Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 23

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 23

Hearing footsteps, Su Jiu immediately put the dice away and hid them under the table.

Nanny opened the door and bowed respectfully, “Miss Shangguan, our lady just got out of bed, and can’t really walk.

She’s resting in the chair.

Please wait a while more and we will welcome you.

” Su Jiu sat in a chair and immediately patted her chest, looking weak.

Chang Huan stood behind her and looked at her dramatic appearance.

He couldn’t help but chuckle.

Shangguan Yu’s face was iron green with fury, “Good, very good! Miss Su sure is arrogant!” The little servant girl next to her was even more domineering.

“If you treat our lady so flippantly, I must report this disgraceful behavior to the Eldest Young Master!” Nanny hurriedly gave Shangguan Yu a seat, and said with a smile, “Miss Shangguan, you have misunderstood.

Our lady is really sick.

When the Second Mistress came to visit yesterday, she even asked my young lady to rest more.

” Su Jiu also cooperated, bowed her head and coughed a few more times.

Shangguan Yu looked up and down at Su Jiu.

She could see that although the woman caressing her chest looked weak, her demeanor was cold and elegant.

Coupled with her exquisite features, she was unforgettable after a glance.

Jealousy bloomed in her heart as she remarked scathingly, “The Su Family went back on the marriage ten years ago, why has Miss Su entered Shengjing now?” .



Everyone has had similar thoughts, but Shangguan Yu was the first to say it so bluntly.

Nanny hurriedly explained, “Misunderstanding, going back on the marriage was all just a misunderstanding.

Besides, Ji Manor did not agree at that time, this marriage still counts!” Shangguan Yu smirked disdainfully.

“But Miss Su has been in Shengjing for a few days.

My cousin has never appeared, indicating that he does not want to marry Miss Su at all.

If Miss Su is smart enough, she should go back to Fuyang.

The longer she stays in Shengjing, the more she will be treated as a joke!” Nanny poured tea and set it on the table, the picture of humility.

“Miss Shangguan, that’s too harsh.

The Second Mistress came to visit our lady yesterday, indicating that Ji Manor does approve of our young lady!” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Her words implied that their visitor was just a member of the Shangguan Family: who was she to have a say! Shangguan Yu’s face suddenly paled, and she glared at Nanny.

She then looked at the tea, raised her hand and spilled it out.

“I don’t like tea poured by servants!” Next to her, the little servant girl lifted her chin and remarked arrogantly, “We’ll trouble Miss Su to pour tea for our young lady!” With a cold face, Chang Huan clenched his fist.

Su Jiu has already experienced this behavior once, so, wasn’t this just putting up with it? Holding down Chang Huan’s hand, Su Jiu bowed her head and coughed lightly.

She got up and walked over, did not say a word, picked up the teapot and poured tea for Shangguan Yu.

A gloating expression flashed on Shangguan Yu’s face as she picked up the cup of tea.

She took a sip, frowned and complained.

“Is this tea fit for people to drink? It doesn’t even taste like tea?” After that, she raised her hand and spilled it out again.

Su Jiu rolled her eyes, opened the teapot’s lid and smelled it.

She nodded.

“This tea is really too light.

I’ll make a new pot for Miss Shangguan!” Seeing Su Jiu obeying, Shangguan Yu was very satisfied with it.

“I’ll have to trouble Miss Su then!” Seeing Nanny’s worried face, Su Jiu gave her a reassuring look, and then went out into the kitchen with Chang Huan.

“Chief, do you really want to make her tea?” Chang Huan asked indignantly.

“It’s just making tea, don’t be so hostile, we want peace here!” Su Jiu said, as she found the tin of tea.

She opened it, reached in, grabbed a handful of tea leaves and put it in the teapot.

She poured half a pot of hot water and handed it to Chang Huan.

A dark playful glint flashed in her gaze.

Chang Huan was stunned, then grinned and took over the teapot, “Chief, you are ruthless!” After that, he went to the back of the stove with teapot in hand.

He turned his back to Su Jiu, and untied his belt.

Pitter patter… Accompanied by a certain smell… He suddenly recalled that Su Jiu was behind him, and his face went red.

He inched closer to the teapot.

Putting on his pants, he carried a full pot of tea, and gave it to Su Jiu.

“Chief, it’s full!” Su Jiu placed the lid atop gingerly, and held it carefully.

She was just about to leave the kitchen, and suddenly turned to Chang Huan, her eyebrows raised.

“Wait here, after that Miss Shangguan drinks it, you go over and give her a surprise.

” Chang Huan nodded excitedly.

He couldn’t wait.

Su Jiu stepped into the hall with the teapot.

Instead of waiting for Shangguan Yu to order her, she poured the tea into the teacup.

“This time it’s stronger tea, Miss Shangguan, please!” “Miss Su is smart indeed!” The little servant girl huffed.

Shangguan Yu picked up the tea, took a sip, and frowned, “Why is the taste off?” Su Jiu turned her head and said slowly, “Nanny, did you cook the good ginseng sent by Second Mistress yesterday? I made tea with the ginseng soup.

” “Huh?” Nanny was caught off guard but she nodded.

“Yes, yes, I cooked it!” “So it’s the Ji Manor’s ginseng, no wonder there is a fragrant scent!” Shangguan Yu smiled and drank all the tea.

Su Jiu poured her another cup as she grinned and said, “Young ginseng is very nourishing, drink more!” Shangguan Yu looked up and asked, “What is young ginseng?” “Young ginseng…” Su Jiu’s eyes turned, as she explained seriously, “It’s ginseng that… looks like a boy!” “Yes, the ginseng grew into a human form yesterday!” Nanny chimed in.

She did not know what tricks Su Jiu was playing but followed suit.

“I see!” Shangguan Yu drank half of the tea, smiled and commented, “That’s really rare.

” Before she had finished talking, suddenly the door opened, as Chang Huan came in.

He said in a shrill voice, “Miss, why is the chamber pot on the stove gone?” “Uhhh…” Su Jiu asked in shock, “The chamber pot? Wasn’t that the ginseng soup made by Nanny? I used it to make tea!” “Miss! That is not ginseng soup, the ginseng soup was given to you this morning to drink.

That’s the chamber pot I haven’t cleared away yet!” “And inside the chamber pot?” Su Jiu gasped.

“What else can there be in the chamber pot, of course it’s urine!” Chang Huan remarked.

Suddenly he said, “Miss, you made tea.

You didn’t drink it, did you?” “I didn’t drink it, but someone else did.

” “Who drank it?” Everyone turned their heads and looked up at the teacup in Shangguan Yu’s hand.

Shangguan Yu looked at the two in shock, and her hands holding the teacup trembled.

With a ‘clang’, the teacup fell to the ground, and then she rushed out.

Gag! Bleughh! “Miss!” The little servant girl chased after her hurriedly.

Nanny was exasperated, grit her teeth and pointed at Su Jiu and Chang Huan.

She then walked out quickly, following and calling in a frightened voice.

“Miss Shangguan!”