Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 130

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 130

Chapter 130: Troubled Times Su Jiu took the medicine back and gave it to the nanny to take care of it.

“Young Mistress, it’s my carelessness that keeps you bothered.

This is my fault.

” Nanny blamed herself.

“It’s not a big deal, don’t worry about it! Old Gu said that this medicine is very effective.

Three times in the morning and evening, and Jin Mi will recover in a few days,” Su Jiu said.

“Certainly, I’ll give this to Jin Mi immediately!” Nanny said.

Because of the nanny’s carelessness, Jin Mi suffered for several days.

The Nanny was very upset about it.

Hearing that the medicine worked, she rushed to give it to Jin Mi.

It was so gloomy in Jin Mi’s room.

The doors and windows of Jin Mi’s room were tightly closed, and Jin Mi was lying on the bed sideways, seeming to be asleep.

The nanny went in and asked softly, “Lady Jin Mi, Lady? Are you awake?” “Who is that?” There was a feeble sound from the bed.

Nanny hurriedly walked over and smiled softly.

“It’s me.

The Young Mistress helped Lady Jin Mi get the medicine from the doctor, and I’m here to help you dress your wound, Lady Jin Mi” Jin Mi got up a little, and a slightly pale and pretty face emerged in the shadow, like the cloudy skies in the late summer.

Jin Mi glanced at the porcelain bottle in the nanny’s hands, then said softly, “Please thank Young Mistress for me.

I won’t want to take it at this time.

Please put the porcelain bottle there, I will do it myself later.

” .



The nanny knew that Jin Mi stayed with Ji Yuxian for a long time, and she had been influenced by Ji Yuxian’s fetish about cleanliness and dislike of touching others.

The nanny then quickly put the medicine bottle in the place where she could reach, and explained to her carefully, “Three times a day.

Do it slowly when you apply it on your wound.

” The nanny continued apologetically, “It’s my fault.

It’s because of my panic that day that made you suffer so much.

I hope that you get better soon, Lady Jin Mi.

” Jin Mi barely squeezed out a smile and said, “You are not to blame.

I’m not careful enough.

Nanny, you don’t have to worry about me too much.

” “Thanks for forgiving me! What do you feel like eating for a meal, Lady Jin Mi? I can have the kitchen prepare it for you.

” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM In the dark, Jin Mi’s eyes flashed slightly and she grinned.

“I miss tangyuan (1) with osmanthus filling.

Could you please ask the kitchen to cook a bowl for me? Thank you.

” “Tangyuan? Okay, okay, I’ll go now!” Nanny answered and rushed out.

Jin Mi took the white porcelain bottle on the table and clenched it in her hand.

She then reached under her pillow and took out the blue porcelain bottle.

She held one bottle in each hand, and her beautiful eyes flashed in the dark.

After a while, there was a flash of decisiveness in the woman’s eyes.

She opened the lids of both porcelain bottles and poured two drops of bright red liquid from the blue porcelain bottle into the white porcelain bottle.

Jin Mi shook the white bottle to make sure that the liquid in it was finely mixed up.

She then placed the blue porcelain bottle under her pillow again and put the white porcelain bottle back on the table.

When she was done, Jin Mi listened to the movement outside and waited quietly.

After about the time when a piece of incense was burned out, Jin Mi heard faint footsteps from outside the door.

She hurriedly got up, rolled up her sleeves, opened the porcelain bottle on the table, and dripped the medicine liquid on her wound.

Searing pain came from her wound that had not healed.

She felt like a sharp blade was cutting off every nerve in the body.

She wailed in pain and curled up into a tiny ball and, suddenly, fell off the bed.

Almost at the same time, the nanny pushed the door in, holding a tray in her hand, on which was the osmanthus tangyuan the kitchen had just cooked for Jin Mi.

She was followed by Ming Fu, holding a basin of water to help Jin Mi wash her face.

The two heard the sound in the room and were shocked.

They rushed over and saw Jin Mi twitching and screaming on the ground.

They put their things down and reached out to help her.

Jin Mi trembled with pain and shouted while clutching her legs, “My legs, my legs!” Nanny asked in a panic, “Lady Jin Mi, what’s wrong with your legs?” Jin Mi grabbed the nanny’s sleeves.

She was so skinny that the nanny could see her pale bones sticking out.

Jin Mi seemed to be trying her best to suppress her pain, hissing at the nanny, “What did you give me? What’s in your medicine? I felt like I’m being cut by a sharp knife at my leg.

