Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 90

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 90

As they left the mountains, a massively thick forest appeared right in front of them.

As they continued their journey, they did not see another soul for the rest of the afternoon.

The carriage stopped for a break.

Two guards went off to gather some firewood for cooking while another two proceeded to hunt for food.

Su Jiu sat directly under a tree and opened the bag of snacks that the wet nurse had prepared for her.

She placed a piece of mung bean cake into her mouth.

The texture was soft and sweet as it instantly dissolved in her mouth.

Jin Feng stopped his carriage and went over to Su Jiu.

She lifted her snack bag and laughed.

“Are you hungry?” she asked.

“Eat some food to fill your stomach!” Jin Feng immediately lowered his head and said, “As a subordinate, I dare not!” “Dare not? Are you afraid that I’ve put poison inside?” Su Jiu raised an eyebrow as she questioned him.

She regarded those who fought side by side with her as brothers.

“No, I didn’t mean it that way!” Jin Feng shook his head in fear.

“If that’s the case, then eat it!” Su Jiu looked at him with gleaming eyes.

Jin Feng hesitated for a moment and looked up at Su Jiu.

There were no signs of pretense about her, nor any attempt to put on a facade.

His heart warmed, and he extended his hand to grab a piece.

Filled with sincerity, he exclaimed, “Thank you so much, Mistress!” “How is one piece enough?” .



Su Jiu stuffed a few more into Jin Feng’s hands.

Jin Feng held them in his palms.

As he whiffed in the pastries’ aroma, he felt a strong sense of comfort in his chest.

Su Jiu walked over to the two guards trying to start the fire and also offered them the mung bean cakes.

“You all should eat too!” Both men shook their heads adamantly and retreated as they replied, “We don’t deserve this from you, Mistress!” “Why are you so afraid of eating?” Su Jiu laughed as she continued, “Can it be that you’re afraid I’ve poisoned these pastries?” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM “We would never dare think that!” “Then why aren’t you eating?” Both guards glanced at Jin Feng.

Seeing that he had also accepted the cakes, they began to rub their clothes against their palms forcefully and took the cakes with both hands.

With eyes lowered, they replied, “Thank you so much, Mistress!” “Don’t be so modest!” Su Jiu instantly responded with a smile.

As Jin Feng started on his pastry, he sensed something sharp sweeping past the corner of his eye.

Glancing up, he noticed Ji Yuxian watching him.

His lips were pursed upward, which gave Jin Feng the creeps, as he could not figure out what the expression meant.

Jin Feng choked on his pastry.

He instantly bent forward, coughing incessantly.

Su Jiu returned to her seat under the tree and resumed consuming her snack.

Ji Yuxian slowly walked over to her.

His eyes scanned the dead leaves on the ground, and his eyebrows could not help but crinkle.

He sat down, nevertheless, and watched Su Jiu bite into her pastry.

He gently laughed and questioned her, “You distributed snacks to everyone, but you deliberately left out your husband?” Su Jiu stuffed half of the pastry into her mouth.

She chewed and swallowed it, before turning to him and responding, “I thought that you didn’t eat food that other people have already eaten?” Underneath the tree’s shadow, Ji Yuxian’s red lotus shirt was sprawled on the ground.

It resembled a haze that filled up the entire space.

His laughter sounded flirtatious as he exclaimed, “That was in the past.

Now, I’m making an exception for my wife!” As he spoke, his jade-like fingers reached out for Su Jiu’s bag, and he grabbed a piece of mung bean cake without permission.

Putting it to his red lips, he nodded his head, sensuously, and said, “My Mistress’s pastries are indeed delicious!” Su Jiu snorted.

She knew that the tension between them could be resolved within a few days.

“Eat up.

I’ll go take a piss!” Su Jiu handed the bag to Ji Yuxian.

Jin Feng’s back was facing them.

His chest became agitated, and he started to cough again.

Su Jiu asked worriedly, “Jin Feng, have you caught a cold? Why do you keep coughing?” Ji Yuxian briefly glanced at Jin Feng from behind.

He looked up and laughed.

“You don’t have to bother him!” Su Jiu nodded and continued heading toward the woods.

Carrying the bag of snacks that belonged to Su Jiu, Ji Yuxian walked toward the carriage, passing by Jin Feng.

He whispered to him, “There’s water nearby.

Get some for me to bathe!” His voice was slightly faint, and Jin Feng felt a little fearful.

He respectfully bowed down and replied, “Yes!” Su Jiu found a place to do her business.

When she was done, she raised her pants and intended to head back.

