Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 81

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 81

In the plum garden, the delicate fragrance wafted over them.

Lan Zhihui’s eyes glimmered like spring sunlight hitting the white snow.

She smiled calmly and looked at Ji Yuxian.

“Smell the plums’ fragrance,” she said, “Look at them, all pink and white!” “If you like them, then you should come by more often!” Under the plum trees, his sleeves were like clouds, his countenance carefree.

His lips were curled in a light smile.

Lan Zhihui looked down, her lips curving up slightly.

She simply smiled without speaking.

Ren Zi’er followed behind, feeling like she was about to go blind! Their three shadows passed the flowers and the trees.

Xie Ying and Shangguan Yu saw them and immediately went over to greet them.

They respectfully said, “Hello, Young Master.

Hello, Lady Lan.

” From behind, Chen Yuchan also followed them out of the pavilion, slowly getting up.

Xie Ying dipped his head, his gaze falling to where Ji Yuxian was holding Lan Zhihui by the hand.

His eyes narrowed slightly.

Lan Zhihui immediately let go of Ji Yuxian’s hand and walked forward a step.

With a soft laugh, she said, “Everyone, please do not stand on ceremony!” As she said this, she looked up at the pavilion and was suddenly startled.

Su Jiu was alone in the pavilion.

She had not come over to greet Ji Yuxian.

She did not even stand up, only turning her head to look over curiously.

In her hands, she was holding a cup of hot tea, still steaming.

Her facial features were delicate and exquisite, and she was completely beautiful with her ethereal eyes.

There was no pettiness in those eyes, nor jealousy.

No vacant look, no pretenses of being ordinary.

She simply looked over very calmly and slightly inquisitively.

Lan Zhihui was astonished.

She’d never known how beautiful Ji Yuxian’s young wife was.

“Lady Lan, please come in and sit in the pavilion!” Xie Ying smiled widely and pulled Lan Zhihui by the arm to walk to the pavilion.

Her bright eyes looked at Ji Yuxian with a bashful expression.

Once at the pavilion, Ji Yuxian looked at Su Jiu with a smile.

“My dear, you look so elegant today!” Yesterday, Ji Yuxian had dismounted the carriage without his usual grace.

He hadn’t even paid any mind to her when he went inside.

Su Jiu thought that he would stay angry for several days.

She wouldn’t have thought that, today, he would be smiling as if nothing had happened.

Su Jiu got up and returned his calm smile.

“Young Master, aren’t you here as well now?” Ji Yuxian’s eyes twinkled, looking at her with the utmost affection.

He said in a low voice, “Of course I came here because you were here too! Also, I’ve said so many times.

It’s not ‘Young Master.

’ You should call me your husband!” .



As the two of them flirted as if no one was watching, everyone else looked on with varying reactions.

Xie Ying and her people were naturally gnashing their teeth in a fury.

They threw piercing stares in Su Jiu’s direction, wishing they could poke a few holes in her body and watch the blood trickle out.

Meanwhile, Lan Zhihui watched Ji Yuxian in astonishment.

It was as if this were the first moment that she realized that his tenderness could be directed at someone besides her.

Her long lashes pointed down, and she quickly stepped forward, saying, “Hello, Young Madame.

It was rude of me to take so long to come to greet you; please, do not take it to heart!” Robes Square belonged to Ji Manor.

Even though Lan Zhihui was the mistress of the square, she was still under the Ji family’s authority; she should have come to greet the matriarch long ago.

Su Jiu turned her head.

Her breathtaking eyes had seen many women, but out of all of them, Lan Zhihui was the best-looking one.

Now, speaking to a beautiful person, her voice subconsciously slowed down.

She smiled calmly and said, “That’s alright!” Lan Zhihui was somewhat taken aback.

Her apology was just a courtesy, but saying that it was ‘alright’ didn’t sound like a response that would come from an educated young lady.

Xie Ying and Shangguan Yu exchanged a look, laughter dancing in their eyes, and they immediately offered seats to Lan Zhihui and Ji Yuxian.

