I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 158

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 158

Singapore’s Saintly Dragon Fish Farm and Germany’s Primordial used to be so arrogant, so arrogant online, then their businesses started off with such a bang.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that Saintly Dragon’s Store was incredibly successful on that first day, and that wasn’t even taking business at Germany’s Primordial into account; after all, the aquarium business was new and booming and had great potential.

On their opening day, the two stores were even more successful than Paradise Aquariums.

But what was the result? All their fish died, and Saintly Dragon lost nearly a hundred million RMB.

Primordial lost at least five to six million.

Why did they die? And why was Chu Xian in Jing Hai when it happened? Was it a coincidence? Their suspicions terrified them.

If they were wrong, then everything that happened was an unfortunate accident, but everything had so helpfully fallen into place for Paradise Fish Farm… You slander me? Mock me? Fine, then I’ll kill all your fish; now what will you sell? Decisive revenge with mysterious and untraceable methods… that was the might of Chu Xian….

And with his connections in Hai Qing, no ordinary person could afford to mess with him.




And so, everyone paying attention and looking for weakness calmed down.

They already scared off the pirates and underworld of Hai Qing and forced the magnates in the ornamental fish industry to suffer significant losses – who would dare interfere? “We can’t enter the aquarium market.

There are lions guarding it!” Chu Xian was blissfully unaware of the machinations and schemes going through everyone’s minds; he suppressed Dragon and Primordial and punished those who stalked him.

He was satisfied.

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COM The next morning, Chu Xian returned to the harbor with Old Huang and the others.

Under the curious eyes of a gathering crowd, they sailed off onto the wide seas once more.

“Ha, after yesterday’s events, no one is following us.

” Chu Xian laughed as he stood by the edge of his ship, looking out at the calm waters.

The ship sailed onward, and they quickly arrived at their usual spot.

After a day of work, they filled all their tanks and returned home with their haul.

The next day passed similarly.

With the mermen busy all day, the ship left the harbor in the early morning light and only returned late at night.

“This’ll be enough for another thousand aquariums!” Chu Xian nodded with satisfaction when he looked at the materials gathered in his villa.

He checked up on Grandpa Feng, but he hadn’t managed to purchase any other large fish.

Concealing his disappointment, Chu Xian had Grandpa Feng return to the villa to help with the design and assembly of the new aquariums.

“Mermen, mermen.

I only have seven mermen! That’s nowhere near enough! I have space for seven more.

I should go to the sea to catch some fish myself!” Chu Xian said resolutely.

Large fish were very rare close to the coast, so he would have to go further out from land.

But his fishing ship was already out traveling long distances, so he went with the ship.

This was because he was afraid of getting lost! If he lost his way in the middle of the sea, it would be very difficult to find his way back! He could even swim all the way to America if he was careless.

“Let’s go out for a few days and practice catching fish!” Chu Xian decided immediately.

The design and assembly of the aquariums could be left to Xiao Hua and Grandpa Feng, and if they lacked manpower, they could just hire some temporary workers.

Before he left, he spoke to Xiao Ying and informed her about his plan to go out to sea for a short while, at least a couple days.

He promised he would return in a week’s time at most.

“This is our fishing ship!” Chu Xian proclaimed proudly, pointing at the eye-catching Mermaid “It’s so big!” Xiao Ying cried out as she walked over.

“Xiao Xian, where will you sleep? Is it nice?” “The cabin’s pretty nice!” Chu Xian chuckled and showed it to her.

It was a very small space with barely enough room for a bed.

The mattress and blankets were all new.

“It’s so small!” Xiao Ying frowned.

“I have a fishing ship, not a luxury cruise ship.

” Chu Xian laughed.

“You have to stay safe.

Next time, I’ll go with you!” Xiao Ying walked over and hugged him.

“Haha, after your husband makes money, I’ll buy you a cruise ship and we can sail the seas!” Chu Xian chuckled.

Xiao Ying smiled happily and waved him goodbye.

“I’ll be back soon!” Chu Xian waved from the top of the ship.

“Boss, where to?” Old Mu asked afterward.

Chu Xian looked out at the endless waters and had no idea.

“Forward!” “Yes, boss.

” Old Mu nodded obediently.

Forward was the direction of two neighboring countries, South Korea and Japan, and part of the waters wasn’t claimed by either country.

The truth was, sailing from the Yellow Sea to Japan or Korea didn’t take much time, requiring barely over a day of sailing.

With the time Chu Xian allowed for himself, he could make more than a few round trips.

But of course he wasn’t planning on entering the territory of another country; he might be caught and imprisoned, and despite his strength, he was still far from being able to resist a sovereign country’s military.

His focus was on capturing some large fish, but he would take back whatever easy catches he could get.

At least he wanted to make enough to cover the gas cost; a trip like this cost over ten thousand RMB to fund and could even reach the hundred thousand market if they were out for long.

The ship sailed valiantly forward.

The seas were calm enough and the horizon was empty.

“Boss, there are a lot of fish in this area.

Should we stop?” Old Mu asked after they’d sailed for five or six hours, looking up from the sonar screen.

“Alright, let’s rest here then try to catch some fish!” Chu Xian nodded.

He didn’t use his sonar ability and wasn’t planning on diving into the water.

He wanted to practice using the normal tools on the fishing ship first.

There might be a lot of fish nearby, but that didn’t mean they were all clustered in schools, so the area was obviously unsuitable for seine netting.

They could use the Haiti cage, but Chu Xian didn’t purchase it.

There was still another method that used light to attract fish at night, but there were still five or six hours until sundown.

“Boss, should we use the trawler?” Old Huan asked.

“Okay, let’s try it!” Chu Xian thought for a bit then nodded.

The Trawler method could be further divided into the double ship trawler and the single ship trawler.

Both could be used to catch fish in the seas and oceans.

Chu Xian only had one ship so he could only use the single ship trawler; using the trawler method required sailing and fishing at the same time.

The basic gist of the process was to drag along a net that opened up behind the ship; there were differences in the number of nets a ship could use by installing poles at the end of the ship, and there were specific speeds needed for setup and release.

When the mermen had finished setting everything up and let the trawling net sink to an appropriate depth, Old Huang sped up the ship.

A trawling net was usually three to five times wider than it was deep, and the trawling ship usually traveled between six to nine kilometers per hour.