I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 140

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 140

Chu Xian looked at the incoming comments on his Weibo page and couldn’t help smiling.

“Posting a Moment as well.

” Chu Xian chuckled and posted the pictures to his friend group.

“What are you looking at, Xiao Ying?!” At the driving school, the coach handed Xiao Ying a bottled water as she smiled down at her phone.

“Thanks, coach.

My boyfriend’s store is opening soon!” Xiao Ying replied happily.

“Oh, congratulations! Xiao Ying, your boyfriend is so capable and responsible at such a young age!” The coach dealt out some flattery.

He couldn’t stop himself from flattering her.

Her boyfriend drove a Rolls-Royce to pick her up, and in just the past few days, the cigarettes Chu Xian gave him were worth five to six hundred RMB.

If he worked hard on cultivating this relationship with Chu Xian, would he even need to continue working as a driving coach? “Thank you!” Xiao Ying smiled proudly and forwarded Chu Xian’s message.

That night, Chu Xian picked Xiao Ying up before they made dinner and ate together.

“Don’t play with your phone while eating!” Chu Xian tapped her head (1).

“Heehee, I’m looking at my Wechat.


” Xiao Ying handed him her phone happily.

“This is what our president asked me.

” .



Chu Xian paused for a moment to read the message on the phone and smiled.

“You can tell him that of course he’s invited.

” “Alright!” Xiao Ying nodded.

President Wang saw from her Wechat Moments that Chu Xian was opening a new store, and he asked her if he could represent the school in congratulating his student in person.

Chu Xian had no reason to reject President Wang.

“I’m so lucky to have a boyfriend like you.

I’m so happy!” After Xiao Ying replied to President Wang, she turned to Chu Xian and looked at him for a long moment.

Chu Xian touched her face.

“I’ve always thought the same about you.

I still do, and I always will.

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COM “Wu, let’s eat!” Xiao Ying dodged his hand and tapped it away lightly as she giggled.

Many people sent Chu Xian Wechat messages.

Many of his old classmates who he hadn’t heard from in a long time contacted him; most worked in Hai Qing City and said they would come and congratulate him when the store opened.

And in his Wechat comments, the first post was He Wei’s: “Congratulations to my old classmate for opening a new store.

I wish him a prosperous and expansive business!” The other posts were from classmates and friends.

“Am I considered successful? I guess in other people’s eyes I am, but I’m still far off.

My target is the stars and the sea!” Chu Xian chuckled and gazed at Xiao Ying for a while before closing his eyes and sleeping.

The next day, when Chu Xian arrived at the store, Zhang Xiaohua was already there.

With her were also the four young women Chu Xian told her to hire – three sales associates and a cashier.

“Boss, you’re finally here!” Zhang Xiaohua called out as she turned to the girls next to her.

“That’s our boss.

” “Hello everyone, my name is Chu Xian.

Welcome to our small team.

I’ll be responsible for all of you after you join Paradise, and in the future, if you have any questions, you can come to me.

” Chu Xian gave a brief introduction before asking them a few questions.

When they had mostly finished, Zhang Xiaohua added, “Our boss is very competent.

He’s only twenty-four and is already successful, and this is just our first store.

In the future, we’ll open stores in other cities, and the managers of those stores might be one of you.

Work hard!” They finished up and Chu Xian pulled Xiaohua to the side.

“In the future, you’ll be the manager of this store!” he said with a chuckle.

“I already knew!” Zhang Xiaohua looked at him, but he didn’t mind.

After all, she was a designer, and now that there wasn’t much more to design, she wasn’t just going to sit around doing nothing.

“I’ll give you a raise!” Chu Xian chuckled.

“How much are you talking, boss?” Zhang Xiaohua teased jokingly.


” Chu Xian laughed.

“How’s the training going?” “There are no problems.

I gave them some material to read, and I’ve already quizzed them on it.

They all did well.

” “That’s good.

Get everything ready today, and we’ll open Saturday, tomorrow.

Some of my friends will come by to congratulate me, so you should prepare for that!” “Alright, no problem.

” Zhang Xiaohua nodded.

Chu Xian looked over the store again.

At lunch, he took everyone out to eat, making a good impression on his new workers.

“Old Huang, go get a suit for each of you.

Have Sword One and the others come tomorrow.

” That afternoon, Chu Xian gave Old Huang some new orders.

Only Old Huang and Old Mu would remain in place; Sword One and the other four mermen all needed to come.

They would be part of the atmosphere, and they also needed to work! After working all day at the store, Chu Xian returned home, content with his work.

He patiently waited for the grand opening the next day.

What he didn’t know was that in a small area (2), his aquarium store had already gone viral in Hai Qing.

