Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 99

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 99

At this hour, Xie Ying was already seated at her dressing table, removing her makeup when the servant announced Jin Mi’s arrival.

Surprised, she stood up and said, “Is Eldest Young Master asking for me?” “I came in haste to report without asking for details,” the young servant answered.

With her hair in disarray, Xie Ying swiftly walked out of the room and ordered, “Invite Lady Jin Mi in!” It was bright inside the wing near her bedroom when several servants led Jin Min in.

They treated her with great hospitality as they poured her tea and served snacks and cut fruit.

“What happened requiring Lady Jin Mi to visit me personally?” Xie Ying asked with a pleasant smile as she graciously walked over and handed Jin Mi her cup of tea.

Jin Mi sat up straight and couldn’t help feeling smug, for she believed this was how she should be treated.

Leaving her cup of tea on the table, Jin Mi sighed as she picked up a lychee and said, “I have come to have a chat with our Second Young Mistress since I was feeling bored.

Will Second Young Mistress despise my behavior?” Xie Ying was disappointed to learn that it wasn’t Ji Yuxian who had summoned her.

However, she maintained her composure and said, smiling, “Why would I? I am also bored to tears.

” With that said, Xie Ying attempted to probe further, “Why is Lady Jin Mi here for a chat instead of serving the Young Master?” Jin Mi finished peeling her lychee and took a bite as she said with a self-deprecating smile, “Why will the Young Master require my service when he has someone else serving him?” .



“Oh? Who is serving the Young Master right now?” Xie Ying asked compulsively.

“Who else other than our Young Mistress.

” Jin Mi put the rest of her uneaten fruit back on the plate and rubbed her hands on a handkerchief as she frowned and continued, “Even I, as Young Master’s servant, have been chased out by the Young Mistress’s nanny.

I’m afraid there will be no rightful place for us in the manor anymore.

” Xie Ying was crestfallen when she heard about Su Jiu and could no longer maintain her composure.

She said with a snigger, “What can we do? I have also been hectored by her several times!” Jin Mi pursed her lips and smiled, “To be honest, I would rather the Young Master favor Second Young Mistress since your family members are working as government officials.

You will be a generous Young Mistress since you are an understanding and gracious lady.

The servants will have a better life under your care.

” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Xie Ying gave a forced laugh and said, “Lady Jin Mi must be kidding.

What can I do when the Young Master favors new blood over old lovers?” Jin Mi leaned toward her and asked softly, “Has the Young Master ever spent a night in Second Young Mistress’s room since he married Su Jiu?” Xie Ying attempted to mask her awkwardness by sipping her tea, “No, Young Master was probably too busy.

” Frowning, Jin Mi frowned asked, “That won’t do! How will you be able to gain Young Master’s favor if he does not visit your room?” “Does Lady Jin Mi have any means to help me?” Xie Ying reached out to grab Jin Mi’s hand and used the opportunity to slip on it a red-coral jade bracelet embedded with gold.

Jin Mi stole a glance at the bracelet and chuckled, “There is a way, but Second Young Mistress may feel humiliated.

” “Tell me about it,” Xie Ying asked desperately.

Jin Mi extracted her hand from Xie Ying’s and took out a box of fragrance powder from her inner pocket, “This is the fragrance powder frequently used by Lan Zhihu.

She is the only person who applies such fragrance in the whole of Shengjing City.

I will bring you into the Cloud Pavilion if you don’t mind putting the powder on you.

” The fragrance powder was the one previously given to Mo Yu by Lan Zhihui.

Jin Mi had been keeping it with her ever since she confiscated it from Mo Yu.

Xie Ying now understood Jin Mi’s intention as she stared at the light-gold glazed box of fragrance powder.

Jin Mi wanted her to disguise herself as Lan Zhihui and wait for Ji Yuxian in his bedroom in secret.

It was undoubtedly humiliating for any woman to disguise herself as another woman to seduce her husband.

This was also the humiliation Jin Mi meant.

“Is it important if Young Master mistakes you for someone else, as long as you gain his favor? Is Second Young Mistress able to get over it?” Jin Mi asked, raising a brow.

Xie Ying lowered her gaze with a glint in her eyes.

She held up the box of fragrance after a slight pause and nodded, “May I ask Lady Jin Mi to wait here for a moment while I take a shower.

