Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 122

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 122

Chapter 122: A Beautiful Man Is Dangerous Doctor Gu went over, opened Ren Zhi’er’s eyes to see her eyeballs, and stabbed her in the stomach with a silver needle to observe her change for a while.

He then opened her mouth to watch the color of her tongue.

The people around looked at Doctor Gu with a strange feeling.

They then turned around to avoid seeing such a wired scene.

After a while, Doctor Gu suddenly said, “Bring the Third Young Mistress’s medicine to me.

” For the past few days, it was Nian Xiu who cooked the Third Young Mistress’s medicine.

After Ren Yu came, she and Peach took turns to cook medicine for the Third Young Mistress.

Hearing what Doctor Gu said, Nian Xiu nodded first, then went to get the medicine jar.

This morning, Nian Xiu didn’t know that Ren Zhi’er was dead.

She got up early to cook the medicine for her.

Now the medicine juice was still in the jar, untouched.

When Doctor Gu got the medicine jar, he sniffed at it suspiciously and knew the answer.

To make sure that he was not mistaken, he poured out the medicine juice, took out the medicine dregs and observed them.

At this time, people in the room stared at Doctor Gu checking the medicine dregs silently.

Only Ren Yu slowly retreated behind Mrs.


She had a tense and pale look.

In the beginning, she had never expected that Nian Xiu would suspect that Ren Zhi’er was murdered.

She played along with others’ conversations, in an attempt to make others suspect Su Jiu.

She thought that the Ji Manor would satisfy any demands her family made, in order not to make Ren Zhi’er’s death known to others outside the manor.

In that case, her parents would make her marry into the Ji Manor.

Ren Yu thought it was a perfect plan, but suddenly Doctor Gu appeared.

This doctor seemed to be really clever.

Ren Yu peeped from the corner of the room, and slowly clenched her fist under her loose sleeve.

“Doctor Gu, what’s wrong with the medicine?” Ji Yuxian asked in a low voice when he saw Doctor Gu checking the medicine dregs carefully.

The others also wanted to know what Doctor Gu found.

They heard Ji Yuxian asking Doctor Gu and waited for him to reply.




Doctor Gu shook his head.

“There’s nothing wrong with the medicine dregs.

” Ren Yu took a long breath quietly and listened to Doctor Gu saying, “But the medicine is not right.

” Ji Yuxian frowned and asked, “What do you mean, Doctor Gu?” Since there was no problem with the medicine dregs, how could the medicine be wrong? Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Doctor Gu picked up the medicine jar with the cold medicine juice in it, smelled it, and said, “The medicine juice has wind eggplant in it.

Anyone who put this in it was afraid of being found out, so the wind eggplant was dried and ground into a powder, and mixed into the medicine.

The Third Young Mistress had suffered from a bad cold, so the wind eggplant would not only aggravate her condition but also had a slight hallucinogenic effect on her.

As a result, the Third Young Mistress often had nightmares and could not sleep at night.

Her terrible nightmares lasted for a long period.

It destroyed her body and will seriously, causing her to eventually die.

” Everyone was stunned at Doctor Gu’s words.


Ren burst into tears.

She waved her handkerchief in hand and cried out loud with tears in her eyes, “My dear daughter! You have suffered so much.

You didn’t kill yourself.

You were murdered! Zhi’er, I’m not a good mom.

Whoever hurt you must go to hell.

Although I am not as capable as Doctor Gu, I will avenge you even if my life will be in danger!” Ren Yu supported her mother who was about to collapse.

With tears in her eyes, Ren Yu persuaded her mother, “Mother, sadness is no good for you.

We will find out the killer who killed my dear sister.

” After that, she looked at Su Jiu bitterly.


Ren leaned on Ren Yu’s shoulder and cried sadly.

Su Jiu’s face didn’t show any emotion.

She just stared at Doctor Gu.

She knew that he had not finished.

He just wanted to arouse other people’s attention and make people keep guessing.

The old man disliked Su Jiu because she had threatened him before, so he kept them waiting on purpose.

Ji Yuxian took Su Jiu’s hand and scratched her palm to calm her down.

The Second Mistress glanced at Su Jiu, frowned and asked Doctor Gu, “Doctor Gu, has the Third Young Mistress really been poisoned?” Doctor Gu shook his head and said, “No, the wind eggplant is not fatal.

It won’t cause people to die all of a sudden.

The real reason for the death of the Third Young Mistress is that…” When Doctor Gu spoke of this, Mrs.

Ren, who was crying, stopped and turned around to stare at him.

Doctor Gu said with a sigh, “The Third Young Mistress died in the middle of last night.

The real cause of her death is that she was smothered!” There was a sudden silence in the room.

