I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 230

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 230

Chapter 230: Popularity and Trouble “Wow, it’s Yan Wenwen.

I didn’t know Yan Wenwen would actually come to this aquarium store’s opening ceremony!” “There’s also Ren Penghui and Yan Zekun! They’re so manly!” When Yan Wenwen, Ren Penghui, and Yan Zekun climbed on stage, the pedestrians and the curious gathered crowds exclaimed, and they all rushed over towards the store.

Sword Two and Sword Three immediately stepped forward, blocking the fans from rushing the stage.

“Today I’m very lucky to have the opportunity of attending my good friend’s aquarium store opening.

I hope everyone will stay orderly.

” Yan Wenwen saw the enthusiastic crowds clustering and stepped over to the microphone.

“Ah! Yan Wenwen! I love you!” A teenage girl called out excitedly.

Yan Wenwen and the other celebrity appearances immediately attracted the passing pedestrians, and in this busy downtown center, the gathering crowd only grew and grew.

When people heard that the famous actress Yan Wenwen was nearby, pretty much everybody gathered around to come see her.

Chu Xian had underestimated the power of celebrity fame, and as the crowds gathered rapidly, he immediately walked forward.

“Hello everyone.

Today our Paradise Aquarium Store is very lucky to have the gorgeous Yan Wenwen and the handsome Ren Penghui, Yan Zekun attending our ribbon cutting and opening day.

Please everyone, let’s stay orderly.

” “Firstly, opposite us is our storefront.

This is our Paradise Aquarium store, and everyone can look at the screen we have set up.

” “All of the pictures and videos that we have showing on the screen are from actual products in our store, and they are all exactly the same as what we are selling.

Rest assured that our quality is guaranteed.

In the future, this will be the flagship store for our Paradise Aquarium products.

” .



“Paradise Aquarium’s first store was founded in Hai Qing City, with a physical location covering about three hundred square meters.

Our products have been popular among Hai Qing citizens since opening day, and the sales for our first three days of business was over a million rmb.

” “Today is the day that our Paradise Aquariums enters the market of other cities, and we are confident that our products are the best aquariums in all of China.

If you are interested, please come inside and take a look.

” “I’m very happy that so many people have gathered here for our opening day, and although many of you are here to see Yan Wenwen, Ren Penghui, and Yan Zekun, I believe that many of you will fall in love with our aquariums.

” Chu Xian stood in the middle of the stage and spoke the microphone to the hundreds gathered around in every direction.

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COM Most of the gathered people had come for Yan Wenwen and the other celebrities, but as they listen to the young man’s words, they still turned curiously to the big screen to the side.

Many people had their interest immediately piqued by the images crossing the screen.

Residents of Jing Hai city were not entirely unfamiliar to the concept, and in fact, over 90% of all these Jing Hai people knew something about aquariums.

The other time when Primordial had planned their store here in Jing Hai, they had advertised and promoted a lot, but after the matter with the dying fish on their opening day, their store had been unable to recover.

Primordial’s intial promotion of their aquariums and the subsequent drama of their tragedy had attracted the attention of all Jing Hai people, and many of those who had planned to buy the aquariums had been disappointed.

Now, another aquarium store was opening, and one that was even more beautiful than that of Primordial Aquariums, and this of course attracted a lot of attention and curiosity.

To Chu Xian’s relief, although many of the gathered people were here mainly for Yan Wenwen and the other celebrities, most of these people were not the crazy diehard fans, and many of them were interested in the aquariums that his store was selling.

Chu Xian finished up with a simple sentence or two and then started the ribbon cutting ceremony and the official opening of his store.

After cutting the ribbon and announcing the beginning of business, there was already over five hundred people gathered around.

Chu Xian looked at the situation and decided to let Yan Wenwen and the others take an early leave.

Yan Wenwen smiled and shrugged, heading out to a car with her agent.

As she left, Zhang Xiaohuao complained a little that Chu Xian had let her leave too early.

“It’s alright.

Too many people here is not a good thing either.

” Chu Xian chuckled.

He was sure that if Yan Wenwen stayed, his store would soon be packed to the brim.

“Open the doors and start business!” Chu Xian called out.

The giant screen to his side continued scrolling through the various aquarium pictures and videos.

The extremely striking store was a prominent view from the streets, and the dreamy decorations inside caught many people’s eye and attracted their interest.

Although Yan Wenwen and the others had quickly left, the gathered people did not leave, and many of them entered the beautiful store curiously.

“Wow, what a pretty store!” “Look at these aquariums! They are all beautiful! So pretty! I can’t! I have to buy one.

” “These aquariums are even more pretty than those of Primordial.

Look at these coral decorations, and these tiny shrimp.

” As soon as the people walked into the store, they were attracted by the pretty decorations around the store and the beautifully designed aquariums.

Many of them looked around in stunned amazement, and many of the women immediately walked over to the aquariums.

“Little brother Xiao Xian, look at their passionate eyes.

Your aquarium store’s business will definitely be very good.

” Chen Yue commented as all the enthusiastic customers rushed inside and looked around with clear interest.


I am quite confident in my aquarium store.

” Chu Xian smiled and replied.

“Brother Chu Xian, if you open chains across the country, your profit will be terrifying.

” Wang Zhixing looked around and thought back to the words Chu Xian had spoken on the stage and could not hold back an exclamation of amazement.

