Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 61

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 61

The next day, Ji Yuxian sent someone to visit the Su Family.

Attendants brought gifts and told them that Su Yuejiu was ill and could not get out of bed.

Consequently, the return to the bride’s home was postponed for three days.

Surin had known about Su Yuejiu’s illness for some time.

However, she had not expected to hear that Yuejiu could not get out of bed.

As soon as she heard this news from the attendant from Ji Manor, she was anxious to go over and take a look.

Su Wenqian was also very puzzled.

“Why has her disease become so serious after only three days?” “Tomorrow, I’ll go straight to Ji Manor to find out!” Surin said.

“That’s good.

Bring more tonics for Yuejiu!” “Yes!” The next day, Surin went to Ji Manor to visit Su Jiu.

Hearing that Surin was coming, Su Jiu, naturally, was prepared.

She covered herself with thick gauze towels and laid on the bed.

She wrapped her forehead with cloth so that half of her face was concealed.

When Surin lifted the bed curtain and saw Su Jiu’s weak state, she immediately burst into tears.

“My child, how did you become so sick?” “It’s all Mother’s fault.

I shouldn’t have let you come to the city to get married!” “If something bad happens to you, Mother won’t want to live either!” .



… Surin sat by the bed, crying.

Su Jiu narrowed her eyes, glancing at her.

Her head buzzed with pain.

Pretending to be sick is really not a job for humans! Nanny approached and comforted, “Second Mistress, don’t worry too much.

Young Lady has improved over the last two days.

The night before last, her illness worsened.

Yesterday morning, she couldn’t get out of bed, so she couldn’t go back to see you and Master.

” “It’s okay if she doesn’t come back to visit us.

But Yue’er’s illness…” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Mrs.

Su was choked with emotion.

She wiped her tears with Su Jiu’s hand, and Su Jiu coughed a few more times for show.

Surin called Nanny aside, wiped her tears, and asked, “Did the Ji Manor say anything about Yue’er being so ill?” “Ji Fu is alright with it.

The Ji Manor’s Second Mistress sent over many tonics for the physician to help Miss recuperate,” Nanny replied calmly without blinking.

Surin nodded and muttered, “She finally married into Ji Manor and hasn’t even enjoyed it yet.

What if…What shall we do, then?” “Second Mistress, please don’t worry.

Miss is blessed and will have a long life.

She will be alright!” “We have been out of Fuyang City for more than a month now; we won’t stay much longer in Shengjin City.

Nanny, please take care of this young lady in the future.

” “Second Mistress, rest assured that I will do my best!” “My poor child!” Surin could not help but weep again.

After a moment, Nanny managed to comfort her, and she stopped crying.

Surin went to the bedside and offered Su Jiu a few more comforting words before getting up to go.

Sure enough, within two days, a letter arrived from Fuyang City saying that something had happened to the family business and asking Su Wenqian to hurry back.

Even if they were reluctant to leave, the Su Family started packing for their journey home.

The day before they left, Surin came to see Su Jiu again.

Seeing that Su Jiu was still in bed, she was increasingly worried.

She instructed Nanny carefully before reluctantly bidding Su Jiu farewell.

This whole time, Su Jiu had not seen the Su Family’s Eldest Mistress.

As soon as the Su Family departed, Su Jiu felt utterly relieved of a burden! After that night at Ji Manor, Ji Yuxian never visited the Perched Phoenix Pavilion again.

News began to spread in the manor: the Young Mistress had fallen out of favor before even being spoiled.

Meanwhile, Su Jiu was utterly unconcerned.

She drank and made merry for two days.

Then, she began to think about how to get out of the manor.

These days, Qiao An and the gang were going out.

They’d taken care of the tavern shop and were just waiting for Su Jiu to finish looking at it before they started decorating.

After breakfast, Su Jiu wanted to leave the manor with Chang Huan.

As soon as she left the Perched Phoenix Pavilion, two women approached her directly.

The first was dressed in a long pomegranate skirt with a floral pattern and a snow-white fur coat.

She had almond-shaped eyes and red lips.

Her features were brilliant, and her aura was domineering.

The lady half a step behind her donned a lilac dress with a brocade cloak.

Her face was like a spring peach—delicate cheeks and round eyes with a charming gaze.

They must be two of Ji Yuxian’s concubines.

Su Jiu had already been married into the Ji Manor for five or six days now, and this was the first time she’d seen them.

The two women were followed by several servant girls.

Upon seeing Su Jiu, they did not kneel or bow to show respect.

However, they stared at her brazenly, checking her out.