However, she thought that she saw a wild goat running by.

Her eyes glistened, and she decided to chase after it.

A goat would taste so much better than rabbit meat! After chasing it for some time, the goat was nowhere to be seen.

The forest was filled with low bushes and weeds that were half as tall as a human.

Su Jiu climbed up a fir tree and held onto the branches as she scanned the area in all directions.

There appeared to be something white in the distance.

Su Jiu could still vaguely hear the sounds of water, so she raised her brow and plunged in the direction of the sound.

She knew she was getting closer because the sound became increasingly clear.

It was rhythmic and crisp—signifying the cold in winter.

While Jin Feng leaned against a tree, he heard wind whooshing from behind.

His eyes turned cold as he grabbed his sword and spun around swiftly.

When he finally saw somebody appear, he instantly stood in awe.

Young Mistress Ji? Ermm… she was in a relationship with the Eldest Young Master, so there was no reason to avoid her, right? Jin Feng thought about it for a moment but later turned back around, continued leaning against the tree, and pretended not to see them.

As Su Jiu chased after the object in white, she later discovered that it was just a man’s coat.

Sighing in disappointment, she was ready to return but noticed a river nearby.

Her eyes widened instantly.

Outside, the dense thicket of bushes was a stream that contained clear water.

Colorful leaves were lying all around the ground.

The shadows of the trees weaved together, and the water was so clear that the currents looked teal in color.

Just then, she noticed Ji Yuxian submerged in the water, his back facing her.

His dark hair was scattered across his bare shoulders like a waterfall.

His jade-like skin was fair and moist.

Water droplets trickled down his delicate collarbone, which later fell back into the waters compactly and smoothly.

The sight was sexy, enchanting, and entirely appealing.

His eyes were slightly closed, and his red lips were bright and glamorous.

The sun shone on his charming face.

He radiated a sense of fascinating beauty that gave him a touch of vitality.

Su Jiu was rooted to the ground, speechless.

The movements in her throat signified her anxiety, and both her body and heart fluttered uncontrollably.

She was a little annoyed and wanted to escape, but she felt like she was stuck in a trance, unable to move.

The water gently rippled while glimmering rays of light reflected on the surface seemingly gathered around Ji Yuxian’s body.

Suddenly, the sound of Ji Yuxian emerging from the water could be heard.

His torso was long, and his shoulders were narrow.

Every inch of his skin was immaculate.

The kind of charm and seduction he possessed was capable of making the heart pound maniacally.

The water reached his naval, and his hips were faintly visible below.

Su Jiu was dumbfounded as she stared at Ji Yuxian, waiting for him to turn around and walk ashore.

She found herself feeling a sense of anticipation.

Yet, she did not know what exactly she was anticipating.

Her burning eyes revealed some form of excitement.

Somehow, this scenario resembled that of catching a goat, which would later be hung above the fire with trickling with oil, waiting to be cooked and eaten.

“Why should the Mistress stand and watch from afar.

Come into the water so that you can get a clearer view!” Ji Yuxian’s voice, though neither too loud nor soft, jolted Su Jiu from her reverie.

She immediately turned away, but later thought to herself: Why should I feel guilty about it? It’s not like I wanted to watch.

He’s the one who has the guts to bathe in the river in broad daylight, so why should I be afraid of looking at him? Su Jiu turned back around with confidence, knowing that she had done nothing wrong.

However, it was a shame because Ji Yuxian had already gone ashore and put on his clothes.

“Is the Mistress feeling disappointed?” Ji Yuxian walked toward Su Jiu.

Su Jiu shrugged and said with conviction, “I came to hunt a goat.

I didn’t have any intention of peeking at you.

Plus, I didn’t see anything.

” Jin Feng walked over to hand Ji Yuxian a robe then scurried away.

Ji Yuxian stood in front of Su Jiu, leaned toward her, and laughed.

“What else do you want to look at? I can show you tonight!” “Pft! It’s not like I haven’t seen a man bathe before.

There’s nothing worth looking at!” Su Jiu snorted, turned around, and walked away.

Ji Yuxian’s smile slightly faded, and he grabbed Su Jiu’s hand as an attempt to restrain her.

He looked straight into her eyes.

His untied hair fell onto Su Jiu’s face, inducing a sense of cooling and tingling sensation.

“Who else have you seen bathe?” “There were many!” Su Jiu replied.

It was true.

When she was with the Dragon Conqueror Gang, she knew that she could not shower with the others because she was different.

However, she’d noticed how the men were all immersed in the water while bathing.

