Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 94

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 94

Satiated with a full stomach, Su Jiu stretched out on the bed, looking at Ji Yuxian with odd amusement.

“M’lady, why are you looking at me like that? Are you suggesting something?” Sitting on a large mahogany chair, Ji Yuxian returned her smile with raised eyebrows.

Su Jiu got up and sat on another chair with her legs wide apart.

“Did you notice that M’lady has a thing for you?” she said with a sly grin.

Ji Yuxian knitted his brows.

“Sit properly!” He spoke quietly.

Su Jiu didn’t seem to care much.

“What’s the matter? It’s just the two of us here.

” “Sit appropriately!” He said more sternly this time.

Su Jiu cast a reluctant glance, stood up, and primly sat down again.

Only this time, she kept her legs together.

Ji Yuxian leaned backed on his chair, smirking.

“Does it please M’lady if another woman likes me?” “I was happy for you.

Don’t you like pretty ladies? The lady we just saw has a pretty face.

” Su Jiu acted as if she was ready to talk about girls with him.

Ji Yuxian’s smile faded.

Something seemed to be bothering him.

“Other than eating and drinking, the young mistress of the Ji Manor has one more important responsibility.

Do you have any idea?” .



” And what would that be?” she asked.

“To keep women as far away from your husband as possible.

That’s the gist of being a wife!” Ji Yuxian threw her a look.

Furrowing her eyebrows, Su Jiu said, “I’m not the young mistress of the Ji Manor.

If I keep other women away from you, the Ji Family will become extinct.

” “M’lady, you needn’t concern yourself about that.

As long as you’re still the young mistress of the Ji Manor, please do your duty,” Ji Yuxian said.

He then stood up and started to leave.

“I’ll have someone draw you a hot bath.

Please do not go out and run around.

” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Su Jiu shrugged.

In the middle of the night? Where did he expect me to run around to? Hearing the commotion, the woman in the next room cracked open the door to peek out.

She saw a tall and slender but strong man running downstairs, his long dark hair moving and shining on his back like exquisite satin.

The view of his back was more than captivating.

She squeezed her hankie tightly against her breast as if to prevent her heart from popping out.

She waited for a little while, figuring it was about time for the man to return, and then opened the door again so she could look down to see for sure.

As soon as she heard footsteps, she hitched up her skirt and started walking down the stairs.

Just as she expected: The man was on his way back and coming toward her in the stairwell.

The faint light from the candles downstairs outlined his elegant silhouette.

Donning a dark red gown with patterns of brush-painted lotuses, he looked stunning and aristocratic, handsome yet distant, like those legendary snow lotuses growing only in snow-capped mountains.

The woman took a quick look and averted her eyes.

She kept walking down the stairs as if nothing happened.

The stairs were wide enough to allow two people to pass in opposite directions, but as soon as the woman approached the man, she lost her footing and almost fell on him.

A hint of lotus aroma rose as the man reached out to support her arms.

It was a polite, respectful gesture, not too defensive.

He smiled and said with a deep voice, “Watch your step, Miss.

” She glanced up, looking scared and nervous.

Peering into his eyes made her body turn to mush.

Her arms in his hand went burning hot.

She swiftly stood up and responded shyly.

“Thank you very much, sir.

My room at home has a Persian carpet, which is soft but not slippery.

I’m not used to these wooden stairs.

” Ji Yuxian gave a half-smile, eager to end the conversation.

His extremely long legs bounded up the staircase.

“Sir, please wait.

” The woman looked up with an appealing smile.

“I appreciate your help very much.

My name is Qu Miao.

May I know yours? Ji Yuxian smiled indifferently.

“No worries, Miss.

It was nothing.

” She wouldn’t let an opportunity like this slip through her fingers.

“May I ask where you are headed now that you’ve stopped in Chongzhou City?” “Jingzhou City.

” “Jingzhou City?” Qu Miao got so excited she almost jumped up and down.

Regaining the sweetness in her voice, she said, “I live in Jingzhou City! I’m on my way home from visiting my grandma.