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COM “Lady Lan, please sit here.

Are you cold? Have a cup of hot tea to warm yourself up!” “Young Master, try this orange.

It is from Lingnan in the south, and the merchants traveled as fast as they possibly could to bring them into Shengjing City.

They only arrived at the manor today!” “Cousin, Lady Lan, I made this Osmanthus cake by hand.

I put gardenia rice wine in it, so it’s not overly sweet!” … Ying Xie, Ren Zi’er, and Shangguan Yu crowded around Ji Yuxian and Lan Zhihui, throwing all the attention they could onto them.

They were especially enthusiastic to Lan Zhihui and suddenly squeezed Su Jiu away from the stone table.

Chen Yuchan stood behind Ji Yuxian, hands twisting a handkerchief.

She looked up with concern at the abandoned Su Jiu.

Su Jiu did not mind at all.

She turned to go to the wooden railing, stretched her legs to sit up on it, and set some sunflower seeds and snacks on the small table nearby.

She watched the koi in the water by the pavilion while nibbling on the seeds.

The smell of women’s cosmetics and powders just did not compare to the lovely fragrance of plum flowers, but Su Jiu had been here for so long that she was getting impatient.

She was just waiting for Nanny to come back so that they could return to Phoenix Garden.

“Bang, bang!” “Bang, bang!” Amidst all the chirping and the chattering, an unharmonious sound began to emerge.

Xie Ying and everyone slowly quieted down and looked over.

They were startled at first and then reacted with disdain and ridicule.

Su Jiu hadn’t noticed them, but she had been throwing the shells of her seeds into the lake, attracting dozens of red carp over to fight for them.

Su Jiu was having great fun, watching the fish jump out of the water to grab the food, and she was even laughing with delight.

It took a long time for her to realize that the pavilion had strangely quieted down.

She turned her head and looked blankly at them, discovering that everyone was watching her.

Watching the show, everyone’s eyes showed a different reaction: surprise, ridicule, disdain.

Ji Yuxian’s eyes gloated.

Su Jiu lightly coughed, and then put down the leg that had been propped up on the wooden railing.

With an apprehensive hum, she said, “What fun is there in watching me shell these seeds?” Lan Zhihui looked around, then got up and walked over.

Her pale, slender hand took hold of Su Jiu’s wrist, and she smiled.

“Young Madame, come sit here!” Su Jiu could not turn down the good intentions of a beautiful lady, so she followed.

The two of them sat down on a stone bench covered in fur padding.

Lan Zhihui picked up the teapot and poured some tea for Su Jiu.

She said softly, “Young Madame, you came all the way from Fuyang, so you must not be used to the crispness of Shengjing City’s winters.

I have a lovely white fox pelt back home.

In the next few days, I’ll use it to make a cloak for you and bring it over!” Her eyes were clear as water, and her voice was graceful and elegant.

She held herself with poise but was amiable and gentle.

Su Jiu finally understood what they called a ‘classy, well-educated young woman.

’ She smelled the woman’s light fragrance and felt half of her body go weak.

She shook her head and said, “It’s alright.

I’m not afraid of the cold.

Lady Lan should keep-” She was not finished speaking when she was suddenly interrupted by Ji Yuxian next to them, “Since it’s a gift from Zhihui, you should receive it graciously, my dear!” Su Jiu turned to look at him only to see a puzzlingly calm smile on his infuriatingly handsome face.

He threw her a coquettish wink.

Su Jiu felt the other half of her body go weak as well.

Distracted, she nodded.

“Sure, that’s fine!” Sitting to the side, Shangguan Yu had an ugly expression on her face, and Xie Ying was silently gritting her teeth.

The jealousy in her eyes was about to burst into flames.

Her fingers twisted a silk handkerchief, and the corners of her mouth pulled up into a smile.

She said, “In past years, we used to enjoy the plum blossoms while playing the zither, painting pictures, and reciting poetry together.

This year, Lady Lan is also here.

We should not let talent go to waste.