” Astounded, the nanny shook her head in a panic.

“No, it’s impossible! That’s the medicine given by the doctor!” “I obey the Young Mistress with respect.

Why did you do this to me, or does the Young Mistress want to see me dead? Is this the only way that she could be happy?” Jin Mi shook her head and bawled while seizing the nanny’s sleeve.

“No, no, the Young Mistress is kind to you, and she will never have bad intentions!” The nanny defended Su Jiu.

Jin Mi was writhing around on the floor in agony, clutching her legs.

The people passing by the door heard her painful sobs and they rushed in.

They were all shocked and came over to help.

Jin Mi refused to let them touch her.

She cried incessantly, screaming with her legs in her arms.

When the nanny saw that things were spiraling out of control, she hurried to inform Su Jiu.

Su Jiu was told what happened and darted to Jin Mi’s room.

When she arrived, the room was already full of people.

Jin Mi was still on the ground and was hugged by Ming Fu in the arms.

Her energy had been sapped out by her screaming, and now, she was groaning with eyes closed.

When the people around Jin Mi saw Su Jiu, they dispersed at once and greeted Su Jiu, “Young Mistress.

” Su Jiu approached Jin Mi and asked, “What’s going on?” Jin Mi opened her eyes and said weakly, “Young Mistress, I just used the medicine Nanny gave me.

Now I am in so much pain that there is no way I can stand up to pay my respects to you.

” Su Jiu squatted down and tried to check Jin Mi’s wound under her clothes.

However, Jin Mi suddenly yelled in pain, and her legs shrank immediately.

“It hurts! My leg hurts!” She cried.

Su Jiu looked up and saw Jin Mi’s pale face.

A cold sweat broke out on Jin Mi’s forehead.

It didn’t look like she was feigning her pain, but how could Doctor Gu’s medicine cause her such suffering? Su Jiu got up and asked someone to call the doctor.

At that time, she heard the quick footsteps behind her, followed by the voice of the Second Mistress.

“What happened?” It turned out that servants had informed the Second Mistress of what happened when they saw that Ji Yuxian was not in the manor.

Su Jiu glanced at the woman who came in, and a displeased expression flashed in her eyes.

She then lowered her eyes and greeted the Second Mistress, “Second Mistress.

” “Yuejiu is here.

” The Second Mistress took Su Jiu’s hand affectionately and smiled gently.

“A servant came to me in a panic and said that something happened in the main courtyard.

I thought you and Yuxian were not in the manor, so I hurried over.

” The Second Mistress seemed to be explaining why she was suddenly in the main courtyard, as she had not been interested in being in charge of the manor in the past.

Su Jiu retracted her hand without saying a word, trying not to show disgust on her face.

She replied, “Since the Second Mistress is here, let’s go over and have a look.

” The Second Mistress turned her head and saw Jin Mi on the ground.

She asked in surprise, “What’s happened to Jin Mi?” Yuan’er and Nurse Xu, who followed the Second Mistress and entered, helped Jin Mi to the bed and tucked her up.

They then said, “Second Mistress and Young Mistress, both of you are here.

Tell us what happened.

We can help you.

” Jin Mi peered at the Second Mistress, and tears suddenly burst out of her eyes.

She slightly turned her body to the side and said with a grievance, “I’m so sorry for being a burden to the two mistresses.

” The Second Mistress smiled gently and said, “Don’t say that.

You are one of us, and I’ve watched you grow up in the Ji Manor.

Your mother used to be the Eldest Young Master’s nanny, so we treat you like our daughter.

If you have any difficulty, tell us.

Although your mother is not in the manor at present, I and the Young Mistress can take care of you.

” “Thank you, Second Mistress.

” Jin Mi wiped the tears on her face with a handkerchief and bowed her head whilst sobbing.

“It’s nothing important.

It’s just I was injured in the leg a few days ago, and now it got worse and I can’t get out of bed.

I am ashamed of being unable to serve the Eldest Young Master and the Young Mistress.

Today, the Young Mistress kindly had Nanny send the medicine for my injury.

I dressed my wound with the medicine liquid, but my leg hurt so badly and I got off my bed because of the pain.

It’s my fault to bother the Young Mistress and the Second Mistress to come.

” Jin Mi was blaming herself, but everyone couldn’t help but glare at the nanny and Su Jiu when they heard what she said.

In the past few days, someone in the manor said that the nanny was a bully.