All the people were stunned by Doctor Gu’s words.

Su Jiu turned around and looked at Nian Xiu, who was shocked.

Su Jiu asked her, “The Third Young Mistress died in the middle of the night.

Have you ever seen me come to Tangfeng Courtyard in the middle of last night?” Nian Xiu looked terrified.

She immediately raised her head and looked up to Su Jiu with a pale look.

Ren Yu glanced at Nian Xiu and said in a low voice, “I heard that the Young Mistress is very good at martial arts.

She can fly on eaves and walk on high walls.

No one would know if she has ever been to Tangfeng Courtyard if she doesn’t want others to know.

” Although Ren Yu said in a low voice, she was still heard clearly by everyone else.

People turned to look at Su Jiu.

Doubts flashed in their eyes.

Ji Yuxian chuckled and said, “My wife was with me last night.

If she ever left in the middle of last night, I should have known.

So I can tell you for sure that my wife never went out last night.

” As Ji Yuxian spoke for Su Jiu, others dared not to disagree.

Su Jiu said, “Since the Third Young Mistress died of suffocation, it means that she was killed by others.

She didn’t die of illness.

We should report it to the local police.

Let the local police investigate it and find out the murderer to avenge our Third Young Mistress.

The truth will tell you that I’m innocent!” Ren Yu suddenly clenched Mrs.

Ren’s sleeve and whispered, “Mother, if you report to the local police, the post-mortem examiner will come and he will dissect my sister.

It’s terrible! My sister was a clean person when she was alive.

She should not be stained by the examiner’s hands.

” Mrs.

Ren didn’t want to make her daughter’s death big news either.

She said, “No matter what, it’s our own business.

I don’t want to let the police know.

I believe that the Young Mistress is innocent.

My Zhi’er is dead.

We can’t change this.

What we can do is let Yu’er marry the Eldest Young Master instead.

If Yu’er can make a baby for him, Zhi’er can rest in peace.

I don’t want to look into Zhi’er’s death anymore!” Su Jiu chuckled with disdain.


Ren, you are such a generous person! Just after your daughter died, you can easily let another daughter replace her.

You don’t have the least worry that she will die like her sister!” Mrs.

Ren was stopped in her tracks by Su Jiu’s words immediately.

Her face turned red due to embarrassment.

She was speechless for a moment.

Su Jiu looked at Ji Yuxian and said, “After all, Ren Zhi’er was your concubine.

What do you think?” Ji Yuxian’s eyes looked cold and fierce.

“Of course, we need to find out the truth!” “Jin Feng!” Ji Yuxian raised his voice.

Jin Feng immediately came in with several guards following him.

“Master Ji!” “Search Tangfeng Courtyard now!” “Yes!” Jin Feng took the order and left.

Among the people present, Ren Yu turned and looked at Peach.

Peach had a slight smile on her lips and shook her head gently.

Ren Yu was reassured by Peach’s smile.

She also put on a sad look like others and sobbed in a low voice.

Soon, Jin Feng came back with guards behind him and replied, “I have made my people search Tangfeng Courtyard carefully.

There is nothing suspicious.

” The Ren family was in the courtyard.

They did not know what had happened yet.

When they saw Jin Feng leading guards searching the courtyard, they came into the room in fear.

Doctor Gu finished examining Ren Zhi’er’s body.

This matter had nothing more to do with him.

Su Jiu went over and raised her eyebrows.

She said to Doctor Gu, “Doctor Gu, What do you think?” Doctor Gu snorted and said, “It’s none of my business.

Why bother?” Su Jiu’s fingers made a snapping sound, and she said with a light smile, “Recently, my hands always get itchy, and I can’t see well.

If I go to the wrong place and break any valuable bottles and jars of yours, Doctor Gu, you can always go to my husband for your loss.

He will pay you for anything that I break.

” Was Su Jiu threatening Doctor Gu? Doctor Gu looked at Su Jiu angrily.

After a while, he said angrily, “The wind eggplant is a rare ingredient.

Only Jishi Pharmacy in the south of the city and Huichun Pharmacy in the east of the city sell it.

Moreover, the two pharmacies keep a record of whoever buys it and how much it is bought for.

Go and find out!” Ji Yuxian smiled slightly.

“Do you hear that clearly?” Jin Feng immediately replied, “Yes, I’ll go to the two pharmacies right away!” Su Jiu patted Doctor Gu on the shoulder.

“Thank you very much!” Doctor Gu glanced at her and walked out.

“Ok, this time it’s really none of my business.

I’m leaving!” “Take care of yourself!” Ji Yuxian said with a faint voice.

Doctor Gu snorted.

As he walked by Ji Yuxian, he whispered, “She hit me with a bottle.