I guess destiny brought us together!” Ji Yuxian kept walking upstairs, his eyes flashing impatience.

That woman talked too much.

But she still didn’t take the hint.

She turned and tried to catch up with him, still holding up her skirt hem.

Looking back at her, the man said, “Miss, weren’t you on your way downstairs?” “Ah?” Qu Miao was caught off guard.

By the time she came to senses, he had already dashed off.

All the other young men I’ve met over the years couldn’t wait to please me with all their hearts.

Why was this one so aloof? Later that night, after Su Jiu had taken her bath, Ji Yuxian changed her bandage as she lay in bed.

The wound had already formed a scab and would probably heal in another day or two.

The canopy bed drapes were down.

In the dim light, Ji Yuxian skillfully removed the gauze, opened the bottle of ointment, and dabbed some on the wound with a medical brush.

Su Jiu’s pulled-up clothes were under her chest line now.

She was pretty much half-naked.

Ji Yuxian didn’t seem to be distracted, focusing only on the wound, even though his breathing got a little more substantial.

The girl’s bare shoulders were so soft and round; her porcelain skin was as smooth as the most exquisite jade.

The light scar was like a fallen leaf on a glistening spring pond.

The medical brush was a bit cold, but his hands were nice and warm.

The contrast gave Su Jiu a funny sensation.

She had always been at ease and pulled her clothes up a little bit as her eyes flashed with strange sparks.

Ji Yuxian glanced at her fingers and said with a light smile, “Are you shy?” Su Jiu’s ears were burning hot.

She turned away and said calmly, “I, Mr.

Ninth Master Su, didn’t do anything wrong.

Why should I be shy?” After dabbing on the ointment for the third time, Ji Yuxian wrapped the wound with gauze.

With an ironic smile, he said, “Mister? Do you know what it means to be called Mr.

?” Su Jiu stared into his eyes without saying a word.

Ji Yuxian tied her undergarment up and put her blouse on for her.

He was about to stand up with the bottle in his hand when he paused.

“If it were someone else, would my dear wife allow him to change the dressing for your wound?” She cast her eyes down as he tied the ribbons on her blouse.

Her long black hair fell from her shoulders and covered half her porcelain-like face.

She looked up and responded, “Yeah!” In truth, she never wanted to bother anyone for anything.

She could take care of herself.

But Ji Yuxian insisted on helping her with so many things, and as a result, she got used to it.

Ji Yuxian’s thin, well-formed lips were still smiling.

His long and stunning eyes, however, squinted as he drew closer as if he were about to share a secret.

But he just sighed.

He raised his hand and tucked her hair behind her ears, revealing her small and delicate earlobes.

“Remember, from now on, your husband is the only one who can see your body.

” He lowered his voice.

“No other man can take even a quick look!” Su Jiu was amused.

“What about you, then? It’s not as if you’re my real husband.

Why are you allowed?” “Oh, but I am!” Ji Yuxian looked her straight in the eye.

In the candlelight, his eyes were captivating.

Su Jiu felt a brief throbbing in her heart.


Got it.

” “Good!” Ji Yuxian lightly touched the top of her head and got up to put away the ointment.

Su Jiu watched his back as he walked away.

She had never accepted this level of intimacy before, but this man was different: she was becoming more of a woman around him.

She was reluctant to adapt completely.

At bedtime, she kept her distance on purpose, facing the wall to keep herself away a little bit.

The next morning, Su Jiu found herself lying in his arms in a super submissive and feminine position — she was right against his chest with his arms wrapping around her.

Her face darkened in anger.

Ji Yuxian wondered what had ticked her off.

Was it because he claimed to be her real husband? Did he set up too many rules for her? Whatever the reason, her sour mood dragged him down.

Neither said a word at breakfast.

Jin Feng watched the two of them cautiously, deciding they had quarreled, so he didn’t say anything.

After breakfast, the carriage was brought to them.

Su Jiu was about to get in when she heard someone calling out in a soft voice filled with surprise, “What a coincidence! Are you leaving too, sir?” Su Jiu looked back at Ji Yuxian and hurried to get in the carriage, leaving it to him and the woman.

