Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 45

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 45

Chapter 45: The Grand Wedding (1) Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio   Everything was going well on this auspicious day, the 26th day of the tenth month in the year 29, in the county of Zhaoping.

The sun had not yet risen, but the population of Shengjing City had awakened to the noise of firecrackers.

Despite the cold, they got out of bed with excitement.

There was about to be a wedding in Shengjing City’s wealthiest family, the Ji family.

It was guaranteed to be an absolute spectacle.

They were also bound to scatter lots of lucky money, so, if fortune was on the spectators’ side, they could walk away with a few new coins.

In the court where the Su family was staying, everyone also scrambled to get up early in the morning.

There was an unusual liveliness, inside and outside the house.

The Shengjing brothers, Su Cheng and Su Xing, and their wives and families were on good terms, even if they hadn’t seen each other in a dozen years.

Now, they rushed up to express their congratulations.

Su Wenqian, with her two sons in tow, stayed outside to welcome guests.

Madame Su decorated everything outside, then quickly headed to Su Jiu’s chambers.

Madame Su wore a bright lucky red brocade embroidered with clouds.

Pearls and jade pieces adorned her hair, and she had applied makeup.

Her face was full of joy.

As she walked, her jewelry rang out happily.

Outside Su Jiu’s chambers, three or four bridesmaids waited.

Seeing Madame Su arrive, they cheerfully greeted her with congratulations.

“Yuejiu is probably awake now.

Let’s go inside!” Madame Su’s servant girl distributed tips to the bridesmaids.

She knocked on the door and said, “Yuejiu, are you up?” The door opened with a creak.

Nanny appeared behind the door and said, smiling, “Second Mistress, you’re here!” “Is the young miss awake?” Madame Su peeked into the room.




“She’s awake; she’s awake! Second Mistress, please come in!” Nanny stepped back.

The bridesmaids followed behind Madame Su, crowding in.

As the sky was still dark, the room was lit with thick, red celebratory candles.

A woman in a veil and a colorful wedding dress sat on the platform.

“She’s already dressed? How did that happen so fast?” Madame Su asked in shock.

Nanny smiled, “The young miss woke up early, so I finished dressing her!” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM “I haven’t even seen the child that I’m marrying off.

Lift your veil so I can take a look!” Madame Su was feeling reluctant about marrying off the girl.

Her eyes were full of tears just about to fall.

Nanny hurriedly held her back and took Madame Su to another room.

She said quietly, “Second Mistress, the young miss coughed all last night, so she doesn’t look so good.

We wanted to keep rumors from spreading, which is why I helped put on her veil first thing in the morning.

With so many people with loose lips in the room, I don’t think you should take a look.

Besides, once the veil is on, it is unlucky to lift it halfway!” Second Mistress nodded, “You’re right.

I won’t look!” The bridesmaids circled Su Jiu.

Even though they couldn’t see Su Jiu’s face, they still made a great commotion about her beauty.

“Look at our Miss Su, so dignified and full of virtue.

Even at first glance, she’s obviously blessed!” “Well, of course.

Not just anyone’s daughter can become the Mistress of Ji Manor!” “Second Mistress, your Su family is going to ascend to the heavens!” … No matter how much people used to look down upon the Su family, now that the two households were about to be joined by marriage, everyone enthusiastically offered up their flattery.

Madame Su could not contain her pride.

She said, smiling, “This is Yuejiu’s good fortune!” “That’s right; why hasn’t First Mistress come out?” people began to ask.

Madame Su smiled rigidly.

“First Mistress has always had a weak composition.

She is travel-worn after the trip from Fuyang City.

She’s fallen sick the past few days and is now resting in her room.

I’m here to wait upon her and marry off Yuejiu in place of First Mistress.

” “Yes, yes! It’ll be just the same!” “Second Mistress is hard-working and virtuous.

Who knows, Miss Su might run into the same good fortune as you!” “I can’t accept such high praise.