Will you play us a song?” Ren Zi’er immediately echoed her agreement, “Lady Lan is the pride and joy of Shengjing City.

Today, we’d be blessed to enjoy the sound of your music!” Lan Zhihui smiled modestly.

“I have not played for so many years.

I am completely out of practice.

I don’t dare pollute Young Master’s ears!” “Speaking of which, I really haven’t heard you play the zither in a very long time.

Today is a lovely day, Zhihui, please play a song, any song you wish!” Ji Yuxian chuckled.

Lan Zhihui turned to look at him, and she stopped evading their requests.

She generously nodded.

“Alright, then please forgive my poor playing!” “Shao Yao, go fetch my Raoliang zither and bring it here for Lady Lan!” Xie Ying immediately stood up and gave the order once she saw Lan Zhihui yield.

The servant girl behind her, Shao Yao, nodded, and replied, “Yes!” The Raoliang zither was one of the ten famous zithers of Shengjing City.

Some years ago, it was the dowry when Xie Ying’s mother got married.

When Xie Ying got married, it was passed down to her as a dowry.

Xie Ying had always been proud of it! Su Jiu had taken the dowry and jewelry from Xie Ying’s marriage when she took over Phoenix Garden.

Shao Yao had only been able to snatch the zither back.

The thought of this made Xie Ying itchy all over with hatred again! The zither had already been prepared, so Shao Yao retrieved it quickly.

She gingerly placed it onto the frame.

Lan Zhihui walked over to sit behind the zither.

Its surface was lacquered black, and its smooth shape was fluid.

Its simplicity carried a moistness that hinted at its years.

On the zither, two words had been carved: Raoliang.

Placing her hand on the zither, she gently picked a string.

A melodious tone with vibrato rang out like the wind carrying the clouds away.

“With one song on the legendary Raoliang, the ears find their soulmate in a melody.

This is indeed a good zither!” Lan Zhihui exclaimed in surprise.

It was easy to make good music but difficult to make a good zither! The others could not help but step forward, watching in admiration.

Xie Ying straightened up, her eyes filling even more with pride.

She was about to open her mouth to say some modest words when she heard Ji Yuxian take his teacup, and say with a light laugh, “How does it compare to the Jiuxiao that I gave you?” Of the famous zithers in the world, Raoliang ranked sixth.

Jiuxiao was third.

Taken aback, Xie Ying’s smile froze on her face, her color draining.

Ren Zi’er and Shangguan Yu stole a look at Xie Ying’s sudden, horrified expression, and they sneered coldly.

Lan Zhihui’s smooth lips smiled, and she said calmly, “They are equally excellent!” Saying this, she put her hands on the zither’s strings.

She began to pluck slowly, and a song of high mountains and running water came flowing out like the spring water from the middle of a mountain.

It was like the wind sweeping through a forest of bamboo, the bells of spring waters, or a jeweled compass.

Her audience forgot everything that was on their minds.

They forgot the winter chills on their bodies.

Unknowingly, gradually, they closed their eyes.

A soft fragrance floated across the tips of their noses.

They felt as if they were standing in the center of a forest creek as the spring flowers bloomed, and the river melted away.

They felt indescribable relaxing contentment.

An heirloom zither combined with Lan Zhihui’s superior musical skills made for an intoxicating pair.

In the middle of all this was Su Jiu.

Her eyes were clear, and she was watching Lan Zhihui play the zither the entire time.

Her thin garment resembled lotus leaves blowing elegantly in the wind.

The sight was wonderful.

Her gaze went from the zither to the woman’s focused face, whose eyes narrowed just a bit.

It was delightful.

At the plum blossoms’ first bloom, they were sprinkled with frosty dew.

The plum garden was quiet, save for the sound of the melodious zither music.

Su Jiu looked at Xie Ying and everyone else, who, with their eyes closed, seemed like they were drunk.

She looked down in a smile, and then out of the corner of her eye caught a glimpse of something.

She looked over to see Ji Yuxian calmly watching her with those eyes full of questions, suspicion, and depth.

