I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 175

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 175

“Hello everyone!” Chu Xian smiled at everyone around the table and sat down.

“Haha, our young hero.

Very impressive, very impressive.

I can’t help but admire you!” Sir Wang slapped his belly and laughed uproariously.

“Brother Chu Xian, what kind of business are you in? Do you own a fishing company?” the gathered people asked eagerly.

“Sea fishing is just an amateur hobby for me.

I own an ornamental fish store and an aquarium store!” Chu Xian smiled.

“Aquarium store? I hear aquarium stores have a really good future.

Not bad, not bad.

However, it’s usually not so easy to run a store!” Sir Li was surprised by Chu Xian’s response.

“I’m doing alright!” Chu Xian laughed.

“Oh, that’s right.

Chu Xian, you’re from Hai Qing City?” Sir Wang asked.

“That’s right!” Chu Xian nodded.

“Paradise Aquariums?” Sir Wang asked tentatively.


” Chu Xian smiled and nodded.




“Brother, you’re so impressive.

I never would’ve imagined you were also the boss of Paradise Aquariums.

I’ve heard that the boss was a very young man with a deep background in Hai Qing, yet it’s actually you! It’s really nice to meet you, Brother Chu Xian!” Sir Wang stood up and extended his hand warmly.


” Chu Xian laughed speechlessly.

“Is it that famous? It’s just one little store!” Gu Li, Ma Zhigang and the others also looked curiously at the enthusiastic Sir Wang.

“Brother, your shop is equal to a mid-sized company.

The store makes over a million RMB every day! It’s already a legend in the industry!” Sir Wang looked at the inquisitive expressions on everyone’s face and explained immediately.

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COM “It’s just my sales from the opening day.

It’ll go down very soon!” Chu Xian laughed.

“Heehee, even if they go down, this is still a terrifying number.

I have a friend in Hai Qing who’s very jealous of your store, but no one can imitate your aquariums, Brother Chu Xian!” Sir Wang apparently knew the insider details very well.

“Oh? Chu Xian, your aquarium store is so impressive?” Gu Li looked at him curiously.

“It’s not bad.

I might open a store in Jing Hai in a couple of days!” Chu Xian laughed and replied.

“Haha, no problem.

You can always come to see me in Jing Hai.

If you have your eye on a location, I can try my best to get it for you.

You can ask me for anything,” Gu Li said generously and confidently.

“Then I’ll have to thank you in advance, Brother Gu Li.

” “Brother Chu Xian, why were you out fishing just now?” Sir Wang asked another question.

“I managed to lease a fish farm, so I bought a fishing ship, came to sail around in the waters and catch some fish and maybe find some material for my aquariums!” “Okay, okay, everyone.

Let’s talk later, the shark feast is here.

Let’s start eating!” Ma Zhigang interrupted their conversation and turned their attention to the food.

“Yes, yes! Drink and eat!” They all hurriedly nodded and raised their cups.

“Hehe, other people say shark tastes very fishy, but I think it’s very delicious.

Not bad, not bad.

Shark is really good for you!” “Come, come, Brother Chu Xian.

Let’s drink.

I might develop some projects with my friend in Hai Qing City in a few years.

If you’re interested, you’re welcome to look them up, but if I go to Hai Qing City, I hope you’ll take care of me!” At the table, Sir Wang was very warm with Chu Xian and surprised everyone else.

They all knew Sir Wang was the boss of an over hundred million RMB company that was very famous in their city, yet he was so enthusiastic about the young Chu Xian.

Obviously, Chu Xian was no ordinary man, and at the very least, he was more capable than Sir Wang.

“Mama, I want some of that thing in the middle!” Little turtle sat in his chair and pointed at the shark fin porridge in the middle of the table.

“Haha, here here, give the boy some more,” the people around the table immediately replied.

Fei Ya thanked them.

This was the first time Chu Xian had shark fin.

It was very delicious, chewy, had a great texture, and it didn’t stick to his teeth.

The shark meat was quite good as well, more delicious than most fish meat, and the cooks who prepared it were very skilled.

There were all kinds of exciting flavors.

The dining table was the best place to talk, and after ten or so minutes of eating, the conversation started up again.

Most of the topics were related to Chu Xian.

Through their conversation, Chu Xian learned that Gu Li’s family ran a large chain of hotels that was famous in the country, with some locations overseas as well.

Other than that, his family also owned two listed companies.

He had a rich and powerful family.

As Sir Wang got drunk, he kept talking to Chu Xian and said how he admired him for being so successful at such a young age.

He waxed poetic about how powerful Chu Xian was in Hai Qing City.

Chu Xian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he chatted amiably with Sir Wang.

“Hu!” After the last dish, Chu Xian let out a big breath.

He had spent two hours eating and felt a little tired.

“Brother Chu Xian, your room is ready.

Stay with us for a night!” Ma Zhigang walked over and said.

Chu Xian hesitated for a moment.

“Will you sail your ship during the night?” “No, we’re not moving tonight.

We’ll start up again tomorrow at eight.

You can rest here for the night then leave in the morning!” “Then I’ll have to trouble you then!” Chu Xian thanked him.

His room in the fishing ship was soaked through with sea water, so he obviously couldn’t return and sleep there.

“It’s no trouble at all.

” Ma Zhigang shook his head.

“Come, let me show you to your room!” Chu Xian nodded and said his goodbyes before following Ma Zhigang to his room for the night.

“Little bro, little bro!” At that moment, a long haired young man suddenly ran over, calling out at Chu Xian.

“En?” Chu Xian looked at the young man curiously.

“You are…?” How can I help you?” Chu Xian noticed the camera in the man’s hand and looked at him in confusion.

“Hello, hello.

I am, ahem… I am the director of Future Media, Duan Ke.

I’m preparing a science fiction movie, and while you and your men were killing the shark today, I just happened to take a video of the scene.

I wanted to ask – are you interested in making a movie?” “Our science fiction movie will be like American sci-fi movies.

Our setting is the ocean, and the scene with you guys fighting and killing the shark was outstanding.

If we put it up on screen, it’ll definitely amaze the audience, and brother, you guys are in such amazing shape.

Are you interested in playing a part?” “Our movie will have a famous actor playing the lead role, and it will definitely be a big hit on the mainland.

What do you think?” Duan Ke looked at him expectantly.

“Eh?” Chu Xian was very surprised but shook his head.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think I will be interested.

” It was Duan Ke’s turn to be stunned, and he didn’t relent.

“Brother, this is definitely a big budget production – you should think about it a little more.

But regardless, will you let me use the video I took today for the movie?”