I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 233

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 233

Chapter 233: My Fish Farm After the meal with Fa Daiyue and the others, Chu Xian hung out with the group through the afternoon as well.

That night, the total sales for the new aquarium store reached three million and a hundred and ten thousand rmb.

The revenue left many people shocked.

The next day, Chu Xian handed the store matters to Zhang Xiaohua, and returned to Hai Qing City with Xiao Ying and Hong Chenghai.

“Grandpa Feng, is the fish farm ready?” At the goldfish store, Chu Xian spoke to Grandpa Feng.

The fish farm was already officially under his control, but Chu Xian was dissatisfied with the previous partition that had come as a result of the many different owners of partial areas in the lake.

Now that the whole of Lake Fengtai was leased out to him, he wanted to restructure it according to his own plan.

“I’ve already had people remove all the railings and divided the lake into two sections.

I didn’t know when you want to start using it, but it’s already been over half a month.

We shouldn’t let it lie fallow.

” Grandpa Feng replied.


We’ll begin tomorrow.

Have you bought all the equipment?” Chu Xian nodded and asked his next question.

“I’ve gotten everything.

We just need to buy the baby fish and bring them to the lake.

” Grandpa Feng replied clearly.


We don’t need to buy the baby fish.

Leave the rest to me.

” Chu Xian nodded.

Grandpa Feng paused.

“What will we raise if we don’t buy baby fish?” “I have my own method.

” Chu Xian smiled.

For this fish farm, he obviously would not buy baby fish and raise them like other fish farms would – with the endless resources in the wide ocean, why would he need to purchase a small fish? .



He could simply go out to sea, looping a couple of circles and returning with large schools of fish.

These fish would all be large, fat fish – why would he need baby fish? To do otherwise would be to waste time, and waste money.

This fish farm that he’d leased, in Chu Xian’s eyes, would serve as a storage unit.

But after recent developments with the system and the new gene cultivation, Chu Xian had begun to have other thoughts, and planned to cultivate precious fish.

Gene cultivation was fundamentally different from remolding.

Remolding only changed the appearance of the fish, and while this was powerful, there was a severe limitation.

A remolded goldfish was only ever produce normal goldfish, and even if the sterilized mermen could reproduce, they would only ever be able to give birth to the kind of fish that they had been created from, not a baby mermen.

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COM Although the remolding had completely changed their species, their base genetic code had never changed.

But gene cultivation worked differently.

The gene cultivation produced a complete fish from base genetic code, and the physical appearance and gene data were exactly the same.

The Dunkleosteuses Chu Xian commanded did not just look like the legendary creature, but really were that prehistoric predator come back to life.

In other words, the Dunkleosteus could reproduce.

Chu Xian only neede to cultivate a group of expensive fish and raise them, and in adulthood they could reproduce naturally and bring forth new generations.

And so a plan had formed in Chu Xian’s mind to find and cultivate a parent group for all sorts of expensive fish, and then to imitate a wild environment to raise them.

For instance, Chu Xian had thought about cultivating and raising Atlantic Bluefin Tuna and letting them reproduce, but his fish farm was too small and an unrealistic location for Bluefin Tuna.

But there were other fish like the Chinese Bahabas.

These fish needed a depth of thirty meters below the surface, and although his fish farm was somewhat lacking, it was still probably good enough for the Bahabas to survive.

After all, the total area of his fish farm was quite large, and he could definitely cultivate them.

As soon as he obtained the genes of a single Chinese Bahabas, he could cultivate a group of about a dozen and let them reproduce on their own.

In a few years time, he would have a complete Chinese Bahabas school in his hands.

And the most important part was that these fish would inherit his gift of devouring, and would grow very quickly, just as the Dunkleosteus had done.

Maybe in a few years, there would be an overabundance of Chinese Bahabas.

And of course there were other fish as well, like the Wild Large Yellow Croaker.

These croakers grew to weigh over three catties, and were worth ten thousand rmb per catty.

The method of imitating wild environments was a matter of recreating a natural habitat and not allowing man-made artificial food to influence the quality of the fish meat.

The size of his fish farm was definitely enough to simulate this ecosystem.

Chu Xian had divided the fish farm in two, partitioning one section for normal fish that he could bring back from the ocean, and leaving the other section for his future gene cultivated fish.

Chu Xian was very interested in cultivating expensive fish, and even if the number of fish he cultivated was not too much, a thousand catties of these expensive creatures went for millions of rmb.

Ordinary fish could not compare.

“Come to Feng Tai Lake with me today, Grandpa Feng.

We’ll take a look around.

” Chu Xian said.

“Okay, Xiao Xian.

” Grandpa Feng nodded.

After driving to Feng Tai Lake, Chu Xian exited his car and walked over to his lake.

“Half a year ago, I looked out here and dreamed of owning a farm in this lake.

Who would have thought that now the whole lake is mine.

” Chu Xian stood by the lake and looked out at the vast expanse of waters, and his heart filled with satisfaction.

At that moment, Feng Tai Lake was still being renovated.

A huge platform sat in the middle of the lake.

The platform was about two hundred square meters and was very wide, and on it, a couple of stone chairs stood to the side.