From afar, it looked as if there were many watermelons floating on the surface.

The smile in Ji Yuxian’s eyes gradually faded away.

His lips turned down slightly as he asked, “Really?” He let go of Su Jiu’s hand after questioning her and went ahead on his own.

Watching his tensed back, it seemed as if he was upset.

Su Jiu chased after him, tilting her head as she asked, “Hey, are you angry? I won’t look anymore, ok?” “As a man, why should I be afraid of being looked at?” “Don’t be so petty!” Ji Yuxian stopped abruptly in his tracks, gradually turned toward Su Jiu, and said, “Promise me, if you ever see any man bathing again, shut your eyes immediately and go somewhere far away!” No, how could he even allow her to look at any man bathing? Without waiting for Su Jiu’s reply, Ji Yuxian pulled her hand and walked back.

The mottled tree shadows waved swiftly.

Ji Yuxian’s delicate face cut an unfathomable profile.

Su Jiu almost had to jog forward to catch up with him.

She kept her head down and giggled to herself, unaware of what was running through her mind.

At the edge of the forest, the guards had already skinned the hare and placed it over the fire.

The sound of sizzling oil could be heard as they waited for it to roast.

Su Jiu thought to herself: How amazing would it have been if the goat had been caught? However, while thinking of the wild goat, her focus instantly, but unconsciously, shifted to Ji Yuxian’s bare back.

Glimpsing him, she looked away and giggled to herself again.

Ji Yuxian peered at her direction out of the corner of his eye.

His initial attempt to remain calm had failed, and his eyes unwittingly revealed a sense of contentment.

After their meal, they rested for a while before continuing their journey.

They hoped that they could find their way out of the woods before dusk fell so that they could find a proper place to stay for the night.

In the carriage, Su Jiu took a nap while her stomach was still full, and Ji Yuxian drank his tea as he read.

Glancing at Su Jiu, who was sleeping in a completely unglamorous position, Ji Yuxian extended his legs and gently kicked her.

He asked, “Do you know how to play chess?” Su Jiu peeled her eyes open, her vision still blurry as she retorted, “Huh?” “Does the Mistress know how to play chess?” Ji Yuxian laughed faintly, repeating his question.

“No!” Su Jiu shook her head.

“Come, I’ll teach you!” Ji Yuxian cleared some stuff off the table.

Pressing the table down in the middle, it overturned and instantly became a chessboard.

Ji Yuxian brought out two porcelain jars from the drawers, each containing white and black chess pieces made of white jade and black obsidian.

“Come and sit!” “Ok!” Su Jiu rubbed her eyes and went over.

After thirty minutes, Ji Yuxian’s complexion turned green.

He looked as if he were trying to suppress something forcefully.

Struggling to keep both his eyes open, he announced word by word, “Mistress, let’s just go to sleep!” It did not matter how or in what position she slept in! Su Jiu picked up a chess piece and looked at him questioningly.

“Are we not playing anymore?” “Yes, let it disappear immediately!” Su Jiu shrugged her shoulders, conveniently lying next to the desk.

Covering her face with the lower hem of Ji Yuxian’s gown, she said in a muffled voice, “I’ll go to sleep now.

Don’t wake me up until it’s time to eat!” Ji Yuxian took in a deep breath and told himself: I’ve gone through thick and thin.

The only thing I need now is patience! The carriage continued its journey until night fell.

The sky gradually darkened, yet they could not seem to find their way out.

What appeared in front of them was nothing but murky, blurry disarray.

“Young Master, we’ll have to camp outside tonight!” Jin Feng’s voice could be heard from the outside.

“Yes, ok!” Ji Yuxian replied softly.

Colorful but dimly lit palace lanterns burned in the corner of the carriage.

Ji Yuxian half-leaned against the soft pillows and bunk, while Su Jiu remained in a deep sleep.

As Ji Yuxian raised his hands to help Su Jiu cover herself with the quilt that she had kicked away, he lifted his legs and gazed at the teenage girl, who was sleeping so soundly.

He subtly smiled.

Another thirty minutes passed.

The sky was, by then, completely dark, and it seemed impossible for them to figure a way out.

Jin Feng decided to stop the carriage to let the men pitch a tent so that they could start a fire and cook.

He pulled out a drawer from the carriage.

It contained tents, cooking pots, brackets, and other equipment for camping.

When Su Jiu woke up, Ji Yuxian was no longer in the carriage.

Instead, she could smell the rich aroma of roasted meat coming from outside.

Su Jiu took a few deep breaths.

