Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 135

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 135

Chapter 135: Exposed Approaching the Mid-Autumn Festival, the festive atmosphere gradually became richer, and the Ji Manor began to be busy again.

The days were filled with purchasing, sweeping, decorating, and making new clothes for the masters of the various academies.

The servants were extremely busy and were scrambling in and out.

Now that the Ji Manor was missing two concubines, especially the provocative one, Xie Ying, the servants felt a lot better.

Apart from the fact that the Second Mistress was imprisoned in Jinglan Pavilion, the current Ji Manor was harmonious and peaceful.

Although Su Jiu was not managing the Ji Manor actively, the servants felt that Ji Manor’s harmony was associated with the Young Mistress.

Su Jiu was also busy with the daily incoming and outgoing transactions of the restaurants.

After checking the accounts himself, Li Tai asked her to review them again.

She trusted Li Tai and told him that there was no need for that.

However, Li Tai did not listen to her and insisted on piling up the ledgers of the three restaurants in front of Su Jiu.

Su Jiu simply pushed all of them to Qiao An.

Qiao An had a few days off during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

He was still thinking about how to pass his time but was immediately tasked with work again.

Hu Dapao was also on leave.

Instead of returning to the General’s Manor, he stayed with Qiao An every day, pestering Qiao An to teach him how to read and write poems.

Seeing that even Hu Dapao was starting to learn how to read, Su Jiu was brimming with elation.

Hu Dapao teased Ah Shu using his newfound skills.

Ah Shu said he was just putting on an act and laughed at Dapao.

Eventually, the two of them went to Qiao An’s place and saw Hu Dapao reading on the porch.

He was holding the book with both hands, reading it very seriously.

His built body curled up at the porch, looking very awkward, but his focused expression was quite dashing.




Hu Dapao’s facial features were already attractive, but now that he was thinner than before, his facial features became much more prominent, which made him look more handsome.

Ah Shu was about to tease him but was stopped by Su Jiu to prevent him from disturbing Dapao.

The two of them entered through the reception pavilion at the side.

Qiao An was doing the accounts.

When he saw the two of them coming in, he stood up and chuckled.

“The Chief is here!” Su Jiu sat on the chair and laughed.

“Dapao can now read books by himself.

You are impressive!” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Qiao An shook his head and smiled.

“I am not as impressive as you think.

I only brought an opera excerpt to let him entertain himself.

” Su Jiu smiled back.

“You like to bully people like this!” “Dapao asked me to teach him how to write poetry the moment he came and startled me!” Qiao An said sheepishly.

“What’s wrong with that kid?” Ah Shu felt that it was a good thing, but also strange at the same time.

“Maybe he had fallen for some girl?” Qiao An analyzed seriously.

Only a sweetheart could change a tough man like Hu Dapao.

Su Jiu and Ah Shu looked at each other, feeling even more incredulous.

“It’s impossible.

Dapao has never talked about who he adores.

After joining the army, he left Shengjing and stayed in the barracks.

Even after he returned, he stayed with a group of men all day long.

There’s no way he can approach any girl!” Su Jiu said affirmatively.

“Dapao couldn’t have fancied a man right?” Ah Shu said in a horrified manner.

“Go away!” Su Jiu playfully nudged Ah Shu.

Ah Shu smiled and continued, “Then I have no idea.

I took him to the Drunken Joy Pavilion, but he didn’t even look at the other women.

It was clear that he wasn’t interested.

” Su Jiu glanced at him.

“You seemed to have it all figured out.

Did the Zhao family girl find you again?” Heat rose in Ah Shu’s cheeks.

“Why do you still have to mention her? I have already forgotten about her!” Su Jiu could only look at him and chortle.

Ah Shu went to prepare tea to hide his embarrassment.

At noon, they went to have lunch together.

Su Jiu and Ah Shu then made their way to the bodyguard agency.

Along the way, they passed by the Four Seas Bodyguard Agency and saw a lot of people blocking the entrance.

It seemed that something had happened.

The Four Seas Bodyguard Agency was newly opened in Shengjing City.

It had been open for less than a month.

The administrators in it often went to Qinglong Bodyguard Agency to curry favor from Ah Shu, hoping he would look for them.

Initially, Ah Shu was patient, and he dealt with them with a few words.

Growing tired eventually, he would immediately send them out and throw all their gifts out of the door.