So I don’t owe you anything now.

” Ji Yuxian quietly chuckled.

“I have helped you so many times, so I believe my wife can hit you with a bottle many times.

That’s called fairness.

” Doctor Gu’s eyes stared, and he left with anger.

This time, Peach was not as calm as before.

Her face was deadly pale and filled with fear.

She hid behind Ren Yu and waited nervously.

It was Peach who bought the wind eggplant half a month ago.

The pharmacy where she bought the wind eggplant from was busy every day.

Those people who worked there might not be able to remember her.

Everyone was anxiously waiting.

In a flash, it was getting dark outside, and there came the sound of quick footsteps outside the door.

Jin Feng strode in.

“Master Ji, Mistress Su, the assistant of Jishi Pharmacy said that half a month ago, someone had been to their pharmacy to buy wind eggplant.

That buyer made the assistant grind the wind eggplant into powder.

” Ji Yuxian nodded lightly.

“Does that assistant still remember what the person who bought the wind eggplant looked like?” Jin Feng said, “I’m afraid that he can’t remember it clearly, so I bring him back with me!” Hearing this, Peach immediately looked up in fear.

She held Ren Yu’s sleeve tightly.

Ren Yu was also a little flustered.

She turned sideways and hid Peach behind her.

The assistant of Jishi Pharmacy came in.

He saluted Ji Yuxian first.

“Young Master Ji and my lady, it’s my great honor to visit your estate.

” “Half a month ago, someone bought wind eggplant from the pharmacy you worked at.

Do you remember?” Ji Yuxian asked.

The man nodded and said, “Yes, I remember, I remember.

Some doctors buy this kind of medicine for treatment.

Ordinary people seldom buy it, so I remember it clearly.

” Ji Yuxian’s long eyes swept through the room and said in a low voice, “Look at the people in this room.

Who went to your pharmacy and bought the wind eggplant that day?” “Yes!” The assistant’s body had the smell of medicine on it.

He looked up and glanced at the people in front of him one by one.

Suddenly, he stopped at Peach who was hiding behind Ren Yu.

He raised his hand and pointed at her.

“It’s her! She bought the wind eggplant that day!” All of the people were in a complete daze after hearing the news.

No one expected that the murderer was the servant girl working for the Ren family.

Peach hid behind Ren Yu and said tremblingly, “No, it’s not me.

You are mistaking me for someone else.

” Ji Yuxian asked in a cold, indifferent voice, “Are you sure you are not mistaking her for someone else?” The young man replied at once, “I’m not mistaken.

When I was grinding the wind eggplant, I observed this lady for a while, as few customers buy this ingredient for medicine.

” “You’re lying! I am wronged! Miss, it’s not me!” Peach shook Ren Yu’s arm hard.

Ren Yu looked at her in panic and walked behind Mrs.



Ren looked at Peach.

She couldn’t believe that it was her.

She asked in a frightened voice, “How… how could it be you?” It was interesting that the culprit who killed Ren Zhi’er was the servant girl who worked in the Ren family.

The Second Mistress’s eyes twinkled, and she said nothing.

Her eyes swept around a few people and finally fell on Ren Yu, who was flustered.

The Second Mistress had a meaningful look at Ren Yu, then she seemed to understand something.

She couldn’t help but make a sneer on her lips.

“Take her and beat her until she confesses!” Ji Yuxian said with a light voice.

He seemed not very angry, but it was enough to make people break out cold sweat on their backs.

Jin Feng answered and ordered two guards to talk Peach out.

Peach fought against the two guards.

She came to Ren Yu desperately, grabbing Ren Yu’s arm and shaking her head madly.

“I didn’t kill Ren Zhi’er.

It was not me, I am wronged!” Jin Feng winked at the guards, who then immediately seized Peach’s arms, and took her out of the room.

Soon, there came Peach’s miserable scream from the courtyard.

Ren Yu’s face was pale.

Her body was quivering.

She asked in a low voice, “How could Peach harm my sister? There must be some misunderstanding!” The Second Mistress had a gentle smile on her lips and said, “You are making a point here.

Peach is just a servant girl.

What’s her motive for killing Ren Zhi’er? Why did she kill her?” When Mrs.

Ren heard this, she looked down at Ren Yu with surprise.

Her eyes were cold.

Ren Yu bit her lower lip and lowered her head.

At this time, all the people came to the reception pavilion, and servant girls served tea for their masters.

The Ren family sat with Ji Yuxian and listened to the long-lasting scream from the courtyard.

Everyone showed a complex look.

The scream was getting softer.

Peach was knocked out, and the guards woke her up by pouring freezing water on her.

She still refused to admit that she had bought the medicine, though she was gradually losing her consciousness.