He stared at Su Jiu’s back with mixed emotions before turning to the woman.

“Miss Qu!” Su Jiu’s rested her hand on the carriage door for a second as she raised her eyebrows.

Ah-ha! He already knew her name! Qu Miao lowered herself as a gesture of courtesy.

She then looked up elegantly and said, “Since you are going to Jingzhou City, which happens to be my hometown, how about we go together so that we have someone to turn to in case anything happens on the way?” Qu Miao’s carriage was parked right behind the Ji Manor’s.

Two young maids and a carriage driver were standing next to them.

Ji Yuxian carelessly nodded.

“If it pleases Miss Qu.

” He then climbed in his carriage.

Ji Yuxian’s lack of enthusiasm left Qu Miao embarrassed as if Ji Yuzin had doused her heart with cold water.

She wasn’t about to give up and got in her carriage and told the driver to follow his carriage closely.

The Ji Manor’s carriage left Chongzhou City at a steady speed.

Ji Yuxian entered the carriage where Su Jiu had already set up her calligraphy supplies.

She didn’t look at him, let alone inquire about Qu Miao.

She was her usual relaxed self.

Her indifference upset Ji Yuxian.

He sat down and picked up the book he took out the day before and continued to read it in silence.

The twosome maintained something unusual in this quiet atmosphere they had created together.

The carriage sped up after it left Chongzhou City on the official road.

By noon they still hadn’t arrived at a rest area, so they had to stop at a small wood to refresh themselves.

While the guards started a fire to heat the soup, Su Jiu ran around collecting firewood.

Jin Feng approached her and said, “Young mistress, please leave that to us.

You and the young master can rest.

” “Sitting all the way made my bones rigid,” said Su Jiu in a laid back voice with a bunch of firewood in her arms.

It seemed as if she did not mind gathering wood at all.

Jin Feng turned to Ji Yuxian instead.

Ji Yuxian was unbothered.

“Just let the young mistress be, as long as that’s what she wants to do.

” Hearing Ji Yuxian say this, Jin Feng followed his orders.

Behind them, Qu Miao and her people got out of their carriage as well and picked a spot nearby for their lunch.

When the meal was ready, Jin Feng brought a bowl of soup to Su Jiu, but she seemed more interested in the alcohol the guards were imbibing out of liquor bags.

She walked up to them and said, “I’ll trade my soup for your drink!” The guards did not expect this.

They hurried to stand up and responded with respect, “We do not dare to!” Jin Feng also said with concern, “My young mistress, the drink is not of high quality.

We do not dare to provide it to you.

” “Bluffing! I can tell it’s good stuff from the smell.

Hurry up.

Deal or no deal?” Su Jiu stared at the guards.

The four looked at each other, not knowing how to react.

Jin Feng furrowed his brows slightly, and took out his liquor bag, “Young mistress.

If you want a drink, have mine.

” “Thanks a lot!” Su Jiu put on a big smile and handed him the bowl of soup.

“This is for you!” Jin Feng took the bowl awkwardly.

He was walking near Ji Yuxian when she stopped him and snapped, “Don’t be a third wheel.

” Then she dragged him with her to sit at the fire with the guards.

Jin Feng looked back in surprise and saw Miss Qu sitting next to Ji Yuxian with a bamboo basket hanging on her arm, staring at his young master in a very flirtatious way.

No doubt, she had a thing for him and wanted to get his attention, if not more.

Hesitant, Jin Feng sat down with Su Jiu.

He grew even more confused.

What’s going on between the young master and the young mistress.

What kind of wife would happily leave her husband for another woman to seduce? “Let’s drink!” Su Jiu took a swig of alcohol and handed the bag back to Jin Feng.

Staring at the glistening mouth of the liquor bag, Jin Feng felt his ears burning.

“I do not dare to.

I will have soup.

” He shook his head.

“Well, then I’ll just help myself!” Su Jiu gave a big and bright smile.

Jin Feng was put off by her bold manner and looked away.

