I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 123

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 123

“This flatfish is huge! The fishing ships rarely catch such large ones!” “That’s right! Flatfish are a precious fish, and this one is even a flounder!” A voice cried out in response, providing helpful information.

“The price will be high, and considering how rare it is, I bet it can be sold for two hundred RMB per catty!” “I think so too.

Two hundred per catty is reasonable, and if people compete, the price will be even higher!” The conversationalist subtly predicted.

“Let’s watch and see.

If the price is less than sixty thousand, I’ll buy it myself!” “Don’t get your hopes up! You see that old man? Every time I see him, he always buys all the big fish!” “But they weren’t all expensive fish.

This flatfish is very rare, much more valuable than that yellowfin tuna a couple days ago.

There might be a lot of competition this time!” Chu Xian walked along the harbor and casually eavesdropped on the whispered conversations of the crowd of buyers.

He looked at the flatfish and nodded.

It was very suitable for remolding.

The price reached thirty-five thousand RMB with Grandpa Feng currently in the lead.

“Forty thousand! Our Gu Dao Recipe will definitely get this flatfish!” The usual suspects yelled out in villainous arrogance.

Chu Xian paused for a moment.

It was those people again.




“They’ve made their bid! I knew it! Gu Dao Recipe never lets this kind of fish go!” “Of course, a couple days ago they bought a yellowfin tuna for four times the market price! I bet they won’t give up on this flatfish even if it went for a hundred thousand RMB!” Nameless onlooker 47 yelled out.

“Ay, it looks like I have no hope this time around!” 32 cried out in disappointment.

The two middle-aged men sighed, but they still underestimated Chu Xian’s power.

Fools! Chu Xian watched Grandpa Feng in action but didn’t walk over to greet him.

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COM “Fifty thousand RMB! This fish is mine!” Grandpa Feng yelled out excitedly, filled with immense power from money.

“Impressive, impressive.

I didn’t think this old man would really challenge Gu Dao Recipe again! Looks like he’s committed!” said nameless 72.

“Heehee, I heard a couple days ago someone fought with Gu Dao Recipe for the yellowfin tuna, and now, someone else is competing with them again.

They have terrible luck!” another nameless onlooker said, unaware that this was all because Chu Xian was super cool and amazing.

“F*ck!” In the not-so-far distance, the suited young man whose name was Wang Li stared with eyes of fire (author: this villain needed a name.

He counts as an important villain [1]).

He was furious.

He already spent a huge amount on a tuna, and now this old thing wanted to compete with him! He glanced at his supervisor’s assistant, and a fire burned in his belly.

“Fifty-five thousand! Even if everyone competes with us, we won’t give up!” Wang Li glared at Grandpa Feng.

The young man beside him nodded with villainous satisfaction.

“Sixty thousand!” Grandpa Feng yelled out without hesitation.

He had Chu Xian’s orders, and he wasn’t leaving without this fish even if it cost more than a million RMB! This was the first assignment his boss had given him, and he refused to fail! If he got anything less than perfection, he would be unworthy of the help his boss provided for him.

Wang Li could only look on as Grandpa Feng added another five thousand RMB and called out: “Seventy thousand.

Old man, why are you fighting me? If there’s a fish you want next time, I won’t compete with you if you let me have this one.

What do you think?” “Seventy-five thousand.

Little bro, give this one to me.

Next time we meet, I definitely won’t compete with you!” Grandpa Feng replied after a moment’s hesitation.

Today was the last day ships would be returning.

The next few days would only see an occasional trickle of late ships, and there was a much lower probability of encountering large fish, so Grandpa Feng refused to give up.

Wang Li’s face grew frustrated.

He looked at the assistant again before turning back to Grandpa Feng.

“Old man, I can’t accept this.

We definitely can’t give up this flatfish, even if the price reaches a hundred thousand or more.

Last time I dared to spend four to five times the market price for a fish, and this time I’ll dare to do the same! Eighty thousand!” Grandpa Feng hesitated for a moment then called out, “One hundred thousand!” “F*ck! This old man still dares to compete with Gu Dao Recipe! So tough!” Nameless person 9000 called out.

“He raised the bid by twenty thousand! Gu Dao Recipe met a competitor again! How unfortunate!” Nameless person 123 said, clearly underestimating the awesomeness of Chu Xian.

“A hundred and twenty thousand!” This time, the young man beside Wang Li yelled out instead.

“A hundred and twenty thousand! I want to see who dares to take this flatfish away from Gu Dao Recipe!” the arrogant young master of the Gu Dao Recipe Sect called out overbearingly.

Wang Li turned with a delighted expression and addressed the young sect master.

“Brother Zhang, we encountered a competitor last time, and we met one again today.

What terrible luck.

” “This is nothing.

Even though the price you paid was a little expensive, we didn’t lose money.

Our Gu Dao Recipe Sect must establish its reputation throughout all of Jianghu! We will show people to not challenge our sect in the future!” Senior Disciple Brother replied sagely and nodded.

“Yes, yes.

I was thinking the same thing as well.

” Wang Li nodded sycophantically.

“En, it’s alright.

The leaders will understand!” Senior Disciple Brother Zhang waved his hand.

Grandpa Feng understood their attitude and hesitated a moment before gritting his teeth.

“A hundred and fifty thousand!” “Damn! This old man!!! I never imagined that this average old man would really dare to compete so much! You really can’t judge a person by their appearance!” Nameless onlooker 322 called out, except he obviously hadn’t met Chu Xian because Chu Xian was super handsome and awesome and amazing.

“But I don’t think Gu Dao Recipe will give up easily!” “A hundred and sixty!” Just as expected, Grandpa Feng had barely finished his sentence when Wang Li directly raised the price again.

He looked over with confidence.

“Old man, give up.

You’ll see us again in the future, and we will definitely get this flatfish.

There’s no need to continue.

” Grandpa Feng shook his head slightly.

He knew Gu Dao Recipe Sect was set on this fish, and if he continued raising the price, they might even go over two hundred thousand! Buying a fish at such a price was over the limit Chu Xian had given him.

“Hu!” Wang Li relaxed when Grandpa Feng shook his head.

A hundred and sixty thousand RMB fish could only earn twenty or thirty thousand through their restaurant.

This was another failure! But they could still bear it.

Using this fish in the new restaurant in Jing Hai would still attract attention.

“Haha, congratulations to the brothers from Gu Dao Recipe for winning this two hundred and thirty-one catty flatfish for a hundred and sixty thousand RMB! It’s rare to find even one of these fish per year!” the boss on the fishing ship called out excitedly.

“Wait!” A hundred and eighty thousand!” At that moment, a voice called out.

The owner was stunned, and the crowd was stunned as well.

Wang Li and Senior Disciple Brother Zhang were stunned even more, and their faces darkened.

“I bid a hundred and eighty thousand!” Chu Xian pushed his way to the front of the crowd and repeated himself.

“Xiao Xian!” “You!!!!” “It’s him! It’s that young man who fought for the yellowfin tuna!” P.


(author’s note): this chapter wasn’t just to reach a word limit etc.


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