There were rumors circulating that the nanny deliberately hit Jin Mi.

Now, as Jin Mi had implied, the nanny was trying to poison her.

The nanny immediately said, “Second Mistress, the Young Mistress cares about Jin Mi, and she even went to the doctor to get the medicine for her.

There is no problem with the medicine.

” Jin Mi said, “Yes, I believe that the Young Mistress doesn’t intend to hurt me.

” The Young Mistress had no intention to hurt Jin Mi? So the fact was that Jin Mi was hurt.

Everyone mulled over her words.

Su Jiu had gradually calmed down.

She hated herself for being kind to Jin Mi before.

She even wondered if her wound had deteriorated because of her own actions.

Jin Mi was attentive and obedient during this period of time, so Su Jiu eased her vigilance.

In a way, Su Jiu was stupid.

How could she believe that a fox would turn into a rabbit? It’s just that now Su Jiu was curious about why Jin Mi would go through such trouble.

Was it to make Ji Yuxian worry about her and blame Su Jiu for being reckless? Or to make the people in the manor perceive Su Jiu as an unacceptable malicious lady? Seeing that the woman on the bed showed an innocent and frail look, Su Jiu asked, “What about the wound medicine? I’ll immediately ask another doctor to see if there is a problem with the medicine.

If there is, I’m going to break Old Gu’s legs.

” Jin Mi gawked at Su Jiu and began looking for the medicine bottle frantically.

After she dressed her wound with the medicine, she placed the medicine bottle next to the pillow.

She panicked, and her sleeve touched the medicine bottle, which dropped to the ground.

With a ‘bang’, the medicine bottle broke into pieces and it emanated a slight kuh-seng scent.

The servants around immediately yelled and retreated.

Jin Mi was annoyed.

“How did this get broken?” Su Jiu watched Jin Mi playing her little tricks right to her face, and she was sure that she was right.

At this time, the nanny, next to Su Jiu, also seemed to understand.

She glanced at Su Jiu, her face showing contempt towards Jin Mi.

Jin Mi nodded and said, “I have never suspected that there is a problem with the medicine, so there is no need to look for another doctor to check it.

” “Jin Mi is right.

After Yuejiu entered the Ji Manor, we all know that she is highly cultured and steeped in propriety.

She’s also a virtuous wife and a kind mistress.

She’ll never embarrass a servant.

” The Second Mistress chuckled, seeming to speak for Su Jiu.

She acted like a loving elder member of the family.

Jin Mi immediately continued, “Yes, the Young Mistress is always good to us.

I’m only upset that my leg wounds haven’t healed, and I can’t serve Young Mistress as soon as possible.

” The Second Mistress frowned and said, “You have bed-ridden for a few days.

You can’t always be like this! We’ll be lacking people soon! Although your brother lives in the manor, he goes out with Yuxian every day and can’t take care of you.

How about this? I’ll send a carriage to invite your mother over and take care of you for a few days.

With her accompany, you won’t be that bored.

Maybe when you feel relaxed, your leg will heal without needing medicine.

” Jin Mi seemed to want to refuse.

However, when she opened her mouth, it was the opposite.

“Thank you for your thoughtfulness, Second Mistress.

Sorry for bothering you with my own matters.

” The Second Mistress nodded, turned around, and said to Nurse Xu, “Go to the next courtyard and invite the Eldest Young Master’s nanny over.

” “Yes!” Nurse Xu walked away in response.

“Okay, you just stay in your room and take care of yourself.

Wait for your mother to come, and I will come to see you another day.

” The Second Mistress patted Jin Mi’s hand to comfort her with a kind smile.

She proceeded to stand up and said, “Let’s get out of here and let her have a good rest.

Go back to your own work, everyone.

” “Yes!” People followed Su Jiu and the Second Mistress and left Jin Mi’s room, leaving only Ming Fu to take care of her.

After coming out of Jin Mi’s room, the Second Mistress smiled at Su Jiu and said, “There are many people in the manor, so all kinds of things will inevitably happen.

Yuejiu, you don’t have to worry about it.

Servants tend to make a fuss about this kind of thing!” If Su Jiu hadn’t heard what Chang Huan said, looking at the gentle and kind face of the woman in front of her, she would truly think that the Second Mistress was a woman who enjoyed a peaceful and simple way of living.

In the Ji Manor, was everyone interested in acting? Su Jiu smiled faintly and replied, “Yes, I have done no bad things, so I don’t worry about anything.

