Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 116

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 116

Chapter 116: Su Family Visits Su Jiu returned to Ji Manor for a quick change of clothes before proceeding to Nangong Manor to see if there was any news about Da Dapao.

Arduously, week after week, she came to the manor to search for information on her friend, refusing to give up hope.

Because of this, the guards at Nangong knew her by sight and were accustomed to her visits.

They quickly paid their respects, “Master Su, our miss has left the manor.

If there is anything you need to discuss, you can wait for our miss to come back at the front pavilion.

” Su Jiu thanked them hurriedly, “Thanks, no need.

” She had a gnawing feeling that Nangong Bi might be out looking for her.

Su Jiu turned around and went straight to the restaurant.

Indeed, her instincts were right.

No sooner had she entered the room than she heard the familiar bickering voices of Nangong Bi and Chang Huan.


It was downright annoying.

She found Chang Huan sitting lazily on the counter, arguing with Nangong Bi, who was standing opposite him.

“If you don’t tell me what’s wrong, I won’t help you find our boss!” At that moment, Chang Huan’s handsome, arrogant face seemed to invite a beating.

Nangong Bi fixed her arms on her hips and glared at him.

“If you don’t help me find her, you just wait and see how Su Jiu will handle you!” “Hmph!” Chang Huan just snorted as he flipped his head to the side.

What pressing matters could this girl possibly have to discuss with Su Jiu? Every time Su Jiu popped by unexpectedly, it was always to deal with petty, trivial nonsense.

Her quick visits ended with Nangong Bi hugging their boss, clinging to her even.

Well, Chang Huan wasn’t going to help her find Su Jiu.

So what if she threw a tantrum.

Let her.

It was lunchtime, yet few people were in the dining hall.

Qiao An was there, his eyes glued to the pages of a book.

Occasionally he looked over and shook his head with a faint smile.

Then he put his nose back in his book.




The moment Su Jiu walked through the door, Chang Huan leaped off the counter with a whoosh and sprinted over to greet her.

His eyes were brimming with happiness, “Boss, you’re back.

So glad to see you.

” Nangong Bi ran over too and pulled Su Jiu’s arms to complain, “Su Jiu, your guys are giving me a hard time again.

” “Chief!” Qiao An also stood up with a smile and then sat down again.

Whenever the court sessions ended early, Qiao An could come over to the restaurant to help look after the business, or he could teach Chang Huan how to read accounts.

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COM “Boss, she’s spouting nonsense.

She didn’t even tell us why she asked me to find you and bring you here.

I think she has nothing better to do than to create drama,” Chang Huan alleged while giving Nangong Bi the side-eye.

“I have nothing better to do?” Nangong Bi widened her eyes and snorted indignantly.

“I rushed to find you the moment my brother sent a letter to the family.

And you have the nerve to say that this lady has nothing better to do? Okay, then.

I’ll just go!” There was indeed news about Da Pao.

Su Jiu grabbed Nangong Bi’s arm and asked anxiously, “Did General Nangong mention Da Pao in his letter?” Nangong Bi purposely chose to dawdle.

She raised her chin and declared dramatically, “Someone just said that this lady has nothing better to do.

This lady is not pleased and does not wish to speak.

” She was so annoying.

Su Jiu narrowed her eyes at Chang Huan, “Chang Huan, apologize to Miss Nangong!” Chang Huan’s heart was full of resentment.

Usually, Nangong B only bothered them with trivial and insignificant matters.

He only stopped here this one time, and here she had news about Da Pao.

This little rascal knew how to set other people’s teeth on edge.

He unwillingly bowed his head, “This lowly one didn’t mean what he said.

Miss Nangong has a large stomach that can even tolerate a ship.

Please don’t hold a grudge against this lowly being.

” Nangong Bi immediately rolled her eyes and said, “You’re the one with a big belly!” Chang Huan nodded his head, “All right, all right.

My belly is big.

Not only can it fit a ship, but it can also accommodate a fishing net to catch fish.

” “Pfft” Nangong Bi burst into laughter.

Qiao An came over and said, “Chang Huan is accustomed to such behavior.

Please don’t take it to heart.

Da Pao has been on our chief’s mind for a long time.

Miss Nangong should just share the news with us and stop torturing us.

” “This lady is not that petty.

” Nangong Bi giggled and looked at Su Jiu.

“Our brother certainly did send a letter.

They had just won a battle and recaptured two small cities.

At the end of the letter, he mentioned that during the siege, Hu Dapao rushed to the frontlines and contributed greatly.

Big brother has already written a petition to the emperor to clear him of his crimes and promote his rank.

” “Really? That’s astonishing.

” Su Jiu brought her hands together emotionally, almost jumping with joy.

“That’s wonderful!” Qiao An and Chang Huan couldn’t stop smiling.

Da Pao was alive and had even distinguished himself in battle.

