hu Dapao alive or dead? Youzhou was in a state of war, and people were not allowed to come and go as they pleased, so Su Jiu and the rest did not enter the city.

They directly bypassed Youzhou and got into the mountain.

As soon as they entered the mountain, Su Jiu’s horse suddenly raised its hooves and neighed.

“Chief, be careful!” Ah Shu screamed, but before his voice dissipated, a dozen fierce and vicious mountain bandits suddenly appeared on the mountain road in front of them.

They were all in ragged clothes and had fierce eyes, like wild wolves that were starved for several days in the mountains, staring at Su Jiu and the rest.

These mountain bandits were tall, sturdy and fierce.

They gradually surrounded them, preventing Su Jiu and others from retreating back.

“Leave your money behind, leave your food behind and I will let you go!” The leader was blind in one eye, making him look even more terrible.

He had a knife in his hand and pointed at the three of them.

Su Jiu’s face remained the same and instructed the horse to move forward.

As the horse continued forward, she immediately got off and swept towards the surprised mountain bandits like a hurricane.

The evilness of the mountain bandits was superficial, but the cold and murderous aura emanating from Su Jiu’s body came from her very core.

It seemed that she had brought the ominousness from the hades itself.

The leader’s eyes widened in shock.

Before he could even clearly see her coming, his hands were suddenly empty, the knife had been taken away by Su Jiu.

Then there was a sharp pain on his shoulder and blood spurted out.

He screamed and fell backwards.

Almost at the same time, Chang Huan and Ah Shu had already started too, swords were flying and the attacks were fierce and unforgiving.

Those mountain bandits were beaten up so badly they simply had no chance.

One by one, they ran away and escaped.

“Chief, we have encountered formidable opponents, let’s withdraw!” Someone shouted loudly at the One eye, whose shoulder was being cut open by Su Jiu.

“Those bastards!” One eye cursed as he got up from the ground and rushed towards Su Jiu.

Su Jiu sent a mountain bandit flying with a spinning kick.

Then, her eyes were cold as she saw One eye throw a punch towards her.

She did not evade or hide, and faced it directly instead.

She threw her palm forward, and after a ‘click’ sound, the wrist of one eye was broken.

He raised his head and screamed in agony.

Su Jiu’s whole being was ice cold as she rose into the air.

Her body was light and agile like the moving clouds and flowing water, and she landed a kick on One eye’s chest, sending him flying.

Then, she used the long knife she was holding to lunge towards his chest.

A mouthful of blood spewed out of One eye’s mouth and his eyes were wide open, staring at the sharp tip of the knife.

He gritted his teeth but did not beg for mercy! He was a tough lad! Su Jiu’s knife tip had cut through his clothes, but she suddenly stopped there and said coldly.

“As we came from the same kind of background, I shall spare your life today!” One eye was stunned, he did not expect this handsome and slender person to be a mountain bandit too.

He squinted his other eye fiercely and spitted blood out of his mouth.

“I don’t need you to spare me!” They were in the business of licking blood from the tip of a knife.

It was really tough to survive in the harsh environment of Northern Xinjiang.

If he begged for mercy and was afraid of death, then he did not need to carry on this path in the future! With that, one eye suddenly got up and climbed up the tree behind him.

Then he jumped out and threw something towards Su Jiu with fast speed.

It was natural to have a life-saving weapon in order to survive the harsh conditions of Mount Hala.

Smelling the strong smell of sodium nitrite, Su Jiu was stunned.

She flipped back mid-air and dodged the thing.


It hit a tree and blasted open, the trunk was blasted off in the middle, leaves and splinters were strewn, and the bark burst open.

“Boss!” “Chief!” Chang Huan’s and Ah Shu’s expressions changed and hurried over, protecting Su Jiu by her side, and said coldly.

“Our chief was kind enough to spare your life, but you don’t know what is good for you! You shall pay with your life!” After talking, the two of them leaped forward to pounce on One eye.

One eye flashed back and retreated, and then took out a hidden weapon and threw it at the two of them.

“Be careful!” Su Jiu stood up, pushed Chang Huan and Ah Shu away and kicked the hidden weapon away with one foot.

Her eyes turned ruthless, her fingers turned into claws and went for the neck of One eye.

The hidden weapon exploded in the mid-air.

In an instance, the sky was filled with smoke and dust, and the whole place became dull.

The mountain bandits took the opportunity to lunge their long swords at Chang Huan and Ah Shu.

“Stop it!” Suddenly there was an exclamation from a distance.

There were sounds of hurried clattering of horses’ hooves and clouds of dust flew up.

A group of people was rushing up the mountain.