The crowd was bustling.

Su Jiu stood up and saw that someone was arguing in front of the bodyguard agency.

The person quarreling was a woman, who looked vaguely familiar.

After taking a closer look, she recognized her as Zhao Shan, the lady who they had just mentioned to Ah Shu.

Su Jiu kicked Ah Shu and laughed.

“Your wife is being bullied! Aren’t you going to hurry and help?” Ah Shu extended his neck and stared at Su Jiu.

“Chief, can you stop joking?” What wife? He was desperate to hide his secret from her! Su Jiu merely glanced at him and stood on the horse carriage to witness the commotion.

Ah Shu was reluctant to do anything, but the road was blocked by those people, and the carriage could not pass.

Puzzled, he turned to the person next to him and asked, “What happened?” The man knew about the situation and explained, “It’s the lady from the Zhao family’s porcelain shop quarreling with the Four Seas Bodyguard Agency.

I heard that the Zhao family requested the Four Seas Bodyguard Agency to transport two carts of porcelain.

However, the Four Seas Bodyguard Agency changed the agreement on their own accord.

Out of two carts of porcelain that were supposed to arrive in Fuyang City, only one came.

The old shopkeeper of the Zhao family is sick, so the Miss of the family came to confront the Four Seas Bodyguard Agency.

The agency did not admit anything, resulting in their argument right now!” Ah Shu said.

“Well, they deserve it!” Ever since they did not resolve the issue about them peeking at the bath, the Zhao family no longer engaged the Qinglong Bodyguard Agency.

As a result, they went with the Four Seas Bodyguard Agency and got themselves into problems straight away.

This Zhao Shan, the head of the household, was simply stupid and hopeless.

Why didn’t she inquire about the newly opened bodyguard agency first? Su Jiu urged Ah Shu and said, “Stop making cynical remarks! Go and help your wife.

We also have some responsibility in this matter.

” “I won’t go!” Ah Shu leaned against the car wall with his arms crossed, closing his eyes and pretending not to see.

Su Jiu raised her eyebrows and looked in front, pretending to be surprised.

“Miss Zhao is crying as she is getting bullied! It’s so pitiful!” “That jerk! How dare he push Miss Zhao around? This is detestable.

How can a man hit a woman?!” Ah Shu opened his eyes slightly, his face slightly livid.

His breaths became quicker and heavier.

“Look at all the men beating a woman.

The bodyguards of the Four Seas Bodyguard Agency turned out to be such despicable people!” Su Jiu chided angrily.

With a clenched fist, Ah Shu jumped off the horse carriage, shoved the crowd away, and stormed in.

Su Jiu laughed and continued to tiptoe and watch the commotion.

Zhao Shan was indeed being pushed by the people of the Four Seas Bodyguard Agency.

Of course, it was not as exaggerated as Su Jiu had claimed.

Her arm was suddenly held back.

As she turned around preparing to scold, she was stunned when she realized it was Ah Shu.

Standing opposite Zhao Shan was the housekeeper and about four to five bodyguards.

All of them were tall and looked fierce.

Ah Shu dragged Zhao Shan behind him and ordered coldly, “Get your manager out!” “What are you doing? Don’t meddle in other people’s business! Go away!” A bodyguard pointed at Ah Shu with disdain.

Feeling provoked, Ah Shu suddenly attacked out of nowhere.

With a cracking sound, the man’s finger broke, causing him to shriek in agony.

The others were astounded, supported the man up, and rushed towards Ah Shu.

Zhao Shan subconsciously stood in front of Ah Shu and shouted angrily, “It’s none of his business! Don’t hit him!” Confounded, Ah Shu looked at the woman who was nearly a head shorter than him, standing in front.

Fear was palpable in her face, which had been drained of color, and her body was slightly trembling.

Yet, she was standing in front of him trying to protect him.

Those bodyguards did not care too much.

Their people were injured at their doorstep, which made them even angrier.

They raised their arms and waved the stick in their hands at the two of them.

Ah Shu forcefully yanked Zhao Shan behind him and kicked the chest of the man who threw himself forward first, causing him to fly straight through the door.

The rest ensued forward, and after several flying legs and throwing fists, a few strong bodyguards dropped to the ground, lying and wailing in pain! These people could hardly dodge a single attack from Ah Shu.

Gasps of shock were heard from the crowd, followed by an immediate cry of applause.