“I’ll go and let Ah Shu know.

” Chang Huan could hardly wait and communicated with Su Jiu before losing no time to rush to the Bodyguard Agency to pass on the good news to Ah Shu.

Su Jiu’s eyes shimmered as she looked at Nangong Bi.

“There are no words to repay this kindness.

In the future, as long as General Nangong needs any help, I, Su Jiu, will sprint through fires and cross the seven seas to offer my assistance.

” Nangong Bi was happy for them and said coyly, “Su Jiu, you don’t have to treat me like an outsider.

My older brother is someone who upholds military discipline and plays by the rules.

He wouldn’t give anyone special treatment.

Since Da Dapao was able to gain merits, it was completely due to his capabilities.

All his military achievements were gained by putting his life on the line.

” “Mm!” Su Jiu nodded her head, but in her heart, she understood.

For Nangong Shu to petition for Da Dapao’s crime to be cleared was the greatest kindness he could bestow to them.

The few of them were in high spirits and were itching for more news; however, the Nangong family couldn’t receive a letter from him.

The letter had contained one or two sentences regarding Du Dapao’s situation.

They were already satisfied to know he was safe and sound.

Their only hope was that the war at the border would end soon and that Da Pao would return to the capital safely.

On the sixteenth day of the fourth month, Su Jiu and Ji Yuxian dispatched their first fleet of ships, which were bound for the northern shores.

Su Jiu and Ji Yuxian went to watch the ceremonial ship launching.

The weather was perfect.

The skies were cloudless within the perimeters of ten thousand kilometers.

The ocean was boundless, and the point where the sea met the sky could be seen far in the distance.

The fleet consisted of three ships.

Each ship was twenty feet long and nine feet wide.

They consisted of three floors, each level approximately ten feet high.

Every ship could accommodate two hundred people.

At that moment, they were already loaded with goods and products to be exported.

The merchant ships had been modified and had been fitted with defense apparatus.

Additionally, they had been equipped with long-range artillery and canons to counter pirate attacks.

They were as capable as warships.

Each ship even stored a few smaller war boats.

In the event of an emergency, they could board the war boats to fight with the enemy or escape with their lives.

At that moment, numerous crew members who had undergone rigorous training were on board, together with other experienced members who had previously worked for Ji Yuxian.

Those assassins had swapped out their outfits for a short-sleeved ship crew’s robe that wrapped around their waists.

They were all sturdy and well-built as they stood gallantly on deck.

They all had a curious expression on their face as they anticipated their first voyage out to sea.

On their first voyage, Cao Datou and Ji Yuxian’s subordinate, Chen Feng, brought a group of stewards from Ji Manor.

Three large ships were docked on the jade sea, their flags fluttering majestically in the wind.

Against the crashing waves and the blue sky, it was a magnificent sight.

As Su Jiu watched from the highest point of the pier, her emotions started to surge.

She turned around and said with a smile, “Will there be a day where both of us will be able to stand together at the stern of the ship? To journey out to sea wherever the wind takes us? Ji Yuxian gazed at her with a faint smile and adoring eyes.

“There will be a day!” After the ceremony, Cao Datou and Chen Feng came forward.

“Chief, Eldest Young Master, everything has been prepared adequately.

We are ready to set sail.

” Su Jiu poured a bowl of wine and passed it to both of them.

Under the sea breeze, her face was full of clarity as she said solemnly, “Both of you, take care.

When you return, we’ll be waiting to welcome you back.

” After she said this, she raised her head and chugged the wine down in one gulp.

How refreshing the wine was; the girl’s eyes were as limpid as the jade waters and cloudy sky.

Cao Datou and Chen Feng raised their bowls and clinked them.

They declared in one voice, “We will not disappoint you!” Once they drank the wine, both of them turned around and boarded the ship.

A loud horn sounded.

The massive ship slowly started to move as the sails were raised.

Gradually, they drifted further and further away from the dock.

As the ship journeyed out, Su Jiu remained rooted in place as she stared into the distance in awe.

The sea breeze ruffled the loose hair that fell on her forehead and caused them to brush against her fair and exquisite face.

Even so, it could not conceal the radiance of her crystal eyes.

Ji Yuxian held her hand, his lips curved into a faint smile, “Are you very envious?” Su Jiu nodded her head.

She had to experience every aspect of life before she could say that she had accomplished something in this life.

Ji Yuxian gently enclosed her in his embrace.

He lowered his head and kissed the top of her head.

His phoenix eyes glimmered, and he smiled warmly.

“One day, I will walk every corner of this earth with you, and we’ll visit all the places you want to go together.

” Su Jiu raised her head, her eyes so bright that it could cut through the water.

“It’s settled then,” she said.

Ji Yuxian lowered his head and planted a kiss between her brows.

“It’s settled.

