I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 150

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 150

Today wasn’t technically the grand opening of Saintly Dragon and Primordial Farm’s shops.

Rather, it was their soft opening.

In their soft opening, they weren’t officially selling products but instead, they opened their doors and allowed people to look around like it was an exhibition.

They were trying to increase their popularity, and they hoped that when their sales began in two days, they would burst into the market powerfully.

After that initial burst of sales, they would begin another round of promotions.

This was just a typical strategy and a means to maintain good sales.

“They’ll probably open officially this Saturday!” Chu Xian guessed as he entered Saintly Dragon farm’s store.

They displayed the black horned snow dragon king prominently by the entrance to attract pedestrians, and their gambit was very effective.

Many people who never had the chance to see the beast in person gathered around and took pictures.

Chu Xian laughed scornfully and continued into the store.

Saintly Dragon’s Ornamental Fish Store was large, much larger than his aquarium store in Hai Qing City.

It was decked out with many luxurious decorations, and there were many Arowanas and other kinds of ornamental fish, but of course, they specialized in Arowana.

Each Arowana was at least ten thousand RMB.

“What do you think, Mr.

Chu? It’s not bad, no?” One of the workers from Saintly Dragon approached him with a smile.

“Not bad.

It’s very good!” Chu Xian replied sincerely.

Their selection of both species and quality were very rigorous, and only high-quality breeds were allowed for sale.

It was far beyond any ordinary store.




“Yes, you can see from the expressions of our visitors today that the business of our store won’t go badly!” Chu Xian smiled.

Many people in the store were exclaiming appreciatively and gushing compliments.

If nothing else happened, the business of their store would definitely be very good.

Soon, Chu Xian discovered that Primordial’s Aquarium Store had even more people, and at the entrance of their store, there was a giant sea tank.

It wasn’t clear if this was just their ordinary practice or if they were imitating him.

There were more fish than esoteric sea creatures in Primordial’s tanks, but the colorful fish were all very beautiful and rare.

The large tank they displayed by the entrance was filled with beautiful and playful fish, and it was obviously beautiful, even to the untrained eye.

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COM “Tsk tsk, a million RMB.

The highlight of the collection!” Chu Xian looked at a tag with the name and the price and his face turned cold.

The store was quite crowded, and all kinds of sea tanks were placed on the glass shelves.

The style of each tank was similar to the showpiece’s, with more fish in their aquariums than other creatures and more shrimp as well.

The designs of their tanks were also quite good.

“It’s really beautiful, and the fish are so cute, swimming in and out of that small cave!” A girl next to Chu Xian looked at a sea tank with affection in her eyes.

“That’s right, so beautiful.

I saw an aquarium store online a couple days ago and their sea tanks are very beautiful too.

Those plants were incredible.

I never thought someone would open an aquarium store in our city as well!” “Twenty thousand RMB! So expensive!” “Yes, the cheapest is twenty thousand RMB, and some are even a hundred thousand RMB.

Way too expensive!” Chu Xian laughed quietly as he listened in on the conversation while he explored the store.

The crowd was very impressed with the store, and there were even people ready to make purchases.

Twenty thousand was expensive, but in a big city, there were still many people who could afford to buy one.

“Primordial’s aquariums are specialized in their own way.

They have all manners of fish, and their interior tank design is good.

Although they can’t compete in the quality of their backdrops, they still made many beautiful tanks.

If the store was officially opened today, their business would be very good.

” Chu Xian looked around for a while longer before leaving with Sword Two and Sword Four.

He found a coffee shop to relax in.

“Hey! Xiaohua, did something happen?” In the afternoon, Chu Xian received a call from Xiao Hua.

“Boss, the people from Primordial started to slander you again.

” Chu Xian was surprised.

After a moment, he opened up the official site of Germany’s Primordial Aquarium Store.

A couple pictures were displayed prominently on the site.

You could clearly see Chu Xian holding a basket of flowers and coming to congratulate them, but the title below said: “The owner of Paradise Ornamental Fish came today to study.

” They claimed he was studying techniques from them and obtaining knowledge, and the people from Primordial also claimed that Paradise’ tanks were a result of copying from them.

Chu Xian apparently took their help and guidance, and this time, he came to visit his teachers.

“They’re trying to establish their brand as the best and convince people that Primordial’s sea tanks are the best aquariums in China.

Ambitious! And they want to climb higher by stepping on me.

Saintly Dragon did it with their purchase, and now you want to do the same as well.

You really think I’m a pushover?” Chu Xian laughed quietly then shook his head and started to play a game.

The next day, the two stores were still promoting their products, and they even paid for advertisements in newspapers and on the internet.

It was no surprise that the two stores became even hotter topics, and many people in Jing Hai City knew that an ornamental fish store and an aquarium store were soon going to open downtown.

Many people came to visit, and they even presold over thirty sea tanks that day.

Since they sold so many before even officially opening, you could already see what it would be like on the official opening day.

Saintly Dragon’s business was also good.

Many ornamental fish lovers were ready to buy from them, and just judging from the number of people in their store, you could tell their business would go very well.

“Here, here.

Cheers, let’s celebrate our successful business tomorrow.

” “Of course.

SO many people want to buy right now, and tomorrow is Saturday, so there will be even more people! Business will go crazily well, and the sales will break a million RMB easily!” “Haha, your Primordial’s sea tanks have totally gone viral.

They’re far more popular than our ornamental fish.

” “Haha, your popularity is also very good! So many rich people went to your store and wanted to buy over three hundred thousand RMB Arowanas.

Your fish are worth more than ten of our sea tanks.

” “Haha, they’re alright.

Cheers to the successful business of Saintly Dragon and Primordial!” “Business will go well, and this is only our first store.

In the future, we’ll open chain stores in every developed city in China.

The Chinese market is full of potential!” In a five-star restaurant, the people from Saintly Dragon and Germany’s Primordial gathered together for a party to celebrate their prosperous business the next day and their successful future development.

Celebrating in advance – they didn’t believe there would be any problems because they were confident that the sales the next day would be terrifyingly high.

With this starting point, their business in the future would get better and better.