Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 86

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 86

With a few slams, Su Jiu and the others were flung onto the ground.

Without so much as a second look, the mountain bandits turned and left.

When they hit the ground, Xiao Lie forcefully turned his body so that he could cushion Su Jiu’s fall.

Hu Dapao and the others were not quite so lucky, and one by one they grimaced as they fell.

“Jerks!” Hu Dapao scolded them loudly.

“Boss, are you all right?” shouted Chang Huan as he looked up.

He had been thrown the farthest.

“No problem!” Su Jiu was lying on Xiao Lie.

Knowing that there was a lot of pressure on his back, she hurriedly twisted her body so that the two of them lay side by side.

The cave was dark and wet.

It was very deep inside, and there was no knowing where it led to.

They took some time to adjust to the darkness and then realized that along the wall there were other people! “What, people?” Ah Shu shouted.

Two figures were leaning tightly against each other.

They heard Ah Shu’s rough shout and immediately began to tremble and lean farther in.

“It looks like there are two women!” Su Jiu said, frowning.

Since they were women, they did not need to even guess why they were here.

The women must have been captured from the peasant households at the foot of the mountains.




“Screw them, these Eight Dragons Gang kids are too immoral!” Hu Dapao cursed them out.

Suddenly, a shadow leaped out from the depths of the cave and shouted at everyone, “No talking!” Everyone was shocked.

It turned out that the cave went all the way through.

On this side, Zhang Mazi was entering the main hall.

The chief, Big Cao, and the third in command, Hu Bazi, were sitting together and drinking.

Seeing Zhang Mazi come in, they immediately greeted him, “You came back with perfect timing! Have a seat and drink with us!” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM The main hall was a cave that was quite large, relatively speaking.

There were four pillars in the center.

They had placed a large stone chair covered in tiger fur in the very front.

An enormous ox bone hung in front of the stone chair.

Along both sides of the main hall were rows of chairs as well.

Behind the chairs was a weapons rack.

Swords, spears, and staffs all hung from this rack.

Under the firelight, they sparkled faintly and coldly.

The table where they ate was in the very center.

On it was two jugs of wine, some grilled meat, and other dishes.

Zhang Maozi held up a jug of wine and gulped half of it down.

Wiping his mouth with a sleeve, he smiled and said, “Chief, I hit the jackpot today.

Altogether, I obtained three large carriages of grain and a chest of gold, silver and treasures!” When he finished speaking, he clapped his hands, and suddenly two bandits brought out the chest of money and set it down in front of Big Cao.

Big Cao was wearing a black padded jacket.

His hair was piled on his head and pinned down by a wooden stick.

His complexion was dark, and his eyebrows were thick.

His eyes lit up at the sight of the money, and he looked up and asked, “Where’s the grain?” “I had the men put it into the grain storage,” Zhang Mazi said.

Big Cao let out a big laugh and patted Zhang Mazi’s shoulder, saying, “Well done! Here’s to you!” “Well, when you give me a mission, have I ever been careless about getting it done? Unlike some people who can’t even complete little tasks!” Zhang Mazi gave a cold snort of pride.

Hu Bazi, sitting next to him, suddenly paled.

He knew that Zhang Mazi was referring to the time that he went into the city to settle matters for the Bai family.

With his rotten luck, he’d run into the Dragon Conqueror Gang.

Even Big Cao would have to go down on his knees if he saw Master Su Jiu.

Hu Bazi couldn’t air his grievance.

He could only grab another jar of wine and down some more.

After some wine, Zhang Mazi moved a bit closer to Big Cao.

With a big, toothy smile, he said, “Chief, we didn’t only come back with grain and money.

I also grabbed some nice girls.

They look,” he clicked his tongue, “fresh and beautiful.

Anyway, I’ve never seen anyone as pretty as them!” Big Cao thought that Zhang Mazi was deliberately exaggerating, so he smiled offhandedly, “All right, later when we’ve finished drinking, send them over to my house!” “Yes, yes, I will have them sent over in a bit.

If there’s one that you like, then we’ll marry her off to you!” Hu Bazi sneered and lowered his head to drink more wine.

“We can talk about that later! I made a trip into the city today and found out that the government is going to target bandits again.

Tell all our brothers to be more careful over the next several days,” Big Cao said.

“Tch!” Zhang Mazi laughed loudly.

“Every time those officials say they’re going to kill bandits, they’re only making empty promises.