” On the twentieth day of the fourth month, the Qinglong Bodyguard Agency opened its first branch in Chongzhou.

The Qinglong Agency enjoyed a resounding reputation in Shengjing.

Especially after the bodyguards from Zhengyuan Bodyguard Agency were recruited, they had become Shengjing’s number-one bodyguard agency.

As such, business flourished as soon as they opened their branch in Chongzhou.

Ah Shu wanted to continue to oversee the Qinglong Bodyguard Agency personally.

Hence, they needed to choose someone else to manage the agency in Chongzhou.

Ah Shu recommended Zhang Mazi to Su Jiu.

When Zhang Mazi first joined the Dragon Conqueror Gang, he was unconvinced of their strength.

It was only after Su Jiu taught him a lesson that he finally accepted them wholeheartedly.

Ah Shu observed that he was talented and good at building solidarity among his subordinates.

He was also extremely loyal to Cao Datou.

As long as Cao Datou did not rebel, he would not betray them.

Hence, he intended to hand over the management of the Chongzhou branch to him.

There was another person who could be of use–Feng Quan, the man who faked his death at the court trial with the Bai Family.

Because he was still young and inexperienced, he could not yet be entrusted to manage a branch independently.

Su Jiu nodded her head after she heard Ah Shu’s words.

“You are responsible for all matters having to do with the Bodyguard Agency.

If you think Zhang Mazi is a good choice, that’s all I need to know.

I’ll trust him too.

” Ah Shu laughed heartily, and the matter was decided there and then.

Six days later, the other restaurant that Qiao An had previously mentioned also officially opened on Zhuque Street.

The store was called Qingxin Tavern.

The storefront was several times larger than Qingyuan Tavern.

Its furnishings were also more extravagant and luxurious.

Just like before, beef stew and beggar’s chicken were fixed as their signature dishes.

On opening day, the first thirty customers were allowed to try the meals for free.

This attracted a huge crowd in front of the restaurant, causing the street to be jammed.

Ji Yuxian had initially intended to help Su Jiu promote the tavern, but his horse carriage ended up being stuck in a jam on the way.

He could only look at Su Jiu helplessly across the sea of people.

Chang Huan took charge of the newly opened Qingxin Tavern.

He had transferred Li Tai over to be the shopkeeper of Qingyuan Tavern.

Li Tai was a dependable man who took his work seriously.

It was indeed a waste of his talent to remain at a small restaurant.

Instead, he could choose a few capable people under him to become the shopkeepers.

The restaurant was open, and the business was prosperous.

Naturally, there was jealousy, and there would often be people who would come by to make trouble.

Qiao An would occasionally go over to take care of business.

Still, most of the time, Chang Huan would be the only one there.

As he gained experience, Chang Huan improved rapidly and seemed to have a strong affinity to manage the shop.

Ji Yuxian even joked with Su Jiu, saying that he did not expect the flock of Dragon Conqueror Gang members would all be outstanding in their way.

Since even Ji Yuxian had praised them, Su Jiu was especially pleased.

Her eyebrows were raised so high they almost touched the sky.

“The meaning behind our Dragon Conqueror Gang is ‘crouching tigers and hidden dragons!” ‘ When Ji Yuxian saw her glowing with pride, his heart melted.

He stretched out his arms and brought her to rest on his lap.

His charming eyes stared gratefully at her as he smiled, “But the chief of the crouching tigers and hidden dragons of the Dragon Conqueror Gang is in my arms.

Aren’t I even more impressive?” Su Jiu sat on his lap and straightened her back to look at him directly in the eyes, “Eldest Young Master Ji is only my ride.

What is there to boast about?” Ji Yuxian lowered his head; his gaze deepened at that moment.

With a husky and seductive voice, “Mm, I’ll let you sit on me in the day, and let you ride me at night, all right?” Su Jiu could now understand the meaning behind such perverse words.

The edges of her ears reddened, and she glared at him, intending to jump off his lap.

Ji Yuxian coiled his arms around her waist and kissed her.

Outside the window, the spring sunshine was intense.

The weather was gradually becoming hotter.

Back in the manor, Ren Zhi’er was slowly recovering from her bout of illness.

Whenever she felt a bit stronger, she went to the central courtyard to pay her respects to Su Jiu with Chen Yuchan.

When Su Jiu first saw Ren Zhi’er, she had a fright.

It was as though the originally alluring and charming beauty had been swapped with a different person.

Her face had lost so much weight that it no longer held its shape.

Her eye sockets were sunken, and her complexion was sallow and ashen, as though smeared with a layer of mud.

A gust of wind could probably blow her away.

Su Jiu hurriedly got her servants to support her back.

She permitted her to forgo the formalities and focus on recuperating.

“Many thanks to the Young Mistress,” Ren Zhi’er said.

Without Xie Ying, Ren Zhi’er was starting to treat Su Jiu with more respect.