On the other side, Qu Miao lowered herself next to Ji Yuxian and took a golden-lined lotus roll with golden lining in front of him.

She then said a shy smile, “I baked this myself for the road.

Would you like to take a bite, sir?” Ji Yuxian glanced at Su Jiu, who was sharing drinks with Jin Feng, his face darkened.

He took the lotus cake Qu Miao offered and gave her a light smile.

“Thanks!” Qu Miao grew even more curious about the relationship between Su Jiu and Ji Yuxian.

If she was his maid, her behavior was appalling.

If she was his wife, it didn’t look right either.

Whatever it was, Qu Miao sat properly and put on a sweet-yet-appropriate smile as if to separate herself from that wild thing, Su Jiu.

After handing Ji Yuxian the lotus cake, Qu Miao still would not leave the fire.

“This is so warm.

Would you mind if I stayed here for a while?” she asked softly.

“That’s fine, Miss Qu!” Ji Yuxian squeezed a slight smile out of the corner of his mouth.

He then turned around and yelled, “Jin Feng!” Jin Feng got up marched over.

“Yes, my young master.

” Ji Yuxian stood up, stuck the lotus cake in Jin Feng’s arms, and strode to his carriage.

“Stay here and keep Miss Qu company by the fire!” he said.

Jin Feng was shocked.

Qu Miao, who was still sitting on the ground at the fire, turned crimson.

It was impossible to tell if it was due to embarrassment or the heat of the fire.

She got up and returned to her carriage.

From the sight of her back, one could tell that the girl felt wronged in a way that could not be put into words.

Sighing, Jin Feng tossed the lotus cake into the fire.

By the time she returned to the carriage, Su Jiu had smelled of alcohol.

Even her usual crystal-clear eyes looked tipsy.

She made a cup of tea.

Seeing Ji Yuxian acting a bit aloof, she offered it to him.

“Wanna drink something?” Ji Yuxian did not even look up.


Thanks, m’lady.

” His voice sounded aloof indeed.

Discouraged, Su Jiu drank the tea herself while appreciating the scenery out the window.

Rocking with the carriage movements, Su Jiu gradually fell asleep leaning against the window.

Ji Yuxian had not even turned a single page of his book.

He eyed the careless look on the sleeping girl’s face, and his face darkened even more.

He tossed the book on the desk.

By the time it was dark, the carriage had reached Zhushui County.

The group stopped at a hotel.

Zhushui County was a small town, and the hotel there was no match for the one they had stayed at in Chongzhou City.

The wooden building appeared worn and dimly lit.

Hardly any guests were in the lobby.

That being said, the rooms were clean and tidy, and everything needed was provided.

Ji Yuxian acted as usual, with the signature half-smile on his face.

Yet he radiated an intimidating aura.

Nobody talked much around him.

At dinner, Su Jiu was the only one who was her usual self.

After supper, Ji Yuxian and Su Jiu had just entered their room when someone knocked at their door.

Opening it, Su Jiu saw Miss Qu standing outside wearing a long light yellow pleated phoenix-tail dress that came to the floor.

An embroidered peony was in her hair.

Her eyebrows were carefully drawn with a tiny painted flower in between.

On such a grey winter day, the girl was a refreshing splash of color.

Quite lovely.

Seeing it was Su Jiu who opened the door, Miss Qu avoided eye contact.

“Is the young master in?” she asked.

“Yes, he is.

Just a second!” Su Jiu smiled lightly.

She turned around to get Ji Yuxian’s attention only to see that he was already walking toward them.

“What can I do for you, Miss Qu?” he asked with a blank expression.

Qu Miao eyed Su Jiu for a second and turned to Ji Yuxian with a soft smile.

“Winter nights are so long.

I was having a hard time sleeping.

Then I noticed that plum trees were blooming in the backyard.

I would love to see the flowers, but I’m just a girl all by myself.

Would you mind keeping me company, sir?” Ji Yuxian did not respond.

He turned to Su Jiu, only to see his wife heading back to the bed.

He shook off a sense of self-mockery.

“Sure! Miss Qu’s beauty beat the plum blossoms! “It would be my pleasure,” he raised his voice and said with an uneven smile.