If they really dared to come out here, I would make sure not a single one made it home!” “I heard that this time is going to be different!” Big Cao frowned and said, “No matter what, tell the brothers to be more careful, and to not go out for a few days!” “Yes!” Zhang Mazi and Hu Bazi both answered together.

“Any movement from the other gangs?” Hu Bazi asked.

“There shouldn’t be any news.

After the Dragon Conqueror Gang left Yuhu Mountain, those little gangs left over were like grasshoppers after autumn, jumping around a bit before dying.

My guess is that before long, they’ll be joining us!” Zhang Mazi said loudly as he chewed on meat.

“The Dragon Conqueror Gang quit banditry and went into the city to open a restaurant.

Their food is pretty goddamn tasty!” Big Cao had heard about the time when Hu Bazi ran into the people from the Dragon Conqueror Gang in the city.

He still couldn’t quite believe it.

“They got scared!” Zhang Mazi sneered, “They got scared off by our Eight Dragons Gang and didn’t dare to stick around, so they went to hide in the city.

” Big Cao glanced at him, his eyes deep in thought.

They drank and ate until midnight and then got up to go their separate ways and sleep.

Zhang Mazi had drunk so much that he was unsteady on his feet.

Before leaving, he didn’t forget to order, “Go, get those girls and take them over to Chief!” Two of the bandits immediately went.

Zhang Mazi wobbled his way next door and went to sleep.

In the cave, Su Jiu and the others were naturally unable to sleep.

Their ears were alert, listening for any sign of movement outside.

The bandits that had been making a commotion outside all night had finally quieted down.

“Our men should have the place surrounded by now!” Xiao Lie whispered quietly.

There was no light in the cave, only slivers of moonlight, which shone on his red lips.

Su Jiu nodded.

“Wait until we have control of the bandit stronghold, and then they can rush in!” “Mm!” The two of them spoke quietly.

Suddenly, the door burst open and two shadows entered.

The entire cave lit up from the torch in their hands.

Hu Dapao, Chang Huan, and the others all had their eyes closed, but now they quickly opened their eyes.

“Here!” The bandits shone their torch over the group and then pointed it at Su Jiu.

The two of them surrounded Su Jiu, squatted down, and began to untie her.

“What are you doing?” Chang Huan yelled urgently.

Hu Dapao and Ah Shu exchanged a glance and clenched their fists tight, ready to escape their bonds whenever they needed to.

“Don’t worry about me!” Su Jiu suddenly said, “Take care of the Young Master!” Chief didn’t want them to move in? Chang Huan and the others held their rage back and watched coldly.

With the rope untied, Su Jiu let out a long breath as the blood began to flow back into her limbs.

The two bandits pushed her outside.

Xiao Lie immediately stood up and grabbed her shoulder.

“Where are you taking her?” “Obviously somewhere nice!” The bandit grinned evilly.

“Stop blabbering, or I’ll send you to hell right now!” The other bandit said coldly.

Xiao Lie’s expression became icy, his eyes sweeping over them.

His gaze was cold enough to make them shiver in fear.

“I will be with my lady.

Take me too!” The man carried an air of comfortable nobility.

The two bandits were conflicted and scared, quietly wondering who the second-in-command had led them to raid.

They couldn’t help but pull on the knife, saying harshly, “Our chief has no interest in men.

Back off!” Xiao Lie was about to step forward when Su Jiu suddenly stepped back.

She turned around to face Xiao Lie and said quietly, “Husband, stay here and wait.

Don’t die for nothing.

I’ll be fine!” Under her long sleeves, Su Jiu softly squeezed Xiao Lie’s hand.

She told herself that with her martial arts skills, nothing would happen.

Xiao Lie looked down and into her face, beautiful as jade.

He knew that he could not follow her, and he knew that Su Jiu’s martial arts skills were enough to protect herself, but he was still not at ease and would not let go of her hand.

“Husband, listen to me!” With her back to the two bandits, Su Jiu looked up and gave Xiao Lie a wink.

Her spirited eyes were full of courage, cleverness, and tons of confidence! Xiao Lie slowly let go of her hand, “My lady, take care!” “Take care?” One of the bandits grinned and yanked Su Jiu away towards the exit.

“Stop wasting time, no one is coming to save you.

Come with us!” He said this and took Su Jiu outside.

With a rattle, the door closed again.

The cave plunged into a deathly stillness.

Chang Huan’s eyes were dark and fierce.

