I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 100

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 100

“Chu Xian, let’s go.

” The next morning, David and Ali called Chu Xian with clothes in their hands.

“En? Where are we going?” Chu Xian finished his breakfast and called back in reply.

“The sea!” David waved the clothes in his hands.


” Chu Xian nodded and smiled.

“Ali, did you call those pretty girls from your company? “David asked Ali as he steered the car.

“Relax!” Ali winked.

“Haha” David laughed.

Some three hours later, they stopped the car at the beach.

“Long Island Beach.

Smooth sand and clear water! It’s one of the best beaches in the world.

Brother, Chu Xian, we’ll fish, drink, and surf the sea!” David said happily as he parked the car.

“Long Island Beach?” Chu Xian looked into the distance and saw many people playing on the beach.

The water was clear, and he could see birds and beautiful European-style villas.




“Let’s go!” Ali said happily, holding David’s arm and heading towards the sand.

Chu Xian followed.

The gentle wind against his face was amazing.

“This is your yacht?” Chu Xian looked over the almost twenty-meter-long yacht with some surprise.

“Yes, it’s my beauty.

Eighteen meters long with a top speed of 50 knots!” David gestured to Chu Xian and walked towards the yacht.

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COM Chu Xian followed curiously and looked around.

“My girls, you’re here so early!” Ali cried out to the two beautiful and tall girls already on the yacht.

“Boss, it’s so rare for you to come, so of course we had to come early!” One of the beautiful girls laughed.

“Chu Xian, let me introduce you.

This is Dana, and this is Fanny.

They’re models! This is my friend, Chu Xian!” The two models smiled and shook Chu Xian’s hand.

“Let’s go!” David called to the pilot and they set off.

“Come, Chu Xian!” David said, passing him a glass of wine.

The two models came over and started a conversation.

Chu Xian could only shake his head speechlessly at David’s wink.

They sailed for about an hour until they could spot a small island in the distance.

Chu Xian fished leisurely near the side of the boat.

He could sense the teeming life beneath him, and some of the fish were longer than two meters.

On the side, Ali and the two models were swimming around in the sea in their diving suits.

David lay on a chair and stared peacefully into the perfect light-blue sky.

The air was peaceful and relaxing.

Just as Chu Xian was about to use his “Rule” ability to catch some fish to eat, he spotted a group of five assault boats speeding towards them.

Chu Xian looked over curiously and his pupils shrank.

“Guns, they have submachine guns!” Chu Xian ran over to David.

“David, those people have guns,” Chu Xian said hurriedly.

Before he could finish his sentence, a gunshot blasted in the air and they could hear screaming and glass breaking.

David looked around in shock and panic.

“F**k, those bastards!” “Peng peng!” Chu Xian dragged David away, and the two rolled to the side.

“F**k, David, what kind of people have you gotten involved with? They’re trying to kill you!” “Natar, it must be that bastard.

I knew he would try to get back at me for LA, but I didn’t think he would pull this shit!” David hid behind a metal board, his face tinged with fear.

“What now?” Chu Xian had already pushed his control ability beyond its limits and was using his energy to monitor the area.

“Shit, I didn’t bring any bodyguards!” David’s hands were shaking.

“F**k!” Chu Xian couldn’t help but curse.

[There would be no difference even if you had your bodyguards!] “Shit!” Chu Xian could see the assault boats surrounding them.

“We’re dead if they surround us!” Chu Xian suppressed his panic and looked over at David.

He was too caught up in shock to do anything, so Chu Xian grabbed David and jumped overboard.

“Ah!” David cried out and swallowed a big mouthful of seawater.

Chu Xian hit him on the neck, knocked him out and swam downwards.

He dove down to a depth of ten or so meters then transformed into a fish, wrapped his body around David and headed towards the island he spotted in the distance.

In the sea, Chu Xian darted forward at his top speed – almost twenty meters per second.

“Shit, where is he?” The men in the boats looked around but eventually left with unwilling faces.

… “If it weren’t for me, you’d be dead!” Chu Xian lay on the sand with his heart pounding, the unconscious David beside him.

“Ali and the models were pretty lucky!” Chu Xian thought again.

Before he left, he noticed Ali and the models hiding under the yacht with their diving equipment; they would be fine as long as they stayed below the surface.

The only unlucky soul was the pilot.

Chu Xian shook his head, but after a moment, a smile appeared on his face.

He looked around; those men definitely had no idea he was here.

Chu Xian dragged David over to a shaded area before returning to the beach.

“I didn’t look carefully back then because of the rush, but now I can look more closely!” He recalled what he saw in his god-eye view with excitement, and he quickly dove back into the sea and transformed back into a fish.

“David said this island is York Island, and most of the area is under the sea when the tide rises.

The US is different from China, Japan, or Korea.

They don’t have as many fishermen as we do, and they need to release the small fish they catch, so there are so many fish near the coast!” “And this place I’ve found is even more precious.

” Chu Xian darted forward, going deeper into the water.

“Here!” Chu Xian looked at the entrance behind the huge rock and swam forward with barely-restrained excitement.