Su Jiu quickly closed her eyes, also pretending to be lost in the music.

She even copied what Qiao An used to do when he was reading and swayed her head.

Ji Yuxian’s lips pursed into a smile.

His gaze, still on her, grew even deeper.

When the song ended, everyone seemed to wake up from their daze.

They piled on the praise.

“Lady Lan, you play this zither so much more skillfully than I do!” Xie Ying exclaimed.

“Only after hearing Lady Lan’s music did I learn that this world holds such beautiful sound!” “How spectacular!” … Lan Zhihui glanced at Ji Yuxian out the corner of her eye, then looked down and said, “Everyone exaggerates my skill.

It’s the zither that sounds good!” They paid her some more compliments, then Xie Ying turned and suddenly said, “The Su family’s Madame was a famously talented woman, known throughout Shengjing City for her skills.

Her song, ‘Palace of the Autumn Moon,’ famously moved the entire city.

Young Madame, you must have inherited her skills.

Your zither playing must be exquisite.

Why don’t you broaden our horizons today?” Ren Zi’er immediately agreed, “Lady Lan has already played for us.

Naturally, Young Madame wouldn’t deny us a song!” Ji Yuxian’s calmly smiling eyes fell upon Su Jiu, waiting for her response.

Su Jiu looked at Xie Ying, clenching her teeth as she smiled.

She had set the stage, and it was finally time to perform.

If she dared to play, Xie Ying had better think about what it was going to cost her! She cocked her head, looked straight at Xie Ying, and said, “I wasn’t very healthy growing up, so I never really practiced playing the zither.

I did learn a bit of fighting, though, so I can’t quite control my strength.

I would rather not break your zither!” Chen Yuchan rushed to her aid, saying, “We’ve already enjoyed Lady Lan’s playing.

It’s fine if Young Madame doesn’t play!” Seeing Su Jiu trying to back out, Xie Ying became even more certain that Su Jiu’s musical skills were superficial, so she should not be held in such high regard.

Especially as Lan Zhihui had played so beautifully just now, she wanted to make sure that Su Jiu made a fool of herself in front of Ji Yuxian.

If she lost control, flew into a humiliated rage, and spit jealous slander at Lan Zhihui, angering Ji Yuxian, then that would be even better! Xie Ying cooked up this scheme very rapidly, and her lips curled into a smile.

“I don’t believe that, given Madame Su’s exquisite zither skills, Young Madame’s skills could have turned out to be inadequate.

You are just modest!” She turned to Ji Yuxian, holding onto his arm, and said, “Young Master, Lady Lan is just a guest, and even she played for us.

You must say something and convince Young Madame to play as well!” Ji Yuxian looked at Su Jiu with his full eyes.

“Since everyone is looking forward to it so much, my dear, play us a song!” Su Jiu looked at Xie Ying and coldly raised her eyebrow.

She said crisply, “You really want me to play?” “Yes! Please, go ahead, Young Madame!” Xie Ying smiled.

Lan Zhihui stood up to make room and gestured to invite Su Jiu to sit.

Su Jiu nodded and happily took her spot behind the zither.

She put her two hands on the zither and raised her eyes to flash Xie Ying a smile.

Then, with a bounce of her fingers, they all heard a buzzing sound.

Then, it suddenly stopped.

The string broke and snapped against the surface of the zither.

Everyone gasped in shock.

After a startled moment, Xie Ying’s eyes betrayed her heartache, and she ran over, crying, “My zither!” The broken string’s loose threads were still vibrating.

Xie Ying felt great grief, and she looked up at Su Jiu with extreme hatred.

“You!” Lan Zhihui frowned a little, and said regretfully, “What a pity!” Su Jiu looked straight at Xie Ying and lowered a fingertip down to pluck another string.

She arched an eyebrow and asked, “Do you still want me to continue playing?” “No! Don’t play it!” Xie Ying shouted nervously.

Her whole body folded over the zither table, her two arms protectively covering the strings.

Su Jiu glanced at her, brushed her sleeves, and stood up.