“If Big Cao hurts a hair on the boss’s head, I’m going to cut him up into a billion little pieces!” Hu Dapao and Ah Shu forcefully broke out of their ties and said quietly, “Listen carefully.

If there is any movement outside, we rush outside right away!” Back in Shengjing City, it had just gotten dark.

Ji Yuxian went into the dining room and immediately ordered, “Go invite the Young Madame to come to have supper!” Ming Bi stepped forward and said, “I already went to invite her.

The Young Madame’s Nanny said that Young Madame isn’t feeling well today, so she went to rest very early!” “She’s not feeling well?” Ji Yuxian thought back to earlier that morning when Su Jiu was clutching her stomach.

He frowned.

Was she not faking it? He turned and began to leave the dining room.

“Young Master, you haven’t eaten yet!” Jin Mi caught up with him.

“I’m not hungry.

Put it away!” Ji Yuxian spoke quietly and was already out the door.

He went to the Perched Phoenix Pavilion.

The corridor lights flickered overhead as the cold wind howled.

Otherwise, the courtyard was very quiet.

This was the first time he had come here since the second day of their marriage.

“Hello, Young Master!” The servant girl, hard at work, ran into Ji Yuxian in the corridor.

Alarmed, she quickly stepped back and curtsied her greeting.

“You may get up!” Ji Yuxian’s voice was warm, but his feet did not stop.

He went straight to Su Jiu’s room.

Nanny heard the movement and panicked.

Didn’t she tell that servant girl that Su Jiu had already gone to sleep? Why was the Eldest Young Master coming, then? Her mind spinning quickly, Nanny stepped forward and blocked Ji Yuxian at the door.

Pretending to be calm, she greeted him, “Hello, Eldest Young Master! Our Miss is not feeling well, so she is already asleep.

If there is anything you need, you can tell me, and when Young Miss wakes up, I will immediately let her know!” Ji Yuxian glanced at the dark bedroom.

With a slight smile, he said, “Why is my lady feeling unwell?” “She has a headache.

She probably caught a cold!” “Oh? In the morning, it was her stomach.

Now at night, it’s her head?” Under the red shadow of the lamp, Ji Yuxian’s eyes shone like a cave.

His sensual lips held back something that was and wasn’t a smile.

Nanny could only stay stubborn and continue on, “Yes, it’s moved to her head!” “Has she seen the manor physician?” Ji Yuxian asked.

“No, the Young Miss doesn’t like bitter medicine.

I’ve made a bowl of ginger soup for her.

Right now, she’s under the quilts sweating it out!” “Since my lady isn’t feeling well, I should go have a look!” said Ji Yuxian as he began to walk towards the bedroom.

Nanny backed up and blocked him again, revealing some of her panic, “No, you cannot! Young Miss has a cold.

She can’t pass it to you!” “I am not so weak as that.

Besides, even if I catch it from her, that’s fine.

I should be bearing the same burdens as her!” Ji Yuxian’s tone was indifferent.

Seeing Nanny try so hard to block his way, he became more suspicious.

Without stopping, he pushed the door open and went into the bedroom.

“Young Master, Young Master!” Nanny caught up, her face even more full of panic.

She threw her arms up to block the curtains in front of the big bed.

“Young Master, our Young Miss finally fell asleep, please don’t disturb her!” “I won’t disturb her; I will just have a look!” Ji Yuxian, eyes bright as moonlight, reached out and pushed Nanny aside, and then pulled the bed curtains open.

Nanny’s heart sank, and she fell to her knees.

“Eldest Young Master, please forgive me!” Ji Yuxian’s lips curled up in a small smile, though his expression was still a little cold.

Looking at the completely empty bed, he asked indifferently, “Where is your Young Miss?” “At noon, Young Miss said she had to go out and do something, but she still hasn’t come back!” “Where did she go?” “I don’t know, I really don’t! There must be something delaying her.

I didn’t take good care of her.

Please punish me!” Ji Yuxian touched the bed curtains, his eyes full of the cold of the night.

“If she doesn’t come back, that’s her fault.

Why would I punish you for that?” Did she really think of Ji Manor as an inn? Coming and going as she pleased, even playing so much to not come back in for the night! “Young Master…” “No more.

You may go back now.

Without my order, don’t come back out!” “Yes, yes!” Nanny bowed and backed away to leave.

Once outside, Nanny waited in the corridor for a while.

