Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 69

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 69

Chapter 69: At The Door To Stir Up Trouble   The atmosphere inside Lotus Pavilion was quite eerie.

The doors and windows were covered with paper spells, and incense ash littered the floor.

A cold breeze blew some fallen leaves into the courtyard, intensifying the ominous, cold mood.

Xie Ying’s bedchamber smelt strongly of herbal medicine.

The moment Ji Yuxian stepped through the door, he heard Xie Ying’s weak coughing.

Ji Yuxian pushed aside the drapes and entered the inner chamber.

He sat down on the edge of the bed and spoke gently.

“Ying’er?” Xie Ying slowly turned her head.

She looked much thinner.

Days had passed, but the imprint of Su Jiu’s hand could still be seen clearly on her left cheek.

Her face, usually radiantly beautiful, looked more delicate than usual in her fragile state.

Her eyes filled with tears the moment she saw Ji Yuxian.

Teardrops rolled down her face pitifully.

“Young Master, you’ve finally come to see me!” “I’ve been quite busy recently.

How is your condition? Have you summoned the manor physician to come to take a look?” Ji Yuxian asked worriedly.

Xie Ying nodded her head.

“The other day, Young Mistress slapped me.

That very night, I came down with a fever that wouldn’t go away.

For days, I would have nightmares the moment I close my eyes at night.

In the dreams, a spirit intends to take my life.

Young Master, am I going to die?” “Don’t speak nonsense.

I’m right here.

I’ll summon an imperial physician if necessary to restore your health.

” “Young Master is so kind to me.

But I fear that even an imperial physician will not be able to restore my health.

” Xie Ying wept quietly.

“Oh? Then what should we do?” Ji Yuxian lifted a hand and gently stroked Xie Ying’s pallid face.




“The Taoist priest said, the courtyard I live in has too much dark energy due to the abundance of water.

It was not a problem before, but after I fell ill and grew weak, it’s been nearly impossible to resist the evil energy here.

” Lotus Pavilion was named after the large lotus pond in the courtyard.

In spring and summertimes, lotus leaves covered the surface of the water, imitating the appearance of green-blue waves tossing and turning.

Ji Yuxian narrowed his eyes.

“Is that so? Is there a solution to this problem?” “The priest said I must live in a different courtyard in order to restore my health.

The best location would be the eastmost courtyard in the manor.

It is the closest to the main courtyard.

Surely no evil forces would dare wander in that area.

” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM The eastmost courtyard, next to the main courtyard? That was the Perched Phoenix Pavilion where Su Jiu lived! For generations, only the Mistress of Ji Manor could live in Perched Phoenix Pavilion! “You want to live in Perched Phoenix Pavilion?” “I understand that this is too much to ask for.

But I just need to live there for a few days, until my health is restored.

I beg Young Master to take pity on me.

” Xie Ying coughed a light and dainty cough.

Ji Yuxian smiled a gentle smile that put springtime crabapple blossoms to shame.

The fingers that stroked Xie Ying’s face moved with slightly greater force.

“If I allow this, it might be too obvious who I care for more.

Ying’er, if you really want to live there, then speak with Young Mistress yourself!” he said with a warm smile, “And what about you, Young Master? Would you object?” Xie Ying looked up at Ji Yuxian expectantly.

“Of course I won’t!” Ji Yuxian’s lips curved into a bright smile.

Xie Ying, however, couldn’t see the hint of amusement in his eyes.

Xie Ying was ecstatic that Ji Yuxian agreed.

A bit of rosiness returned to her cheeks as she gently leaned against Ji Yuxian’s shoulder.

“Thank you, Young Master.

When I’ve recovered from this illness, I, I believe it’s time I serve you.

” The last few words were said shyly and as quietly as the fluttering of a mosquito’s wings.

Ji Yuxian slowly nodded his head.

“Of course.

” Ji Yuxian sat with Xie Ying for some time before he rose and left.

The servant girl Shaoyao escorted him out the door.

By the time Shaoyao returned, Xie Ying had already gotten up.

Her breaths were balanced and her posture was unburdened.

Aside from the hand mark on her face that looked quite eerie, the weakness she displayed in front of Ji Yuxian was all but gone.

Shaoyao stepped forth and said with a smile, “Congratulations, Second Young Mistress! What you wish will soon be true!” Xie Ying let out a cold chuckle.

She got dressed and stood up from her bed.

She spoke as she stroked the seven-colored silk flowers newly added to the flower vase.

“Don’t be too happy.

I haven’t moved into Perched Phoenix Pavilion yet.

” That day, after she was slapped by Su Yuejie, Ji Yuxian did nothing to defend her.

Instead, he ordered her to apologize to Su Yuejiu after she recovered! How could she not be furious? And so, she feigned illness.

And since she feigned illness, then she put as much effort into feigning illness as possible.

She now understood that no matter how much Ji Yuxian cherished her, she was merely a concubine, barely worth more than a servant.

If she wanted status and authority within Ji Manor, then she had to be a master.

The past few days, she ordered servants to spread rumors of nightmares and spirits.

The Taoist that she hired to exorcise spirits was also a part of her plan to move into Perched Phoenix Pavilion.

Moving to Perched Phoenix Pavilion would serve two purposes for her.

One, she would be able to see Ji Yuxian’s thoughts on the matter.

And two, she would be able to reclaim some of the dignity that she lost to Su Yuejiu in that slap.

After having spoken with Ji Yuxian, Xie Ying saw that Ji Yuxian had no intention of preventing her from moving into Perched Phoenix Pavilion.

That meant that he also wouldn’t be opposed to giving her the title of Young Mistress.

No matter what, she was the daughter of a governor.