Zhao Shan stared blankly at Ah Shu, and her eyes gradually lit up.

Only the housekeeper was standing in front of the bodyguard agency, pointing at Ah Shu with a shaky finger.

“I, I will call our manager! You… don’t leave!” He then turned around in a panic, but he immediately stumbled over the bodyguards who were on the ground and fell pathetically.

The people around were laughing at him.

The housekeeper got up and rushed into the bodyguard agency in embarrassment.

Zhao Shan looked up at the man and asked, “Why are you here?” Ah Shu coughed a little awkwardly.

“Did they hurt you?” Zhao Shan’s ears suddenly turned red.

She lowered his head and said with some attitude, “It’s none of your business!” “You too.

Why didn’t you find our bodyguard agency for shipping?” Ah Shu scolded.

“I…” Zhao Shan raised her head to say something, but her eyes reddened and she lowered her head again, remaining silent.

What he said was so unsympathetic.

He would rather marry the woman in Qinglou than marry her.

She already hated him, so why would she go to him to escort the goods? However, these words were inconvenient to say at the moment.

Zhao Shan only accused Ah Shu of being stupid and not understanding the woman’s heart at all.

At this moment, the manager of the Four Seas Bodyguard Agency came out and was about to reprimand the troublemaker.

However, when he saw Ah Shu, the corners of his lips immediately curled into a smile.

The speed of that change was so alarming that it was as though he had two masks on.

“It turns out to be Master Shu from the Qinglong Bodyguard Agency! Please excuse us for our lack of manners!” Ah Shu sneered, “Zhao Ji’s porcelain shop is guarded by me.

And send me the carriage of porcelain that was neglected by you!” Zhao Shan heard what he said, and looked up at Ah Shu.

The manager pretended to be shocked.

“What’s going on? I haven’t been to the bodyguard agency for a few days, so I don’t know what’s been happening.

” He called the housekeeper and asked, “What the hell is going on?” Looking at the face of his manager, he hastily replied, “A few days ago, we escorted a carriage of porcelain for Zhao Ji to Fuyang City.

They came to our agency today, and said that they gave us two carriages to escort!” Zhao Shan said, “I’m sure it is two carriages.

Didn’t the agreement clearly state that? Or did you tamper it indiscriminately? ” “Is there such a thing? “The manager said in a deep voice.

Cold sweat dripped down the housekeeper’s forehead as he said, “On that day, Chen’s bodyguard was the one in charge of escorting.

He became sick along the way and he is recovering from an illness now, so let me go and ask him!” “Quickly go and come back! We must investigate this thoroughly.

We must not do anything to deceive our clients!” The manager commanded loudly.

“Yes… Yes!” The housekeeper ran into the bodyguard agency again.

As soon as he left, the shopkeeper turned his head and smiled amiably.

“There must be a misunderstanding along the way.

Please do not be angry with him, Master Shu.

Let’s go into the bodyguard agency for a cup of tea and wait awhile.

I assure you that we will compensate for the carriage of porcelain to the Zhao family!” “No need.

Let’s make things clear before drinking tea!’ Ah Shu replied with an icy gaze.

“Yes, yes!” The manager said with a smile, and instructed his servant, “Hurry up and get some chairs for Master Shu and Miss Zhao!” The servant immediately obeyed.

Soon, he moved two mahogany chairs to the back of Ah Shu and Zhao Shan.

Ah Shu jumped up, stepped on the chair’s surface, and waited for the housekeeper to come out with a bitter expression.

After waiting for some time, the housekeeper finally came out, holding the agreement in his hand.

He chuckled and said, “We had made a mistake.

This agreement has been soaked in water, so the handwriting is blurred.

The carriage of porcelain was forgotten in the backyard, causing such a big misunderstanding.

We will immediately send someone to escort this carriage of porcelain to Fuyang City.

” This was a pure fart.

Even if the agreement was soaked in water and not clear, was the bodyguard who transported the carriages from the Zhao family a fool? Did he not know how many carriages he pulled from the Zhao family? “Incompetent!” The manager scolded unforgivingly, “You all do things so incompetently! How can I ask you to do things in peace?” “Yes, it’s my fault!” The housekeeper hurriedly apologized.

The manager kicked the bodyguards, who had been injured by Ah Shu and were still lying on the ground.