When she didn’t see Su Jiu come back, she became increasingly anxious.

Both Chang Huan and Ah Shu were missing, too.

Now she wasn’t even able to leave the manor.

As she was anxiously pacing back and forth, Jin Feng came over and said quietly, “The Young Master gave an order, Nanny.

You should go back in and rest!” “Yes, I understand!” Nanny had no choice but to retreat to her room, her heart full of worry.

How could she sleep? Back at the Eight Dragons Gang stronghold on Yuhu Mountain, it was already late at night.

All the mountain bandits had drunk their wine and turned in to sleep.

The bonfire was slowly dying out, only leaving a pile of cold ashes.

The two bandits had taken Su Jiu into Big Cao’s house.

They pushed the door open and entered.

One of the bandits said, “Chief, we’ve brought the girl for you!” Big Cao was still buzzed from drinking.

He was collapsed over his heated brick bed.

Hearing them, he opened his eyes, grinned, and said, “Mm, you two can go then!” “Yes, Chief.

Have fun!” The two bandits grinned cheekily, turned around, and left, closing the door behind them.

“Little lady! Come over here!” Big Cao sat up, his eyes bloodshot.

He looked straight at Su Jiu, grinning wide.

He was obviously heavily drunk.

Su Jiu glanced at him coldly.

She went to the only table in the house.

Seeing wine on it, she poured herself a cup.

She raised her brow with a smile.

“Big Cao, you’ve been doing well since we last met, yes?” The smile on Big Cao’s face faded a bit.

He squinted at Su Jiu, his head clearing up some.

Startled, he asked, “Who are you?” At the same time, the third-in-command, Hu Bazi, was stumbling back to his own house from drinking in the main hall.

Thinking of Zhang Mazi’s arrogant face, he felt more and more resentful! So, he captured a girl.

What was the big deal? “Skinny Monkey, where are those people?” Hu Bazi asked the bandit next to him.

He trusted this one.

“What people?” The bandit with him was skin and bones.

“The ones that Zhang Mazi brought back.

I heard there was a pretty boy?” “They’re locked up in the east room,” Skinny Monkey quickly answered.

“Take me there! I want to see.

” Hu Bazi’s eyes glittered with evil.

“Yes, yes!” The young mountain bandit knew that their third-in-command was interested in men.

He quickly brought him to the east room.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Hu Dapao and everyone immediately leaped to their feet and backed up a step, slipping into the shadows.

The door opened and a bright torch lit the place up.

Everyone squinted.

The two girls in the back flinched in terror, hiding in the back.

“Third-in-command, they are in here!” Skinny Monkey held up the torch, lighting up the cave.

Hu Bazi’s eyes could only see hazily, so he couldn’t distinguish anyone in front of him.

In a rough voice, he asked, “Which one is the pale pretty boy?” Hu Dapao stepped forward.

“Hu Bazi, it’s your grandpa, do I look like a pretty boy to you?” Hu Bazi was taken aback, his eyes widening.

He looked straight at Hu Dapao.

His face was quite pale! Dapao had shaved his beard, so he looked a little different from when they’d met at the restaurant, but after a careful look, Hu Bazi did recognize him and automatically took a step back.

After looking over Ah Shu and Chang Huan as well, he said fearfully, “How can it be you?” If all of the Dragon Conqueror Gang was here, then who was the girl they captured? Master Su Jiu! Hu Bazi’s legs lost their strength, and he almost fell to the ground.

“So you still recognize your grandpa!” Hu Dapao had been stewing and keeping his anger pent up since being captured by the Eight Dragons Gang.

Now his face was like a demon’s, his hand clawing out towards Hu Bazi’s chest.

Hu Bazi was shaking head to toe, and he immediately grabbed the completely unaware Skinny Monkey and pushed him to the front to block the blow, then ran outside.

“Not good, not good!” Hu Bazi was screaming as he ran to Big Cao’s house.

People heard his movement and ran out of their caves.

They didn’t even have time to ask what was going on before getting completely beat up by Hu Dapao and Ah Shu.

Xiao Lie and Chang Huan ran out of the cave as well and saw countless bandits pour out of the caves in every direction.

Hu Dapao and Ah Shu advanced.

Grabbing the bandits with a hand and spinning them around, they knocked down all the bandits around them, screaming the whole time.

“I’m going to find Su Jiu.

You all stay safe; my men are going to attack their way up right now!” said Xiao Lie as he drew himself up, cold and noble.