Qu Miao’s face flushed instantly.

She was too excited to string a coherent sentence together.

“Well, then, we, let’s go!” “After you, Miss Qu!” Ji Yuxian left without looking back even once.

Lying in bed, Su Jiu let out a long sigh of relief.

The door cracked open all of a sudden.

Su Jiu jolted up.

It was the waiter coming in with hot water.

She lay back down, feeling sudden pressure in her chest as if something was missing.

The waiter poured the water in the wooden bath barrel.

“The water is ready, Miss.

” He was very respectful.

Distracted, Su Jiu nodded.

“You guys have plum trees in the backyard?” “Yes, yes,” the waiter responded immediately.

“Only a few of them.

Some are in bloom how.

In a few days, all the trees will perhaps be in full bloom.

” Su Jiu nodded and let the waiter leave.

She then took off her clothes for the bath.

Even if there were only a few half-blooming trees, with the crescent moon hanging in the clear night sky blanketing everything with a muted layer of light, and the misty mountains in the distance, the atmosphere could be quite romantic.

In the meantime, Ji Yuxian was behaving perfunctorily.

His eyes said it all.

Qu Miao was half a step behind him.

She was only wearing thin outwear on top of the dress.

Charming and shivering.

Still, she kept her elegant smile, filled with sweetness dotted with the right amount of shyness.

Perfect for the situation.

“Are you going to Jingzhou City to visit your family? How long are you staying?” she asked in a soft voice.

“Not sure yet.

” The man’s deep voice sounded a little cold in the night fog.

“When we get to Jingzhou City, may I invite you to my home? My father is a welcoming man.

He will, for sure, treat you with good drinks.

” Speaking of drinking, Ji Yuxian detected a hint of alcoholic aroma.

Some travelers must be drinking to stay warm.

It then occurred to him that Su Jiu had had a lot to drink at lunch and slept the whole afternoon.

In that case, her wound might itch at night.

If she scratched off the scab, the almost-healed wound might start bleeding again.

This thought distracted him even more.

Even the faint whiff of alcohol disturbed him.

He took a deep breath and started heading back.

“I’m sorry.

I can’t stop worrying about my wife, who is alone in the room.

I gotta go.

” Qu Miao was shocked.

Wife? That girl was his wife! Ji Yuxian walked away and disappeared in a second.

Qu Miao was devastated.

The wind seemed colder: No one had ever treated her like that.

Tears fell like raindrops.

Qu Miao wiped away her tears.

Anger occupied her mind.

How could that rude girl compete with her in any way? Why did that little wench have the luck to marry someone so extraordinary? Judging from their interaction, they were unlikely to be happily married.

Perhaps it was not a legitimate marriage.

Perhaps he only acted aloof to hide something.

But what? Qu Miao’s hopes got high again.

Ji Yuxian went back to the room, pushing open the door, and found Su Jiu fast asleep.

His anxious heart sank instantly.

He walked over to the worn window and opened it wide to let in the cold air.

The thin night mist seeped into the room and his body, clearing his mind.

In the middle of the night, when Su Jiu was sound asleep, someone’s painful moaning awoke her with a start.

The candles in the room had gone out.

The cold moonlight filled the place with silence.

The moaning, which was painful and stifling, came from the man lying next to her.

Su Jiu was wide awake now.

She opened the drapes and saw Ji Yuxian’s pale face in the moonlight.

He’s tall and strong body was now curled up with his hands pulling the blanket very hard.

He was suffering.

Su Jiu hurried to shake him.

“Ji Yuxian, are you all right?” He was unconscious.

All he could do was moan.

His long dark hair lay loose, and his shirt was pulled off, revealing his skin, which showed unnatural greyish undertone.

“Ji Yuxian, wake up!” “Ji Yuxian!” Su Jiu tried to wake him up a couple of times in vain.

She got up to get a doctor.

Before getting dressed, Su Jiu remembered that the same thing had happened once before on their wedding night when Ji Yuxian seemed to have suffered from the same kind of illness.

