I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 172

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 172

Chu Xian and the others were behind the great white, and as soon as they approached, they could smell the thick scent of blood.

“Attack!” Chu Xian exclaimed in a mighty shout and leaped forward, the harpoon in his hand glinting in the sun as he sailed out of the water and onto the shark’s back.

“Pong!” The harpoon in his hand smashed into the shark’s back and pierced its body.

“Pong! Pong!” The electrified harpoon went deep into the shark’s back, setting off another series of thrashing as the shark twisted and turned, trying to throw Chu Xian off its back.

Chu Xian could see the turtle boy only some two or three meters away from the fight, teary-eyed and snot-faced, barely restrained from an uproarious wail.

Chu Xian gritted his teeth, let go of his grip, and quickly leaped over to the child.

“Stop it!” Sword One called out as he and the other mermen attacked the shark, using their swords and harpoons to pierce the beast’s belly.

Immediately, blood burst out in streams! Chu Xian had already reached the turtle boy’s side and quickly grabbed him before turning and swimming towards the other children in the water.

“Thank you, thank you so much!” .



Back on the cruise, the children’s parents were overcome with gratitude as Chu Xian hugged the kids and swam over to the cruise ship.

“No need.

” Chu Xian didn’t have much time for words.

He turned back to the great white in the ocean! “Brother, be careful!” one of the passengers called out as they all watched this brave young man preparing to reenter the water.

“Trust me!” Chu Xian said confidently as he leaped back into the sea.

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COM Sword One and Sword Two sank their harpoons into the shark’s side.

No matter how it rolled, they refused to loosen their grip, all the while stabbing with their swords and piercing the shark’s hide – although they could only stab through a portion of the shark’s thick skin, they were still making the beast bleed, and the water around the shark was already red with the pungent smell of blood.

Chu Xian darted back, seizing an opening to grab one of the roped harpoons and twisted it in the shark’s flesh.

Immediately, blood burst out.

With seven or eight harpoons in its body and intermittent attacks from Sword One and Sword Two, the great white shark would be quickly worn down and finished.

“Not good! The great white is planning on swimming into the depths!” a person on the cruise suddenly shouted.

All the onlookers were shocked, and they quickly cried out.

“Careful! The great white shark is going to escape into the deep water!” Even without their warning, Chu Xian could tell that the great white was about to gamble for its last chance at life – the roped harpoon Chu Xian was clinging onto was losing its hold on the shark’s body as a giant chunk of shark meat was breaking off from the beast’s main body.

“It’d be great if it dives!” Chu Xian thought to himself and pulled on the harpoon with all his strength.

Blood spurted all over him and the other mermen, transforming their visage into an almost animalistic bruteness.

“Careful, quickly let go!” the people on the cruise shouted out as they all watched the shark struggling to escape.

Letting the shark go would be like letting a lion out of its cage, but this shark was gravely injured and only wanted to escape and swim to the depths of the waters.

Sword One and the others looked at Chu Xian, holding on to the shark tightly as they followed it down.

Chu Xian grabbed the shark near its wounds and clung on as it rushed into the deep sea.

“What? Why didn’t they let go? They’ll drown!” The people on the cruise were stunned as the huge blood-covered figure slipped away into the water.

They bustled around with worry.

“Those people were so strong and capable and dared to fight a shark! Terrifying!” The fight that had just taken place was exaggerated to the extreme, even to the passengers who’d seen everything happen with their own eyes.

The shark was over five meters long, yet it was surrounded and attacked by a group of five men – this kind of scene was straight out of a Hollywood movie.

More than twenty meters below the surface, far past the point where a sharp-eyed passenger might be able to see what was going on, Chu Xian let go of the shark and quickly transformed.

His four-meter-long body wasn’t as long as the shark’s, but it was perhaps more terrifying.

The great white shark felt a sudden cold jolt to its heart and turned its monstrous eyes; it saw Chu Xian and immediately twisted, lunging forward with its gaping mouth.

“Constrict, electricity jolt, water blast!” In a flash, Chu Xian’s body swung out like a long whip, wrapped itself around the shark and squeezed.

His strong constricting power immediately pressed into the shark’s body, all the while his electricity ran through the shark’s body and threw its nerves into a convulsion.

A water sphere as large as a basin smashed into the shark’s injuries head-on.

The great white shark tried to thrash and flail, and if it was at the peak of its strength, Chu Xian might not have been able to hold it, but this shark was already bleeding and wounded.

Moreover, Sword One and the others were still attacking whenever they saw an opportunity.

In less than a minute, the great white shark spent its last twitch, and as Chu Xian felt its life force fading away, he gradually relaxed.

“What’s happening down there?” the passengers asked each other as they stood staring into the water.

“It’s been a minute!” The people couldn’t help but take big gulps, already imagining that the young man was dead.

“Why’s that fishing ship coming over?” “Hua!” They had barely finished speaking when a figure leaped out of the water, immediately followed by the glinting skin of shiny bald heads.

As the Mermaid approached, Old Huang threw roped harpoons in their direction.

Sword One and the others dived back into the water, and very quickly, their fishing ship was towing in the rope, gradually pulling up a huge body.

The people on the cruise couldn’t help but gulp and yell out in triumph.

“Strong! Amazing!” “So fricking awesome! Fighting a shark in the sea and killing it! They’re all supermen!” “They killed a two-to-three-ton shark just like that! Amazing!” They all looked at the men in the water in excitement, giving them all a big thumbs up.

Saving the children’s lives, and taking and on bravely executing the great white shark, especially when they so resolutely followed the beast into the depths of the ocean! So f*cking cool! Chu Xian didn’t pay much attention to the celebration breaking out on the cruise and quickly returned to the Mermaid, helping to process the dead shark.

Two to three tons of shark meat wasn’t a small number, although Chu Xian wasn’t all that interested in the carcass aside from the fin.

Shark meat was only twenty to thirty RMB per catty, and although this shark could be sold for more than a hundred thousand RMB, it still wasn’t a particularly good catch.

But since it was dead and caught, Chu Xian wouldn’t waste it, of course.

Shark meat wasn’t expensive in the past, but rare things grew in price and with the current regulations, the price of shark meat had risen a lot.

It was a decent cash cow, especially that shark fin, which Chu Xian planned to keep for himself.

This shark fin is a good thing!