Leave this side to us.

Please help us protect the boss!” Chang Huan turned and quickly shouted in the midst of all the fighting.

Xiao Lie gave him a small nod and sprang away.

His foot tapped on a bandit’s head as his body flew over like a falcon.

The whole area had already become a big mess, though Big Cao’s house was still extraordinarily quiet.

Su Jiu’s eyes were sharp as she looked at the bewildered man.

With a cold smile, she said, “Big Cao, don’t you remember your master?” Hearing her voice, a shiver ran through Big Cao’s body.

He looked at Su Jiu in shock.

“You, you are…” He hadn’t even finished talking when the door flew open with a bang.

Hu Bazi’s tall body crashed through, yelling loudly, “Chief, not good, the Dragon Conqueror Gang is here!” Almost at the same time, he noticed Su Jiu sitting on the chair.

The color immediately drained from his face, “Master, Master Su Jiu!” “You know it’s me, so why aren’t you on your knees!” With a big shout, the cup in Su Jiu’s hand flew away as its wine spilled out, flying towards Hu Bazi like a violent wave.

Hu Bazi felt only intense pain in his knees and came down on his knees with a crashing sound, clutching his knees and howling in agony.

Big Cao’s expression was cold as he looked at Su Jiu.

“Master Jiu, what do you mean by this?” “Big Cao, you betrayed the Dragon Conqueror Gang back then.

Today, we settle our debts!” With that, Su Jiu leaped up, her palm chopping horizontally across Big Cao’s forehead.

Although she was dressed charmingly as a woman, her body was full of anger.

Her strikes were vicious and completely ruthless.

Big Cao knew Su Jiu’s martial arts and didn’t dare to press in recklessly.

He put a feeble arm up to block as he turned to escape, trying to dodge instead.

Her palm was lightning quick, though, and met him in front.

His entire body was sent flying, crashing into the wall.

With a puff, a mouthful of blood sprayed out! “Chief Cao!” Hu Bazi called out anxiously, but his knees hurt so badly it was like they were broken, and he could not get up.

Big Cao looked up and watched as the demon-like woman approached.

Clenching his teeth, he said, “Master Jiu, back then I did betray you.

I was a bastard, but I couldn’t just stand idly by and watch my brothers starve to death.

Even if they hadn’t followed me and betrayed you, sooner or later they would have defected to other gangs.

Plus, in the past few years, while I’ve been in charge of the Eight Dragons Gang, even though it seemed like we were enemies with the Dragon Conqueror Gang, in reality, we’ve been defending the Dragon Conqueror Gang!” Su Jiu stepped closer, her face white as snow and her eyes just as cold.

“So you’re trying to say that your betrayal was for my good?” Big Cao clutched his chest as he looked straight at Su Jiu.

“It doesn’t matter if you believe me or not.

I, Big Cao, have never forgotten your mercy!” “To hell with your fake loyalty!” Su Jiu shouted, changing her palm into a fist.

With the intense energy of a star, she suddenly sent it flying between his eyebrows! “Chief!” Hu Bazi roared so loudly it propelled his entire body over.

He hugged Su Jiu’s legs, “Chief, run!” Big Cao took the opportunity to open his eyes and leap towards the window.

With a thump, he slammed the window open to escape.

Su Jiu turned to see Hu Bazi holding onto her legs for dear life.

Cold flashed through her eyes.

“Want to die, do you?” With a single hand, she sent Hu Bazi flying.

She readily took off her women’s clothing, revealing the tight-fitting black outfit inside.

She tied up her waist-length black hair behind her.

Then she got up and flew out the open window.

Outside the house, dozens of bandits swarmed in, surrounding Su Jiu.

Big Cao stood among the crowd and said coldly, “Master Jiu, you are heavily outnumbered.

Even if your martial arts skills are the best, you can’t fight all of us by yourself.

Take your men and leave, and then I can pretend like none of this ever happened!” “You and I, we’ve known each other for a few years now.

Don’t you know my temper?” Su Jiu laughed coldly and leaped up.

Her left leg kicked across as her body twirled, suddenly sending the nearest bandits flying away.

Big Cao frowned.

“Then don’t blame me! Go on, get her!” The bandits responded, shouting mightily.

They held up their long knives and staves as they approached Su Jiu.

Her body was like a swimming dragon.

Her movements were swift and violent, carrying in them a thunder-like edge and murderous aura.