” The Second Mistress seemed to be a little shocked, but she immediately plastered a smile.

“I’m glad that you think this way.

I would like to take Yuxian’s nanny back.

When Yuxian comes back, please tell him this for me.

” “Well, I will tell him,” Su Jiu replied.

The Second Mistress smiled and left with her people.

After four hours, Ji Yuxian’s nanny, Madame Jin, entered the Ji Manor.

After paying respects to Su Jiu according to the manor’s rule, she went to see her daughter.

Ji Yuxian was back in the evening.

As soon as he entered the manor, Old Housekeeper Yu briefly told him what happened this afternoon.

Ji Yuxian frowned slightly, striding toward the main courtyard.

Su Jiu didn’t go out today, and she was practicing calligraphy in the study at this time.

Her face didn’t show any emotions.

Under the sunset’s glow, her delicate features looked like an extravagant painter’s masterpiece.

She was sitting at the table with a serious look.

Her pure eyes could make people lose their strength to look away with a single glance.

Ji Yuxian walked slowly behind Su Jiu, observing the words she wrote.

He supported himself with his arms on the table, trapping Su Jiu in his arms.

He smiled and said with a low voice, “You are making big progress.

” Su Jiu turned back, and her lips touched the man’s face.

When their eyes met each other, her heartbeat raced.

Su Jiu turned her eyes away and continued to practice calligraphy.

She raised her eyebrows.

“I heard that some teachers, to encourage their students, always give positive feedback even if the students are not good so that students can continue to work hard.

” Ji Yuxian kissed her clear cheeks and smiled.

“Don’t you think this is a good teacher?” Su Jiu thought and agreed.

“You’re right.

” This kind of teacher was smarter and kinder than those who abused students.

Ji Yuxian kissed her cheek, then her lips, and reached out to grab her in his arms.

Ji Yuxian seemed to be a little different today.

He was extremely gentle and very considerate, taking care of her feelings.

When he kissed her, he was cautious, soothingly sucking her lips.

He kissed her for a while, stopped, then started kissing her again.

He seemed to be afraid that she wouldn’t like it.

Su Jiu closed her eyes, enjoying Ji Yuxian’s gentleness and comfort.

She snuggled comfortably in his arms, like a lazy cat.

At this moment, she relied herself on him and wanted nothing else.

His breath smelled like honey to her, and once he approached, she couldn’t resist.

She had never tasted honey when she was a child, and now Ji Yuxian made it up for her.

In her childhood, no one cared about her, no one loved her, and she had no one to rely on.

Now, all the love she had been lacking poured into her body and filled her mind.

She seemed to have changed into a different person.

She no longer acted like the person she was before, and even forgot what Su Jiu had looked like in the past.

Despite that, however, she liked how she felt now.

After a long time, when Su Jiu felt that her tongue was numb from repeated kissing, she recoiled slightly.

She snuggled up against Ji Yuxian’s shoulder and gazed at the sky outside.

It had faded a little.

Ji Yuxian breathed a little anxiously, tightly clenching her hands.

However, he was afraid of hurting her, so he tried his best to control himself.

Ji Yuxian’s fingers grazed Su Jiu’s sleek black hair as he said in a low voice, “Today, you are wronged.

” It was because of this.

Su Jiu pursed her lips and smiled.

“No one can hurt me.

” Those kinds of low tricks were nothing to her.

She did not want to give her attention.

She even felt sorry for Jin Mi.

Jin Mi didn’t seem to be pretending to be in pain, but her clumsy self-injury might not win Ji Yuxian’s sympathy.

Jin Mi had been with Ji Yuxian for more than ten years.

She had only learned arrogance and several self-respected habits from Ji Yuxian.

However, she never learned about how Ji Yuxian thought.

This was really surprising to Su Jiu.

“I was too kind to her.

” Ji Yuxian’s voice was low, with a hint of indifference.

“Like you are to me?” Su Jiu got up slightly, with a tinge of mischief in her eyes.

Ji Yuxian slightly lowered his head, and he pecked at Su Jiu’s somewhat swollen pink lips.

With a wicked smile on his lips, he asked, “How am I to you? Don’t you know that?” Su Jiu said after a pause, “I was not in the Ji Manor before.

How can I know how you treated her in the past?” “You are so mean.

” Ji Yuxian bit Su Jiu’s lower lip slightly harder as if he was punishing her.