Two days ago, when the aquariums were delivered, many people took photos.

When they posted the pictures on WeChat, many people were amazed.

They all heard the store was opening on Saturday, and all of them wanted to see the real deal.

Even the group of aquarium lovers in Hai Qing were stunned when someone finally posted the pictures.

They looked from the aquariums in their homes to the photos on their phones and were speechless.

Saturday morning.

Chu Xian arrived at the store early and busied himself at the entrance arranging the baskets of flowers he rented as Sword One and the others moved the dragon palace aquarium to the entrance.

The three-meter-long tank was a powerful and shocking sight and was also the best signboard.

At nine a.


, the doors opened and all the curtains were pulled away.

The store was finally open.

Chu Xian prepared to open the store at ten a.


The big stores in the area usually opened after nine, but there weren’t that many shoppers in the area.


Congratulations, Xiao Chu! Congratulations!” Chu Xian hadn’t imagined that President Wang would be the first to arrive, followed by some of the other leaders at the university.

“This is student Chu.

He’s really raised the reputation of our school and achieved so much in just one year! Congratulations! Congratulations!” the vice president said warmly.

“Thank you, President Wang.

Thank you, directors.

Thank you for coming to the opening of my small store!” Chu Xian smiled, and his sales associates came out with bouquets and other small gifts.

“This is the sea tank in your store? It’s really beautiful!” President Wang saw the dragon palace and gasped.

“Yes, this is our showpiece.

” Chu Xian nodded.

“What do you think? It’s pretty nice, right!” “It’s gorgeous – even more beautiful than in the pictures.

Xiao Chu, you’re amazing.

Congratulations on your prosperous business!” “Thank you, thank you.

President Wang, come inside and take a look!” “Alright, alright.

You can do your own thing.

You don’t have to mind us, haha!” “That person is the president of Hai Qing Standard.

Our boss is so strong that even the president came over to congratulate him!” “That’s right.

He’s rich and handsome, and Xiao Huang sis said he started from the bottom.

So impressive.

” The sales associates whispered amongst themselves and looked at Chu Xian with respectful gazes.

“Xiao Xian.

” At that moment, five young men walked over.

Chu Xian smiled.

“Hua Zhong, Wen Qing, Jin Sen, Zhao Xiang, Qiao Qiao, welcome!” “Haha, we’ve only parted for a short time and here you are again! Haha, son, you’re doing pretty well!” Zhao Xiang laughed and patted his shoulder while Li Qiaoqiao smiled and gave his congratulations.

“Thank you so much for coming to the opening of my small store, thank you.

” “Xiao Xian, I truly admire you.

You used to sell ornamental fish, and now you’re selling aquariums.

They’re all so graceful.

Very impressive!” “I’m just busy doing small business!” Chu Xian laughed and they chatted together.

There was a lot more to talk about between the youngsters.

“My father’s here!” Jin Hua looked at the middle-aged man walking over as he smiled.

“Brother Jin, thank you for coming today!” Chu Xian immediately walked over and greeted him.

“Haha, of course I’d come to the opening of your store, Xiao Xian.

Not bad.

I saw the pictures, and your aquariums are very beautiful.

Your store will have a bright future!” Jin Hua said sincerely.

“I hope!” Chu Xian chuckled.

“Dad!” Uncle!” Jin Sen, Li Huazhong and the others called out.

“En, you guys should learn more from Xiao Xian, hehe.

Yougn people need to work hard.

Okay, okay.

I won’t say any anymore.

You young people can talk.

I’ll take a look around.

” Jin Hua said cheerfully, and he walked over to the aquariums by the entrance.

“Director Jin! Hello Director Jin, I didn’t know you were coming as well.

” President Wang and the others who were looking at the aquariums saw Jin Hua and were startled.

They hadn’t imagined that the CEO of Golden Dragon Group would also come.

“President Wang, hello, hello.

Xiao Xian is a good friend of mine, so I came over.

What a coincidence!” Jin Hua glanced over and extended a hand politely.

Gold Dragon Group cooperated with Hai Qing Standard, so they knew each other (3).

The sales associates saw how warm President Wang was and whispered again: “This person seems really important as well.

” “Xiao Xian!” Another familiar voice called out and Chu Xian turned.

“Xiao Ying, Si Yu, hey!” Xiao Ying’s classmates and friends heard her boyfriend was opening a new store, and they all wanted to come out and see, so Xiao Ying met up with her friends earlier that morning.

“Hey, congratulations Chu Xian.

I hope your business gets better and better and you get more and more handsome,” Si Yu congratulated him in a joking way.

“Thank you all, let’s go.

We can talk inside the store.

Have you all eaten?”