I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 203

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 203

Chapter 203: Control Translator: Aristophaneso  “Old Huang, let me introduce you.

This will be your new companion in the future, Xiao Ying.

You’ll be responsible for teaching it everything!”  Chu Xian pointed to the dogfish poking its head out of the water as he addressed Old Huang.

“Okay boss!” Old Huang nodded.

“How has it been going here? How many sea snakes have you caught?” “We have forty three in total right now!” “En!” Chu XIan nodded with satisfaction.

Forty-three sea snakes would have been the haul of ten days work for Li Long’s old company.

Chu Xian checked the time.

It was already past three AM.

“Let’s head back, there are still some things that I need to handle!” “Okay boss!” Old Huang nodded.

Chu Xian focused and called back Gun One and the others, and also ordered Xiao Jiao to stay carefully in the vicinity.

“Boss, this is a letter I wrote.

When we return, we can throw those dead bodies beside Prachuap Khiri Khan shipping company’s private harbor.

” As the fishing ship moved back to shore, Old Huang came up to Chu Xian and presented him a letter.

“What did you write?” Chu Xian asked.

He stood on the deck and turned to look at the dead bodies gathered to the side, his face shifting into a thoughtful expression.




“It’s mainly filled with some provocative language, and it informs Haolong Siangela that their sea snake market belongs to our Tongpala family now.

If they want to hinder us anymore, they will end up just like these people did!” Old Huang answered with a smile.

“Very good!” Chu Xian grinned.

“Then do it as you have planned.

” Very quickly, the Prachuap Khiri Khan harbor appeared in view, and Old Huang pointed to an area and called out.

“Boss, this is the private harbor.

I’ll have Sword Two and the others throw the bodies onto the fishing ships over there!” “Okay!” Chu Xian nodded.

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COM  Sword Two and the others each dragged a body and jumped into the sea, slowly swimming underwater towards the harbor.

“Pong pong pong!” The dead bodes slapped against the deck of the fishing ships, and Sword Two and the others swiftly returned.

“The bodies are on the ships!” “En!” Chu XIan nodded.

The fishing ship returned to shore, and in the near distance, Li Long and his father waited anxiously.

“Big Brother Chu XIan, you are back! That’s great!” When Li Long spotted them, he immediately rushed over, excitement strewn over his face.

“It’s fine!” Chu Xian laughed.

“Come, let’s head back!” “Did you end up meeting any other ships at sea?” Li Long followed along with some trepidation.

“It’s solved.

Let’s go back, we can discuss it all tomorrow!” Chu Xian smiled lightly in his direction.

“Yes, that’s right.

It’s too late right now, we should go back and rest!” Li Long hurriedly nodded.

He looked over at Sword Two and the others and spotted the leather bags in their hands.

He couldn’t resist asking, “Big Brother Chu Xian, how many sea snakes did your team catch?” “Over forty!” Chu Xian replied.

“What?” Li Long’s eyes fell open, and his face was transformed with shock.

He quickly ran over to take a look, and then turned excitedly to his father.

 Li Long’s father looked at them, his face filled with an expression of disbelieving shock, but very quickly, his eyes flashed with happiness.

Chu Xian leaned back in the car seat as they returned to Li Long’s villa, and when they arrived, he returned to his room and immediately went to sleep.

He’d spent the entire day traveling, and as soon as he arrived, spent most of the night busy working.

He was exhausted.

Although at this point, his body could afford to go days without sleep, his spirit could not handle it.

The sky in Thailand was a clear blue, and near the coasts, the sky was a mirror of the sea.

The waters blew in the ocean breeze, and the flowing wind refreshed the soul.

The sun slowly rose, and the morning group slowly woke up and arrived at the harbor.

Some came to fish, and others arrived to process the catch.

Prachuap Khiri Khan Ship Manufacturers factory was located right by the waters.

As the biggest fishing ship manufacturer in Prachuap Khiri Khan and the surrounding cities, Lilanke owned his own harbor port.

Over ten fishing ships of various models were docked here, some just on display, others for rent or sale!  Every morning, a designated staff would come over to clean these docked ships.

Just like on every other day, a woman arrived, slowly humming as she carried her tools.

The sun was beautiful, and her mood was beautiful.

A small breeze shuttled in from the waters, and the woman paused.

“What is that smell?” This woman had been cleaning these ships everyday for several years, and at this point she knew every nook and cranny, and ever single smell.

But today, something was off.

She boarded a ship and looked around to investigate.

She peered around her with confusion, and couldn’t find the source of her worry.

She looked up, and her glance swept over a ship in the distance.

 “Ah!” Her scream rose to the clouds, and her shrill cry filled the entire harbor.


Lilanke Weisaige, I’d just arrived and saw the dead bodies.

I… I…” Half an hour later, the woman stood before an old man, her face covered with terror as she gestured to the corpses.

“Leave, don’t tell anyone what you saw!” The old man was Prachuap Khiri Khan’s Lilanke Weisaige.

He waved the woman away, and his expression twisted as he turned to look at the dead bodies on the ground.

“Boss, there is a letter!” A young man looked up from beside the dead bodies.

Near him was a letter held down by a stone.

“Bring it here!” Lilanke Weisaige’s eyebrows twitched, and he took the note the young man handed to him.

