I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 200

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 200

Chapter 200: Killing on the Sea Translator: Aristophaneso  The fishing ship started, cutting the waves and burbling in the water.

The over ten meter long wooden ship moved slowly – they did not need to go far for the sea snakes.

The Gulf of Thailand was only forty to fifty meters deep, and was a very good location for sea snakes to come and rest in.

Most of the sea snakes living here were also deep water sea snakes, and had a stronger venom and higher value than sea snakes that lived in shallower waters.

Chu Xian stood on the deck and used his sonar to scan the surrounding area; very quickly, he discovered that there were many more fish in this area than in the waters around Hai Qing.

After sailing for about half an hour, they were far from land.

The night was dark, with strong wind under the moonless sky.

The waters around were pitch black, and only the sounds of the waves could be heard.

“Dark moon and strong winds on the vast seas – what a good place to kill!” Chu Xian sighed coldly.

His gaze turned to stare into the distance and his eyes turned cold.

“Be prepared!” “Yes, boss!” Sword Two, Sword Three and the others nodded solemnly, their gazes also cold, and their posture aggressive.

“These bastards really don’t want to live.

They dare come over again! Last time they got away, but this time we will definitely kill them all!” On a fishing ship in the distance, a middle-aged man spoke with a face twisted with cruelty .



“Tong Pala’s family really doesn’t know how to live, they actually got a bunch of Chinese to come.

Heng, if they want to continue in the sea snake business, we’ll just have to bloody their nose a little!” The fishing ship idled quietly on the water, and a group of people stood waiting on the deck.

They seemed to have arrived much earlier, and the eight big men holding guns and submachine guns stared coldly.

“This time we definitely won’t let them get away, otherwise we will be punished! Don’t be lax! Just shoot them up or push them into the water and feed them to the fishes!” “Don’t worry, last time it was because we didn’t expect the pilot to survive over ten shots.

This time we won’t make the same mistake, shoot for the heads!” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM “They are coming, get ready!’ Out in the distance, a fishing ship slowly came into view.

It was Chu Xian and his men.

“Boss, there is a fishing ship ahead! It is the same ship that attacked us the other day!” Old Huang peered through a telescope and shouted back to Chu Xian.

“En, I know!” Chu Xian had long ago detected these people, and looked at the eight big men with their weapons with a cold gaze.

The fishing ship advanced slowly, but very soon they closed the distance to around a kilometer.

“Stop here!” Chu Xian called to Old Mu.

“Go sink their ship, and bring back all their weapons!” “Yes sir!” Sword Two and Sword Three called out in reply, and all the mermen dived into the water and darted forward towards the enemy boat with great speed.

“Yi? Their ship stopped, looks like they can finally see us.

Hehe, this time they’ve grown some brains, but even if you want to run you won’t be able to escape with your little ship! Clueless!” Back on the enemy ship, a middle-aged man watched as Chu Xian’s little fishing ship stopped, and he called out with a face full of disdain, “Go! Don’t let them get away!” “Don’t worry, they defintiely won’t get away this time.

” A middle-aged man beside him replied, patting himself confidently on his chest.

“Heng, you still aren’t chasing.

Last time if you hadn’t fallen asleep like an asshole, how could they have gotten away.

” The first middle-aged man snorted coldly.

“Heihei, last time was an accident.

It definitely won’t happen again!” The second middle-aged man laughed, and then walked towards the cabin with a casual stride.

He had great confidence in the ship that he piloted.

After some special modifications, the speed of his ship was twice that of fishing ships on the same level, let alone compared to a little ten meter long wooden boat.

“Lock and load.

Kill them all!” The middle-aged man on the fishing ship yelled, and with a clank loaded his SMG.

“Hehe!” Using his sonar, Chu Xian looked at the aggressive group of people and his face turned cold.

In the water, Sword Two, Sword Three, and the others very quickly neared the enemy fishing ship, and before the ship could start up, they had already taken out their water proof electrical drills and had begun drilling into the bottom of the ship.