Chen Yuchan continued to behave as she usually did.

She would bring some pastries she had personally made and give them to Su Jiu.

She never sought credit; neither was she overly polite.

She tactfully chose not to disturb Su Jiu and quietly dismissed herself.

Ji Ze was now a court official.

Very often, a few of his colleagues would come to the manor.

Since it wasn’t convenient for them to walk through the courtyard, a separate gate that opened onto the eastern street was constructed at Ji Ze’s manor to facilitate the entry and exit of his guests.

The Second Mistress was very proud of her son, and her face glowed with pride and happiness.

Early in the fifth month, Nangong Bi brought Su Jiu good news once again.

Nangong Shu’s letter mentioned that the Daliang army had already driven the Qiang Clan away from the borders and was currently pursuing the remnants of the clan to suppress them.

They would probably return to the capital in the coming months.

It was specially mentioned that Hu Dapao displayed bravery and gained military merit.

He had already been promoted to a frontline military officer.

Elated, Su Jiu could barely stop herself from going out to the streets to shout and declare to all the citizens of Daliang that Hu Dapao had achieved great military feats.

“Older brother mentioned Hu Dapao in both the letters he sent back to our family.

He’s trying to assure you,” said Nangong Bi as she raised her eyes with a smile.

Su Jiu cupped her fists together, “I truly need to thank General Nangong!” “That’s enough.

You don’t have to be so polite to me.

Wait till older brother returns and just invite him out for a good drink.

” Su Jiu broke into a bright smile, “Of course!” Once Nangong Bi left, Su Jiu went straight to the Bodyguard Agency to share the good news with Ah Shu.

At the Bodyguard Agency, Ah Shu was not around as he had gone out to settle some matters.

Su Jiu sat in the front hall for a while before wandering into the rear courtyard alone.

It was afternoon, and the sunlight was intense.

Two batches of commissioned bodyguards had just returned and were gathered in clusters under the shade.

As they babbled about what they saw and heard on their journeys out, their hands waved excitedly and saliva splattering out of their mouths.

Su Jiu folded her arms and leaned on the door frame as she listened to them chatter on.

Next to one of the bodyguards sitting on the steps was a woven basket covered with green leaves.

One of the bodyguards stretched out his hands and took out a red and shiny fruit from the basket before passing it to his friend.

He giggled and said, “This time, we went to Ganzhou and saw them selling this fruit at a ridiculously low price.

It was so sweet and crunchy that we specially brought back a few crates for our brothers to sample.

We also saved a basket for Master Jiu.

” His friend took the fruit and bit into it.

He exclaimed with a smile, “It’s great! This time, I went to the countryside.

and also brought back a few fun things.

” As he said this, he gave the young bodyguard seated next to him a kick, “Huzi, go and get the stuff we brought back.

” “Sure thing.

” The bodyguard who was called Huzi lifted his butt and sprinted away.

A short while later, another woven basket was brought over.

When the bodyguard lifted his head, he saw Su Jiu, who was standing by the door frame.

He was shocked, and the woven basket he was carrying landed on the ground with a thud.

The bodyguard who had instructed him to go out frowned and scolded him, “You clumsy little rascal.

Don’t break my stuff!” That little bodyguard stared at Su Jiu and stammered, “Master Jiu!” When the crowd heard that, they turned their heads.

All of them stood at attention and exclaimed respectfully, “Master Jiu.

” At the bodyguard agency, Ah Shu was the person-in-charge.

Under his command were other managers like Hu Baizi.

But everyone understood that the real Chief was Su Jiu.

When they first started their jobs as bodyguards, these people were accustomed to their lives as bandits and stuck to their nasty habits.

One time when they were on a commissioned job, one of the bodyguards took advantage of a girl.

Fortunately, the head bodyguard at that time was Cao Datou, who saved the girl’s life.

Subsequently, when Su Jiu learned about what happened, she severed that person’s hamstrings and tendons.

From then on, he was a wastrel who could no longer practice martial arts and was thrown out of Shengjing City.

When everybody saw the pitiful state he was left in, they recognized that Su Jiu was ruthless and firm in the way she dealt with others.

They instantly corrected their behavior and turned back from their old ways.

When it came to Su Jiu, everyone was full of respect and fear.

Su Jiu stood upright and smiled faintly, “Everyone has had a long journey and has suffered.

” “We did not suffer at all,” everyone replied in unison.

Su Jiu beckoned Huzi, who was standing a distance away, with her hands.

“Bring the woven basket over.

” “Yes, yes!” Huzi hastily carried the woven basket over and walked over with an idiotic smile on his face.

“What’s inside?” Su Jiu asked.

The bodyguards who were chatting a moment ago lifted the cover and took out a yellowish-green pear before passing it to Su Jiu.

“Replying Master Jiu, we brought some southern pears from the countryside.