It was completely dark outside.

Su Jiu stood up quietly and went out of the door.

In the courtyard, Peach was lying on a bench.

Her buttocks were bloodily mangled, and her hair was wet with cold water.

At the moment, she was going to pass out again, but she bit her teeth and refused to give up Ren Yu.

Su Jiu went over and said in a low voice, “No need to continue.

” Jin Feng came over.

“Yes, Young Mistress.

” Su Jiu nodded and said, “Ren Yu has confessed.

She admitted that it was Peach who instigated her to buy wind eggplant to poison the Third Young Mistress.

It was also the servant girl who came up with the idea of dressing up as a ghost to scare the Third Young Mistress that night.

Such a wicked person should be sold to the brothel! Cut her hand and foot tendons now.

” Su Jiu’s voice was not loud, but it was enough for Peach to hear.

Peach trembled all over and looked up with her last gasp of effort.

Hearing Su Jiu’s words, she thought that Ren Yu had pushed everything on her.

Otherwise, how could Su Jiu know about them scaring Ren Zhi’er by dressing up as a ghost that day? She did not expose Ren Yu even though she was beaten almost to death, but Ren Yu sold her out so easily to protect herself.

Peach was desperate.

When she saw that a guard took out a knife, she was deadly scared.

She rolled down from the wooden bench and crawled to Su Jiu’s feet.

“Young Mistress, I was wronged.

I did buy the medicine and poisoned the Third Young Mistress, but it was Ren Yu who asked me to do this.

I had to obey her order.

And that day, she hit Snowball on the window to scare Third Young Mistress.

She also asked me to scare the Third Young Mistress.

I know I have made an unforgettable mistake.

I was wrong.

Please don’t kill me!” Su Jiu squatted down and smiled lightly.

“But Ren Yu said you did it.

Whose story should I believe?” “I’ve been wronged.

You can let me talk to Ren Yu.

All I ask is please spare my life!” Peach cried out in fear.

Su Jiu nodded, got up and said, “Bring her in!” Jin Feng immediately asked his people to carry Peach into the room.

When the door opened, all the people in the room turned their heads and saw that Peach was thrown on the ground.

She trembled with pain and knocked her head on the ground.

“Master, my lady, and Eldest Young Master, I admit that I did buy the medicine, but it was Ren Yu who asked me to do this.

Everything was her idea.

I just did what she ordered me to do.

” Everyone’s face changed.

The Ren family turned to look at Ren Yu in shock.

“Yu’er, how can you do this to your sister?” Ren Yu stepped back in fear.

“No, she’s lying!” Ji Yuxian asked Peach, “What did Miss Ren ask you to do? Tell me everything.

As long as it’s true, I will keep you alive!” “Yes, yes!” Peach immediately told Ji Yuxian everything.

It turned out that after Ren Yu listened to her parents to enter Ji Manor, she had come up with this plan.

Soon after entering Ji Manor, she asked Peach to buy wind eggplant and mixed it in Ren Zhi’er’s everyday medicine juice.

After that, she made Snowball hit the window and made it look like the house was haunted to scare Ren Zhi’er.

She also made Snowball scream at night.

The cat’s cry was like a baby, so Ren Zhi’er gradually became paranoid and had nightmares every day.

She believed that it was Xie Ying who turned into a ghost and came back for revenge.

Not only that, but Ren Yu also prepared the bloody handkerchief in advance.

When Ren Zhi’er coughed, she used it to wipe her mouth, and let Ren Zhi’er see the blood on the handkerchief.

When Ren Zhi’er saw the blood, she thought that she was going to die.

Ren Yu misled Nian Xiu so there would be lurid rumors about Su Jiu.

They told others that Su Jiu was an evil person who would bring about misfortune.

They also made others suspect that Xie Ying and Ren Zhi’er’s death had something to do with Su Jiu.

Peach cried and told all the dirty things Ren Yu had done.

The Ren family was shocked.

They couldn’t believe that their seemingly innocent and lively daughter had such a vicious thought.

What they used to believe was that Ren Yu and Ren Zhi’er both loved each other very much.

There was a moment of silence in the room.

Only Peach’s sobbing could be heard.

The Second Mistress sighed.

“I see.

It’s your daughter.

So all this stuff has nothing to do with us.

” Ren Changming’s face turned livid, and he said angrily, “Unfortunately for my family, my child is such an evil person.

” After that, he swang his sleeves angrily and walked out of the door.


Ren turned around, raised her hand, slapped Ren Yu in the face and pushed her to the ground.

She was so angry that she shivered.

“She is your sister.

You are so cruel!” Ren Yu fell onto the ground.

She felt too ashamed to look at others.

She covered her face with her hands and cried.