Before she could get out of bed, she heard the sound of the carriage door creaking.

Ji Yuxian stood outside.

He extended his hand to her and said, “Mistress, it’s time to eat!” Su Jiu held his hand and hopped out of the carriage, only to see everyone else already gathered around the fire.

A copper pot, containing meat slices and mushrooms, was placed on the fire.

The sizzling sound of the food cooking could be heard, so enticing in the cold weather.

Su Jiu walked brazenly toward Jin Feng, sat next to him, and laughed as she asked, “Is there any wine?” Jin Feng peered at Ji Yuxian.

Seeing that he was not opposed, Jin Feng retrieved a jar of wine for Su Jiu.

Su Jiu gulped down the wine and exclaimed, “That’s very good wine!” Jin Feng raised his eyebrows and thought to himself: Of course, the wine is good.

It’s Bamboo Green Wine that’s been aged for thirty years.

It’s pretty difficult to find, even in the best restaurants of Shengjing City! Judging how the Young Mistress’s actions were so informal and casual, the others also felt less restricted and more relaxed.

The atmosphere lightened, and everyone started to feel more comfortable.

Jin Feng used a delicate porcelain cup with flower prints on it to fill a bowl of broth for Ji Yuxian.

The bowl contained a silver spoon with detailed flower carvings on it.

Even in such circumstances, the food Ji Yuxian ate, and the cutlery he used were never sub-standard.

As Su Jiu drank two mouthfuls of wine, Ji Yuxian watched her from the side and frowned.

He directed in a soft voice, “Get a bowl of soup for Young Mistress Ji!” He yanked the jar of wine away from Su Jiu and exclaimed, “No more drinking!” Jin Feng knew that she was drunk, so he respectfully grinned and said, “The Young Master is worried for you because you’re drinking on an empty stomach!” Su Jiu held the bowl of soup in her hands, raised her eyebrows as she called out, “The people in this city are simply good at speaking!” The others burst out laughing uncontrollably.

After chatting and laughing among themselves for a while, they waited for Ji Yuxian and Su Jiu to finish their soup before getting some for themselves.

After their meal, Su Jiu stretched her body to relieve the stiffness after a long day of staying in the carriage.

Jin Feng walked over to hand Su Jiu a cup of tea.

He laughed and asked, “Your skills were amazing when you were battling against the woman in the private room last night.

Would you mind if I asked who taught you those skills?” In Shengjing City, there were a few ladies from wealthy families whose fathers had hired masters to teach them martial arts.

This was due to their weak physique; they required these skills for self-protection.

However, the moves that these women learned were often impractical, more suitable for fitness and a stark contrast to Su Jiu’s moves, which she’d demonstrated the night before.

Her skills were sophisticated and aggressive—completely unlike what the masters would have taught the other ladies back in the city.

Su Jiu laughed faintly and replied, “What I’ve learned is too complicated.

I’ve long since forgotten who my real master was.

” Of course, there were a few members of the Dragon Conqueror Gang who possessed true mastery of martial arts.

For example, the swordsman who had stayed with them for a while.

She’d learned so many techniques from different people, so her accumulated skills had turned out extraordinary.

“Do you want to battle with me?” Su Jiu questioned with provocative eyes.

“Huh?” Jin Feng responded in disbelief.

Of course, he would not dare do battle against the Young Mistress, but it would be such a great learning opportunity to fight against an evenly matched opponent.

He could not control his temptation as he replied, “Erm…erm…” “Why so indecisive? Do you want to battle, or not?” Before Su Jiu’s voice faded away, she felt someone grab her waist.

Ji Yuxian pulled her toward the carriage.

He looked at her gently, leaned toward her ear, and whispered, “Have you forgotten who you are?” Su Jiu’s glistening eyes instantly darkened as she replied dispiritedly, “I know.

” “Good that you know! You should rest, then!” Ji Yuxian helped Su Jiu into the carriage and shut the door.

As he turned around, Jin Feng was already standing to the side with his head bowed.

He said, “I was wrong!” Perhaps Su Jiu was too easy-going.

As such, the others often neglected the fact that she was Young Mistress Ji and said improper things.

Ji Yuxian’s dark eyes swept over Ji Feng, his expression dull.

Responding with only a “yes,” he walked away.

Jin Feng’s complexion turned white, and his posture became even more tense.

Su Jiu reclined in the carriage.

She tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep, since she had already slept enough during the day.

Placing both her hands behind her head and sitting cross-legged with one leg poised in the air, she stared at the ceiling.