In a split second, she became like a dragon entering the great sea, like a phoenix soaring through the heavens in dazzling brilliance.

No one could block her.

On the other side, Hu Dapao and the others were killing to their hearts’ content.

On this side, Su Jiu was beating up the Eight Dragon’s Gang into a puddle of porridge.

The screams and shouts of killing rose to the sky, breaking through the cold mountain winter night.

Zhang Mazi was asleep and dreaming when the sounds woke him up.

He ran out for a look and was suddenly stunned.

He was, after all, the leader of the bandits, so after he got over his alarm, he knew that their enemies had come to find them.

He quickly calmed down, went back inside the house to grab his own broadsword, and rushed over to Big Cao’s place.

Seeing that the bandits surrounding a woman, he shouted and held his broadsword up as he charged in.

Feeling the cold of a broadsword whipping behind her, Su Jiu suddenly turned around and coldly smiled.

“Zhang Mazi, you’re right on time!” Under the moonlight, her teeth gleamed white.

Her eyes were full of murderous spirit, and she casually flung a bandit away.

She blocked another incoming sword, her body springing up into the wind.

Her flying legs kicked over towards Zhang Mazi.

Zhang Mazi saw her and was again stunned for a moment.

He still hadn’t figured out what was going on and why this young woman was coming after them.

He shivered and then held up his broadsword.

Su Jiu kicked from the side with her left leg and struck horizontally with her right hand, beating up all the bandits that were coming at her.

Seeing Zhang Mazi’s approaching broadsword, she twisted back at the waist and then struck at Zhang Mazi’s wrist with a single fist.

Zhang Mazi’s arm went numb.

The broadsword in his hand clattered to the ground, and he stumbled back a step.

His expression was fierce, and he rushed her again, this time completely unarmed.

Big Cao watched with cold eyes.

He saw his own men fall, one by one.

He frowned resolutely and then picked up a broadsword, coming up to sneakily attack her from behind.

The moment his blade came down at Su Jiu, his teeth gritted.

He swiftly turned the weapon around and aimed with the back of his sword, forcefully striking.

Su Jiu’s cold eyes turned in his direction.

She jumped up to kick backward, but just as she raised her leg, a lightning-fast black shadow flipped into the fray and stopped the sword.

With an arm block, Big Cao went flying back out, crashing into the other bandits who were rushing in.

They all became a pile.

Xiao Lie and Su Jiu stood back to back, their bodies covered in chill.

He asked in a low voice, “Are you injured anywhere? I’m sorry that I’m late!” He had gotten confused amongst the Eight Dragons’ Gang’s many caves.

On his way, he’d also been delayed by bandits.

As he made his way over, he saw the young woman full of explosive energy surrounded by all of the bandits.

His heart panicked at the sight, and even now some of that fear lingered.

“You’re not late!” Su Jiu chuckled quietly and then charged again at the mountain bandits.

Xiao Lie guarded her back and began to fight at the same time.

By now, most of the Eight Dragon’s Gang had been defeated.

Zhang Mazi’s arm had been rendered useless by Su Jiu, and he was now lying on the ground crying.

Big Cao watched Su Jiu and the other high-skilled fighters rushing in from the other side: Hu Dapao and the others.

He gritted his teeth and decided not to fight to the death.

He wanted to take his men and escape.

Just then, a wave of bandits who had been on watch rushed in.

They saw the scene in front of their eyes, but instead of asking about it, they immediately sought out Big Cao and told him in a panic, “Chief, not good! The troops have fought their way up the mountain!” “What did you say?” Big Cao grabbed the bandit and picked up him, asking coldly, “How did the troops find their way in here?” “I don’t know.

They’ve broken our ambush traps, and they’ve already killed two of the smaller gangs.

They’re heading for us right now, and they’ll be here soon!” Hearing that the troops were almost there, all of the bandits were scared witless and stopped fighting the Dragon Conqueror Gang.

They slowly retreated behind Big Cao.

“Chief, the troops are here; let’s get out of here!” “We can’t escape!” Another mountain bandit, this one a scout, ran in.

He was covered in fresh blood.

“Chief, we’re surrounded by soldiers!” Everyone gasped, their faces paling to a gray.

Some people were so scared they fell to the ground and began to cry out loud.

Big Cao looked icily at Su Jiu and said coldly, “Master Jiu, no matter how much we fight, it’s all internal bandit business.

Here, you’re colluding with the imperial court.

