I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 239

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 239

Chapter 239: Alligator Gars Chu Xian continued experimenting and finally learned something.

The fish that were produced from gene cultivation could devour and grow quickly, and although they could not grow infinitely, their innate ability to grow was strengthen tens or hundreds of times.

After understanding this, Chu Xian though that the number of yellow croakers and white flower fish that he had cultivated was enough.

The only thing that he was worried about was whether the later generations of these fish would also be able to devour.

If they could not, then the speed at which he could cultivate these fish would drastically decrease.

“Old Huang, bring out all the little fish.

Let’s go to the fish farm.

” Chu Xian called over to Old Huang and walked over to the fish farm.

“Xiao Xian, what kind of fish are these? Are we farming these fish?” Grandpa Feng peered over at the yellow croakers and white flower fish in the basins with an expression of curiosity.

“That’s right, these are yellow croakers and white yellow fish.

Part of our fish farm will be reserved for raising precious fish like these.

The other half we can leave for normal fish.

” Chu Xian nodded.

“In the future, we’ll only feed these fish live shrimp and small fish, and let them grow freely in the fish farm.

” Grandpa Feng nodded and fell into thought.

At the fish farm, Chu Xian looked to Old Huang.

“Are there any fish in the fish farm?” “There should be some, they couldn’t clean out such a big fish farm completely.

” “En.

” Chu Xian nodded.

Since he was cultivating little fish, obviously he could not have any larger predators in the farm or else his hard work would be eaten.

“Let’s get in a boat and take a look around.

” .



Chu Xian told Old Huang, and they both got into a fishing boat.

The boat sailed around slowly, and Chu Xian used his sonar and god’s eye view to check the entire fish farm.

To his surprise, there were still quite a few fish in the farm, up to about three or four catties.

“Yi? Why are there so many fish left? Did the previous owner not bother netting his fish before leaving?” Chu Xian was confused, but just as he was wondering, a big figure appeared in his mind.

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COM “What is that?” Chu Xian’s expression changed into astonishment, and he focused on this figure.

“One, two, three!” In his mind, he could see large strange creatures swimming around slowly.

The fish were over two meters long, and they looked like alligators.

“What is that? Why are these kinds of fish here in the fish farm?” Chu Xian was confused.

“Was this Qin Dahai’s doing?” “Let’s go check the other side.

” Chu Xian called over to Old Huang.

They returned to the entrance by the shore and the ship sailed through to the other side of the fishing farm.

Chu Xian looked over the entire area again.

This side was the same, and there were still many fish swimming around here.

Chu Xian watched with his sonar as a huge figure suddenly swept over to a bass, and with a snap of its crocodile mouth, directly chomped into and ate the fish.

“So that is why.

” Chu Xian watched the fish’s cruel predation and he understood.

“They are quite devious, putting such a large and fierce fish in the farm.

No matter how many little fish I put inside, they would have all been eaten.

Very good!” Coldness flashed in Chu Xian’s eyes, but very quickly he began to laugh.

“Stay here and watch, I’m going down to take a look.

” Chu Xian called to Old Huang and jumped into the water.

The lake was huge, and Grandpa Feng and the others were all the way on the other side of the bank, so he was not afraid that anyone would see him.

Chu Xian jumped into the fish farm and slowly swam over to the big creatures.

Very quickly, the weird fish appeared in view.

Alligator gar: Energy 2642 Gift: None Combat power: 2988 “What a thing, an alligator gar.

” Chu Xian looked at the weird fish with astonishment.

The alligator gar is a type of ancient fish that have lived on the earth for over a hundred million years.

They are a fierce carnivorous fish with long cylindral bodies.

They have the short, jutting mouths of alligators, and both upper and lower jaw are lined with sharp, knife-like teeth.

This feature was their namesake, but they also had hard, diamond shaped scales along their body like metallic plate armor.

Their backs are usually a brown or olive color, while their stomachs are a lighter shade.

They were freshwater fish that could also live in saltwater, and were considered incredibly destructive.

They were an invasive species that would wreck havoc on any ecosystem, and were thought to eat anything that lived in water.

In the US, some decades ago, alligator gars had attacked and killed fishermen, and the local government began an intense hunt of these ferocious creatures, labeling them as highly dangerous.

This matter also contributed to the prevalence of the name.

“Where could Qin Dahai have gotten these monstrous fish?” Chu Xian wondered in surprise.

At that moment, one of the alligator gars made an appearance, and quickly pounced forward at Chu Xian.

“How fierce, even attacking and eating humans.

