I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 117

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 117

After arriving home, Chu Xian put the electric eel into a basin and started prodding it with a wooden rod.

“Pa!” The angry eel beat its tail against the rod, letting out electric sparks.

Electric eels released shocks from 300 – 800V and could make a man faint.

They were one of the world’s most frightening freshwater animals, and a group of eels could easily kill a man, but they were still edible and could be used as ornamentation.

Chu Xian smiled when the eel hit the rod and he continued annoying it.

Some ten minutes later, the electric eel lay still in the basin exhausted with no electricity left in its body.

Electric eels didn’t have an unlimited amount of electricity stored in their bodies and differently sized eels had different amounts.

After they used up their power, it would be some time before they could shock anything again.

Chu Xian turned into a fish and use the hands on his head to directly insert the eel into his mouth.

“Ding, devoured electric eel.

Obtained 3.

2 energy.

” “Ding, obtained new gift – electric shock!” Chu Xian didn’t stop and devoured the archerfish and flying fish as well.

“Ding, obtained flying!” “Ding, obtained water beam!” .



“Haha, three abilities! Great!” Chu Xian transformed back into a human before he raised his arms and activated one ability.

Electric sparks danced across his hands.

“Supernatural! These are legendary supernatural gifts!” Chu Xian was ecstatic, and he moved his hand to the plastic basin beside him.

“Pa! Pa!” With two clear sounds, the plastic basin broke apart.

There was a black mark where his hand had touched it.

“I also have water beam.

Let’s try!” Chu Xian went to the bathroom.

With a thought, he could feel water gathering in his mouth as he spat out a ball of water.

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COM “Pa!” The water cracked the mirror on the wall.

“I only needed one water beam to crack the mirror! Powerful!” Chu Xian thought for a moment, backed up a few steps and shot again.

“Pa!” The water beam hit the wall and splashed in every direction.

“I can shoot around ten meters, and the beam is strong enough that if it hits someone, even if I don’t kill them in one hit, I’ll knock them unconscious.

If I’m in my fish form, it’ll be even more powerful!” Chu Xian pondered it to himself silently.

He returned to the living room and immediately activated his flying ability.

The ability wasn’t impressive, but that might’ve been because he didn’t have wings so he couldn’t fly.

However, he could easily touch the ceiling without a running start, which was something he couldn’t have even imagined before.

“If I use my strength and jump, I think I can get around seven or eight meters off the ground.

With my strong body and abilities to shoot water and release electricity, I’m already a superman!” A real life super hero.

His strength made him very perceptive, and it wouldn’t take long before he could start dodging bullets or just tanking through them.

Inhuman! Chu Xian focused inwards and checked his status.

Name: Chu Xian State: Human (Can turn into a fish!) Energy: 1450 Gift: Devour, can devour fish to increase energy.

Rule: can rule lower leveled fish.

Wrap: can use his body to wrap enemies.

Fly: can fly for a short duration.

Electric Shock: can release electricity.

Water Beam: can shoot a water ball.

Big Fish Eat Small Fish System Function: Reform, can reform the self’s form and the fish being ruled (each time energy will be consumed according to the degree of the reformation).

Absolute Rule: Can pick one from the ruled fish to rule absolutely.

The fish under absolute rule doesn’t have a distance limit and now can absolutely rule two fish (increase by one fish after swallowing fifty tons of fish).

“The new gifts increase my combat abilities by a lot, but I still don’t have the puffer fish’s ability.

They didn’t have any at the plant and poultry market, but there might be some at the fish market.

After I eat that, I should get its toxicity ability.

I’ll go to the fish market to buy some!” After getting dressed, Chu Xian drove over to the fish market.

After buying two puffer fish from a random store, Chu Xian walked around the rest of the market.

“Hey son, I haven’t seen you around for a while.

What kind of fish do you want?” A familiar shopkeeper greeted him enthusiastically.

“I’m looking for some big fish!” Chu Xian turned and looked at the shopkeeper.

It was boss Song who sold the chub mackerels he used to buy.

“Boss Song, do you know where I can buy big fish? Around two to three meters long?” “Eh? So big?” Shopkeeper Song paused for a moment.

“They are hard to find in this market.

Big fish like that are usually very expensive.

You should go to the harbor out back to look around.

The fishing ships have come back this week, you can go out and try your luck.

There are always some ships that catch a two or three meter long giant!” “Okay, thanks boss!” Chu Xian nodded.

“The fishing ships have returned? What day is it?” Chu Xian walked out to the harbor curiously.

When he came to the harbor, he realized it was unusually packed with people.

There were many more ships docked than when he was there before, and there were many buyers mingled with the fishermen.

“The return day should be when the ships out fishing at sea come back.

Some big ships have a set day for departure, and every time they come back, they bring back all kinds of fish.

Some buyers from restaurants come to peruse the precious seafood.

” Chu Xian thought to himself silently.

For a restaurant to be famous, the food had to first be good enough then the ingredients also had to attract customers.

Most of the time, a restaurant that used precious ingredients was popular, and that was one of the reasons why top-quality ingredients were becoming more and more expensive.

Chu Xian stepped forward, and all the buyers around him were staring at the different seafood on each ship.

“Quickly! There are more than ten king crabs here.

We have to get them!” He barely made it on the dock before his surroundings were already filled with anxious voices as eight people ran quickly towards one boat.

“One king crab costs one to two thousand RMB, but in a restaurant, they go for at least four or five thousand, and they always sell well.

Just cooking them will double or triple the cost.

No wonder those buyers are so enthusiastic.

” Chu Xian thought as he followed the crowd.

In front of that boat, more than ten buyers had already gathered there.

The crew on the boat looked like they were accustomed to the situation.

Chu Xian looked around and noticed that there were no big fish on this boat, so he left.

There were thirty or forty boats docked – there definitely had to be at least one big fish on one of the boats.