Ren’s body trembled and she slightly bowed to Ji Yuxian, sobbing, “It’s our fault.

We failed to teach her to be a good girl.

She killed Zhi’er and made trouble for you.

Zhi’er was also a member of the Ji family.

Ren Yu killed Zhi’er.

If you wanted to report to the police and have her arrested, I won’t stop you.

” As soon as Ren Yu heard this, she rushed over and cried loudly, grabbing Mrs.

Ren’s legs.

“Mother, I am stupid.

I know I’m wrong.

Don’t report to the police.

I don’t want to go to jail!” Ji Yuxian stood up.

He seemed a little tired and said, “Since the real culprit has been found out, Mrs.

Ren, please take your daughter back.

As to how you want to punish her, you can decide yourself.

” Then he reached out to Su Jiu.

“My lady, let’s go back.

” Su Jiu took his hand.

She stood up and went out with Ji Yuxian.

The Second Mistress glanced at Ren Yu on the ground, shook her head and sighed.

Then she left with her servants and guards.

In a blink of an eye, there were only the Ren family and several servants left in Tangfeng Courtyard.

The Ren family was embarrassed this time.

“Mother, I know I made a big mistake.

Please forgive me this time!” Ren Yu was still crying.


Ren stood up.

She wanted to slap herself in the face, because of shame from her family.

What happened was not only because of Ren Yu’s cruelty but also because her family was too calculating.

She wanted to marry Ren Yu into the Ji Manor, but she didn’t expect that it would end up with such a disaster for her family.

Now Ren Zhi’er was dead, and all the people in the city would know that her daughter was a murderer soon.

Even if Ren Yu was not arrested, she would be looked down upon by everyone for poisoning her sister.

Her reputation and her whole life were ruined.

It was completely dark now.

On the way back to the main courtyard, Ji Yuxian held Su Jiu’s hand tightly and asked softly, “Are you hungry?” They hadn’t had a break since the morning, almost the whole day.

Su Jiu shook her head.

She had a kind of vacant look on her beautiful face.

She still couldn’t understand why Ren Yu killed her sister.

So that she could marry into the Ji Manor? “What’s the matter?” Seeing that Su Jiu’s face was filled with confusion, Ji Yuxian stopped and asked.

Su Jiu said in a soft voice, “I could have protected Ren Zhi’er! I knew it was Ren Yu who dressed up as a ghost to scare Ren Zhi’er that day, but I didn’t say it.

If I had said it out that day, maybe Ren Yu would have not been able to do it!” At that time, when Su Jiu found that there were white hairs on the window paper, she suspected that Ren Yu was planning something against Ren Zhi’er.

At that time, she was surprised that Ren Yu would do so.

However, she thought that it was a matter between the two sisters, so she didn’t have much to say.

But she did not expect that Ren Yu would kill Ren Zhi’er.

Ji Yuxian raised his hand and stroked Su Jiu’s cheek.

Under the shadow of the moon, his eyes were soft.

He said with a gentle voice, “The evilness of humans is far beyond your imagination.

If you tell what you had observed to Ren Zhi’er, she might not believe it.

And she would think you are stirring up trouble on purpose.

After all, between you and Ren Yu, she was more likely to believe Ren Yu.

” Su Jiu nodded.

“I know!” Su Jiu thought the same at that time, so she didn’t say it out.

“So don’t think about it anymore.

It’s none of your business!” Su Jiu nodded and said, “Ren Zhi’er is your concubine.

She died.

Aren’t you sad at all?” Ji Yuxian chuckled.

His lips stretched to a shallow smile.

He took Su Jiu’s hand and went on, “I’m only sorry for her death because you will blame yourself for this.

” “You should blame yourself.

If not you, how could Ren Yu want to marry into Ji Manor?” Su Jiu gave a slight snort.

She slightly raised her head and looked up at Ji Yuxian.

Looking at the beautiful face of the man in front of her, Su Jiu slightly shook her head.

The book said that a beautiful woman was dangerous.

It turned out to her that a beautiful man was also dangerous.

Ji Yuxian chuckled and said innocently, “My lady, please don’t look at your husband like this.

I have learned my lesson this time.

I promise I will not have a concubine in the future!” Su Jiu shrugged and whispered, “You said that.

It has nothing to do with me.

I’m not forcing you.

” Ji Yuxian glanced at her and said with a smile, “You little girl.

You are ungrateful.

” Su Jiu was not happy with being called this.

“Don’t call me a little girl!” “Then what should I call you?” Ji Yuxian picked up Su Jiu.

The soft light in his wonderful eyes twinkled, hiding the sly shadow.

