I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 242

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 242

Chapter 242: Seeing the Dunkleosteus Again “The ocean is endless.

If we can harness the resources of the waters, mankind can utilize it in an infinite number of ways.

” “It’s only because the wide waters are too mysterious, and humans do not have the ability to live in the waters.

” “That’s right, Old Gu.

The goldmine we found in the east, can we mine it now?” “It’s difficult.

Drilling a goldmine in the ocean is more difficult than climbing into the sky.

” Old Gu and the others stood around chatting while Chu Xian lay back and watched the waters sweep by.

The naval ship was traveling at more than double his fishing ship’s limit, and his little boat could not compare.

After sailing for about three hours, Chu Xian and the others broke for lunch.

Although it was not as luxurious as some of the meals Chu Xian had caught for himself, it was quite good.

“Wait, Big Brother Fa, have the ship turn in that direction.

” Out on the wide ocean, Chu Xian felt a vague and fuzzy feeling and hurriedly turned to Fa Daiyue.

Old Shi and Dr Gu and Dr Wu were not young men anymore, and they needed to rest their bodies from the sea wind.

They had accompanied Chu Xian and Fa Daiyue for a bit before retiring to the cabin.


” Fa Daiyue immediately walked over to the cabin and had their pilot turn the ship.

“I wonder how big the Dunkleosteus are now.

They must be at least two or three meters.

” Chu Xian wondered to himself.

With how much the Dunkleosteus ate, and in the almost four weeks they they’d been apart, they must have grown to at least two or three meters, and might have been reached four.




As the ship turned, the vague feeling grew clearer and clearer.

Chu Xian closed his eyes and sent out his sonar waves.

“Found them.

” The familiar figures appeared in his mind again.

“Brother Fa, have the ship stop.

You can call Old Shi and the others.

” “En? You found them?” Fa Daiyue turned to Chu Xian with a surprised look.

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COM “That’s right, I found them.

” Chu Xian chuckled, and then put his fingers in his mouth and whistled loudly.

“Alright, I’ll go get Old Shi and the others.

” Fa Daiyue hurriedly nodded.

Chu Xian concentrated on the sea bed, and in his mind, ten huge figures moved towards the naval ship.

“This?” As they neared, Chu Xian’s face grew more and more astonished.

“They’ve grown so fast! Their form, this weight, they’re like a pack of sharks!” Just as Chu Xian realized the astonishing truth, the huge figures had broken the water and surfaced.

The black bodies covered in what looked like metallic plate armor – the gigantic heads and terrifying bone teeth … the fish did not swim very quickly, and from above looked somewhat clumsy as they bulldozed their way towards the ship.

Right at that moment, Old Shi and the others came out on deck, and to their great astonishment, were greeted by the sight of the ten over five meter long dunkleosteus.

“They’re here.

The legendary Dunkleosteus.

If you look at their teeth, you can see that they’re still growing.

Armored bodies with bony teeth and gigantic bodies.

These are two ton apex predators from a cruel and ferocious era.

” Dr.

Gu rushed forward in excitement, adjusting his glasses.

“Tsk tsk.

They look like incredibly strong fish, very fiersome.

” Old Shi chuckled.

Chu Xian was also examining the dunkleosteus that he’d cultivated and was hiding his surprise.

In under a month’s time, those palm size fish were now over five meters long and weighed two tons.

How terrifying.

To his extreme shock, their energy had reached over eight thousand, and their combat power had crossed the ten thousand line.

In other words, these ancient fish could easily beat Chu Xian.

“Big Brother Fa, put down a small boat.

We should go down to take a look.

” Chu Xian said to Fa Daiyue, and then under the astonished gazes of the gathered men, directly jumped off the boat.

There was at least four meters between the military ship and the water, but Chu Xian jumped without any hesitation, stunning everyone.

But to their continued astonishment, one of the gathered Dunkleosteus hopped out of the water and caught Chu Xian on the back of its head.


” Fa Daiyue could not help himself, his eyes wide open.

Chu Xian waved upwards at the ship.

“Incredible!” Fa Daiyue exclaimed.

Even Old Shi, Dr.

Gu and Dr.

Wu were gaping in astonishment.