” Jin Mi broke into a smile and replied promptly, “Surely.

I will wait here for Second Young Mistress.

” Xie Ying changed up accordingly after they went through more strategy planning, after which Jin Mi stealthily led her into Ji Yuxian’s bedroom.

Xie Ying took off all her clothes and lay on the bed and waited for Ji Yuxian’s return.

Su Jiu, together with Chang Huan, flipped over the walls and returned to Ji Manor just after eleven o’clock in the evening.

The nanny stepped forward to welcome them upon their arrival at the Perched Phoenix Pavilion.

She frowned slightly in disapproval because their breath reeked of alcohol, “My mistress, you have finally returned!” “What’s the matter?” Su Jiu asked as she walked toward her room with her hands clasped behind her.

“The Eldest Young Master has been waiting for you in the dining hall for more than two hours,” the nanny said in haste.

Su Jiu stopped in her tracks and turned around as she raised a skeptical eyebrow, “What’s he doing here?”Read latest chapters at vipnovel.

com “He wanted to dine with you.

” Su Jiu, “…” Nobody eats dinner at such an ungodly hour.

“I’ll check.

” Su Jiu said as she walked toward the dining hall.

Ji Yuxian looked up when he heard Su Jiu enter with Chang Huan following close behind.

He was sitting on an old-fashioned wooden armchair and playing chess all by himself.

His gaze fell on Su Jiu before looking at Chang Huan with a frown.

“Where did my lady go?” Ji Yuxian asked as he lowered his gaze and placed a black stone on the chessboard.

Su Jiu replied truthfully, “I was concerned about Qiao An and restaurant matters after returning to Shengjing City, so I went to visit them.

” “How did you exit the manor?” Ji Yuxian asked steadily.

Su Jiu replied with a glint in her eye, “I flipped over the wall!” “Do you remember your status?” Ji Yuxian continued without looking up.

Su Jiu stood erect and bit her lips discretely.

Chang Huan looked at Su Jiu and retorted with a scowl, “We flipped over the wall because the main door was locked.

It was my idea, and it had nothing to do with our boss.

” Ji Yuxian’s hand paused mid-air and looked over with an intimidating glare, “I am talking to your master!” Chang Huan clenched his fist with a sinister look on his face.

Su Jiu looked at Ji Yuxian and calmly said, “Why are you reprimanding him when I was the one who decided to go out?” Ji Yuxian smiled, “Wasn’t he the one who insisted on taking the blame on your behalf?” Su Jiu turned around and held onto Chang Huan’s clenched fist, “Chang Huan, leave the room!” “Boss!” Chang Huan stared at Su Jiu.

“Don’t worry.

I will be fine!” Su Jiu said as she nudged Chang Huan out of the room and closed the doors behind him.

Ji Yuxian got up and walked over to Su Jiu while staring at her wistfully.

He caressed her face that had become cold to the touch in the chilly weather and spoke gently, “Get the servants to open the doors next time if you must leave at night.

Don’t ever climb the walls again!” “Okay.

” Su Jiu responded softly.

Ji Yuxian expressed slight exasperation as he curled his lips into a smile.

“As your husband, I should be blamed for your wrongdoing.

Let’s forget about tonight’s incident.

Have you eaten?” Su Jiu nodded, “Yes, I have.

” Ji Yuxian was upset about the smell of alcohol from Su Jiu’s body.

He reached for her hand and led her toward the dining table as he said, “You will watch me eat since you already had your meal.

” Su Jiu raised her eyebrows when she saw that the dishes on the table were left untouched, “Have you been waiting for me all this time?” “What do you think?” asked Ji Yuxian, glancing over at her.

Su Jiu said with furrowed brows, “The food is cold.

Let me get the servants to warm it up.

” “No need.

I will perceive chaff as a delicacy as long as my lady is beside me.

” Ji Yuxian blinked at Su Jiu flirtatiously, his almond eyes as alluring as sparkling stars as they glinted under the lights.

Su Jiu cast him a glance and quipped, “What a flirt!” Ji Yuxian laughed without taking it to heart.

“My lady shall help to refill my bowl with the food since the servants aren’t around.

” Su Jiu wrapped her arms around her chest and looked at him, mockingly.