He yelled angrily, “It’s all because you guys are doing things in a muddled fashion, smearing the reputation of our bodyguard agency, and annoying Master Shu! A bunch of useless chaps! Hurry up and get it, and stop embarrassing me here!” The bodyguards quickly stood up and slipped into the main door.

“Do you think this is okay? We will send someone to ship the porcelain to Fuyang City.

We will not charge you a single cent!” The shopkeeper looked pleadingly at Ah Shu.

Ah Shu jumped down from his chair and answered coldly, “No need.

In the future, the porcelain of the Zhao family will be escorted by our Qinglong Bodyguard Agency.

I will send someone to take the porcelain away later!” “Yes, yes, we dare not grab the business of Qinglong Bodyguard Agency.

We hope that you will take care of us in the future, Master Shu!” The manager nodded, smiling flatteringly.

Ah Shu snorted and dragged Zhao Shan away.

Zhao Shan struggled for a while, seemingly wanting to shove Ah Shu away.

She raised her hand, only to put it down again.

Instead, she lowered her head and followed behind Ah Shu.

Su Jiu was still standing on the carriage and had witnessed what happened in front of the bodyguard agency.

When she saw the two of them coming, she greeted them with a smile.

“Miss Zhao, how have you been?” Ah Shu stiffened, and immediately released Zhao Shan’s hand.

Zhao Shan looked at Su Jiu cautiously, and asked, “Why are you here?” Ah Shu replied angrily, “Where our chief is, it’s none of your business.

” Zhao Shan felt that she was verbally attacked by him, and was unable to speak up.

Su Jiu stared at Ah Shu and said softly, “Don’t you know how to show pity and tender love for the girl?” Ah Shu snorted and jumped on the horse carriage without peeking at Zhao Shan.

He said blandly, “Go home.

I will send someone to get the porcelain tomorrow.

” Zhao Shan bit her lip.

“There are two more carriages.

You can come to our shop tomorrow and get them all together!” Ah Shu merely humphed and drove the carriage away by urging the horse with a whip.

The crowd in front had dispersed, and the carriage moved ahead quickly.

Zhao Shan stood there and kept staring at the carriage.

She was having mixed feelings and did not know what to do.

She already did not go and bother him.

Why did he come to help her? However, deep down, she could not help but feel happy.

In particular, he claimed that the Zhao family’s errands would be guarded by him in the future.

She knew that he might have said that intentionally just to deter the people from the Four Seas Bodyguard Agency, but her heart was still throbbing at the thought of it.

The carriage in front could no longer be seen.

Zhao Shan turned around and walked home.

On the way back to the bodyguard agency, Su Jiu sat across from Ah Shu and said with a sullen face, “Ah Shu, it was wrong of you to do that.

” Ah Shu turned back and looked at her.

“What’s the matter?” “No matter the situation, Miss Zhao is also our main client.

Do you treat clients in that manner?” Su Jiu asked.

Ah Shu was stunned.

He hummed twice in contemplation, before finally saying, “I know, I’ll change next time!” “That’s right! Be gentle with her and treat her right, just like how you treat the girls at the Drunken Joy Pavilion!” Su Jiu smiled.

Ah Shu’s eyes widened, and he gaped at Su Jiu in shock.

Su Jiu continued, “What’s more, you go to the Drunken Joy Pavilion to give others money, which is financed by clients coming to our bodyguard agency.

Therefore, you should treat her even better!” Ah Shu nodded his head.

“Chief, you’re right!” Su Jiu took a deep breath and sat on the carriage, her legs dangling to and fro.

After reading several books, she felt that her speech made more sense now.

They reached the Ji Manor in the evening.

The guards at the door paid their respects and greeted, “Young Mistress!” Upon entering the door from the frontcourt to the backyard, she met the servants within the household, who all stopped and bowed their heads.

“Young Mistress!” Those words became more sincere than when she first entered Ji Manor.

Su Jiu, the Young Mistress, had completely won over the whole house and gained their approval! Entering the main courtyard, she could see a red figure at the porch from afar.

His posture was magnificent and exquisite.

Hidden behind the silk tree, he was like a gem.

The view was resplendent as if an immortal was walking on Earth.

Su Jiu stealthily walked over and covered Ji Yuxian’s eyes.

With a grin, she asked, “Who are you waiting for, Master Ji?” Ji Yuxian smiled briefly and placed his hand over the back of Su Jiu’s palm.