Xie Ying touched the broken string.

She turned to Su Jiu and said angrily, “You did this on purpose!” Su Jiu returned her gaze with a smile, her expression completely innocent.

“I told you,” she said.

“I learned to fight, so I can’t control my strength.

You were the one who wanted me to play, so what else could I do?” Xie Ying clenched her palms, and an unbearable ache filled her chest.

For a moment, she could only grit her teeth without speaking.

Seeing this, Ren Zi’er hurried to help Xie Ying up.

“Sister, don’t be sad,” she said.

“Broken zither strings can be repaired.

” Then, she turned and ordered Shao Yao, “Hurry up and put the zither away!” Xie Ying’s eyes were cold as snow, and she glared at Ren Zi’er.

She lifted her head and saw that Ji Yuxian was watching her, so she quickly hid the coldness in her eyes.

She looked down and bit her lip, not saying a word.

“Yes, broken zither strings can be repaired.

Second Young Madame, don’t be too sad!” Lan Zhihui also softly persuaded her.

Xie Ying nodded with her head low and forced a bitter smile.

“Yes!” The zither was an heirloom that had been passed down for several generations.

After repairs, it would never be as it had been originally.

Her zither was ruined! The more Xi Ying thought about it, the more hatred she felt.

She stepped back and imperceptibly gave Ren Zi’er a small push.

Ren Zi’er understood.

She immediately smiled up at everyone.

“Since we’ve played the zither, let’s do some poetry together!” “That’s a good idea.

Young Madame, since you were not able to finish playing the zither just now, why don’t you go ahead first?” Shangguan Yu looked provokingly at Su Jiu.

“Poetry?” Su Jiu asked with alarm.

“Young Madame, you can’t play the zither, but there’s no way that you can’t write poetry as well.

Even the beggars at the gate can call out a few limericks each day!” Shangguan Yu laughed with deliberate delicateness.

Ji Yuxian had been sitting on the bench, sipping his tea without a word.

Hearing this, though, his long eyebrows slowly furrowed into a frown.

Coldness crept into his eyes.

Lan Zhihui saw his expression change out of the corner of her eye and softly said, smiling, “Why don’t we each make a verse about the plums.

No need to worry about rhyming, just say whatever comes to mind! Many ancient poems were improvised casually, without structural restrictions.

There’s no harm in trying poetry that way!” Chen Yuchan said, “Lady Lan is right.

Let’s each do a verse about the plums.

We won’t waste this year’s lovely plum season.

” Xie Ying shot a glance at Chen Yuchan and said carelessly, “Then, Fourth Young Madame, you go first!” Chen Yuchan’s brows lowered as she smiled and thought for a moment.

“I can offer something modest!” “Plums bloom in rows of two and three, painting shadows of skirts full of fragrance.

The frost turns to a snowy night’s white moon.

The east wind fills it at the end with red makeup.

” She finished her verse, and Lan Zhihui gave her a composed smile.

“Fourth Young Madame is so talented!” Chen Yuchan immediately dipped her head and said, “My skills are superficial and very humble in front of you, Lady Lan!” Next, Ren Zi’er and Shangguan Yu each performed a verse, not with their best abilities but with just enough effort, full of the thoughts of young girls.

Xie Ying arched her eyebrow at Su Jiu and said, “Everyone has shared a verse now.

It’s your turn, Young Madame!” “It’s just poetry, isn’t it? Listen up!” Su Jiu stood up and turned her back to the crowd, looking out at the plum trees outside the pavilion.

She couldn’t write poetry, but Master An could.

She’d listened to him recite poetry and accidentally committed some to memory.

Today, when Xie Ying had brought the game up, she thought that she might be able to recite a good number of verses.

“Outside the pavilion, along the many branches, the plums blossom alone in the cold.

From a distance, you know there is no snow, because of the subtle fragrance that comes.

” Su Jiu finished her poem, and for a moment, the pavilion was silent.

Xie Ying, Shangguan Yu, and the rest had been ready to sneer at Su Jiu, but she’d delivered such an attentive, quality verse.