“Should I feed you as well?” Ji Yuxian nodded with zest, “That will be even better!” Su Jiu smiled exasperatingly, “You think I’m your woman?” She walked off the next moment, as she was exhausted and didn’t want to quarrel with him over nonsense.

Su Jiu was at the door when she paused as she did not hear any response from the man.

She turned around slowly only to see him seated alone behind the huge traditional square table under the dim lights.

Even though he was dressed in red, which reflected elegance and nobility, he appeared alone and deserted as dark shadows enveloped him.

He lowered his head slightly.

Su Jiu could not comprehend why he looked isolated and reclusive despite his good looks and charm.

She relented immediately.

Su Jiu walked back to the dining table slowly and picked up a plate and a pair of chopsticks.

She held up a piece of bamboo shoot and put it near Ji Yuxian’s lips while smiling and said teasingly, “Open wide.

” Ji Yuxian looked up as his delicate lips broke into a slight smile, resulting in the dim room lighting up as if it were already spring after the ice had melted, the delicate blooms and grass swaying gently in the breeze.

He bit on the bamboo shoot.

Although it was stone cold by now, he proclaimed, “This is delicious.

” Su Jiu pursed her lips as her eyes appeared clear and bright, “You deserve to starve!” “I do not mind starving for three days if my lady can feed me personally,” Ji Yuxian said in a melodic voice.

Su Jiu looked at him and fed him a meatball wrapped in crystal tapioca skin.

“Quit your sassiness and hurry up.

Your little master needs to go to bed.

” “We’ll go together.

” He batted his luscious eyelashes at her flirtatiously.

Su Jiu’s expression remained stoic.

She didn’t care much about sleeping together since they had shared a bed almost every day back in Jingzhou.

“Su Jiu, I dislike that servant of yours,” Ji Yuxian said all of a sudden.

Su Jiu was stunned momentarily and asked, “You mean Chang Huan? Why?” “No reason.

” Ji Yuxian had no intention of explaining further.

“No way.

Chang Huan has been with me for a long time.

We’ve never been apart.

We’re inseparable,” Su Jiu said flatly.

Ji Yuxian’s smile faded as his eyes darkened.

“What if I insist.

” Her eyes narrowed.

“Then I’ll leave the manor too.

” Ji Yuxian’s glare turned into gloom as he looked at her.

“So, deep in your heart, I am not as important as someone you grew up with?” Su Jiu stared blankly at him as she became confused.

Why did she have to compare Ji Yuxian to Chang Huan when they were two different people? Time stood still as the two of them remained silent.

The piece of fish on Su Jiu’s plate remained untouched.

Ji Yuxian got up suddenly and strode out of the hall; his back appeared cold and determined as he left.

Su Jiu was left brooding as she sat there staring at the empty doorway.

Ji Yuxian went straight to his pavilion.

Jin Mi was waiting outside his room when she saw his arrival and hastily bowed while giving her greetings, “Young Master.

” He responded with a sullen acknowledgment and entered the room.

Jin Mi felt dismayed as she misunderstood that he was still angry with her.

She lowered her gaze and said with added respect, “The bathwater is ready.

I will be outside the room.

Feel free to call me should Young Master require anything.

” “There’s no need.

You may go rest.

” Ji Yuxian replied flatly and closed the doors behind him.

Jin Mi remained standing and felt distraught at the thought of Xie Ying on his bed, but she had no choice but to continue with the plan, as she was afraid to be evicted from the manor because of Su Yuejiu.

She felt that Su Yuejiu was getting too arrogant! Jin Mi watched the closed doors with complicated feelings and felt dejected as she left for her room.

The cubicle outside the bedroom had palace lanterns in all four corners.

There was also a candlestick carved out of jade.

Ji Yuxian entered through the curtains, took off his robe, and walked straight to the back of the folding partitions.

A pair of hollow carved wooden doors made from yellow pearwood stood behind the folding partitions.

The doors opened to reveal the bathroom, which was dim and filled with warm air.

The bathing pool built with white jade was filled with clear spring water, and it featured a small fountain that had water streaming slowly out of the center of a lotus carved out of jade.

Ji Yuxian stepped into the pool after removing his clothes and shoes.

The young woman’s harsh words ran through his mind as he sat in the water.

He wished he could trap her under his body and delve deep into her heart to find out what she was thinking.

She must not be taking him seriously because he pampered her too much.