It was too boring! If only Chang Huan and Hu Dapao were here, they could have been drinking and playing dice together.

Now, she was alone, and all she could do was stare into space.

When Ji Yuxian got back, Su Jiu was practicing calligraphy under the candlelight.

Ji Yuxian let out a lighthearted laugh as he commented, “It is so rare to see you this hardworking!” Su Jiu shrugged her shoulders and replied, “I couldn’t sleep!” Ji Yuxian added some charcoal to the stove.

He peeked at Su Jiu’s work and realized that she had already started learning idioms.

Such quick progress! “It’s late.

Don’t write anymore and get to sleep soon!” Ji Yuxian called out as he took the brush from her.

He laid the table flat, and both of them lay down on the carpet.

The forest in winter was extremely quiet.

Whatever animals and insects lived, they were all deep in hibernation.

There was only the wind blowing by, which created a soft moan.

Outside, the bonfire was still burning.

The blazing fire reflected on the windows, and its thin light shone through.

The night watchmen’s soft conversations could be vaguely heard.

Su Jiu still could not fall asleep.

She turned to her side only to find that Ji Yuxian already had shut his eyes.

The dim firelight glowed on his body, which later condensed into a faint luster.

In the warm light, the sleeping Ji Yuxian seemed less evil and seductive compared to what he was like in the daytime.

Instead, he exhibited a sense of indolence and carelessness, which was ironically beautiful.

Su Jiu stared at Ji Yuxian’s attractive face.

Slowly, and unconsciously, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Later in the night, fog gradually enveloped the entire forest.

The sky was fuzzy, and the stars and the moon were nowhere to be seen.

It was pitch black.

Two of the guards slept next to the bonfire.

Suddenly, they felt someone nudging them, and they immediately woke up, alarmed.

Heaving a sigh of relief when they realized it was only their partner, they asked, “What is it?” The four guards were supposed to separate into two groups to take turns with the night watch duties.

The one who had stirred them was Chen Feng.

Chen Feng frowned and muttered in a suppressed voice, “Chen Qing went off to do his business.

But he’s not back, and it’s been more than 30 minutes!” Chen Yun and Chen Lei instantly stood up and wrinkled their brows.

Glancing at the carriage, they instructed in a low voice, “You guard this area.

We’ll both go take a look.

If we don’t come back after 15 minutes, report it to the other bodyguards.

” “Ok!” Chen Feng nodded.

As both men entered the forest, their figures were quickly engulfed by the darkness and fog.

Chen Feng sat in front of the fire, constantly looking in the direction of the forest, feeling extremely anxious.

After five minutes, Chen Feng also looked toward the forest, hoping to see any sign of the two guards at the forest’s edge, under the lights.

However, it was dark and foggy, and he could see no one.

He became increasingly anxious.

Not wanting to delay any further, he alerted Jin Feng, “Guard Jin, something is wrong!” His voice awoke Su Jiu, who had been sound asleep.

She opened her eyes abruptly and seeing that Ji Yuxian was still in a deep sleep, she stealthily sat up and attempted to eavesdrop by pressing her ear against the door.

“What happened?” Jin Feng spoke in a small and low voice.

His voice was cool and clear, with no sign of fatigue.

Chen Feng explained how the other three guards had gone missing, his expression filled with despair and apprehension.

Jin Feng glanced up and frowned.

He whispered, “I’ll go take a look.

You guard this area.

Regardless of whether or not I return, don’t leave.

You must protect the Young Master and Young Mistress Ji!” “Let me go instead!” Chen Feng replied firmly.

“No, you stay here!” Jin Feng rebutted as he watched the ominous forest with cold eyes.

Grabbing the sword that was hanging from his waist, he turned around and advanced.

Standing outside the carriage, Chen Feng watched Jin Feng disappear into the woods.

He began to look out in all directions with vigilance.

Su Jiu wrinkled her brow as she remained by the window, listening attentively to pick out any movements from the forest.

The fog grew thicker and thicker, engulfing the fire, which began to extinguish gradually, creating a halo effect.

Suddenly, the sounds of people tussling could be heard coming from the forest.

It vaguely sounded like someone was crying out for help.

“Chen Feng, come over quickly!” Chen Feng’s expression grew cold.

Drawing his sword, he sprinted in the direction of the sound.

Just as Chen Feng headed into the forest, the carriage was surrounded by countless men in black outfits and masks.

They were armed with bows and arrows and aimed their weapons aimed at the carriage.

Su Jiu was startled.

