I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 86

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 86

When Chu Xian got to the store, he met the group of middle-aged men standing in the store.

Their leader was a thin, balding man.

They turned around as Chu Xian entered and exchanged some confused glances.

“Big brother!” Pupu called out, walking over to him.

She turned to look at the middle-aged men and said, “Big brother, they’re the ones looking for you!” “So you’re the boss of Ornamental Fish in Paradise.

So young and already so successful! Nice to meet you, nice to meet you!” The thin man greeted Chu Xian even though his face still showed some confusion.

The man walked over without waiting for Chu Xian’s reply and offered his hand.

“Hello,” Chu Xian greeted, taking the man’s hand.

“I’m the boss of Ornamental Fish in Paradise, Chu Xian.

I don’t think we’ve ever met? What was it you were looking for me for?” “Hehe, let me introduce myself.

I’m Hong Chenghai and I work at the Ministry of Tourism.

I have something I’d like to ask you today, is that alright with your schedule?” Hong Chenghai said politely.

“Hong Chenghai?” Chu Xian paused.

If he remembered correctly, Hong Chenghai was the director of the Ministry of Tourism for Hai Qing city.

The director had an incredibly important position and was almost a vice mayor in the city.

“So it’s Director Hong.

If we have things to discuss, we can go over to the tea house next door!” Chu Xian nodded, leading them to the building.

As they sat down, Hong Chenghai spoke again.

“Hehe, Mr.

Chu, I’ll be direct.

Today I came to ask you for a favor.

” .



Chu Xian nodded and replied in a similar fashion: “What is it I can help you with, Director Hong?” “I’ll be direct.

” Hong Chenghai said while he sipped his tea.

“Our Hai Qing City Ministry of Tourism would like to borrow your Black-Horned Snow Dragon King!” “Borrow the Black-Horned Snow Dragon King?” Chu Xian repeated with surprise.

How did the ministry know about the Snow Dragon King? Did some of their staff go to the exhibition? “Yes!” Hong Chenghai nodded and continued explaining.

“We want to borrow your Black-Horned Snow Dragon King.

This ornamental fish of yours is now famous across the country – your ten million USD Arowana has gone viral.

The city’s new Dragon Tourism Resort is almost finished, and we want to borrow your Black-Horned Snow Dragon King to help advertise it!” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Hong Chenghai spoke enthusiastically and with fiery eyes.

Chu Xian’s Black-Horned Snow Dragon King was the hottest topic, and the reputation of a ten million USD Arowana was priceless.

Countless people would gather just to see the fish.

If Hai Qing’s Ministry of Tourism could borrow the Arowana, they would be able to attract countless visitors to the city.

With these visitors would come huge profits to the city and they could make it famous across the country, even attracting international tourists! Chu Xian was silently pondering the request.

Hong Chenghai looked at Chu Xian with some nervousness.


Chu, you should that your Arowana can bring many great benefits to our Hai Qing City.

If you agree, we can also agree to some of your requests.

” Chu Xian also wasn’t opposed to this situation and he said: “Director Hong, I’m willing to lend my Arowana to you, but you have to ensure its safety.

” “Of course! No problem!” Hong Chenghai replied with surprise and happiness.

“Your Arowana’s safety is 100% guaranteed.

We’ll have an experienced expert take care of it.

Nothing bad will happen to your Arowana.

If anything happens, the government will take responsibility!” “En.

Alright!” Chu Xian nodded.

“When do you need the Arowana, Director Hong?” “Tomorrow.

If I can get it by tomorrow, that would be best!” Hong Chenghai said with delight.


Tomorrow!” Chu Xian nodded.

“Thank you! I have to thank you on behalf of our Hai Qing City government!” Hong Chenghai said, shaking Chu Xian’s hand excitedly.

“Of course! You’re very welcome!” Chu Xian took Hong Chenghai’s hand.

Hong Cheng Hai was genuinely excited and wasn’t faking it, which raised Chu Xian’s opinion of him a lot.


Chu, let me treat you to dinner tonight, and you can also show this amateur aquarist around your fish farm.

” “Dinner?” Chu Xian hesitated then nodded.

“How about this – let me treat you.

I have a friend that we can eat together with!” “Okay!” Hong Chenghai agreed immediately.

He could tell that Chu Xian wanted to deepen their relationship, and at this point, he also wanted to befriend Chu Xian.


If you’re free this afternoon, I’ll take Director Hong to visit my fish farm!” Chu Xian said with a smile.


I also want to see what the fish farm of an international tyrant is like!” Director Hong laughed.

After returning to the store and saying a couple words to Pupu, Chu Xian brought Hong Chenghai over to his fish farm.

Hong Chenghai came alone and dismissed his other workers.

He sat in Chu Xian’s car and was immediately attracted to one of Chu Xian’s ornaments.

“Hetian Jade? Natural Hetian jade!” Hong Chenghai exclaimed when he saw the fish-shaped object Chu Xian had rescued from the shipwreck.

“Oh? Does Director Hong know a lot about jade?” Chu Xian asked when he heard Hong Chenghai’s exclamation, glancing at the jade piece he randomly decided to put in his car.

“I know a little.

If you don’t mind, I can take a closer look.

” Hong Chenghai nodded and picked up the jade piece and turned it over in his hands.

“Top quality natural Hetian Jade, tsk tsk.

At least five catties.

This is worth a lot!” Hong Chenghai said with surprise.

“Really? How much is it worth?” Chu Xian asked curiously.

“Just from its weight, it’s worth more than 100,000 RMB, but with the beautiful craftsmanship and the red jadeite within the body and the two natural fish eyes, this jade piece should be a couple dozen times more expensive.

It’s worth around two to three million RMB!” Hong Chenghai explained.

“Oh!” Chu Xian nodded calmly.

If he had found out about this before, he would’ve been extremely happy about the price of the jade, but now two or three million RMB was only worth a couple Arowana.

Hong Chenghai was a little surprised by Chu Xian’s calmness, and his opinion of Chu Xian grew a little.

At the entrance of Chu Xian’s fish farm, Hong Chenghai was a little surprised by the high walls surrounding the farm.

“Hehe, the fish ponds are too small and are filled with precious Arowana, so I had to ensure they’re safety somehow!” Chu Xian explained when he saw Director Hong’s confusion.

Hong Chenghai agreed and nodded.