The man gradually shut his eyes as a cold feeling washed over him even though warm waters caressed him.

After a long while, he got out of the pool and walked to his bedroom slowly with a robe draped loosely over his body, revealing his toned muscles.

Dark into the night, the room was overcast with shadows as the flame of the candlelight weakened.

Ji Yuxian walked to the front of his bed and squinted his eyes in danger immediately as he opened the bed curtains.

Such a familiar scent.

A silhouette of a woman lying on the bed was among the shadows.

Even though a blanket covered her, her graceful curves, long dark hair, and square shoulders displayed sensuality and lust.

She sprang up suddenly and released the bed curtains.

Leaning onto the man, her hands held onto his shoulders as she burrowed her head in between his neck.

She felt aroused as she inhaled his lotus fragrance and slowly caressed his body with her hands.

It was dark and obscure under the bed curtains as the woman silently worked on pleasing him with amateur skills taught by her old nanny when she got married.

Her heart pumped madly, and her breath quickened as she attempted to kiss his body in a disorderly manner.

Abruptly, the man held onto her chin and lightly raised her head.

His thin lips curled into a smile as he said, “Xie Ying?” Xie Ying’s naked body trembled.

Her eyes filled with longing, and her voice was full of seduction as she hastily pleaded, “Young Master, let me serve you as your concubine.

I assure you that you will be pleased.

” “Who let you in?” The man gave a slight smile, looking charming but dangerous.

Xie Ying’s body ached with desire.

She gave a soft whimper as she collapsed into his arms and answered subconsciously, “It’s Lady Jin Mi!” “Did she teach you to seduce me using the fragrance powder from Lan Zhihui?” “Yes.

” She felt a sharp pain on her chin the moment she finished her words.

Immediately after, her body was flung out of bed, knocking right into the couch across the room.

The woman fell onto the ground with a yelp and awkwardly sprawled across the floor.

“Young Master!” The woman’s body curled up in embarrassment and felt immense pain.

“Get out!” the man said flatly.

“Young Master, why are you unwilling to touch me when I am your concubine?” Xie Ying cried as she lay on the floor.

“You should behave yourself if you are my concubine, or are you getting me to divorce you and send you home by entering my room without permission?” The man’s grave and sensuous voice revealed a hint of cold-heartedness.

A shiver of alarm ran through Xie Ying as she prostrated and pleaded relentlessly.

“I will not commit the same mistake again.

I beg for Young Master’s mercy.

Please forgive me this time!” He looked up and rubbed his temple as his voice sounded from within the bed curtains.

“Get dressed and leave.

” “Yes, I will leave immediately!” Xie Ying’s knees remained on the ground as she moved across the floor to retrieve her clothes.

She scurried out of the room after she got dressed.

The wind felt chilly at night as she came out of the room.

Xie Ying felt warm from embarrassment and cold from fright at the same time.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she masked her face with her sleeves and ran out of the pavilion.

The next morning, Jin Mi kneeled outside Ji Yuxian’s room while looking pale and terrified.

Ji Yuxian came out of the room wearing a light-purple long robe with golden stitches on its sleeves.

He looked tall and elegant as he walked out, followed by maidservants Mo Yu and Ming Fu.

The man strode toward the study room without glancing at Jin Mi and said flatly, “I have informed nanny that you will no longer be serving the Cloud Pavilion, effective today.

” Jin Mi got a rude shock and raised her head as tears sprang out of her eyes instantly.

She knelt as she moved toward him and begged, “Young Master, I admit my mistake.

I was in the wrong.

Please take into account that I have already served you for more than ten years.

Please do not evict me!” “Young Master, I admit my mistake!” “Young Master!” Jin Mi burst out crying as she ran toward him and knelt again in a rush.

She hugged onto his legs as she bawled her eyes out.

Ji Yuxian’s face remained expressionless as he looked down at her, coldly, “I understand your intention.

The Young Mistress is my wife, as well as the mistress of Ji Manor.

How am I supposed to retain you when you insulted her and tried to create cliques and factions to oppose her?” Jin Mi’s body trembled in shock, and her face crumbled.

She bowed down deeply as she proclaimed, “I do not dare to oppose her anymore!” Ji Yuxian did not look at her again and left.

Jin Feng stood at the far end of the corridor, his brows knitted tightly, and his face appeared pale with anguish as he watched his sister.