The day after, he seemed unwilling to let her find out about it.

That meant that he did not want others to know about it either.

Su Jiu thought it over and went back on the bed, taking Ji Yuxian in her arms.

She then used part of her inner energy to help adjust his meridians.

Although his body was tight and stiff, his arms locked her inside tightly, almost smothering her.

Su Jiu freed herself from his arms.

Watching him writhe in pain, she gritted her teeth, raised her hand like a weapon, and hit him right on the back of the neck.

Ji Yuxian snorted lightly and lay motionless on the bed.

Su Jiu let out a long breath.

She tucked his blanket and wiped the sweat off his forehead using her hand.

Staring at his pale face, Su Jiu took him in her arms and patted his shoulder, as if she was the man here, and Ji Yuxian was the delicate one who needed to be taken care of.


Go to sleep now.

” The next morning, Su Jiu woke up and saw that Ji Yuxian was already up and dressed.

He looked no different than usual as if the dead-man look from the night before was her imagination.

” His face still didn’t show much emotion.

Su Jiu was going to ask him something but swallowed it back.

She acted as if nothing had happened, and quickly got ready for the road.

They set out at the Chen hour.

It would typically take a day to reach Jingzhou City.

If they hurried and got the horses up to full speed, they might be able to make there before dark.

Su Jiu got in the carriage and took out her calligraphy supplies, ignoring Ji Yuxian, who could be quite unpredictable.

She had read her practice book too many times.

Every character was also familiar to hold her interest.

She looked up and asked, “Do you have any other books for me?” “Nope,” Ji Yuxian said without looking at her.

Su Jiu’s face went pale for a second, and she went back to her calligraphy practice.

Crack! The brush in her hand was broken in half.

“My young master Ji, you do not need to act like this.

If you like that other woman, I will get out leave you two in private.

” Ji Yuxian suddenly looked up and grabbed Su Jiu’s arm, his eyes radiating anger.

He put more strength into the move and took Su Jiu in his arms before pushing her down under his body.

Su Jiu furrowed her eyebrows.

She put on a cold expression, “What do you want?” Ji Yuxian used his long legs to press her down, staring right into hers.

He held her chin, which was part of her stubborn look.

Failing to suppress the turbulent emotions in his chest, he pressed his lips against hers.

Ji Yuxian had no idea what he was doing or what caused him to be so angry.

All he knew was that his self-control and elegance evaporated.

His kiss was burning with passion, aggression, and unexpected power as if planning to devour her as a whole.

Little by little, his lips conquered hers, leaving no chance for her to decide otherwise.

He seemed to be trying to get the strange feelings he had for her out.

It had been clogging up in his chest.

Or it might be him wishing to share the strong sense of uneasiness with her in this way so that she could no longer stand by and watch him suffer in silence.

Caught in Ji Yuxian’s kiss, Su Jiu felt as if she was going to be smothered to death.

He seemed to have breathed himself into her mind and was trying to overtake her body until the only thing left in there was him.

Su Jiu could see herself after the transformation: pale, numb, staring with empty eyes.

Startled, she wanted to stay away from that possibility.

She punched the man’s chest hard.

Ji Yuxian snorted.

His eyebrows came together.

But he would not get up.

Instead, he gripped her tighter, with his lips and tongue kissing her even harder.

Su Jiu was about to punch him again when she detected the taste of blood in her mouth.

The familiarity calmed her down.

She did not try to attack him again.

Her whole body relaxed.

As if recognizing the differences in her reaction, Ji Yuxian became more gentle too.

His kiss was smooth and tender as his lips inviting her tongue to join the game, which brought her a little comfort.

A while later, Ji Yuxian stopped.

He put his head against her chest, eyes closed.

She could hear him gasping.

They moved to and fro with the motion of the carriage.

Su Jiu’s chest was also moving up and down.

She opened her bright eyes and stared at him.

“Ji Yuxian, are you all right?” Ji Yuxian’s phoenix eyes were like a pair of deep wells.


He held her gaze and lifted his lip corners to form a breathtaking smile.