” Su Jiu took it and realized that this pear was different from the ones they usually sold in Shengjing City.

It wasn’t as yellow as the pears here, and it also wasn’t as pretty.

It was a teeny bit longer and carried a refreshing fragrance.

Su Jiu took the pear and casually wiped it on her robes before directly taking a big bite out of it.

The juice of the pear burst inside her mouth.

The pear was slightly sweet and soft to the bite but had a unique and extraordinary taste.

“It’s not bad at all!” Su Jiu smiled while nodding her head.

Another bodyguard quickly took out a red and shiny fruit from the woven basket beside him and passed it to Su Jiu, “Master Jiu, you should try this too.

” Su Jiu took a big bite.


It was crunchy and sweet, positively delightful!” “Both are not bad.

Later on, share them with your brothers.

Everyone should have a taste.

” “Yes, Master Jiu.

” As they said this, they suddenly heard a resounding voice, “Chief!” Su Jiu turned around and saw that it was Ah Shu.

He had brought a few bodyguards in with him.

He couldn’t hide the smile on his face as he opened his mouth to say, “Just now we accepted another big commission to Zhuoyang.

Even though it’s a bit farther, the price they offered is quite high.

” Su Jiu took another bite of the pear and smiled, “Okay.

” “Why is it so lively?” Ah Shu took big strides and walked over.

He saw that several bodyguards had surrounded the area and smiled while asking.

“We brought a few unique products over to let Master Jiu try.

” One bodyguard said, “We also left two woven baskets with the top-grade products for Master Jiu and Master Shu.

” “Not bad, not bad.

” Ah Shu bent his waist and picked up the fruit before taking a bite.

He smiled, “You guys always bring some interesting things when you come back.

How thoughtful of you all to remember me and chief.

” The few bodyguards hurriedly smiled in reply, “Our pleasure.

You’re most welcome.

” When Su Jiu heard Ah Shu’s words, she paused with a mouthful of pear still in her mouth.

She seemed lost in thought.

After eating the fruit, they returned to the main hall.

Su Jiu conveyed what was mentioned in the letter sent to the Nangong Manor.

As expected, Ah Shu became extremely excited, “Da Pao is amazing! He even became an officer!” He said this while rubbing his palms.

It was as if he had personally seen Hu Dapao besiege cities, conquer the land, and slaughter the enemies.

Hot blood surged from his chest, and he itched to go out there and join him in battle.

“Since they already won a battle and chased the savages out of Daliang, would he be able to come back soon?” Ah Shu asked eagerly.

“I should think so,” Su Jiu nodded her head.

“How are Master An and Chang Huan?” Ah Shu had been quite busy recently and had no time to go over to the restaurant.

They had always been on his mind.

“Don’t worry.

All is well.

” “The Bodyguard Agency’s business is booming, and we’re running out of bodyguards to send out.

I intend to hire a few more.

What does the chief think?” Ah Shu asked.

“When it comes to the Bodyguard Agency, you can act on whatever you deem fit.

You don’t have to get my permission for everything,” Su Jiu laughed faintly.

Ah Shu laughed out loud, “Then I shall roll up my sleeves and get to work!.

The two of them got to talking about other things.

Su Jiu realized it was getting late and got up to return to Ji Manor.

Before she left, Ah Shu got a few bodyguards to help move the two baskets of fruit onto the horse carriage.

He grinned, “Give them to Chang Huan and Master An and Eldest Master Ji as well.

Even though these gifts aren’t extraordinary, it’ll be nice to try something new.

” With this, Ah Shu had already considered Ji Yuxian to be one of them.

A hint of happiness burst forth from Su Jiu’s heart for no reason.

She waved to Ah Shu and climbed into the horse carriage.

On the way back, they made special arrangements to pass by Zhuque Street.

The spoils from the two baskets were divided into two, and one half was given to Chang Huan.

They boarded the horse carriage once again to return to Ji Manor.

Not far from Qingxin tavern, a three-story building was being constructed on the left side of the street.

Su Jiu turned her head and questioned, “Er Mao, which family does that belong to?” Born and bred in Shengjing City, Er Mao said, “It was originally a bank owned by Ji Manor.

It’s been many years now, though.

I wonder what they’re going to build?” Su Jiu quietly nodded her head.

It was dusk, time to light the lamps.

The lanterns hanging along the corridors outside were lit up one by one.

Ji Yuxian took a look at the ledgers from the afternoon.

He leaned against the backrest and massaged his temples in exhaustion.

When he heard Jin Feng walk in, he asked calmly, “My wife is not back yet?” Jin Feng was serving tea, and just as he was about to reply, Su Jiu walked into the study and stood next to him.

She raised her eyebrows at him, her eyes filled with hidden craftiness.

Jin Feng met her eyes with a smile as he replied respectfully, “You just mentioned the Young Mistress; she has already returned.