“Quickly, get the boat.

Let’s go down to take a look.

” Old Shi said excitedly.

“Uncle Feng, is that our boss.

Incredible! Fuck me, he’s amazing.

I finally know how so many fish appear magically in our farm.


” The amazed workers stared wide eyed at the large creatures, pointing and trembling.

“I had no idea.

” Grandpa Feng opened and closes his mouth.

“Our boss really isn’t an ordinary man.

He’s so familiar with the navy officers, and he can control these terrifying fish.


” If even Fa Daiyue and the others were impressed, these uneducated fishermen were floored, and had no idea how any of this could be possible.

They only knew that their boss was an incredible and mysterious figure.

Chu Xian swept his gaze over his men.

This was the result that he had wanted, to overawe them, and in the future when he needed to use incredible means, they would not find it out of character, and they would not feel the need to spread his secrets.

Chu Xian pet the Dunkleosteus’ hard head.

Even though Chu Xian now had the strength to easily crush normal stones, he could not make any impression on the creature’s skin.

No wonder they were said to have steel bodies.

The little boat was lowered into the water, and Old Shi and the others carefully approached.

“Don’t worry, Grandpa Shi, come.

Walk on their bodies.

” Chu Xian walked over and smiled, the Dunkleosteus swimming together and forming a road with their bodies.

“No need, no need.

We can watch from over here.

They look very intelligent.

” Old Shi waved his hand, but kneeled and examined the creatures.

He reached out and touched one of the Dunkleosteus.

“The biting power of the Dunkleosteus is astounding, and they are incredibly powerful.

Our books say that they prey on sharks, and it looks like that could very well be true.

Even a shark might not be able to bite through this skin, and the Dunkleosteus still has teeth as hard as metal alloy.

” Dr.

Gu said as he touched the creature’s mouth.


I feel that they have extraordinary strength, and when I stand on them it feels like I’m standing on flat ground.

” Chu Xian nodded.


Gu adjusted his glasses and then nodded towards Dr.


“Xiao Xian, can we test their strength?” “Test their strength?” Chu Xian looked at the two researchers with some confusion.

“Of course you can, but how will you test it?” “It’s very simple.

We have a device on our ship that can test pulling power, and we just need to tie it to one of these dunkleosteus.

” Dr.

Gu replied.

“Alright, not a problem.

” Chu Xian nodded.

He also wanted to know exactly how strong these Dunkleosteus were right now.

Very quickly, a steel rope was thrown over.

Chu Xian took it and used a leather strap to tie it to the body of the Dunkleosteus, tying it off at a comfortable but secure tautness.

“Test your limits.

” Chu Xian patted the dunkleosteus’ head and smiled.

The dunkleosteus shimmied in the water, and the other creatures slowly swam away, leaving this one behind as it waved its tail and slowly swam forward.

The dunkleosteus weighed upwards of three tons, and its splashing tail swept up violent waves as its body moved forward slowly.

Chu XIan looked it over but saw no signs of discomfort.

“This is its limit.

” Chu Xian called over when he saw that the Dunkleosteus could move no further.

But Dr.

Gu and Dr.

Wu were already astonished.

“Ten tons.

Its explosive power can reach ten tons! How terrifying.

” Dr.

Gu murmured in surprise.

“A single dunkleosteus’ power can reach up to ten tons, then ten can reach up to a hundred tons.

The total power in this one pack is incredible.

” Old Shi commented.


Gu and Dr.

Wu exchanged glances as their faces fell into deep thought.

Chu Xian walked over to the dunkleosteus and untied it, petting its head.

The Dunkleosteus nudged him with its head, staring up at him with its giant eyes.

Although its appearance was ferocious, it was incredibly tame and obedient around Chu Xian.

“I think we can use Xiao Xian’s dunkleosteus to salvage some things.

” Dr.

Gu suddenly said to Old Shi.

Old Shi paused in surprise, and a thoughtful expression appeared on his face.

“You mean the South Sea Lisa, Shang Wen, and the other shipwrecks?” “That’s right.

” Dr.

Gu nodded.