He had long persuaded his mother and sister not to have any inappropriate thoughts about the Young Master and never to oppose his instructions.

Still, it fell on deaf ears as his sister believed she was unique and hence behaved arrogantly.

How could she be unique when she was also a servant? How could his sister be so muddleheaded and fail to grasp the Young Master’s disposition even after serving him for more than ten years? As the news of Xie Ying ouster from the main pavilion quietly spread within Ji Manor, some people were upset, some rejoiced, and others treated the incident as a joke.


Fan thought it was hilarious and related the incident to Su Jiu over breakfast.

Su Jiu asked in confusion, “Why was Ji Yuxian so upset when all she wanted was to sleep with him?” Mrs.

Fan’s expression froze and thought that Su Jiu was joking.

Only the nanny understood that Su Jiu was genuine with her doubts, and hurriedly explained, “The Young Master was probably angry because Madame Xie had entered his bedroom without permission.

That’s against the rules.

” Su Jiu sneered, “He’s the only one with plenty of rules and regulations!” Mrs.

Fan, “…” After breakfast, Su Jiu was on her way to Ji Yuxian’s study room for her writing practice when she recalled the scene of Ji Yuxian leaving her Perched Phoenix Pavilion last night.

Her footsteps slowed down as she felt reluctant to face his hatred.

Unlike Xie Ying, she was not inclined to be scolded by him at his will.

She would have kicked him if he dared to treat her like Xie Ying.

She shall not go to the study room.

Su Jiu thought about it with anger and then, with a glint in her eyes, turned around to leave the manor instead.

The guard on duty today was the same one who stopped her from leaving the manor previously.

He noticed Su Jiu and came forward, full of smiles.

“Young Mistress is leaving again?” “Uh-huh!” Su Jiu replied bitterly while striding out the door.

The young guard followed closely behind and asked, “Where is the Young Mistress going? When are you coming back?” Su Jiu stopped in her tracks, turned around, and said with a sneer, “You can inform Ji Yuxian that I have gone to heaven and am not coming back!” The simple-minded young guard stared at her blankly and asked, “How, how are you going to heaven?” He had never heard about the Young Mistress becoming an immortal.

“Get lost!” Su Jiu gave his leg a hard kick and gave up the idea to walk through the door.

She took a huge leap and flipped over the walls, disappearing in a heartbeat.

She will flip over the walls the more he refused to let her.

To hell with the rules.

The young guard got a rude shock and hastily ran reporting to the main pavilion, “Young Master, Young Master, the Young Mistress has gone to heaven!” He ran into the main pavilion swiftly and attracted the attention of Old Housekeeper Yu, who reprimanded him immediately, “What are you yelling about?” The young guard wiped off his sweat worriedly and answered, “Old Housekeeper Yu, I have something to tell the Eldest Young Master!” Old Housekeeper Yu frowned and said, “Come with me!” “Sure!” The young guard followed Old Housekeeper Yu into the study room, and with a plop, he knelt on the ground.

“Young Master, Young Mistress has left and said she’s not coming back!” “Where did she go?” Ji Yuxian asked casually.

“She has gone to heaven.

” Ji Yuxian looked up abruptly and squinted his eyes, “Repeat yourself?” “Young Mistress said she was going to heaven, and then she disappeared after leaping over the wall!” the Young Guard exclaimed agitatedly.

Ji Yuxian’s head pounded incessantly as he got up and walked out, commanding, “Old Housekeeper Yu, prepare my carriage!” “Surely.

” Old Housekeeper Yu had already gotten used to Young Mistress’s strange antics and was now able to deal with such incidents with a calm and steady mind.

Ji Yuxian strode out of the study and stopped in his tracks.

He turned around and looked at the young guard as he asked, “What is your name?” The young guard quickly answered, “My name is Zhang Quan Dan.

” Ji Yuxian’s pursed his thin lips as he chuckled and left.

The carriage was ready outside the manor.

Jin Feng stepped down from the carriage and asked respectfully, “Where does Eldest Young Master intend to go?” Ji Yuxian gave a serious thought and turned around, asking, “Old Housekeeper Yu, what is the restaurant you mentioned before that belonged to Ninth Master Su in Shengjing City?” Old Housekeeper Yu answered immediately, “It’s Qingyuan Tavern at Yong’an Street.