It functioned as a harbor for docking ships, and could as be used as a place to net fish from.

It was his.

The whole of Feng Tai Lake was divided in two by a metal net.

As Chu Xian walked out onto the central platform, he could look out and see the distant sea.

“Xiao Xian, everything is as you wanted.

What do you think? Is this good, or do we need to rework anything?” Grandpa Feng asked as he accompanied Chu Xian.

“It’s very good.

” Chu Xian nodded with satisfaction.

It was at this moment that a white fishing ship sailed slowly over.

Chu Xian looked over and a small smile appeared on his face.

“Old Huang and the others are back from collecting materials.

” Grandpa Feng looked over at the ship and smiled.

“En, it really is more convenient here.

” Chu Xian laughed.

Feng Tai Lake was very close to the villa, and it was very convenient to transport materials from here.


” As the ship docked at the platform, Old Huang and the others immediately exited the boat and called out in greeting.

“You’ve worked hard.

” Chu Xian smiled at them.

“Do we still have enough Open Brain Corals? If there aren’t enough, I’ll go out to sea with you for a trip.

” There were still poisonous jellyfish guarding the Open Brain Corals, and Sword Two and Sword Three did not dare lightly approach.

“We don’t have much left.

If boss isn’t busy the next two days, we can use your help.

” Old Huang nodded and replied.


” Chu Xian nodded.

“That’s right, boss.

Can we buy some land nearby and build some houses here.

In the future, there will be too much aquarium material and we won’t be able to fit it all in the villa.

” Old Huang suggested.

“Build some houses here?” Chu Xian looked around.

The people that lived around Feng Tai Lake were all fishermen that raised fish.

About thirty or forty families lived in the area, and none of their houses were small.

His expanded ornamental fish store was also not far away.


” Chu Xian thought for a while and then nodded.

In the future when they needed more aquariums, it would obviously be impossible to process them all at the villa.

He needed a factory or workshop, and this place was without doubt the best choice in location.

The location was especially good for mermen like Old Huang and the others, who preferred water to villas anyway.

“Old Huang, find some locations nearby.

Choose a big place and get started on building a base.

In the future, we’ll use this location to make our aquariums and process our fish.

” Chu Xian gave out orders.

“Alright boss.

I’ll get it done.

” Old Huang nodded.

Chu Xian looked out at his fish farm and then walked over to his ornamental fish store.

These days, Grandpa Feng had been responsible for feeding the ornamental fish.

As soon as he entered the building, the two meter long Mokedile paddled over, nudging his fierce head over and rubbing it against Chu Xian.

The Mo-Croc had grown.

The mokefish that it had been made out of had still been growing.

At this point, the mokedile was very similar to a pet dog, and had some intelligence.

“Don’t be naughty.

” Grandpa Feng patted the Mokedile’s head, and then grabbed a piece of meat from the fridge and tossed it for the beast.

Chu Xian chuckled.

The Mokedile was very clean, and it was obvious that Grandpa Feng had taken very good care of it.

When he thought back to the first time Grandpa Feng had met the creature, Chu Xian could not hold back a laugh.

The fish farm for ornamental fish at the back of the shop had grown a lot as well.

In addition the to Arowana pool and the goldfish pool, there were four to five more farms as well, for Koi Fish, Angelfish, Stingrays, Rajsh Cichlasomas, Parrot Fish and some others, with hundreds of baby fish in each pool.

Chu Xian looked around.

Some of the ornamental fish did not look too delicate, but there was nothing to be worried about.

In a year or two, the value of these ornamental fish would stun the world.

“Very good.

” Chu Xian nodded with great satisfaction.

Grandpa Feng smiled contentedly.

For a long time, his greatest fear was making a mistake and not deserving the consideration the boss had given him.

“Let’s go back now.

Grandpa Feng, go hire a dozen or so people.

Our fish farm will start operation soon, and when the time comes you’ll all be busy.

” “Okay Xiao Xian.

I’ll hire people as soon as possible.

” Grandpa Feng nodded.

“Oh, and when you hire these people, find a place for them to live.

We’ll be building a factory here soon, and there will be dorms.

For now, just rent a nearby house.

” Chu Xian continued giving instructions as he left the building.

“Let’s go!” Chu Xian pulled open his car door, but then he noticed a group of familiar people in the distance by the sea.

Chu Xian saw them just as the other group saw him, and the expressions on the distant faces grew ugly.

Qin Zhiwei, Qin Dahai, and the others looked over with dark, murderous gazes.

Chu Xian looked back fearlessly and laughed.

He turned away and left.

“That goddamned fuck, Father, we need to give him a lesson.

” Qin ZHiwei thought about his leg and his face grew cruel.

“Don’t worry.

I’ll turn his fishing farm into a butcher’s yard.

” Qin Dahai laughed coldly.

“Big brother Qin, you put that thing inside his farm?” Qin Dahai nodded and laughed cruelly.

“Those fierce bastards have huge appetites, and they’ll lurk in the sea bed.

No matter how many baby fish he gets, they’ll all be devoured.

I really want to see his face in the end!”