“There are special reasons that have stopped us from retrieving the Lisa and Shang Wen, and with our current tech we’d have to wait for decades, but with the help of the Dunkleosteus, we can solve the matter now.

” “Will it work?” Old Shi asked with some hesitation.


The Lisa is around 80 tons, and the Shang Wen is around 120 tons.

As long as we have the Dunkleosteus extract the Shang Wen then we can go in and salvage it ourselves.

” Dr.

Gu nodded and turned to Chu Xian.

“You want to use the dunkleosteus to salvage shipwrecks?” Chu Xian overheard their conversation and asked.


We have two shipwrecks that are difficult for us to salvage, but I think that if we have your dunkleosteus to help, we can solve this matter.

” Dr.

Gu nodded.

“Of course.

Whatever we can do.

” Chu Xian nodded without hesitation.

“Don’t worry, Xiao Xian, we will treat you fairly.

We’ll pay you the market price of salvage operations.

” Old Shi directly promised.

Chu XIan smiled and nodded his agreement.

“Alright, then can we give it a test tomorrow?” Dr.

Gu said enthusiastically.

“Good, good.

” Old Shi nodded.

“The artifacts on these two ships are worth billions of rmb.

Are you free tomorrow, Xiao Xian?” “Yes, of course.

” Chu Xian was also interested in the salvaging of these ships.

“Good, then we can return to shore and prepare for this matter.

” Old Shi nodded.

After they returned to the deck of the naval ship, Chu Xian whistled again.

The ship started up again, and the dunkleosteus followed behind.

The people on the ship exclaimed and sighed in amazement as the ten huge fish followed behind them.

Two hours later, the ship was back where they’d anchored the fishing ship.

Chu Xian and his men rebounded his ship and planned to meet up with Old Shi and the others again tomorrow and bid farewell.

“You’ve all seen some things today.

My fish farm has some peculiarities, and you all know this matter now.

Don’t spread this secret.

It won’t bring anyone any good.

” Chu Xian said to his workers.

“We understand, boss.

Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone.

” The workers hurriedly promised.

Since the military knew about this matter, this matter was not something that the workers needed to be worried about.

Now, they were only filled with astonishment and confusion, but they’d seen that their boss’s ability was beyond their comprehension and knew to keep silent.

The ten dunkleosteus followed Chu Xian and the others, and it was dark when they returned to shore.

Since it was night, Chu Xian had the fish follow them into the fish farm.

“Don’t go anywhere, just stay here and wait.

” Chu Xian instructed them and returned to shore.

“Good job everyone.

” Chu Xian bid farewell to the workers and then drove home.

Early the next morning, Chu Xian brought Old Huang and the others to the fish farm.

Together with the dunkleosteus, they sailed out to the location they’d agreed upon yesterday.

“Big Brother Fa, Grandpa Shi.

” As he boarded the naval ship, Chu Xian greeted the men he knew.

Alongside the naval ship was a salvage vessel with all kinds of equipment for the salvage operation.

“Let’s go.

Whether we can salvage these shipwrecks will depend on your dunkloesteus.

If we succeed, I promise we’ll give you five percent.

” “Five percent?” Chu Xian was astonished and hurriedly thanked him.

“Then I won’t be polite with you Grandpa Shi.

This five percent is not a small number.

” According to the conversation they had had yesterday, the equipment on these two ships was worth billions of rmb.

“It’s not too much.

Whether we can salvage it or not is still a question, and without your help it would have been impossible.

Moreover, with the regulations on salvaging, we’re actually earning a lot.

” Old Shi chuckled.

The naval vessels sailed quickly, and in about an hour, stopped at an open area of the sea.

“It’s right here.

The Lisa was sunk here during the South Song Dynasty, and there are many porcelain objects inside.

We don’t dare drag it out violently, so we’ve let it rest on the seabed.

Now we have a chance to bring it up and show it the light of day.

” Fa Daiyue pointed to the waters and explained.

Chu Xian nodded.

A dozen or so divers were putting on equipment and diving downwards, and Chu Xian turned to Fa Daiyue.

“Give me a set of diving equipment.

I want to go down and watch.

” “Of course, not a problem.

” Fa Daiyue nodded, calling over a subordinate and getting Chu Xian a set of diving equipment.