I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 91

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 91

Going to America with David was an idea that popped into Chu Xian’s head suddenly, but he still deliberated a long time before deciding to go.

They were going to depart the day after tomorrow.

Chu Xian stood at his fish farm, looking and frowning over his Goldfish and Arowana.

David was buying all the Arowana, so there was nothing to worry about for them, but the goldfish were still a problem.

Chu Xian was going to be gone for at least half a month, yet he still hadn’t figured out how to keep the goldfish alive.

Using the Mo-Crocodile to feed them would be feasible for two or three days but was impossible in the long term, especially if Chu Xian was going to be in America where day and night were opposite to Chinese time.

“I should find someone to feed the goldfish and I need to set up some security cameras even though I have the Mo-Crocodile.

And the security cameras should be very small.

” Chu Xian thought to himself and immediately went into action.

“Security cameras are easy – all I need to do is spend money, but I need someone I can trust to feed my fish.

” “I guess I’ll have to ask Pupu to come over every day!” Chu Xian didn’t really feel comfortable relying on anyone else, but he had no choice but to give Pupu this task.

“Pupu, you can close up first.

I’m going away tomorrow, and there are a couple of things I need to ask you to do!” Chu Xian said to Pupu.

“Ah? Brother, you’re leaving again?” Pupu replied and wrinkled her nose in a disappointed frown.

“En, I’m going to America for a couple weeks.

There are some things I need you to do!” Chu Xian tousled her hair and brought her to a security camera shop then drove her to the fish farm.

Pupu looked around in surprise, examining the fish farm with her cute little mouth slightly ajar.

Chu Xian looked at the closed door and repeated to himself silently: “Minimum three years, maximum death!” .



“Come, Pupu.

” Chu Xian pushed the inner door open and lead her inside.

“While I’m not here, you’ll have to come by every day at noon to feed the goldfish.

I’ll let you know how much.

” “En.

Okay, brother!” Pupu nodded.

“En,” Chu Xian replied, handing her ten thousand RMB.

“I’ll be counting on you this month! It’ll be a lot of work! Lock the door when you leave.

You can take a taxi here – this is some money for fish food and taxi rides!” “I don’t need this much!” Pupu lowered her head as she spoke.

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COM “Take it!” Chu Xian smiled and pushed the money into her hands.

“When you’re an adult, I’ll get you a car.

” Pupu smiled happily, showing her cute dimples.

The next day, after putting up all the security cameras at the fish farm and in his shop, Chu Xian went and bought a computer for Pupu.

After taking care of everything, Chu Xian took out his phone and looked up some information.

The next morning, Chu Xian met David at the fish farm.

There was a small delivery truck with him, and several workers scurried around busily, loading up the Arowana and preparing to ship them to Jing Hai.

Chu Xian was surprised to discover that David had his own aircraft and ship for his import-export business and felt like he understood more about David’s true capabilities.

The Arowana were loaded onto the aircraft.

Soon after, the approval came in; it was quick because David did this kind of international trading a lot.

Chu Xian also got his Visa with help from Hong Chenghai.

* The luxurious first class cabin was attended to by beautiful stewardesses, and Chu Xian relaxed and chatted with David.

Most of their conversation involved David talking about some famous scenery.

It took a bit over ten hours to fly from Jing Hai to New York.

Chu Xian looked out at the blue sea, tiny cargo ships and cruise ships.

He felt a sudden fascination and yearning for the sea; one day, he would roam it.

Maybe he could do that after this trip to America! “Ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived in New York.

The temperature outside is 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Please be seated until the ‘fasten seat belt sign’ has been turned off, and take care when retrieving your luggage.

They may have shifted during the flight.

” Chu Xian woke up to the broadcast and looked out the window at the blue sky and white clouds.

He felt great.

“Ah, the smell of home,” David said when they got off the plane.

He took a deep breath and every part of his body felt amazing.

Chu Xian looked over at David and smiled.

His friend had an expression that looked as if he was a fish back in water.

This reminded Chu Xian of a joke: A Chinese man went to Switzerland to go skiing, but when he got off the plane, he immediately fainted.

When the ambulance came, the Chinese man gasped to the doctor, “China!” The doctor understood immediately and filled his oxygen valve mask with vehicle exhaust.

The Chinese man took a deep breath of the gas.

The plane sent the man back to China, and when he got off the plane, he took in a deep breath and exclaimed, “F***, the smell is amazing! I can finally breathe without trouble!” “Let’s go.

I feel disgusting after fourteen hours on the plane.

Let’s go take a shower!” David said, wrapping his arm around Chu Xian’s shoulders.


Your call!” Chu Xian nodded, looking around curiously.

When they left the airport, two men in suits approached them.

They took their luggage and led them to a Phantom Rolls Royce before opening the doors for David and Chu Xian.

“David, you’re a rich American!” Chu Xian sighed in admiration when the car parked in front of a huge manor in a villa.

“Haha, I have a little capital.

” David chuckled.

“Let’s go in, Chu Xian.

You know, you can also buy a villa in the US as well.

It’s much cheaper than in China.

” David smiled and lead him into the villa.

Past a clean paved stone road surrounded by green grass on both sides, trees and a beautiful fountain was a three-floored townhouse.

Tranquil and elegant! “Hi, darling.

You’re finally back!” A beautiful young lady in a fitted dress smiled as she came out of the house and kissed David.

“Ali, let me introduce you to my friend.

This is Chu Xian!” David hugged the beautiful lady before turning to Chu Xian.

“This is my wife, Ali.

” “Nice to meet you!” Ali extended her hand.

“Hello, I’m imposing!” Chu Xian said with his broken sixth-grade English.

“Haha, dear, bring us some food.

We’ll be at the pool.

” David rubbed the small of Ali’s back before turning back to Chu Xian.

“Come, I’ll show you your room first.

” “There’s no need, I can find a hotel nearby.

” Chu Xian shook his head.

** “No no no! You’ll barely be able to communicate if you lived out there.

Come, we have a guest room!”