Ji Yuxian’s feelings for Su Jiu were different from anyone else.

He loved her, petted her, and spoiled her, but Su Jiu never showed that she appreciated it.

“Forget it.

” He didn’t need her to appreciate it.

He was willing to become a kind of joy for her.

Su Jiu retreated a little, pursing his slightly sore lips and said, “Your nanny is here.

Did you know?” Ji Yuxian nodded and said, “Old Yu has told me a short while ago.

” Puzzled, Su Jiu frowned and asked, “Why did Jin Mi do this? Is she trying to separate you and me, or is she just wanting your sympathy?” Ji Yuxian’s ink-black eyes were stained with a faint mist.

He retorted, “Do you think Jin Mi is a fool?” Su Jiu chuckled and answered, “She is.

” “Stupid people can be fooled easily,” Ji Yuxian said meaningfully.

Su Jiu’s eyes lit up as she asked, “…Do you mean someone made Jin Mi do this? Who is it?” Ji Yuxian did not go on talking anymore.

He had a smile on his beautiful face, but that smile carried a hint of coldness.

Old Yu came over and invited the two to the dining room for dinner.

Ji Yuxian took Su Jiu’s hand and they went out of the study together.

When they went out, they saw Jin Mi’s mother coming from the opposite direction.

When Nanny Jin saw Ji Yuxian, her eyes suddenly beamed with a soft glow.

She took two quick steps and came to Ji Yuxian, bowing.

“Young Master Ji, Young Mistress.

” “Nanny, you don’t have to.

” Ji Yuxian chuckled.

Nanny Jin smiled and said, “After I entered the Ji Manor this afternoon, I haven’t seen Young Master Ji yet.

I went to pay my respects to the Young Mistress, and then went to the Second Mistress’s courtyard, so I came back late.

” Ji Yuxian replied, “It’s okay, Jin Mi is sick.

Nanny, please stay in the manor for a few more days.

You don’t need to take care of her; there are people who take care of her health.

You only need to accompany her to recover.

” Nanny had a guilty look on her face.

“I was not in good health for a long time.

I thank the Ji family for taking care of me for the past several years.

Now, Jin Mi is sick, and I’m really sorry for bothering Young Master Ji and Young Mistress with my girl’s problem.

” “Nanny, you are like my family.

Please don’t go to so much trouble about me, or I’ll feel I’m being treated as a stranger,” Ji Yuxian said.

“Yes!” Nanny Jin smiled and peered at Su Jiu.

“Young Mistress, you are more attractive than last time when I was in the manor.

You are such an enviable couple when you two are standing together!” Su Jiu glanced at Ji Yuxian and saw that he was looking at her, and suddenly felt that she was running a fever at her ears.

She smiled lightly and said to Nanny Jin, “Thank you, I appreciate that.

” Ji Yuxian took her hand and said to Nanny Jin, “We are going to the dining room.

Come with us together.

” “Thanks, but my girl needs me right now.

I’ll come later if I’m allowed,” Nanny Jin said immediately.

“No problem.

Now you live with us in the Ji Manor.

Just like before, ask Old Yu for whatever you need.

” “Thank you, Master Ji.

” After some small talk with Nanny Jin, Ji Yuxian took Su Jiu to the dining room.

Nanny Jin waited for them to leave and looked at their disappearing silhouettes, before heading to see Jin Mi.

After Nanny Jin came to take care of Jin Mi, although there were servants asked to serve her in the manor, Nanny Jin always said that she was one of them.

She refused to let the servants do things for her and Jin Mi, saying that it was against the manor’s rules.

She often went to the kitchen to cook a stew for Jin Mi herself.

When she saw Ji Yuxian in the study, she cooked chicken soup and delivered it to the study.

She was as attentive as she had used to be in the Ji Manor.

When talking with others, Nanny Jin always brought up the Eldest Mistress, and when she described the Eldest Mistress’s kindness, Nanny Jin would shed tears.

However, Su Jiu didn’t feel comfortable with Nanny Jin’s courteous and considerate service, so she went out of the manor when she could.

It was a good day with a cloudless sky.

Su Jiu went to the bodyguard agency.

There were a couple of carriages loaded with tied up goods outside the bodyguard agency.

They seemed to be leaving soon.

Bodyguards were busy coming and going.

When they saw Su Jiu, they all stopped, greeting at the same time, “Master Jiu.

” Su Jiu answered, then walked up to the lobby.