” Ji Yuxian blinked and jerked his head up.

The moment he caught sight of Su Jiu, his lips cracked into a smile.

His voice was affectionate, “Wife.

” With this one word, it was another public display of affection.

Jin Feng, who was still a bachelor, hastily put down the tea and dismissed himself.

He had to avoid another vicious attack on his heart.

Ji Yuxian got up.

He carried Su Jiu and walked toward the couch.

He lowered his head and propped up her forehead while saying with a low and gentle voice, “I’m exhausted.

I wish my wife would give me a massage.

” In Su Jiu’s hands were two fruits, one red and one green.

She smiled, saying, “I’ll give you two good things first.

” Ji Yuxian frowned, “What are these?” “Have you never seen such a thing before?” Su Jiu asked.

“I’ve seen this red one before.

You can get this fruit in the city.

Is this green one a pear? I’ve never seen a green pear before.

” “Try it and let me know if it’s any good.

” Su Jiu lifted the southern pear to Ji Yuxian’s lips.

Ji Yuxian bent his head to meet her hands and took a bite.

He nodded his head slightly, “It doesn’t taste too bad.

” After he said that, he bent over and fed the sweet juice in his mouth to Su Jiu’s mouth.

Ripples were seen in his eyes, “What is my wife thinking about?” Not for a moment did he think Su Jiu was just asking him if this pear tasted good.

Su Jiu had also taken a bite of the pear.

But she changed the subject and asked, “The newly constructed three-story building on Zhuque Street—Is it yours?” The question caught Ji Yuxian unawares.

Why was she asking about this? He nodded his head in reply, “Yes!” “What’s it for?” “I haven’t decided.

It used to be an old bank owned by Ji Manor.

It has been many years, and quite a few segments of the roof had collapsed.

I got my men to move the bank to the opposite side of the street.

When the original building was demolished, we bought the storefronts on both sides so they could be combined.

Why do you ask?” Su Jiu’s large eyes turned, and she smiled, saying, “Sell it to me.

Any amount of silver is fine.

” Ji Yuxian raised his brows, “What does my wife want to do with it? You want to open another restaurant?” Didn’t she just open one? Even if the business was doing well, it didn’t make sense to open another one on the same street.

Su Jiu shook her head, her bright eyes glimmered.

“Not a restaurant.

I want to start a trading company,” she said.

“Trading company?” Ji Yuxian frowned slightly.

He looked at the two fruits in her hands.

“To sell what? Fruit?” “No, I’ll sell whatever,” Su Jiu answered excitedly.

In an instant, Ji Yuxian understood what Su Jiu was getting at.

His narrow eyes flashed, and he slowly nodded his head, slightly amused but interested.

Su Jiu explained her idea, “Our Bodyguard Agency goes to different regions of Daliang every day.

When we get back, we occasionally carry some cargo.

But most of the time, we return with empty carriages.

Maybe we can get our bodyguards to bring back specialty items from different regions.

Take this fruit, for example.

It’ sells for a high price in Shengjing City, but back in Ganzhou, it is as common as mud.

Think about it: If we import this fruit, we can sell it.

” The fruit was just one small component.

Su Jiu wanted to expand the trading company and sell all sorts of products from the various regions in Daliang.

Think about it.

Silk from Jiangnan.

Leather garments from Youzhou.

Fruit from Ganzhou… As of today, her Bodyguard Agency was operating on a large scale.

All these products could be bought at a low price in the different regions, and they did not need to fork out an additional fee to import the goods.

The profit margin was considerable.

“My wife’s idea is not bad.

But you have not considered that buying a few fruits is simple.

The other products are subject to local market regulations.

You won’t be able to purchase them by sending over a few bodyguards!” Ji Yuxian said with his head tilted to the side.

Su Jiu nodded her head.

“I’ve already thought about those restrictions.

So, Eldest Young Master Ji, let’s collaborate one more time.

” The Ji family’s business encompassed the whole country.

They presided in all the major provinces, and as long as people from Ji Manor bought the local goods, everything would be fine.

Ji Yuxian leaned over the couch and buried half of Su Jiu’s body under him.

The crimson sash of his robe loosened, revealing his enchanting beauty.

Without a care, he kissed her and questioned intimately, “How shall we collaborate?” Su Jiu bit her lip and looked up to him, “You sell the store along Zhuque Street to me, and your men will be in charge of buying the goods.

My guys will transport them, and we’ll share the profits.

I’ll take forty percent; you take sixty.

” She had taken a big step back.

The reality was that to establish the trading company, Ji Yuxian had to be involved.

He was indispensable.

Ji Yuxian’s eyes lost their focus as he greedily kissed the person under him.

He said groggily, “You don’t have to buy the store.

I’ll give it to you.

My men will buy the goods according to what you said.