” Ji Yuxian nodded and looked at Jin Feng, “Let’s go to Qingyuan Tavern.

” On the other hand, Su Jiu left the Ji Manor and headed to the restaurant at Yong’an Street all by herself without even bringing Chang Huan.

The restaurant had just opened for business and had few customers.

Su Jiu entered and dragged Hu Dapao to the rooftop as she commanded, “Come practice with me.

” Hu Dapao felt elated as he had not been practicing his martial arts moves for a long time.

He followed Su Jiu up the stairs while carrying two containers of wine.

Qiao An stood downstairs as he frowned and wondered, what has happened to the chief? Half an hour later, Su Jiu sat on the railing and drank her wine as Hu Dapao lay on the ground and mourned, “Chief, someone made you angry, and now you’re venting your frustrations on me.

” “Bah!” Su Jiu furiously spat.

“Who dared to upset little master over here?” Hu Dapao scrambled to his feet and fell across Su Jiu’s feet, “Then why were you so ferocious during practice?” “Your skills deteriorated because you ate too much meat,” Su Jiu claimed as she stamped on his shoulder.

Hu Dapao took the opportunity to lean on her legs and gritted his teeth, “Chief is right.

I am wasting my life by living like this.

From tomorrow on, I will go to the Bodyguard Agency daily to practice with the others.

” “I’ll go with you!” Su Jiu announced.

She was determined not to practice writing anymore.

Instead, she will practice martial arts, expand her protection services, and travel the world! “All right!” Hu Dapao was ecstatic.

Both were talking as an elegant yet low-profile carriage stopped on the street outside the restaurant.

A man dressed in dark clothing stepped down from the carriage.

Qiao An noticed the guest and came forward to welcome him with all smiles, “Young Master Xiao is here.

” Xiao Lie nodded his head slightly and said, “I was passing by and thought of coming to ask if Su Jiu is back?” Qiao An smiled kindly and replied, “Yes, our Ninth Master Su is back.

” The man’s dark eyes lit up, “Where is she?” “On the rooftop.

I’ll lead the way,” Qiao An answered.

“No need.

I can get there on my own.

” Xiao Lie said and promptly went upstairs.

Another horse carriage arrived right after Xiao Lie went upstairs.

Qiao An quickly stepped forward and bowed.

“Greetings to Eldest Young Master Ji.

” Ji Yuxian leisurely stepped into the main hall of the restaurant and looked around.

He commented with a smile, “This place isn’t bad.

” “We’re just trying to do business.

It’s not comparable to Ji Manor’s Jingqin Restaurant at all,” Qiao An said respectfully with sincerity.

Ji Yuxian smiled silently and asked, “Where’s Su Jiu?” Qiao An was stumped for a moment and found himself at a loss for words.

Even though Su Jiu had been honest with Ji Yuxian about her real identity, she was, after all, Mistress of Ji Manor and Ji Yuxian’s wife.

Would there be any misunderstandings if Ji Yuxian went upstairs and saw Young Master Xiao with Su Jiu? “Is she not around?” Ji Yuxian asked softly as he noticed Qiao An’s hesitation.

“She’s around.

” Qiao An smiled awkwardly and said, “She’s upstairs; I’ll show you the way.

” Ji Yuxian had noticed Qiao An’s uneasiness and squinted his eyes, “Yes, please!” Xiao Lie was already at the rooftop and recognized the young girl on the railing immediately.

She was talking to the person next to her as she smiled brightly like the afternoon sun that warmed their hearts.

He never realized how bad it could be to miss a person so much.

“Su Jiu!” Xiao Lie called gently.

Su Jiu saw Xiao Lie and jumped off the railing while holding onto her jar of wine, she looked over and said, “You are here!” “Young Master Xiao!” Hu Dapao greeted.

Hu Dapao recognized Xiao Lie since he had been visiting the restaurant regularly.

He gave a goofy smile and retreated as he understood that Xiao Lie must have come looking for Su Jiu with a plan.

He flipped over the railing and leaped down to the ground floor without using the stairs.

Xiao Lie walked over to the young woman as he stared at her intensely.

He was too emotional and circled her lightly with his arms as he asked precariously, “Where have you been? Why didn’t you contact me for such a long time?” The man’s arms were around her and did not hug her too tightly, as if it was just an act of etiquette.