She turned around to grab Ji Yuxian’s wrist and called out, “Ji Yuxian, something came up!” The chief of the men in black gave a command.

Instantly, the silence in the forest was replaced by “whoosh” sounds as arrows pierced the night sky, directed toward the carriage.

The sight was like rain falling.

The black horse attached to the front of the carriage neighed and leaped, causing the entire carriage to lift upward.

It was certainly a jarring cacophony.

The arrows were fired at the carriage, which seemed to be made of very durable steel.

They did no damage, and simply landed on the ground.

The chief stood outside the carriage, squinted his eagle eyes in fury as he waved his hands forward and commanded, “Continue to shoot!” The fire next to the carriage suddenly began blazing fiercely.

It emitted sparks that danced in the sky, frightening the intruders as they fled from the scene.

“Ahhhh!” There were a few cries for help, but within seconds, a handful of them collapsed on the ground.

Jin Feng, Chen Feng, and the other guards appeared behind the intruders.

They held their glistening swords, and their strengths and skills were varied and extravagant.

As the fog began to clear, the men in black were swiftly defeated.

It appeared to be an effortless task, somehow resembling the process of cutting wheat.

The men’s’ screams and moans reverberated in the cold, dark night.

Cheng Qing had hurt his shoulders.

After being treated by a few of the men, he looked better.

The intruders had pulled such a clever trick by luring them from their base.

If it were not for Jin Feng, the others might not even be alive because they would have been too afraid to act.

Su Jiu remained in the carriage, and upon the arrival of Jin Feng and the others, she was ready to battle the enemies.

However, Ji Yuxian had already woken up and grabbed her wrist to hold her back.

He gently leaned against the interior walls of the carriage.

His expression was dull, and his tone was calm.

He instructed, “Mistress, stay here!” “There are many invaders outside.

I’m afraid that Jin Feng can’t handle it on his own!” Su Jiu replied with a frown.

“Battling enemies is their job.

You must protect your husband.

” Ji Yuxian laughed faintly as he poured a cup of tea.

He slowly drank it, completely indifferent to the chaos outside.

The sound of the killings and shrieking were deafening, and it created a chilling effect on all who heard it! Though Jin Feng and the other men’s skills were impressive, there were just too many invaders.

This prevented them from emerging victorious.

“Jin Feng is your bodyguard.

Are you really not at all worried?” Su Jiu replied coldly.

Ji Yuxian replied with a slight smirk, “If he can’t manage those men, then he isn’t fit to be my bodyguard.

” Su Jiu furrowed her brow, unable to think of a good comeback.

She was simply shocked at how cold-blooded he was.

Indeed, how could she have feelings for someone willing to let his wives assault each other? Su Jiu noticed that Ji Yuxian’s eyes had lightened.

She pushed the windows outward a bit and stared at the intruders.

If Jin Feng were to get hurt, she would readily rush out to help.

The commander saw how impressive and aggressive Jin Feng and his men’s skills were.

He decided to adjust his strategy by splitting his team into two: one to surround Jin Feng and his men, the other to focus on attacking the carriage.

A sword hit the carriage.

Fortunately, it only created a spark that disappeared in a fleeting moment, leaving it unscathed.

The enemies were completely astounded as they wondered what material the carriage was made of.

It appeared to be more durable than their weapons.

One of the men turned around and forcefully threw his knife at the carriage door.

There was a loud “clang” as the lock slipped and fell onto the ground.

His face revealed a devious smile.

Kicking down the carriage door, he entered the carriage and attacked using his knife.

However, at that moment, the enemy’s knife was abruptly stopped midway and flung out of his hand.

Something flickered before the eyes of the other invaders within the carriage.

Before they knew it, their knees buckled, and they screamed in pain as they fell to the bottom of the carriage.

In the carriage, Su Jiu walked slowly as she held onto her weapon.

She kicked down the carriage door.

Her gaze was apparent, and her eyebrows revealed a sense of deviousness as she extended her hand to her enemies and said, “I dare you to come up!” The men surrounding the carriage looked at one another in terror.

However, after a moment’s hesitation, they decided to raise their long knives and began to swarm upward.

Su Jiu grabbed her long knife, which had an extremely sharp blade.

Her body was ready for an intense battle.

This marked the beginning of her attempt to showcase all the tricks up her sleeve.

The countless men charged forward to attack but were all defeated.

None of them could get near the carriage.

At first, Jin Feng was anxious.

However, seeing that Young Mistress Ji was so aggressive, he heaved a sigh of relief and continued fighting.

Su Jiu was a gifted fighter.

