I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 216

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 216

Chapter 216: First Generation Second Generation “What is going on?” Chu Xian quickly ran downstairs and headed over to Duan Ke and the others.

When he was beside them, he turned to Duan Ke with a serious expression.

“These people are playing some dirty tricks!” Duan Ke furrowed his brows, looking angrily at Feng Huo’s friends.

“What are you saying? How could my friends do anything dirty? This bitch doesn’t know anything and hit my friend.

What? You still want to speak?” Feng Huo’s friend, Wu San pointed at Duan Ke, his face covered with arrogance as he spoke.

* “Don’t be so arrogant.

If you guys go over the line, we’ll call the police and have them handle this.

” Yan Wenwen’s agent said with some anger.

“Hehe, call the police? Sure, you want to call the police? Let me tell you, this is Hai Qing City.

You can’t just take out your celebrity status here.

Or do you not believe that I can send you out of Hai Qing in a stretcher?” A young man said disdainfully in response to the female agent’s words.

The agent huffed angrily and was clearly very upset, but she did not dare to speak any more.

Local snakes were things that celebrities did not want to get involved with.

Even though celebrities shine so brightly, in certain places with certain people, a famous celebrity was still given no respect.

It was reported more than once that some huge celebrity would be kicked out of a press conference, or forced to hide away in a hotel.




These sort of things were not rare.

When the celebrities stumbled upon these situations, they had no real recourse.

“Feng Huo, this person is your friend.

Can you not mediate between us.

Why don’t we just let this matter go!” Duan Ke walked over with an uncomfortable expression and spoke with Feng Huo.

“I also want to, Director Duan, but I am only really familiar with one of these guys.

I don’t know the other ones, and even if I spoke, I wouldn’t be able to change anything.

” Feng Huo shrugged, wearing an expression as if he could not help even if he wanted to.

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COM Chu Xian watched coldly, and walked over to Yan Wenwen.

He could see that Yan Wenwen would not back down and did not quibble.

“Who touched you?” Yan Wenwen’s cocked her eyebrow, and turned to look at Chu Xian with some confusion.

“You are with me today, don’t worry.

I can handle this matter!” Chu Xian assured here with a confident look, and turned to look at the young man named Duan Quan.

“Brat, you want to play a hero saving the girl, but let me warn you.

You should make sure you have the ability before you try anything.

” Duan Quan glared at Chu Xian coldly as he spoke before turning to Yan Wenwen.

“You can accompany us for dinner tonight and then we can drop this, otherwise you shouldn’t trust in your celebrity status to protect you from us.

” “Hehe!” Chu Xian laughed coldly and stalked over to the man.

“And what kind of ability do I need?” “You need to not fear death!” Duan Quan glared, and reached out his hand to grab Chu Xian’s neck.

“Then let me tell you, since you messed with my friends, you also need to not fear death!” Chu Xian’s face flashed with a moment of cruelty, and he lifted his fist and punched the man’s arm.

“Crack” How strong was the current Chu Xian? Without any exaggeration, he was strong enough to kill with a single punch.

A normal man’s combat power was around seventy or eighty, but Chu Xian’s current rating sat just below 300.

One punch and the sound of breaking bones startled the air, and in the blink of an eye, Dean Quan’s arm was already bent in at an unnatural angle.

” “Ah!” Duan Quan screamed, and he turned to his arm with a look of horror, his body curling up in pain.

The surrounding people were jolted with fright, and a few of them looked at Chu Xian with fear.

Chu Xian didnt pay any attention to Duan Quan’s pain, and with a swift step grabbed the man’s neck.

“Is this enough capability?” “You’re courting death! I will not forgive you, and my father won’t let you go!” Duan Quan’s whole face contorted and tears leaked from his eyes, but through it all he glared red eyed at Chu Xian.

“Let go, you better let go right now or we won’t let you go.

” Wu San and the others saw Chu Xian grabbing their friend and called out angry threats.

“Quickly let go or you will regret it.

In the future, you won’t be able to stay in Hai Qing City.

” One of the young men stared at Chu Xian.

“Duan Quan’s father is Boss Duan from Zhengwei Real Estate, and none of us can be easily messed with.

Now, let go of him and we’ll forget this matter, or else.

” The young man was not finished speaking, but his threatening tone was very clear.

They were using their influence to pressure others, and were comparing backgrounds and comparing fathers! “Zhengwei Real Estate?” Chu Xian frowned – this was a very familiar name.

“Your father is Duan Zhengwei.

” “Hehe!” Duan Quan forced a laugh through his pain, and grinned at Chu Xian.

“That’s right.

He is my father, brat.

Let me warn you, since you broke my arm, I will cut off all your limbs.

” Chu Xian laughed again.

“Really it’s Duan Zhengwei.

Last time I did not go find him to finish matters, but now I actually ran into his son.

How fortunate!” After Chu Xian finished speaking, he kicked Duan Quan’s right leg.

“Ah!” More painful screams filled the air, and Duan Quan’s right leg crumbled underneath him as his trembling body fell against Chu Xian.

Chu Xian pushed him aside, and then crouched to look him in the face.

“If you weren’t Duan Zhengwei’s son you wouldn’t have suffered this much.