Su Jiu smiled lightly and was about to respond when she looked up and saw Ji Yuxian standing there, staring coldly with his bewitching eyes.

“It seems like both of you have a close relationship with each other, but I’m afraid this is not suitable under the broad daylight!” Ji Yuxian walked over slowly and said with a smile, all the while sounding cold and aloof.

Qiao An was following behind him when he sensed that trouble was looming.

He quickly backed off; it was best for the chief to handle such situations alone.

Xie Lie let go of Su Jiu and turned around, “Eldest Young Master Ji!” “Young Master Xiao!” Ji Yuxian smiled faintly.

“Did Eldest Young Master lose his way? The dining area is downstairs,” Xiao Lie smiled lightly and sounded distant.

“I came here looking for Su Jiu,” Ji Yuxian said as he shifted his gaze toward Su Jiu.

“Oh?” Xiao Lie’s gaze darkened as he asked, “Does Eldest Young Master know Su Jiu?” “Know?” Ji Yuxian’s voice sounded melodic as he murmured and chuckled.

“Somebody told me that Su Jiu has gone to heaven, so I am here to take a look to see if she managed to escape to the horizons of the sky.

” Xiao Lie noticed the confusion in his words and looked at Su Jiu, puzzled.

Su Jiu’s face turned pale as she coughed in an attempt to maintain her composure, “Um, both of you can continue to chat.

I’ll get them to serve some warm wine, and we can have a drink while we talk.

” She went downstairs quickly.

She had better escape the tense atmosphere from their confrontation.

After Su Jiu left, Xiao Lie pointed to the small pavilion and invited politely, “Please take a seat, Eldest Young Master!” Ji Yuxian’s eyes revealed a hint of displeasure even though he remained deadpan.

He commented with a smile, “Looks like Young Master Xiao knows this place well.

” “Su Jiu’s frank with people.

We’ve grown close to her.

” Xiao Lie chose his words carefully and admitted to his close relationship with Su Jiu forthrightly.

Ji Yuxian curled his lips into a smile and said, “Young Master Xiao is an honorable and respectable advisor of Prince Rui’s Manor while Su Jiu is only a merchant without any powerful connections.

She will not be of any help to Young Master Xiao’s ambition.

” Xiao Lie squinted his eyes and hid the sharpness of his gaze with a light smile, “Eldest Young Master must have been immune to the deception and dishonesty in the corporate world.

You may have forgotten that true friendships can exist without involving personal interests or other intentions.

” “True friendships?” Ji Yuxian gave a subtle smile and asked hazily, “Can it be true friendship when both of you were not honest about your true identities?” “What does the Eldest Young Master mean?” Xiao Lie turned around and stared at him.

Ji Yuxian was about to respond when he saw Su Jiu coming up the stairs with a container of wine in her arms.

She ordered the waiters who were following behind, “Place the pot in the pavilion!” The waiters walked over accordingly, either holding on to the pot or plates of sliced meat and all kinds of vegetables and proceeded to set them on the stone table.

Su Jiu placed the jar of wine on the table and laughed heartily.

“The weather is freezing today.

I will pay for this meal.

Please, both of you feel free to enjoy the hotpot.

” The bone broth was seasoned with chili and pepper and simmered in the hotpot with charcoal fire.

The aroma of the broth filled the air as it boiled and kept bubbling, expelling the chill of the freezing winter in the process.

Both men kept quiet about their previous conversation with a tacit understanding and enjoyed the hotpot with Su Jiu.

The color of the thinly sliced meat changed when they were dipped into the boiling broth.

Su Jiu picked up a few slices with her chopsticks and served it to Xiao Lie first, “Eat it while it’s hot.

” Xiao Lie responded with a smile, “Smells good!” “Where’s mine?” Ji Yuxian raised his brows in displeasure as he looked over.

Su Jiu said flatly without looking up, “You don’t eat what other people picked for you.

” “Now I do!” the man replied coldly, his handsome face blurred by the warm steam emitted from the hotpot.

Su Jiu shot him a glance and picked up a piece of vegetable, saying as she placed it on Ji Yuxian’s plate, “This is for you.

” Ji Yuxian’s face turned green with anguish as he stared at the piece of vegetable.