You want to send all us bandits of Yuhu Mountain to their graves!” “You bastard, don’t you curse our chief!” Hu Dapao, Ah Shu, and Chang Huan ran over.

Their faces were splattered with blood, and they looked like vengeful ghosts.

Hu Dapao shouted, “Big Cao, you betrayed the Dragon Conqueror Gang back then, but the chief has spared you so many times.

You still want to ruthlessly end the Dragon Conqueror Gang.

Without Master Jiu around, you’re taking your men to kill and loot, leaving no evil undone.

You have no mercy and no morality.

The one who has sent the bandits of Yuhu Mountain to the point of no return is you!” Zhang Mazi shot back, “Whatever you say doesn’t change the fact that you colluded with the imperial authorities! That is betraying morality and justice! All of you Dragon Conqueror Gang people are cowards!” “Pow!” A dead leaf hit Zhang Mazi’s mouth, and he stumbled back.

Chang Huan stepped forward with dark eyes.

“Say anything more, and I will waste you!” Zhang Mazi got up, covering up his mouth, which was full of blood.

He gritted his teeth as he stared down Chang Huan and the others.

“Reporting!” With an anxious shout, another wave of bandits ran in.

Wheezing and panting, they said, “Chief, the troops have killed almost all of the Yuhu Mountain bandits; about fifty or sixty have escaped alive.

They’re gathered with our Eight Dragons Gang and they’re depending on us.

They want to join up to resist against the imperial troops!” Zhang Mazi cursed, “What the hell, we’ll have a hard time just keeping ourselves alive, how are we going to take care of them too?” The mountain wind that night was overflowing with the stench of blood.

The footsteps of the imperial troops drew closer and closer.

The men of the Eight Dragons Gang stood in the cold wind, shivering, feeling like they would not survive the day.

One of them suddenly fell to their knees, crying at Su Jiu, “Master Jiu, I used to be in the Dragon Conqueror Gang, and now I’m willing to come back! Please accept me and shelter me; spare my worthless life! I have an elderly mother that I have to take care of! I can’t die!” Seeing him kneel, another seven or eight men also fell to their knees, crying and pleading, “Master Jiu, we’re willing to come back to the Dragon Conqueror Gang; please let us in!” “Please take us in!” … Zhang Mazi ran over, kicking those men.

“All of you are cowards! Get up! Everyone get up!” No one listened to him.

In fact, more people began to kneel, begging the Dragon Conqueror Gang.

Out of these men, many of them were common peasants from the base of the mountain.

They had come up to the mountains to be bandits without the knowledge of their families, but they had elderly and young family members at home.

Now that they were facing death, they thought of those family members and began to cherish life again.

Flustered and exasperated, Zhang Mazi looked over at Big Cao.

“Chief, just say the word, and I’ll kill these traitors for you!” The murderous cries of the incoming imperial troops could already be heard just down the mountain.

The other gangs of bandits rushed up, each one covered in blood, battered, and exhausted.

They were surrounded now.

Big Cao’s eyes were gray with defeat, and he said listlessly, “As long as they can keep themselves alive, let them go wherever they want!” Ah Shu sneered, “If they want to come, does that mean our chief has to take them in? They’re traitors.

Who do you think you are, Big Cao? Back then, you were just the same, betraying out Chie, and leading the Eight Dragons Gang to fight the Dragon Conqueror Gang.

What a waste for me to have considered you a brother once!” “Chief Cao never set himself against your Dragon Conqueror Gang!” A man stepped out from behind Big Cao with a low roar.

He said, “These past years, Chief Cao has been helping you all the time.

Last winter, when your gang always happened upon some food, that was Chief Cao sending people to secretly deliver it to you.

” “Zhu Zi, shut up!” Big Cao shouted.

“No, I’m going to tell them! There was that year when you were up on the mountain hunting, too.

You caught a deer, right? That was when Chief Cao led men up the mountain and spent a full day and night catching it, and then deliberately chased it into your face! All of that money that you’d pick up off the mountain roads, that was Chief Cao telling our people to toss it.

” Su Jiu’s eyes betrayed her shock.

She turned to look at Big Cao.

“Is he telling the truth?” In the winter, corn did sometimes just appear in their courtyard.

She’d thought it was some kindhearted peasant who brought it up.

It was Big Cao! Bic Cao did not dare look Su Jiu in the eye, slightly angling his head away.

In the intense night, the wind was howling.