Thank you for exaggerating!” Madame Su commanded the servants to bring tea and fruits.

Everyone laughed and enjoyed themselves while waiting for the sun to rise.

It wasn’t even three in the morning when Nanny dragged Su Jiu out of bed, then washed her face, made her up, combed her hair, and dressed her.

The torture went on for two hours.

Though the women chirped and chattered beside her, Su Jiu fell back asleep.

Sleeping while sitting up must have been uncomfortable and hurt her neck, but she snored quietly.

Amidst all the lively chatter, no one noticed.

Eventually, during a lull in the conversation, someone frowned and asked, “What’s that noise?” Everyone suddenly fell silent.

“Hu!” “Hu!” Nanny’s expression changed every minute.

Standing behind Su Jiu, she reached out and pinched her.

Su Jiu sat up abruptly.

Instinctively, she reached up to pull down her veil.

Her hand was halfway up when she came to her senses and saw the light of the two red candles on the table.

She coughed a few times and sat down.

Madame Su busied herself by hosting everyone.

“Eat up! Have some tea! Servants, bring us candies and cookies!” The bridesmaids smiled, mildly embarrassed, and said, “Don’t stand on ceremony!” The group chatted for a while.

The sky began to brighten, and the courtyard outside began to liven up as well.

Eventually, Su Jiu could not sit still any longer.

She was about to make an excuse to stand up when she heard the firecrackers erupting.

The bridesmaid who had been welcoming guests outside ran into the back, shouting, “Second Mistress, Young Miss, the groom is here!” Everyone was overjoyed and crowded to go outside.

Madame Su turned and held Su Jiu by the wrist.

Her eyes were red, and she said, choked with emotion, “Yue’er, starting today, you will be part of the Ji family.

You will be a Ji family member from now on, and that is different from being at home.

Don’t make any trouble and have more patience with everyday affairs.

In the future, when you have a child, you will be more secure in your position as the first wife.

You will enjoy your rank in splendor and won’t worry about spending.

Don’t forget about your father and me.

Don’t forget about our Su family.

You must, absolutely must remember your mother’s words!” Under the red veil, Su Jiu rolled her eyes and nodded.

“My good child, even though your mother won’t be with you, she’ll miss you every day.

Be good and listen to Nanny.

Once your mother returns to Fuyang City, she’ll send some more servant girls to take care of you!” Nanny smiled and said, “Second Mistress, don’t worry.

I will take good care of the young miss!” “That’s good.

That’s good!” Second Mistress wiped her tears and leaned on Su Jiu to stand up.

“Don’t keep your groom waiting.

Let’s go outside!” The ladies in red were divided into two lines: one welcoming Su Jiu outside, and then one following behind her to the front of the courtyard.

Once outside the flower doors, Nanny suddenly stopped.

She said, “No matter what, Young Miss, you’re the First Mistress’ only daughter.

As we’re marrying you off today but she’s too sick to see you get into the bridal sedan, you should pay your respects and bow toward her chambers!” As she spoke, she grabbed Su Jiu and turned her to face First Mistress’ chambers.

Second Mistress smiled and said, “Yes, that’s good.

Yuejiu, bow a few times to your mother before you leave!” Su Jiu thought that Nanny was a bit strange.

This Su Yuejiu was the First Mistress’ daughter and was being married off today, but First Mistress didn’t even come out to see her.

On the other hand, this whole time, Second Mistress had been taking care of her.

Now Nanny wanted her to bow to First Mistress? Even if she were the real Su Yuejiu, she probably wouldn’t have been fond of her own mother.

Nanny held Su Jiu by the shoulders and pressed down a bit.

With the crowd watching, Su Jiu had to kneel, and she bowed three times.

“Good! Your intentions are expressed, which is enough.

She won’t hold anything against you!” Second Mistress helped Su Jiu stand up.

The other bridesmaids also followed, helping Su Jiu, and they all went to the outer courtyard.