After entering the door, she was slightly startled to see that there was a woman standing in the lobby.

The woman was slender, and she wore a light blue dress with narrow sleeves.

Her ink-black hair was half-braided up with a hairpin, and the rest was simply put down.

Seeing Su Jiu coming in, the woman turned and looked over curiously.

Her features were not perfect but worked well with one another when put together in her face.

Her eyebrows had a heroine spirit, which especially added a valiant touch to her.

“Who are you?” The woman asked.

Su Jiu raised her eyebrows.

“Who are you, and what are you doing up here?” The woman blinked and replied confidently, “I’m here for Ah Shu.

” “Ah Shu?” Su Jiu pondered and sat on the chair, smiling.

“Please sit down.

What are you asking Ah Shu for?” The woman looked at Su Jiu curiously and asked, “Are you the head of the agency?” Su Jiu nodded.


” “Very good,” the woman said, standing straight.

“Ah Shu has seen me naked, so he must take responsibility.

Since you are the head, you will let him marry me.

” “Why?” Su Jiu was astounded.

The woman immediately frowned and asked, “What do you mean? You guys don’t want to take responsibility?” Su Jiu coughed on purpose and quickly wiped the tea droplets on her lips with her sleeve.

“No, I don’t mean that.

Our bodyguard agency won’t do that.

Neither does Ah Shu.

But before that, can you tell me how Ah Shu saw your body?” Su Jiu put on a serious look, but she was happy for Ah Shu.

When did Ah Shu have such good luck in relationships with women? The woman’s ears turned slightly red, but she didn’t show fear or embarrassment.

She glanced around and said seriously, “Two days ago, he came to our store to load goods with some other people.

Others were in the front yard, but he ran to the back yard.

I was taking a bath and was accidentally seen by him.

” Su Jiu knew that Ah Shu was fond of women.

In his spare time, his favorite way to kill time was going to the Drunken Joy Pavilion with her and Chang Huan.

However, every time he went to the Drunken Joy Pavilion, he only asked for girls to accompany him for a drink, and he had never done anything rude to those girls.

Was Ah Shu intentional this time? If so, he truly was behaving badly.

Su Jiu asked, “Your last name, please.

” “My name is Zhao Shan.

” “Okay, Miss Zhao, if Ah Shu really saw what he shouldn’t see, how do you want him to be responsible for this matter? Do you really want him to marry you? Can your parents agree?” Su Jiu asked.

“My body was seen by him, so he naturally must marry me, and my parents will agree,” Zhao Shan said as if she was sure of what would happen next.

Su Jiu was dumbfounded.

How badly did she want to get married? Not only did she not hate a guy who peeked at her bathing, no matter who the person was, but she also wanted to marry him.

Su Jiu and the woman were talking with each other.

Ah Shu heard that Su Jiu was coming and strode toward the lobby, shouting, “Master, you…!” Before he finished, he saw Zhao Shan in the lobby, causing his face to change.

In an instant, he turned and wanted to leave.

“Ah Shu.

You stop there.

” The woman raised her eyebrows, and she ran over to catch up with Ah Shu.

The two chased into the backyard, running a few laps around the drill field, which attracted the bodyguards around to watch and laugh.

Su Jiu calmly drank tea in the lobby.

For a while, the woman couldn’t catch up with Ah Shu.

She probably felt upset, as she squatted on the ground to cry.

Ah Shu gasped and shouted at her across half of the drill field, “Why are you crying? Don’t you feel ashamed for yourself?” After hearing this, the woman wailed much louder.

She picked up a weapon near her and threw it at Ah Shu.

Ah Shu jumped on the bamboo sticks and said with a teasing tone, “Miss!” Incandescent with anger and frustration, Zhao Shan cried bitterly.

Su Jiu couldn’t see the woman crying without doing anything.

She put down her teacup, entered the backyard, and reached out to help Zhao Shan.

“Miss Zhao, get up first.

We can talk.

” Zhao Shan was furious, her arm twitching violently.

She scoffed in anger, “Don’t touch me.

” Su Jiu didn’t know what to say.

Ah Shu was annoyed with Zhao Shan’s attitude.

He jumped off the bamboo sticks and said in a deep voice, “Don’t talk to our master in that way!” Zhao Shan had been chasing Ah Shu for two days.

He was a shameless rogue to her, but he had never been so aggressive.

Zhao Shan suddenly froze there.