” Chu Xian laughed, and just as the alligator gar was about to reach him, he transformed.

“Ho!” Chu Xian opened his huge mouth and roared soundlessly at the alligator gar.

The alligator gar was stunned and terrified.

Just as it was pouncing towards a small man, his prey suddenly transformed into a five meter long monster that gave off a smell of blood throughout.

It was as if an ancient monster had stepped out of the past.

The alligator gar froze.

It was only a little over two meters in length, and this monster before him was twice his size.

But these alligator gars had existed since prehistoric times and were far more fierce than ordinary fish, and the creature pushed through its trepidation and bit forward.

“Rule!” Chu Xian commanded, and immediately his power forced its way into the alligator’s body and bound the creature into a fierce struggle.

But at this point, Chu Xian’s energy level was over three thousand, and the difference of over a hundred points sealed the alligator gars fate.

“Heihei, I just happened to need these large and fierce fish, how nice of them to send them my way.

” Chu Xian did not devour the alligator gar, but prepared to reform it into a merman.

These ferocious fish would be remolded into mermen even stronger than his swordfish and gun fish subordinates.

“Let’s see how many alligator gars there are in here.

” Chu Xian smiled, and brought his controlled prey along in his wake as he swam around.

After looking over this area, Chu Xian found a total of five alligator gars.

He was pleasantly surprised by how many of these fierce fish Qin Dahai had managed to get.

“But, the more the merrier.

” Chu Xian chuckled.

He still had twelve slots for mermen he could absolutely rule, and had not found the large fish to fill them.

These alligator gars were like coals sent in the middle of winter.

The ship returned to shore and Chu Xian had Grandpa Feng and the others leave first, and then stationed Old Huang and the others to watch the area.

Very quickly, the alligator gars returned to the surface, and Sword Two and Sword Three quickly picked them up and transferred them to the ship’s cabin.


” Chu Xian looked down at the two and a half meter long alligator gar and immediately began his plan of remolding them.

The alligator gar was different from the gunfish or the swordfish, and its mouth was shaped like an alligator’s.

This new creature was more difficult to remold, and so Chu Xian spent half an hour on the one fish.

But when he was done and looked at the strong alligator gar mermen standing in front of him, Chu Xian was satisfied.

“From now on, your name is Alligator One.

” Chu Xian examined the dark skinned merman and ignored the terrible name that he had given him.

He laughed happily.

This merman would be a loyal guard for him in the future.

“Old Huang, I’ll have to trouble you in the next few days.

Bring another alligator gar forward.

” Chu Xian shouted, and another alligator gar was brought before him.

Chu Xian remolded until noon, and in the end five skinny men about 180 cm in height stood in front of him on the fishing ship deck.

Although the alligator gar mermen were not as large as Sword Two and Sword Three, their combat power was far stronger.

These fish had existed since prehistoric times and owned very strong genes.

After lunch, Chu Xian and the others explored the other side of the fish farm, and to his disappointment, they only found four alligator gars.

If Qin Dahai knew that Chu Xian was complaining that he had put in too few alligator gars, he might just be mad enough to spit blood.

These four alligator gars were not all remolded into combat/bodyguard form.

Chu Xian remolded two of them for wisdom – as his subordinate mermen grew in number, Chu Xian would not be able to rely on Old Huang to deal with everything.

Right now, intelligent mermen were more useful than combat ones.

Old Huang brought the nine new-born mermen away to begin learning human knowledge.

Chu Xian returned to the water and cleaned up the fish farm.

He was going to eat all of the large fish inside and insure a safe environment for his baby fish.

After that, he placed the hundred yellow croakers and the hundred white flower fish that he had gene cultivated.

He had spent a total of six hundred energy to cultivate these fish, and had weakened himself significantly.

But even if he failed in this cultivation, he would not lose anything if he just devoured them after the fish were grown.

In the end, there was no risk of loss.

The next day, Grandpa Feng bough thousands of catties of small fish and shrimp and poured them into the fish farm for the yellow croakers and white flower fish.

Grandpa Feng and the others were extremely confused about Chu Xian’s weird requirements, and did not understand why they were using over half the lake to raise two hundred small fish.

But they were just workers and did not question the matter.

The salary this new boss gave them was far better than that on any other fish farm.

“Tonight I’ll go out to sea and bring back some fish.

” That afternoon, Chu Xian looked out at the empty side of the lake and made up his mind.

“But before I go out, I’ll need to take a spin around Qin Dahai’s farm to thank them for the alligator gars they sent over.

What a good person!”