They were suddenly speechless.

Lan Zhihui nodded lightly and said, “Without using flowery words, it’s simple and natural, yet creative and profound.

It’s a masterpiece! With Young Madame’s simple improvisation, you’ve done better than so many famous poets.

I’m in admiration!” Ji Yuxian’s eyes narrowed, looking at Su Jiu meaningfully.

Su Jiu didn’t pay him any attention and smiled.

“It’s just something modest!” Xie Ying laughed coldly.

“Young Madame, you’re telling us that you improvised this, I—” —Don’t believe you.

The last few words didn’t make it out because she felt like her mouth had suddenly filled with icy snow.

The chill went down into her throat.

She couldn’t breathe, and her face began to turn red.

She bent over, coughing fiercely.

Xie Ying was facing Su Jiu with her back to everyone else, so no one was aware of what was going on.

Ren Zi’er and Shao Yao ran up to pat Xie Ying on the back.

“Sister, what’s wrong?” Xie Ying’s chest felt piercingly cold.

She was coughing and dripping with snot and tears.

Her face was red, and she felt like she was about to cough out her lungs.

From behind, Shangguan Yu and Chen Yuchan watched with alarm.

They did not know why Xie Ying was suddenly ill.

Hadn’t she already recovered from her cold? Ji Yuxian raised his eyes to look across the pavilion and saw a fleeting flash of blue.

He frowned.

“Since Second Young Madame is not feeling well, I think we’ll stop here for today.

It’s getting late, anyway, and I also should be getting back to the square!” Lan Zhihui said as she stood up.

“I will see you out!” Ji Yuxian stood up as well, then gave orders to Shao Yao, “Take Second Young Madame back to her room.

These next few days will be cold, so do not go out!” “Young, Master!” Xie Ying raised her head and cried out hoarsely.

Her face was as red as a pig’s liver, full of running tears and flowing snot.

She was a sorry sight.

“Listen well and be good.

I’ll come to see you another day!” Ji Yuxian said.

Then, he left the pavilion with Lan Zhihui.

His long legs had just reached the bottom stone step when, suddenly, he turned around and looked at Su Jiu.

“My dear, don’t go back to your place yet.

Go to the study and wait for me!” Su Jiu was taken aback.

He didn’t think that Xie Ying’s condition was because of her, did he? She’d seen the snowball that had flown into Xie Ying’s mouth.

Of course, she’d also seen the person who threw it, but how could Ji Yuxian have seen? Xie Ying was still coughing incessantly, her eyes bloodshot.

She glared daggers at Su Jiu.

“I know it was you! I won’t let you get away with it!” she said.

Su Jiu did not even spare her a look as she stepped away and left the pavilion.

Shangguan Yu came up behind Xie Ying and watched Su Jiu’s figure slowly disappear into the distance.

She smiled coldly and said, “Second Young Madame, you lost today.

Not only did you fail to humiliate Su Yuejiu and to stir up conflict between Lan Zhihui and Su Yuejiu, but they even started getting along harmoniously!” Ran Zhi’er frowned.

“Young Master likes Lan Zhihui.

Why isn’t Su Yuejiu angry about that?” Even if she wasn’t jealous, wasn’t Su Yuejiu afraid that, one day, her position as Young Madame would be snatched away by Lan Zhihui? “There’s a long future ahead of us.

What is there to be scared of?” Xie Ying’s splendid eyes were sinister and scheming.

“I want to see just how long this ‘getting along harmoniously’ will last!” As she said this, she breathed in more cold air.

Xie Ying’s chest contracted, and she suddenly began to cough again.

She quickly turned to Shao Yao, saying, “Hurry, take me back!” “Yes, yes!” Shao Yao and Ren Zi’er supported Xie Ying from either side, helping her walk.

Shangguan Yu followed behind them and took the servant girls away.

Just like that, the family gathering ended.

After Xie Ying returned to her rooms, she fell ill for several days, coughing incessantly through the day and night.

