I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 138

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 138

“Not bad!” Chu Xian looked over the store with contentment.

“Of course! I designed it.

” Zhang Xiaohua said proudly.

“I’ll give you a big red pocket when the store is open!” Chu Xian smiled.

“Let’s go, we need to keep working on the showpiece!” Half an hour later, they were back at the villa.

Master Wang was carefully carving the dragon palace according to Zhang Xiaohua’s designs.

Chu Xian was very satisfied with Master Wang’s skills.

It looked like the person she invited wasn’t simple, but after all, Zhang Xiaohua had taken part in designing SeaWorld.

In the afternoon, two days later.

Chu Xian and Zhang Xiaohua stood before a huge sea tank as Sword One and Sword Two carefully lowered the finished dragon palace inside.

“Spread some sand then arrange the stones like this!” Zhang Xiaohua called out seriously after the dragon palace was set into place.

Old Huang and Old Mu walked over and followed her orders carefully, spreading out the sand and placing the stones one by one.

Zhang Xiaohua looked over the tank then nodded.

“Put in the plants!” .



Old Huang and Old Mu put the seaweed inside one by one again.

There were big ones and small ones, all chosen by Zhang Xiaohua.

They all grew slowly, so they wouldn’t fill the whole tank! “Move those plants over a little bit!” Zhang Xiaohua commanded them.

Chu Xian watched silently, trusting in Xiaohua’s abilities.

“Okay, put the Christmas Tree Worms in!” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Little by little, one at a time, the plants and animals were slowly placed in the tank.

Zhang Xiaohua aimed for perfection and took her time.

She was only satisfied after more than an hour.

“It’ll be finished after we put in the shrimp and fish!” Zhang Xiaohua clapped her hands together and quietly let out a breath.

She stared into the tank expectantly.

“Huala” A small cluster of jellyfish, ornamental fish, and small shrimp were placed into the tank, livening up the atmosphere.

“Beautiful! Amazing! Fantastic and delicate, with beautiful creatures and plants, cute ornamental fish and shrimp, and a dragon palace mountain! Perfect!” Zhang Xiaohua couldn’t help exclaiming.

Chu Xian looked at the dragon palace aquarium and his eyes shone.

“Perfect, very perfect!” “Yes, it is! I’ll take a photo to commemorate this, haha.

This is the aquarium I designed – me, Zhang Xiaohua!” Xiaohua couldn’t help laughing.

She had devoted herself to designing the tank! “It really deserves its place as the highlight of the collection.

I can’t think of a more beautiful aquarium in the whole world!” Chu Xian smiled.

“There is none, definitely none.

Other tanks use coral and normal plants; they can’t compare at all in terms of the materials used, and after the seaweed grows a little more, the whole thing will be even more beautiful and natural!” Zhang Xiaohua said confidently.

Chu Xian nodded and asked: “Then how much should I price our showpiece at?” “A 60cm equipped aquarium is about seven to eight thousand RMB on the market, and that’s just the most common type.

Of course, if you need to change the water regularly, it’ll be a little cheaper.

” Zhang Xiaohua replied.

“En, I know.

” He’d given Er Hua an aquarium for free, but only later did he realize that she spent more than a thousand RMB to get the tank fitted with other equipment, and that wasn’t even considering the amount of money spent on electricity each month.

Normal people couldn’t afford these things.

But Chu Xian hadn’t chosen an ordinary path.

“Since it’s the showpiece, the price can’t be low.

880 thousand – make it a lucky number!” Chu Xian declared.

“Eh, eight hundred and eighty thousand? Isn’t that too expensive?” Zhang Xiaohua asked.

She thought the materials involved amounted to maybe fifty thousand RMB, and it would already be impressive if the price was two or three hundred thousand, but Chu Xian directly priced it at eight hundred thousand! “It’s not overpriced, and I don’t want to sell it anyway.

The showpiece can just stay on display.

” Chu Xian shook his head carelessly.

Compared to his Arowana, eight hundred thousand really wasn’t much.

“Okay, you’re the boss.

It’s up to you.

The store is ready now.

All we have to do is finish the normal sea tanks.

The designs are all here; let’s get started!” Zhang Xiaohua said.

“En, Old Huang, Old Mu, I’m counting on you.

” Chu Xian nodded and turned to his fishies.

Over the next two days, they finished another hundred and thirty aquariums, and their prices ranged from fifteen thousand to a hundred thousand RMB.

The hundred thousand RMB tanks were 1.

2 meters long (sic), and the creatures inside were beautiful and varied.

Words couldn’t express their beauty.

Over a hundred tanks were stored in the yard of the villa, and the three-meter giant sat prominently in the middle.

It was breathtaking, and when Zhang Xiaohua shyly expressed her interest in purchasing one of the tanks, Chu Xian let her choose one to take home.

In her words, any of these aquariums were four or five times better than Er Hua’s.

While they were preparing the tanks, a poster went up outside their downtown store.

It had a picture of their dragon palace showpiece.

The five-meter tall poster attracted people’s attention, captivating them.

“An aquarium store is opening here? They look really high-end; will the quality be good?” The door was glass, and all the decorations in the store could clearly be seen.

“The pictures look pretty good, but what kinds of plants are those? I’ve never seen them before?” a pedestrian said, looking up at the dragon palace.

“These are exaggerated.

The ads are always photoshopped and the real thing is usually just okay.

” “That’s right, but we should still take a look when the store opens.

Those aquariums are beautiful!’ “Heng, this store is really something.

Dragon palace aquarium, hehe… the photoshopping is pretty good, but the real thing is probably just an ordinary tank.

What BS!” “Wow, what kind of store is this? The ads are so beautiful!” “This is an aquarium.

It’s not something normal people can mess around with.

One of them usually costs at least five to six thousand! Let’s go, stop looking!” “Shoot, I can’t even look? Just cause I can’t afford it, I can’t look at it?” “Come back when they open.

There’s nothing here now anyway!” “Stores nowadays! If such a beautiful tank really exists, I’ll smash the aquarium I have at home!” People familiar with aquariums shook their heads.

They all thought the creatures in the picture were photoshopped.

The picture was just trying to hype up the store!