He said, “Naturally, I am anxiously waiting for my wife, who had gone out for the whole day.

She is making me extremely worried.

” Su Jiu pouted.

“She said she would not come back at night!” “Does that mean I will be alone tonight?” “Don’t you have other concubines? Just ask them to accompany you!” Su Jiu teased.

Ji Yuxian sighed.

“It turned out to be jealousy!” Su Jiu raised her eyebrows.

“What jealousy?” Ji Yuxian held her wrist, turned around, and embraced her waist.

He then picked the girl up and sat her on his lap, pinching her chin.

“If it’s not jealousy, then why do you push your husband to others? ” Su Jiu’s eyes lit up, her pupils dilating.

She didn’t utter a single word.

Ji Yuxian lowered his head and kissed her face.

“I’m very happy today.

Would you tell your husband what had happened?” Su Jiu shrugged.

“Things have not even begun to take shape yet, but I’ll tell you next time!” Ji Yuxian chuckled.

“It must be someone having a happy event from the Dragon Conqueror Gang!” “How do you know?” Su Jiu was nestled in his arms, and she was playing with his dark hair, which was let down.

Even her eyes were smiling.

Ji Yuxian leaned against the porch column, his red robe undulating like the flowing clouds.

It seemed as if the gorgeous light in the sky was introduced into the world, so magnificent and fascinating, causing people to swoon all over.

He squinted for a long time, his eyes fixed on the girl’s delicate eyebrows.

With a smile, he said, “Let your husband guess, is it Prince Zhao trying to win over Qiao An, and wanting to promote him?” Su Jiu shook her head.

“What sort of happy event is that? I cannot wait for those two princes to be far away from Qiao An!” “Then is it that the business is getting better? ” “Nope!” The sun was setting, and some light fell on Su Jiu’s face through the flower branches.

She leaned forward, picked up a half-red maple leaf to cover her face, and said joyfully, “It’s about Ah Shu, but I can’t say it now!” Looking at Su Jiu’s joyful expression, he could not help but turn sour.

“Anyway, I guess only the people from your Dragon Conqueror Gang can make you so happy!” Su Jiu didn’t even think much about it and replied, “That’s not true.

If you’re happy, then I will be happy too!” After hearing that, Ji Yuxian’s heart relaxed.

He lowered his head and saw the maple leaf was covering her eyes, and only her pink rosy lips could be seen.

They were so pink and tender, he could not help but bow his head and murmur, “That’s so sweet!” Su Jiu’s long lashes fluttered.

She slightly opened her lips, waiting for a response, but felt that the man had left.

Annoyed, she got up and wanted to kiss him.

As soon as she removed the leaf, she saw that the man was not far away from her.

She looked at him faintly with a pair of bright sharp eyes, which were glinting with mischief.

Su Jiu opened her mouth and tried to bite on his chin, but he suddenly lowered his head slightly and their lips met.

He proceeded to kiss her passionately, tossing and turning around.

“Do you like it when your husband kisses you this much?” The man narrowed his eyes, and his voice was full of charm.

Su Jiu kissed him back hard, and said frankly, “I like it!” Ji Yuxian breathed heavily, his obsession with her burgeoning.

He held up her soft waist and wrapped her tightly in his arms.

He was not speaking anymore and hoped that this moment would last forever.

The passionate kiss went all out, leaving traces along the way.

Clothes were removed halfway, her white shoulders were exposed, and her exquisite clavicles were pure and enchanting, like a beautiful fairy that had just landed on this world.

Ji Yuxian covered the girl with his robe, cleared his throat, and buried his head in.

Su Jiu tilted her head slightly and watched the sunset glow through the top of the flower branches.

The clouds were churning violently, seeming to roll up the heat.

Her lower lip bled a little.

She was still unable to restrain the man’s lips and tongue.

Her whole body shivered slightly, and she was about to burst out moaning.

The red clouds subsided and the sunset was passing.

Su Jiu closed her eyes, pressed firmly on the man’s shoulder, and gently shook her head.

She had a small beast hid in her body, and he was about to awaken it with his incitement.

She was afraid that she could not control it anymore, and her desires would turn her into a beast and pounce on the man.

Ji Yuxian’s heavy panting and warm breath sprayed on her sensitive skin, making it more and more unbearable for her.

After a long time, the man helped her put on her inner and outerwear, and whispered in her ear, “The fruit is not pulped, yet the stomach is hungry.