Many physicians came in to see her, but everyone told her that she had a wind cold in the lungs that would only get better, gradually, with care and rest.

Xie Ying was so weak from her illness, and her spirits were low.

She could not even find the inclination to make trouble for Su Jiu.

Meanwhile…back to the day when they’d all appreciated the plum blossoms.

Ji Yuxian and Lan Zhihui headed out, walking side by side.

Unhurriedly, they left Ji Manor.

Outside the gate, a carriage from Robes Squares was waiting.

Lan Zhihui slowly turned around and said softly, “Your other wives don’t seem to like Young Madame.

In fact, their words are downright disrespectful.

Why don’t you protect her?” Ji Yuxian looked handsome in his red coat with his romantic eyebrows.

Yet, his tone was indifferent as he answered, “If she cannot handle these little things, how can she be Madame of the household?” Lan Zhihui was startled.

He chuckled for a moment.

Without further discussion, she turned and walked to the carriage.

Su Jiu, meanwhile, entered Ji Yuxian’s study.

It was empty inside, not a soul.

The silence was unusual.

The faint smell of books intermingled with the floating fragrance of lotus helped visitors relax as they came in.

Su Jiu, seeing that there was no one there, went straight to the sword on its frame.

Her eyes burned bright as she looked upon the precious sword.

In this room, this was what intrigued her the most.

She’d once learned swordplay from a swordsman who had fallen on hard times and ended up in the Dragon Conqueror Gang.

She’d learned his authentic methods, so her skills were not bad, but she had never before had a sword of her own.

Back then, when she’d been learning swordplay, she had used a wooden sword whittled from a branch.

When the swordsman had left the Dragon Conqueror Gang, he’d said that he would come back and find her to give her an amazing sword.

But that jerk had never returned.

Now, Su Jiu put her hands on the scabbard.

Suddenly a bone-chilling cold shot up through her fingertips.

Somehow, it aroused the hot blood in Su Jiu’s chest.

Watching the cold shine of the scabbard, her blood began to boil.

She turned to take a look at the closed door.

Su Jiu raised her arm to pick up the sword, using her strength to draw it from the scabbard.

Suddenly, a ray of light flashed, like a rainbow or a blazing moon.

There was a flow of sharp, heady radiance.

Su Jiu’s eyes shone brightly.

She couldn’t help but caress the blade with her finger.

It was broad—three inches longer than a typical sword.

It truly was a majestic sword that would cut through iron as if it were dirt.

With the long sword in her hand, the combat methods that she’d learned came to mind in a flash.

Su Jiu rose and waved the sword forward.

In that instant, a golden light suddenly appeared.

A bitingly cold wind blew.

Quick on her feet, she slashed sideways through the air and whirled around.

In dazzling magnificence, like the clear, splendid winter snow, a faint thundering sound rolled in, which she absorbed through her soul.

Su Jiu’s body moved vigorously and rapidly, and also lightly and naturally.

Her eyes were focused, and she lost a sense of herself as she completed one full swordplay set.

Energy reverberated through the room.

The books on the table rustled gently.

Suddenly, her eyes narrowed, and she flipped backward into the air, resting the sword on the throat of a sudden arrival.

Next, she saw Ji Yuxian’s calm smile and seductive eyes.

She drew a breath, lightly retreated several steps, and sheathed the sword.

She stood up straight and said quietly, “I’m sorry!” Ji Yuxian stepped forward, his eyes shining deep like a light hidden far away from the darkness.

He looked straight at her.

The faint fragrance of lotus pressed in on her.

Su Jiu subconsciously stepped back, aware that something was amiss in his eyes.

She looked sharply away.

Does he suspect something? In any case, there wasn’t any solid evidence, so she would just deny everything until the very end! Ji Yuxian continued to come closer, forcing Su Jiu to the wall until they were mere inches apart.

He leaned over to faintly look at her.

Raising his hand to lift her chin, he chuckled and said, “My dear, your swordplay is exquisite.

Could it be that the Su family is a martial arts clan?” Su Jiu raised her head slightly.