” “You…” Wu San and the others could see that Duan Quan’s leg was completely bent out of shape, and their faces were covered in horror.

Duan Quan’s whole body was covered in sweat.

He had not that that once he spoke his father’s name the other person would still dare to hit him, and even more cruelly than before.

“Call up your father and let him know it was Chu Xian that hit you.

Paradise’s Chu Xian!” Chu Xian took out a phone and tossed it over.

Duan Quan’s body was uncontrollably twitching, and he looked up at Chu Xian with fear.

“Call him!” Chu Xian ordered.

Duan Quan swallowed saliva.

His sweat dripped onto the screen of the phone as he laboriously dialed his father’s number.

“Dad!” Duan Quan called out painfully.

“What’s up, Quan? Why are you calling?” Duan Zhengwei’s voice answered the phone.

“Dad, I got attacked, ah!” Duan Quan said hurriedly.

As his body moved slightly, the pain jolted through his body again and he couldn’t help but call out.

“Dad, my left hand and right leg are broken.

Ah, ah!” As he spoke, he started crying uncontrollably.

“Ah? Who dares? Who would hit you? Give me a name, and I’ll get someone to kill him!” Duan Zhengwei yelled through the phone, and his voice echoed through the speaker and filled the air.

“He said his name is Chu Xian!” Duan Quan replied painfully.

“Chu Xian from Paradise!” “Chu Xian?” Duan Zhengwei yelled and his voice fell.

“Is he beside you?” Duan Quan couldn’t help but notice his father’s changing tone and he looked up at Chu Xian, his heart dropping.

“I am here.

” Chu Xian laughed, and called over to the phone lying on the floor.

“Let my son go!” Duan Zhengwei said calmly.

“Don’t worry.

This arm and leg can count as the price you pay for this time and the last time!” Chu Xian said, standing up and turning to Wu San and the others.

He walked towards the young men.

“What do you want?” Wu San and the others called out, backing away.

“We’re warning you, if you dare to move, the police won’t let you go!” A young man said with a trembling voice.


” Chu Xian laughed disdainfully.

“Are you going to apologize?’ Wu San’s expression changed, and the faces of all the young men fell.

He replied in a grave tone, “Apologize? I don’t believe that you will touch us.

Let me tell you, no matter how powerful you are, we are not afraid of you!” “You guys really are impressive, coming to my place and looking for trouble.

” At that moment, Jin Sen arrived.

Everyone turned, and the trio of Jin Sen, Ge Wenqing, and Li Huazhong walked over with large smiles on their faces as they looked over at Wu San and the others.

“Brother Jin, it wasn’t us, it was…” Wu San and the others looked at Jin Sen and his friends with faces of respect, relief filling their hearts as they hurriedly explained.

“It doesn’t matter who did what, apologize!” Li Huazhong interrupted, glaring coldly at the group of young men.

“Eh!” They were startled, and their faces grew uncomfortable.

“I’ve troubling you again.

” Chu Xian looked at Jin Sen apologetically and patted his shoulder.

“Big brother, big brother, not so hard.

” Jin Sen ducked away from Chu Xian’s hand.

“Your two hits were too impressive, my little body won’t be able to take your torture.

” “Haha, torture your little body? Jin Sen, let me see what your small body is like?” Ge Wenqing laughed, giving Chu Xian a thumbs up.

“So strong.

” Chu Xian could only shake his head speechlessly.

Wu San and the others were surprised to see how close Jin Sen, Li Huazhong and Ge Wenqing were with Chu Xian, and when they turned to look at Duan Quan, they finally understood why even his father didn’t dare to say anymore when he found at it was Chu Xian who had hit his son.

This comparison of status revealed such a huge difference that Duan Quan had no way to retaliate.

Unless they wanted to die.

Chu Xian turned to Wu San and the others once more.

The young men squeezed out ugly smiles and lowered their heads to Yan Wenwen.

“We apologize, we were reckless.

” Yan Wenwen looked at Chu Xian silently.

“call an ambulance and take him away.

” Chu Xian told the bunch.

The young men hurriedly nodded.

“Let’s go rest upstairs.

There are a lot of people here, we should avoid getting recognized.

” Chu Xian turned to the curious onlookers in his party and called over to them.


” The gropu nodded and followed him.

Feng Huo looked at Chu Xian with some trepidation, turned to say farewell to Duan Ke, and directly left.

“We have to welcome you big celebrities to our Golden Dragon Resort.

” Jin Sen looked at the people following him and Chu Xian and smiled.

“Oh, we should take a picture to commemorate this meeting.

” The people smiled along with Jin Sen, immediately liking his affable nature.

“I’m sorry about this, I didn’t think that something like this would happen on our first trip out.

” As the group of people gathered on the balcony, Chu Xian found Yan Wenwen and apologized.

“There’s no need to apologize.

I should be the one thanking you for helping me just now.

” Yan Wenwen smiled at him.

Chu Xian smiled and shook his head.

“Come, come.

Don’t let what just happened ruin our day.

Today we should have fun, and tomorrow we will focus on filming!” At that moment, Duan Ke stood up and laughed loudly.