The long knife in her hands would soon reach its climax.

She was like an evil witch that had descended into the human race—even the dark forces would have been afraid of her.

The chief stood behind his army.

He frowned as he watched Su Jiu, his eyes deadly.

Directing his men to retreat, he aimed his bow and arrow at Su Jiu again.

The arrows overwhelmed the sky like locusts, all targeting Su Jiu.

She waved her knife in the air as a form of defense while leaning her back against the carriage.

As she deflected the arrows, it created a thunderous noise that reverberated in the sky.

The dazzling reflection of the knife accentuated both her atrocity and brilliance.

They resembled the sun and the moon, capable of shining light into the dark and cold night.

Su Jiu felt weirdly relaxed as even more arrows were shot at her.

She even caught one.

Then, she used the arrow as a weapon against the invaders by throwing it back at them, causing the black figures to collapse.

The chief stood at the very far end of the scene and frowned harder.

He wondered who the lady was and why had he not heard of her before.

The intel that he’d received had only included Ji Yuxian, four bodyguards, and Jin Feng, whom he was the wariest of.

This was why he had deliberately tricked Jin Feng into leaving his post so that he could commence his attack.

However, he’d never expected a woman with such impressive skills to appear.

Her skills were as good as Jin Feng’s.

Extending his hand to retrieve an arrow from one of his dead men beside him, he drew his bow to its maximum, partially aiming it at Su Jiu, who was in the carriage.

He shifted his gaze and abruptly adjusted his aim a little.

Revealing a devious smile on his face, he released the arrow.

The arrow flew across the sky, helped by the strength of the fierce wind, and hit the legs of the black horse.

The horse neighed in excruciating pain, and the entire carriage began to shake.

Su Jiu swayed, and a sharp arrow brushed against her cheeks.

“Aim at the horse!” the chief commanded coolly, targeting his arrow on the braying horse.

Su Jiu was eager to jump on the horse’s back, but the carriage door flung open suddenly.

A hand reached out and grabbed her waist, swiftly carrying her back inside.

The wooden door was shut immediately after.

Concurrently, thousands of arrows were released.

The horse kicked the ground and leaped.

It neighed and aggressively galloped off dragging the carriage.

“Young Master, Mistress!” Jin Feng shouted anxiously as the horse aimlessly dashed into the forest in pain.

Jin Feng and his men had killed two of the enemies and were about to chase after the carriage, only to be surrounded by the numerous men in black once again.

The chief’s eyes flashed with animosity.

Only a few men remained.

They continued to surround Jin Feng, and the chief brought the rest out of the forest to hunt down the carriage.

The two arrows that had been shot at the horse were hooked, stuck firmly into the horse’s buttocks.

The more the horse fidgeted, the deeper the arrows pushed inwards.

The pain drove the horse to react madly as it rushed straight into the woods.

Su Jiu fell into Ji Yuxian’s arms, completely stunned.

She wanted to stop the horse, which had seemingly gone mad.

“Stay here.

Don’t move!” Ji Yuxian used both his arms to hold onto her.

Behind, the enemies had already caught up, and the arrows were instantly targeted right at them, again.

The carriage swayed aggressively as it continued its journey along the extremely bumpy road.

The arrows hit the carriage, and the sound was rhythmic and deafening.

After traveling for some distance, the horse lifted its head abruptly and brayed loudly.

Its feet had stepped onto empty space.

The entire carriage fell down a cliff.

Su Jiu was completely startled.

She quickly removed her robe and used it to wrap Ji Yuxian around her.

She kicked the carriage door open, stepped onto the carriage while using her other hand to grab some of the brocade that was inside.

Hooking the cloth onto a pine tree on the cliff, she swayed her body outward and upward.

At the same time, the carriage promptly fell down the cliff, and the sound of the horse neighing in pain could be vaguely heard.

Su Jiu used one hand to grab onto the brocade while using the other to hold Ji Yuxian’s waist.

Both of them hung off the cliff like a swing.

“Jark!” Suddenly, the sound of the branch snapping was heard.

It was unable to withstand the weight of the two beings.

Su Jiu frowned and attempted to walk up the cliff, trying to jump up.

However, with the application of more force, the snapping sound worsened.

It was as if the branch could break at any moment.

Su Jiu instantly stopped whatever movement she was making, afraid to move a muscle.

The night was dark and cold.

The raging wind that blew across their faces felt like knives.

Below the cliff was a dark abyss.

On top of it were assassins who wanted their lives.

Ji Yuxian’s expression was, as usual, pale and neutral.