Being in this position made all her hairs stand on end.

She leaned her head over to dodge his restraining hands.

She pulled the sword up in front to block herself, putting some distance between the two of them.

“As I said before, I was not healthy when I was young,” she explained, “so I learned martial arts to get stronger and healthier!” “And with just that bit of practice, you mastered such beautiful martial arts skills? My dear, you are simply a martial arts prodigy!” Su Jiu shrugged.

“My teacher taught me well!” Ji Yuxian raised an eyebrow and chuckled.

It seemed like he believed her.

He raised his hand to take the sword back.

His lips curled up into a smile, and he asked softly, “Do you like this sword?” Su Jiu nodded honestly, “I do!” “Then, it’s yours!” Su Jiu suddenly raised her head, looking at him in surprise, “It’s mine? Don’t you like this sword, too? Why would you give it to me?” Ji Manor had so many precious treasures, yet Ji Yuxian had specially placed this sword here where he could see it every day.

It was clearly an object that he was very fond of.

“Because, compared to this sword, I like you more!” Ji Yuxian lowered his head, winked once, seductively.

Faintly, warmly, he breathed on Su Jiu’s face, though it was not quite a kiss.

His tall body was blocking the light, so his perfect face was hidden in the darkness, blurred and hazy.

The deep, demonic charm in his voice was even more mystifying.

Su Jiu lifted her head and looked blankly at him.

She blinked.

“What did you say?” Ji Yuxian leaned over, his red lips nearly touching Su Jiu’s ears.

He said, lowly and slowly, “I said, I like you more!” Su Jiu’s ears suddenly felt like they’d been struck by lightning.

A numb and shivering feeling paralyzed half of her body.

Her mind suddenly jumped to the drunken parlors where flirtatious women sat in men’s embraces, feeding them wine and smiling enchantingly.

She shivered and abruptly jumped away, looking at him in alarm.

“Stand a little farther and talk properly!” The smile on Ji Yuxian’s lips did not change.

The darkness in his eyes was just as deep.

He turned, walked to the table, laid out a sheet of paper, grabbed a pen, and began to write.

Su Jiu looked at him, not understanding.

The sword was still in her hand.

What kind of medicine was this man on? Was he really giving the sword to her? Su Jiu’s brows furrowed in confusion.

Her intuition told her it wouldn’t be so simple to take something undeserved.

She turned to put the sword back.

“My dear, come over here!” He turned his head and suddenly called out.

Su Jiu went over to him and saw that he had written a lot of words on the paper.

The ink had not dried, and there was still the faint smell of the ink.

“My dear, the poem that you wrote in the garden was wonderful, so I wrote it down.

I intend to put it in my second brother’s collection of poems.

Take a look.

Can you tell me if there are any incorrect words?” Ji Yuxian smiled.

Su Jiu’s gaze fell on the paper, pretending to read it from start to finish.

She shook her head and said, “No!” “Not a single error?” Ji Yuxian’s expression did not change.

His eyes gradually grew colder.

Su Jiu backed up a step, looking at him warily.

“What do you mean, Young Master? Is there something wrong with the poem?” Ji Yuxian’s lips curved into a smile, and he said slowly, “There isn’t anything wrong, except that what I wrote was not your poem at all!” He had just randomly written out some standard poem.

It didn’t even have a single word in common with her poem about the plums.

Su Jiu’s expression changed quickly.

“You tricked me!” Ji Yuxian stepped forward.

His tone was indifferent and unhurried as he said, “The poem was not yours.

You can’t even read.

Isn’t that right?” Su Jiu’s face turned pale, and she kept retreating, her fists clenched.

“That’s right.

What of it?” What about it? Ji Yuxian laughed.

She had the guts to say it! The first daughter of a large, prominent family, even one with a weak constitution, might learn martial arts to strengthen her body.

But such a girl would never be illiterate! “You are not Su Yuejiu.

Who are you?” Again, Ji Yuxian forced Su Jiu up against the wall.

Only this time, there was no more gentle charm.

The air was full of hostile, cold energy.