I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 84

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 84

The second Cross Back Golden Dragon King was sold to David for six million RMB, and the three Koi Fish were all sold for at least five million each.

With all five ornamental fish sold, Chu Xian left the stage with a calm smile, but his heart was really thumping like crazy.

Five ornamental fish sold and the cheapest one was 5.

5 million RMB! The most expensive was seven million! The grand total was 31 million! This was an amount he wouldn’t have even dared to dream about before! “Brother Chu, congratulations!” Some of the other fish farm owners greeted Chu Xian as he came down from the stage.

Chu Xian nodded his head and replied politely.

Very quickly, his hands filled with business cards as many people came over and asked about the details of his fish farm and whether they could visit the place.

After talking for some time, Chu Xian left the crowd with a huge smile on his face.

“Xiao Xian! Congratulations!” Jin Hua and Jin Sen said as they walked over.

“Hehe, I just had some luck!” Chu Xian replied, shaking his head with modesty.

“Ah, I’m so jealous! Xiao Xian, if you count the Black-Horned Snow Dragon King, you’re already worth more than a hundred million RMB! You worked your way up from the bottom and you’re already worth more than a hundred million at the age of twenty! I really admire you!” Jin Sen sighed in admiration, patting Xiao Xian on the shoulder.

Chu Xian smiled happily.

“I still have a long way to go!” .



“Ah, Chu Xian my friend, your Cross Back Golden Dragon King is amazing! I love it!” David called as he walked over and gave Chu Xian a big hug.

“Eh…” Chu Xian wasn’t used to David’s affection and passion, but he still hugged back respectfully.

“It’s great as long as you like it! And I have to thank you as well for buying it!” “Haha, Chu Xian, do you have any more Arowana at your farm? It’ll look kind of plain with just one Arowana.

If you have more, I’ll buy some as long as they aren’t as expensive as this one! Anything lower than a million!” David continued.

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COM “Of course! Of course!” Chu Xian smiled.

This was exactly the kind of customer Chu Xian had hoped for, and through David, Chu Xian might even be able to reach more people.

“Hehe, little brother, give me your contact info.

I’ll come by and visit your fish farm in the future!” “Sure!” Chu Xian nodded and gave him his phone number.

As the event continued, many Arowana lovers came over to Chu Xian.

Some wanted to visit his fish farm, and others wanted to buy his Arowana.

Chu Xian greeted and spoke with them all with a huge smile plastered on his face.

He made a mental note to print more business cards.

Some feet away, the people from the Saintly Dragon Fish Farm looked over enviously But when they looked over at the Saikewei people, they felt a little better.

At least they hadn’t lost nearly twenty million RMB! The auctions continued on stage, but nothing could compare to Chu Xian’s Arowana and Koi.

The most expensive deal was two million at most.

When he had spoken to everyone who approached him, Chu Xian finally relaxed for a moment.

He turned and smiled at David and Hu Chuan.

“Let’s have dinner tonight – my treat!” “You made so much today, Brother Chu.

Of course you’re treating!” David said with familiarity.

“Of course, of course.

Let’s eat something expensive!” Hu Chuan called over in agreement.

Jin Hua and Jin Sen nodded and agreed without hesitation.

Chu Xian smiled and nodded.

“After the exhibition!” The auctions came to an end, and any other purchases would be made at the individual fish farm booths.

The attendees would probably buy the lower-end ten or hundred thousand RMB ornamental fish.

Chu Xian and the others began wandering around.

Jin Hua originally intended to buy some Arowana, but Chu Xian stopped him and promised to give him some as a gift.

Jin Hua chuckled and agreed.

* Jin Hua’s agreement meant that their relationship had become more intimate, and they weren’t just business partners now.

Chu Xian knew that he needed to become friends with people who could help him out in the future.

In the evening, Chu Xian, Jin Hua, Jin Sen, David, and Hu Chuan went to a hotel and had a fantastic meal.

From the conversation, Chu Xian learned some basic things about David and Hu Chuan.

David was involved in import and export trade, and Hu Chuan had a fish farm in Shen Zhen.

He had been raising Arowana for more than ten years there and built a reputation in the Arowana business.

Chu Xian returned to his hotel room after arranging a meeting with David the next day.

He had gotten up earlier than usual and it had been a long day.

He fell asleep as soon as he hit the bed, putting off retrieving his Black-Horned Snow Dragon King from the exhibition until the next day.

That day, a piece of news passed from the visiting tourists at the Aquarama through the web and aquarist circles: a ten million dollar Arowana had appeared at the Aquarama exhibition.

The Aquarama’s official Chinese Weibo, American Facebook page and platforms in other countries all posted the result of the competition with a photo of the Black-Horned Snow Dragon King captioned: “The Black-Horned Snow Dragon King from China’s Paradise Ornamental Fish took first place.

This is the only known mutated True Dragon in existence.

Two beautiful and crystalline horns adorn its head.

The minimum going price is ten million USD, and although no one made the purchase, this Arowana is definitely worth it.

This news exploded in aquarist circles.

All aquarists and every fish farm owner felt their blood boiling with excitement! From Weibo: “Is this an Arowana? Are you sure it isn’t a real dragon? It’s beautiful!” “Heavens, an Arowana with two horns! It really is an incarnation of a dragon! Snow white body and majestic whiskers.

Domineering and handsome!” “Ten million USD – sixty million RMB.

Crazy! Which billionaire can afford this? @MaYun @WangJianlin” “The mighty Arowana! China’s mighty Arowana!” “F*** me! I should buy some Arowana now; the price of Arowana will definitely rise quickly!” Facebook: “This is a work of God! Beautiful! The king of ornamental fish!” “The mysterious oriental Arowana, listen to my call, come out! My ten million dollars!” “My cat thinks this Arowana is really delicious!” “Looks like I need to buy an Arowana as well.

” Throughout the world, every aquarist and every ornamental fish farm were shocked by this oriental Arowana.

The ten million USD price set a new record and an ultimate peak that would be difficult to beat.

A King had appeared! Chu Xian!