Your men will be in charge of transportation.

You can decide on everything else.

We’ll split fifty-fifty!” A single trading company was of no interest to him.

He only wanted to support everything she was involved in.

If they had a million strands of connections linking them, he would have peace of mind.

Su Jiu’s eyes beamed with delight.

She raised her head and nipped his lips playfully with a smile, “Many thanks, Master!” Ji Yuxian continued the kiss meticulously, and said captivatingly, “Call me husband!” Su Jiu rubbed her wet and shimmering lips, before whispering, “Husband!” Even though her voice was soft, it still carried a sense of coyness, which drove him mad a pounding need.

She was an alluring temptress with an enchanting charm.

Ji Yuxian’s chest felt a ripple surge through it.

Billows rolled, and tenderness spread in all directions.

His throat rumbled as he propped the girl’s chin up and kissed her deeply.

They got to work at once.

Su Jiu and Ji Yuxian spent two nights drawing out a rough floor plan for the trading company’s premise.

They also sought out the carpenter who was working on the building and got him to follow the dimensions according to their draft.

The master looked at Su Jiu’s draft and did not seem to understand what Su Jiu was planning to do.

The store was divided into grids that were supposed to demarcate separate rooms.

It resembled neither a restaurant nor a guest house.

The carpenter did not ask further and only said, “It is a little more complicated.

It should take approximately one month.

” Su Jiu nodded her head.

“No problem.

You don’t have to rush to complete it.

Just do it well.

’ “Yes, I will do my best to please you.

” The fifth month had arrived, and the days got progressively hotter.

Su Jiu was lazy to leave the manor in the afternoons and spent her time cooped up in Ji Yuxian’s study.

Together, they discussed how to go about purchasing local goods.

Additionally, they needed to give the trading company a name.

Su Jiu’s previous businesses all used the word ‘Qing.

’ This time, she asked Ji Yuxian for his opinion.

“Ji Yuxian, does this trading company belong to Ji Manor or the Dragon Conqueror Gang? What should we call it?” Su Jiu was only wearing a thin robe.

Her body was reclined on the couch as she asked lazily.

Ji Yuxian sat behind the nanmu table.

He raised his eyes and looked over.

“It belongs to your Dragon Conqueror Gang.

Just name it according to your procedures.

This master here is a hands-off manager.

” Su Jiu rolled her eyes at him, “You surely are taking it easy.

” Ji Yuxian laughed softly.

“If my wife wants to take it easy, so be it.

Then just be the Young Mistress of Ji Manor.

Your husband will support you and guarantee that you live a life comparable to a deity.

” Su Jiu shrugged her shoulders and asked, “How meaningless is that!” “Who are you planning to assign as the manager of the trading company?” Su Jiu pondered this question for a while.

She sat upright and said thoughtfully, “I want Chang Huan to be the manager of the trading company.

” As of today, there was no one better suited for this role.

Qiao An had become an official, and Da Pao was out fighting a war.

The Bodyguard Agency’s business was expanding, and Ah Shu was unbelievably busy.

Even Cao Datou had gone out to sea.

Only Chang Huan was available.

The Qingxin Tavern was in perfect order thanks to Chang Huan’s able management.

Chang Huan would even follow her to wander the streets when he was free.

Su Jiu thought that Chang Huan’s abilities were not limited to being a manager at a restaurant.

Ji Yuxian said calmly, “Sure, Chang Huan is indeed capable of big things.

Additionally, I will appoint another two dependable managers for you.

They can assist Chang Huan since there is a huge variety of goods in a trading company.

It will be very messy at the beginning, and it’ll be impossible for one person to manage everything.

Also…” He paused for a moment, before continuing, “Now that your businesses are expanding, you need to start nurturing some useful people.

” Su Jiu nodded her head earnestly.

“Yes, Li Tai’s not bad.

He has the potential to become a supervisor.

There are also a few others who can be trusted to work independently once they undergo training.

As Su Jiu was talking, suddenly there was a knock at the door.

Jin Feng’s voice resonated from outside the door, “Master.

” Ji Yuxian long and narrow eyes glanced at Su Jiu on the couch.

With a wave of his hand, he covered Su Jiu with a thin brocade cloak before saying casually, “Come in!” Su Jiu had only worn a sheer robe since the weather was hot, not caring about taboos.

She had even rolled up her sleeves, exposing a portion of her fair and tender arm.

He naturally could not let anyone else see this.

Jin Feng entered the room and lowered his head, “Fourth Young Mistress is here.

She said that she wanted to meet Young Mistress!” Su Jiu said, “Show her in.

” “Yes,” Jin Feng acknowledged before taking his leave.

Within a few moments, Chen Yuchan walked in with a lunchbox.

It was her first time in Ji Yuxian’s study, and she couldn’t help feel a little nervous and reserved.