Over a hundred people stood there, dead silent.

“That year, Chief Cao did not mean to betray you, Master Jiu.

Back then, the leader of the Eight Dragons Gang had just come into power.

They were really unstable, and they hatched a plot to destroy the Dragon Conqueror Gang.

Chief Cao heard the news and deliberately took men to go into the Eight Dragons Gang to stabilize the leadership!” Zhu Zi’s eyes were red as he shouted out the stories of the past in one breath.

Hu Dapao, Ah Shu, and the others looked at Big Cao in shock.

“Chief Cao never forgot Master Jiu’s kindness.

If you don’t believe me, look at the broadsword in his hand!” Everyone’s eyes fell upon Big Cao’s broadsword.

It was clearly the back of the knife coming down! “I told you to stop!” Big Cao suddenly shouted as he turned his head to look at the bandit named Zhu Zi.

Ah Shu was looking directly at the men who used to be in the Dragon Conqueror Gang.

He said to Big Cao, “It’s not like Master Jiu has not shown you mercy and affection either.

Like today, we could have come killing here at any time, destroying every last bit of the Eight Dragon Gang.

For so many years, if Master Jiu was going to be cold and heartless, who knows how many times over you’d all be dead?” Big Cao’s face suddenly trembled, and he thrust his sword into the dirt.

With a clang, he fell onto one knee.

Tears silently falling from the tall man’s face, he said, “Master Jiu!” In the gale, Su Jiu’s face was as chilly as ever, but slowly, her throat began to close up.

After all, this was a brother that once put his blade alongside hers.

She took a deep breath and said, “Get up!” “I’m willing to newly pledge my allegiance to the Dragon Conqueror Gang.

Please take me in!” Big Cao said each word emphatically, both his knees now on the ground.

With this sentence, all of the Eight Dragons Gang knelt down, “Please take us in, Master Jiu, and spare our lives!” “Please forgive us and let us rejoin the Dragon Conqueror Gang!” “Master Jiu…” Seeing Big Cao on his knees, Zhang Mazi knew that the balance of power had shifted.

He gritted his teeth and also went down on one knee.

“We are willing to pledge our allegiance to the Dragon Conqueror Gang and serve under Master Jiu from now on!” The ones who were originally relying on the Eight Dragons Gang took stock of the situation and ran over to join the Eight Dragon Gang in kneeling down.

“We of Heavenly Victory Gang are also willing!” “We of the Uprising Gang are also willing!” The sounds of their pleading echoed in waves deep in the mountain, carrying in them the hope of life.

Su Jiu looked at these people, her red lips tight.

She had taken her Dragon Conqueror Gang into Shengjing City already.

In Zhang Mazi’s words just now, they were already “relying” on the authorities.

How could she accept these men, as the leader of the Dragon Conqueror Gang? Thinking of the authorities, Su Jiu suddenly realized that she had forgotten about someone.

She gasped and slowly turned, looking at the one who had been standing behind her all along: Xiao Lie! Xiao Lie’s brows were lax, looking at her delicate face.

He slowly smiled.

“Master Su Jiu, I’ve heard a lot about you!” In this situation, Su Jiu suddenly had no idea how to start explaining, or perhaps there was no explanation to be had.

She was a leader of mountain bandits, and there was no hiding that.

Su Jiu pursed her lips and looked straight at him.

“I will strictly discipline these people from now on.

They won’t hurt any peasants going forward.

Can you ask His Grace Prince Rui to spare their lives?” Xiao Lie looked down, considering it for a moment, and then looked up at Su Jiu.

“All right.

If Master Jiu can keep these mountain bandits of Yuhu Mountain under control and make sure that they don’t do anything evil, then I am willing to put in a word for you in front of Prince Rui!” Su Jiu saluted him with her hands and solemnly said, “Thank you, Brother Xiao! These men’s lives are saved thanks to you.

From now on, whether it’s mountains of knives or oceans of fire, I will cross them dutifully for you!” Everyone behind them shouted together, “We are duty-bound!” Their sound was deafening and resounding! All of a sudden, they were not staring down into death.

Everyone was joyous and excited, as if granted a new life.

Seeing her serious eyes, Xiao Lie smiled soundlessly.

The shouts of the imperial troops came closer and closer, as if they were just about to come upon them.

Xiao Lie went over to negotiate with them, while Su Jiu, Dapao, and the others began to figure out how to manage the bandits of Yuhu Mountain.