“Hey!” Xie Ying smirked, “Isn’t that our Young Mistress?” “Is the Young Mistress leaving the manor?” Ren Zi’er chuckled.

“Sister Zi’er, you must be joking,” scoffed Xie Ying without waiting for Su Jiu’s reply.

“Our Young Mistress comes all the way from Fuyang City, how can she have relatives in Shengjing? What does she need to do outside the manor?” “Pfft!” Ren Zi’er laughed.

“You’re absolutely right, sister!” Su Jiu listened to their strange, mocking tone, and goosebumps rose on her skin.

She couldn’t be bothered with them and continued walking forward with Chang Huan.

“Wait,” Xie Ying commanded in a domineering voice.

Su Jiu turned and asked, “Is anything the matter?” “I heard that Young Mistress was ill two days ago.

I’ve been accompanying the Young Master and haven’t had time to visit you.

But you’re just in time; I have this ginseng soup, freshly cooked.

Young Mistress, drink it while it’s hot,” Xie Ying said, twirling her raven hair in front of her chest and raising an eyebrow.

Su Jiu saw a small servant girl standing behind Xie Ying holding a porcelain bowl, ready to serve the soup so that Xie Ying could warm her body.

When the servant heard her mistress’ words, she immediately went to Su Jiu, opened the lid, and handed over the steaming ginseng soup.

She smiled and said, “The Second Young Mistress has gifted this to you.

Please accept it, Young Mistress.

This is premium thousand-year ginseng.

Young Mistress, you must not have seen this before in Fuyang!” “Alright!” Su Jiu replied with a smile and reached for the soup.

“Miss!” Chang Huan exclaimed.

He reached out to stop Su Jiu, glaring fiercely at the little servant girl.

A chilling aura emanated from him.

The little servant trembled in her heart and took a step back.

“Chang Huan, don’t scare her!” Su Jiu remarked indifferently and reached for the ginseng soup.

Xie Ying and Ren Zi’er looked at each other, their eyes full of smug satisfaction.

Su Jiu held the hot ginseng soup and did not hesitate to drink it.

“Pfftt!” The servant girl who’d handed Su Jiu the porcelain bowl was sprayed with soup all over her face.

She waved her hands and screamed, “Ah!” Everyone was stunned and did not react.

Then, they heard Su Jiu comment coldly, “What stupid ginseng soup is this? It’s awful.

I give it back to you!” She threw the porcelain bowl at Xie Ying, who subconsciously reached out to catch it.

The soup splashed out and scalded Xie Ying’s hands.

Her hands trembled, and the porcelain bowl fell to the ground with a clang.

The bowl shattered and the scalding soup splattered everywhere on Xie Ying’s feet.

She shrieked in pain and reeled backward.

This shocking twist took place in the blink of an eye.

Everyone stood still, shell-shocked, only to hear Xie Ying and the servant girl screaming, one after another.

Ren Zi’er and the servant girl behind her hurriedly supported Xie Ying.

“Sister, are you alright?” she asked Xie Ying.

A group of servant girls used handkerchiefs to quickly wipe Xie Ying’s hands and feet.

The scene was utter chaos.

Su Jiu smirked coldly then walked away.

“Don’t show off such horrible ginseng soup.

Chang Huan, next time give them a bowl of ‘virgin’ ginseng soup, and let them taste what ‘premium’ ginseng really is!” “Yes, Miss! But there are so many kinds.

I have to drink more water!” The two of them traded snide comments then walked away.

Behind them, Xie Ying was surrounded by people.

She was thoroughly embarrassed.

Her beautiful features were twisted, and her face turned iron-green with fury as she exclaimed, “Su Yuejiu, how dare you!” “Didn’t they say she has a cowardly nature?” Ren Zi’er remarked, bewildered.

“Don’t think you are the Young Mistress just because you married into Ji Manor.

How dare you be so arrogant!” Xie Ying’s glare was vicious as she gritted her teeth.

“If you offend me, I will make your life worse than death!” “Sister, your clothes are wet.

Let’s go back quickly.

In time, we will think of how to seek revenge against her!” Ren Zi’er said, supporting Xie Ying with her arm.

Xie Ying snorted coldly and yanked her arm away.

She turned around and marched into her yard.

Ren Zi’er stumbled from Xie Ying’s forceful push, but the servant girl behind her caught her, so she didn’t fall.

It’s always like this.

Whenever Xie Ying gets angry, she takes it out on Ren Zi’er! A chilling glint flashed across Ren Zi’er’s face as she glanced down.

When she looked up again, her appearance was weak and humble once more.

Seeing that Xie Ying had walked away, Ren Zi’er hurriedly followed after her.