Xiao Lie, who sat right across him, chuckled as he served a piece of meat onto Su Jiu’s plate, “Eat more, you’ve lost weight.

” “Have I?” asked Su Jiu.

Xiao Lie’s expression mellowed behind the enshrouding mist, “Yes, you have lost weight, but it seems you have also grown taller.

” Su Jiu said with a shrug, “I get annoyed whenever this topic about my height is mentioned.

I used to be taller than Chang Huan when we were little.

I’ve no idea how did Chang Huan grow so much as if he was fertilized like the crops!” Xiao Lie burst out laughing, “You are already considered tall for a girl!” Ji Yuxian’s face fell as he saw both of them chatting happily.

He sulked as he put his plate in front of Su Jiu, “Young Master here wants to have some meat.

” Su Jiu pushed the plate back to him as she was talking to Xiao Lie and refuted, “You take it yourself if you want to eat it.

” Ji Yuxian’s face crumbled beyond recognition.

Delighted, Xiao Lie commented, “Please do not blame Su Jiu as she is used to being frank and straightforward, Eldest Young Master!” Ji Yuxian chuckled, “Uh-huh.

She’s always behaved like this when she’s with me.

She’s only polite to people she’s not close to.

” Xiao Lie’s heart sank, but he stayed silent and continued to pay attention to Su Jiu as he served her food.

Su Jiu felt mentally drained listening to their exchange.

She decided not to interfere with their conversation and concentrated instead on eating and drinking, finishing off half a jar of wine in one shot.

Two arms appeared simultaneously to stop her as she reached for the jar of wine again.

“No more drinking!” Both of them ordered at the same time.

Su Jiu stared at the two arms blocking her wine and raised her brows jokingly, “There is telepathy between you two!” Ji Yuxian smiled lightly as he raised his hand and tugged the loose strands of hair behind Su Jiu’s ear as if he has done often.

He chided gently, “Don’t misuse words if you don’t know their meaning.

” Xiao Lie’s chest tightened as he noticed their affectionate behavior.

He said, “I know you hold your liquor well, but you should cut down on the alcohol as it does more harm than good to your body.

” He removed the container of wine from her sight and placed it far away.

“There’s no joy not having alcohol with meat.

” Su Jiu raised her brows in disbelief.

Their conversation was interrupted by a person dressed as an attendant.

He walked over to Xiao Lie and whispered in his ear after greeting the other people present.

Xiao Lie’s face was expressionless as he nodded his head and pursed his angular, thin lips.

He got up and solemnly said, “I have to attend to something and must leave now.

I’ll catch up with both of you next time.

” A glint appeared in Ji Yuxian’s eyes as he said, “Farewell Young Master Xiao.

” Su Jiu said, “Farewell!” Xiao Lie gave Su Jiu a light nod and a meaningful look before leaving the pavilion and striding down the stairs.

The atmosphere quietened upon Xiao Lie’s departure.

The bone broth in the pot continued to bubble and emit hot air, which seemed to have fogged up Ji Yuxian’s bright eyes.

He sat impassively as he stared at the young woman across from him who continued eating without a care in the world.

“Why didn’t you go to the study?” he asked in a deadpan voice.

“Little master here will decide if she wants to go or not.

” Su Jiu answered coldly.

“What do you want? Do you want to continue being a mountain bandit with the rest of the motley crowd, only focusing on eating and drinking merrily every day?” His thin lips curled into a smile while his eyes revealed a hint of rage.

Su Jiu raised her head and retorted, “My thoughts are none of Eldest Young Master’s business!” “You are still the Young Mistress of Ji Manor!” “I can quit being the Young Mistress.

You can now announce to the whole wide world that I am not Su Yuejiu.

I am a mountain bandit and a fake.

” Ji Yuxian’s face turned green with rage as he looked at the young woman behaving unreasonably.

He resisted the temptation to strangle her as his laughter turned hysterical from anger, “Yes, you are right.

You may have another person to rely on, but do you think you can trust someone who wouldn’t even tell you his true identity?” Su Jiu’s face paled as she stared straight into his eyes through the fog of mist.

She threw her chopsticks onto the table vigorously and turned around to leave.

“Su Jiu!” the man spoke callously as his throat tightened.

“You will face the consequences of your actions if you dare to leave today.

” Su Jiu strode down the stairs without looking back.