I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 152

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 152

“Pa!” As the customers were yelling and making a fuss in front of Dragon Ornamental Fish Store’s entrance, a startling sound echoed from the store next door.

The crowd jumped, and everyone turned towards the noise.

“Get your f***ing manager to come out here.

So this is the kind of aquarium your Primordial sells? My wife didn’t even move it into our house before all the fish inside were dead.

Who are you f***ing trying to trick? Are you looking for trouble?!” At the entrance of Primordial’s store stood an aggressive, middle-aged man holding a baseball bat.

Two young men stood behind him holding up an aquarium, and a beautiful woman stood to the side with an unpleasant expression.

The middle-aged man smashed his bat into the side of the showpiece and shattered the glass.

“Something’s wrong with the aquariums too?” The onlookers were stunned and quickly looked down at the tanks in their hands.

Dead fish floated gently in the water.

The people from Primordial had been watching the mess at Saintly Dragon’s store and hadn’t reacted in time to stop the middle-aged man from smashing the showpiece glass.

Their expressions darkened.

“What nonsense are you talking about? We stand behind the quality of our aquariums; every single fish is healthy!” a manager from Primordial loudly proclaimed, but in his heart, he felt an ominous premonition.

“Are you saying I’m just looking for trouble?” The ill-tempered man pointed defiantly with his baseball bat.

“No, you’re all valued customers…” .



“Hey… quickly look, some of the little fish died!” another customer suddenly cried out, pointing at the showpiece tank by the entrance.

The people from Primordial looked over immediately.

Indeed, they saw some little fish inside had died for no reason and were now floating on top.

Upon seeing this situation, they immediately became gloomy.

“Make way, make way.

The fish in the aquarium I just bought died too.

What black-hearted salesmen are they?! They don’t deserve good deaths.

What famous Primordial Fish Farm – I say they’re a liar fish farm!” an angry female voice called out.

“Hua!” The surrounding people were stunned again.

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COM The people from Saintly Dragon were dumbfounded.

“These two liar stores.

They tricked us with dying fish to make some profit and run away!” Suddenly, a man yelled loudly.

“That’s right, liars! Give us back our money or we’ll smash your stores! Give us back our money!” The customers who made purchases threatened the two stores.

The people from Saintly Dragon Fish Farm and Primordial were all stunned.

What was going on? How had this happened? “People, please calm down.

Our Saintly Dragon Fish Farm is a premium fish farm in the ornamental fish industry.

We will take responsibility for our actions.

We will reimburse your losses, and we can replace all your fish, quality guaranteed,” a manager from Saintly Dragon Fish Farm declared.

“Manager Fei, Manager Fei!” One of the workers rushed over hurriedly.

“Manager Fei, a lot of the ornamental fish are dying!” “What?” The middle-aged man turned in shock and he immediately ran into the store.

“Wow guys, look.

Look, the black horned snow dragon king!” A voice exclaimed, and everyone turned to the large tank by the entrance.

The previously lively arowana was gently floating in the tank without a single movement.

Manager Fei whipped his head around just as he reached the door to the store and his heart froze for a moment.

He staggered and his staff had to hurriedly grab him to keep him up.


All dead.

How did this happen?” One of the higher-ups from Saintly Dragon Fish Farm muttered numbly as he exited the store and stopped in front of Manager Fei.

“Hua!” “What? All dead? Trash! You’re trash! Give us back our money!” The customers gathered in the area immediately stomped forward and yelled angrily.

“All the fish in Primordial’s tanks are dead!” At that moment, more screaming and yelling started up at the aquarium store next door.

The growing crowd was floored.

What was happening? All the fish the customers bought on the opening day had died, and now all the fish in the stores were also dead.

Was there anything more tragic? “Hu, luckily I didn’t buy anything.

Otherwise, this shit would’ve happened to me!” A pedestrian let out a sigh of relief.

“I never imagined the unique black horned snow dragon king would die like this.

” “That’s right.

I heard they spent eighty million RMB to buy the arowanas from Paradise Fish Farm.

Arowanas worth eighty whole million RMB – all dead!” “Eighty million! Why did their fish die? Did they not take proper care of them?” “Maybe not, or maybe the location wasn’t suitable!” “Eh, the location?” The people from Saintly Dragon and Primordial Fish Farm spent the entire night investigating the situation.

The floor was covered with cigarette butts and they scratched their heads raw.

“How could they have died?! How’s that possible!” Manager Fei muttered repeatedly.

“Manager Fei, could it be that someone poisoned them?” a worker whispered quietly.

“Poison?” They were all stunned.

“If you aren’t capable then don’t enter another market.

You’ll bleed!” “That boy from Paradise.