“So I’ll call you Jiu’er, Little Jiu’er!” “No, don’t call me that, either” “Little Jiu’er!” “Ji Yuxian, you think I would dare not beat you?” “Well, I’ll call you Jiu’er later… when we are in bed!” The Second Mistress spent a day in Tangfeng Courtyard.

She was tired.

She went back and had something to eat, then she leaned on a low couch and wanted to take a nap.

Shaoyao kneaded her legs and whispered, “Mistress, if you are tired, please go to bed and have a good rest.

” The Second Mistress didn’t open her eyes.

She shook her head slightly.

“I can’t sleep.

When I close my eyes, I can always see Ren Zhi’er’s body in front of me.

” Shaoyao frowned.

“Ren Zhi’er was killed by her sister.

This has nothing to do with you, Mistress.

” “I know, but Ren Zhi’er’s death is such a tragedy.

” The Second Mistress said slowly.

“I didn’t expect that the Second Young Mistress and the Third Young Mistress both died.

” Shaoyao sighed.

“Yeah, I didn’t expect that, either.

” The Second Mistress paused, then she opened her eyes to look out of the window.

She said with a light voice, “Young Mistress, she was a badass!” Shaoyao was confused.

“Why is the Second Mistress involved in this?” Xie Ying was found committing adultery and she hanged herself.

Ren Zhi’er was killed by her sister.

Both of their deaths had nothing to do with the Young Mistress.

The Second Mistress smiled gloomily.

“It’s because of this that I said that Young Mistress is smart.

Two young mistresses died in such a short time in the manor.

Is it just a coincidence? Xie Ying’s baby was a strange thing to me and so was her sudden death.

Since her death, Ren Zhi’er got sick and couldn’t leave her bed.

She had nightmares of Xie Ying coming back to her for revenge.

If she did nothing, why did she have such nightmares?” Shaoyao suddenly asked, “Mistress, do you think there’s something behind their death?” The Second Mistress stopped talking, closed her eyes and sighed a little.

Shaoyao no longer spoke when she saw this.

The more she thought about the Second Mistress’s words, the more she felt frightened about it.

When the Ren family left, they also took Ren Yu and Peach back.

If the Ji Manor didn’t want to report to the police, they would not notify the police either.

Anyway, Ren Yu was their daughter.

Nian Xiu was a servant girl who came to the Ji Manor with the bride.

It was impossible for her to go back with the Ren family.

After Ren Zhi’er was buried, the Second Mistress asked a servant to beat Nian Xiu 50 times with a tough plant and threw her out of the manor for her part in poisoning Ren Zhi’er.

When such a big thing happened, the servants in the manor always talked about it for a few days.

Eventually, they would forget it.

In the last few days of June, it rained heavily for several days, and the river in the moat outside the city rose suddenly, flooding nearby farmlands.

To prevent the rising price of food in the following famine, people living outside the city came into the city to buy food.

Chang Huan had prepared for this and had stored grains and cereals in advance.

He sold it to the civilians who came into the city for food.

Zhu Manor, in the city.

Zhu Hecheng went to his family-owned grain shops and got angry.

Several shopkeepers of the grain shops stood aside and did not dare to say a word.

“All the people outside the city came to buy food.

Why are we selling so little? It’s even worse than the usual days.

” Zhu Hecheng threw the account book on the desk.

The shopkeepers bowed their heads, and one of them murmured, “The price of our grains has increased by three percent in recent days, while the price of Qingyu Commercial House has decreased by one percent.

So the people have gone to Qingyu to buy grains.

” “It’s Qingyu again!” Zhu Hecheng’s face looked bad, and he asked in a cold voice, “Are they stupid? Why don’t they raise prices for such a good opportunity?” “It’s said that Qingyu Commercial House transferred grains from Nanyang one month ago.

They knew that farmlands would be flooded during the flood season in June, and people would be worried about food.

” “I’m not taking it! Are they merchants or saviors?” Zhu Hecheng snorted coldly.

No one dared to answer.

“What’s your idea?” Zhu Hecheng took a deep breath and drank his tea slowly.

One shopkeeper whispered, “How about cutting the price?” “Yes, it’s the rainy season.

If our grains can’t be sold, I’m afraid they will get damp soon!” Another shopkeeper said.

“Is there no other way but to reduce the price?” Zhu Hecheng frowned, unhappy.

He could have made a lot of money by taking this opportunity.

Now that the fat in his mouth was grabbed away by others, he wouldn’t be happy about it.

Several shopkeepers frowned and shook their heads.

Zhu Hecheng saw that, waved and said unhappily, “Get out, leave me alone!” The shopkeepers left the study quickly and quietly.

Zhu Hecheng leaned back on the broad carved wooden chair and closed his eyes in contemplation.

Qingyu Commercial House always found trouble with him.