I want to eat you up!” Su Jiu understood what the man said, and did not ask further.

She merely leaned on his shoulder and said, “Ji Yuxian, I don’t know if I want to do it.

” After that, the lady did not say anything.

Ji Yuxian understood, gently rubbing her cheek and saying softly, “I can wait.

I’ll wait until you have no more hesitation.

” Su Jiu looked up at him slightly.

“Maybe someday, I might be the one that would not be able to wait any longer.

” Ji Yuxian’s eyes suddenly deepened, and he spoke in her ears, “Then I should work harder!” Su Jiu smiled and stopped discussing the topic.

She stretched her lazy body and declared, “I’m hungry!” “Then let me take you to dinner!” Ji Yuxian helped Su Jiu get up, held her firmly in his arms, and walked slowly to the dining room.

The two of them walked for a while, and the sky had turned dark.

Under the osmanthus tree a foot away from the wooden porch, Mrs.

Fan began to get up.

Today, she got lazy and found a hidden spot to sleep.

However, when she was half-asleep, she heard the Young Mistress and the Master talking.

She woke up immediately but she did not dare to get up, and only hid there instead.

What did she just hear? Dragon Conqueror Gang? It did not sound like a good place and must be associated with bandits.

The Young Mistress was from the Dragon Conqueror Gang? And Qiao An too? Wasn’t Qiao An in the top three with Master Ji Ze, and became an official in the palace? He turned out to be a mountain bandit! Cold sweat began to break out on Mrs.

Fan, and she used her handkerchief to cover her mouth and nose, not daring to make any noise.

She could not hear what the two of them said afterward.

It wasn’t until the two went away and there was no more movement, that Mrs.

Fan got up.

Panicked, she hurried out of the main courtyard.

The door of the Jinglan Pavilion was locked.

On normal days, no one was allowed to enter and leave at will.

Only when the servants came to deliver meals would the door be opened.


Fan observed the door outside.

When she saw the servants from the kitchen coming over, she hurriedly walked over.

When no one was paying attention, she sneaked in and found a place to hide.

Soon, the servants came out and locked the door again.


Fan’s heart was beating violently as she walked in, clenching tightly onto her clothes.

At that moment, Yuan’er was bringing out the food and setting the table for the Second Mistress.

The Second Mistress glanced at the meals, and her heart became more and more sullen.

She lost her appetite, closed her eyes, and turned over.

Yuan’er persuaded, “Second Mistress, please take a bite! Don’t starve your body and make Master Ji Ze worry!” The Second Mistress sneered, “If I let Ze’er lose me, I am better off dead! Lest others poke my son’s backbone!” “Second Mistress, please do not say that.

Young Master is still young, and he needs your teaching.

You are kept in this courtyard and the Second Young Master is extremely anxious.

He must be uneasy and unable to sleep too.

Mistress, you should thus take care of your body and most importantly, find a way out again!” Convinced, the Second Mistress sat up straight reluctantly, took the chopsticks handed over by Yuan’er, and put some mutton in her mouth.

She immediately vomited it out.

“This group of bastards.

I don’t know what is mixed in with this meat, it’s so stinky! They truly are a bunch of low-lives.

They are out to get me now that I’ve lost my status!” Yuan’er hurriedly placed a stack of crispy fried taro in front of the Second Mistress and said, “This dish is what you usually love to eat! Try it!” The Second Mistress took a bite, only to find that it tasted sweet and delicious, causing her face to turn red in embarrassment.

She asked, “Has the Zhu family been here these past few days?” Yuan’er nodded.

“I’ve asked before.

Uncle Old Master had sent someone the day before to check on the Mistress.

Old Yu had told him everything about the Mistress, and he went back! ” The Second Mistress frowned.

“Did my brother come over?” Yuan’er shook her head.

Upon seeing that the Second Mistress’s expression was not good, she hurriedly said, “Uncle Old Master will find a way to get you out, Second Mistress!” The Second Mistress grinned.

“Now that I have lost my status in the Ji Manor, I can no longer help my brother.

Maybe he has already ignored me!” “No, he won’t.

Second Mistress, you are Uncle’s relatives.

How can he ignore you?” Yuan’er said.

The two were chatting, when they suddenly heard a knock on the door.

Yuan’er thought that it was Mrs.