“The hull of this thirty meter fishing ship should be not bad.

” Chu Xian’s face hid a small smile.

The fishing ship started slowly moving, but Sword Two and Sword Three’s team had only drilled a hole about the size of a human thumb into the ship’s hull.

The mermen exchanged glances, and then one of the mermen used one hand to grab the hull of the ship, and another to drag along the merman using the drill, and so they moved along with the ship and never stopped drilling.

“Weng weng weng!” The drill worked diligently under the water, but none of the sound could be heard above the waves.

“Haha, did we scare them stupid? They aren’t even moving, what a bunch of idiots!” On the deck of the fishing ship, the middle-aged men shouted arrogantly.

Back inside the cabin of the ship, the middle-aged pilot smiled as he watched as they neared the fishing ship in the distance.

He calmly took out a cigarette and lit it.

But just as he was taking his first puff, he started.

The alarm light in the cabin was flashing red, and he panicked.

“What is happening, why is the alarm going off? And code red!” Code red was the most severe of warnings, and usually only went off when the ship had suffered grievous damage; in other situations, it might also go off when the ship was taking in more water than it could expel.

“It isn’t raining! What on earth is happening here!” The middle-aged pilot grew nervous, and he hurriedly stopped the fishing ship and ran outside.

“Bastard! Wenkunsong Pasum, why did you stop the ship? What are you trying to do here?” The people standing on the deck fumed and shouted as the ship slowed.

“There is something wrong with the ship.

Code red!” Sweat poured down the middle-aged man’s forehead; he had served as a ship’s pilot for over ten years, and he had already noticed something was wrong with the ship, and it seemed to be slowly sinking.

He very quickly ran down the stairs to check below the deck, and when he opened the door to the lowest cabin all he saw was rushing water.

“Shit, what is going on, how did the water get in the ship!” The middle-aged pilot paled.

“The ship is flooding! We’ll sink soon! Quickly, quickly, get to the life boat.

He yelled with panicked urgency at the unhappy people on deck, and then quickly ran over to the life boat near the back of the ship and pushed it into the water.

“Look there, the ship really is slowly sinking!” The others quickly realized that something was wrong with the ship, and that the water level seemed to be rising, and they all ran hurriedly towards the little ship in the back “The little ship can only fit five people.

” “Ah, stop talking, just jump into the water and grab the side of the boat, we can take turns.

” “Fuck, fuck, how did the water get into the ship, and from below? What is going on?” The people yelled in panic.

“Because you are all going to die!” Suddenly, a cold voice filled the air.

“Pong pong pong pong!” In that moment, over a dozen big bald heads burst out of the water, and before anyone could react, capsized the fishing boat, throwing everyone on board into the water.

“Ah! Who are you people?” A middle-aged man yelled loudly in terror, and the weapon in his hand fell into the water.

“Someone who wants your life.

You killed our brother, now go to hell and repent!” Sword Two laughed coldly, and almost casually grabbed one of the men and dragged him underwater.

The submerged men struggled with panicked eyes and reddened faces.

Sword Three and the others had just as easily pulled the others down into the water; they stood no chance against mermen in the sea, and put up no resistance.

“Keep them alive!” Sword Two reminded as he looked over at the little wooden boat already heading over to them, dragging the half-drowned man along as he swam to meet the boat.

“Boss, we succeeded!” Sword Two, Sword Three, and the others tossed their victims on board.

“En, not bad!” Chu Xian nodded.

“Wake them up, Old Huang, question them!” “Okay boss!” Old Huang nodded.

He had been studying the Thai language sine before he had come to Thailand, and he was already quite fluent in the language.

“Pow pow!” Sword Two extended his foot and kicked the prisoners hard in the chest.

The victims cried out in pain and slowly woke up.

“йеидёиз!” A middle-aged man looked at them with terror and screamed.

Chu Xian did not understand their language, but he also did not much care.

He ignored their words and walked over to the side where Gun One handed him the weapon.

He fiddled with it casually.

Five hand guns, two SMGs, all loaded with bullets.