They got in the way with everything he did.

They were disgusting people.

At this time, when the door of the study opened, a man in a gold and blue robe came in.

The man showed a lazy look.

He sat on the chair without speaking, legs crossed.

Zhu Hecheng opened his eyes and saw his son’s lazy look.

He frowned and said unhappily, “Where have you been? You had the smell of hookers’ fragrant powder!” “Daddy!” The man’s eyebrows were thick and eyes were thin, and his hair was combed perfectly, not having a hair out of place.

He hummed, “I want to take a concubine.

Give me two thousand Liang of silver!” Zhu Hecheng was so angry that he almost fainted when he heard this.

He was already angry with the grain selling.

What his son said was like adding wood to the fire.

Finally, he vented out a torrent of abuse, “You useless rubbish.

All you care about in this world are girls.

When can you grow up and be a real man? Think about your aunt’s son, Ji Ze.

He won first place in the imperial examination at a young age.

Now, look at yourself.

What a good-for-nothing you are!” Zhu Zhi’s face drooped after hearing his father’s words.

He became angry.

“Why must you compare me with that bookworm? He is the son of a concubine and achieves nothing even if he gets the first place!” “What’s wrong with a concubine’s son? You are much worse than him.

And Ji Yuxian, you are not even worth a hair of him!” Zhu Hecheng cried.

Zhu Zhi stood up and retorted, “I’m rubbish, but I’m your son.

So what are you?” “You – you!” Zhu Hecheng’s face was livid and he shouted with a trembling voice, “Get out of here! Get out!” “Good idea! If not for the silver, you think I’d like to come back and see your face!” Zhu Zhi glanced at his father, slammed the door and strode out.

Zhu Hecheng plopped down on the chair, he rolled eyes because of anger, and shouted, “Son of a b*tch!” Zhu Zhi left the study and went straight out of the Zhu Manor.

He told the coachman, “Go to Chunhua Brothel.

” At noon, there were few people in Chunhua Brothel.

Several brothel girls were flirting with their regular customers in the lobby on the first floor.

Like Drunken Joy Pavilion, Chunhua Brothel was a brothel in Shengjing City.

Zhu Zhi was obsessed with Yu Jiaofeng, the most popular girl in Chunhua Brothel.

For the past month, he came to Chunhua Brothel every day for Yu Jiaofeng.

He had spent more than a thousand Liang of silver in the brothel.

Today, he asked Zhu Hecheng for silver to redeem Yu Jiaofeng, and he wanted to marry her as his concubine.

At the sight of Zhu Zhi, the procuress came up like seeing a living God of wealth.

The wrinkles on her smiling face could press flies flat.

“Oh, Mr.

Zhu, you are here.

Yu Jiaofeng just asked me if you are coming to see her today.

She missed you so much if she can’t see you!” Zhu Zhi said with a wide smile, “I came from home.

I’m going to see Jiaofeng right now.

” The procuress asked the servants to prepare wine and snacks for Zhu Zhi in Yu Jiaofeng’s room.

She followed Zhu Zhi up the stairs, and said with a smile, “Master Zhu, the set of jewelry you asked me to book for Miss Yu two days ago is ready now.

The shopkeeper of the gold shop came to ask for money today, a total of 1600 Liang.

Master Zhu, please have a look.

” Zhu Zhi touched his nose and said, “I don’t have that much money these days.

Give me a few more days.

” “Don’t play with me, Master Zhu.

Everyone in the city knows that you are the eldest son of the Zhu family.

If you don’t have money, then there’s not a penny left in the city!” The procuress said with a smile.

“I will pay you anyway.

I said give me some time.

What are you spouting on about now?” “Yes, yes!” The procuress smiled, and a slight disdain flashed in her shrewd eyes.

Looking at Zhu Zhi going to Yu Fengjiao’s room, she gave a cold snort, then turned around and left.

Zhu Zhi went to Yu Fengjiao’s room and murmured with anger, “Dam*ed snobbish dog!” Just at this time, a man in white came from the corner of the brothel, with a folding fan in his hand.

Zhu Zhi’s face immediately changed and went up with a smile.


Shangguan? Long time no see!” The man saw Zhu Zhi and replied with a faint smile.


Zhu, long time no see.

” “I heard that you are looking after your family business in Jiangnan.

When did you come back to the capital?” Zhu Zhi’s small eyes narrowed and smiled, his mouth wide open, and he deliberately raised his tone.

His voice sounded like a duck, which was very unpleasant to a listener.

“I arrived yesterday, and I will leave in two days.

I heard that Mr.

Zhu has entered Yu Fengjiao’s boudoir.

Congratulations to you!” Shangguan Yunkun shook the paper fan, smiling quietly.

