I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 173

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 173

The shark was very quickly dragged onto the deck of the ship, and the huge body attracted everyone’s attention.

“Take it apart!” Chu Xian said as he looked around.

“Yes, boss!” It was obviously impossible to fit the over five-meter-long shark below deck in one piece, so they would have to cut it into pieces and freeze it.

“Brothers over there, thank you so much for saving the lives of our children.

Do you have time to stay with us on our cruise for a while? Oh right, I’ll be forward and just ask – can you sell the shark to us? The great white is a protected animal and if you want to sell, we can buy it for a high price!” At that moment, a suited, middle-aged man on the cruise shouted out towards them.

When Chu Xian heard him, he paused for a moment in surprise, but after a moment’s thought, he looked back at the nearby cruise ship and shouted out: “Alright!” It would be best to sell, so they wouldn’t even need to process the body.

If that middle-aged man was correct and the great white shark was a protected animal, hunting and killing it would cause trouble, even if they did it to save people.

Since the man was willing to buy the carcass, that was all the more convenient.

“Then if you please, brothers, sail over to us!” the middle-aged man called out in a loud voice.

Chu Xian nodded and signaled to Old Mu! .



The Merman slowly moved over to the cruise ship.

The vessel was less than forty meters long, not much larger than Chu Xian’s fishing ship.

As they approached, the people on the cruise moved to stretch out a bridge.

“Hello, hello.

I’m the supervisor of Sky Travel Cruise, Ma Zhigang.

Thank you very much for helping our valued customers, we cannot thank you enough!” As soon as the bridge was safely in place, a grey-haired middle-aged man walked over, and without a care for the blood covering Chu Xian, he reached out his hand in a sincere greeting.

Chu Xian laughed and wiped his hands.

“There’s no need to thank us.

We couldn’t just watch them die without trying to help.

My name is Chu Xian!” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM “I cannot thank you enough.

I can’t possibly express my gratitude! Brother Chu, you must come spend some time on our cruise ship,” Ma Zhigang said warmly.

“There’s no need.

” Chu Xian shook his head.

“You must, you must! Brother Chu, we’re willing to buy the shark carcass for six hundred thousand RMB.

How does that price sound?” Fan Zhigang said, glancing over at the great white shark.

“It’s not worth that much!” Chu Xian shook his head again with a chuckle.

“We want it! Definitely!” Ma Zhigan continued passionately – it was clear he wanted to repay Chu Xian for his good deed in rescuing the children.

At Chu Xian’s request, Chu Xian kept a single shark fin and sold the rest of the carcass to Sky Travel Cruise for five hundred thousand RMB.

Immediately after, Ma Zhigang turned to the gathered, onlooking passengers back on the cruise ship and called out loudly: “We apologize that such an incident happened today.

Sky Travel Cruise expresses our sincere apologies.

In order to repay everyone for their discomfort, we will be preparing a shark feast tonight – free for all passengers!” “Good, good!” the people on the cruise replied immediately.

This accident was obviously beyond the crew’s expectations, and fortunately, nothing tragic occurred.

After this terrifying experience, everyone smiled with relief and remarked on the thrill of their adventure.

Moreover, no one there had enjoyed a shark feast before, so this opportunity was quite fortuitous for them.

“Brother, thank you for saving our children.

Please, come aboard and eat with us.

Let us show our appreciation.

Come here, little turtle, say hello to big brother!” On the cruise ship, a young man hugging the little guy who had been wearing the turtle life vest shouted loudly towards Chu Xian.

The little boy was quite naughty.

He yelled out in his pure voice: “Big brother, come teach me how to catch sharks!” Everyone laughed, and all the other parents of the children who had been saved also called out for Chu Xian to come over.

“Brother Chu, if we aren’t taking up your time, please come over.

Relax for a while, and join us for tonight’s shark feast!” Ma Zhigang invited him again.

“Alright!” Chu Xian thought for a bit then nodded.

“Do you have extra clothing, Brother Ma? We’ll need to wash up a little!” “Haha, of course, of course.

Come on board, take a shower and we’ll get you some clean clothes for you to relax in!” Ma Zhigang nodded hurriedly.

Chu Xian nodded and signaled to Old Huang and the others.

Everyone except for the newly remolded merman followed Chu Xian aboard the cruise ship.

“Little bro, you guys are incredible! Such skilled swimmers!” “That’s right, that’s right.

You guys were so handsome just now.

Absolutely stunning! With two or three blows, you took out that shark!” As soon as Chu Xian and the others boarded the cruise ship, they were surrounded by the amazed passengers, and they were all given great praise.

“Big brother, thank you for saving me! Can you teach me out to catch sharks?!” The cute little turtle boy squeezed through the crowd and walked over to Chu Xian, waving and calling out excitedly.

“Of course I can, but you need to grow up first!” Chu Xian looked down at the brave little guy and patted his head.

“Alright everyone, let us through.

Let’s allow Chu Xian and his men to clean themselves up.

We’ll have everyone gathered in the hall tonight for the feast!” Ma Zhigang called out towards everyone and brought Chu Xian and the others to a room on the second level of the ship.

“You can clean up inside this room, and I’ll have someone come over immediately with your new clothes.

I’ll be in the living room, and you can see me whenever you’re ready!” Ma Zhigang said and chuckled.

Chu Xian nodded and went inside the room to take a shower.

After washing away all the blood and stink, Chu Xian was a new man.

On his bed was a suit, and he walked over and put it on.

“Perfect!” The suit fit him very well, and Chu Xian admired his reflection in the mirror.

He had a handsome face, strong body, and elegant temperament.

“This guy’s so handsome!” After laughing to himself, Chu Xian opened the door to the living room where Old Huang and the others were already waiting.

Old Huang, Sword One and the others were all dressed in suits of their own.

Old Huang and Old Mu looked okay – they looked like scholarly old men, gentle and kind! But Sword One and the others were quite terrifying with their shiny bald heads, serious expressions, and strongly built bodies warning off everyone who wanted trouble.

And with the recent display of their abilities, Ma Zhigang could barely look them in the eyes.

He settled for talking to the smiling Old Huang.

After his exposure to society, Old Huang was already completely comfortable with socializing and was just as informed as the average person.

He could speak at least one or two lines about any topic.

“Boss!” the mermen called out, standing to attention as Chu Xian walked over.

Ma Zhigang was taken by surprise; he thought they were all colleagues and hadn’t imagined that this young man was their boss.

“En!” Chu Xian nodded and turned to Ma Zhigang.

“Thank you, brother Ma.

” “Haha, of course, of course!” Ma Zhigang waved aside the thanks.

“Brother Chu is so young and capable.

If I may ask, do you own a fishing company?” “No, Chu Xian laughed and shook his head.

“I sell ornamental fish and design aquariums.

I’m finishing up my fish farm soon, so I bought a fishing ship and took it out for a ride!”