If Su Yuejiu, who came from a family of no significant wealth or power, could be the Young Mistress, then why couldn’t she? When I become Young Mistress, Xie Ying thought to herself, that Su Yuejiu won’t even have the pleasure of carrying my shoes! Shaoyao said a few more things to make Xie Ying happy and then ordered the servants to begin preparing for the move to Perched Phoenix Pavilion the next day.

— The next morning, after breakfast, Xie Ying marched to Perched Phoenix Pavilion.

She was followed by Shaoyao, four other servant girls, two nurses, and several other servants.

The group of servants carried jewelry boxes, treasure boxes, cabinets, and more as they marched.

The other servants in Ji Manor watched with confusion.

But although they did not know what was happening, they were certain that there would soon be something entertaining to watch.

Miss Su’s marriage into Ji Manor changed the household.

Never before had Ji Manor ever been so busy.

Xie Ying didn’t order a servant to announce her arrival to Perched Phoenix Pavilion.

She entered the courtyard and headed straight towards Su Jiu’s chamber.

Su Jiu had just woken up and was still a bit drowsy.


Fan suddenly ran in, shouting, “Young Mistress! Bad news! Second Young Mistress is here with a group of servants!” Su Jiu thought of what Ji Yuxian said the other day, and absentmindedly waved a hand.

“I don’t want to see her,” she said lazily.

“Tell her to return, and that she doesn’t need to apologize!” Nanny opened the door slightly and looked out through the crack.

She turned back and said, “Young Mistress, Second Young Mistress doesn’t look like she’s here to apologize.

” “If she’s not here to apologize, then is she here to stir up trouble?” Su Jiu chuckled.

Nanny nodded her head.

“I think she is.

” Su Jiu looked up.

She blinked her eyes to clear away drowsiness, and then asked, “Hasn’t Second Young Mistress gone insane?” Nanny replied, “The rumors are false.

” “Let’s take a look!” Su Jiu rose from the bed, opened the door, and stepped out.

By this point, Xie Ying’s servants and followers had all arrived and stopped in the courtyard.

The big group of people filled up nearly half the courtyard.

Su Jiu raised an eyebrow, then smiled.

“Second Young Mistress, it wasn’t necessary to bring me gifts.

Chang Huan, go relieve them of their burdens.

Don’t let Second Young Mistress’s servant girls grow tired.

” Chang Huan stifled a laugh.

“Yes!” And with that, she walked towards the servant girl Shaoyao.

Shaoyao carried with her a treasure chest filled with Xie Ying’s jewelry.

She started, and then stepped back cautiously, hugging the chest closer to her.

Xie Ying grew even angrier when she saw Su Jiu’s face.

She didn’t pay her respects, nor did she bow.

She stuck her chin up in the air and said, “Young Mistress, you’re mistaken.

These are not gifts for you.

There are all my belongings.

Young Master took pity on my weak health and allowed me to move to Perched Phoenix Pavilion.

Please, Young Mistress, clear out and move to the Lotus Pavilion!” Everyone in Perched Phoenix Pavilion started.

They instantly understood what Xie Ying’s intentions were.

But Perched Phoenix Pavilion has traditionally been the home of the Mistress of Ji Manor.

What did Young Master mean by allowing Second Young Mistress to move in? Was he planning to divorce Young Mistress, and then promote Second Young Mistress? Mrs.

Fan stood behind Su Jiu with a lowered head.

Her eyes flashed.

Nanny wrinkled her brow and asked, “Young Mistress has only just moved here less than a month ago.

What does Young Master mean by this?” A few days ago, Ji Yuxian took Su Jiu’s side.

She thought that Ji Yuxian must’ve cared that Su Jiu was a master in Ji Manor.

But what did he mean by this? Even if Ji Yuxian was the Master of Ji Manor, he couldn’t just change who his wife was as he wished.

“Isn’t it quite clear what the Young Master intends to do? You’re just feigning confusion!” Shaoyao laughed cooly.

Su Jiu looked at Xie Ying’s arrogant face and wrinkled her brow.

It didn’t really matter to her where she lived, and ordinarily, she wouldn’t argue with a woman over such petty matters.

But she found Xie Ying to be particularly irritating.

If Su Jiu was irritated, then she wouldn’t let others be happy! “Since this is Ji Yuxian’s wish, then let him speak to me himself.

” Su Jiu spoke calmly.

She ignored Xie Ying, turned around, and headed back to her room.

“Young Master is quite busy and doesn’t have the time to sort out these trivial back courtyard matters.

Since I am here in person, clearly this was permitted by Young Master.

Young Mistress, please move your belongings away.

Don’t make the situation worse for yourself!” Xie Ying’s lips curved into a bright, red, arrogant smile.

“Second Young Mistress, you’re taking this bullying too far!” Nanny stepped forward.

The concubine was clearly forcing the Mistress to give up her position! Xie Ying glanced over.

Her eyes shone with cruelty, and her lips smiled a cold smile.

“I’m nicely asking Young Mistress to move to another courtyard.

That’s bullying? Then is slapping me in front of everybody bullying as well?” “Second Young Mistress, if you are still angry about that, feel free to slap me a few times.

But Young Mistress, no matter what, will not move out of this courtyard!” This wasn’t just about a courtyard.

The courtyard was a symbol of status! “You want me to slap you? Who do you think you are? Slapping you would dirty my hands!” Xie Ying turned to her servants to give orders.

“Shaoyao, since Young Mistress doesn’t want to move things herself, then you and a few others help Young Mistress move.

” “Yes!” Shaoyao chuckled lightly.

She put the treasure chest down on the ground and then gestured towards the servant girls behind her.

“Follow me!”