He said to Su Jiu with a short laugh, “If you put me down, there might still be one survivor!” Su Jiu’s eyes were clear, and she looked at him faintly.

“I have promised to keep you safe.

I don’t ever go back on my word!” Ji Yuxian’s lips slowly curled into a smile.

Watching Su Jiu’s bare and earnest face, he gazed at her emotionally.

Clamorous footsteps could be heard in the distance.

The enemies had already caught up! Su Jiu’s expression slightly changed, and she exclaimed in a low voice, “Hold onto me, tightly!” She was going to try again for the last time! Ji Yuxian had both his arms tightly wrapped around Su Jiu’s waist.

Su Jiu vigorously stepped onto one of the rocks on the cliff, grabbing the brocade and releasing it swiftly.

She clutched one of the protruding rocks with all her might.

Gritting her teeth, she leaped onto the edge of the cliff.

She sighed in relief.

As she heard the footsteps of the men approaching, Su Jiu took Ji Yuxian’s hand and dashed together with him in the opposite direction.

Their silhouette had just disappeared when the chief arrived at the scene.

He lit his torch and carefully looked at the traces of the carriage that had slid down the cliff.

He pondered for a moment, got up and looked into the distance.

Then, he said in a deep voice, “They didn’t die.

They have fled.

Search for them immediately.

Ji Yuxian has to be killed, even if it means searching the entire forest!” “Yes, sir!” all his subordinates replied together.

Their training teams consisted of ten in a group, and all of them went off to search in different directions.

The assassins were determined to kill Ji Yuxian.

Su Jiu quickly realized that the number of men going up against them was increasing.

The sounds of footsteps came from all directions, clustering around them.

“Hey, who exactly have you offended?” Su Jiu gritted her teeth as she turned to question Ji Yuxian.

Ji Yuxian’s body was still wrapped in Su Jiu’s clothes.

Their escape had caused her robe to be torn and tattered.

Still, Ji Yuxian remained calm and indolent as usual.

He shrugged his shoulders and laughed as he replied, “You are a bandit.

I’m sure you have offended more people.

Are you sure they aren’t coming after you?” “Ok!” Su Jiu hugged her shoulders and said, “In that case, we can split up and see who they chase.

” Ji Yuxian immediately embraced Su Jiu, and laughed gently as he replied, “No, I still prefer to go with the Mistress!” “Then, stop talking nonsense!” By then, the enemies had already caught up.

Su Jiu slung Ji Yuxian onto her shoulders and rushed forward.

Ji Yuxian faced the ground, his face red as he struggled and said, “Mistress, I think you will be able to run faster if you carry me!” “Slap!” Su Jiu smacked Ji Yuxian’s buttocks.

“Stop talking!” His face immediately turned from red to green.

He decided to shut his eyes.

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blew past.

Su Jiu slightly wrinkled her brow and turned around swiftly, only to realize that two of the invaders had unexpectedly appeared in front of them.

They blocked her path, deterring any escape.

Their physiques were strong.

Their eyes were fierce, and their attacks were aggressive and merciless.

At first sight, it was obvious that there were trained assassins! “If you put the man that you’re carrying down, we will give you a chance to live!” one of the men stepped forward and commanded in a cold voice.

Su Jiu smirked and replied with hostility, “If you want to take his life, I should also see whether you have the capacity to do so!” Before her voice trailed off, Su Jiu had already leaped forcefully, kicking her left foot forward.

The sound of bones cracking echoed in the air as she reached out for the assassin’s long knife.

A string of blood shot out.

Even though she was carrying someone, Su Jiu’s was exceptionally fast.

Before the men could understand her movements, she had already defeated them.

The previously tight-knit group of men was now crippled.

Su Jiu shouldered Ji Yuxian and quickly fled the scene.

The other men were dumbfounded.

They had no time to be astounded by the veteran’s sophisticated skills as they hurriedly chased after her again.

After running for some time, Su Jiu noticed an enormous tree.

She carried Ji Yuxian up the tree and anxiously said to him, “I’ll lure them away.

You wait for me here!” Ji Yuxian was confused.

He grabbed her wrist and asked, “Where are you going?” “Don’t worry, I will come back for you!” In the dark, Su Jiu’s expression was cold, and her voice was firm.

She pushed Ji Yuxian’s hand away and jumped down the tree’s trunk.

She went somewhere further away and purposely waited for the enemies to catch up so that she could run away from them again.

Ji Yuxian got up.

He squinted and saw the invaders chasing after Su Jiu.