Xu who was also staying with them.

She raised her voice and said, “Come in!” Mrs.

Fan came in carefully, closed the door, and paid her respects to the Second Mistress.

“This old servant is here to see the Second Mistress!” Startled, Yuan’er asked, “Why are you here, and how did you come in?” “I came in with the servant who sent the meal.

No one saw me, and I came to see the Second Mistress!” Mrs.

Fan smiled in a flattering manner.

“So you still remember me!” The Second Mistress laughed coldly.


Fan said quickly, “I have always remembered that I belonged to the Second Mistress, and my heart naturally leaned towards the Second Mistress.

It is just that the courtyard was monitored strictly the past few days, so it was inconvenient to come over.

” After that, she leaned her body forward and continued, “I came here today because I have a big matter to report to you, Second Mistress! ” “What’s the matter?” The Second Mistress put down her chopsticks, squinting her eyes.

“I was at the Cloud Pavilion when I overheard the Eldest Young Master and the Young Mistress saying that the Young Mistress belongs to some Dragon Conqueror Gang! I seem to have heard that before, that they are the bandit gang of Yuhu Mountain.

Furthermore, I believe Qiao An is also one of them!” Mrs.

Fan said in a mysterious and solemn tone.

The Second Mistress was startled.

“Are you for real?” Mrs.

Fan said, “It’s true, I’ve heard it myself!” “Dragon Conqueror Gang?” The Second Mistress said to herself, “It sounds like a sector from the martial world.

Su Yuejiu came from Fuyang City, so how can she be from the Dragon Conqueror Gang? ” “That I am not too sure!” Yuan’er hurriedly said, “If that is the case, then are all of them mountain bandits? No wonder they are adept with martial arts!” Arising as such, it seemed that a lot of things became clearer.

They had long suspected that Su Yuejiu was not a noble lady.

Why else would she have such great martial arts skills? However, they were still puzzled.

Why would a noble lady such as her join a martial world sector? That question was not important now.

What was important was that they knew Su Yuejiu’s background.

The Second Mistress flashed a smile and said, “That Qiao An had a great achievement a while ago, and was immediately promoted to the Ministry of Revenue to become fifth-ranked official.

Even Ze’er went down the pecking order.

I think their luck is coming to an end this time!” “What does the lady want to do?” Yuan’er asked.

“It seems that Ji Yuxian also knows that Su Yuejiu is a mountain bandit.

With him backing Su Yuejiu, even if we say anything, we can’t do much to Su Yuejiu.

However, Qiao An is a different case altogether.

” The Second Mistress smiled sinisterly, her eyes reflecting the schemes forming in her head.

“Go back first.

Help me to keep watch on Su Yuejiu!” The Second Mistress took a golden hairpin from her head and placed it in Mrs.

Fan’s hands.

“As long as you are loyal to me, you will be rewarded!” Mrs.

Fan held the hairpin up, with smiles plastered all over her wrinkled face.

“Yes, yes, I will diligently serve the Second Mistress!” Yuan’er sent Mrs.

Fan out of the door and asked, “The door is locked, how do you intend to get out?” She could wait until the next morning when the next servant came to deliver breakfast.


Fan could then take the opportunity to slip out.

On the other hand, if she did not return to the main courtyard over the night, she would be in trouble if she was found.

Maybe her whistleblowing act would be discovered! Mrs.

Fan scanned her surroundings.

“I will climb over the courtyard’s wall where it is the shortest!” Yuan’er turned her eyes and said, “Come with me!” Yuan’er led Mrs.

Fan to a remote corner, with some unused debris piled under the wall and as high as half the wall’s height.

“Use this debris and climb up and over, there is a garden outside.

It’s dark now, and no one will notice if you jump down!” “Alright! Great!” Mrs.

Fan carefully climbed up the wall using the debris, her awkward body resembling a bear climbing up the wall.

Yuan’er looked straight at her and smiled.

She went to give her a hand.


Fan finally got over the wall after much difficulty.

When she looked down, she immediately got dizzy.

There was debris on the inner wall, but there was none outside.

How could she go down? Her body trembled for a moment.

“Yuan’er, do you have a ladder for me? This is too high, I can’t go down!” Yuan’er tilted her head up and said, “Where can I find a ladder for you? Just close your eyes and jump down!” “No, no, I’m dizzy!” Mrs.