He didn’t have the look of a businessman, but more of a scholar.

Zhu Zhi knew that Shangguan Yunkun had heard him talking to the procuress downstairs just now.

He smiled.

“You have won Jin Ming’s heart.

She is also your confidant, who you can trust and talk to about secret things.

Such a blessing is not something that every man could ask for.

” Shangguan Yunkun chuckled and shouted to the people downstairs, “Come up!” “Coming.

” When the procuress heard Shangguan Yunkun calling for her, she immediately answered, and ran up with a smile on her face.

“How can I help you, Mr.

Shangguan?” Shangguan Yunkun handed over a silver note and said in a low voice, “This is a note of two thousand Liang of silver.

The jewelry you bought for Yu Fengjiao is on me.

It’s my gift to you, Mr.


” The procuress’s eyes brightened, but she didn’t dare to take it.

She looked at Zhu Zhi.

Zhu Zhi grinned.

“What do you mean, Mr.

Shangguan?” “Mr.

Zhu is a nephew of the Ji family.

You don’t have to care about this little money!” Shangguan Yunkun smiled.


Shangguan, how can I take your silver?” Zhu Zhi rubbed his palms, and the expression on his face was much more friendly than before.

“All right, put wine on the table.

Today, you are my biggest guest, Mr.


You must make sure you win and dine with my distinguished guest well.

” When Zhi Zhu finished, the procuress immediately went up to take the silver note, squeezed a smile and said, “I’ll have them serve good wine and dishes right away!” “Not necessarily!” Shangguan Yunkun closed the folding fan and said with a slight smile, “I have something else to do.

I will have a good drink with you some other day, Mr.

Zhu!” “Good, good! I’ll invite you over next time if you would do me the honor of having lunch with me, Mr.

Shangguan!” Zhu Zhi was wild with joy.

Shangguan Yunkun nodded and said goodbye to Zhu Zhi.

He turned and went downstairs.

As soon as he left, Zhu Zhi looked at the procuress and recovered his proud look.

He snorted and said to the procuress, “Do I owe you anything?” “No, no!” The procuress smiled and replied.

“There should be four hundred Liang of silver left after paying off the gold shop.

Make two good pieces of clothes for Fengjiao.

” Zhu Zhi said.

“Yes, yes.

Don’t worry, Mr.


I’ll go to choose fabric for Fengjiao right away!” Zhu Zhi smiled proudly and went to Yu Fengjiao’s room.

After Shangguan Yunkun left Chunhua Brothel, he took a carriage to Ji Manor.

Old Housekeeper Yu invited him in.

Shangguan Yunkun looked around and asked, “Where’s Young Mistress?” Old Yu lowered his head and said in a low voice, “Young Mistress doesn’t stay in the manor in the afternoon!” Shangguan Yunkun raised his eyebrows and went straight to Ji Yuxian’s study without saying anything.

At this time, Ji Yuxian was having a rest in the study.

When Jin Feng saw Shangguan Yunkun coming, he saluted Shangguan Yunkun, then turned back and reported to Ji Yuxian, “Master Ji, Shangguan Yunkun is here!” After a moment of silence, Ji Yuxian’s low voice came from the room, “Let him in!” Shangguan Yunkun smiled and pushed the door in.

In the study, Ji Yuxian was languidly leaning on the low couch.

His tired face told Shangguan Yunkun that he just woke up.

Ji Yuxian raised his hand, gently rubbed his forehead, and said in a low voice, “You come back to see your confidante first, and now you finally think of me?” Old Yu came in to serve tea, then left.

Shangguan Yunkun took a sip.

His gentle eyes showed a touch of worry.

He said, “She is ill.

” Ji Yuxian rubbed his forehead and put down his hand.

He glanced at Shangguan Yunkun and asked, “Seriously?” “She’s getting better now.

” Shangguan Yunkun said.

Ji Yuxian nodded and said, “If you are worried about her, you should take her with you.

” “If she is willing to go with me, why should I be so worried?” Shangguan Yunkun smiled bitterly.

This worry weighed heavily on his mind.

He didn’t want to talk about it anymore.

He changed the conversation topic and said, “I met the eldest son of the Zhu family just now in Chuanhua Brothel.

Because Zhu Zhi couldn’t pay the procuress, I gave him two thousand Liang of silver, which should be cut from your account!” Ji Yuxian said with a light smile, “You are the guy who’s doing him a favor.

Why do you think I’m willing to pay?” “Firstly, he is a distant relative of the Ji family; secondly, the two thousand Liang of silver will pay you off later.

” Shangguan Yunkun said with a meaningful smile.

Ji Yuxian glanced at him.

His black eyes turned, and he seemed to think of something.