She gritted her teeth, wiped her tears with the sleeve, and nodded.

“You took advantage of me.

I am going to sue you.

” With that said, Zhao Shan turned around and went outside.

Shocked, Su Jiu tried to stop her.

“Miss Zhao, don’t bother yourself with such a trivial matter.

That would be of no benefit to you and Ah Shu.

I will talk to Ah Shu and let him give you an explanation.

How about that?” Although this thing sounded ridiculous to Su Jiu, if Ah Shu was convicted of sexual molestation, he would be in big trouble.

Zhao Shan gaped at Su Jiu in disbelief and asked, “Do you think he will listen to you?” “Yes.

Don’t forget, I am the master.

” Su Jiu smiled coyly.

Zhao Shan took a deep breath and said, “Okay, you go talk to him.

I’ll wait here.

” Su Jiu took Ah Shu into the side hall.

As soon as they went into the side hall, Ah Shu explained, “Master, don’t believe that girl.

I’m wronged.

” Su Jiu grinned and said, “Then tell me, why are you wronged?” Ah Shu immediately told Su Jiu about him going to Zhao’s Store that day.

At that time, the bodyguard agency was lacking people, so Ah Shu went there with his people to load the goods.

They had to be careful with porcelain, so it took some time to load the goods.

Ah Shu had a few cups of tea while waiting for loading, and as a result, he had to go to the backyard to look for a bathroom.

He failed to find a bathroom but heard the sound of water coming from a room.

Ah Shu was curious at that moment.

He walked over to have a look.

However, at that time, a gust of wind blew the window open.

He and Miss Zhao, who just got up from the bathtub after finishing her bath, stared at each other in shock.

Miss Zhao fell into the water with a thump, which scared Ah Shu.

Flabbergasted, Ah Shu stammered, “I-I am closing the window for you!” Finally, he closed the window with a bang and immediately bolted away.

He forgot about the porcelain goods, went back to the bodyguard agency, and sat in the agency in a trance for a long while.

To his surprise, Miss Zhao came back with the other bodyguards.

He dared not to see her and hid in the bodyguard agency.

He always felt that something bad was going to happen.

He had heard about Miss Zhao before.

She was the only daughter of the Zhao family, but she was more like a son, helping her father to take care of the business.

He thought that such a businesswoman wouldn’t care that much even if her naked body was seen.

Moreover, he never expected that she would threaten him to marry her.

Ah Shu couldn’t figure out why Zhao Shan did so.

He only thought that she was crazy.

Su Jiu heard the whole story and said with a smile, “You did see her body, so why are you wronged?” “I didn’t want to.

Obviously, the wind blew the window!” Ah Shu felt aggrieved.

“She is a woman, and you are a man.

If you saw her naked, you should marry her.

” Su Jiu teased.

“What does that have to do with sex? Women are better than men? Master, you are a woman.

I remember when you were in Yuhu Mountain, you even watched us taking a shower.

We didn’t hold you accountable for that!” Ah Shu retorted, attempting to defend himself.

Su Jiu frowned and asked, “Why? She’s the Zhao family’s only daughter.

Marrying her is not a punishment for you.

” Ah Shu paused, and then flashed a bitter smile.

“I… I don’t like her.

I like sweet girls.

” “Like the girls in the Drunken Joy Pavilion?” Su Jiu mocked.

Ah Shu snorted.

“The girls in the Drunken Joy Pavilion are better than her.

” As soon as his voice fell, he only heard a ‘bang’.

The door was kicked open, and Zhao Shan glared at him coldly.

“You’re comparing me with the girls in the Drunken Joy Pavilion?” Ah Shu blushed and stood up, stuttering, “I-I-I…” Zhao Shan sneered, “I understand now.

I won’t impose on you anymore.

” Immediately after that, Zhao Shan turned and marched out.

Su Jiu caught up with Zhao Shan and stopped her.

“Miss Zhao.

” After going out, Zhao Shan was about to mount her horse and rode away.

Su Jiu frowned and gave Ah Shu, who was also running out in haste, a hard stare.

“Look what you did to her.

She’s a good girl.

Why do you think she isn’t worthy of you?” Ashamed, Ah Shu scratched his head and mumbled, “Master Jiu, I’ll go to apologize to her.

” Su Jiu saw Zhao Shan leaving with hatred.

She was afraid that it was not going to be easy to solve this matter.

Coming out of the bodyguard agency, Su Jiu went to the commercial house, where Chang Huan was waiting for her.

