I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 145

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 145

“Go get the medicine quickly!” On Shipwreck, Brother Dragon yelled at the men around him as sweat dripped down his face.

“Here, here.

” “Brother Dragon, they took three of the harpoon guns, we…” “Enough, I know,” Brother Dragon interrupted him.

“Who are these people? Go look up their ship.

Find out who they are.

Since they dared to mess with me, I won’t forgive them.

” Brother Dragon hugged his arm as he barked out orders.

“Brother Dragon, I remember the name, but which city are they from?” A young man nodded.

“F***, go find out if you don’t know!” Brother Dragon shouted.

“Next time they come out to sea, I’ll leave them rotting in the water.

” “Yes, yes!” The crowd nodded.

… “Looks like the oceans aren’t as peaceful as I hoped!” Chu Xian looked at the three huge guns and thought to himself.

These harpoons were extremely powerful.

They could shoot more than ten meters out at sea and maintain piercing power; needless to say, if they hit people, they would kill.




“Daring to hunt protected animals and blatantly threatening strangers.

That group couldn’t have been simple.

Are there gangs and turfs in the ocean?” Chu Xian pondered it in his heart.

“But who cares?!” Shortly after, Chu Xian shook his head.

As long as he remolded more mermen in the future, he wouldn’t be afraid even if he encountered pirates with guns.

Chu Xian’s fishing ship returned to the port, and their arrival still attracted many fishermen who all peered into the fishing ship.

But when they saw the stones, jellyfish, small shrimps and so on in his fishing ship, they all shook their head speechlessly.

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COM But this time, some of the buyers looked at the “worthless” things on his fishing ship with thoughtful eyes.

Chu Xian didn’t care for the thoughts of the crowd and quickly offloaded everything.

He then found a truck to transport it all back to the villa.

When he finished, it was already seven p.


After some thought, Chu Xian decided to drive over to the goldfish store.

“Big brother!” Pupu greeted him as he walked in, immediately walking over with a big smile.


” Chu Xian smiled and tousled her hair.

“Xiao Xian!” Grandpa Feng also greeted him with a smile.

“Grandpa Feng, I have something to ask you.

” Chu Xian pondered it then directly said, “Are there fishermen who kill turtles, sharks, and other protected animals? Are there gangs?” Grandpa Feng was startled and surprised for a moment, but he slowly nodded.

“Xiao Xian, I worked the seas for more than ten years; all the things you mentioned exist.

” “At sea, it’s not uncommon that turtles, sharks, and other sea animals are hunted and killed.

It’s actually very common!” Grandpa Feng said.

“Common?” Chu Xian was a little stunned.

Grandpa Feng nodded.

“Xiao Xian, you should know that we live off the ocean, and it’s vast and deserted.

All the protected animals are very valuable.

A turtle is worth more than a ten thousand RMB, so obviously, some people are tempted.

Otherwise, why are there so many animals close to extinction?” Chu Xian nodded.

Indeed, in the vast ocean, if there was forbidden money equal to more than ten thousand RMB in front of you, would you take it? Ninety percent of people would probably take it.

“Actually, most fishermen are honest, and they only won’t let them go if they catch them by accident, but some people specifically hunt these creatures.

They shouldn’t be called fishermen but ocean hunters or poachers.

” “Ocean hunters?” Chu Xian nodded as if he was thinking deeply about the issue.

“Yes, none of them are good people.

I heard from one of my previous bosses that most of those people are escaped criminals or scoundrels.

Anyway, none of them are good.

” “Not only do they hunt protected animals, but they sometimes even blackmail people.

You would be very unlucky to meet them!” “Are there are a lot of people like them?” Chu Xian asked.

“No no.

It would be too dangerous if there were many.

Be careful – don’t get too close with the unfamiliar ships in the ocean.

This is a basic rule.

” Chu Xian nodded.

“Then what gangs are there in the ocean? Where do they operate?” “I don’t know too much about that.

” Grandpa Feng shook his head.

“Though gangs and turfs do exist, they’re usually on the high seas – not on the central seas and coastal waters.

” “There are groups of people dominating the areas where resources are plenty, and they’re not only Chinese but also people from other countries.

Competition is very fierce for resources.

” “But the strongest are the Koreans and Japanese.

Those two countries are close to us and their ships are more advanced.

They get into conflicts very often, and I hear people have died.

” “But those conflicts are in the distance; only fishing ships that go farther out need to worry about them.

In our area, we only need be careful of the hunters.

” “En.

” Chu Xian nodded.

It seemed that the sea wasn’t as simple as he imagined.

He even read on the internet that Chinese fishermen were occasionally kidnapped.

What on earth really happened, nobody knew.

“But Xiao Xian, you don’t have to worry.

Usually, it’s not very dangerous to fish in the sea.

The area close to us is pretty rich, and we should be able to make lots of money.

” Grandpa Feng chuckled.


Oh right, Grandpa Feng, have you ever heard of ships called Shipwreck and Disaster?” Chu Xian asked again.

“Disaster?” Grandpa Feng was startled again.

“Xiao Xian how did you learn this name? I’ve heard about both of these ships.

They’re pirates active in the sea area near us.

They mainly hunt turtles and sharks, and they also often demand protection money from other fishing ships.

” “Then why doesn’t anyone call the police?” Chu Xian asked with confusion.

“People have, but it’s no use.

I don’t know if they hide well or if they have some connections, but they’ve been active in this area for many years.

” Grandpa Feng shook his head.

“Oh!” Chu Xian nodded.

Although he didn’t have any concrete answers, he now had a basic understanding of the sea.

“I need to get some giant fish and remold more, preferably swordfish!” Chu Xian thought in his heart.

If he had the chance, he could remold mermen that were powerful and aggressive.

“Grandpa Feng, in the future, go purchase giant fish every day.

Swordfish are ideal,” Chu Xian said.

“Okay, no problem.

” Grandpa Feng nodded.

It seemed that ten mermen weren’t enough.

He hoped to raise that number to twenty or thirty mermen then he would be more confident if they stumbled upon unexpected circumstances while out at sea.

Chu Xian pondered it in his heart.