Chu Xian shot at the water to test them out.

At the sound of the gun, some of the Thai people tried to back away in terror, saying something in their language to Old Huang.

Chu Xian did not understand what he said, but Old Huang directly called over Sword Two, and the mermen did not hesitate.

After a quick nod, a sharp sword appeared in his hand, and he stabbed the middle-aged men in the chest The screams and cries reached to the sky above the sea.

Chu Xian looked down at the dead body and sighed softly, but very quickly his face turned cold again.

Picking up the SMG again, he looked it over for a moment before shooting up at the sky.

“Not bad, not bad!” The gun virgin Chu Xian smiled; a man’s hobbies, other than money and beauty, had to be cars and guns! After a few minutes, another Thai man was killed by Sword Two and Old Huang finally nodded with satisfaction.

“Throw them into the sea!” Old Huang said to Sword Two and the others before walking over to Chu Xian.

“Boss, I got a lot of information from them!” “Tell me what you’ve found!” Chu Xian said directly.

“These are Haolongsianggela’s men, subordinates of the king of pornography in Prachuap Khiri Khan.

Their boss told them to come and kill us.

Apparently Li Long’s father is in a large conflict with them, and has used sea snake venom before to kill their men.

” Old Huang said.

“For what reason?” Chu Xian furrowed his brows.

“Because of the market.

The pornographic king and the other two leaders were jealous of the profits from the sea snake market and wanted to enter the market, but when they talked to Li Long’s father hoping to join they were rejected.

They forced their way in anyway, and when Li Long’s father found out, he sent someone to add sea snake venom into their antidote and killed over ten people.

He almost went to jai because of this!” “It looks like Li Long’s father is also no simple man!” Chu Xian frowned heavily, but quickly shook his head.

“Haolongsianggela and the others assumed that Li Long’s father did this, so they have always wanted revenge.

After they found out his addiction to gambling, they used it to take over Li Long’s family company, and now that Li Long’s father wants to reenter the sea snake market, of course Haolongsianggela and the others want to stop him, so they sent people to kill us on the sea!” “There are many things they did not tell us.

It looks like they wanted to invite tigers to kill wolves, hehe.

” Chu Xian’s eyes flashed with coldness.

“Boss, I think that if we want to get into the Gulf of Thailand, we need to resolve the obstacles presented by Haolongsianggela and the other two, and we need to have Li Long and his family completely in our hand!” Chu Xian nodded and asked, “what do you think we should do?” “It’ll be easy to deal with Haolongsianggela and the other two; since they want to use force, then we aren’t afraid, as for Li Long’s family and his father, I have a good idea that I think can convince them to listen obediently.

” “What idea?” Chu Xian asked.

“We can send some of the dead bodies to Haolongsianggela and the others and leave them some words with Li Long’s father’s name.

Then they’ll definitely chase after revenge even more crazily and pursue Li Long’s father.

” “At that time, we will tell him everything and directly say that if he wants to stay alive he has to rely on us, otherwise we will quit and leave Thailand!” “Okay!” Chu Xian looked at Old Huang and nodded contently.

“Boss, we should start right now!” Old Huang said directly.

“There’s no hurry.

Since we’ve already come out, we should take a look around in the sea and catch some sea snakes to prove our ability.

” Chu Xian laughed.

“Okay boss!” Old Huang nodded before turning to have Sword Two and the others pull out the dead bodies.

Sea snakes liked to stay in fresh water areas near coral reefs, and typically lived in groups.

They were attracted to lights, and on other dark nights, if they had been lucky, they could stumble upon an entire group of them, but right now there were very few groups of sea snakes.

Chu Xian and the others sailed for two hours before stopping in an area of sea.

“Boss, this is where the Li family used to catch sea snakes, we can start here!” Old Huang said.

“En!” Chu Xian nodded.

As they had sailed, Chu Xian had been keeping an eye on the surrounding area, but he had very rarely found any sea snakes, but near here he had found two! “This sea treasure, if we aren’t forced to, we definitely cannot give it up!”