Yes, it must’ve been him.

He must’ve done something!” a person from Saintly Dragon Fish Farm cried out.

“Yes, it’s definitely him.

He also said he hoped I could still laugh tomorrow.

He must’ve done it! We need to get him.

I want him to beg for death!” a manager from Primordial yelled angrily.

“Stop bullsh**ing.

This is China, and this is that boy’s home.

How do we get him? Do you want to die?” “Then are we really just going to let this go…” “Let what go? Look for evidence! If we can find evidence, not only can we recover our losses, but we can also lock him up!” “That’s right.

Look at the cameras – every corner of the stores is monitored.

We can clearly see anyone who comes in.

” They rushed over to the computer connected to the surveillance cameras and started fast forwarding through the different screens, but even after combing through every feed multiple times, they still couldn’t find any suspicious activity.

“Why’s there nothing? Is there something wrong with the cameras?” They checked everything again and felt despair.

“How’s this possible? What went wrong? Is there really something wrong with the water we used?” one of Primordial’s managers muttered in confusion.

The people in the room shook their heads slowly.

“It was definitely that guy.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have boasted so confidently!” a Saintly Dragon employee said confidently.

“And what good does that do us? What can we do without evidence? Are you going to call the police and tell them he did it? Who would believe you?” The people from Saintly Dragon Fish Farm and Primordial Farm fell into their chairs despondently.

Loss, a heaven shattering loss.

Before the night ended, the reporters of Jing Hai City were already at work, preparing for the coming day.

“The black horned snow dragon king is dead!” “Every ornamental fish at Saintly Dragon’s Fish Farm has mysteriously died!” “Two Ornamental Fish Magnates have opened up stores in Jing Hai, but on the very night of their Grand Opening, all of their fish died!” The news spread faster and faster, and as the reporters dug up all the details, they bombarded the internet.

Very quickly, the strange occurrence became the top trending topic on Weibo.

Everyone was shocked.

Hadn’t they just finished boasting? Hadn’t they just been mocking Ornamental Fish in Paradise? “F*ck me! The dragon king is dead! Saintly Dragon spent ten million USD on that fish! Ten million USD!” “All the ornamental fish in the stores died as well.

They must’ve lost almost a hundred million RMB!” “It was definitely a hundred million.

All the Arowanas Dragon Ornamental Fish bought from Paradise died.

That’s already 80 million RMB, and there were some Arowanas worth more than a hundred thousand and many other delicate ornamental fish in their store.

All were specifically collected to build their brand in China.

I think that’s even a little over a hundred million.

” “Too crazy.

It hasn’t even been a day!” “Germany’s Primordial lost a lot too; their aquarium store is huge! There are more than three hundred tanks inside, and the market price is at least fifteen million, maybe even twenty million RMB!” “Haha, what a mess.

What’s going to happen next?” “These two fish farms are really trash.

All their fish died, yet they think they deserve to be called magnates in the ornamental fish industry? I don’t think so.

They even killed the unique black horned snow dragon king.

” “My heart breaks.

The only Arowana king died.

Dragon Fish Farm is really trash, yet they call themselves the king in the Arowana industry.

Get the f*ck out, you idiots.

” The internet went crazy.

How could such explosive news not go viral? Many netizens got involved.

Most of them just watched as amused bystanders, but many others dove in and started trash talking.

Saintly Dragon Fish Farm took the most shade.

The black horned snow dragon king had been incredibly lively the entire time it was on exhibit in Hai Qing City, yet immediately after the farm purchased the fish, it died? Are you kidding me? Lots of Arowana lovers said their hearts were broken, and they insulted the farm in the worst way they could and insulted all the females in their families one after another.

The consensus was: nobody was going to buy anything from Saintly Dragon Fish Farm and Primordial Fish Farm ever again.

Dragon and Primordial didn’t issue any statements; they had nothing to say.

The next morning, Chu Xian received an early phone call from Zhang Xiaohua.

He listened to her excited voice and felt that the weather was really nice that day.

Chu Xian drove over to the aquarium store and Zhang Xiaohua immediately came over to welcome him.

“Boss, Saintly Dragon Fish Farm and Primordial Fish Farm were on the Tencent Headlines.

” “Oh really?” Chu Xian smiled and checked the news on his phone.

“Unsuitable water and location? Hehe, unsuitable water and location indeed!” Chu Xian read the nonsense on the news and nodded with fullhearted agreement.

“Boss, was it you?” Zhang Xiaohua leaned in conspiratorially and whispered, “Boss, you really are too impressive.

” “How could it have been me?” Chu Xian shook his head and laughed.

He really hadn’t done anything.

He just remolded all the fish slightly that night, so all the fish would slowly die.