Now he had regained his usual elegance and charisma.

The only difference was that his voice was hoarse.


Did I hurt you?” Su Jiu’s rosy lips were a little swollen.

They did hurt.

But she shook her head.

“No big deal.

” Ji Yuxian got up, carrying her in his arms.

“Su Jiu, what’s on your mind?” He lowered his voice.

She said disapprovingly, “I don’t want to be a woman!” That was unexpected.

Ji Yuxian laughed.

“That’s the reason behind it all? What’s wrong with being a woman?” Not to mention what a dream it was for many women to be his woman.

“I’m Mr.

Ninth Master Su!” Su Jiu said stubbornly.

Ji Yuxian laughed out loud, his chest heaving up and down.

He looked down at her and gave her a light kiss.

“Su Jiu, there’s nothing shameful about being a woman.

Women can fight battles, become government officials, and take up the role of a fabulous wife and mother.

Whichever way they choose, it is a respectable position.

” Just like his mother and others like her.

He said it casually but seriously.

His hands gently stroked her face.

“Su Jiu.

You are who you are.

You do not need to change or be ashamed of that.

You, at this very moment, are the best you!” Su Jiu looked up at him thoughtfully, trying to digest his words.

“To be my woman, you don’t need to be trapped in the back of the manor.

You can keep being the chief of the Dragon Conquer Gang.

You can keep doing business.

You can do whatever you want.

As long as it’s something you truly want to do, I’ll never stop you.

More than that, I’ll help you succeed.

What do you think?” Su Jiu thought about it for a long time before until she understood what he meant.

She then slightly nodded.

Ji Yuxian was right: She was a woman.

She was born a woman.

That was nothing to be ashamed of.

Her achievements could equal men’s accomplishments.

She wasn’t inferior to anyone simply because she was a woman.

Ji Yuxian looked at her with a light and gentle smile.

“In the outside world, you are the great Mr.

Ninth Master Su.

With me, you are my young mistress.

” “What about you? What do you want?” Su Jiu asked.

She wanted the Dragon Conquer Gang to thrive.

Their partnership had been going well.

Yet so far, she had just been his helpmate.

What about him? What did he want? Ji Yuxian slightly lifted one corner of his lips.

His eyes were shining mysteriously.

He waited a long time before speaking again.

“What I want is beyond your imagination.

” Before sunset, the carriage arrived at Jingzhou City gate.

Connecting the south and the north, Jingzhou City was of considerable significance to Daliang Country, with Chongzhou City to the east, Fuyang City to the south, and Yuhu Mountain the north.

It was known for its fertile lands and vibrant culture.

By the time they entered the city, it was almost at dusk, yet the streets were still bustling with activity.

All kinds of vendors were still open.

The place was teeming with excitement — a city of prosperity for sure.

After a while, Qu Miao noticed that they were approaching her home up ahead and sent people to stop Ji Yuxian’s carriage.

Qu Miao got off her carriage as soon as it stopped moving.

She walked up to Ji Yuxian’s carriage, lowered herself a little as a courtesy, and said, “We are at Jingzhou City now.

I have to go home.

I thank the young master for helping and protecting me the whole way here.

May I invite you to stop by my home?” Jin Feng hopped off the carriage and politely said, “It’s getting late.

Our young master does not want to disturb your family.

Let’s bid our farewells here.

” Qu Miao was disappointed that Ji Yuxian did not even get off the carriage.

She lowered her voice and smiled.

“We have been keeping each other company the whole way here.

It can be considered a kind of destiny that might be traced back to our last life.

Now that we’re saying goodbye just like that, I don’t even know when I can meet with the young master again.

” Someone inside the carriage said something, and Jin Feng nodded.

He walked up and said, “Our young master will probably visit the Flying Swallow Tower tomorrow.

If Miss Qu can make it, he said you could meet with him there.

” Flying Swallow Tower was a landmark of Jingzhou City.

Travelers and newcomers would surely want to see it.

Qu Miao’s face lit up.

“Please let your young master know that I will meet with him there tomorrow.

Without seeing him, I won’t leave!” she said with excitement.