After she arrived, she was told that there was news from Zhao Liu’er.

Su Jiu nodded slightly and went to the study room with Chang Huan.

“I sent someone to investigate this.

Zhao Liu’er’s brother killed someone and is in prison right now.

After the fall, her brother will be executed.

Zhao Liu’er begged the Second Mistress to help her brother.

” Chang Huang poured tea for Su Jiu and told her what happened.

“So that’s it?” Su Jiu nodded.

Zhao Liu’er thought too highly of the Second Mistress.

How could the Second Mistress be able to help with the crime of murder? “Master, guess who Zhao Liu’er’s brother is?” Chang Huan asked, with a meaningful smile on his lips.

Su Jiu knew that there was an insinuation in Chang Huan’s remarks and immediately asked, “Who is it?” “It was the person who killed Zhu Zhi.

It’s Zhao Wenshuan.

” Su Jiu was stunned.

She couldn’t utter a word for a moment, but then realized a problem with it.

“If it’s her brother who killed Zhu Zhi, how could she dare to ask the Second Mistress for help? She’s just like an egg hurled against stone; she’s heading for her doom.

” “I think Zhao Liu’er doesn’t know that her brother killed the Second Mistress’ nephew, otherwise she wouldn’t dare to ask for the Second Mistress’ help.

Or perhaps there is no such stupid person like her in this world…” Chang Huan guessed.

Su Jiu heard about Zhu Zhi’s death from someone when Zhu Hecheng was imprisoned.

Zhu Zhi asked around to save his father and consequently was deceived of 100,000 Liang of silver.

Later, Zhu Hecheng was released from prison and Zhu Zhi knew that he was tricked.

He wanted to get his money back but was stabbed to death in a fight.

It turned out to be Zhao Liu’er’s brother who stabbed Zhu Zhi.

It’s astonishing that there could be such a coincidence in the world.

Su Jiu wondered what the Second Mistress looked like.

Why would Zhao Liu’er beg her to help Zhao Wenshuan? She must have tried her best not to beat Zhao Liu’er at that time.

“Zhu Hecheng’s grief and anger will make Zhao Wenshuan a dead man.

” Chang Huan smiled faintly.

Su Jiu nodded and said, “Yes, no one can save Zhao Wenshuan.

” “Are we continuing to follow Zhao Liu’er?” Chang Huan asked.

“There is no need.

Since we already know how the Second Mistress thought, it is not necessary to follow her anymore.

” “We can let her testify what the Second Mistress has done to you.

” Chang Huan remarked, still angry with the Second Mistress.

“A maidservant who has been kicked out of the Ji Manor, do you think others will believe her? The Second Mistress will definitely deny it.

She can say that Zhao Liu’er asked her for help, but she didn’t agree to offer any.

Zhao Liu’er was so angry that she accused her of what she has never done,” Su Jiu said softly, gripping her teacup.

“So the Second Mistress just gets away with it? There is no way to punish her?” “Her evil actions will be discovered one day.

We are not in a hurry to expose who she really is.

” Chang Huan’s eyebrows were filled with worry.

“I’m just afraid she will hurt you.

” “We used to be unprepared, but now we know who’s behind this.

How can I still be fooled?” Su Jiu said, suddenly thinking of Jin Mi’s recent incident.

Her eyes narrowed slightly.

The person Ji Yuxian said behind Jin Mi was the Second Mistress? “Zhao Liu’er has evidence against the Second Mistress, and the Second Mistress hates her for her brother killing her nephew.

Maybe the Second Mistress will hurt Zhao Liu’er.

The people you have sent to follow Zhao Liu’er must keep watching her,” Su Jiu said.

Maybe Zhao Liu’er could be useful to Su Jiu.

As long as Zhao Liu’er lived one more day, she would be like a fishbone getting stuck in the Second Mistress’s throat.

This was exactly what Su Jiu wanted to see.

Chang Huan immediately nodded and replied, “Yes.

” (1) Tangyuan: Tangyuan or tang yuan is a Chinese dessert that is a ball of glutinous rice flour and water that has been either boiled and served in a hot broth or syrup or else deep-fried.

(2) Kuh-seng: Kuh-seng or oxymatrine is a traditional Chinese medicinal herb extracted from the sophora root.

It is commonly used for the treatment of viral hepatitis, enteritis, cancer, viral myocarditis, gastrointestinal hemorrhage, and skin diseases.