When she saw that Ji Yuxian was present as well, she became more cautious.

She daintily took two steps forward, “This concubine greets Master and Young Mistress.

” Ji Yuxian’s eyes shifted his gaze back to the ledger in his hands and replied with an “Mm.

” “You made me more goodies?” Su Jiu laughed as she asked.

Chen Yuchan and Su Jiu had interacted many times.

She knew that Su Jiu’s personality was blunt and straightforward.

As long as she did not provoke her, she was still quite warm and relaxed to get close to.

She took her seat on a round stool next to the couch.

Chen Yuchan placed the lunchbox on the small tabletop and opened it gently.

She then took out a pile of mung bean kuehs and put them on the table.

She said gently, “The afternoon heat of the fifth month is brutally hot.

This concubine made mung bean kuehs for the Young Mistress to cool down.

The mung beans are mixed with rice wine to balance it out, so you won’t feel overly cool when you consume it either.

When he heard this, Ji Yuxian raised his head slightly to look over.

His eyes sweep over the girl.

Chen Yuchan seemed to notice that Ji Yuxian was looking at her from the corner of her eyes, and her fair face flushed red.

She hastily lowered her head.

The girl’s appearance paled in could not be compared to Xie Ying or Ren Zhi’er, but she was still pretty and pleasing to the eye.

Just like her meek personality, she did not attract much attention.

Instead, she would gently stay by your side and give you what you wanted when you needed it.

Like a stream, it wasn’t fast, and it wasn’t slow, but it could flow the farthest and longest.

Su Jiu took a bite; the bean cake carried the fragrance of the rice wine.

It was refreshing and delicious.

She could not help but praise, “Yummy!” Chen Yuchan slowly turned her body to face Ji Yuxian.

She blinked as she asked softly, “Does Master want a piece too?” With a grin, Ji Yuxian had been watching Su Jiu savor her food.

When he heard the girl ask, his eyes looked over, and that smile instantly dissipated, “No need!” Chen Yuchan saw that small change, and her chest tightened.

She got up and said, “Master and Young Mistress are busy.

This concubine will not disturb you both and will take her leave first.

” Su Jiu finished one piece of the pastry.

She lifted her head and said sincerely, “Thank you for always thinking of me.

But it’s getting quite hot; you don’t have to always make my food.

” Chen Yuchan smiled drily, “I was bored and had nothing to do.

As long as the Young Mistress likes it, this concubine will be content.

” After she said this, she curtsied and took the lunchbox with her before taking her leave.

Su Jiu turned her head to look out of the window.

The girl’s slender waist moved gracefully, and her eyes were delicate.

She appeared just like a pretty girl of humble birth.

“Ji Yuxian, among the three concubines you married, only this one is not bad,” Su Jiu casually commented.

Ji Yuxian’s long and narrow eyes glanced over her.

He chuckled and said, “Be careful eating other people’s food in case the day will come when your husband is snatched away.

” Su Jiu raised her brows, “This lady Yuchan is so refined and feeble, she is quite different from Xie Ying!.

Ji Yuxian lowered his head, his eyes were dim, and he didn’t reply to her.

Su Jiu removed the coat and lay back down on the soft cushion.

The sound of the door knocking resounded once again – It was Jin Feng.

Ji Yuxian raised his brows and gave a sideways glance at the coat on the couch.

Su Jiu frowned and could only put it on once again.

Jin Feng came in to report, “Two ladies are waiting outside the gate of the manor.

They claim that they are members of the Su family and want to meet the Young Mistress.

” Su Jiu choked and sat up.

What was happening today? Why were they all looking for her? And this time, they were Su family members? Why did the members of the Su family suddenly come to Shengjing City? When did they arrive? She had not even received any news about their visit.

Ji Yuxian’s phoenix eyes remained calm.

He questioned faintly, “Where did these Su family members come from?” Jin Feng thought for a moment before replying, “They seemed to be from Shengjing City.

It should be the family members of the Young Mistress who reside in Shengjing City.

” Ji Yuxian nodded his head, “take them to the reception pavilion to wait and get the nanny to attend to them.

The Young Mistress will be there shortly.

” “Yes.

” Jin Feng acknowledged and went out to make arrangements.

“You know who they are?” Su Jiu turned her head to ask.

“Back in the day, the Su family was quite influential in Shengjing City.

Afterward, they met with problems, and Su Wenqian was forced to leave Shengjing and return to Fuyang.

But within the main family branch, two of his cousins on his uncle’s side stayed behind.

The people who came today should be from their family,” Ji Yuxian explained.

Once he said this, he looked comfortingly at Su Jiu.

“Get the nanny to attend to them first.

I’ll let you know exactly who they are later.

Don’t worry.

Just meet them.

They’ve never laid eyes on the real Su Yuejiu.

” Su Jiu set her heart to rest, “All right!”