Jin Feng nodded.

He got in the carriage, and the group left.

Watching the carriage fading into the sunset, Qu Miao did not move till it completely disappeared.

All she could think of was the “date” she got herself tomorrow.

Her heart was throbbing.

She couldn’t wait for the morning! Ji Yuxian and Su Jiu’s carriage slowly moved along the main street, heading west.

After several turns, they stopped outside an estate near the river that belonged to the Ji family.

A small bridge stood over the flowing river.

Light steam was floating above, through which one could peek at the buildings designed in an elegant southern style.

The estate’s front gate was tall and wide, covered on top by glazed green tiles.

Overhanging eaves pointed into the sky.

An inscribed board made of a rare wood read Ji Manor Estate.

A few people were waiting there.

They all walked up to the carriage and bowed.

As soon as Ji Yuxian got out, they greeted him in unison: “Welcome, the eldest young master!” They were all in their forties and fifties.

Although they were of varying heights and body shapes, everyone was wearing a black satin gown and an extremely respectful look.

The leader was the head of the Ji Manor’s businesses in Jingzhou City, Qu Wenchang.

Behind him were managers of the 13 businesses the Ji Manor had in Jingzhou City.

They stood in a row, all bowing.

Jin Feng opened the carriage door, and Ji Yuxian stepped down the step stool.

Standing among the men, though a lot younger, his charisma and noble aura made him stand out — no one would underestimate him the slightest.

“Uncle Qu and gentlemen who take care of the businesses, great to see you again.

I very much appreciate your hard work!” Ji Yuxian smiled.

As one of the most experienced senior crew members of the Ji Manor, Qu Wenchang had been working for the Ji Manor since he was a teenager.

During the past 30-odd years, he had participated in countless business deals following Ji Yuxian’s father and witnessed the ups and downs of the Ji Manor.

The year Ji Yuxian’s father died, Qu Wenchang came to Jingzhou City to help preserve the Ji Manor’s wealth and local businesses.

His help contributed significantly to the Ji Manor’s later revival.

It was considered that Ji Manor’s thriving relied heavily on Qu Wenchang’s efforts.

Ji Yuxian had always been highly respectful of him.

Qu Wenchang stepped up and said, “We are thrilled to have the eldest young master visit us in Jingzhou City.

Working hard is our duty and goes without saying.

” “We are just doing our jobs.

It’s not worth the young master’s mentioning,” the managers also said with their heads lowered.

Ji Yuxian eyed on them with a smile.

“Let’s go inside,” he said in a pleasant, robust voice.

“Yes, young master!” Qu Wenchang followed Ji Yuxian on the side, glancing at the carrier behind them and said, “The young master just got married.

I should have attended the wedding.

My mother was quite ill, so I regret not being able to attend in person.

I hear that the young mistress has joined you? Why have we not had the pleasure of meeting her?” Qu Wenchang started as a servant at the Ji Manor.

Later, he got involved with the business as he learned more and more from the old master.

In Ji Yuxian’s presence, he still acted as if he was there to serve the Ji family.

All the managers also turned this way out of curiosity when they heard Qu talk.

“The young mistress felt a little under the weather after our journey and is resting in the carriage.

When she recovers, I will introduce her to everyone,” said Ji Yuxian with a smile.

Everyone nodded deferentially and said, “It’s more important for the young mistress to have a good rest.

” “She can meet with us whenever she feels better.

” … Carrying on with small talk, the group walked through the corridor and entered the study.

At the end of every year, the Ji Manor would send people to audit the accounts.

Sometimes it was Mr.

Yu, the chief housekeeper, and sometimes it was an experienced head manager of the Ji Manor in Shengjing City.

Ji Yuxian rarely came himself.

But this year he did — what a surprise.

Even though nobody from the Ji Manor lived on the estate, the housekeeper and the servants did a great job keeping it clean and well maintained.

The study, warm and inviting, was tastefully decorated and pleasant.

There was a furnace to keep it warm and burning scents to keep the air fresh.

One could hardly tell that the place was hardly ever used.