“Probably, but I’ll probably franchise out stores in the second and third tier cities.

” Chu Xian smiled and replied.

“Oh?” Wang Zhixing nodded in reply, his face falling into deep thought.

“Madame, pick whichever one you like, and you can bring it home.

” Chu Xian smiled and said.

“This won’t do.

Your big brother brought me here to take part in your store opening.

I can’t take your things for free.

” Chen Yue smiled in response.

Chen Yue shrugged.

“Madam, look at how popular this store is right now.

You don’t need to be polite, just take one home.

A single aquarium is nothing much.

” Chen Yue looked over at Fai Daiyue and then laughed.

“Then I’ll have to thank you, little brother Xiao Xian.

” Chu Xian chuckled and looked around at his store.

The place was already packed, so he signaled to Sword Three and Sword Four to stand at the entrance and keep things orderly.

The scene from that first day at Hai Qing City’s aquarium store repeated itself here in this city; hundreds of people were inside the store browsing, and hundreds of people lined up outside the store’s entrance peering inside, curious at the bustling scene.

“Hey, why aren’t you letting us in? We want to go inside to take a look!” “That’s right! There’s still space for us to squeeze inside! Just let us inside to take a look!” At the entrance of the store, some women were tip toeing and trying to peer around Sword Three and Sword Four, complaining to the two mermen standing by the entrance.

“We are very sorry, esteemed guests, but our store is now full to the brim.

If more people joined it then it would be overcrowded.

We will only allow more people in when someone inside leaves.

” Sword Three and Sword Four were experienced with this situation, and responded apologetically.

“F*** me, no way! Why’s nobody coming out.

These aquariums are so pretty, just let us inside, we’ll buy one.

” A couple walked over and called out loudly to Sword Three.

“We are very sorry.

” Sword Three shook his head.

” “So expensive?” The young man was helpless.

* “Look at all those people gathered there, let’s go check it out.

” “It’s an aquarium store – a newly opened aquarium store.

Why are there so many people? But those tanks on that screen really are pretty!” “So many people, what store has so many people? Let’s go and take a look.

” It was a little past ten am and this downtown center of Jing Hai was bustling.

Anyone who came out from the subway stations would immediately see the crowd around this packed store, and many of them walked over to investigate.

And when they walked over, they would see something they’d never seen before in their entire life.

Because the area inside the aquarium store had limit, they could only allow people in when someone exited, and from time to time, a customer would leave the store with a beautiful aquarium in their hands.

At the entrance to the store, many people were approaching to investigate the crowd, and were immediately won over by the beautiful aquariums they saw.

“Damn, no wonder this store is so popular, the aquariums they sell are actually so pretty.

” “That’s right.

They’re so elegant.

We should go inside and buy one.

” “Excuse me, coming through.

If you want to buy one, you should buy one quickly.

The business is goin so well that they might run out of stock in just a day or two.

” As Chu Xian had expected, the store was incredibly popular.

Both he and Zhang Xiaohua had prepared for this.

“This kind of popularity is really incredible.

” Fa Daiyue and the others watched the bustling crowds from outside the store and sighed in amazement.

“Little brother Xiao Xian, you’ve really made it big this time.

How about you treat us all to a nice meal tonight?” Chen Yue laughed and teased.

“Of course, not a problem.

” Chu Xian chuckled in response.

“Boss, in these two hours, we’ve already sold fifty tanks.

” Zhang Xiaohua announced happily as she walked over.

“En, then it looks like we might make over three million today?” Chu Xian replied happily.

“That’s right.

Jing Hai is a very prosperous city, so I don’t think it’s too weird to make over three million rmb in one day.

This kind of sale might last for another week.

” Zhang Xiaohua said excitedly.

“Wow! Three million a day! Then won’t we make twenty million in a week?” Xiao Ying exclaimed with wide eyed amazement.

“Tsk tsk, you’re basically printing money.

” Wang Zhixing looked at the store with some jealousy, and his heart moved.

“Brother Chu Xian, you said that you’ll franchise out store in the future?” “Of course, but we will only franchise stores in the smaller cities.

We’ll be opening our own in the bigger cities.

” Chu Xian could guess what he was thinking.

“If Big Brother Wang is interested, you can speak to our Paradise Aquarium’s Manager Zhang later.

” “Haha, of course I am interested.

You are raking in the cash, if I just follow behind you I’ll be able to make quite a bit as well.

” Wang Zhixing said excitedly.

In a diner by the Paradise Aquarium store, Feng Huo and his father sat in stunned amazement as people bustled in and around the shop.

Many of the people inside the diner were talking about this incredibly popular aquarium store, and the faces of the father son duo fell.

“Dad, are the people you found here yet?” Feng Huo asked.

His heart was filled with unwillingness has he watched his enemy’s business take off.

“Don’t worry.

I’m sure they’ll be here sone.

The better his business is now, the sadder he will be when it falls.

” The middle-aged man drank his teeth, his smile twisted coldly.

“Father, we must destroy his store!” Feng Huo said, his face cruel.

“Don’t worry.

I paid them a million rmb.

If they can’t handle this matter, than they really are trash.

” After the middle-aged man spoke, he slowly stood up.

Feng Huo looked over and his face lit up with happiness, and he happily walked outside.