Fan shook her head hurriedly, gripping the courtyard wall tightly with both hands, and did not dare to look down.

Yuan’er’s eyes turned abruptly, and she suddenly shouted, “Oh no, the Young Mistress just came in!” “Ah?!” Panic-stricken, Mrs.

Fan turned around and rolled down the wall.

Yuan’er heard the sound of landing on the other side of the wall, which was followed by Mrs.

Fan’s screaming and wailing.


Fan, please stop shouting! If other people hear you, we’ll get into trouble!” Yuan’er’s pretty face was full of mischief.

She grinned and turned to walk towards the courtyard.

Outside the wall, Mrs.

Fan, who had fallen to the ground, kept her mouth shut and did not shout any more.

It was as though she had fallen apart, as her shoulders, waist, and buttocks were all in pain.

Fortunately, there was a forest outside the wall, with a thick layer of fallen leaves on the ground.

Although she fell and was grimacing in pain, she did not break any of her bones.

Slowly, Mrs.

Fan stood up against the wall and wiped the fallen leaves off her body, knowing that it was just Yuan’er who had scared her.

She could not help but scold coldly, “That vicious little hussy! I hope you’ll fall like this too!” After she finished speaking, she looked at the wall fiercely, as if Yuan’er was still behind it.

The next day, Ah Shu got somebody to take back one of the Zhao family’s porcelains from the Four Seas Bodyguard Agency, and he sent someone else to the Zhao family to pick up another two carriages.

As they were about to leave, the captain of the bodyguards ran to the toilet, and let his men go by themselves.

They were regulars who already knew each other well, and had worked together many times! Ah Shu heard about it in the lobby.

Feeling uneasy, he simply followed behind.

When they arrived at the Zhao family’s porcelain shop, the carriage was parked in the courtyard.

The one attending the servants was a stranger.

He was in his twenties, and he had a straight face and a lanky body.

He commanded everyone with an imposing demeanor, acting as if he was the in-charge.

“Slow down! Do you want to compensate if you break the goods?” The man kicked one of the servants from the Zhao family, and then brushed his boots in disgust.

“Yes, yes!” The servant bowed down quickly.

The bodyguards helped to load the cargo.

They glanced at that man and asked the Zhao family’s housekeeper, “Who is that man throwing his weight around? Why haven’t I seen him before?” The housekeeper answered softly, “He is from the Dong family and the son of our great aunt.

He is our manager’s nephew, surnamed Zheng.

Because our shopkeeper is ill and was bullied by the Four Seas Bodyguard Agency in the past two days, he came over to help our Young Mistress take care of the shop.

” “Oh!” The bodyguard exclaimed and smiled.

“He looked like the Master of the place!” The housekeeper looked back and saw him went inside, and said, “He is indeed going to be the Master.

I heard that the shopkeeper is sick, and did not want to leave without making sure his daughter is well taken care of.

I’m guessing he wants to marry our Young Mistress to this distant cousin! Maybe our shop will be named Zheng in the future!” Judging from the situation, no wonder he was so arrogant! However, the bodyguard looked at Ah Shu subconsciously, knowing that the reason why Miss Zhao went to the bodyguard agency every day was to see Ah Shu.

Ah Shu naturally heard the conversation between the two.

With a heavy expression, he said sternly, “Don’t gossip about people, and do your work quickly!” The bodyguard snapped himself back to reality and continued moving the goods.

Up till the goods were packed, Miss Zhao did not come out.

Ah Shu and the housekeeper settled the bill and took the carriages back to the bodyguard agency.

Back at the bodyguard agency, Ah Shu was sitting in the main dining hall, and his heart was feeling uneasy for no good reason.

He thought it was because the weather was too humid, but he still felt the same after drinking some herbal tea.

He could not help but keep thinking of the Zhao family’s cousin, Mister Zheng.

At first glance, he was a frivolous man who was gluttonous and lazy.

Now, he was commanding the Zhao family like a Master before even marrying Zhao Shan.

If they do get married in the future, he would be totally out of hand.

Zhao Shan must be blinded to marry this man! Ah Shu placed the teacup angrily on the table, thinking that since he had detached himself from Zhao Shan, he should be feeling happy.

Who she was marrying was none of his business.

There were no reasons for him to be angry.

At that moment, someone shouted for Ah Shu in the backyard.

Ah Shu gave a hurried reply and darted to the backyard.