He unfolded it slowly.

 “Good, good! You actually dare to defy us.

Guwentong Pala, I think you’ve lived too long!” The veins on Lilanke Saiweige’s neck bulged, and he glanced coldly at the corpses.

He took out his phone and called the Prachuap Khiri Khan pornography king Haolongsi Angera, and Prachuap Khiri’s fishing magnate Gelaiao Kehuang to notify them.

 Very quickly, two middle-aged men arrived with their respective entourages.

Halongsi Angera turned to the corpses of his men with the gaze of an angry lion.

“Guwentong Pala, just wait for me.

I will not let you go!” The sun was high in the sky when Chu Xian got out of bed.

It was already 11 am when he finished washing his face and brushing his teeth and joined the others in the villa hall.

“Call Sword Two and the others over!” Chu Xian said to Old Huang, and then walked over to where Li Long and his father were sitting.

“Big Brother Chu Xian, you are awake!” When Li Long noticed Chu Xian walking over, he hurriedly stood and greeted him.

 “En!” Chu Xian smiled at Li Long, then turned to look at the man’s father.

“Li Long, can I ask you something?” Chu Xian looked at Li Long and asked.

 “Of course, of course.

What does Big Brother Chu Xian want to ask?” Li Long hurriedly nodded.

“En, I want to ask you where you rented your fishing ship yesterday?” “From a ship manufacturer’s factory.

It is the only place to rent ships in Prachuap Khiri Khan!” Li Long answered without any hesitation, but when he saw Chu XIan’s expression he paused for a moment.

“What is it, Brother Chu Xian? What happened?” “Nothing.

” Chu Xian shook his head, and hesitated for a moment before asking again.

“Did your father tell you to rent the ship from there?” “En? What? My father is the one who rented it!” Li Long’s face grew confused.

“Can you ask your father why he rented the ship from this place?” Chu Xian said to Li Long.

“Ah? What do you mean, Big Brother Chu Xian? This is the only place in Prachuap Khiri Khan to rent ships!” Li Long said with some surprise, but doubt flickered across his eyes and he hurriedly turned to speak with his father.

Chu Xian looked at Old Huang, and the mermen returned a small nod.

Li Long’s father listened to Li Long’s questioning, and his eye’s twitched.

He replied.

“Big Brother Chu Xian, my father says that this is the only place in Prachuap Khiri Khan to rent fishing ships.

Is there a problem?” Li Long asked curiously.

Chu Xian laughed.

If he had not learned from the mouth of those dead people that Li Long’s father had poisoned over ten people, he might have believed these words, but if Li Long’s father could do something like that, there was no way that he was this stupid.

“Tell your father, yesterday we found some dead bodies in the sea and had to throw them onto the ships in the manufacturer’s harbor.

And ask him if your family can tell your rivals to let bygones be bygones, otherwise I can only leave.

I don’t want to waste my money and time!” Chu Xian smiled as he replied.

“Ah!” Li Long was stunned, and did not completely understand what Chu Xian was saying.

His eyes fell wide open as he stared at Chu Xian.

“Just pass my words directly to your father!” Chu Xian gestured.

“Okay!” Li Long nodded numbly, and turned to tell his father what Chu Xian had said.

“Pong!” What Li Long hadn’t imagined was that his father would shoot upright and turn to stare at Chu Xian with a heavy face and eyes filled with fear and surprise.

When Li Long saw his father’s behavior, questioned raced through his mind and his heart was stirred.

Chu Xian looked at the two and laughed.

“Tell your father this.

If we can still cooperate, fine, but if we can’t, I will leave today.

I’ll even let the matters of my worker Sword One’s death lie.

” Li Long looked at Chu Xian with red eyes, and then turned to speak loudly with his father.

Chu Xian shook his head and left the main villa building.

HE walked over to the swimming pool by the back, and sat down beside it.

Less than a half hour later, Li Long and his father walked over.

LI Long’s face was embarassed, and his eyes glinted and he looked towards Chu Xian.

His father stood by his side, his face extremely pale, and his arm shaking slightly.

“Big Brother CHu XIan!” Li Long called out with a trembling in his voice.

Chu Xian looked up at him and smiled, gesturing for him to sit.

He called to Old Huang, “Why don’t you go and talk to Li Long’s father for a bit!” “Yes boss!” Old Huang nodded, and walked over to Li Long’s father and began speaking with him.

Chu Xian didn’t understand their converation in Thai, but Old Huang knew how to handle it.

Li Lon’gs expression kept changing, and his face was filled with disbelief and pain.

In the end, after the conversation in Thai, Li Long’s father kneeled in from of Chu Xian and began to loudly weep.

Chu XIan looked at Old Huang, and the mermen nodded.

“Boss, we have reached an understanding.

There is no problem here.

” “Okay!” Chu XIan nodded and stood up.

He walked over to Li Long’s side and patted his shoulder.

“When I leave, you will have to deal with the matters of your company.

Although your father was wrong, I know you had nothing to do with it.

I will…” “Big Brother Chu Xian, you don’t need to explain.

I understand.

Big Brother Sword One’s death was related to my father, and my father was wrong here.

Please, I beg you, protect him!” Li Long lowered his head in guilt.

“Don’t worry!” Chu Xian nodded!